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Kahe Naa Kahe
Kahe Naa Kahe

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    Kinjal has found out that Kanav is her baby's father, but she has already agreed to give her baby to Neena already. At first Kinjal didn't want to give her baby to Neena, but since Neena paid for all the expenses that go along with Kinjal's mom's operation, Kinjal has agreed to return the favor.
    And Kinjal also found out that Pranith killed Aastha because Aastha had a miscarriage and she couldn't give him a child anymore. 
    Kinjal saved Kanav from going to jail and Aastha told Kinjal in a video that her life is in danger.
    Neena is jealous that Kanav is paying attention to Kinjal and there were some **Kajal** scenes!!
  • Preview for Monday: Kinjal's mom's condition is getting worse.


Ok guys, lots of things happened this week so there isn't just one scene of the week, there are a few. First, lets start of with the scene when Kanav asks Neena for a divorce/separation. Praise the Lord, our prayers have been answered. Finally Kanav sees the light at the end of the tunnel, and hopefully one he gets to that end he will see Kinjal. Also a good scene was when Kanav told Neena that being a Sindhiya was just not good for her; there is a level of selfishness and Neena/her mother seem to cross it with no problems. This brings me to scenes #2, I know that doesn't make much sense, but the Kajal scenes rocked this week. From Kinjal having Kanav's back, to exposing the truth, it was all good. When he holds her hands and the Kajal hymn begins to play, it was like a scene from Kajal heaven! He takes her home, turns off the AC, walks her to the door of her house; he is a true gentle man! Speaking of which, what the hell is wrong with Neena!? She wants to send her 'best friend', who is pregnant, home in a taxi at night; the friend who just saved her hubby from jail time no less. Besharam I tell ya! When Kanav defends Kinjal to Neena, wah wah…need I say more. The Kanav Sindhiya who would stop at nothing to insult/embarrass her is not her #1 supporter! Woot Woot…go Kajal! On a side note, lets not forget baby Kajal's first movements this week. The baby kicked when they had mentioned and I think even showed Kanav on the news show that Kinjal was watching. Baby ne papa ka awaz pechan liyah…so sweet!

"Artificial insemination ke vaje se tumhare pet mein jo baacha pal raha hai, woh kisi aur ka nahin, balki Kanav ka hai." - Aastha

It may not be all that great and impactful, but…all the Kajal fans out there have been waiting for months for this to come out. Ideally Kanav would have been standing in the background and over heard the recording, then he would rush and take Kinjal into his arms…and us viewers would be left day dreaming and drooling. Since that didn't happen, we will celebrate what we get. At least now, after months of torture, the secret is half out; baby mamma knows, now someone just has to tell the baby daddy! I am paaka sure that once Kanav finds out that Kinjal is the one carrying his child, he will fall head over heels for her. Already toh adha pad chuka hai, baas thoda aur baki hai.

This week it is our Kanav Baby Mamma, Ms. Kinjal! Her simply yet eye catching salwars are so cute. The colors are bright, the combinations are very well put, and it is very sensible. In the growing western influence in the culture it is rare that you see a girl dressed in simple Indian wear. Usually the girls are in jeans and tanks, or mini skirts and halters. If by chance they do wear salwars or sarees, they have the typical western twist. Now don't get me wrong, they look good, and since I own many myself, I cannot criticize and be a hypocrite, however, it is nice to see the traditional wear. The cross designs on her arms give it an edge over just basic salwars. With her gorgeous hair kept open, her simple makeup and jewelry, paired with her classy outfits, it's no wonder her Kanav sir can't say one sentence without her name being in the mix.

Sadly, the shining star of the week is one that is no longer with us, Mrs. Aastha Sandhiya. She wasn't a big presence in the show but this week, everything that happened was all thanks to her. Her video got Kanav released and proved him to be innocent. Her sorry-excuse-of-a-husband was taken to jail, where he rightfully belongs. And how can we forget, her recording of the insemination truth is priceless. Thanks to her, Kinjal now knows who the father of her baby is. The one piece of information that we have been dying to come out, had finally come out all because of her. It is sad that she had to die because I would have loved to see her get some revenge on her husband. Who knows, maybe she will be one of Ekta's 'back-from-the-dead' characters.

The biggest disappointment of the week had to be Praneet killing Aastha. I couldn't believe that he killed her like that in cold blood, without so much as a moment's hesitation. She was carrying his child, had a miscarriage so he killed her?! The man is shameless! How could you do that for money? It's not like he is going to be buried with the money when he dies, which is hopefully soon. He is a kalank in the name of being a son, father, husband, brother and human being. I knew that Sandhiya and him would do anything to get that money, but kill your wife, that is a new low even for him.

Another disappointment was the fact that the Kanav and Neena separation thing didn't really go anywhere. I was really hoping that they would be sepearted by the end of the week. I know that is way to ambitious, after all Ekta is known to drag out divorces, and do I mean draaaaaaaaaaaaag! As they say, chat mangni – pat biha…I was thinking chat signing the papers and then pat divorce. Kanav-Neena ka divorce bhi hojata, aur Kajal ka rasta bhi clear hojata. Hey, maybe it will progress more next week.

Ok, so shocker of the week coincides with two scenes/plot lines already mentioned. The first shocker is Aastha's death at the hands of her pati-dev. The cold bloodedness of Praneet was just appalling! The saath pheres apparently didn't mean anything to him, the vachans, the mangulsutra, then sindoor, they were all meaning less. He is a shame for all of the men out there.

The bigger shocker was Kinjal finding out that Kanav is the father of her child. There was no hint whatsoever that the secret was going to be exposed, yet bam…on Thursday, there it was. It came out of the blue, totally from left field; not that I am complaining. I'm glad it came out and that the whole story line of Kinjal's search for her baby's father, has finally come to an end. Now there are just two unanswered questions, 1) How exactly did Aastha find out that Kinjal is carrying Kanav's baby? After all, didn't Neena ruin the medical records? 2) When will Kanav come to know that Kinjal is carrying his child? Hopefully, that will be soon and not dragged out.

She's a Deewani and a sweetie!!!!

She's none other than Erum!! aka emerald_jule!!Clap

Ok...so since no one has been posting many things and half our members just vanished!!Wink

I'll be giving this award to me aka Priya!!LOL ::Prem$_Priya::Clap

She's also the only one posting anything besides me!!LOLWink

She is once again....Erum aka emerald_jule!!Clap

Enjoy your siggies guys!! You deserve them!!Big smile

Ok...some important announcements!!

Dulshani Di...if you want you can keep your updater's award..because your the only updater anyways but your awesomeeee!!LOLEmbarrassed

And I'd like to thank dumba for providing us with the video updates everyday...thank you so much!!ClapBig smile

And We all wish Krystle's entry in KDMHMD is a hit and we hope she just keeps on reaching the ladder of success!!Clap

Ok...I'm done with my bak bak!!LOLBig smile


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Here with us today...is a very awesomeee Di!! dgba aka Dulshani!!Hug

Priya: Hey Dulshani Di!!Hug

DD: Hi PriyaHug

Priya: So do you enjoy KNK these days??Wink

DD: Actually i do....because after a long wait kajal track is finally here...

Priya: Since I know your a Kajal fan like me.....what would have to be your most memorable moment of those two?

DD: well priya there are lot of memorable kajal moments...so it's hard to pick one....but the hospital scene where kanav took kinjal to the hospital after she hits her stomach on a chair at he police station... and signed as kanav's husband, that scene stands out....finally i saw a  caring side of kanav.... 

Priya: Did u prefer Krystle+Karan's chemistry or do you like Wasna+Karan's chemistry right now?

DD: both girl's had good chemistry with karan...but right now i like wasna+karan chemistry...

Priya: Are you a big Karan fan?? And do you really like him?

DD: oh yes...i'm a big karan fan....love his killer looksLOL and he's a good actor, his acting skills have improved since he started....so what's not to like

Priya: Do you think it's right that Kinjal is giving her baby to Neena? And what do you think the future track will be?

DD: No.... i don't think she's doing the right thing....well she doesn't know neena's reallity right now.....may be once she find out she'll change her mind about giving the baby....

now that kinjal finally knows kanav is the father of the child....she'll be happy to give the child to neena b/c she always wanted to give the child to it's father....and she'll try to keep her distance from kanav too...because he's her best friend's husband....

Priya: So do you like the KNK forum so far? Did u make any good friends...Like me??LOLWink

DD: i loved that forum since the first day it's opendLOL.....it's my favorite on IF....and yeah i made a lot of friends....everyone in the forum are very friendly and love them allHug

Priya: Do you think we need any improvements? and suggesstions?

DD: I think we are doing good...

Priya: Are you ready for more romance and less drama?LOLEmbarrassed

DD: oh yes.....i've been ready for the past five or so months....now that the kajal track is here i'm hoping to see more and more of romance on the showEmbarrassed

Priya: Who would be your most fav character and why?

DD: Kinjal is my favorite on the show....she always put others before her...and think about the greater good...

Priya: Are you sad that Urmila has cancer?

DD: yes i am....i just hope she doesn't die this soon....nbecasue she's the only one whoc an fully understand and support kinjal...

Priya: Ok...don't you think we need at least another couple in the show? Like a funny couple?

DD: i agree....this show is dealing with serious matters all the time....we need a funny couple  to lighten the moment.....hopefully as the story progress we'll have one...

Priya: Thanksss for all your time Di!!! LOved your sophisticated answersLOL!! And keep up the awesomeee updates!!LOLBig smile

DD:You're welcome PriyaHug.... i enjoyed answering them...

Thanksss for reading guys!! Love you all!!Hug

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Prem$_Priya aka Priya!!Clap

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Jnawaz aka Jaz!!Clap

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Sallu_lover aka Waisma!!Clap


Enjoy guys!!!!!!Embarrassed Will be back next week with our 6th Edition!!

If you have any suggesstions, comments, or concerns feel free to PM me and I won't tell anyone anything!!Wink










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awww its awesome and i won two awards Embarrassed
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^^thankss..yup..it's ur week jaan!!!!!!!! Big smile Embarrassed
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I love it!!!!!! Clap Clap...wow your so creative and everything is just very beautiful, love your work and love the KNK TIMERS!! Embarrassed
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it's lovely.....thanks Clap
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hey yaar...the KNK times looks good...as usual...love it Big smile Big smile Big smile
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wow KNK timer is perfect...

congo 2 all who win d awrad.

n congo 2 all who put up of much effort 2 entertain us Wink
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^thankss mona..ur soo sweet!!!!!!! Big smile Embarrassed
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