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Wed HL as far as i remember

*that new girl yavanarani ends up taking interview of GJ.GJ vitta jollula TV screen nanachi pochuLOL.I too think she is somebodys plant.

*GJ lies to selvi upon opening a new business & asks her to cut ribbon.

*Arase goes & sees Home secretary & assures to come out of this case soon.
*HC arranges for some fat guy(i forgot his name) to help arase without her knowing.
*MR.V offers Selvi double the salary&working partnership.Selvi refuses.
*She even refuses to accept him as dad(one good thing done by mango head)

*Mr. v ends up in GJ'S office .Selvi also comes there to get sign & shocked to know its GJ's.Gj promises to pay V with profit .Selvi is not impressed

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Thursday HL

* selvi asks sternly V whether he gave the company to GJ for her sake OR did GJ demand it.

*V says i thut of giving away 4 or 5 companies & gave one to GJ since he is honest & sincere. gr8 joke of the year

*V leaves & GJ & selvi goes inside the cabin.GJ sits & suddenly gets up seeing Y.rani & falls down.Y.rani runs to catch him.Selvi is not impressed.Gj sends her to cabin fearing selvi.

*Long crappy discussion by Mr.&Mrs.V abt arase coming out.But mrs.v says she is happy that arase got out as she might have faced problems in jail.She even asks why V is distressed if he made no mistakes.

* Selva rani asks uday to open office so that she & their child can eat from his earnings.Were they hungry till now?

*Ta da Uday opens office (after flahback scenes of his dad.)

*selvi calls & wishes them.

*Mr.v is tensed.GJ says they shud appoint uday as their legal adviser. where did he get this criminal brain?.He promises to bring uday.

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This weekend I am rather busy, so will just do a brief update of Friday's episode. Hope that's okay Embarrassed


GJ corners Chelvi before she can go to work and starts talking about his athai's innocence and how she will be cleared of murder soon. This talk of course annoys Chelvi, but she doesn't realise that GJ is manipulating her to serve his (and Mr. V's) purpose. He gets her to admit Udhay is a good lawyer and his abilities had not been noticeable before because Arase kept him in the house. GJ further says he knows that Chelvi will advise Udhay to join as Mr. V's legal advisor and turn yet another of Arase's kids against her. Chelvi of course had no such idea until GJ put it into her mind. She leaves with a thoughful look, while GJ complains to himself of the difficulty to lay the brickwork of this masterplan. (Hmm ... if Chelvi does this, then she will be being purposefully mean towards Arase.)

That night, Mr. V visits Udhay at home to ask him to join his firm as legal advisor. Udhay rightfully points out that he cannot because he is fighting a case for his mother and moreover, she is the one who put the case on Mr. V. Mr. V argues that there is nothing to stop him from taking two jobs at once and that the "false" cases against him were issued by the government, not Arase personally. Udhay finally says he will think about it, and Mr. V hands a blank cheque to Selvarani, telling her to tear it up if Udhay refuses his job offer. (Throughout this scene Rani speaks only one word: "Thanks", when Mr. V when he compliments her on her coffee!)

Final scene: GJ meets Mr. V to ask how his visit to Udhay's house last night went. V says he is not confident Udhay will accept his job offer. He says that, unlike GJ, Udhay's motivations do not appear to be money. LOL GJ gets offended and says he is earning the money for the sake of Mr. V's daughter and grandchild. He then tells an unconvinced Mr. V not to give up yet.

That's about it, folks. Have a nice weekend! Wink

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May 19th : will give hightlights now and details tomorrow my time.

1. NT & V chatting - NT warns against GJ being on the other side and that he and Udhay who got bail for arasi have to be murdered. V doesnt want that and NT nakkal as to he is protecting his daughter selvi, ex-girlfriend arasi and mappillai GJ. V agrees.

2. Arasi and Kalai talking - arasi asks kalai to be careful as KK killers are on the lose and may target them also. Kalai disagrees as she is a policewoman. arasi wants to meet Lion and confront him for killing KK, but kalai says he cannot be daddy killer.

3. Lion with his adiyals wonders if Arasi would be thinking that he has actually killed KK, he is afraid. As thot, he gets an anonymous call that arasi is coming to meet him anytime. he awaits for her the whole day and into midnight and has sleepless night.

4. Udhay and Rani conversation - Rani tries to convince him to accept V's offer as its a big company and its the first job offer after opening their office. First Udhay is confused as mom arasi has put a lot of cases on V, but rani tries her best, udhay is thinking.

5. Lion after a sleepless night wants to go away from home on the pretext of some job, now arasi storms in her inimitable style. before she can open her mouth, Lion ularufies that he did not kill KK eventhough he had told her that he wanted to kill KK and kalai. Arasi wonders with a slight grin and says she never asked him about it, has come to thank him for treating kalai and that she wants to talk to his wife ponnuthayi, alone. she comes and welcomes arasi. Lion again scared talks non-stop,arasi gives a look and goes with poonuthayi and closes a door, Lion looks...freeze.

enjoy, will do details later.

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May 20th highlights:

1. two women arasi & ponnuthayi meet privately and have a happy convo. arasi asks about whether Lion killed KK, Poonu says no and arasi trusts her. as usual lion is restless downstairs. both women go away without telling what the convo was ...very funny indeed. Embarrassed Embarrassed

2. a useless meeting between NT & V again...OuchConfused - V is upset that he had given 1 company to GJ and is going down, NT asks for GJ himself, but V smiles and denies that, NT is kinda angry and says he is protecting GJ but V says he is protecting himself .. Confused
GJ in his office 'bayangara vazhisal' - donno how to put it. he expecting yauvanarani (what name is this...Ouch silly Wink) she is late, when she comes he asks the reason and drifts off asking about what shampoo and soap she used...ayyO....kadavuley AngryAngry godammit.. Confused he further says he will buy a car for Ouch so she will not come late with driver ..Confused ellam nEram...Embarrassed

3.  Kalai is worried  and awaits her mom. kannan who is also awaiting with her consoles her saying that athai is a strong and brave woman nothing will happen to her, she is also like his mom ..ClapClap. arasi comes and says what she talked and talked only to ponnuthayi and that she figured that lion did not kill KK as kalai told her. kannan asks then who would have done, arasi says she will find it.
Mr. V in his office cabin in a pensive mood flipping his celphone and asks his tel. operator not to disturb him with calls or visits. Udhay comes into the office and asks for V. she calls up V's cabin and says the name, V is happy and asks him to come. freezes with both V and udhay sitting in the cabin.

enjoy, will do details on the morrow.

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may 21st update.

begins where they left off on tuesday. vishy calls his receptionist and says he does not want to meet anybody and he is busy. and the receptionist promptly calls him back and says there is a uday to meet ya. and vishy gloats and invites uday in. vishy wants to know what decision uday has taken. uday pulls out the blank cheque given by vishy and says i have filled in what i want. vishy smiles and looks at the cheque, gives it back to uday and says you have undervalued youself and i shall make sure you get your dues. they shake and uday departs.

uday now holds a press conference and tells the reporters that there will have no problems handling his moms case and being the legal advisor for vishy. he can do it and he will not let anything cloud anything.
back home arase looks at the paper sees the news and screams kalai kalai...the door opens and vijaykanth comes in...and i realise it is now an ad break!

ads over and arase screams for kalai, and kalai comes around this time...arase shows her the paper and is upset that uday should take up employment with vishy. hshe telephjones him and he is right outside her house. he argues that he is doing the right thing as he sees it and will bring arase out and will defend vishy as well. and leaves. arase wants a change of lawyer but kalai convinces her mom that they should retain uday!.

gj goes over to the old construction site and meets with vishy. congratulates vishy on his ability to move uday to vishy side. and then asks him about giving something to gj for the work he has done. vishy is now not happy. and gj wants shares this time and be an equal partner. vishy promises to think it over. and gj is sure vishy will take a wise decision!

gj goes back home and hollers at selvi saying she pushed uday towards vishy. and one by one she is separating the children from their mother. selvi plans on standing true to sarojini. gj goads some more promising to stand by arase. back in the office vishy brings a girl along and introduces her to uday. tells him she is smart and hard working blah blah blah and would like it if uday accepted her as his junior. and this girl can be the bridge between the companies and the legal offices. (the guy has just stepped into a court for his first case...and he gets a junior!!!) uday accepts, vishy leaves, girl offers her cv. uday does not want to look, but she insists. the girl stares at uday and screen freezes on her face. new manipulation!!!
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I don't know whose turn today let me give the highlights.Thursday highlights

*stupid arusi mootai talks of going for thani kudithanam as he has no peace here.He wants to live happily with kalai

*kalai refuses& asks to think like a son of arase

* same scene in uday's home.Selvarani wants to go to V'S quarters as she wants peace of mindAngry& for that they have to stay away from arase

* arase waits with tension for uday & he comes 2 hrs late.Leaves quickly saying he can't be alte for office.Arase is broken

*arase reads kutra pathrikai given by uday & says gun & diary r the main evidence(as if we did not know)

*Mr.v is very tensed that GJ asked for shares & orders NT to take care of him without harming is uyire

*NT laughs saying GJ ur days r numberedROFL ROFL ROFL

*kalai comes to fight with selvi for her acts towards arase.She feels sorry for coming to selvi leaving arase in the past.

*kalai says she will always stay by her mom& GJ says WE will.

*both kalai & selvi r annoyed



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Friday's was a good episode, a lot of scenes and, best of all, Arase starts thinking her arumai marumagan GJ might not be so wonderful after all!


Scene 1: Chelvi's house porch (continued from Thursday's last scene)

Both Chelvi and Kalai glare at GJ as he claims "we" will prove Arase's innocence (I am a bit confused here; here Kalai seems annoyed by GJ but later on in this episode she is all cheerful and happy to see GJ at Arase's home Confused) GJ quickly amends his statement to Kalai will prove it. He asks her to leave before she gets into unnecessary trouble. After Kalai disappears from sight, Chelvi tells GJ that Arase must have put her up to this. And of course, Kalai hadn't really left, and reemerges to deny it. She declares that she will support her Mother the same way Chelvi is supporting Mr. V. She further says that she will prevent any step Chelvi takes against Arase.

Chelvi retorts that she has not done anything to Arase; she is moving down her own path but Arase and now Kalai are intent on laying the blame at her door. Kalai says Chelvi acts very well and she may fool her husband with her "appaavi" act, but Kalai is not taken in. She orders Chelvi to stop it at once. Chelvi is shocked and puzzled (and so am I. Is Kalai referring to Chelvi giving testimony against Arase or something else which I have missed?)

After Kalai has left (for real this time), Chelvi complains to GJ about what Kalai said. GJ mumbles that at least Kalai has "amma paasam" that Chelvi is lacking. Chelvi gets riled up at this and says she wants no part of either of her bio-parents' affections. She goes into the house, telling GJ to inform his "athai" to stop bothering her.

Scene 2: VS Group of Companies

Mr V gets a phonecall from an informant who reports that Arase had visited Singaperumal. V asks for the details of the meeting, but the informant doesn't know. V is thoughful.

Scene 3: Arase's house porch

Udhay arrives in his car and Kalai comes out to greet him. He says he is not here for pleasantries. Kalai asks that he not behave towards their mother in a hurtful manner. Udhay retorts if Kalai knows how hurt he is thinking of KK's senseless murder. Arase comes out and asks what the lawyer wants. Udhay wants answers to some questions regarding the evidence in the case: where the gun was kept, when did it go missing etc? Arase replies she kept it in the usual place and remembers when she saw it last, but doesn't understand how it went missing. Udhay asks for a list of visitors to the house who could've stolen it. Arase says no one suspicious came to the house; only the usual occupants like Kalai, Kannan, Udhay and Rani. Udhay asks why she left out GJ?

Arase is stunned and asks if he suspects GJ. She says GJ has no grudge against Arase or KK for that matter. Only recently had he come into a lot of $$$ and settled down with his wife and kids; why would jeopardise all that? (At this point Arase seemed entirely convinced of GJ's innocence, which is why I was glad that by the last scene she was seeing the truth.)  Udhay says he never blamed GJ, he was just mentioning he had been a frequent visitor to the house prior to the theft of the gun. (BTW, this is not the same house Arase was arrested from; on the contrary it is the house KK moved in with Chelvi. Similarly, the house Chelvi lives in now is the one GJ bought to live with Maya at the start of the serial!)

Udhay questions what reasons Arase had to murder her hubby, like what had driven KK to write in his diary that his death would be Arase's fault? Udhay asks how was her relationship with KK prior to his death, had there been any changes in KK's mood etc? He then hands a printed list of questions to Kalai and asks that Arase fill it up. He then leaves, and Kalai gives the questionnaire to her mom.

Scene 4: VS Group of Companies

GJ enters his "maama sir's office. Mr V is not pleased to see him. GJ asks the reason behind V's silence. V says that since Arase came out on bail she has not been sitting still; she had gone to see Lion. He says that, before this, GJ would provide info from inside Arase's house. But now, since Mr V gave him a company, he is too preoccupied with his new PA. LOL GJ gets defensive and asks how does V know this? (Everyone who said the PA is a plant - looks like you're right) GJ protests that Yuvarani is like his sister (yeah right, GJ Dead) and asks how then does Mr V know of Arase's visit to the Lion's den? Mr V says he has to rely on other informants. GJ asks Mr V to keep his trust in him and he will report back with Arase's every move. Angry

Scene 5: Arase's house porch

Arase is writing notes in the questionnaire Udhay left, when GJ arrives and observes her quietly until Kalai spots him as she brings coffee. Arase quickly hides the questionnaire in some file and, when asked by GJ what she was working on, lies that it was just an old casefile. (Finally, her suspicions are raised towards GJ. One good thing that useless Udhay had done! Clap) GJ desperately and none-too-subtly tries to dig for more info but Arase is purposefully vague especially when GJ requests details on how the murder case is going. GJ puts his foot in his mouth by sounding extremely suspicious. Arase takes the opportunity to remark snidely that GJ used to visit more often before he started a new company, he even used to come by her house when she wasn't in Tongue GJ falls for the trap because he is more intent on learning what is in the file. Arase excuses herself and says she has some work to do inside the house.

GJ is about to leave when he sees Kannan coming up the driveway. He questions him about the file "athai" working on. AM claims not to know what it is. GJ gets so annoyed and fantasizes about knocking AM on the head. LOLLOL

Scene 6: VS Group of Companies

GJ reports back to Mr V at his office that Arase hid some papers upon his arrival. V says her suspicions of GJ must have been raised. GJ can't believe it because he says he had done nothing to raise her suspicions. Nevertheless he is a bit scared now. Mr V put his hand on GJ's shoulder, and GJ says now he has the strength to do anything LOL He promises to find out what was in those papers. GJ leaves determinedly, and the camera freezes on Mr V's face (why no big smile now, Mr V? LOL)

Thodarum ...

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