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The perfect marriage: Falling in love...

Jojo_han Goldie

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Posted: 12 May 2008 at 12:52pm | IP Logged

I hope you enjoy this part divan and Preet!








.... all over again... Day Dreaming





The perfect marriage




I love you now...

I'll love you forever and ever...






Every day, during the past eight years, had been something new to learn for the first time about his wife. And with each and every new discovery, Jai Walia fell in love with his wife all over again.

He found out when his wife fell into an exhausted sleep, she inevitable snored lightly. He discovered how she talked to herself when she was aggravated with the kids, usually after having punished or scolded one of them. He learned how she was able to adopt different, dissimilar voices when reading their kids a bed time story.

He knew saw she couldn't help but shake her hips along with the music when she had the radio playing while she was cooking and she didn't even know she was doing it.

This day was different.

Jai Walia discovered something for the first time he never knew about his wife.

And what a new discovery it was. He thought he would never forget this day for the rest of his life.

He actually never knew that when his wife got drunk, she liked to talk dirty.





"If you don't want me to go, I can stay. Rashi can go alone" She said as they lean, snuggling on the huge lounge in the veranda together.

"When is this supposed to happen?" He asked, running one hand over her hair.

"Tonight. Pia said it'll be like a girl's night party. But I can stay with you, if you don't want me to go."

"If you want to go, you should go." He said simply.

"You don't mind?"

"No." He said and pressed a kiss to her ear. "You deserve a fun 'girl's night party?' That's what you call it?"

He felt her giggle against his chest and then she turned in his arms to kiss him.

Soon after, Bani dressed in her best attire for the party and kissed the kids, 'good night' kiss before she left. But not before she helped Rashi to select what to wear. Rashi finally agreed at the end to wear one of Bani's saris, and while her mami had chose black for herself, Rashi wore white.

Jai told Ranveer to go along with them to Pushkar's during this girl's night party, and remain somewhere in the house with Pushkar. He didn't want anything to ruin her fun night with her sister and Rashi as well as the other close friends. But it was important to keep eye on his family now that he'd discovered, along with Tarun, about the mysterious man called Aparajit, who seemed to have something against him.

Jai even suspected, after analysing the information of the person who shot the gun at him that night, it was him. So were Tarun and Garv, the private investigator he'd hired to do investigate Bani's sudden car break during the week before.




Later on, Jai got a phone call from his ex-fianc Roshni, who showed up at the girl's night party. Then she seemed to delight in informing him about just how much alcohol his wife had drank.

He told her harshly that he didn't ask her to find out Bani's every move for him. So she should enjoy the party or go to her house, instead. Roshni quickly, smartly replied with an apology before hanging up the phone. He doubted if she was invited in there, but his knew her well. She was there to annoy Bani.

He didn't hear back from Roshni again.

But Ranveer called to inform him he was, along with Pushkar, bringing Bani and Rashi home.

"You're bringing Bani home? Is something wrong?" He didn't like the way he sounded, the whole night he'd only been worried about his wife at the knowledge of how she wasn't friendly with alcohol.

"Um …" Ranveer hedged anxiously. "Not exactly?"

"Ranveer" He said, his tone steely.

"Bani, I mean, Bani mami is kind of …drunk, that's all."

"How much did she drink?" He muttered, speaking to himself more than anything.

"I don't know mamaji. I wasn't inside." Ranveer said.

Jai sighed and squeezed the bridge of his nose. "It's okay, Ranveer. Just get them home safely."

Not fifteen minutes later, the front door slammed open and Bani came in, dragging Rashi along beside her with one arm, followed by Ranveer and Pushkar.

"It's my husband!" Bani called out cheerily when she saw her husband. "Rashi." She grabbed a hold of Rashi's neck and brought it down to her level. "Look. My hubby." She gestured towards Jai.

"Jee, Bani mami." Rashi said nodding her head, lucky for her she didn't touch any alcohol throughout the party.

Jai walked over to them and removed Bani's hold from around Rashi's neck, pulling her towards him, and she complied by practically falling into his arms.

"Good night, mama-ji, Bani mami." Both Rashi and Ranveer escaped, laughing hard as they did. Pushkar seemed to stand still.

"I've missed you, hubby." She said, as he swept her up. She wrapped her arms around him and began to shower kisses around his face.

"Thanks Pushkar. Good night." Jai said, trying not to laugh at his wife's drunken antics.

As Pushkar went to leave, Bani quickly twisted around in Jai's arms, keeping her hands wrapped firmly around his neck. "Don't forget Pushkar. Pia's waiting for you. I think you'll achieve more than one score tonight."

"What did you say?" Jai laughed when he saw Pushkar's face turning beet red.

"Hubby." She said impatiently. "Pushkar's my brother in-law and a part of our family, too.  The least I can do for him is telling him the news that will make him happy and rush to his home."

"Okay, time for you to go, Pushkar" Jai kept laughing as Pushkar's face had gone practically purple.

As he was walking out the door, his wife continued talking. "They're probably really great in bed, too. Pia finally told me tonight, she's a yoga-addict.... Mmhm. Very flexible." She winked, looking at her husband. "If you know what I mean."

The door slammed shut behind Pushkar and he shook his head affectionately at his wife, who had turned her complete attention to him. Before he could say anything, she said. "You know I've taken a few of those yoga classes myself, hubby."

"Is that so, wife?" He grinned.

"Mmhm." She leaned down to press her lips to his. He felt her tongue seeking entrance and he quickly obliged. He could taste the champagne and spicy snacks and he couldn't help but wonder just how much she had drunk.

"You know what I want?" She asked when she pulled away from their kiss.


"I want you..." She leaned down to press her lips to his ear. "... to take me upstairs. And make love to me until I'm gone to heaven, hubby."

He pulled back to look at her, his eyes big. "Bani Walia!" He exclaimed, shocked.LOL

"All I could think about tonight was coming back home to you, and getting with you in bed, hubby."

He swallowed hard, once.

"You do know that you make love like a champion, don't you?"

Jai couldn't help but let out a shocked laugh.

"It's true. The girl's came up with bed-game. And I told them as much."

"You... you what?"

"Mmhm." She licked her lips and started pulling at his collar-shirt.

"I think we need to get you in bed." He said and started walking up the stairs. He hoped, Massi and dadi did hear or saw their adarsh bhahu and his wife's behaviour tonight. They usually shut their door when they were watching comedy movies.

"That's what I'm talking about!" She yelled and he could only shake his head as she went on. Much of it he couldn't believe he was hearing coming out of her mouth. Never did he expect to hear his wife, his Bani, talking about his manhood and their marathon, and different se**al positions. What hell did they do to his wife?

He shook his head again when he passed by a mirror in the corridor when he realized that he was blushing. He was actually blushing at what she was saying.

"Shhh!" He said as they walked past the kid's rooms and he licked his lips, hoping they wouldn't wake up.

"Ooh, your lips and teeth." She said and leaned in to touch her lips to his ear as he closed the door to their bedroom and was trying to get her onto the bed.

"I love it what you do with them to me, Jai." She rumbled in his ear. "It's amazing what you can do with them."

He groaned at her words. And even though he was trying hard to remain unaffected by the raunchy talk coming out of his wife's mouth, there was nothing stopping his body from reacting at that point.

He saw her eyes go wide and he chuckled at her delighted squeal.

"You're going to make love to me now, hubby?"

"I can't believe that mouth of yours, wife." He said with a playful grin, laying her back on the bed and remained on top of her.

"You think you can't believe my mouth now? Let me start kissing you, hubby, and you'll be..."

He couldn't take anymore. He cut her off with a fierce growl as his mouth crashed down on hers. He swallowed another squeal of hers in his mouth as his turn of phrase battled with hers.

He assumed the talk would stop then.

He was wrong.

He was trying to get her undressed and into bed so she could sleep off her drunk, but she was refusing to unwrap her arms from around his neck. She kept rambling about what she wanted to do to his body, with her mouth, her hands, and silk scarves.

He finally couldn't take any more and covered her mouth with his again. He lifted his head up just a few seconds later when he heard a light snore right at his ear.

He shook his head in amazement again. She was dead to the world asleep.

He pulled away from her to help her undress, then changed into his own night pyjamas, and then got into bed.

Jai pulled her against his side and chuckled as she snorted, mid-snore.

And he fell in love with his wife all over again.







The end






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Wink ...Jojo-jiBig smile.......Salaam Ji.....kaisi ho ji--------LOLLOL

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basket Goldie

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VERY CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!!



jeenal20 IF-Stunnerz

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gr88 part dear
loved this new bani
god nashe mein bani  kya kya bolti hai
laaj sharam sab bhool gayi

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HumaG IF-Rockerz

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i lubed it!amazing as usual..and i fell in lvoe with JB once again..but me want more updates pweaseeeeeeeeee
Hkaurk22 IF-Rockerz

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That was hilarious!!!! Bani poor girl is tipsy... Shes howlarious-ur JW rocks:) Hes just simply adorable in this installmentToo funny Jojojojojoji.. Umm. I hope you write a trillion more installmnets like this pls :) Update Karo! Embarrassed

Jojo_han Goldie

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I'm simply bored because I dont get any encouragement from you all! Ouch

Hence, not really sure when I'm gonna write again!





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divan IF-Rockerz

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O JOJO o KSpari
Kargai kaise teri ff jaadugari
Neend en aankhon se cheen li
haaye Dil mein udpate ki hai fikari

O JOJO o KSpari
Kargai kaise teri ff jaadugari
Bhul gayi hum current KS ki crappy story
haaye bechaniya hai JOJO ko kaise khush kare hum sabi

hum bechari hai awaraa
Bolo samjahon hum yeh abb kis kare jaldi

[Dil mein mere hai
Dard-e-disco ]4

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