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surkikhani IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 May 2008 at 3:39am | IP Logged


At the end of the movie when Kisna attacks Prince Raghuraj,his gun falls
down.Then how come they show that Prince Raghuraj shoots at Kisna and
Catherine with that same gun.Did the same gun reapear by magic

At the end of the movie,when Kisna is dead, they show his wife laxmi
pouring his ashes in the water of the ganga.But according to the Hindu
culture,it is not the wife but the son who performs the last rites of the
person dead.This one really is a BLOOPER !

When Kisna and Catherine arrive at the Railway Station to get tickets to go to Delhi for Catherine, just before the interval, Kisna says to Catherine," You stay here, Allright ! " in an English accent. WOW ! Even Village people speak English, that too in an English accent.

Kyun Ho Gaya Na

in the film kyun ho gaya na! there is scene where vivek hands over his peice of necklace charm to aish but in the next scene afte that one vivek is wearing the necklace charm again on his neck. thats a very very big blooper.

Movie: KAAL

Blooper: We know that Ajay Devgan was "bhoot" but how could Vivek Oberoy see or could not see Ajay's refection in the middle of the night looking down in "koova" which was preety deep

Blooper: We know that Ajay Devgan was "bhoot" but how could Vivek Oberoy see or could not see Ajay's refection in the middle of the night looking down in "koova" which was preety deep.

Blooper: How come the tigers in Kaal were able to easily sense or hear footsteps but would "ignore" heavy vehicles passing by?

Movie Name: correction 4 a blooper from hum tum
..its in the song ladki kyun...and rani mukherjee drops saif's bag in the water and people have been wondering how fast it dried...well the truth is it didnt fall in the water..coz rani and saif are standing on what is called a jetty ..and usually there is sand or something under the the bag must have fallen on the sand not in the water.

Movie Name: DHOOM
Blooper: Not sure if this has already been noticed by someone else, but, in the chase scene at the the end of the film, Jai shoots at the windscreen of the getaway lorry and Kabir kicks the shattered glass off. But, there is one scene after this where they show a close up of the lorry and the windscreen is still intact.

Movie Name: Karam
Blooper: When John receives shalini's finger in the box, the cut off finger has a red painted nail, but in the scenes before and after the finger being cut off, shalini is not wearing any nail polish. oooops!! apart from that,

Movie Name: Lagaan

Blooper: u know when elizabeth sees bhuvan, tht beard guy, bhagha and tipu hiding in the bushes watching cricket..she cmes ovr 2 them and screams when the beard guy cmes out yelling and then 1 of the cricket plyer goes.."elizabeth r these darkies troubling u?"..and she goes "no"..well doesnt the firengi plyer realise tht she is tlking to bhuvan who happens 2 be the 1 who is the "leader" of the villagers and he is their arch rival..and the firengi plyer shld know dis since the whole cricket team was present when captain russell was announcing the bet....

Movie Name: HUM TUM

 i was watching a song called "mera sona sajan ghar ayaa" well she was wearin this heavy ghagra dress when suddenly u realise tht shes sweatin ready badly under her arms and her back, as the whole greeen dress is stained with sweat marks.

Movie Name: Veer-Zarra
Blooper: When Hemma Malanih does a brade on pretty Zinta firt it is a lose brade then it getes tight when she look in the mirrior go watch dat scene

Movie Name: Jurm
Blooper: How come at the masked-party, they show rohit wearing a whits suit-pant, and after the party, when avinash calls rohit to tell him sanjana is dead in the stadium, rohit is wearing a black siut-pant. Stange how he had the mood to change clothes so soon.

Movie Name: blackmail
Blooper: in the movie when ajay devgan comes out of the jail and arrives outside the house of sunil, sunil shetty when looks at him from his window he has a slight shave grown but when he comes out he is clean shave

Movie Name: Jurm
Blooper: when Bobby Deol tells the inspector about the first time when he met Lara Dutta, bobby tells him about the party,where he sings a song at the party and at the party Lara's hair is straight, whereas when Lara has an accident her hair is very curly (as if it is permed)

Movie Name: mujhse dosti karoge
Blooper: when raj and pooja were mailing each other. raj send a melody to pooja but how did she heared that melody, did she had such a multifunctional computer???

Movie Name: Dil Chahta Hai

Blooper: In the song 'Jaane kyon log pyaar karte hai' Priety is wearing a red dress and when she goes 'round Aamir, it changes to a blue dress. this also happens a few times later in da song clip.

Movie Name: Kal Ho Naa Ho
Blooper: At the start Preity Zinta introduces herself and the movie in present tense. And at the end of the movie, we realise that she was telling the story to Gia.

Movie Name: Mai hoon na
Blooper: well, wat i want to say is that. ya you are right shahrukh is really about to burst out to laugh in that scene..cause i saw the making of that film. that scene took a whole lot time to shoot cause shahrukh couldn't stop laughing...they finally gave up and put that scene in the movie...oh he is so cute ......

Movie Name: Main Hoon Na Blooper: Well.... If you look closely at the scene where boman irani tells SRK off in the classroom and tells him to go to his office, if you look at SRK's face as he was leaving, you will see that he is smiling. To be honest, I wouldn't blame him, it was hilarious.

Movie Name: baadshah
Blooper: when shah rukh khan cmes at delhi airport where there is an fbi agent waiting 2 collect him..but when he sees johnny lever and the othrs shouting his nme across the room...he flares his gun and evry person at the airport ducks down..there r 2 bloopers 1) even a person who's wearing a headphone b able 2 hear a gun shot(yeah SRK) 2) where r the bloody police?!...i mean cme on sme just flared a gun at ur airport ..y dont u arrest him??? :- )

In the start of the movie rani mukherji, who is a pakistani muslim, goes to the graveyard. While in Islam, girls are not allowed to go to the graveyard.

In VEER ZAARA....Zaara is shown standing next to a BLUE Train while departing from VEER in the first half....when BLUE TRAINS were not there 22 years before!!- Also VEER wore all designer outfits of the current era...hmmm fashion fast forward!!!

In the beginning of the movie, it appears that SRK is in his 20s (early to mid-twenties, let us say) and he has spent some 25-odd years in a Pakistani jail. So, that makes him about mid-40s. His hair is totally greyed out. It is OK, but in many scenes like the interaction with Rani Mukherji in the prison or some court room scenes, he acts as though he is some 70+ years old with rigourous shakings of his hands/limbs/head/neck...... 45+ is not such a bad age to act that way. Look at Sanjay Dutt or take a leaf out of Big B's physical stamina even at 60+..... Weird, no???

How did Rani Mukerjee's character figure out that the prisoner's (SRK's) name is Veer Pratap Singh, especially since all the official records showed him as Rakesh Rathod? They made a big deal about this because SRK tells her that he talked to her only because she called him by his real name.

In veer-zara, when preity's "biji" nany tells her that she had served her family for fifty years, that she moved to pakistan from india. And then the sikh priest says that he was at the gurdwara for 45 years in india(kiritpur-bordered to lahor). How can that be if the present time of the movie was 2004, then 22 years back was 1982 then minus the 50 years from the biji, that is 1932, do the math. How can that be?

In veer-zaara, shabbo goes to collect veer from the bus station when he arrives from India. But how does she know what veer looks like, because when she sees him, she walks straight to him, as if she had met with him before.

Preity Zinta's hair color keeps changing in the movie. Throughout most of the movie, her hair is dyed, but then at random moments, such as during some shots of Main Yahaa hoon song, her hair becomes undyed.

during tere liye, Shahrukh and preity are remembering their times together. They also remember the scene where preity is scared of heights and srk is giving her nuts. However, in the scene they are remembering, the nuts don't go into her mouth whereas as they do go into her mouth the two times that are shown earlier in the movie.

SRK was locked in a Pakistani jail for 22 years so how come he had perfect manicured finger nails.

During the first song of Veer-Zaara i.e. "kyon hawa.." ,we see SRK at first in a farm of sunflowers but at the next moment we see him in a farm with totally different kind of flowers. Is it possible that the director forgot at what place he had shooted first?

When Hema Malini is tying Preity Zinta's choti, she uses a green paranda (ribbon). But when she is done with the choti and Zinta looks at it in the mirror, the ribbon miraculously changes to a pink one

Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

Aishwarya Rai's cousins throw a fully clothed Salman Khan into a pool of water. So how come in the next scene when he is being introduced to Smita Jaykar he's completely dry.

The time gap between Diwali and Holi is only five months. So come come Aishwarya Rai tells her mother that sht fell in love with Salman over the last eight months when Salman arrived at the haveli on Divali and left during Holi.

When  Ajay Devgan and  Aishwarya Rai are robbed of their belongings they do not have money to by bus tickets. So how come they manage to gets seats in the opera.

Aishwarya Rai and Ajay Devgan looking for Salman in Italy. So how come they arrive in Budapest

When Aish and Ajay are robbed, Aish gets shot on her the next scene in teh hospital, there is no sign of any bandage on her neck!

Rang day basanti

When Amir khan and freinds enter the All India radio building towards the end of the movie and goto meet Cyrus - the Radio Jockey, and force the people to exit the building, the shot cuts back to the waiting room which has now been emptied. The guards rifle is shown in the dustbin, in the next scene the rifle is back into the hands of the character "laxman". and then in the next waiting room scene everybody is shown throwing their rifles into the bin.

When they are practicing on the first day for the documentary, when Aslam says "Yeh line to Sukhi ki honi chahiye" - on Azadi ki dulhan, at that time Aamir Khan is removing his gloves... right after that (and it is shown as continuous scene) that he is wearing gloves when he sings "Sue kar mere man ko"

In the same scene... when they are talking about Sukhi and his hiccup, karan throws his cigrette, and then they change focus to sue and come back to dj, kunal and karan is smoking and again throws cigrette - 1 cigerette in just 30 seconds?

Well in the movie Rang De Basanti, in the scene where the whole group is at the bar. One of Dj's (Aamir Khan's) friends, Aslam (Kunal Kapoor) is drinking 7-Up but in the next scene when the camera closes up he is drinking Sprite. Weird Right?


In the movie Naqaab when Bobby Deaol takes signature of the girl Sophiya, after doing the signature the girl stands up taking the pen in her hands. In the second half of the movie this scene is repeated when
Boby Deol tells Akshay Khanna and Sophiya that he took her signature on the contract by tricking her, this time she hands over the pen to Bobby and gets up without having the pen in her hands !!! strange haan ?

Lucky - No Time For Love

Adi's car's windows were broken beacuse of the bullets that hit it, but when PD brought it back to him towards the end of the movie, the windows were fixed, how did PD get the car back in such a little ammout of time, and also, how were the windows fixed and the car was as good as new, and then when they got to the airport the car was all broken down again... weird eh?

In the second - half of the Movie, Slaman Khan and Sneha Ullal keep on facing hardships and keep losing the way. But then how come P.D. [ Mithun Chakraborthy] keeps on finding them and rescues them everytime., even during war. Is he God or what???? "

Main Prem Ki deewani hoon

In the movie when Kareena is show at college with her friends (singing the song about marriage) the camera zooms in to one of the girls shoes (silver platform) and the price tag is still stuck on the bottom of the shoe.

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umi82990 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 May 2008 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
These are some funny bloopers.
preetysadia IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 May 2008 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
I have noticed some........thanx for shaaring.........well bechare director kiss kiss baat ka khyaal rakhain........ LOL LOL LOL
manny. Senior Member

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Posted: 12 May 2008 at 12:33pm | IP Logged
In the start of the movie rani mukherji, who is a pakistani muslim, goes to the graveyard. While in Islam, girls are not allowed to go to the graveyard.

i dont agree with this one and dont consider it to be a blooper

in the movie they say that women are not suppose to be lawyers but rani went ahead and still became one... sooo do you think she would really care about the fact that she cant enter the graveyard because shes a woman?
Khaya IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 May 2008 at 12:39pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.
Shivanee31 Goldie

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Posted: 12 May 2008 at 1:06pm | IP Logged
Its true there are so many bloopers!But we must also understand that it is very difficult for them to remember every little detail!
amby_luv Goldie

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Posted: 12 May 2008 at 1:32pm | IP Logged
i noticed the one in kyun hogaya na
Showbizz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2008 at 5:57am | IP Logged
lol i want to watch the movies again to notice them , though I dint understand the main hoon na blooper where sharukh is smiling , which is this scene ?

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