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FF: Meri Doli Tere Angana - Part 21 Pg 15 (Page 4)

ChaitanysFan Goldie

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Posted: 14 June 2008 at 9:16am | IP Logged
Thnx San for all the part it was too goodi really liked it thnx so much thnx once again. Tongue Tongue Tongue

_Sano_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 June 2008 at 11:02am | IP Logged

Confused all parts


i only added 3 parts till now


Originally posted by Neha-Anand-4eva

Thnx San for all the part it was too goodi really liked it thnx so much thnx once again. Tongue Tongue Tongue

_Sano_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 June 2008 at 12:53pm | IP Logged


Recap. Chachi tries to take of simrans Mangalsutra.. but is not succeeded, Ruhaan's mother tells Simran that she will support her no matter what happens..

Simran is shopping mall.. is about to fall when some catches her..


Ab agey..




Part 4


Simran is shocked to see the man.. and we also see him.. he looks like Ruhaan .. she stand and smiles..


Simran: Ruhaan..

The man: Jee.. I hope u r fine..

Simran touches his face..

The man: what r u doing..


Simran: Ruhaan.. where were u..i .. I


The man: look madam its ok I saved u from falling.. par I m not Ruhaan .. My name is
Sameer Kapoor..


Simran: what..
Sameer: haan I'm Sameer Kapoor.. not Ruhaan ..and if u could excuse me I have to leave..


He leaves.. while Simran is just looking at him..

She runs out of the mall looking at Sameer.. to see where he went.. she rush out and goes home.. and calls out for Ru's mothers..


Ru's mother: Simran.. kya hua

Simran: mummyji main.. maine RRR..Ruhaan ko dekha..


All of them are shocked..


Ru's father: yeh tum kya keh rehi ho..

Simran: haan papaji.. aaj main jab shopping mall mein Arpita ke liye saree dekhne gayi..


And she narrated the whole story..

Ru's father: but didn't he call himself Sameer Kapoor .. to phir


Simran: nahin papji.. Woh Ruhaan hi the, I could feel it was him..


Chachi: Ohh Simran .. har Ruhaan Jaisa Dikhne wala Ruhaan Nahin ho sakta..

Simran: nahin it was Ruhaan I know.. Abhishek Bhaiya.. believe me it was Ruhaan..


Abhishek puts his hand on Simran's head.. and nods..


Simran: Abhishek Bhaiya u don't believe me either..
Dadi: Simran Putar.. dekho mujhe lagta hai tumhein Araam karna chahiye..


Simran: dadi.. main saach keh rehi hoon.. woh Ruhaan hi the.. no one believes me..


She runs into her room.. and cries infront of Ruhaans pic..


Simran: why .. why r u doing this Ruhaan.. Don't punish me for not talking with u.. plzz … aap janete hai main aapse kitna pyaar karti hoon..


The same day.. at Sameer's house.. his comes home. the servant tells him that.. madam is angry.. on him..

He goes into his room.. and sees his wife standing at the window… he closes her eyes.. and tells her to guess who it is.. she removes his hands.. and turns herself.. the woman is no other then Suhana…and the man Sameer is no other Then Ruhaan Oberoi. Suhana is now called Richa,


Sameer: uff ho.. Richa, yeh kya .. maine suna tum mujhse naraaz ho..


Richa: aur nahin to kya.. binah betaye chaley gaye .. I was worried.. u know.. waisay bhi yahaan.. hum anjaan city mein hain.. aur maine tumhein betaya tha … na ke yahan.. humare dushman bhi hain.. Oberois!!


Sameer: haan I know.. u told me..

Richa: anyways.. forget it right now..


She comes closer to him.. and closes her eyes, she is about to kiss him.. he gets some blurred flashes of a scene where He as Ruhaan were About to Kiss Simran.. – the scene from 4th Oct. he immediately moves away..  she open her eyes.. and sees him moving away..


Sameer: i.. im sorry.. I can't do this.. till I don't feel better and don't remember anything I can't do this..


Richa: par Sameer..


Sameer: plzz Richa.. I know u r my wife and u want to be close to me.. but u have to understand me to.. Whenever I come close to u.. I get some strang flashes..


Richa/Suhana is worried about what he is saying..


Sameer: anways.. u know what aaj kya hua..
Richa/Suhana: kya


Sameer: aaj eik ladki.. I met her in the mall.. I was gone to buy something.. and u know she.. (he walks a bit.. )  she called me Ruhaan..


Richa/Suhana is shocked..


Richa/Suhana: kya .. she . but..
Sameer: I know .. she must have mistaken..


Richa/Suhana: nahin Sameer .. tum jante ho .. woh.. kaun thi.. and Ruhaan .. who he is..

Its no other then the Oberois..


Sameer looks shocked at Richa/Suhana..

Sameer: u mean..

Richa/Suhana: haan wohi jinoo nein humare family to barbard kar diya.. wohi hain..

Sameer is all anger on his face..


Sameer: I wont leave them.. coz of them.. im all alone in this world..  (Suhana is smiling)..

from now on starts their doom day..


Richa/Suhana: par tum aisa karo ghe kya..


Sameer: I will destroy them in business as well in their personal life to..  they wont live in peace.. coz I will destroy them..


Suhana is looking happy and is smiling..


Suhana: (thinking) wah kya baat hai Suhana.. destroying Oberois.. and that to by their own son..  well they deserved it.. the didn't want Ruhaan to marry me.. coz he was married to Simran… but now they will see.. how Ruhaan is close to me.. and is staying away from Simran..


She has a wicked smile on her face..


Few days later..

There is a tender..which Ru's father, chachu and Abhishek .. filled.. and hoped theyw ill get it .. the announcer announced.. that there were very close competition.. between The Oberois and Kapoors  and it goes to Sameer Kapoor.. he request him to come up on the stage..

Sameer was sitting in the last line.. gets up.. and walks toward stage.. All looks at Sameer who is walking toward the stage..  and is shocked to see him.. coz everyone knew the face.. which was of Ruhaan Oberoi..


The announcer.. is just looking at Sameer.. with shock..

Announcer: ccc…coo congrats..


Ruhaan's father chachu and Abhishek.. is shocked to see him.. 

While going out.. Ruhaan's father.. went to meet him..

Sameer: sorry maine aako pehchana.. nahin..

Ru's father: tum.. apne baap ko nahin pehchante.. Main tumhare father hoon.. Naresh Oberoi.. aur tum mere Bete Ruhaan Oberoi..


Hearing the name.. the shouted..


Sameer: baas.. enough is enough.. I m not ur son.. but yeah u can call me ur biggest enemy..


Ru's father: enemy.. what are u talking.. about.. how am I ur enemy..

Sameer: ohh .. well u remember.. Kapoors..  who u destroyed… in business


Ru's father is confused..


Ru's father: yeh tum kya keh rehey ho.. I don't even know any Kapoors..

Sameer: ohh so u forget them already..huh..


Abhishek: enough is enough..  u have no right to talk to papa like this.. 


Sameer: even I don't want to talk with a man who destroyed my whole family .. I just have aim in my life.. to destroy whole Oberoi family..


Abhishek.. hey u..


Abhishek lift his pointing finger up.. and so do Sameer..


Abhishek: if u ever try to harm my family.. I will kill u.. I will not even .. see that u resembles to my younger brother.. ever things which harms my family .. will go through me 1st..

Come on papa.. lets go..


Sameer is left alone.. with anger on his face..!!



To Be Continued..



NazNgs IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 June 2008 at 3:47pm | IP Logged
haila....first of all mindblowing story..a total different side of RUhaan wow..i could never tink of a story like Clap

But i cried yaar... Cry reading the story but i have to say it very good..bilkhul ek serial material..par being a RuSim deewani i cant bare Ruhaan aur Suhana ke saath..omg Cry aur Simran bechari..boeeehoooooeeeee Cry Cry Cry main unke ye judaai nahin bardaasht kar pawungi...San..uff Ruhaan being mean to Simran..i wont be able to read that yaar....please dont make Ruhaan be mean to Simran...bardaash nahi hoga...OMG and then Suhana almost kissing Ruhaan..aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh i almost died yaara...but luckily it did not happen..phew..main bach gayi...but i know ur an intelligent and minblwoing i hope this wont be for long Ruhaan acting like this...i knwo ruSim will have a mindblwoing meeting and Ruhaan will love her again..right? please aisa hi karna yaara.....OMG waiting very impatiently and now even more for the next part...Hopefully in the next part mujhe itna roona nahi parega....ufff...lekin bahut achha likha aapne..really loved how abhishek warned sameer..and loved the interaction btw naresh and ruhaan...and loved in the beginning where Sim says she saw Ruhaan...uff mindblowing....jaldi beecho next part yaar..intezaar nahi hota...
_Sano_ IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 December 2005
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Posted: 17 June 2008 at 3:52pm | IP Logged

wow lvoed ur comment...
well hmm cant say if ruhaan willbe mean to simran.. to.. but.. lol

well u migth forgot.. par sameer i mean ruhaan did got soem flashes.. while he was going to kiss suhana... let me tell u it was simran but ti wasnt clear so.. hehehehehehehe

abhi to yeh trailer tha.. lol.. abhi kuch dher aur chalne do yeh saab. maybe 2 part. Embarrassed
phir dekhna.. kaisay dhamak hota hai.. rusim ka



Edited by Nausheenfan - 17 June 2008 at 3:54pm
NazNgs IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 June 2008 at 4:51pm | IP Logged

okay...Sameer ko flashes aaya to theek hai but next part mein main apni rumaal tayyar rakhungi...kyon ke main bahut roowungi jab Ruhaan Simran se rudely pesh aayega..aur unke dhamake dhaar part ka wait karungi..
par bahut bechain hokar main wait karrahi hoon..

Uff yeh Suhana ko koi kyon goli nahi marta yaar..yeh ladki naakh mein dham karke behti hain..ufff i hate Suhana so much...sali ka to main bheecha ura deena chahti hoon jab dekho tab RuSim ke beech mein taang larati hain Dead ..

haila sorry no gali...i won't say any gali Big smile

Edited by RuhaanSimifan - 17 June 2008 at 4:57pm
_Sano_ IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 December 2005
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Posted: 18 June 2008 at 2:16am | IP Logged
i know what u mean.. LOL
pr phir bhi.. have some goodie goodie thoughts about how mean ruhaan will be.. so sorry n dont kill me for it..
NazNgs IF-Dazzler

Joined: 03 March 2008
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Posted: 18 June 2008 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
Ok yaara...main intezaar karti hoon..but i have to say...jab sochti hoon ke agla part mein Ruhaan Simran se mean rahega to mujhe abhi si hi roona aata hai yaar Cry ...i hope Ruhaan ko flashes aaye aur wo Simran ko pehchaanle...
lakta hain agla part mein mujhe 2 rumaal apni paas rakhna parega..kyon ke garanty to hai ke ek bilkhul ghila hojaaye ga aur meri aansoo khatam nahi hoga... Cry LOL

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