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MOTW with a difference - Pallavi(Di) (Page 3)

monikaseth IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 June 2005
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Posted: 13 May 2008 at 6:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by pallavi25

Originally posted by monikaseth

ClapHI pallavi , congratulation for this hot seat . ClapClap

My questions for you !

Choose one .

1.Kyph or Maayka . .....KYPH
2.Neha with vivaan or Iqbal. ..............    IQBAL
3.Neha as a bubbly girl or serius women. ....   BUBBLYEmbarrassed
4.Neha as a business women or simple house wife.  ........     BUSINESSWOMAN
5.Fish curry or Chikan curry. ......      FISH CURRY
6.Indiam cloths or western ......      INDIAN (Salwars)
7.Cold coffee with cream or Just simple coffee . ......    Cold Coffee with Cream (Mocha Frappuccino)

1.     5 Things about you . 

Lazy, Witty, Sensitive, fun-loving, Creative!

2.     5 things which you still want to do.

Dance, sing, act, direct, visit the Himalayas!

3.     5 words for your mother .

Strict, old-fashioned, good story-teller, singing, acting.

4.     what you fell when you hold your first baby daughter first time after giving birth?

It was an incredible joy.....a feeling of Miracle! Embarrassed

5.     when you meet jiju first time ?

When he came to meet me....arranged marriage style! LOL

6.     As a mother what you want to teach your daughter .

Patience, self-respect, ambition and perseverance!

7.     what you want to change one thing in your life if you got a chance?

Not listen to others' advice or commands and follow my instincts which is correct most of the time!

8.     Best moment of your life , which you never forget.

I think the birth of both my babies! Embarrassed

9.     What you think about love ?

Pyaar koi bol nahin, pyaar awaz nahin, ek khamoshi sunti hai kaha karti hai

Sirf ehsaas hai yeh rooh se mehsoos karo"

10.     Do you belive in love marriage .

Yes, I do to some extent but Ive seen love marriages collapse too when reality sets in.

Ok now some for Masti.

Tell me what you think about these character's.

1.     Iqbal as angad. ....Impressive!
2.     Neha as kripa ......Lovely!
3.     Amit tondon as prithvi........Fishy!
4.     Suvarna jha as misty ......Angry!  
5.     Sweta tiwari as prena. ........Graceful!
6.     Ronit roy as mr. bajaj........Mindblowing! Embarrassed 
7.     Smiriti Irani as tulsi . .......Maternal!
8.     Faizan as kartik . ...........Cute!
9.     Maya alagh as dadi. ........Cuter! Embarrassed
10.     Chetan as josh. .........Cutest! Embarrassed

Your Fav Things.

1.     Your Fav drink. .......Tea
2.     Your Fav Food. ........Bengali Peas Kachori and Alu dum
3.     Your Fav sweet. .......Kalo Jaam (Kala Jamun)
4.     Your Fav Dress. ......Kurtis and pants
5.     Your Fav Holiday place. ......  Himalayas
6.     Your Fav Perfume .......  Amarige by Givenchy
7.     Your Fav Place in Calcutta. ...   Dakshineswar Kali temple
8.     Your Fav brand for lipstick. ....Revlon
9.     Your Fav Flowers .......Rajnigandha
10.     Your Fav Fruits ........MangoEmbarrassed, Jackfruit (kanthal)
11.     Your Fav T,V Channel. ......   Sony, Zee
12.     Your Fav Current T.V show. ....   Waqt,  Maayka

13.     Your Fav FanFic.     Mine or others? If its mine then its Teri Baahon Mein!

14.     Your Fav Concert in kyph. ......Pyaar Kiya toh Nibhana! Loved the grinding and hand movements! WinkEmbarrassedLOL

15.     Your Fav Mother Daughter or son scene in kyph .

Kripa saving Sur from accident, Angad posing for pics at the party with sur and prateek. Embarrassed

16.     Your Fav Sad scene in kyph.

Kripa loses baby in hospital, Angad gets blasted by Dadi...I still cry when I see it! Cry

17.     Your Fav scene in kyph. ....Tabela scene when they stare at each other! Embarrassed

18.     Your Fav Song . ...... right now its Tumsey Hi from Jab we Met!

19.     Your Fav movie Indian & International.

Indian: Sholay......

Foreign: Sound of Music

(each movie Ive watched 20 times at least)LOL

20.     Your Fav Car. :  Nissan Maxima which I drive Embarrassed Its smooooth!

With love and  best wishes monika.Clap

Thanks monu! Wonderful questions! I really enjoyed them! Big smile

Thank you for wonderfull reply pallavi Clap I am sure you are going to be a great mom for your kids ,Clap I wish  your all Dreams come tru .love monikaBig smile

Edited by monikaseth - 13 May 2008 at 6:48am

adonis Goldie

Joined: 07 March 2007
Posts: 1478

Posted: 13 May 2008 at 7:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by pallavi25

Originally posted by adonis

My next set of questions for u didi Tongue

1. Who cleans bartans better ... Kripa or Iqbal Khan LOL

Kripa never washed bartans so I go for answer B! LOL

2. Who was jobless and is jobless more LOL (Latest breaking news koi padha ) LOL LOL LOL

Kripa was never jobless.....she had the permanent job of repairing damaged goods Angad! LOL

3. Who fighrs more with costars and quits serials midway WinkLOL

He can be called a "serial" quitter now! WinkLOL

4. Who is unprofessional Wink

Answer B again., Lock IT, Mr. Bachchan! LOL

Me and Mr. Bachchan LOLEmbarrassed.. I like it ... naa Im actually loving it Wink

Awesome answers didi, you absolutely rock. Happy mothers day Big smile

adonis Goldie

Joined: 07 March 2007
Posts: 1478

Posted: 13 May 2008 at 7:31pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sudhirm_2007

Originally posted by adonis

My next set of questions for u didi Tongue

1. Who cleans bartans better ... Kripa or Iqbal Khan LOL
2. Who was jobless and is jobless more LOL (Latest breaking news koi padha ) LOL LOL LOL

3. Who fighrs more with costars and quits serials midway WinkLOL

4. Who is unprofessional Wink

ROFL you are too much adonis.. Awww Happy mother's Day to our Dearest Pallavididi..and Congrats..

Thanks Sudhir Bhai Tongue

dreamer_dreams IF-Rockerz

Joined: 06 July 2007
Posts: 7131

Posted: 14 May 2008 at 12:37am | IP Logged
congrats and happy mother's day!
pallavi25 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 10 May 2007
Posts: 27282

Posted: 14 May 2008 at 11:03am | IP Logged

Originally posted by Yeah


I think we need ur son here to tell us howw greattt a mother u really are ..LOL!...But I can say without a doubt that you are an amazingggg mother going by ur amazing personality! Big smile

Thanks Manna! My son might have a different version to tell! LOL

K sooo questionsss...

How do you like being a mom?

Its a wonderful feeling! Embarrassed

Do u like ur kids calling you MOM, Mother, Ma, or Pallvi Mom, or just Pallavi?

Mommy or Maa of course! Embarrassed

When was the last time you really got angry and shouted at your children? Or has that yet to come?

I shout at my son everyday....can u imagine what a 2 year old can do? Theres a reason why they call it TERRIBLE TWOS! LOL

What do u like doing best with your kids?

Go on vacations! They love to travel as much as I do! Big smile

Do u find enough time for them?

Yeah, I do.....Im not online 24/7. I mostly post at night. Besides my daughter is all grown-up, she doesnt need my attention!

So what was better...being single or being a mother?

Each has its good points! WinkLOL

What has been ur BEST mother's day till date?

I think this year..... last Sunday. Embarrassed we had a really great time in NYC....did shopping, ate out at Thai restuarant and my daughter gifted me with a Guess handbag! Embarrassed

How do you want ur relationship to be with ur kids once they grow older?

As friends more than parent-child. My daughter is already grown up and I treat her more as a friend! Embarrassed

What is better being a daughter or being a mother?

Being a MOM! Big smile

What is your favourite song that you like or would like singing to ur kids?

"Forever Young" by Rod Stewart

What is the worst thing about being a mother?

Worry and anxiety particularly when ur small kid is sick or even abt bullying in school! Ouch

What is the best thing about being a mother?

When they cuddle or give a sloppy kiss! Embarrassed


So now...do u think being a mother ever makes u biased or will make ur biased? Like there are certain situations in ur life when u have to choose between a relationship and what is right. Say if that was with your kids...what would you opt to do or what do u think you would opt to do?

I would always support my kids unless they do something terribly wrong. I would support them above all family members and friends. And if somebody insults or harms my kids, I never forgive them!

I'm not sure if you have two kids...but if you were ever caught in between your two kids..what would you do? Would you choose one over the other or something else?

My case is unique as theres a big age difference between them. But my daughter thinks I favor my son which might be true as hes the baby of the family. LOL But she knows she comes first.....in birth and importance. Embarrassed I try to be impartial most of the time.

So I waas watching U, Me, Aur Hum last night. And in it Ajay is a psychiatrist...and he states taht in his study books there was a scenario where both the mom and child are sinking. The mom will try to protect the child, but once the water starts to get into the mom's body or she feels like she's almost dying she will use the baby's head as a base to lift her self out. He said that was some human reaction mechanism. Do u think that is true? Do you think you would ever do that? Say you did do it...would u be okay with ur actions or spend ur life guiltily? Say u saved ur self by using ur child but then were also able to save ur child....would ur consience be okay with that? I'm not saying that in a rhetorical way to create any guilty feelings...it's a straight question and I wanna know how u think u will react.

Ajay Devgan as psychiatrist? LOL 

All BS I tell u! The doctors dont know anything abt real life. They treat human beings objectively, percieve them clinically like lab rats. I will tell u a real life story, to show how a mother values her child's life above all else, even her own life!

This happened to my jeeju's friend. His family got swept away in the tsunami of 2004. His parents, wife, and 2 daughters were all swept away by the giant tidal wave.  Everybody survived except for the mother.....she saw her younger daughter being swept away in the water and died of a heart attack from the terror of losing her child. She could have survived if she let herself float like the others. But the trauma of watching her little one swept away killed her! Cry



Supposedly..according to the Mayan Civilization..the world is ending on December 21, 2012. They have not drawn any calendars beyond that day...after that day there will be NO Sun....no light...adn we will all die eventually. Do you think that will actually happen? Do you believe in such prophecies?

I believe in Nostradamus Prophecies but not all others! LOL Really? 2012? OuchThen we dont have much time, do we? Ouch....No Sun, No light? I think they meant a nuclear holocaust which is totally possible. The entire earth is sitting on a landmine of nuclear bombs.....just a switch will activate it and blow up the entire earth. Ouch

Say the above was true...what would you like to accomplish in the next 4 years? Would you live all your dreams?

If it is true, then yes, I would like to fulfil all my wishes, especially travel and see the world (Egypt, Europe, Hawaii, Japan etc)......... but then my main dream would remain unfulfilled....to see my kids grown up with their own families! Ouch My life is half-gone but I would feel terrible for all young ppl who have their entire lives ahead of them.....unlived, unrealized! Cry

Okay and the latest stint...Iqbal quit Choona Hai Asmaan. Why do u think he didnt renew his contract? Do u think he did the right thing?

TRP wise he did the right thing as that show is a terrible flop....bad story, bad direction, low-cost Air-Force drama without planes and a very plain-looking heroine! LOL But career-wise it was his second suicide. First being when he ditched Ekta and KAA! Wink His reputation will be that of a serial quitter now, like a serial killer! LOL

Ive also heard that he was having ego-clashes with Vivan on the sets. Wink
And finally...

How do u think the director should've portrayed Kripa as a mother? Was her current portrayal fine with you...or do u think it needed to be better or completely different?

Kripa's attitude towards Sur was absurd and unrealistic. How can a mother leave her child and stay away for 5 yrs? Ouch They could have shown her sneaking to Mumbai to sneak a peek at Sur but she didnt even bother to find out if Sur was okay! Confused But she was quite loving with Prateek. I think she loved Prateek more as he was Angad's child! Wink

And same with Angad...

Angad was a BAD Dad! He spoiled Sur and didnt teach her values or manners. He left Prateek alone in the Mall to go get ice-cream. Worst of all, he brought random gals into his bedroom with his 5yr old daughter in the house. Dead

Do u think they should've become parents soo early on in their relationship?

No, they shd have done family planning! Wink LOL Getting carried away with passion is fine but they shd have been careful, especially Angad, who was more experienced and worldly-wise. His other Gfs didnt get preggy, did they? Wink

Do u think it was right or wrong taht their first ever child..they lost, keeping in mind they had only dated for a few months.

They consummated their relationship on Kripa's birthday (what a birthday gift EmbarrassedLOL)....and they were intimate in Goa too by the looks of it. So it was plausible that she conceived. Kripa was too innocent, or too stupid to be careful or ask Angad to be so! LOL

Kripa miscarried becuz of emotional trauma of Angad's rejection and also physical injury! Cry

If the show ran again where do u think each of AK's baby should've come..including Sur...and how many do u think they should've had?

I think they had one more child after 3 years, a daughter this time, they named her Anjali! LOL Sur will grow up to be a model or actress (she was already a little diva)LOL, Prateek will be a Rockstar like his Dad...Embarrassed . The 3rd one Krish will be a lawyer, Anjali will be a singer like Kripa. Embarrassed

kk I think i'm running out...Enjoy that...if some of em are too personal don't bother answering...jus skip them. Anddddddd Enoy ur time as being Mother of the Week! Big smile I shall be back soon to check out how ur excellency has answered the questions above! LOL Big smile

Thanks, your Honor! I hope I could give satisfactory answers! Big smile

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Bhaskar.T IF-Sizzlerz

Retro Podcast Team
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Posted: 14 May 2008 at 12:51pm | IP Logged
Okay here's something for you from me too. Read through a debate and now want to know your views too with reasons.

When it comes to celebrities what makes them get connected to the mass - Looks or Attitude?

Now when it comes to aam junta then what would make you get connected to another person - Looks or Attitude?

pallavi25 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 10 May 2007
Posts: 27282

Posted: 14 May 2008 at 2:00pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by Bhaskar.T

Okay here's something for you from me too. Read through a debate and now want to know your views too with reasons.

When it comes to celebrities what makes them get connected to the mass - Looks or Attitude?

Now when it comes to aam junta then what would make you get connected to another person - Looks or Attitude?

1) I think in both cases, people get attracted to looks first and then attitude is weighed and considered.

In the case of Celebrities, obviously looks are important as they sell their faces and personality on TV, Movies, (except if they are industrialists or scientistsLOL, then looks dont matter)

But in the long run, their attitude to life, to their profession and their behavior with their fans decides their popularity and adulation they receive!

Some stars are good-looking and impressive in the start but as u know about their real personalities, their private lives, the impression changes. Personally speaking I respect stars who have family values (read "those who dont have extra-marital affairs or ditch their wives and families").

I dont like stars who lie and pretend to the public, who are unprofessional in attitude or rude, obnoxious and high-handed. Humility is the best quality in a human being, whether star or aam junta! Big smile

2) Personally speaking, I am attracted to good looks first (I cant resist a handsome or pretty faceLOL)   But in the long run, its the personality, behavior, sincerity and humility of that person that attracts me and results in long-standing friendships. Embarrassed There are many plain-looking people in this world with hearts of gold....how can I resist them? Embarrassed

 But they have to be genuine people, and not fake ones who pretend to be caring and affectionate but are actually playing mind-games with you! Wink


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vallanki IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 May 2008 at 7:58am | IP Logged
Congratulations pallu!!

I dint open this post as it dint mention any name. You know I'm too busy running around for my upcoming vacation.

Wonderful opportunity to make you Mother of the Week. Congratulations once again.

Why do you want to grill me?? I'm too busy to answer anyone, spare me, yaar!!

Here my questions:

1. How do you feel having two kids with great difference? Elaborate. Wink

2. Why you named your kids one with latest fasioned popular name and other with old epical?

3. your experiences in bringing up two different genders.Elaborate.

4. Do you think Sujata is a failure mother? Explain.

5. Who are at fault in Sujata-spoilt upbringing of Sam, Sara, Veer or Sujata?

6. Everyone predecting about end of the earth life..some say 2010, some 2012... your feelings about our young generation who haven't seen any life yet.

7. Kids need more attention when they are growing up than in infant age..especially in teenage .... analyse...

8. How long parents should guard their children?? how?why?

9. As an Indian mother do you support the marital life in western society?.."divorce-marriage-whenever you wish!!"style

9. If the predictions about end of life on earth comes true..what are the best things you would provide to your kids??

10. One wuestion about our beloveds...your reactions if Neha enters CHA...IQ comes in Sony as another face of Angad.

more later

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