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FF: Its in his Kiss...*Prt 15Pg139*14/04*

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Hi all

I have been requested by so many to post another daisie type FF

So this is for Toli and Sheetal and the other who gave me so much joy writing Daisies...Embarrassed

~ Intro~

?Come on RD!?Mushan requested as Riddhima turned and gave a I-don?t-think-so look to Muskhan as the sat at the wedding table?looking at the dance floor full of the wedding guess dancing on the dance floor.


?Come on yaar!? Muskhan pleaded as Riddhima slightly shook her head.


?M you know I have my mother friends here?I have to look dignified!? Riddhima informed her looking around to see the guests?Muskhan looked over at Sapna as the burst out laughing.


?RD you?re a total Bi*** and we all know it!? giggled Muskhan.  Riddhima smiled at them her best friends and Punjabi loud-mouth cow and then there was Sap now when u hear the expression watch out for the silent one? im telling after a few drinks she the one you have to watch out for?


?OMG I think the guy two tables away is totally checking me out!? Proclaimed Muskhan smiling slyly?. Riddhima looked over at Muskhan giving her ? hi-how-r-u smile.


?I am not surprised with that wonderbra you have on today!? Riddhima teased looking at her.  Muskhan looked over at RD and Sap giggling there heads off as she looked at them not impressed


?Yeah well not all of us have a prince waiting for them in Rajasthan!? Muskhan said looked over at RD as her face dropped?as Riddhima narrowed her eyes at her as she smirked?


?Come on Sap we?ll seen how handsome rolly polly Prince Armaan is??Muskhan added giggling?. RD looked at them giggling as she folded her arms looking at them in hysterics


?Omg that photo you have RD!!  hehe is the best? he looks so chubby and you look like a match stick who had finished crying you?re eyes out!? Muskhan shouted unable to hold in her laugh?..RD shook her head at them still laughing


?Don?t remind me?. I marrying the mota in 6 months time? Rani ma shaiba is shipping my carcass back to India?? said Riddhima with a sigh?. Muskhan and Sap looked at her face as they burst out laughing?


?I wonder how many kilo?s he put on by know as he was 9 years old at the time and you where 7?? Sapna said?Riddhima looked over at Sap face as she winked at Muskhan and then burst out laughing again.


?You B****es!? Riddhima proclaimed ?Muskhan placed her arm around her and smiled at Sap.


?We learn from the best your royal highness!? Muskahn teased?. Riddhima turned and looked at her and burst out laughing with them?.. 10 years of boarding school in London she had the best two friend for life?. As she soared like a bird free in London?she was going to get caged again to a man she never knew all because the family need the alliance? for centuries both Royal Rajput families fought each other but then Rani Sahiba wanted a truce and she was made me the offering ?. And Raj Ranveer Malik accepted? there was no way she could refuse the relationship as she had been groomed to be his wife and as it was tradition she was going to get her British education and go back home? be wed to Raj Kumar Armaan Raveer Malik?.


?Omg RD he?s giving me I-want-u eyes!? Muskhan said in excitement.. Riddhima loook at Muskhan as she beamed in delight?As she looked at the handsome blue eyed guy.


?That?s Rahul!? Sapna said staring at the blue eyes stranger. Muskhan and Riddhima looked over at Sapna surprised.


?Oh come on RD you met him remember when Rakesh came to see Sonia ?you know when our wedding couple where sneaking out for a quick one!? Sapna added with a coy smile?.RD looked over at Sapna with Muskhan and giggled.


?You?re such a slapper Sap!? Said Muskhan. Sapna giggled as they looked at each other.


?Come on guys she was the one bragging in the dorm..remember!? Sapna added?Riddhima looked over at Muskhan and winked back at Sap


?What about Vicky?? Riddhima asked looking over at Muskhan smiling.


?I dumped him!? Muskhan stated with a disappointed look?.Sap looked over at Riddhima grinning slyly.


?OMG why??I mean you where drooling over the new fitness instructor in the gym and ?.? Riddhima asked


?He was a lousy kisser yaar I was so disappointed and then that musky gym smell! Yuck...!? Muskhan confessed ?.Sap and RD giggled looking at her pulling faces.


?I hate wet kissers!? Muskhan added?Riddhima shook her head out of the three of them M was player by the end of any evening she had mobile numbers and totally loving the attention?I never knew a MP daughter could behave like this but the truth was she did it all to get her parents attention? but they never cared so she carried but Sap and I have put her on the straight and narrow?. Will we are tryin?


?OK THERE IS NO WAYS IN HELL YOU GETTING OUT OF THIS!? RD felt Muskhan grab hold of her and Sap as she dragged them on the dance floor


Oh ni, tere hoye savere darshan, aj din vadiya lagoogaa
Tere hoye savere darshan, aj din vadiya lagoogaa
Oh aj din vadiya lagoogaa
Ni aj din vadiya lagoogaa
Oh ni, tere hoye savere darshan, aj din vadiya lagoogaa
Tere hoye savere darshan, aj din vadiya lagoogaa
Oh ni, tere hoye savere darshan, aj din vadiya lagoogaa


?We?re are just Sickk!? Muskhan boasted. Riddhima shook her head trying to get her breath back?as they headed back to the table?. when ever this track played at any wedding Muskhan would drag them on to the dance ?floor lucky for Sapna and her they knew how to dance to the Punjabi tracks Muskhan played constantly in the dorm and being this a Punjabi wedding RD was not going to dance any longer as Muskhan would not give them a break


?Ok so we graduate in a months time and then?.it?s RD hen party in canines!? Sapna said winking at Muskhan?.Riddhima looked over at them as they where excited but she was totally scared to death? As Raj Kumari Riddhima Devi was going to wed Raj Kumar Armaan Raveer Malik



~~Chapter one~~


Holding the small card in her hand she smiled as she looked around the large room where she had spent the last four years ?.the hard wooden floor and the smell of incense of rose petal filled the room as she looked over to see Muskhan on her bed blushing and giggling on the phone?While Sapna as usual was sitting on her pink small mat in the lotus position.  They all shared the largest room at finishing school?with the three beds in a row.  As she held the large bouquet of flowers which had just arrived she looked over at there puzzled faces looking at her as she set them down on the round table near the window? hearing the foot steps behind her she knew they too like her wonder who would send the flowers so early in the morning? as she picked up the card she noticed the royal crest?narrowing her eyes she opened the small envelop.  ?To my Queen.  Congratulation!  Your Armaan? 


?OMG RD!? Muskhan screamed snatching the card from her hand as Riddhima looked at Muskhan and Sapna staring at the card.


?Excuse me!? Riddhima said taking the card from them as she looked at it.


?Wow RD the flowers are just beautiful!? Sapna said taking in the fragrance from the mix flowers as she turned to see a big grin on Riddhima face.


?I know! He has good taste after all he?s marrying me!? Riddhima grinned looking down at the card to see the Royal Malik crest of the sun


?Yes! Yes! You?re royal highness!? Sapna said taking hold of her and trying to get the card from her hand.


?Hey M pack it in! Yaar? it?s the first time he sent me anything!??  Riddhima protested moving her hand out of Muskhan?s reach.


?LIAR!? Sapna and Muskhan both shouted as Riddhima jumped on her bed in the middle of the room holding her arm up away from them out of reach.


?He sent you Raja!? they saw the large smile on Riddhima face as fell back on the bed hitting her soft warm bed and pillows grinning?.as the hand released the card.


?Raja is so sweet I love and miss him loads!? Riddhima looked over at Sapna and Muskhan at the end of her bed looking at the card.


?Wow RD what if he is a total prince charming? And not a fat ugly prince?? Muskhan asked looking at Riddhima shrugging her shoulders.


?I still have to marry him?not matter what! I?ve come to terms with it a long time ago?it?s for the good of our families and states?? Riddhima said looking at the flowers totally taken by surprised? we graduate today and he me sent flowers? I just loved the white daisies!


?But what about love?? Sapna said looking at her as she started at the flowers


?There is no such thing? I mean everyone marriage is arranged it just looks good in the movies yaar?. Seriously love? I don?t think so. I mean look at Muskhan how many times has she said she in love and then disappointed! And you Sapna? I mean you love one person Troy from high school Musical as you claim hehe! ?it?s not love just fondness of a person!? Riddhima said looking at them and then at Sapna wall covered with Troy.


?Ok RD when you find that someone! You will understand!? Muskhan said getting off the bed slightly disappointed and hurt.


?OK what does ?To my Queen? mean!? Sapna asking getting off the bed to follow Muskhan ?. Riddhima looked at the card unsure and looked at them grinning.


?Guys we have graduation today!!!? Riddhima shouted looking at them?as they all screamed in excitement




Holding the phone at her dressing table she smiled it had been a good day she passed and was the Student of the year? Muskhan had sneaked out to meet someone only god knows who? and Sapna?s folks where buying her celebration dinner? alone in her room she gripped the phone and smiled.


?Thank you Rani ma!? hearing the loving voice of her grandmother she smiled.


?I am sorry dear I was not present you now things are around here? once you marry Armaan I will happily handover the estate of affairs to you both? Did you know he Graduated today in America too he got his MBA and that top of his class like you? like you he calls me just a few minutes ago?? Riddhima smiled Armaan would call Rani ma from time to time?to enquire about her health and she would inform her of his calls.


?Naughty boy ask me to marry him instead! I told him my Riddhima will set him straight when she comes back?? hearing her grandmother laughing on the phone she looked over at their photo together on the dresser?.she was dress her royal crown and Riddhima stood next to her at the throne.


?So now you will be coming back as a princess and the guards will come back on duty as well along with you?re hand maids?? Riddhima frowned.


?But Rani ma! I want them back in place when I get there ?.in India! I mean we agreed remember!? Riddhima heard the long pause on the phone holding the receiver in her hand.


?I remember! But I?m concerned as the boarding school security was very good now I uh?? sensing her grandmother concerns she closed her eyes know her freedom will vanish any minute soon.


?We?re all going to Paris to celebrate and you can send the house hold security there? Can I request the Queen pardon me from taking formal duties until then?? Riddhima pleaded asking diplomatically.


?Fine your request has been granted only for the next week?.since I know you will be there for 2 more days and then in France for 3 days?after that you will take up your formal duties with protection!? hearing her commanding voice she smiled?as the next week would be the greatest.


?You can come back and sort out this pest Raja too!? hearing her grandmother chuckle on the phone she giggled.


?Seriously when you left he moped around the place and know he just totally spoilt by everyone?? riddhima giggled thinking about his adorable little face how he follow her around and was her only friend in the place.


?How is choti ma and everyone!? Riddhima asking


?Hmm they are fine?in America for Armaan?s and Anjali?s graduation!? feeling a slight ping in her heart she felt her eyes water?if her parents where alive today they would be here with her?.but her finishing her school was not as significant as them getting there MBA in Harvard?but they where older then her and her graduation from Britain?s Finest Finishing school was not a big deal really especial since see was 21 and with her BA in Fine Arts while they where 2 years older?.looking at the photo frame attached to a black and white picture of her parents to sighed.


?I miss you!? Riddhima heard the fragile voice on the phone and could sense her grandmother also think of her son and daughter-in law too?this would have been significant to them?. how through her entire life her achievements where non existence to everyone?.as they expect her to succeed no matter what!


?If Shanshank and Padmini where alive ?? feeling her own eyes watering she nodded her head.


?I know I miss them too!? Riddhima wiped her tears quickly? as Rajputs do not cry on foreign soil.


?How is Anjali Di?? Riddhima smiled remembering her cousin sister although they did not get on as they fought for Rani ma?s attention which Anjali always won?being the eldest she got her way with everything and the attention too!


?She upset with me! As I am not there today!? Riddhima opened her draw and knew they had not spoken to each other for 10 years but she had sent her flowers as her formal response?Armaan would have got his ladoo?s he loved so much.


?Ok beta I have to go!? Riddhima frowned a little disappointed but knew she would be home soon.


?Ok Rani ma! Love you bye!? Riddhima placed the receiver down and looked around her empty room she shared with her best friends?.opening her draw she pick up the photo of her and Armaan and remembered that day.




?Hey why are you crying?? he asking looking at her confused?.wiping her eyes she looked at the chubby boy in the maroon turban dressed in white?.stuffing his face with a large ladoo as big as his hand?.


?Di took away my puppy!? wiping her tears she looked around the room to see everyone busy and when she approached her family to inform them?they told her to sit next to Armaan.


?Oh Ok! So get another one?do you want a ladoo? It?s heavenly!!? he asked as she wiped her tears with her dupputta.


?Do you want to see him? He so cute?? she asked looking at him looking as if he did not mind.


?Ok sure! Lets go!? she looked at him trying to shuffle his body off the large chair and took hold of his arm and pulled him off with all her might.


?You need to exercise!? she stated as he stood next to her?.he was a little taller but very chubby but he had a nice smiled and eyes and he was nice too she had noticed he actually talked to her and not scold her at all since he arrived?but she was upset as like usual no one ever listened to her.


?Are you saying I am fat?? he looked at her angrily with his hand on his hip.


?Do you want to see the puppy or not?? she asked taking a sigh?.  He looked at her walking away and ran up to her?


Hearing the puppy?s cry in the locked room she looked at him and burst into tears?looking at her slightly confused he shook his head as he finished off the whole ladoo.


?You girls are all the same you cry a lot!!? wiping her tears she looked at him pushing open the large grand door.


?This is Anjali di room she?ll shout at you!? she looked at him enter the room without a care in the world?and nervously looked around the long corridor and enter the room running after him


?No one stops Prince Armaan?let her come I show her!? hearing his voice she was a little taken back she looked at the black puppy at his feet waggling it tail smelling his feet?when suddenly! She stared at him as he grasped the puppy by the neck pulling him up.


?You?re hurting him?? she said in horror as he looked at her as she had no clue what she was saying she saw the puppy looking at him and lick his cheek and giggled.


?He likes you!? she added.


?Hmm this puppy is not fit to be a pet?and not even a pure breed!? he claimed handing the puppy to her.


?He?s cute!? she said happily as she stroked the puppy as it licked her cheek making her giggle


?He is not all that?.my fathers dog just had a litter and the only male is very cute?this dog is not fit to be in this house!? he claimed looking around the bedroom.


?WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE!!? they both turned to see a green lengha skinny girl glaring at them as she marched in the room.


?I don?t need permission to enter the room and lower you voice do you know who I am!? Armaan said looking at her march over at them


?My mother says you a spoilt brat Armaan?and that is my puppy!? Armaan looked at her snatch the puppy out of Riddhima arms and push her on the floor.


He looked at Riddhima crying and shook his head.


?Get up and hit her!? he shouted as Riddhima getting up.


?She my sister!? she claimed looking at him as he frowned.


?So? she pushed you?my father tell me no matter who is standing in front of you when you are attacked. A Rajput must hits back! Even Lord Arjun hit his own family as they did him and his brothers wrong! Lord Krishan says to hit back against injustice! The enemy can be anyone!? he said looking at Anjali.


?She would not dare?as she know I skin her alive! Now get out of my room!? Anjali shouted looking at them.


Armaan took hold of Riddhima?s hand and lead her out the room.


?We were leaving and this place sticks of dog poo as you?re puppy has left a mess!? Armaan laugh leaving the room with Riddhima as they heard Anjali?s cries.


?Girls are funny?you cant even fight!? he looked at her wiping her tears.


?I cant hurt my own family?as if I hit them it will be like hitting myself!? she said as she took hold of the tissue in his hand?as she looked at him as he was silent by what she said.


?You?re smart but need to read the veds from your guruji! But one does not lose their dignity and cry so much! Rajput?s act with honour and there are other ways to strike back not everything is physical!? he said placing his hand on her head fondly moving back her loose hair making she look decent.


?You?re just a baby?you?re learn soon!? he looked at the smile on her face and chuckled?seeing his whole body shaking she giggled.


?So we friends now right! As I don?t have any friends? As no one plays with me around here!!? she said as he nodded his head.


?OK but you have to stop crying! I don?t like see you cry I feel funny. Like as if something hurts?? he said looking at her smiling and nodding her head.


?Raj Kumar ji its time to leave!? they looked at the tall young man lowering his head.


?OK lets go! Bye Raj Kumari? Armaan said following him as he looked back at her and waved goodbye!?.



?Rani Ma there?s a gift from Raj Kumar Armaan for Raj Kumari Riddhima!? announced the tall guard looking at Rani ma and Riddhima sitting at the breakfast table?as he placed the large red velvet box on the table.


?Hmm looks like Riddhima made an impression!? Riddhima looked over at her chacha Rishab as he walked down the stairs to join them.


They looked at the basket as Riddhima screamed in delight looking at the golden retriever puppy looking at her as he licked her cheek?.as she giggled taking hold of him. Rishab looked at the card in the box and looked over at Riddhima swinging the small puppy around the room in delight.


?Raj Kumari Riddhima? Papa says you?re my responsibility so I?m send Raja there to protect you? Your friend Armaan?  Rani ma?s smile broaden as she saw Riddhima happy kissing the small golden puppy?.Years of family dushmani whipped away by her granddaughter laughter this bond was vital and Riddhima was the only one who could bring the families together with Armaan?.




?How is my baby?? She turned to see her husband walk into the room and kiss her gentle on the cheek.


?I am worried about Anjali? Rishab? she said pushing him away frowning.


?Well Roma honey I did tell you?sending Anjali to the same schools as Armaan was a bad idea!? He said lying on the bed and looked over at her staring at him frowning.


?Why can?t Anjali marry Armaan and not Riddhima?  I thought he would get some feelings for her as she smitten by him!? she said moving closer to him and sitting on the bed next to her husband.


?Armaan will not go against his father and there to much at stake?I told you Anjali would be better offer with Prince Atul!? he said shaking his head.


?Atul the doctor? He?s busy with his charities and helping the poor!? he laugh looking at his wife?s face looking disgusted.


?Atul has surprised everyone including his father? Armaan and Ranveer are proud of him and they?re opening a hospital for him!  I never knew a step brother as devotee to his half brother and father?.If we can get in control of Atul then we half way there?but no you wanted the prize itself Armaan!? he said shaking his head.


?I wish Riddhima disappeared with her parents!? Roma said in frustration as she looked at her husband closing his eyes holding his head.


?We tried and I did not know she would survive the accident as her parents did not?but if we touch her now Rani ma would now?.plus Malik Guards are watching her as well? Ranveer is a clever fellow! He wants the alliance so badly that he has his men watching Riddhima as well he does not trust anyone since the engagement?. And he thinks we don?t know about it?!  We Pratap?s are no fools!? he untied his tie and looked at his wife.


?But she going to come back to India and then after the marriage she will control us along with Armaan!? seeing his wife?s worried face he grinned evilly.


?There will be a marriage as then we get Maliks estate and after that Armaan and Riddhima will not be living happily ever after?I will make sure of it?.But you have to control Anjali?we both know what her temper is like!?  Roma smiled looking at her husband knowing he would have planted something as a wedding gift.


Honey you make sure they never live happily ever after while Anjali and I have our own fun and game?. ?let the games begin?




?Look guys I?m not sure?? Riddhima said looking at Sapna and Muskhan giggling at her as the placed the final touches on her face.


?Chill RD ?it?s a masquerade ball! The biggest in Paris and no one will recognise you we have made sure of it!!? Muskhan said placing the white half mask on her face.


Riddhima looked in the mirror totally surprised to see the white Tudor style dress and the white half mask was just perfect!?as she looked over at Muskhan and Sapna placing there masks on there face they giggled ?.the dresses where similar but they looked so different in the mask? Muskhan was wearing a black and gold half mask white her black dress and Sapna wore a pink feathered mask matching her pink dress.


?OK we have names? RD you are Juliet, Sapna Annette and I am Nicole? Muskhan said looking serious?


?You remember the dare RD!? Sapna asked looking at RD shaking her head.


?Yes I pick a guys and spend the whole night with him?I mean we talk and spend the night together ?no making out! As im not doing it!? Muskhan giggled hearing Riddhima?s firm voice.


?Change of rule RD! We pick the guy!? Sapna added looking at Riddhima looking at them in horror.


?No Not fair?? Riddhima said folding her arms?this hen?s day of dares was getting out of hand especially since she lost one dare?and now this spending a whole night with a total stranger was totally the icing on the cake?


?Come on RD trust us we give you a night to remember!? Mushan said giggling.


?Fine lets get this over with!? they looked at her marching out of the hotel penthouse and grinned at each other.


?Wow what a party!? Muskhan claimed looking at the body of people on the dance floor and turned to see Sapna eyeing up the tall gold mask stranger smiling at her..


?Wow his hairs like Troy?s!? Riddhima looked over at Sapna squeezing her arm in excitement


?Ok Time out ladies we have to find Juliet?s Romeo first!? Muskhan shouted over the music.


?Ok next guys who walks in!? Sapna shouted looking at Riddhima shaking her head nervously.


?OMG HELLO ROMEO!? Muskhan shouted looking at the stranger dress as a musketeer but in white with a hat and blue cloak his mask was made of white satin similar to a Zorro type covering his face.


?Yeah! Yeah! Muskhan that guy!?wow he looks hot and fits the role?Now Juliet go trap you?re romeo!? Sapna shouting knowing RD would never do it as she was going to back out any minute?and forfeit which was to run naked in the hotel lobby only wearing her mask.


Riddhima looked at the strange man walking into the large hall as he eyes looked around the room searching for someone?please find you?re girlfriend and be taken she prayed but saw him staring back at her?feeling the butterflies in her stomach and looked around to see herself alone as Sapna was with the Troy look-alike and Muskhan had disappeared as usual?feeling her mouth dry she turned to find the musketeer in front of her.


?May I have this dance?? his voice was so calm as he bent down bowing holding his hat and looked up at her smiling


?I uh?I am waiting for someone!? she mumbled finding him taking hold of her as he lead her to the dance floor?.her heart pounded as she was scared to look up at him.


?I don?t bite! Look you?re friends are enjoying themselves?it?s just a dance?? he said smiling as he turned her around to see Muskhan and Sapna both dancing.


?Relax!? what is you?re name??  unable to speak she felt him pull her closer to her as she gasped holding his shoulder as he lead her holding her other hand.


?Juliet!? she whispered as he looked at her and smiled.


?Darling I have been searching for you my entire life!? she looked up into his blue eyes as he chuckled she smiled looking at his warm face.


?I bet you say that to all the girls!? he looked at her as she seemed a little relax and twirled her around and brought her back to him.


?No as you?re the only Juliet I met in this life time?? He looked at her blush slightly and pulled her slow to him?


Smelling his cologne she could feel him muscular body beneath the suit she felt so relax with him?must be the champagne they had been drinking all day?As she looked into his eyes it was as if something had captured her soul?and everything around her began to fade around her as his arms pulled her close to him and it was as if nothing existed?..He looked down at her in his arms for the past couple of hours they had been dancing. He noticed nothing but her.. as he occasional looked into her eyes it was as if he could read her mind and just carried on dancing as nothing need to be said as they spoke the ancient language of love with no words?now she had her head rested on his shoulder.


?Hey Princess would you like a drink??  she looked at him totally surprised and placed her fingers on her mask to check if it was still there? As the reality hit her.


?I am sorry I should get going?? he looked at her walking away and took hold of her hand not wanting her to leave.


?You?re friends have gone?can I drop you home Juliet?? she giggled and looked around in horror to find only a few people in the Hall?.Remembering the dare she looked over at the clock? 1am in the morning and she a few hours to go?.she looked at him and nodded her head to see him smile.


?Actually im famished?could we get dinner!? she looked at him as he walked along side of her?she looked at him as he took hold of her hand and pulled her into the nearby restaurant?


She looked at him taking off his white hat and saw his black hair and the lower part of the mask?his strong jaw line and lips as in the strobe lighting she never saw him properly


?Lets keep the masks on!? she said looking at him smile back at her.


?Sure I think the mystery is kind of romantic don?t you?? Feeling his hand take her on the table she blushed and lowered her green eyes to see him chuckle.


?You don?t talk much?most girls I have been with are talkative?so Juliet what you?re story?? he looked at her moving her hand back looking a little nervous and leaned back on his chair looking at the siren in front of her.


?Hmm let me guess you have a brother looking for me?? In the city!! ?.? He looked at her shaking her head giggling.


?No! Interesting?maybe I have a chance! Since he has to find us first?.? he looked at her lowering her eyes and chuckled to see her looking at him.


?Sir can I take you?re order!? She looked up at him talking in French as he ordered?there was something about him, which was kind of familiar not able to put her finger on it she looked at the time and sighed? I should get back by 5am it will be about 3am when we leave?


?Is something wrong?? she looked up at hearing the concern in his voice.


?No my room mate has the key to the hotel and will not be back by 5am?so I..?


?Don?t worry this is part of the service you can check the costume label?a musketeer must ensure the maiden gets home safely? he looked at the smile on her face ?which was simply divine?like he would love to see that smile always.


?Sir!?  he looked at her eating her food?surprised as the women he was used to would pick at there food while she ate everything off her plate.


?Now let me show you Paris?the country of mystery and love!? he said placing her arm under his as they walked down the pebbled street? the warm night air was present as they heard the gentle violins playing? 


?So Juliet the night is beautiful and so is the company this evening?how about we take a small boat ride? Mousier!? she looked at him waving at the boats men.


?I cant swim!? he looked at her and smiled


?Oh Ok?hearing the music in the near by tavern he smiled hearing the cheers?as they entered the garden decorated by small lights?


?Welcome?It?s my daughters wedding?Please Mousier madam!? said the slightly merrier old man waving them to the small wooden table?seeing the bottle of red wine on the table and bread and cheese?


He looked at her as the old lady took hold of her to dance around the bride in the folk dancing and laughing?he watched her closely as she spoken to them and how they responded to her?as they sat her down in the brides chair the men took hold of him as the danced ?.he looked at her getting up as they pushed him close to her he took hold of her waist and looked deep into her eyes?seeing her hesitating he smiled to reassure her ?.as they felt everyone pushing them closer together ?.feeling her eyes looking up at him with her heart pounding?.she closed her eyes ?.feeling his lips on hers she melted in his arms?.hearing the cheers they broke apart?.he released her and looked at her as she stepped back ?.as he moved forward she turn and ran..


?GO! Mousier! Get you lover tonight? smiling he looked at everyone laughing waving at him to go ?as he went after her he heard a cheer ?smiling his eyes looked for her.


Closing her eyes she reset against the wall to get her breath back clenching  the side of her dress with her hands she shook her head?what am I doing? I am kissing a stranger ?I have drank to much!?But what a kiss??opening her eyes she looked at him standing before her..


?I uh?? Feeling his lips upon her again she felt nothing but passion?.as she broken from his hold which felt like a lifetime she looked at him as his eyes displayed something.


?I am sorry?I ?I have to go!? she moved away from his hold and noticed the taxi cross the road...


?Hey? Please wait?listen! It?s?..? as the tears of regret ran down her face she shook her head jumping into the taxi?.as he watched her leave he sighed taking off the mask?.as he moved the tip of his tongue to his lips taking in her in again?feeling the sensational feeling she had left him? ?There is me thinking ladoo?s only tasted sweet! How wrong was I?? he sighed and smiled as the sun beamed out of the morning sky


~~~Chapter two~~~ 

?Where have you been??  Stopping in his tracks he looked up and saw the blue eyed teenager walking towards him with her hands on her hips!

?Uff! Must I do everything in this house?? She said in frustration looking at him coming down the stairs

?Atul Bhiaya?  You?re late and on top of that Lord duffus is in the TV room!?  Atul looked at his younger sister Meena shaking her head at him.

?Princess! Its midnight shouldn?t you be in bed?? he said looking at her as she grabbed his arm leading him to the TV room

?You should have been here when he arrived! I swear he not once scolded me even when I put salt in his tea and I rode Shaan and he never lets anyone ride his precise stallion?and he playing some weird song? You know some strange Kishore bloke songs on repeat!  and he has this smile on his face like he?s constipated ?. And why the hell is you?re phone switched off???  The marriage in few days and you are arriving Now??  Atul chuckled as Meena dragged him to the TV room?and looked at him.

?Minnie I was in Delhi getting the licence for my hospital? you know how long these thing take?Sorry meri ma!? he said holding his ears as she sighed looking at him shaking her head like royalty.

?Ok you going to help me get my brother back?I can?t take the smile on his face!? she said looking at him helplessly.  This was there relationship? Armaan and Minnie where always playing pranks on each other and when they never fought she would just worry?if you did not call her she would worry even more? She was the life of the house since mother died and the truth was Armaan was more like a mother then a brother to them both! He would scold them and love them at the same time?.what ever they wanted before ask was there in front of them?Armaan spoiled them so much! When Ranveer scolded them it was Armaan coming to defend them both?this was the relationship they had?the trust and their brothers blind love!

?Ok Walk in and tell me if he?s ill!? Minnie said pushing Atul with all her might from behind towards the door?.

As he pushed open the door he looked over at Minnie walking in behind him into the dark room?holding Atul and peering into the room behind him!

?Armaan beta!? they both looked at the white screen and gasped walking in shocked to see Armaan?s eyes glued to the screen

?Armaan Stop making Minnie cry! Atul? Where is that boy even for his birthday he is late?? the woman shouted on screen.

?Momma she looks so cute when she screws up her face!? Atul looked at the screen at his brother Armaan  11 years old holding the baby in his arms on screen! As Minnie cried with him chuckling at her red face.

They watch the camera zoom out of Armaan holding the Minnie and zoomed onto the small shy 6 year old running over towards his mother?as she lifted him up and kissed his forehead? Atul felt his eyes fill up as he sat down next to Armaan on the large leather sofa as he stared at the screen stunned to see her come alive on the large projector wall?.He looked over Minnie jumping onto Armaan lap resting her head on his shoulder as he placed his arm around her and they all continued staring at the screen?.. Atul was a child born out of his father affair which Ranveer kept secret but the truth was Vidya his wife knew all about it. In a rage Ranveer confessed all but because of the family ties she accepted Ranveer for all his faults. The stakes where to high and with Armaan now heir to the throne she could not leave him but the truth was she loved her husband despite his infidelity. The day his maternal mother died he was 4 years old father brought him home and without any question Vidya accepted him and Armaan did too?. That was when his really mother faded away and was replace by the most remarkable woman he had ever had the fortune to have who loved him unconditionally.. How he would wish secretly she was his birth mother to have the inherited her blue eyes like his brother and sister?.just to shut up some of the other family members in the house?.as they all shunned him?the nights crying he would fall asleep in her arms as she put him to bed.

?I sometimes feel like she faded away! Like I don?t know what she looks like any more and cant remember her voice??? Armaan looked over at Minnie as she sobbed burying her face in his chest? he looked over at Atul also tearful and shook his head seeing them both crying sighing?As he lifted her face to see him.

?That easy when you want to see momma look in the mirror as you look like her!? he said firmly as she placed her arms around his neck?they all turned to look at the screen.  Minnie was the one who brought his parents together?.and when Vidya accepted Atul even though it broke her she never ever though bad off the poor child only the situation she hate dad but when she told him she was pregnant  with Minnie there relationship change to a complete different level?It was as if it was a second chance of love for both of them.

?Happy Birthday to you?.Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to Atul! Happy Birthday to YOU!!?  they all looked at the screen to see Ranveer kiss there mother secretly which the camera caught as they all munched cake and Atul stared at the worlds large birthday cake he ever seen and grinned happily as Armaan stuffed the cake in his mouth?While Vidya giggled holding Minnie in her arms as Ranveer held her from behind resting his chin on her shoulder looking over at Minnie.

?Armaan that is enough cake!? Ranveer said sternly looking at him frowning as Armaan stuffed the fourth slice of cake in his mouth!

?Veer leave him alone! Eat all you want sweetheart!? Vidya said look at Veer as if he was the most evil person in the room?Armaan chuckled watching his mother on screen. That was his mother no matter what she would hurt anyone who messed with her kids and that included dad!

?Vidya you?re spoilt him and he growing larger then the ozone layer! Poor Riddhima would have a fat husband!? Vidya elbowed Ranveer in the ribs as she looked at him giving her a hurt expression?.as the children played unaware of what there parents where doing?

?Not to worry once she come into the family we get her the same size and they look so cute! She to thin as it is!!? Vidya said looking at him as he chuckled placing his arm around her shoulder.

?If you had you?re way I would be as large ?? Ranveer said chuckling at his wife.

?Momma!? Vidya looked down at Armaan and Atul rubbing their eyes?

?OK first we have a bath then bed!?.and You?re royal highness can look after your princess as she need a bottle!? She said handing over Minnie, as he looked at her helpless as she grabbed Armaan?s and Atuls hand leading them away.

?But honey I don?t know how??.? He shouted hearing her giggle as he ran after them??. The film went ?blank and Armaan smiling as he remembered the water fight they all had during bath time?How they all ganged up of Dad! That was his childhood nothing but sweet memories of there love in the family?All because of there mother?

?Champ! She asleep!? Armaan whispered looking over at Atul crying and shook his head placing his arm around him too.

?We Rajputs don?t cry remember!? Armaan said looking at him sternly when he looked down at Minnie curled up in his lap holding him tightly as he moved her head slowly.

?I have the biggest day of my life and she not even here to see it!? Atul looked over at Armaan surprised by his outburst as he picked up the remote holding Minnie in his arms.

?I miss her too bro!? Atul said wiping his tears and looked over at him getting up with Minnie in his arms?

?Yeah but at least you where here when she pasted away?I was stuck on the plane to get here?during her final stage of the cancer?. why she forced me to go when we found out was beyond me!? Armaan said sighing as he looked over at her portrait on the wall. ?Those deep blue eyes and the warm loving smile it was true Minnie was a complete replica of her ?.Minnie even fought her cousin for her brother and Dad would never ever question her behaviour since Momma past away.

?She loved you and wanted you to complete your studies as dad was struggling when he found out she was dieing?she need you to be strong for everyone!? Atul said looking at him as he walked out of the room with Minnie in his arms.

Armaan smiled putting the 11 year old in her bed and placing the blanket over her. She was more like his baby ever since momma brought her home?he called her Minnie and that stuck with her?as she was a mini version of his mother.

?I love you, you?re lordship!? she whispered grinning turning over as her hand reached for her white teddy bear?leaning forward he kissed her on the forehead and smiled getting up. ?My Minnie mouse!? he whispered see the frown on her face and gentle touched her frown line as it disappeared he chuckled.

?So how was Paris?? Atul asked as Armaan closed the door to Minnie bedroom and he narrowed his eyes at him? Armaan walked over towards his room with Atul close behind him grinning think about Minnie outburst at the stairs earlier.

?Why the hell I let you talk me into go there over the webcam is beyond me??  Armaan said crashing on his bed!?.Atul looked over at him as he smiled

?That good?hmmm? he said chuckling looked at the expression on Armaan?s face a mixture of love and confusion.

?It was ok! Nice touch with the outfit! Actually it was fun?.I was just about to tell her it was me and she ran off leaving her mask on the floor at the taxi stand! It was like a fairy tale momma would have cooked up!!? Armaan said smiling as he looked over at her mask on his desk.

?By the way how did you know which one she was?? Atul asked looking at Armaan as he placed the pillow behind his head ?

?She has a very small birth mark on her left arm like a bird outline real faint like?.i noticed it when I saw her at our engagement that was the last time I saw her?.really after that I was busy with school and you and Minnie?.I never seriously thought about her much! To be honest learning to be King and all!?  Atul looked over at the engagement picture near the mask and smiled as he remembered Armaan telling him of the story and Raja?.

?hmmm Minnie?s been worried sick! Calling me every hour telling me she tried everything but her lordship has been abducted by aliens?? Atul chucked as he looked over at his big brother grinning.

?I decided to let her do what ever as when Riddhima arrives I may not have as much time for Minnie?plus she be going to boarding school in Switzerland soon! I am so going to miss her?? Armaan said looking a little worried? Minnie would now have to grow up and she never stepped a foot outside the region?

?She be fine?she a tough cookie!? Atul said know what he was thinking.

?So two days and counting?.? Atul added jumping onto the bed with his brother.

?Hmmm dad wants me and Riddhima to move to the formal wing! You know that would mean I have Jaichand Chachu and the clan close by and the west wing where we are currently is going to be you?re for when you settle down? I hate that part of the Haveli? Momma shipped us to this part and kept everyone away?we were more of a family?and no one interfered! As she never allowed it!?.? Armaan said feeling nervous.


?Bhaiya Dad doing what is best and then in 4 months the carnation will take place and you?ve the throne ?.its fitting as you will be head of the family official as will as the two regions?? Atul replied knowing his brother would do what was right for the family.


?Ok you reset bro as the next couple of days will be action pack!? Atul chuckled looking over at Armaan staring at the mask.


?Dads asleep so don?t disturb him Atul? he been drinking again! He missing Momma like crazy ?? Armaan said sternly looking over at Atul leaving?


"Sweet dream bro..." Atul chuckled looking at him as he picked up the mask in his hand.....Armaan smiled as he saw Atul close the door behind him.  


"Only if i could sleep Atul she has invaded my dreams and heart!"  falling back on the bed he smiled looking at the ceiling.




Gumsum gumsum gupchup gumsum gupuchup

Gumsum gumsum gupchup gumsum gupuchup

Gumsum gumsum gupchup gumsum gupuchup ..


Hulchul hulchul ho gayi teri honth hai kyon chup

Hulchul hulchul ho gayi teri baithe hain gupchup

Pyaare pyaare chehre ne karte hain ishaara

Dekha teri aankhon ne hai sapna koi pyaara

Humse gori na tu sharma kehde humse zara

Humse gori na tu sharma kehde humse zara 

Riddhima looked up at the Sangeet party as the dance around her?.she sat on the floor as the her hands and feet  where painted with Henna?.as she looked at the women dancing she saw looked over at Sapna and Muskhan joining in on the dance?

Kehna hi kya ye nein ik anjaan se jo mile

Chalne lagi mohabbat ke jaise ye silsile

Armaan naye aise dil mein khile

Jinko kabhi main na jaanoon

Vo humse hum unse kabhi na mile

Kaise mile dil na jaanoon

Ab kya karein kya naam lein

Kaise unhein main pukaroon

She looked over at her grandmother face smiling as she walked towards them but was surprised to see Muskhan and Sapna both take her grandmothers arm pulling her onto the dance floor with the others ?dancing!! Riddhima looked up surprised as she watched her grandmother laughing like a teenager with her friends dancing?.

Pehli hi nazar mein kuchh hum kuchh tum

Ho jaate hain yoon gum

Neinon se barse rimjhim rimjhim

Humpe pyaar ka saawan

Sharam thodi thodi humko aaye to nazrein jhuk jaayein

Sitamb thoda thoda humpe shokh hwaa bhi kar jaayein

Aisi chale aanchal uthay dil mein ek toofan uthay

Hum to lut gaye khade hi khade 

As the music engulfed her and the words ran in her ears she closed her eyes?thinking of the kiss that haunted since she arrived no able to sleep or eat she could not get the taste out of her system?. His whispering voice the way she felt so comfortable with him so at easy?.and she could be herself.  Now with the formal duties she had to act all prim and proper ?..her life now was not her own?.What have I done? And Why did I let him kiss me? The 100questions clouded her mind constantly?Who was he?  ?.. Now the wedding planned in her childhood was now taking part as her involvement was to be the centre of attention?Now she had to forget the masked stranger and live the life planned for her??

Kehna hi kya ye nein ik anjaan se jo mile

Chalne lagi mohabbat ke jaise ye silsile

Armaan naye aise dil mein khile

Jinko kabhi main na jaanoon

Vo humse hum unse kabhi na mile

Kaise mile dil na jaanoon

Ab kya karein kya naam lein

Kaise unhein main pukaroon


?Well MahaRani Vidya is laughing at us today!? Vinita hissed looked over at her brother Jaichand as he looked at her walking into his room?.looking at his youngest Sister Vinita sighing in despair.

?She was a smart woman!? Jaichand replied taking hold of the glass full of whiskey.

?You still have not stopped loving her even thou she dumped you to be Queen!? Veena restored looking at her useless brother?she looked at him angrily finished off the whiskey in one go in the glass and sighed.

?She loved Ranveer the crown was seriously not her thing?She never loved me and would do anything for him in a heartbeat!? he said angrily.

?Yeah will the Pratap?s will be ruling this household now!! How she talked Ranveer to agreeing with the old hag and then accepting the wedding proposal!?.All because Padmini was one of her closet friends?.?  She said grabbing the whiskey bottle of the table and pouring herself a drink thinking about the whole thing

?Come on we have Armaan! He smart then Ranveer?plus the old man is drinking himself to death since Vidya pasted away??  Jaichand said grabbing the whiskey bottle from her hand.

?I was think we ask for Anjali?s hand for my Vivek!? Veena said looking at her brother for a reaction.

?Hmm good idea but Riddhima is the one with all the power?and we can control her through Armaan and if that does not work?then we have Vivek controlling her sister!?  Jaichand said looking at his sister holding the glass up for her to agree? the glasses hit each other he looked at her smiling evilly and chuckled?.

?Come on Sister dear?we have a wedding to attend today!???.


?RD seriously the man is a prince!? Riddhima looked up to see Muskhan enter her bedroom as the maids put their finishing touches to her ?

?Wow! Excuse me you seen RD? I think I lost her?? Muskhan teased looking past Riddhima as she frowned at her..As she giggled.

?Seriously you look amazing like a Queen!? Muskhan added quickly hearing RD sigh..

?And you know our MOTA not scrubbed up badly either?there still some kiddie fat around his cheeks and he stuffing his face on ladoo?s choti ma is placing in his mouth as shugan!?? Muskhan looked over at Riddhima holding in her laughter looking serious.

?His brothers a stunner?.and there a little princess with them she sweet! Isn?t in that right Sapna?a bunch of fat people have arrived and they eating the place!? Muskhan turned and looked over at Sapna and winked towards her.

?Yep! The whole bharaat is over weight and the tea is doing down ?I managed to get you a plate of snacks?just in time as Armaan jiju is consuming everything in sight!? Sapna added placing the plate of food before her?looking at Riddhima horrified face they looked at each other holding in their laughter.

?My lady its time!? they all turned to see the tall guard bowing before them.

?Yes yes my good man! Tell them Raj Kumari will be down!? Muskhan said in a British accent as she looked over at Sapna and Riddhima.

?Heck RD I can get used to this!? Muskhan said picking up a samosa from the plate.

?Now eat something before you faint at the mandap! You going to need all the strength for the suhaag raat later!? Muskhan added as Sapna bursting in a giggling fit and the other maids in the room giggled as RD looked mortified!?as Muskhan stuffed the half eaten samosa in RD?s mouth?.as RD cursed under her breath eating the samoas?Looking at everyone roar in laughter.

She looked at him as his face was covered by the Sehra?he was slim and did not look over weight in any possible way at all?.with her trembling hands she moved forwards with the JaiMala as he leaned back?.looking up hearing the laughter around her she felt Muskhan and Sapna behind her.

?RD he telling you he will not bow his head! Can you believe this fatso?? Muskhan whispered pushing her forward towards him.

?So what do I do?? Riddhima whispered back with her eyes lowered.

?Ok if he does not bow now then he never will!? Sapna added pushing her towards him.

?Make him bow his head!? they both whispered pushing her forward.

Feeling all the eyes upon her she moved her hands slowly closing her eyes taking a deep breath?she moved her hands forward.

?Hmmm if you think I will bow to you think again!? she looked up hearing his deep voice shocked to hear such arrogance.

?We Malik bow to no one!? he added smiling un-noticed to anyone under the sehra?feeling Atul hand behind him he knew he was making her sweat.

Sapna and Muskhan looked over at RD looking terrified as nothing was happening as RD stood there silently.

?I can?t reach!? hearing her whisper he chuckled under his breath...

?Sorry! I have to uphold the tradition?? he said looking at her ?but before he could say a single world he felt the Jaimala around his neck as her Guards lifted her up to his height!? he smiled hearing the cheer of everyone around him?as they lowered her to the ground and she bent down and touched his feet?.feeling is hands grasp her shoulders raise her up she felt a shiver run down her spine ?shaking of her feeling to the next roar around her, she felt him place the Jaimala around her neck?as the cameras flashed around her she turned to see his face but was unable to as he pushed the stands of the sehar towards her blocking her view?.

?Bro what are you doing?? Atul whispered looking at his brother smiling at the camera with Riddhima at his side.

?I don?t want her to see me?..not yet anyway!? Armaan whispered back smiling

~~Chapter three~~

?Anjali don?t be na?!? Roma said looking at her in her bedroom


?This is an important day for the family and we have to be there, so for heaven sakes get dressed!? Roma said sternly shoving the dress in her hand and glaring at her.


?They have performed the JaiMala and its time for the wedding to take place in a while ?I want you downstairs?? She added walking to the door angrily.


?Momma I can?t do this watch the man I love marry someone else!? Anjali restored back as the tears ran down her face?.Roma turned around and walked back at her and looked at her child broken hearted?


?We Rajputs don?t cry we get EVEN!? Roma said taking hold of her in her arms as she sobbed.


?Momma?? Anjali looked at her mother surprised by the tone of her voice.


?You love him and he cares about nothing but what he is going to inherit? so why don?t you just move on!!?You?re father will be asking for Atul?s hand in marriage for you!? Anjali looked at her surprise and looked at her mother totally shocked.


?I can?t marry him?I love Armaan!? Anjali protested looking at her mother


?I wish sometime you had a brain like you?re cousin Riddhima?.She think with her head and know this is for the best of the family?and marrying a man like Armaan. Now I suggest you come down stairs before Rani Ma raises any questions?? Anjali looked at her mother stunned by her outburst as she left.


Momma I can?t marry someone I don?t even remotely know or love? ?picking up her lengha she walked behind the blind?..




?Hey RD what you think of you?re ladoo?? Muskhan asked grinning as looking at her as she looked at her frowning.


?I?ll not seen him yet? It?s like when ever I want to see him?he talking to someone and this white veil parting on the side of the hall does not help!? Riddhima said looking up to see him with his back turned.


?Yeah but you where freaking out thinking you marrying a fat fellow?OMG RD you?re face!? Muskhan giggled and looked over at Sapna?in the crowd.


?Hmmm Sap is busy I see?.she talking to Prince Atul?? Riddhima looked up and saw her chatting away and giggling.


?He seems nice such a laugh?we got our hands on Ladoo?s shoes! And he is trying to get them back?as if we can?t handle guys like him! Saps getting the price?we want diamond rings?? Mukhan said looking at Riddhima raising her eyebrows


?WHAT? You?re mans minted! And what a diamond amongst friends!? Muskhan added placing her arm around Riddhima as she giggled??. Man she was going to miss them both so much. Muskhan and Sapna?they where there for her no matter what ?.even her family never supported her as much as her best friends did.


?Sure you should ask for ruby?s and pearls as well!? Riddhima added giggling seeing Muskhan?s face light up and then frown?


?My brother would give you what every you want!? they turn to see Meena looking at them sly as she moved forward to see them through the veil parting in the secluded area where Riddhima and her maids all sat.


?Hi Im Princess Meena Vidya Malik?Minnie for short!? Riddhima looked at the young teenager walk in and looking at them sternly holding out her hand? Riddhima smiled and remember how Armaan presented himself in the same manner and smiled taking hold of her hand?.seeing the deep blue eyes she remember her encounter with the Armaan all those years ago as she look over at Muskhan raising her eyebrow with a wow face.


?Nice to meet you Minnie!? Riddhima said shaking her hand she pulled her close to her and hugged her tightly?..hearing Minnie chuckle Riddhima smiled holding her and kissed her cheek.


?You?re such a cute doll!? Riddhima held her in her arms as she hearing the teenager giggle again.


?You?re more beautiful then me Bhabhi!? Minnie said looking at her as she placed her hand on Riddhima?s face.


?Hmmm Lets see you?re mendhi Minnie?? Riddhima said taking hold of her hands and seeing the dark design?


?Wow Minnie looks like you?re husband will love you a lot!? Minnie giggled looking at Riddhima and grinned looking at Muskhan and the maids.


?No! You?re is much more dark..? Minnie took hold of Riddhima wrists and looked at her hands?


?Looks like the Lordship loves you more then his precise stallions!? Minnie stated looking at Riddhima?s hand ?while Riddhima looked over at Muskhan giggling along with the maids.


?Lordship?? Muskhan said looking at Riddhima


?Yeah he?s a royal pain in the butt?whom I call Lordship! Which he hates it!?but you know what his mendhi is much darker?while he was sleeping I wrote AR in a heart design on his hand?.that really darker then you?re so you love him a lot yeah!?? Minnie stated giggling?.as Riddhima blushed slightly looking at everyone.


?It?s so big he not shaking hands with anyone but saying Nameste to hide it! It?s so funny!!? she added looking at them laughing.


Muskhan looked over at Riddhima grinning as they looked over at the teenager laughing.


?Raj Kumari Meena?? they looked up to see Minnie stop laughing and close her eyes as she gasped?.as she looked back at the white veil and walked over towards the silhouette figure behind the white chiffon veil.


?You are not supposed to be here!? Minnie said looking at him behind the veil frowning.


?No one will dare to stop me!? He said looking at the area filled with women as they all stopped hearing his voice.


?This is women only and?you are not permitted Bhiaya!? Minnie said placing her hands on her hips.


?Minnie when has that every stopped me?As I would not require an permission to enter isn?t that right Raj Kumari Riddhima!? he said firmly as he looked at her sitting so still he grinned knowing she could not see him.


?However,  I have come to ask Raj Kumari Meena to join me as the pooja is about to start as I would require her company along with yours Raj Kumari Riddhima??  Seeing Minnie disappear Riddhima looked over at Muskhan staring at what had just happen.


?Wow RD! He is going to be hard work?girl you have you?re work cut out!? Muskhan giggled looking at Riddhima as she got up?.


?Muskhan he has no idea whom he is marrying!? Riddhima said firmly looking at her maids who walked over towards her.




Armaan sat still looking down clutching the famous Malik sword in it?s gold and diamond cover the pride and family heirloom was always out for the Malik?s wedding now the sward was out to mark the special occasion and the Shaan of the Malik clan.. With the weight of the turban on his head he closed his eyes??


?I don?t know why he has not shaved?? Minnie moaned looking over at Armaan sitting at the mandap standing next to Atul.


?Well Vinta Bua told him not to shave until after the wedding ceremony it?s traditional not too?I think his beard suits him with the turban and the surma in his eyes make him look like a traditional Maharaja?Any how have you seen the girls looking at him, especially since you removed his sehra in the ceremony as his sister does during the first part of the pooja??  Atul chuckled looking at the females all staring at Armaan.  Riddhima will never actually know it?s him until the wedding reception?. Especially when his will be dressed in his other suit?. Wow I can?t believe Armaan is enjoying all the mystery?


?Lucky for me I put a kaala tikka behind his ear this morning!? Minnie said looking at the girls not liking the way they where looking at him.


?Ok now Bhabhi will sit next to him and we have a wedding!? Minnie added smiling as she saw Riddhima approach the Mandap with her friends and maids?.


Hearing the sound of the payal bells as she step close to him ?a faint smiled danced upon his lips?as he felt her sit down next to him?as the ghee was poured into the fire by the pandit, he could feel her so close to him during the Sanskrit prayers?.as he held out his hand as instructed ?.seeing the mendhi as Minnie described on his hands darker then anything she had ever seen?.she slow placed her hand on top of his?.moving her face slowly she looked at his blue eyes filled with surma as she briefly studied the bearded man looking like a picture out of an old history book of kings?There was something so familiar about his eyes which she could not understand ?maybe I?m think about this too much??staring at the fire she looked over at her hand on top of his as the mantra where being read..


She is more beautiful them I had imagine at the Jalamala I could not see her fully but know with her next to me I can see and touch her?staring at the fire he looked deeper at the flames as they ignited something within him?.


Jaanam, Dekh Lo, Mit Gayi Dooriyaan
Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan

Jaanam, Dekh Lo, Mit Gayi Dooriyaan
Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan

Kaisi, Sarhadein, Kaisi Majbooriyaan
Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan


?Riddhima what about that stranger???. She thought turning towards Armaan as he placed the mangrastra around her neck.  ?He is my husband and I give myself to him only?..  ?But what about love??  ?.closing her eyes as she felt the sindoor in her mang she opened her eyes to see the man in front of her whom now she was joint to for the reset of her life forever. In every lifetime!?. ?We don?t believe in love remember only our duty?.to be a good wife and queen!??.. Taking hold of her hand he helped her up as he took the first step around the sacred fire? the flower petals in the air lead there way round?..


Tum Chhupa Na Sakogi Main Woh Raaz Hoon
Tum Bhoola Na Sakogi Woh Andaaz Hoon
Goonjta Hoon Jo Dil Mein Toh Hairaan Ho Kyun
Main Tumhaare Hi Dil Ki Toh Awaaz Hoon
Sun Sako, Toh Suno, Dhadkanon Ki Zabaan
Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan
Kaisi, Sarhadein, Kaisi Majbooriyaan
Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan


He looked over at her now in front of him as she lead him around the fire for the final vow which she had taken to be his forever to love and honour in this and every other life time?.seeing the flower petals falling around them as they walked he looked over at his brother and sister smiling at him as he looked over at her stopping as he walked around her and took his place at the her side?. As they both moved forward to Rani Ma to get her blessing bending down together and coming up to see her fragile face full of love and saddens as she looked over at Riddhima feeling her eyes fill up to?Feeling his hand in her she looked over at him confused but touched by his gesture?.Rani ma looked over at him as she placed her hand on his shoulder??get your fathers and the families blessing beta!?


?I would like to request my leave ?.as I would like to get changed out of this outfit if I may?If Raj Kumari Riddhima Armaan Malik permits!?  she looked over at him surprised and taken back and saw his smile and awaiting her answer.


?You have my permission to leave Ji? hearing her giggle slightly?he smiled.


?Ok! I be back sooon?.?  Seeing him look over at his guard she looked over at Muskhan and Sapna shrieking at her at they approached him?.





?Wow Bhaiya you look great!? Minnie said approving looking at him standing in front of the mirror all shaved and looking more like his old self?as he placed the final touches to his hair and to look over at Minnie sitting on the large bed of the guest room in the mirror.


?Hmmm I think this maroon sherwani is not bad! First time I?m wearing such a thing since mom used to get me wearing this stuff when I was a kid?.?  He replied turning to look at her as she smiled in approval holding her thumb up at him.


?WOW bro!? they turned to see Atul walk in?


?Reception party is at full swing and Riddhima is waiting for you before entering ?we should get going?.? Said Atul eager for them to get going for his surprise.


Riddhima stood waiting and looked over at Muskhan and Sapna standing by her with her guards.


?They are here!? Sapna said smiling?looking over at Atul and Minnie approaching them ?.Riddhima looked forward not seeing them at all?.and took a deep breath as she felt his hand take her?


?Guards please announce our arrival!? Armaan said in a firm tone?she looked over at him surprised by the transformation as he looked forward not glancing over at her at all?..hearing the dhols and bagpipes playing they enter the large hall to be welcomed by rose petals?.


Main Hi Main Ab Tumhaare Khayaalon Mein Hoon
Main Jawaabon Mein Hoon, Main Sawaalon Mein Hoon
Main Tumhaare Har Ek Khwaab Mein Hoon Basa
Main Tumhaari Nazar Ke Ujaalon Mein Hoon
Dekhti, Ho Mujhe, Dekhti Ho Jahaan
Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan
Jaanam, Dekh Lo, Mit Gayi Dooriyaan
Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon





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~~Chapter Four~~


As they stepped onto the bed of red rose petals the dhol boomed in their ears hearing the bells of the payals they stopped and took in the sight before them…. As the reception hall was decorated in gold and red and he flags of the two provenance stood towering above the lage decorated hall…. Hearing the dhol stop Armaan looked over at Roma and Rani ma approaching them with the Aarti taal…. As the tikka was placed on Armaan's forehead they where showered with yellow petals of marigolds to the drum of the dhols and cheers ….Riddhima looked over at him as he stood so unaffected by what was happening around him and looked back over towards the dancers leading them towards the middle of the hall so slowly…..


kesariya more baalma padharo je padharo mare des hey...

kesariya more baalma padharo je padharo mare des hey...

dhola aayo re aa aa aa aayo re aayo

dhola aayo re aayo re dhola aayo re

dhola aayo re aa aa aa aayo re aayo

dhola aayo re aayo re dhola aayo re


The dancers moved around them dancing….Armaan watch the local villagers of his province coming forward to celebrate by dancing and he was overwhelmed by the song and the way they dance around him welcoming him and there queen to the large hall…. 


main saanchi kahu saanchi main saanchi kahu

re sach ho gaye mere sapne suhane sapne suhane chail bhavar ho veer payo re ho dhola dhola aayo re aayo re dhola aayo re dhola aayo re aayo re dhola aayo re aayo dhola hey hey dhola aayo re aayo re dhola aayo re

dhola aayo re aa aa aa aayo re aayo

dhola aayo re aayo re dhola aayo re


As the flowers showered them during the walk to the centre of the room he looked over at her as she lifted her head to see what was going as he looked over to see Atul hi-five Minnie and knew he was behind all this ….a smile formed on his lips as he saw Minnie with her hand on her hip dancing to the dhol on the side while Atul took out a large sum of money and swung his hand fill of bills around his sister and threw the notes in the air …


sajan mere biraaje ghar dhol bhi dham dham baaje

sajan mere biraaje ghar dhol bhi dham dham baaje

mann meena ke sur baaje ghunghar chanan

aa dhola aayo re aayo re dhola aayo re

phir se apne sang bahare leke aayo re aayo re

dhola aayo re aa aa aa aayo re aayo

dhola aayo re aayo re dhola aayo re

dhola ho o o .. dhola ho o o ..

dhola aayo re aayo re dhola aayo re


Feeling the dancers take hold of him he looked over at Ridhima also getting pulled away from his side and looked over at the dancers separating them… the beat of the dhol played faster he felt his heart beat to the rhythm …she looked over at him taking him in as they where now slow brought back together facing each other…….as the music faded away around them they just looked into each others eyes…as the dancers and music played unaware of the conversation they where having with no words…..


phir se apne sang bahare leke aayo re aayo re

dhola aayo re aa aa aa aayo re aayo

dhola aayo re aayo re dhola aayo re

dhola ho o o .. dhola ho o o ..

dhola aayo re aayo re dhola aayo re


Hearing the applause he looked at her lowering her eyes breaking away from his eyes and smiled as they where led to the stage….




"I love you!" he leaned forwarded blocking her way and looked at her gasp and close her eyes with her hand on his chest trying to create some distance…with his hands against the wall he grinned knowing she was now in his hold as he had tried to talk to her all day.


"Let me go please!" feeling his whole body crushing her against the wall she opened her eyes to see him smiling in his cheeky way…they where in an old room and stood behind the large door as the party continued below.


"Only if you admit you have missed me…" he said ….as she felt his breath on her face only inches away she lowered her eyes avoiding his gaze.


"If I did not miss you then why did I let you gatecrash the wedding!" she replied looking into his bluely green eyes…moving forward he kissed her……


"Rahul let me go…someone will come!" she pleaded trying get out of his hold…as he pushed his body against her ensuring she could not move or break free….


"Muskhan I love you…" feeling his lips on her neck she closed her eyes….feeling her fingers in his hair he took hold of her skin with his teeth…


"They're all busy at the reception and no one will notice…." As he kicked the door closed he kissed her passionately…




"Congratulations to the wonderful couple" she said coming forward to greet them on the stage as everyone had now congratulated them and she waited for everyone to pass…


"Where the heck have you been?" Armaan said stepping forwards and embracing her in his arms….feeling the warmth of his arms she closed her eyes to compose herself…as her entire body want to scream as he released her to see this warm dimple smile and his eyes dance before her….how she loved him…


"Thanks you Anjali Didi!" Coming out of her trance she looked over at Riddhima and smiled coldly.


"Riddhima!" placing her arms around her cousin she broke away and looked at her.


"You were always where pretty Riddhima now you looking gorgeous!" Anjali said looking over at her.


"Well if you ask me good looks run in the family!" Armaan said placing his arm around Anjali smiling. Anjali looked at him a little taken back and blushed slightly …he always had this effect on her.  Always saying something she wanted to hear.


"Raj Kumari Anjali has helped me get over my boredom at high school and throughout university… I have a lot of respect for her Riddhima and now she my Saali this will be interesting…" Anjali looked over at him chuckling and looked over at Riddhima.


"Well Ammy there do say the Saali is the half the gharawali!" Anjali giggled looking over at Armaan as he looked over at Riddhima raising his eyebrow…as he let go of her and looked over towards Riddhima.


"Hmmm I'm sorry ladies but I'm loyal to another…my country whom I love more then anything including a woman!" he said firmly looking at them both…


"Armaan Bhaiya!" They both looked at him stunned as he excused himself to see Minnie calling him over..


"That is Raj Kumar Armaan… Riddhima he is loyal to no one but his country and family…I guess being a wife of a future king you learn that the hard way….Anyway good luck! I wish you the very best…" Riddhima looked at Anjlai feeling a little worried as she watch Armaan interact with some of the guest as she stepped of the stage with her maid escort..


"So did you tell her?" Atul asked looking at him as he stared at Riddhima from afar.


"No!" he said firmly turning to look at his brother questioning eyes.


"Why not? I mean you like her a lot and for days you have been think about nothing but her …and…"


"Atul I want her to love me as I am! … and not the man behind the mask… Do you understand?…I cant play that man as I am destiny to be king and ….I want to be myself with her and nothing more….if you can accept me and my love then fine. If not then that's fine too…we both know this marriage is to build bridges between our families"


"I understand bro! But you know when she find out it was you…I hope she understands why we did what we did! What we did?" Atul said looking worried.


"I had my doubts about the whole thing and you as my brother helped cleared them…if I know Riddhima she will never see it as anything else" Armaan said looking at him.


"Sir your presence is required by you're father?" Armaan looked over at the guard standing next to him.




"What is this?" Armaan looked over at Rani ma and his father while Rishab and Jain Chand joined him as they entered the study..


"Its an prenuptial agreement Armaan!" Rani ma said looking at him as he studied the papers.


"Hmmm I see!  you want to protect you're share of the businesses and land…." Rani ma looked at him taken back as he looked over at her….he was no longer the child in front of her  who teaser her and came to see her…..but the man who was the future of the two counties.


"We're not signing!" Ranveer said firmly looking at Armaan as he glared at Rishab and Rani ma.


"Beta Riddhima has no mother and father alive today so I have to protect her…and just say this rista breaks or gets dissolved as you Malik's have the habit of breaking your promises… What will Riddhima get? And do?" Rani ma said looking at him as he looked over at his father know what she meant..


Picking up the pen he place it to the paper but stopped and looked over at his father and uncle both not happy about the proposal but Armaan thought about the heart ache his own mother had suffered and looked hard at the document…. If the marriage was to dissolve he would rightful give back all business they inherited because of the marriage…


"I have a request before signing I want My wife present!" he said looking at Rani ma sternly


"As you wish Raj kumar Armaan!" Rani ma looked at the guard as he nodded his head and left the room.


Riddhima enter the room alone to find Armaan standing there before her looking at the paper in his hand.


"I want you to read this and then I will sign it!" he said firmly looking at her.


"As my wife I don't want to hide things from you…but I do understand where you're family is coming from ….As you know my father was having an affair with another woman and my mother accepted it and his child…. I can ensure you I'm not like my father but those vows I have made today I will keep!!… If ever I feel that I have made any injustice towards you or have broken them…then I am not fit to be a Rajput and a prince I will disown everything and leave you with everything I own…." He looked over at her stunned face as she looked at him confused with the paper in her hand.


"I'm rambling …sorry …" he said…. she looked at his face soften as he approached her with that dimpled smile.


"Here I'll sign them….but I will never be leaving you're side as we bond forever…."




"RD?" Sapna was looking at her staring at Armaan from afar and smiled as she poked her to see her frowning back at her.


"He is all yours now!" Sapna added to see her look at her slightly taken back by what she had said.


"No its not that Saps its like I seen him before….it's so familiar!" Riddhima said looking at him again. As he stood with his cousins holding a glass of champagne


"Yeah well you have seen him when he was younger remember…" Saps said shaking her head and rolling her see RD looking back at Armaan


"No! I cant explain his eyes and then his touch is like I seen and felt it before…and it like he has this hold over me I cant explain…" Sapna looked at her and smiled.


"Wow RD? Don't tell me you fallen for him? The princess who does not believe in love!!" Riddhima looked at her giggling away and looked over at him again.


No RD …he cant be Romeo I mean ok the height and the eyes…you're imagining the whole thing maybe you want it to be him so badly….He spoke so softy and was very gentle…this guy is arrogant and so set in his way…no way he cant be him…but that was sweet him saying all that stuff in the study and he signed the papers explaining ….but he will never hurt me or betray me that I know after what he said just a few minutes ago…


"Hey guys!" Mushan smiled as she looked over at them.


"Where have you been? I have been looking everywhere for you?" Sapna said annoyed as she pouted her lip and looked away from her.


"Hi!" they all turned to see Rahul standing there in a white sherwani smiling coming forward.


Sapna and Riddhima looked at each and saw the large diamond ring on Muskhan's finger as she grinned looking over at them…..




As the tears ran down her face she felt her grandmothers arms around her as she sobbed…. Muskhan and Sapna looked over at there best friend in tears now taking a different path away from them as she took the embrace of her chuti ma Roma …who sobbed louder then anyone there as Armaan took in the sight of the women weeping he stepped forward to the limo with Riddhima's pallu tied to his red traditional cloth on his shoulder…. Riddhima picked up the rice in her hands from the tray as the tears ran down her face and threw the rice behind her…. Now she was leaving her home and childhood behind and was now not allowed to look behind stepping forward towards the man who was now her everything she closed her eyes….


The limo stopped outside the large Palace decorated in lights as she looked over at him letting out a sigh of relief knowing he was happy to be home…. As he looked over at her he smiled.  "Our home where I want to spend blissfully with my wife" feeling his hand squeeze her she looked at him.  Throughout the journey he held her hand as she silently sobbed and stopped to see Minnie look at her and whisper.. "Bhabhi Rajputs don't cry!" she stopped and looked at her and collected herself for the reset of the journey…..hearing Minnie's and Atul's jokes ….while Armaan and herself laugh …..


As they stepped out of the limo they were welcomed with the sounds of fireworks going off in the semi dark night…. Hearing the cheers as the rose petals showered them they walked over to the entrance of the large palace…..


Gentle pushing over the small copper pot full of rice ….she stepped into the sliver round pallet full of liquid sindoor…Armaan watched her henna filled feet lead away into the palace as the women sang the traditional songs to welcome the broom and bride home….


As he looked over towards the large sliver door to the bedroom of the king which was not his quarters he let out a sigh and pushed open the door…. The bed was decorated in flowers and she sat in the dim light on the middle of the bed with her face covered and her henna filled hands resetting on her knees……..he stopped taking in the sight before him.


~~Chapter five~~


"So Bhaiya what did Rishab say?" Vinita looked over at her brother holding a glass of whiskey…


"He spoke to Ranveer about Atul!" Jai Chand said looked at his sister looking some what disappointed….


"So what did the drunken fool say?!" He could hear the disapproval in her voice.


"Ranveer told him he will speak to Atul and Armaan regarding the matter…but after the stunt they pulled….He was not happy at all!!." He said looking at her turning around and walking to the window.


"I don't like this at all either ….not the fact that they approached Ranveer Bhai about the Atul but the pre nuptial agreement … I think we are underestimating them…."


"I know! I feel that something bad is going to happen….and we need to watch over the family….like always… With Vidya no longer around and Ranveer is useless! We have to know protect the family from harm…. We don't know what their next move will be and we have to be very careful…." Vinta looked over at her brother and nodded both of them could feel the calm before the storm…..




He stood….taking in her his sight….as he moved closer he could feel his own heart beat in his ears beating so rapidly…as he sat on the bed he looked around the room decorated in new colours and this was the largest wing of the palace which was to be occupied by them …as he hands moved forward he could hear her heavy breathing as he lifted up the veil…..he looked at her long eyelashes as her eyes where lowered and her lips trembled as he looked at her moving closer to her on the bed.


"Can I…" she struggled with her words.


"Please this is one room where we do not have to be formal!" feeling his hands on her she looking into his eyes and took in the warm dimpled smile as he moved closer and looked at her….. Feeling his hand on her face she gasped closing her eyes… he grinned as he gentle removed the large gold ring from her nose and her long earrings as her eyes where still closed…


"Hmmm that better….relax RD I'm not going to do anything you don't desire…Now if you could please help me with this collar…" She opened her eyes to see him struggling to open the top button ….feeling her trebling hands brushing the skin on his neck he smiled moving more closer to her….


"Thank you!" she looked over at him as he took hold of her hands and looked at her mehendi….


"I guess I better get this out of the way first….and find my name!" he looked at her as she nodded her head so slightly….as she felt her hands feel so cold against the warmth of his hands…


"Here ….Armaan!" she looked down at her palm and smiled


"I guess you will want you're gift!" he looked at her whispering back at him as he smiled.


"Hmmm let me get my gift for you first RD!" She looked at him get up from the bed and moved over towards the bedside draw and take something out… She looked at him with the large gold bangles…As he took hold of her hands and placed them so gentle onto her wrists with her red and white wedding diamond bangles…


"They are our ancestral bangles only the queen can where them…" He said placing his head in her lap and looking up at her….as she was taken back by the closeness and his manner….


"Ok! So where is my gift!" he said demanding looking at her taken back by where he was…


"What do I give a prince who has everything?" he look at her face and smiled.


"Hmm I guess I'm not the best person to buy a gift for…." She looked at him chuckling and smiled nodding back.


"What would Raj Kumar Armaan want?" he looked over at her as she lowered her eyes….feeling his hand on her face she looked at him.


"Why don't you get changed into something more comfortable and I will tell you what I desire…" he looked at her nodding as he got up and smiled….


The door opened to her walkin wardrobe as she stepped out in her red satin lacy nightie …feeling very nervous she knew what he wanted and was so unsure as to what was going to happen now as she looked over at him standing in his black pyjamas as he buttoned the top matching shirt.


"I have been thinking! Tomorrow we have to go to the Ancestral mandir and then where more pooja tomorrow and we both had a long day… I'll take the left side of the bed towards the window if you don't mind!" he looked at her sigh in relief as he walked over towards her taking her hand and moving her towards the bed.


"Thank you!" she whispered looking at him as he pulled up the covers on them both.


"For what?" he looked at her and smiled.


"You know…." He looked at her blush slightly and sighed.


"hmm… I am you're husband now so you are my priory along with the reset of the family…" she turned and looked over at him as he looked over at the ceiling.


"So who looks after you?" he turned to look at her and smiled.


"Well it used to be mom but now I guess it's you!" he looked at her with a wide grin on his face..


"Now go to sleep RD! we have a very long day tomorrow ….and I have to think about what I want as my gift!" seeing him smile as he closed his eyes she looked over at him taken back by what just happen…..closing her eyes!


Feeling her arms around him he looked down at her and kissed her forehead….and closed his eyes…. "I love you baby but I know this is difficult for you…so I guess I can wait for now…" he whispered closing his eyes…




Getting up out for bed feeling like she never slept so peacefully in her life before she looked around to see the golden room lit up in the morning sun…as she looked at the clock it was 5am and there was no sign of him in the room…as she looked over at the bathroom she placed her hands on top of her hair to make sure she looked decent… waiting for a while she heard nothing and got out of the bed….As she opened the bathroom door there was no one there either?  "Where is he?"


Walking down the large marble steps in her pink designer sari she looked over at everyone looking at her and took a deep breath and composed herself…


"Where is Raj Kumar Armaan?" She looked over at the guard and looked over at everyone looking at her


"Raj Kumari Riddhima…Don't tell me you have lost you're husband on the first day!" Vinita said stepping forward and looking at her confused as she smiled approaching her….As Riddhima stepped forward and touched her feet ….


"Jeth raho beta!" Riddhima looked over at her smiling at her.


"Now if I know that boy he will be either jogging or at the stables…You'll get used to his strange way I guess …. Ok Beta make sure he dressed and both of you come to the mandir for the pooja…" Riddhima nodded as she looked at Bua ji leaving the large hall.


"Minnie what you doing here?" Riddhima looked over at the young teenager sitting on the cube of hay looking scared in her sleeping entire.


"Amber is…." Riddhima looked over at her as she started to cry and took hold of her.


"Bhabhi I'm so scared of losing her …." Riddhima looked down at her as she held her.


"Where you're lordship?" seeing a weak smile on her face, Riddhima smiled back with a wink.


"He has been here all night….Sorry I woke him up at 1am this morning in you're room…I am sorry ….you sleep like a fairytale princess hehe…and he did not let me wake you…." Riddhima used her dupptta she cleaned Minnie face and kissed her forehead…


"Minnie you are freezing and I can't believe you have been here all night and in you sleeping clothes… Get in side young lady now!" Minnie looked at her taken back and pouted her lip as Riddhima shook her head at her.


"I am not leaving until Amber is fine!" Riddhima looked at her and turn to the guard.


"Guard Please escort Minnie to her room!." the guard came forward as Minnie looked at her in disgust and surprised by the tone of her voice


"Your just like him! I am not moving you're highness!" Minnie restored back folding her arms


"Raj Kumari Meena if you could please get dressed in something warmer and come down and join us please!….. Guard please escort Raj kumari back down here when she dressed!" Minnie looked at Riddhima smiling.


"Now where is you're brother?" Minnie looked over at her as she did not look happy…


Steppin in the small wooden barn filled with hay she looked over at the golden colour philly sitting on the floor while Armaan gentle placed his hand on her neck and it looked as if he was whispering in her ear in his back satin pyjamas….


"Armaan!" she whispered stepping forward-looking at him as he looked exhausted.


"RD it's morning already?" he looked at her dressed in pink and taken back by her beauty as she stepped forward towards him….as his voice seem so relaxed and gentle like as if she heard it before…


"She went into labour last night and …these things can take some time…Why don't you take Minnie inside and feed her breakfast….Stubborn girl will not move!" he looked over at her takin in her fragrance as she kneeled down next to him on the hay.


"She in the palace now and now it's you're turn!" he looked at her surprised and taken back by the tone of her voice as he gentle placed his hand on her arm.


"Are you asking or commanding me!" she looked at him…he was back with that tone and expression.


"I am actually quiet upset as to why my husband did not tell me why he left? ….without an explanation and since I am responsible for his well- being …I want him to go back into the palace and get dressed as he very cold!" she said looking at him matching his expression….feeling his fingers as cold as ice…. Feeling his lips on her cheek she looked over at him stunned as he smiled sheepishly.


"hmm a wife with the temper in a British accent…who taste sweet!" he looked at her blush …as he looked at her pulling her close to him….hearing the horse in distress he looked over at Amber…. And got up….


"She is giving birth RD!" she looked at him gentle placing his hands on the horses back and smoothing her…


"It's ok Amber ….good girl!" Riddhima looked over at him as he took off his black satin shirt …Armaan wiped away the membrane from the folds small black nose, which was slowly coming out….


"RD please can you …" He looked over at her as she gentle placed her hand on Ambers neck and smooth her gentle….as she looked over at Armaan.


"The next push and the baby will be out….." 


Armaan stood next to Riddhima as they looked at the fold on it's feet and fall down again as Amber push her nose forward gentle encouraging the golden fold to stand up….Both taken in the miracle which happened right before them… as they both brought in a new life in the world together…stood smiling in amazement as he placed his arm around her…


"Wow the fold is beautiful!" Minnie gasped placing her arms around Armaan and Riddhima as she stood between them….As the fold got up on his feet and moved towards his mother.


"Ok! Now we are having breakfast! And someone needs to have a bath and get dressed!" Minnie and Riddhima looked over at Armaan as he scratched his head full of stands of hay…grinning …topless at both of them… he grabbed a riders jacket.


Riddhima looked over at Armaan as she took hold of his hand and Minnie as she lead them back to the palace….


Jai Chand looked over at Minnie as she told them what happened over at the stables as she tucked into her breakfast…


"So I guess it's congratulation Minnie…. What you naming him?" Jai Chand said looking over at her grinning.


"Bhabhi can name him!" Minnie announced to all of them.


"Talking about Bhabhi and bro where are they?" Atul asked looking around the room.


"They both gone with Bua at the mandir …..and the lordship said he going to bed afterwards!" Minnie answered




"Armaan go to sleep!" Riddhima looked over at him as he sat on the bed with his laptop open.


"I can't sleep…and I'm checking my emails…" he looked over at her looking at him as she sat down on the bed next to him.


"Bua was telling me that we have a small gathering this evening ….so you going to have to reset…." He looked at her and smiled closing the lid of the laptop.


"Fine…" She looked at Armaan as he pulled her toward him and placed his head on her lap and his arms around her waist….moving her hand slowly she placed it gentle on his head…. She had surprised herself as to how close they where coming as how comfortable she was with him and how she knew exactly what she was doing?….pushing his hair back she looked down to see him asleep with a small smile on his lips … she gentle pulled his arms away from her waists….she gentle eased him on the pillow… he moved forward frowning and turned holding a pillow..


"Bhabhi?" Riddhima looked over at Minnie pushing the door open to see her gentle place a blanket over Armaan…as Minnie stepped in smiling.


"He is finally a sleep…. It's been quiet a morning!" Riddhima said look over at Minnie as they moved towards the large sofa…as Minnie sat next to her yawning.


"Hmm come here!" Riddhima took hold of her in her lap as she gentle placed her head on her shoulder as she yawned.


"I love you Bhabhi!" Minnie whispered closing her eyes …


"I love you too honey…" Riddhima wrapped her arms around her as she fell asleep…


Opening his eyes he looked over at Riddhima holding Minnie in her arms as they both slept.. getting up from the bed he moved closer to see Riddhima opening her eyes and looking at him…as he lifted Minnie from her arms and carried her to bed and place her down gentle…as he walked over towards her and sat next to her.


"For my gift ….promise me if anything ever happens to me you would look after Minnie!" Riddhima looked at him stunned as he told hold of her hand.


"Do you really have to ask? Armaan? …And what would happen to you?" he looked at her take away her hand from his and look away.


"RD?" she looked at him in tears…unable to understand why she felt upset


"Why would you think I would not think of MY family?" he looked at her taken back by her words … she got up and walked away.


*knock knock*  standing up he grabbed her wrist and pulled her close to him hard….as she placed her hand on his chest feeling his heat beat under the white vest…


"The door!" she whispered not looking at him.


"I AM IMPORTANT HERE not that person on the other side of the door!" she looked up at him as he let go of her wrist and placed his arms around her waist pulling her closer to him.


*knock knock*  feeling his hold tight she turned to look into his eyes.


"I am sorry! I am not going to let you go until you accept my apology !" feeling him move closer…


"Only if you accept me as a Malik …" feeling his lips on her she closed her eyes….as he released her lips looked at him totally surprised in his hold…


"What's the matter?" he whispered brushing his cheek against her kissing her hair in his embrace…..


Pulling back she looked at him as her heart  was going to explored as he smiled and letting her go and headed towards the door…….



"Before for the party begins I want to make an announcement!" Vinita said looking at the family members in the hall.


"Raj Kumari Riddhima…please!" Riddhima looked over at Buaji as she held her hand out to receive her…


Everyone looked over at them as Armaan looked over at them curiously he never hated them only hated the fact that Vinita never forgave his father… and then they all turned on Atul if mother had not stepped in…


"When my bhabhi Vidya left us god reset her soul she handed me over the keys…trusting me to hand them over to our bahoo…which I am doing today!" Riddhima looked over at her surprised as she placed the set of keys in her hand.


"But Bua ji I can not take these?" Vinita looked at her surprised


"What I mean to say is that as long as you are here our mother to us all! I would not have it any other way?" Riddhima placed the keys back into her hand.  Vinita looked over at Jai Chand totally surprised and over at Armaan who smiled as he stepped forward near Riddhima beaming at what she had just said.


"See I have never had much of a family life always moving from one boarding school to another and I need time get to know the whole family and when you have done such a wonderful job with the family and household how can I dream of taking this away from you…"


"Jai she just like Padmini…. Same mannerisms and the voice!" Riddhima looked over at Vinita confused as Armaan approached her…


"You knew my mother?" Riddhima asked looking at her.


"Knew you're mother …. Vidya, me and your mother all where mates in Oxford… We now everything about each other….before our paths changed and we had to grow up!" hearing a slight hint of frustration in her voice she smiled seeing Armaan step forward.


"Hey Riddhima did you not know?….there three where something  I still have Moms old photos and stuff… and letters from your mother she wanted you to have."


"Now you going to be a good girl and take these keys,  we all have to start somewhere and to be honest Minnie and Armaan are a handful the others are not as bad as these two… good luck!" Riddhima looked at her with the keys in her hand as Armaan and the others started laughin…


"But Buaji?" Riddhima looked over at her as she turned shaking her head.


"You'll be fine! If you are anything like Padmini it will be a breeze! By the way! Armaan take Riddhima upstairs and get changed we will call you guys down for the guests…"


"Why do I have to wear this shervani?" Armaan complaint looking at himself dressed in a light blue shervani as he tried to fasten the button frowning…


"May I assist the prince!" he looked up and gasped seeing her dressed in a black sari with the heavy light blue embroidery which matched his suit…with her hair tied up and he stared at her as she looked at him…. Taking hold of his collar she fasten the button…as she turned to move away…..he pulled the diamond headed pin from her tied bun and watched the hair fall down…


"Armaan?" feeling his hand on bare back …sent a cold chill down her spine as she felt him move closer behind her…


"I like it loose ….it make you look beautiful!" …feeling his hands gentle pick up her hair and gentle release it ….turning around he was not there as she collected herself… What is happening to me? Why do I feel like I want to kiss him again and that kiss ….no he cant be? he was in America? I remember Rani ma telling me…. He cannot be Romeo and then why do I feel like this? I am loosing it ….Ok where has he gone now we meant to be entering the party down stairs together…


"Ok now what is this?" taking the large white material in his hand he looked at it….


Opening the bathroom door he walked over towards her and looked at her standing there totally shocked to see him walking towards her.


"What is this?" she turned to look at him tryin to avoid looking at his slightly hair legs as he was dressed in just his long top!


"It's a dhoti!" she said looking away.


"Ok so how does one wear such a thing?" he said looking at her as she tried not to giggle…


"Take off the top first!" she said looking at him narrowing his eyes.


"Ok! Fine you want to see me in my undies cool!"  he looked at her blushing as she quickly turned around ……


"RD! the button?" he said walking in front of her shaking his head frowning.


"Oh!" she helped him take of his top and looked at him in his black boxers.


"Ok now most women faint looking at a fine specimen of a man!" he chuckled as he looked at her opening up the large white material


"Really! I guess you're lucky I go for brains and not muscles…" she giggled holding the material now set….


"Really I guess that person checking me out topless in the barn was someone else then?" he looked at her blushing


"Ok now keep still while i…"


"Ok be gentle I a virgin dhoti wearer!" he chuckled seeing her trembling fingers move towards his waist as she smiled shaking her head…she looked up into his eyes as he looked at her…. With her heart beating and feeling his warm body so close to her …..he looked at her silently folding the pleats and moving forward …. Hesitating she placed her hands on his warm torso…feeling the outline of his defined muscles as she tucked the white material in…. Feeling her slow close to him as she dared not to look into his eyes…Feeling her breath on his chest knowing that she could sense the tension in the room as his body was just scream out to just touch her…. Unsure of why she wanted him to take hold of her and kiss him like he did before..…. Looking at her avoiding his eyes as a small smile danced on his lips…..noticing the bed behind him he smiled… She moved a little closer making the final touches when she lost her balance….Feeling herself on top of him she blushed trying to get up but feel on his bare chest again…seeing her pallu underneath him she looked at him pleading to let her go…as she tried to free herself while he grinned at her.


"hmm is this all part of you're scheme …" she looked at him raising his eyebrows looking at her ….as she followed his eyes with her hands on his chest and the mark of the lips stick imprinted on his chest… Seeing her pulling her pallu he looked at her getting up as she turned complete red as he chuckled…seeing her leaving the room and enter the bathroom….


Through out the party she found herself looking at him as he placed his hand around her shoulder introducing her to the guest….as he would not leave her side…as everyone was engrossed in there conversations ….she looked at him  when suddenly he took hold of her hand and led her away from everyone…


"Armaan the party?…" she whispered.


"We have done out duty said hello…." She looked at him smiling at her


" But Bua and…"


"She handle everything don't worry…Trust me!" he said looking at her nodding her head…


"Where we going?" she looked at him


"Like you don't know!" he looked at her blushing as he chuckled


She looked at him closing the bedroom door as he took hold of her ….feeling his passionate kisses on her neck she gasped… as he could not control the beast within him any longer…feeling herself lifted his arms she found herself kissing him back…he sat her down on the bed and looked at her with her eyes lowered… moving forward ….seeing the lust in his eyes her pulse raced as he moved closer… She was in awe of his gentle touch and the way he stared kissing her neck…moving down the blouse of her shoulders… 


Sawar ,sawar
Sawar Gai Mein

Kab Se Khadi Mein Tori Atariya

Kab Se Khadi Mein Tori Atariya
Beet Na Jaaye O Rama Sari Umariya


Sawar Gai Mein


Feeling her finger in his hair as she kissed him back matching his passion….He looked at her on the bed as he interlocked her finger…


"I want you to love me forever …. my Juliet!" he whispered …hearing her gasp he kissed her as he felt her arms pulling him towards her……


Sawar Gai Chand Sitare Dekho
Sawar Gai Sare Nazare Dekho
Dekho Gagan Pe Ban Ke Badariya
Chamki Teri Yaadon Ki Bijuriya

Tan Ko Jalaye Thandi Bayariya 2
Beet Na Jaaye O Rama Sari Umariya

Sawar Gai Mein


Opening her eyes she looked at him on the bed with the bedcovers not on the bed…as she looked on the floor seeing the broken bangles…her sari on the floor next to his clothes and her jewellery scatted all over the place picking up the bedcover she wrapped it around herself….


"Hey?" turning she looked at him looking at her sleepy grinning at her while scratching his head.


"Where you going?" he said looking at her with the covers draped around her body


"It's morning and …" Feeling herself pulled back on the bed she looked at him grinning.


"Not until you serve me!! ……… My morning kiss…only then you have my permission to leave me in this bed all alone!" he said looking at her shocked expression.


"Armaan?" feeling his hands pulling down the covers….she kissed his cheek and tired to get out of his hold but was unable to as he pulled her back to him hard.


"Now for breakfast I want…" wriggling out of his hold she looked at him sticking her tongue at him


"No breakfast for you and…." Seeing him getting out of the bed she looked at the bathroom door…and headed for it as he took hold of her…


"Good idea…I was wondering who was going to scrub these lips stick mark off my chest…" see her blush he pulled her into the bathroom and closed the door….




"Do you have to go?" she looked at him as he sulked the last month they had gotten very close during the time they had spent together….but they where both exhausted by the number of pooja's and party held in there honour…


"It's traditional…..I have to go back…and you bring me back home after that I do not return until I'm…." He looked at her blushing and stepped closer to him.


"Until you're carrying our baby" he grinned walking over towards her at her dresser and hugged her…as she blushed even more not looking at him at all as he grinned.


"So tell me what are we naming the fold…. Minnie and  I in fact we all dieing to now?" she looked up at him as he closed the button to his sleeve….


"I been thinking how about Ansh!" he bent down and pulled the pins out of her hair and kissed her as her hair fell down…


"Beautiful!…..Cool I get him ready for our baby…." He looked at her blushing.


"Armaan I have to go!" she looked at him not letting go of her hand as he lead her to the limo outside.


"Bhabhi?" They turned to see Minnie with tears running down her face.


"Why you crying?" Riddhima asked looking at her .


"He will not cry so I'm crying for both of us? Since you leaving…" Ridhima looked over at Armaan shaking his head.


"Rajputs don't Cry!" He said sternly looking at both of them hugging each other.


"Ok see I be there for a week…and I'm bring Raja back ….he will love it here like me! Now you take care of everyone ….this is temporary and then Raj Kumar Armaan you be taking orders from me…as I will be crowned Queen and we all know who the ruler really is.." she said giggling feeling his arms around her waist tighten in his hold.


"Hmm I will listen to what her highness says but I obey no one but myself…" he said pulling her close to him..


"Yeah will see!! …. Now the Prince who went jogging and horse ridding early morning is getting lazy and …"


"I'm occupied by another philly which has captivated me…" feeling her fits on his chest he chuckled…


"Now since you called me a horse ….I'm leaving and not even going to call you…or take you're calls…" he looked at her frowning and leaned forward and kissed her.


"You dare cut my calls and I am not coming to get you!" he shouted as she got into the limo…


"Fine!" hearing her giggle he …watched her drive away…


"Sir you have a call he says it's important!" Frowning Armaan place the receiver to his ear


"There a bomb in Raj Kumari Riddhima Car!"  feeling the life drain out of his body he bolted for the door…….

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~~Chapter Six~~


?Hey M?no I just left! Ok stop teasing you?re Ladoo Jija  he is just fine!? Riddhima giggled holding her mobile travelling back to the palace where she was raised as Muskhan giggled down the phone.


?Good I want details RD and I?m not joking!? RD shook her head as she smiled.


?Look who talking? I never got to see you about Rahul?Hey missy that was quick and a surprise?Ok so you in Delhi right?Is Sapna with you?? Riddhima asked feeling like the Limo had picked up some speed and look through the black glass?


?Yeah we here in Delhi?Papa wants me here with him now?I hate these politic RD?the people are so devious I hate being a politicians daughter ?I avoid them papa has no time for me and mums at her social events?? Riddhima could feel there was more to it as Muskhan sighed


?I be in Delhi we can shop before I head back to ladoo?s?After I have completed Mum and Dads Barsi tomorrow?? Feeling her heart sink as she remembered her parents? the limo jerked feeling the bumps on the road she frowned and looked at the driver.


?Muskhan I?ll call you back!? Riddhima ended the call and pushed down the button to the black tinted window to see the chauffeur hat.


?Is something the matter? why we driving so fast?? She asked frowning?


?Madam there is a red car following us?and some jeeps??


**Ring Ring** picking up the cell she smiled.


?I am not picking up the phone your highness?you call me a horse!? grinning thinking about how she left him the car Holt?as her whole body jerked forward as her hands automatically pushed down on the leather seat in front protecting her from getting crushed?


As the door open she felt someone grab her arm and holist her out of the limo and unable to understand what was going on she looked over at the limo trying to free herself?Feeling herself being crushed as someone held her tightly?.she looked over at him looking at her.


?Armaan?? feeling his eyes suddenly full of rage she felt his hand behind her head pulling her hair towards his face as she felt the pain of his grip and anger glare in his eyes.


?You ever refuse to pick my call again I ?.? He looked at the pain on her face and gentle his grip?


?If anything happened to you I would ?.? Seeing his face soften she looked at him with nothing but worry and relief on his face as a lone tear ran down his face?seeing her confused state she looked at him place her hand on his cheek?as he kissed her palm on his face looking at him totally confusion try to comprehend what was happening around her


?SIR!? she looked at him closing his eyes and wipe the tear off his face as he turned to see the Guard.


?There is no bomb in the Limo but we found this!?  Armaan looked at the letter and opened it


?This was a mere warning Prince Armaan next time you will not be so lucky!?


Feeling is heart full of rage he looked over at her?the storm had past but this was not over far from it?


?BOMB?? he turned to see her worried face and took hold of her in his arms


?It?s Ok RD! Nothing will happen to you I promise! I will find these sick people and they will pay?.? He took hold of her face and looked at her as her eyes where filled with horror..


Seeing another limo appear he looked over at the door open to see Rani ma step out of the car.


?Ranveer called me! Riddhima beta are you ok?!? RD looked over at her grandmother and ran towards her hugging her ?.


?Armaan do you know who has done this?? they looked at him shaking his head as he walked over towards them


?Well we are not far from the palace let go as anyone could be watching us here on the road?? Rani ma said looking at them both looking very scared.


Riddhima looked over at him as he was so quiet sitting next to her as he held her hand and stared into space? Fear is taking over me?.Now what if I lose her and if there really was a bomb


?Penny for you?re thoughts!? he turned to look at her? Feeling his arms around her holding her desperately she close her arms around him too.


?Lets go back home?.you don?t have to do the traditions!? she looked at him as his voice quivered.


?We are Rajputs and we do not live in fear! Remember?? he looked at her as her voice registered and nodded.


?We are Rajputs?we don?t cry but get even!? he said?..she looked at him repeating the words again.


?Look I be back in no time?I have a few loose ends to tie up!? she looked at him nodding sternly? what is happening to me take-charge man


?You right?but I am leaving my guards with you?? she looked at him surprised


?But what mine is you?re why would the people who raised me harm me???I know Rani ma she tighten up everything she will make sure I am protected?.? He looked at her and nodded she was right as her grandmother like him drop everything to get there?there was no way her own family could harm her.


?I could have sat in her car instead we in the rolls..? she looked at him as he looked straight ahead.


?I am you?re husband and know best as you are my responsibility now?this way we both are safe in the bomb and bullet proof car I did ask Rani ma to join us!? She could feel the old Armaan returning as he looked at her and looked away.


?Ok Relax!? she said moving closer to him?..he felt her head on her shoulder and sighed?..




?Who could do such a thing?? Vinita asked Jai Chand as they discussed the morning events?


?Who you think? Roma is capable of such an act?.? Vinita said looked at him


?But we have no proof ?.we have to wait and see what happens!? Vinita added looking at her brother and walked away.


?Armaan loves her a lot he came back home and was seriously upset he has not eaten a thing?I am worried about him Jai!?


Vinita and Jai looked at each other trying to digest and piece together what was going on as Ranveer had tight security in the palace and not taking any chances?




Who? And Why? Would anyone do this? We have no members of the family threaten before why now? Who could be playing this sick game?


Armaan paced the room and banged his fist on the wall and looked over at her side of the bed.  If anything happens to her I will destroy everything?


** Ring Ring*** he looked over at the phone and picked it up.


?Hey?? hearing her voice he sighed as his anger left him?as a smile danced on his lips as he stared at there picture in the stables near the fold?which Minnie had snapped later that day and gifted to them both..


?You there?? hearing the pause she looked over at there wedding picture on the wall.


?Hmmm I miss you!?  smiling she fell back on the bed.


?Me too but Raja keeping me company?you know coming back here its so lonely cant believe how much I miss you, Minnie and everyone?Woof woof?..Raja?? Armaan chuckled hearing her battle with the dog.


?He wants to sleep on the bed! I told him no and he is being a pain!?Yeees u aaree! Bad boy!!? Armaan smiled getting into bed and looked around the empty room as the void surrounded him?see the little reminders of her in the room he smiled.


?RD I think I need some attention here?.I?m all alone and totally bored!? hearing him sigh she smiled.


?Awww is my baby waby bored?? he hear her giggling?he smiled.


?Cute! But you know I was thinking?. I?ll come and collect you tomorrow!?  he said turning to his side on the bed and seeing her side of the empty bed and placed his hand on the bed where she lay?


?Armaan I need to finish off some stuff and then you can get me as agreed on Friday!?? he sighed heavily frowning?.


?Ok I now you need to get the hand over of the business and stuff..? he said sighed again


?Armaan please do not worry about me ok?.I mean this was someones sick joke?we have no enemies?and no one would gain anything from my death but you?? she giggled ?as he clenched the phone frowning.


?Do you think I am capable of such a thing?? he said frowning.


?Come on honey I was joking?you my knight in shinning amour the way you stopped the limo and dragged me out of the car?.You proved how much you love me and what I mean to you?No I know for sure you would never be capable of nothing but love honey?.?  Hearing the long pause her heart raced ?.man I should have said that what would be think of me?


?Hmmm  RD please think before you make an accusations in future ?.as someone else hearing you?re joke would think differently??  he said sternly hating the fact she was even thinking he would do such a thing?


?Sorry you?re highness I will remember that in future?My humble apologies!?  she said quickly he was always good at telling her ?where her place was?


?Since we have both had an adventurous day ?.we should reset I?ll call you in the morning!? he said heavy heartily


?I am sorry honey ?.please forgive me!? she said biting her lip.


?Just be careful and?it?s OK! Goodnight!? he said closing his eyes.


?Goodnight!? she answered with a deep sigh of regret ?as he ended the call.


 Placing the mobile on the side he closed his eyes?she was joking and then why did it hurt so much as I would never hurt her?. Armaan she?s in shock someone tried to kill her and this is her way of handling the issue and on top of that she trying to ease your pain and making the situation light hearted of course she know you never hurt her? Picking up the phone he dialled her number.


?I am sorry!? he said hearing her sobbing


?I am sorry Armaan?.? Hearing her mumbling he cursed himself for her condition.




?Beta is you?re husband not here for this pooja?? Riddhim looked over at the Pundit and shook her head and looked over at everyone looking at her as she sat near the scared fire to perform her parent?s barsi?.Rani ma, Rishab and Roma looked at her dressed in white performing the rights?


?OM Nama?.? The pundits said his mantra she felt someone come near her and sit down


?Sorry I am late!? he said shuffling forward to be near her?she looked at him surprised dressed in white and looked over at Minnie sitting behind him smiling


?Armaan?? she whispered stunned to see him as he narrowed his eyes.


?I?m upset with as you never told me it  was Uncle and Aunties barsi as Vinita bua told me ?while you did not even bother to include me?? he whispered back turning to look forward at the pundit as he placed the coconut in his palm.. As her heart raced she looked at him performing the rituals with her. He was upset but she need to pay attention to the pooja and would talk to him later about it?.Looking over at her parents photo placed near the fire she closed her eyes


?I Riddhima  Daughter of Shanshank and Padmini?.promise to make the MALIKS pay for every injustice they have done to my province and for murdering my parents? I will make each and everyone responsible pay for there deaths!? She vowed opening her eyes to see the fire roaring in front of her adding fuel to her hatred?.




?Riddhima I don?t understand why you played that stunt with the bomb?? Riddhima turned to look over at Rani ma as she sat in her bedroom for coco before going to bed.


?Before a farmer picks his harvest he test the crops to see if they are ripe and ready ?this was what I intended to see?.and Armaan is nearly ready for the next phase?? Rani ma smiled as she looked over at Riddhima looking at her.


?We have a lot to do and keep Anjali away from Atul. This marriage can not take place under any cost! ?I don?t want her there and ruining everything! I am perfectly capable of carrying out this dushmani?? Rani ma looked at her taken back by the sound of her tone.


?You never told me Vidya and Vinita went to Oxford with mum?? Riddhima said looking at her ?clearly not happy with what she had learnt..


?Friends? They don?t know the meaning of the word?they where the one who killed her! And my darling boy!? Rani ma said in tears looking at her granddaughter getting up and walking towards the window.


?Hmmm they will all pay??. Vinita Bua is wrapped around my finger like most of them once the carnation is complete and I am Queen ?that is when I will strike! The Maliks will not know what hit them?and I will avenge my parents death!? Rani ma smiled looking over at Riddhima and nodded.


Riddhima left her bedroom this was what she was waiting for Riddhima her Vice ?. Shanshank and Padmini murder indicated the Maliks involvement she looked at the small child crying in front of her to be her weapon to fight them.  Vidya would not have turned down her proposal for Riddhima and Armaan to marriage and she knew it Ranveer would take the bait? Padmini?s  best friend would never turn down her dieing wish for unity?  Rani ma smiled as everything was falling into place?sending Riddhima away to England was best thing to do as she was away from everyone as she sowed the seed and conditioned the child ?. The private lesson on shooting, sword fighting and combat was all in place?including the art to seduce a man and manipulation Riddhima was a educated in this and much more in the past 10 years all privately unknown to only them as she attended finishing school ?. Only Riddhima and herself knew this? No contact with the Malik as Armaan relayed information thorough her and she passed them on to Riddhima on a need to know basis?. Vidya death was a disappointment but ?.this plan she though off will not go to waste? The bomb scare indicated his love for her granddaughter but this one only part of the plan?.Now with Riddhima established they only had to wait for the carnation which was 3 months away and during that time Riddhima will be ready to Kill King Armaan?..




Feeling Raja near her as she shook her head at him to see his eyes look at her she smiled.


?I am not wrong am I Raj?? she said looking at the wedding photo on the dresser as she place a hand on his head feeling his velvet hair so smooth and soothing with every stoke


?I better call him?. He was upset and then when I kissed him he melted! I better just square it up to him?. I messed up yesterday and I need to be careful with my words?.? As she picked up her mobile it rang


?Hello!? mumbled a deep voice?.


?Hmm This is not good enough Phisab Singh? I want that man found ?I gave you all the details in Paris?Find him!? Riddhima pushed the end button and looked over at Raja looking at her.


?I don?t know Raj that guy?its like he unlocked something inside me and I can not describe it?Romeo? but we both know that was not his really name and I need to find him and find out who he is!?.Ok now behave as I talk to my so called husband LADOO? man I hate this act and he a t**ser!! I have to watch myself always with him cant relax for even a second?Cant wait to go shopping with the girls and behaviour like a brat?? Placing the mobile to her ear she sighed?.

~~Part  Seven ~~


Frowning in bed she tossed over?. As the images of her parents came before her eyes??Padmini Jump out of the CAR!? she looked over at her mother looking at her father.


?Listen to me the breaks have failed ?take hold of Rimmy and Jump?I am begging you..? as the car lost control ?Padmini held Riddhima in her arm.


?I am not leaving you? she cried out?. As he drove trying to control the car.


?I have lost control of the car Pam listen to me for god sake JUMP?Meri Kasam!? he pleaded as he looked at the two most important people in the car feeling his own heart breaking as she shook her head at him ?.he pleaded with his eyes and she was admit about not moving?


?We in this together ?I will never leave you!? she screamed back at him.


?Pam think of Rimmy!? he screamed steering the car out of danger.


?We all in this together I can not leave you or her?? Pam sobbed?




Getting up out of bed sweating she opened her eyes panting? that nightmare never escaped her dreams and she closed her eyes placing her head gentle on the head board?to feel Raja leap up and lick her face as he waggled his tail as she hugged him? Every time she was scared and had bad dreams he was there but now even since coming back to India the nightmares has returned?.


~~~Flash Back~~~


?First the puppy and what else Ma?? Rishab looked over at his mother in her room.


?How can you forget the evidence the police found ?pointing to the Malik?s killing Bhai?. For that land and now you getting Riddhima to marry the very own people who killed her parents?? hiding behind the door with her tears running down her face she heard them speaking.


?Quiet if Riddhima hears you?? Rani ma moved to the door knowing Ridhima was in her normal spot every night to scare her and Rishab had picked a good time to fight with her.




?Padmini and Shashank wanted this and promised Vidya to give Riddhima to her as there Bua?Why are you forgetting that? ? as the tears ran down her face Rani ma sat down on the bed and looked over at her Son.


?Fair enough Shanshank was not my flesh and blood and I was his step mother but I never treated him an different at all ?Rishab my son I am fulfilling my Son and Bua?s last wish? Now I do not want to discuss this!? Rishab looked over at his mother sobbing and frowned leaving the room?


Riddhima stepped forward not understand what was going on but the only thing that registered was the Malik?s killed her parents and tried to kill her when she was 4 years old.. When she looked over at her grandmother sobbing she was the only one who loved her like anything.


?I will kill them!? she mumbled placing her hand on her grandmothers shoulder.


?I will make them pay for killing my parents?Rani ma I promise!? A Rajputs promise was everything even if that meant dieing to fulfil it..


?No beta what happened was an accident and we have no truth only what the Guards found ?? Rani ma smiled within as she looked at the young girl before her.


?NO! I Will kill them!?


~~End of Flash back~~~


?You are killing me!? Riddhima smiled hearing him on the phone.


?Armaan how am I killing you??as I have not exactly done anything yet?? He heard her giggling and closed his eyes sighing deeply walking over to see the morning sun rising from the balcony of the bedroom.


?It?s been over a week now and you?re staying a few more days?Last couple of days have been Hell?. I want my wife back!? he said frowning.


?Are you sure as I could kill you on my arrival ?would you want that?? he chuckled holding the phone.


?I would die a thousand time just for you?Now when will my murder be coming to kill me?? he smiled looking at the world looking extra beautiful since she called him this morning.


?Be careful what you wish for Armaan? Actually I called this morning to request my king to come get this humble lady who is dieing to murder her husband?? she smiled looking at the large sword on the wall?


?Wow this prey will be there in the next couple of hours..?


?Ok seriously Armaan? there will be a couple of deliveries this morning at home?my yoga and gymnastics stuff? You did promise I could have the old  room in the basement?? he smiled remembering there conversation couple of days back.


?Anything else my Queen!? he chuckled


?Sure RD what ever you want?.but you could workout room we used... But as this is you?re home you are free to use any room in the palace?It?s all yours including me!? hearing her giggling he smiled ?.


?Ok you promise! The palace is all mine?? he smiled and frowned


?Does that mean you don?t want me??


?No ?.Money means nothing to me Armaan if you are not there? I too have missed you terrible but there was so much work here to do with the merging of the business and stuff?? hearing that she too was missed him he smiled.


?Ok give me an hour I be there to get you??  placing the receiver down she smiled?


What am I doing? I mean I?m looking forward to see him? I was missing him every night and why did I just call him without thinking? As she rubbed the chalk on her hands she looked at the top bar and hoisted herself up? Lifting herself up she slowed her eyes clearing her head ?.relaxing her arms she leaned forwards letting herself fall as her body moved around the pole? the High Bar was her domain where she felt at peace where no one could touch her as the moved faster and jumped to the higher bar ?. Moving around again she pushed her body with all her might to double somersault and land on the mat?. *clap clap*  opening her eyes she looked over at Anjali standing moving forward as she went to the chalk bowl and placed her hands in there.


?Morning Riddhima!? Anjali said looking at her dressed in her Nike black suit.


?Impressive? I don?t get why you like gymnastics at all.. the High Bar and the mat?? Anjali said looking around the gym


?This is a form of art which requires grace and understand of how much force is required to perform such an event?You would not understand Di? Anjali looked at her and frowned as she moved to the rope and placed her hands on the large thick rope.


?What are you saying RD I don?t have grace and ??


?Di I am not in the mood for a fight in fact this whole thing is getting boring? Just face it I married the man you loved and followed to America and he is my husband!? Anjali looked at her complete gob smacked.


?Wow they said married would change you?and someone grown up fast!? Anjali said looking at her frowning.


?I have been quite lenient with you ?since child hood in fact I think you should now know whom you are addressing and will watch how you conduct you?re self with me in the future?As I am the Queen!? ?.lifting herself up she climbed the rope not even looking down.


?Get used the height RD as you will never know from what great heights you may fall.? Anjali looked at her with the ease and grace she climbed the rope without using her legs she was impressive climbing up using her upper body strength.


?When I fall! It will be from Dignity and grace Di?? she shouted back?




?We need to teach them a lesson!? Roma said looking at Rishab


?They tried to kill Riddhima!? she added looking at him


?And so what? If she dies we get Anjali to marry him?It would not be a bad idea we kill the queen and leave the king open on the chess board.? Roma raised her eyes brows looking at him


?Ma?s a fool giving them everything?I though she would be wise and take the bait we planted after Shanshank death but she still did what she wanted!?. She hated Padmini and we all know why?? Roma smiled wickedly and placed her arms around her husband?


?You still jealous as I was with Shanshank first and then you?? Rishab turned to look at her and frowned.


?I always get his Jhoot?.? Roma looked at him stepping back.


?You hated him because he fell in love with Padmini on his visit to UK and I hate being compared to him?.you had you?re selfish reason and I had mine?.I wanted everything that was rightfully mine the title and he business and now I have to look at a different angle to gain everything?? He said angrily pounding his fist on the wall.


?Honey?? he looked at her as she smiled coming closure to him.


?I have an idea ?.? He looked at her smiling




?God how I have missed you!? Feeling his hand on her waist she smiled placing her arms around his neck?leaning forward he kissed her?.feeling his lips on her the turmoil started as her body was responding to his gentle kiss as her brain was telling her to back away?.finally giving in ?.her body melted in his arms as he released her and sighed seeing her eyes still closed and kissed her cheek and smiled.


?Hey sweetheart missed me that much?? Opening her eyes she looked at him and blushed?as he pulled her into a tight embraced.


?Hhhhmmmm nice pick bedroom?and wow I don?t have that picture!? he looked over at the wall and pointed at him as she looked in the same direction.


?Sapna she good with a camera ?.she took it when we where in the middle of the Hall and ?? She stared at them looking at each other and everyone danced around them..


?Well I guess we should get her to clipping out pictures in bollywood poses as that so bollywood you and me eye locking?? he chuckled looking at her..


?Bad idea ?.you don?t know Sapna she go over board and have you lift me up and hold me from behind and ?? he looked at her giggling


?Hmm I guess we can practise those moves!? he said pulling her closer to him.


?You have a one track mind!? she said shaking her head at him.


?I blame you?. never in my entire life have I ever lust after anyone but my beautiful and sex wife?? kissing her forehead he looked at her.


?Wow big bed!? he said raising his eyebrow.


?Armaan??.come on I want to go home!? she let go of him and lead him out of the room? This man seriously but heck what can I do as I cast this spell on the fool?


?Armaan beta I am scared!? Armaan looked over at Rani ma in the main hall.


?Please Rani ma don?t worry my wife?s security will be my main priority ?I will not be risking a thing!? Good as you be worrying about her until you know what hit you?Rani ma smiled placing her hand on his head.


?Good beta I know you are understanding you?re duty as a husband?We will come over with Riddhima Karva Chauth Sargi next month?In the mean time look after her ?And Riddhima you look after Armaan?Make sure he does not worry about a thing!? Placing her hand on Riddhima head she smiled.




?Hi Bhabhi I have so missed you!? Riddhima smiled hugging Minnie as she kissed her forehead..


?You?re Ansh has grown and??


?Minnie let her come inside I ?.take her to see the young fold later today!? Armaan said chuckling at Minnie frown.


?His Lordship has been a right grumpy old man since you had gone?he was at the stables and he sorted out you?re gym personally?.? Riddhima looked at him a little surprised?


?And we have a new security feature?CCTV!? Riddhima looked up to see the camera and looked at Armaan a little puzzled.


?Don?t worry they placed outside the Palace and inside there no camera?s at all??


?No he stepped up security there too?more guards!? Minnie frowned looking at him


?Can we please come inside?? he said looking around


?No Bua wants you both to wait here?? They both stared at Bua and a woman dressed in white coming towards them holding up Aarti Taali


?This is Devi my sister in law she staying for a few days?. She wanted to do the Aarti?? Bua explained as they looked at the woman with her face covered doing the aarti.


?Riddhima beta ?get ashiward? Riddhima looked over at Armaan as he nodded ?. Feeling the womans hand on her head she slowly looked up at her?.it was familiar but how?


?Saada Suhaag raho!? Riddhima looked at her but the face was covered and her voice seemed to have touched her.


?Bhabhi!? coming out of her daze she looked over at Minnie pulling her away as Armaan smiled looking at them both?


?Excuse me?? They both looked at Armaan chasing after them.


?She did not recognise me Vinny?? her voice quivered as she felt Vinita arm around her.


?No Pam! Relax??


?Send me back to the Lonavola?If anyone sees me Riddhima will be in danger?they will do anything to kill her?.the bomb blast scared me that why I called you?? Vinita looked over her shoulder and lead her away?


?Ok Pam but you have to tell her the truth!?

?No her life will be in danger?. Thank god you and Vidya saved me, Rimmy and my unborn child ? the look on Shanshank face when I told him I was pregnant and you know how they tried to kill Rimmy when I was pregnant with her?? Pam sobbed in Vinita arms?


?Chirag knows nothing about this world?.he think his father died in a car accident before he was born and he mean everything to me?I feel so much better know Riddhima is safe with you? ? Padmini looked at her as Vinita nodded.


?Ok tomorrow morning I make sure you are back home? Relax for now..? Vinita said looking at her.




?Hey RD!? Armaan approached her looking at the horses in the pen.


?I have been calling you for ages?? he said looking at her look at him


?What the matter?? he took hold of her hand


?The woman form yesterday? It was like ?I cant explain and she left I wanted to see her??


?Yeah she left last night she mentioned her son was not well?? Armaan looked at her a little surprised


?Oh!? Riddhima said looking at him as he pulled her close to him


?She comes to the Palace when Mum was not well?.she used to stay up with her Atul used to tell me?her son is some singer Chirag Kapoor?.?


?Atul told me Mum was fond of her and she even named her son Chirag?My mother helped a lot of people and everyone loved her?? Riddhima eyes burned up as she turned and looked away?


?You lucky Armaan you had you?re mother?I lost my parents when I was 4 years old and I can still her my mothers screams from the car crash..? feeling her tears running down her face he looked at her.


?RD I know it must have been hard and??


?You have know idea Armaan?watching you parents die in front of you?re eyes know the people responsible are walking free living a life with not care in the world?? He pulled her towards him and took hold of her.


?It was an accident that all I know?and I am sure in one way or another they will pay for this evil deed?? he kissed the tears running down her face.


?I will make them pay!? she told herself feeling his lips on hers?




Feeling his naked body against her in the bed she looked at him and he lay holding her?muscles which she never knew existed now ached as he had make love to her all night and now there sweating bodies lay entangled with each other?What was it he had?as her body would just get aroused but his touch?unknown to her she was reacting without even thinking she surrender her self?and he would leave her wanting more?


?I love you RD!? Riddhima smiled and frowned looking at him mumble as he pulled her closer to him..


It will be this love that kills you?.and everything you hold valuable??

~~Chapter eight~~

?Bua ji where is everyone?? Riddhima asked looking around the hall.


?There teaching Minnie sword fighting ?in the Games room?? Vinita said looking at her as she looked as if she had worked out in her new renovated gymnasium?as she stood dressed in her nike black gym suit and smiled at her?


?Ok I guess I go see them?.? Vinita looked over at her . In the past few days she watch Riddhima as she inter racted with the family members and the elders ?I true royal part of the family now?..


Riddhima heard the clanging of the swords and smiled inwards as she saw Armaan dressed in a white lungi and vest as he struk Atul dressed in the same out fight?she saw Armaan in grossed in his fight as Atul swung the sward at him missing the target


?Atul?you?re not trying!? he said jumping back as Atul swung again?*clack clack* Riddhima tiptoes towards Minnie sitting on the bench with her hand under her chin looking so bored watching her brothers fight?


?Hey?? Riddhima whispered nudging her to see the big smile on her face

?Bhabhi!!? Feeling Minnie arms wrapped around her she smiled and looked over at a the boys again.


?The lordship suppose to teach me instead he showing off?no one can beat him!? Minnie said looked over at Riddhima looked at him?holding the sword in a defence position.. looking Atul


?You want me to teach you?? Minnie looked at her a little surprised


?Really? Bhabhi you can sword fight?? Minnie ask seeing Riddhima look over at the swords on the wall.


?Yeah a little Rajput have to it traditional?im a little rusty so you going to have to be gentle?? Minnie looked at her jumping up and followed her?


?Ok this is my sword?? Minnie pointed at the rack on the wall at Riddhima.


?No Minnie it to heavy?you need something light?hey what about those wooden ones?I get something nice made in England for you?? Riddhima said handing her the thin long wooden sword?


?Ok now show me how you hold it? Riddhima looked over at her griping the sword and giggled.


?Ok now my sensei told me a sword is to be respected and held gently ?only then you can us the force and guide it to your where you desire?? Minnie looked at her as held her from behind?


?Ok now gentle grip your finger first and rest you?re thumb on top?that it now ?ok now move with me gentle?? Minnie nodded as she felt Riddhima guide her arm slowly forward away from her and back..


?hmm what?s happening here?? they turned to see Armaan with a bottle of water in his hand ?smiling at them..


?Bhabhi?s teaching me as your a show off?? Minnie say pulling her tongue at him as he returned the gesture?Armaan looked over at Riddhima grinning coming over?


?Really?tell you?re bhabhi she got to battle me to teach you?? he said looking at her..


?Armaan?? Riddhim shook her head at him releasing Minne and stepped back shaking her head.


?Bhabhi don?t listen to him?he just kidding he would never hurt you?just show me again..? Armaan looked at her as she nodded at Minnie and went back to hold Minnie?he looked over at them when *CLACK*


Riddhima and Minnie stopped him halfway and Minnie looked scared?and sank into Riddhima as Armaan chuckled?


?hmmm nice?? he withdrew he sword in his hand and looked over Riddhima looking at him not happy at all.


?If you scared her she will not enjoy the sport?Minnie you ok!? Riddhima asked looking over at Minnie catching her beath back after seeing Armaan sword of her head?


?She need to fear the blade as well?.Minnie a fighter she be ok!? Armaan said looking over at them..


?This sports not about fear but an art on how you conduct the sword and??

?Man RD this is about power and knowledge?.man you women..? he turned and looked over at Atul chuckling as he moved onto the mat laughing?


?Minnie I need to ?? Minnie grinned as she saw Riddhima pull a sword of the rack?


?Ahem?.? Armaan looked over at Atul with his eyebrows raised looking over his shoulder?


Riddhima stood with her eyes closed holding the sword in her hand ?.Armaan turned to see her as she simple looked break taking moving forward with her eyes open and displayed her technic to them all?hear the slight moan as she moved and turn making the blade move around the air near her? he looked at her with and gripped his swords ?. *Clack* she looked over at him pressing down his sword as she did not move back not fearing him but holding her ground?


?Show my baby what you got!? he whispered looking at her as her eyes danced.


?Honey I don?t want to hurt you?? she whispered back feeling his breath on her face.


?If you hurt me you have to kiss it all better too..? he said pushing down?Riddhima jerked forward gripping his heal as he dropped hard on the mat?.


?Minnie the bigger there are the hard they fall!? Riddhima giggled looking at him slightly frowning getting up.


?Hmm looks like I have to watch you?? Riddhima placed her sword down and looked at him.


?I am sorry?but you where getting arrogant about the sport and ?? she looked over at him as Minnie giggled looking at him?frowning.


?Come RD!? she looked over at him with a look in the eyes? sighing she shook her head and turned to face Minnie and stepped forward ?.hearing a foot behind her and Minnie eyes she turned ?*clack* she looked over at him pulling back and *Clack* he was powerful she was able to feel the force of his stokes and defended her self moving back?


?Good defence?? he said smiling at her and pushing her back hard as the swords collided?. Riddhima looked over at him he was not fighting with his head but his arrogants??What are you waiting for RD? teach him a lesson?? she thought feeling the powerful strokes of the blade?


?Is this all you got!? he teased looking at her and see Minnie and Atul looking over at him as he hit the sword with a lot of power ?.when suddenly ?Riddhima moved to his side and hit his swords in such away that his slipped from his hand?he looked at her baffled as she turned and walked towards Minnie and placed her sword on the wall. 


?How did you?? Minnie asked looking at her.


?he?s not holding the blade correctly and it?s a samurai trick I teach you when one day?but you don?t want to learn this Minnie?come on as from tomorrow I teach you gymnastics?a proper sport!? Riddhima said taking hold of her hand and leaving?


?How did she?? Atul asked looking at her


?I am not sure?? Armaan said smiling at him as he picked up his sword.




Armaan looked over at her sitting at the table and took the seat next to her at the dinner table.


?You?re a dark horse RD!? he whispered as everyone got tucked into there food.


?I don?t know what you mean?? she said turning to look at him smiling over her victory in the games room.


?But you know I lost the first time I saw you?.i surrendered my self to you then? he added  Riddhima glanced oer at him?I know and this will be your downfall.


?Where is Minnie?? they looked over at Ranvir looking over at the empty chair and everyone looked around


?Guard!? Ranvir said firmly as everyone looked over at him


?See she went for a ride!? the guard said


?WHAT?? Armaan got up and looked over at them


?Ji she asked us not to ?.?


?Stupid fool??.she gone to the canyon I bet?? Riddhima looked over at him looking very tense


?Dame it I told her I take her tomorrow and look at the time?why did you not inform me?? he shouted moving away from the table?


As the looked over at him Riddhima got up and moved to catch up with him as the phone rang? Armaan picked up the phone


?IF YOU WANT MINNIE ALIVE! WAIT FOR MY NEXT PHONE CALL!? the line went dead as Riddhima looked at the colour drained from his face.




?She been kidnapped!? the family looked over at him as he clenched his fist.


Riddhima frowned as they hurdled around Armaan moving back she left the room?looking over her shoulder she saw no one there and place the mobile to her ear.


?Pishaab Singh?..find her! Do what ever? Call me in an hour I want her found!? ending the call? Now who can do this? She thought entering the hall carrying glasses of water for the family?.

Part 9 
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14 page 133
Part 15 Page 139 

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