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Folks, this is just gonna be a brief updates. Got lots of files here pending on my table. Just trying to help our dear viji. Pls bear with this brief updates...Smile


Credits to for video

Uday talks to his personal assitance Maha about the diary. His very much confused on why his father wrote like that but he believes what is written there. He knows his father well. But he just don't understand why he wrote like that. Maha gives her opinion. Uday is his son but does Uday knows the problems between her parents. It could be like this. Mr.Visvanathan might have meet KK and told him the truth about Selvi's real dad. Mr.V would have asked KK to advise Arasi not to create more problems for him. After listening to this, KK might have been upset and definitely argued about this with Arasi. Any man who has met his own wife' ex will be angry. So, during the the argument between Arasi and KK, there are chances Arasi killing KK for accusing her. Maha ask Uday to think from this angle. Uday is now more convience that his mother has killed his dad. Urrrggg this PA..Angry Maha ask if she can give her opinion on this cases and Uday says yes. Maha has a smile on her face.

Selvi comes to visit doctor amma. Doctor amma is upset as MR.V is still on bed. His very worried about the case files by Arasi on his name. Selvi ask her to tell Mr.V not to worry as he did not do anything wrong. Selvi then questions Doctor if she knows how did Mr.V actually achieved all this wealth and position? Doctor amma looks at her. Unable to answer her. Selvi tells Doctor amma that all ladies are like that. They never question much about their husband's wealth or work. Doctor amma tells Selvi if she question Mr.V, it will look like she is suspecting her own husband. Selva tells her its not a matter of suspecting. Ask him in a way that shows you care for him. Nothing is wrong in that. Doctor amma agrees with Selvi and says she will question Mr.V. Selvi then tells her she was talking generally. She did not mean to ask Doctor to question her husband. Both did not realise Mr.V is standing upstairs and listening.

Mr.V in his room. Uday's PA cames there to visit Mr.V. She gives him the documents Uday prepared for Arasi to answer. GrrrrAngry.... Mr.V is happy with the copy of the documents. He tells her that Uday must not suspect her at all. Uday must believe her and must be able to speak anything to her. Mr.V advise her not to came to this office often. PA leaves. Mr.V continues to read the documents.

Arasi is walking left and right. Uday and Kalai are watching her. Arasi ask him to drink coffee. Uday say its okay, he had at home. Kalai scolds him and ask to drink coffee. There is no rule saying a lawyer can't have a cup of coffee at his client's house. Uday drinks. He then ask Arasi is she suspects anyone of stealing her gun. Arasi says no.

Uday ask if Arasi does not suspects her enemy. Arasi ask who is her enemy. Uday lists down Mr.V, gangga, Nallathambi etc. All this people wanting to hurt Arasi in any cost. Arasi keep quite and stares at Uday. He continues telling he needs lots of facts and points. Then only he is able to lie in the court to  save Arasi in her case. Uday ask her to think properly and let him know. Uday leaves. Arasi is left upset and sad. Kalai goes to Arasi to calm her. Arasi tells Kalai that Uday strongly believes Arasi killed KK. Arasi walks away sad.

Mr.V meets GJ. Mr.V gives the paper to GJ and tells him this is the question provided by Uday for Arasi to fill it. Mr.V wants the answers that Arasi will give. With this there are chances for Arasi winning this case. Mr.V ask for the list of Arasi's enemy. GJ list them as Uday's list but Mr.V tells him he has left out his own name GJ. GJ laughs and say that arasi trust him very much and will never suspect him. Mr.V wants to know more about gangga,  singgaperumal and moretepandi. Mr.V wants to join hand with them to murder Arasi. GJ is shocked. GJ ask him whats the hurry to murder Arasi. Mr.V ask him if Mamiyar sentiment LOLLOL GJ says no.

Singaperumal meets his wife Ponnuthayi. He ask her why she has been sad for a couple of days. She ask Singgapandi to forget about his aim to murder Kalai, then only she will eat. Singapandi will promise he won't try to harm kalai at all and ask her to eat. She goes satisfied. His lawyer ask if Singaperumal has really forgiven Kalai. He says no. He told that for his wife's health sake.

GJ tries to call someone. But can't get through. GJ tells MR.V the call cannot get through. GJ ask Mr.V to try. Mr.V tells him to call. Finally call to through. Looks like GJ is calling Singaperumal.

Singaperumal answers the call and GJ keeps on saying hello hello. He tells Mr.V signal very bad and goes the other side to talk. Mr.V just looks at him. Thodarum

Sorry for grammer mistakes. Did this updates inbitwin my office workLOL..... I started doing the updates when there was no one around, all the sudden my team leader appeared Angry.. Netra was really shocked to see him thereLOL


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27th update:

1. Its starts from where it left out yesterday - GJ calling up Lion - and asks him to meet Mr. V - singam says the voice is familiar and who is this Mr. V, GJ stammers and says he is the manager of V and that V is the chairman of VS group, singam is wondering why V wants to meet him, then says yes as he is a big shot, so why not. GJ says that he has to come alone, lion accepts that also. his adyals are asking why risk going alone, but lion wants to know whats this all about, then starts. GJ says to V that he has given sms about the place of meeting and directions and also says that he wants to go while he meets. V asks whether its really the first time he is meeting lion, GJ emphatically yes and says he has a doc appt for his ears and eyes and didnt want to miss that, as then V and GJ's plan shouldnt' stop. V is kind of doubts GJ's intentions and says why not meet lion with him afterall GJ is his one of the right hand person, GJ somehow manages to escape saying about doc appt. and goes away. V is awaiting lions' arrival.

2. Singam comes both do a typical vanakkam with folded hands. V asks he is pretty impressed that he has come alone, not being scared. Lion says he is not scared, he is having political power and adds that V is really big - not only as businessman but also in his height ...LOL V comes straight to the point that he has enquired about lion of how is original name is 'singaram' and that he came to chennai like a beggar, worked in the port for daily wages, became goonda, then binami guy for big shots, etc. lion is completely floored and aghast at the revelation, then says if he can know about V as he has not collected much info. V is quiet at first and says he knows about his meeting with arasi, lion interjects and applauds at his info, then says yes she came and met but doenst understand what V is trying to say. now V speaks and says, arasi is out on bail and she will act to get herself complete relief, he wants lion's friendship to trap arasi and put her in jail again permanently. Lion asks straight in the eye - whether V killed KK , coz, lion has done crimes to come up and has V done 'paavam' to come up ..? and that arasi is not in power now, so whats the big deal ? - V says he doenst want to give a direct answer to this but he will know more after becoming good friends. he wants to destroy arasi as she falsely accused him before and had to go underground for sometime, V traps lion by giving false info that arasi is trying her best to falsely accuse him and put him jail, so, his name and fame will be destroyed as the case will to court and continue for 2 to 4 years and all his goodwill in business will crash down, V continues that he knows that lion had gone to jail before, but doenst want to go now as he is now having lots of political power and influence, doenst want to jeopardise his fame and power and also that he (V himself) has come up thru the route of doing crimes, for him India is nothing, he can do many evil things and destroy the country compeltely. Lion acknowledges the reasoning of V that arasi (after clearing her case) will put a false case as both are enemies, lion also has threatened KK by going to the house, then kidnapped kalai, etc  and she can do even encounter on both of them as she is very bold, he knows personally, both can join together and win her easily than trying to win her  alone in their own ways, 50:50 . Now, Lion says, yes, he can understand that point, as he was also trying to destroy her (he gives some tamil dialogue -  and from now on both are friends  like 'united front' in politics - 'ippo naama rendu perum koottani, so arasikku sani ...Confused' V says she will even win sani, lion says then rub off whatver he said, for now both are friends 'orey ani', puts a big vanakkam and goes off. GJ is uruttfying his eyes and had been hearing all these convo by hiding in that building somewhere without V's knowledge.
Arasi on her terrace pacing up and down thinking about what udhay told yesterday - who all are coming and going in the house, her enemies, etc. they show ganga, V, lion, GJ.she is thinking hard on whom to suspect.

3. Lion at his home to adiyals talking big about V - tells about what V wants, it came easily to him - to win arasi, so he had accepted, etc etc. his adiyals also wonder why V is asking lion and what benefit and why have a friendship when he says he wants to destroy india, lion says he doesnt care as, afterall those who said will protect the nation didnt' do anything anyway ... Ouch Confused (very true statement my POV)
GJ pacing in his house and as usual polambufies that he has should never ever tell arasi his relationship with V and all this should not even go to selvi's ears, he is wondering everything aloud. Selvi enters the house and questions him again and again as to what he was talking, heard her name being told, etc. GJ manages and stutters that he was singing then, saying he wanted opionin of selvi in making his business a success, etc. and asks if he can make coffee and give her, selvi gives him a doubtful look and goes away saying that she will do that herself. Freezes on GJ's pained face.


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Im not sure who's turn for Wednesday update. But since i watched it already, here goes a brief ones Wink

Wednesday update 28.05.2008

GJ's PA looking for some file in his room. GJ walks in suddenly and ask PA what she is doing in his room. Before she can answer, he answers himself. She must be cleaning his room and making sure his room is comfortable for him LOL PA agrees and escapes out.

Lion cames back home and gives all his workers alot of money. His lawyer ask him why his giving everyone so much of money. Lion tells him Mr.V will be giving him lots of money from now on. So, all workers will be getting bonus often. Wife goes to his room and ask him from where the money is coming. She tries to advise Lion.

Mr.V and GJ waiting for someone. In cames Pandiyan and his friend (sorry, not sure of the name). Mr.V wants them to give Arasi problems. Pandiyan says without reason, he won't trouble people. GJ takes them aside and ask Pandiyan if he will do anything for Selvi. Pandiyan says he will give his life for Selvi. GJ tells Pandiyan that Mr.V is Selvi father. And Arasi trying to give problem to Mr.V because he loves Selvi so much and Arasi don't like this. Arasi don't want Selvi to live in peace. Pandiyan finally agrees to create problems for Arasi. They are doing this for Selvi sake.

Well, thats all... Smile

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thanks netra for the update.

thursday update

PA giving sweets, GJ gets anry that she didn't tell him that it's her b'day.. he orders manager (??) to buy b'day cake and he asks how many candles.. GJ replies only one.

theethufying cake.. romba too much!! PA says that she'll give him a party.. gives him alcohol and asks him why vichu gave him the company.. he doesn't answer.. she is angry..

court case.. vichu wins the case with uday.. all the people like the one who played vichu before said that he played it without the real vichu knowing ect. vichu thanks uday.

vichu phones arase and tells her that he won the case with uday!!

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Update for Friday - May 30

Feel free to fill in if I have missed anything

Arasi receives phone from V. Says he is very appy since he won the case, and is a free bird. And say he won the case using Uday, and say better luck next time. And laughs....
Arasi asks Uday to come. She shouts at him and says 'romba santhosham'. He asks why are you lying? She says you wanted to take revenge on me and brought him out. She says about the death in the country because of V. Uday says you (Arasi), sorry, the govt. did not have evidence against K. She says you shouldn't have left him afree, knowing he is a sinner.
He says I am defending your case, knowing that you killed KK. She is shocked and says you are desha drohi since you helped a desha drohi escape punishment. He says he is not, and asks Arasi (the govt) to appeal again. Arasi says I (the govt) will appeal in the court. He leaves saying I will bring him out even then. And since you are also my client, I will bring you also out. You need not worry about that.

Yamunarani comes to GJs house, call for GJ. He is upstairs and comes down after seeing her. He asks why she came home. She replies sayng, today is sunday and she is bored. He says, good thing, Selvi is out shopping, and she says she saw her go. He says it will be a problem, and she asks if she should go. He says go after sometime. She asks why are you so scared of Selvi.
GJ asks what perfume she is using and jollufies. She asks for coffee, and he goes to prepare. She gives a villi look and looks around.
She goes upstairs into a room, and tries to open cupboard, and suitcase, and looks around. Finds nothing and goes back. GJ is preparing coffee.
She goes to another room, and opens cupboard, find nothing.
GJ usual jollufies about the coffee, and says it is tea. GJ asks why she is thiruthiru nu mulichufying. She gets shocked. But he cracks a joke that she might be concerned about his cooking. Yamunarani asks if she can leave. He says you can, but you could not do what you came for. She is shocked. He says you could not spend time with me. She says where will it go and corrects herself. And leaves.
Looks like she is there to do something.

V asks Sarojini why she is early, and asks whether she is going to temple or wedding or anywhere. Says you didn't give me coffee and Kala gave her. She asks him to eat out and adjust for one day. She says sheis going to meet Selvi. He asks why are you going, you can ask her to come. She says I will make her happy if I go. Says a nice statement 'You shouldn't ruin others happiness, but give happiness to others'. She leaves. V gives a look after she leaves.

GJ comes out of the house and sees Sachin studying and drinking coffee. He scolds him for drinking coffee. Asks Selvi for a coffee.
Nallathambi calls him, and he is shocked. NT says he needs to see him immediately. GJ asks why and he asks do you want to stay alive. He cuts the call. Selvi comes and GJ says he is going to club.
NT calls again, GJ asks tell me the reason. NT says, if you don't come, can't I come to your house. If you don't come, I will come home and take your life.
Selvi comes and GJ says he is talking on wrong number. He reprimands Sachin for not going to tuition. Selvi asks him to go to tuition and he leaves.
GJ tries calling V. NT is calling GJ and gets recorded message. Selvi comes and he blabbers. She asks, why are you calling the wrong number. Selvi is going out to buy books for Kaveri. He is totally tensed.

He then takes out a pistol from a mudpot. It is same pistol stolen from Arasi's residence.

Looks like Yamunarani came looking for the gun only.

Have a nice weekend!

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