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FF: Meri Doli Tere Angana - Part 21 Pg 15 (Page 7)

_Sano_ IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 December 2005
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Posted: 01 July 2008 at 6:18pm | IP Logged


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NazNgs IF-Dazzler

Joined: 03 March 2008
Posts: 4886

Posted: 02 July 2008 at 11:53am | IP Logged the part..too good every romantic moment of RuSim..sso cute..when they meet chupke se....i smiled through the story..lovveed the hug and the pic of Simran...but my smile vanished when i reached the ending...nahiiiiiiiiiiiinnnn kya hogaya...reading the part i felt a pain in my stomach as if someone stabbed me also with a chaku yaar... Cry but im sure it was not Simran who stabbed him..zaroor saali Suhana ki koi chaal hai ye right...? Please yaar dont turn Simran bad...i know you wont ...this is a Suhana thing..right..maybe she was wearing a mask or something?...please jaldi next part beecho...can't wait...

and by the way..kya siggy hai yaar the special siggy..kaafi special wala hai... LOL

Edited by RuhaanSimifan - 02 July 2008 at 11:55am
_Sano_ IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 December 2005
Posts: 35098

Posted: 02 July 2008 at 2:25pm | IP Logged
thanx... naz.. for liking omg u r to good
and yeha i knew u will liket he siggy Wink
_Sano_ IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 December 2005
Posts: 35098

Posted: 06 July 2008 at 4:14am | IP Logged
part 8 will be posted tonight... Wink
NazNgs IF-Dazzler

Joined: 03 March 2008
Posts: 4886

Posted: 06 July 2008 at 9:40am | IP Logged
haila cant wait to read it. My rumaal is also ready...and thnks for changing the lines of Ruhaan in part 7..where he says i hate you..uff that was very painful to read...
_Sano_ IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 December 2005
Posts: 35098

Posted: 06 July 2008 at 3:45pm | IP Logged




Ruhaan Simran back in Mumbai.. both start meeting secretly.. Suhana gets suspicious on the dhaagga .. Ruhaan is wearing..  

Later on Simran staps Ruhaan.. a lady in blue saree comes into Ruhaan's room and shouts.. his name..



Aab agey..


Part 8


The lady.. bows down.. we see Simran.. again.. she puts his head on her lap..


Simran: Ruhaan … kya hua.. plzz uthoo..

Ruhaan.. is unconscious. Simran is crying… she stands up for to get some help.. she falls as she didn't have balance..  she falls.. and her hands lands on the chaku.. she takes it up.. and looks shocked.. on it..

A waiter comes in.. and shouts.. KHOON KHOON KHOON.. he locks Simran in the room… Simran shouts.. all she can.. for help..

The manager.. comes with .. police.. they takes the chaku from Simran's hand.. and arrests her.. Simran didn't want to go.. while tears were falling …down her eyes..


Simran: I wont leave with u.. I haven't done anything.. why would I do this to him.. plzz help me.. he need to go to the hospital… plzz save him..


the inspector.. check Ruhaan's puls..


Inspector: he is breating.. constable.. call the ambulance.. we need to go to the hospital now..

Sorry madam u will have to come with us.. coz it's the case of attempt to murder..

Simran: I just told u .. I didn't stap him.. his my husband.. i.. really Lo…


Inspector: sorry but the waiter saw u with the chaku in ur hand.. u have to come with us…


Simran: plz I want to be with my husband..

Inspector: ta ke u can kill him again.. no sorry.. u have to come to the police station..


Simran calls.. abhishek.. and is crying..

Abhishek: Simran .. what happened..
why r u crying.. and.. where r u .. right now..


Simran: Abhishek Bhaiya.. woh.. main..  Ruhaan ko .. Ruhaan…

Abhishek: Ruhaan.. what Ruhaan.. Simran tell me.. (she don't answer) where r u right now..


She tells him the hotel name..

Within few mints.. Abhishek.. arrives.. he sees an ambulance.. and the police talking Simran with them.. he comes toward them.. he then sees Ruhaan's body being.. brought down..

He is shocked..


Abhishek: Simran yeh saab.. kaisay..

Inspector: she tried to kill her husband..


Abhishek looks shocked..


Abhishek: no no.. no.. Simran cant do this..

Inspector: we have evidence.. she was found with the body filled with blood..


Simran: Abhishek Bhaiya I haven't done anything.. main jab room mein aayi.. to Ruhaan was lying on the floor..

Abhishek: inspector.. is it necessary to take Simran along with u..

Inspector: yes sir.. she has been accused for attempt to murder so we have to arrest her.. im sorry..


Abhishek: (goes near Simran..) and puts his hand on her head as a big brother) don't worry Simran.. everything will be ok.. I will be there with the bail.. and wil make sure Ruhaan is safely taking to the hospital..


Simran nods.. while looking at Ruhaan


Some unknown place.. Simran in maroon saree comes into a room.. looking herself in the mirror.. and start talking to herself..


Simran: sorry im sooorry.. I didn't have any other way… tumne koi rasta hi nahin choora tha.. im sooo sorry Ruhaan.. or I should say Sameer Kapoor..


She laugh out loud.. an start touching her face.. and start removing.. the mask.. and we see no other then Suhana..


Suhana: I am sorry Ruhaan.. kya karoon.. mujhe shaak ho gaya tha.. tum par.. so didn't have any other way to stop u.. but to kill u.. tum mere nahin to Simran ke kaisay hone deti..


Her mobile rings.. and someone tells her that Ruhaan has been taken to the hospital.. and he still have chances to survive.. Suhana is frustrated.. and tells the person to go after them.. to find out which hospital he has been taken to.


Everyone at Oberoi house is worried.. as both Simran & Abhishek r not there…

Ru's father calls Abhishek.. and he tells them that he is trying to get Simran bailed out from the jail.. they r shocked.. but he tells him he will tells them everything.. when he comes back with Simran..


Simran is bailed out.. and she rush to the hospital.. with Abhishek.. both comes to the room.. where they doctor said they lied Ruhaan in… but the Room is empty.. doc. Is wondering how its possible.. he asks the ward boy.. but he didn't know anything..


Simran: how can the hospital be so careless.. a patient is missing .. u r not aware of it.. is that what u call a security in the hospital…


Abhishek: Simran.. calm down..


Simran: Abhishek bhaiya.. itni dheer bard Mujhe Ruhaan mile they.. aur phir woh.. mujhse door chaley gaye..  


Abhishek gives her a brotherly hug..

Abhishek: everything will be alright Simran.. we will talk with ASP uncle..


Abhishek Simran comes home.. all questions them.. where they were. but Abhishek tells them.. to elt Simran rest… they will answer later.. chachi is curious to know what's cooking..

Next day..

Ru's father ask again..


Abhishek: Maa .. papa.. hum hospital mein the.. actually woh.. Ruhaan

He had not even completed.. the officer stops him.. he came to arrest Simran.. as she has been accused of … blackmailing .. Mrs Richa Kapoors husband.. and then killing him..


All looks shocked.. Chachi is smiling and is wondering.. what a dhamaka


Ru's father: what nonsense is this..  Simran yeh saab kya hai..

Simran: papa ji.. yeh saab jhoot hai.. woh Sameer Kapoor aur koi nahin.. Ruhaan hain..


A voice said.. its not true.. Sameer is not Ruhaan..

Everyone looks at the door.. and sees Suhana there..


Suhana: yeh saach hai .. Sameer resembles to Ruhaan.. par he is not Ruhaan.. he was my husband.. Sameer Kapoor.. whom u murdered Simran Oberoi..


Simran: how low will u fall Suhana.. Stop this nonsense..


Suhana: Suhana nahin Richa.. Everyone calls Me Richa.. so plz.. Inspector arrest this lady.. she killed my husband.. 


Simran: yeh jhoot hai.. yeh Suhana jhoot bhol rehi hai.. mummyji.. yeh Suhana.. (she looks with her innocent face at Ru's mother) mummy u don't believe me .. yeh saach hai.. he himself declared.. he is Ruhaan..


Suhana: just stop it.. officer.. plzz take her away.. I want her to be punished.. for her deeds..


Abhishek: Abhishek shut up Suhana..


Officer: Mr. Oberoi.. plzz .. Madam plzz come with us..


Simran leaves with officer.. Suhana is about to leaves.. she gives a wicked smile to Abhishek..

Abhishek.. tries to talk with the family.. but no one is listening.. chachi .. start blabbing


Chachi: ab yeh din dekhne reh gaya tha.. now Oberoi's Bahu.. will go to jail..


Abhishek: chachi plzz. Simran has been trapped.. u all dont know apr… someone stapped Ruhaan and Simran has been accused for it..


He tells them everything…


Ru's mother: Abhi.. kya tum sach keh rehey ho.. woh.. Ruhaan hai..

Abhishek: haan maa…


Ru's mother: I want to see him..

Abhishek: we cant.. coz he is not in the hospital.. I have talked with.. ASP uncle.. and he will help us..


Ru's mothers goes near the mandir.. and ask. Why it always happen to Ruhaan Simran.. why do they need to separate all the time..



In jail.. Suhana.. comes to visit.. Simran..


Suhana: im sooo sorry Simran.. Oberoi's ki Bahu aur iss halat mein.. I pity on u..


Simran: don't be so happy Suhana.. one fine day u will get punished..


Suhana: maybe.. lol.. par abhi to tumhein .. Punishment miley ghi .. jow jurm tumne kiya hi nahin..  


Simran: yeh to waqt hi betaaye gha Suhana…


Suhana: waqt beya gha.. lol.. waqt nein tumhein aur Ruhaan ko kabhi kush rehne nahin diya.. to abhi akele kya khushi paao ghi.. anyways bye..  im leaving.. if u need anything just tell me..


Suhana.. leaves.. with a wicked smile.. simran feels dizzy.. and falls on the ground..




To Be Continued..




Precap: Abhishek and Shanaya searching for a Lawyer.. Abhishek finally finda lawyer.. Shanaya is getting jalous.. Suhana.. is traspped.  

NazNgs IF-Dazzler

Joined: 03 March 2008
Posts: 4886

Posted: 06 July 2008 at 4:19pm | IP Logged
aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh....naaaaaaaaaahhhhhhiiiiiiiiiii nnnnn... Cry

Simran ye kya hogaya...Simran ko chordo wo bekasur hain.. Cry

OMG San..kya writing hain yaar..ClapClapjust like a real episode of a serial. The way Simran fell on the ground and accidently the chaku comes in her hands and while she is shocked a waiter sees it..wah mindblowing yaar..itna perfect scene to serial mein bhi nahi hota...u are a true writer.. Smile ClapClap
Reading this part my emotions were when i watch a serial on tv..kasam se the parts of Simran..i cried.. Cry and the part of Suhana my anger was high.. Angry wish i could kill her..
and Abhishek is so nice helping Simran..

And the mystery of Ruhaan vanishing from the hospital...waw...awesome...really wonder where he went and what all this is......
omg mujhse to ye misunderstanding Ruhaan aur Simran ke beech bardaasht nahin hota yaar.. Confused i hope that Ruhaan comes soon and finds out that it was all Suhana's doing and Simran is innocent..
i get a feeling like as if this is a Ruhaan Simran plan to trap Suhana..par dekhte hain agle part mein kya hoga...really looking forward to the next part... Wink

Edited by RuhaanSimifan - 06 July 2008 at 4:20pm
_Sano_ IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 December 2005
Posts: 35098

Posted: 06 July 2008 at 4:23pm | IP Logged
wow .. naz loved it.. thanx....
will look forward to the part..
big twist

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