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A NEW HOPE (Page 18)

koolarch2001 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 May 2008 at 1:42pm | IP Logged
nice one da.. cliff hanger again.. you seem to manage to leave each part in a cliff hanger.. hmmm... waiting for your update Smile

dazzling_glory IF-Rockerz

Joined: 15 October 2005
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Posted: 19 May 2008 at 7:57pm | IP Logged
hey great updates dear Clap Clap Clap

Sorry could not write earlier as i was busy at work.

But the updates are great......waiting for the next
Armaan'sGal Senior Member

Joined: 11 January 2008
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Posted: 20 May 2008 at 4:59am | IP Logged
Thanks a lot everyone; next update coming up now....
Armaan'sGal Senior Member

Joined: 11 January 2008
Posts: 206

Posted: 20 May 2008 at 5:00am | IP Logged
"Major Randhawa, how are you feeling now? How's your leg?"

"Fine sir…"

"That's good." M.G. Gaur replied. He wanted to say something else, but right now he was here as Gunny's senior officer and the doctor was still running some tests on Gunny as they spoke.
"Major Randhawa…"

"Yes sir?"

"Brigadier Chandok ne jo KMA ki postings mujhe di thi; unmein thode se changes hai; aap ab bhi Guerilla Warfare ke commander honge aur Major Chauhan aapko assist karenge…"


"Well then, I'll take your leave now. Main Major Alhuwalia se milta hoon… you take care of yourself officer."


With that, M.G. Gaur leaves Gunny's room and proceeds to meet Navin. Abhimanyu had finished meeting with Navin and he told Rajveer and Naina that they were supposed to now wait in the waiting room for M.G. Gaur to come and speak to them. In room 405, Navin was busy thinking about the wedding when he noticed Major General Gaur entering the room.

"Major Alhuwalia… and how are you feeling now?"

"Better sir…"

This time, M.G. Gaur decided to take a seat.

"Aapne aaj bahut bahaduri dikhaya Major… apni behen ko bachakar…"

"Thank you sir…"

"Hmm… toh aapko kab discharge kiya jaa raha hai?"

"Aaj hi sir… Dr. Shalini ne kaha hai ki ek-do ghante mein mujhe discharge kar denge aur phir ghar par rest karna hoga…"

"Yes of course… well Major, main aapse KMA ke postings ke baare mein bhi baat karne aaya hoon…"


"So, Major Alhuwalia… KMA mein aap saare drills ke in-charge honge, siway guerilla warfare aur advanced weaponry ki training…"

"Yes sir."

"Good… I'll take your leave now Major… mujhe aapke doston se ab baat karni hai…"

"Okay sir."

With that, M.G. Gaur leaves Navin's room and heads back to the waiting room where he sees everyone is seated. They all stand up at ease, and sit back down. M.G. Gaur then addresses all of them.

"Officers, jaise aap sab jaante hai ki Brigadier Chandok ne mujhe kuch din pehle aapke KMA ki posting orders diye the… unmein ab thode se changes aa gaye hai…

Major Chauhan, aap KMA ke vice-principal honge, Dr. Shalini, aap ab bhi infirmary ke in charge hai… Major Shekhawat, aap aur Lt. Sharma ab bhi advanced weaponry ke commanding officers hai… Lt. Neelu Sahani, aap KMA ki nayi history teacher honge, aur Lt. Alhuwalia, aap honge KMA ke nayi Strategy and Communications teacher."

"Sir… KMA ke naye saal shuru hone mein ab bhi waqt hai…" Rajveer began to say.

"Yes Major…"

"Okay sir…"

"Well, main ab chalta hoon… academy mein kaam hai, aap sab ab Major Randhawa aur Major Alhuwalia se mil sakte hai…"

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Armaan'sGal Senior Member

Joined: 11 January 2008
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Posted: 20 May 2008 at 5:00am | IP Logged
Saying this, Major General Gaur stood up and after the others saluted him, he left the hospital and everyone began discussing their revised postings in KMA. Soon after that, Dr. Shalini announced that Navin would be getting discharged within the next hour while Gunny had been advised to stay in the hospital for another 3 days.

So, everyone then decided to go back to the chalet and relax for a while.They all left except Rajveer, Naina, Abhimanyu, and Aalekh. The 4 of them waited in the waiting room until Dr. Shalini got the discharge papers and the other things ready and soon after that, an hour later, Navin had been discharged and was on his way with the others to the chalet. Shalini had decided to stay behind to keep an eye on Gunny.

Back at the chalet, when Navin, Rajveer and the others entered; they saw that everyone was lazing around in the den itself. Navin thought that this was the perfect chance to tell everyone the good news. Taking a seat, Navin cleared his throat and got everyone's attention.

"Guys… I have good news for all of you."

"Good news? Kya?" Aalekh asked.

"Jaise ki aap sab jaante hai kid us din baad KMA ka naya saal shuru hone waala hai…" Navin began to say but he was cut off by Abhimanyu.

"Ek minute… dus din baad? Navin, mere dost… ab toh sirf May ka mahina shuru hua hai aur KMA ke naye saal July ke durse ya teesre hafte mein shuru hota hai… humaare paas do 2 mahine se bhi zyada waqt hai…"

"KYA? It's only May?"

"Haan Navin, aaj 5th May hai…" Sherry told him.

"Oh… aur mujhe laga ki 5th July hai… lagta hai ki goli khaane ke baad, mera dimag bhi hil gaya… okay, so koi problem nahi… yeh acchi baat hai ki humaare paas 2 aur mahine ki chutti hai…"

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Armaan'sGal Senior Member

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Posted: 20 May 2008 at 5:01am | IP Logged
"Aur yeh acchi baat kyun hai?" Roma asked.

"Kyunki isse humein taiyaariyaan karne ke liye zyada waqt milta hai…" Navin said.

"Taiyaariyan? Kuch hone waala hai kya, sir?" Huda asked.

"Kuch nahi, Huda… shaadi hone waali hai…"

"Shaadi? Kiski shaadi?" Ali asked.

"Raj aur Naina ki shaadi…"

Silence prevails for about 30 seconds. Everyone is sitting staring at Navin who is smiling, while Rajveer and Naina are trying to avoid anyone's gaze. Pooja is the first one to recover.

"Shahrukh aur Naina ki shaadi ho rahi hai? Dono ne lifetime connection ka plan banaya hai?"

"Haan Pooja…"

Sherry and Abhimanyu are the next to recover, simultaneously.

"Raj, kya yeh sach hai?" Abhimanyu asks his friend.

"Haan…" Rajveer replies.

"Matlab, Naina ab officially meri bhabhi hone waali hai?" Sherry asks.

"Haan…" Naina replies.

By then everyone has recovered and they all realize that Rajveer and Naina are really getting married. All of them began creating a big commotion at the same time, asking Rajveer and Naina dozens of questions at the same time.

The big question was where was the wedding going to be held? Luckily Abhimanyu had the answer to that; once everyone had calmed down and had stopped jumping on the couple, he spoke up.

"Humein ek idea aaya hai; Raj aur Naina ki shaadi bahut hi shaandaar aur aalishaan hoga… toh isliye unki shaadi humaare rajya mein hoga…" Abhimanyu told them all.

"Ek minute… you mean Barmer mein shaadi?" Navin asked.

"Haan… babasa ke baad ab hum Barmer ke Raja ban gaye hai, aur humaare dost ki shaadi ki baat hai; toh Barmer se behtar aur kya hoga?"

"Wow, Naina… tumhaari shaadi ek mahal mein hone waali hai; congrats." Neelu said.

Everyone agreed that Barmer would be the perfect place for Rajveer and Naina to get married. They deserved a grand, lavish wedding. Everyone then began the discussion of the wedding in Barmer, until Rajveer stood up and spoke to them.
Armaan'sGal Senior Member

Joined: 11 January 2008
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Posted: 20 May 2008 at 5:02am | IP Logged
"Guys, guys… suno. Mujhe aur Naina ko Barmer mein shaadi karne mein koi problem nahi hai… par Gunny ab bhi hospital mein hai… usse teen din baad discharge kiya jaayega aur uske baad bhi usse aaram ki zaroorat hai…"

"Raj… tum Gunny ki chinta mat karo… dekho, teen din baad Gunny discharge hoga, right? Uske do din baad hum sab Barmer ke liye niklenge… aur wahan par paanch dino ke liye woh rest kar sakta hai… kyunki ab dus din baad tumhaari aur Naina ki sagai hone waali hai, aur uske baad shaadi… okay?"

"Fine… jaise tum kaho…" Rajveer replies.

"Good, chuhiya… tumhe Barmer mein shaadi karne se koi problem hai?"

"Nahi, in fact… yahan shaadi karne se behtar hoga ki Barmer mein shaadi hoye… I have no problems bhaiyya…" Naina replied.

"Good… ab lagta hai ki humein Barmer ke liye saari packing shuru karna hoga… kal hum mein se koi Gunny se milne jaayega, aur usse aur Shalini ko shaadi ke baare mein bata denge…"

Everyone was too excited to laze around now. They all were energized knowing that Rajveer and Naina were getting married in Barmer and that their engagement would take place in 10 days time. After dinner, they all went to their rooms and starting their packing, then they met up in the den at night and continued to discuss the BIG, GRAND RAJVEER-NAINA WEDDING!!!!!!!

Armaan'sGal Senior Member

Joined: 11 January 2008
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Posted: 20 May 2008 at 5:02am | IP Logged
The next day, everyone woke up late in the morning as their previous day had been very tiring. By 11:00 am, they had finished with their breakfast after which Sameera, Navin and Naina went to the hospital to meet Gunny as they hadn't met him the day before. While Navin, Naina and Sameera left for the hospital, the others decided to go on packing their things before resting for the whole day. Abhimanyu and Rajveer went out for a while to get the tickets ready.

At the hospital, they met Dr. Dixit, who told them that Dr. Shalini was with Gunny in his room. So they went to meet both their friends.

"Knock knock… koi hai?" Navin asked as he entered Gunny's room.

"Hey… Navin, kaisa hai tu yaar?" Gunny asked.

"Main toh bikul theek hoon, magar tu kaisa hai?"

"Theek hoon…"

"Great, iska matlab hai ki tu shaadi par naach paayega…"

"Haan… ek minute, shaadi? Kiski shaadi ho rahi hai?"

"Haan Major, kiski shaadi ho rahi hai? Aur mujhe nahi lagta ki Gunny ek aur hafte tak naach paayega…" Dr. Shalini said.

"Koi baat nahi hai, Doc, shaadi mein abhi bhi time hai… after all, meri chuhiya ki shaadi ho rahi hai; itni jaldi sab kuch tayyar kaisa hoga?" Navin told them.

"What? Naina… tum shaadi kar rahi ho?" Shalini asked her.

"Haan…" she replied.

"Congrats Naina…" Gunny said.


"Naina, I'm so happy for you… congratulations."

"Thank you ma'am."

"Sameera, Naina, kyun na hum in doston ko thodi der ke liye akela chod de? Canteen mein chalte hai…"

"Okay ma'am." Sameera says.

"Good idea."

Before the three girls leave, Sameera leaves the bouquet she had brought for Gunny by the bedside table and then follows Shalini and Naina to the canteen. Then, Navin takes a seat and smiles to himself as he catches Gunny staring at the door through which the girls had just left.

"Kyun bhai Gunny, udhar kyun ghoor rahe ho, I'm right here." Navin said to his friend.

"Huh? Kuch nahin Navin, bas soch raha tha…"

"Kya? Sameera ke baare mein?"

"Haan… lekin…"

"Lekin kya?"

"Mujhe pehle lagta tha ki main Sameera ke liye kuch feel karta hoon…"

"Aur kya tum ab bhi….?" Navin asked.

"Nahin… main sirf Sameera ko kal protect kar raha tha; sirf usse guard kar raha tha, bas."

"Phir jab tumne Sameera ko goli se bacha liya tab…?"

"Tab bhi, main sirf apna duty kar raha tha, Navin. Main usse pyaar nahi karta… yeh ab main jaan gaya hoon." Gunny said.

"Theek hai yaar, agar tu yeh keh raha hai toh main manta hoon ki tujhe Sameera se pyaar nahi hai…"

"Haan… phir toh tumhe meri company mil gayi hai; hum dono akele jo hai…"

"Hmm… humein iss azaadi se khush hona chahiye; Raj ko hi dekho, Naina se shaadi karne jaa raha hai, bahut bada bhoj uthane jaa raha hai…" Navin said.

"Navin… Naina tumhaari behen hai, woh bhoj kaise ho sakti hai?"

"Main toh mazaak kar raha tha; Naina se pyaari behen is duniya mein shayad hoga… uske shaadi hone ke baad main phir se akela ho jaoonga…"

As he is talking, Navin doesn't realize when his eyes begin to water, but instead of going on about this topic, he changes it and becomes the happy Navin once again.

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