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Ek Kahanii Pyar Kii - Part 11

Sweetuuu** Newbie

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Posted: 10 May 2008 at 5:15pm | IP Logged

Hi, hello, namaste and welcome to my dream. I came up with this FF when I was thinking of how I want to meet my ?Mr. Perfect? and started day-dreaming. That?s when I thought that even if these dreams don?t come true, I can make them come true for a fictional character. This is my first FF and I hope it turns out to be good. And if not good then at least decent enough.


------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------


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------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------




Ria Malhotra:

Main Character. Young girl from Ontario, Canada who goes to L.A. to study architecture. She lives with the Aggarwal family and is like their second daughter. She is pretty with straight, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Ria is everything that guys would want. She is a typical girl who had dreams like every other girl. She looks for people that accept her for who she is. She sometimes try to change herself so everyone likes her. She talks a lot around people she knows but can be as quiet as a mouse around strangers. She is pretty smart and loves to be social. She always feels guilty after hurting somebody?s feelings. (a very nice person) She is also easy to get along with.

She likes honesty even if it hurts her feelings. I can go on forever describing her as it portrays someone I know. But I will let you figure her out on your own.


Aryan Aggarwal:

The ?shaan? of the Aggarwal family. Young man who is in London studying medicine to be a doctor. Girls go crazy for him but he is only a ?one-girl? man. Nice attitude. Nice personality. Nice body. What else can I say? If he talks to you, you?re gonna be stuck in the ?trap?. Old or young, he takes your heart away. Dream of every girl. Loved and loves everyone. Every girl?s Mr. Perfect.


Sanjay Aggarwal:

Business man in L.A. Rich and famous. Nice, loving, caring. Father of Aryan, Avni, and Adi. Who wouldn?t be happy with him around?


Mina Aggarwal:

Wife of Sanjay Aggarwal. Caring and loving. Loves her children. Ideal mother. Loved by everyone. When she is with kids, she talks the talk Wink


Avni Aggarwal:

Friend of Ria. Daughter of Sanjay and Mina Aggarwal. Civil engineer.


Aditya Aggarwal:

Known as Adi. Studies architecture with Ria. Twin brother of Avni.


Shaan: Aryan's childhood friend. Knows Aryan very well.


Avantika: Shaan's fiance.

Payal: A 10 year old girl who came to the hospital for treatment as she has cancer.

I will add more as they enter the story.


------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------




Ria got out of the airplane in Los Angeles and hoped that all would go well without any troubles. She didn?t want to get embarrassed in front of strangers like she usually did. This was her chance for the new beginning she had always hoped for. Ria looked around for her friend, Avni. Ria and Avni had met at a conference in Atlanta, Georgia when they were in high school and had kept in touch since.


Ria: Kahan gayi? (where did she go?)


Ria looked for a pay phone and called Avni?s house. Avni?s twin brother, Aditya (Adi) picked up and told Ria that his sister had just left. Adi would be going to the same university as Ria since they were both studying architecture. Ria had gotten a lot of information and support from Adi and Avni and felt pretty close to them. Ria thanked Adi and went to Gate 18, where Avni had said she would meet her.


She looked outside the door and saw that it was beautiful and warm. It was getting warmer in Mississauga, Canada but it wasn?t this warm yet. Ria was amazed by the perfect weather in L.A. She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn?t notice Avni come up behind her.


Avni: Hey Ria!


Ria jumped with surprise as she turned around.


Ria: Avni!! When did you get here?


Avni: Hmm?Just about a few hundred minutes ago. (rolled eyes)


Both girls started giggling as Avni grabbed some of Ria?s luggage. The girls walked to Avni?s blue Porsche. Avni opened the trunk and put the suitcases in. The girls had conversations on various topics in their ride to Ria?s hostel on the campus in the University of Southern California. Soon the girls got to the university and went in the girls? hostel.


Avni: Ria?Are you sure about staying here? I mean?I feel bad that you?re staying here when you can stay at my house.


Ria: Are yaar?Calm down. If I need anything, I will surely call you or come to your house. Okay?


Avni: Okay okay. Now let?s go in.


The girls got and in and rang the bell on the front desk. Soon a clerk walked up.


Clerk: Hello. How may I help you?


Ria: Hey, I have a room booked.


Clerk: Oh?Didn?t you get a letter saying that this place is to be renovated and all students are to make reservations to stay at our temporary dorm?


Ria: No?I didn?t.


Avni: God! Thank you! Now this girl has to stay at my house.


Ria makes a face and says: You! You knew about this?didn?t you?


Avni laughs and takes Ria?s luggage back to the car and waits for Ria to get in the passenger seat. Avni then assures Ria that everything is alright and she has already cleared it with her parents that Ria is staying over. Ria is still not sure about this as the family is new and their living life styles might be too. To take Ria?s mind of thinking about settling in, Avni tells Ria that Ria?s room has an incredible balcony and is just as Ria always wanted. Ria is astonished at the fact that Avni still remembers all of their conversations.


Avni: Just be aware of that fact that my brother shares the balcony with you. I mean?He isn?t here right now?but his room still shares the balcony.


Ria: Oh yea?I forgot that you have an older brother that?s studying medicine in London?


Avni: That?s right. And he is planning on visiting soon. I hope.


Ria: Nice. So just fill me in how I should live and how my life style should be when I am at you house.


Avni: Hmmm?that?s a good question. Just be yourself, Ria.


Avni told Ria a bit about her family members and soon the girls pulled up at Aggarwal Villa. Ria was amazed when the big, black gates opened and the car passed through. The mansion looked just like she had dreamed about living in. It was gigantic with a fountain in front of the main doors.


Ria: Wow?


Avni smiled and said: Remember Ria, this is your house. Don?t feel afraid to do what you want.


Both girls got out of the car and walked towards the door. Behind them followed two men that carried Ria?s luggage. Avni gave her keys to a man standing near and told him to park her car.

Ria sighed and wished that she really wasn?t here. She had seen these big and rich families on TV. They were often snobby and arrogant. She mentally prepared herself to face Avni's family.

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Sweetuuu** Newbie

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Posted: 10 May 2008 at 5:17pm | IP Logged
i hopee you guys like this. The story didnt realii start. I just wanted to introduce the main character and how she is. I hope its interesting enough to make you guys read more.
-Archi- Goldie

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Posted: 10 May 2008 at 8:33pm | IP Logged
hey sweetu
i really liked it. i can't wait for the hero to make his entry Big smile
I am sure he is perfect in every way...lolz
Update soon, as i will be waiting to know how they meet.
Dark Love IF-Rockerz
Dark Love
Dark Love

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Posted: 10 May 2008 at 9:41pm | IP Logged
That's a very nice start! Do continue with it! Clap Clap Clap
-dishu- Newbie

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Posted: 11 May 2008 at 3:08pm | IP Logged
awesome story sweetu!!

can't wait till i read the next part!!
great story writing skills by the way! Smile

CANT WAIT TILL THE 'hero' cums in!! Wink
-dishu- Newbie

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Posted: 11 May 2008 at 3:15pm | IP Logged
awesome story sweetu!!

can't wait till i read the next part!!
great story writing skills by the way! Smile

CANT WAIT TILL THE 'hero' cums in!! Wink
Sweetuuu** Newbie

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Posted: 11 May 2008 at 3:18pm | IP Logged

thank guys Smile
i m trying my best to make it interesting enuf Embarrassed

i m open to any suggestions that can helpSmile

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As Avni was about to knock, the front door opened. A middle aged woman dressed in an orange and yellow sari opened the door. She looked very warm and kind hearted. Not at all like how Ria had expected.

Avni: Ria'this is my mom, Mina, and mom'this is Ria.

Ria (shyly): Hi, Mina aunty.

Mina: Hello beta. It's a pleasure to finally meet you. Everyone was getting so anxious. Avni has told us a lot about you.

Ria (smiling): Good things I hope.

Ria talked with aunty for a few more minutes and then followed Avni for a tour of the mansion. Ria saw everything from the basement to the attic. The Aggarwal Villa was amazing. Ria loved every inch of it. After showing her most of the rooms, Avni took Ria to her room. As she opened the door, Ria froze.

Ria (whisper): Wow'

Avni smiled and said: I know how you love balconies, and no one uses this room so I thought it would be perfect for you.

Ria: How can no one use this room? It's amazing!

Avni: Well, if one of us uses this room, a room downstairs would be empty. And since bhaiya went to London, this house has been feeling empty so don't use this floor as often. But he is returning soon.

Ria: Well, thanks. I adore this room. Every damn inch of it!

Avni left Ria to freshen up and get changed. Ria took a quick shower and changed in to a beautiful white dress that was knee length. It was almost dinner time and today at dinner she would meet everyone including Avni's dad, Sanjay and her twin, Aditya. She was eager to meet them both but she was nervous as well. Mina aunty had been so nice to Ria that it had changed her whole opinion in staying here. She didn't mind it as much as she had thought she would. On her way down, she bumped into Adi (Aditya).

Adi: Hey! I was just about to call you for dinner. Avni is helping mum get everything prepared.

Ria: You're Adi'right?

Adi: Yep. And you're the pretty little Ms. Ria I have been hearing Avni talk about. She is so excited that there will finally be a girl besides her in this house. When bhaiya comes over, we usually do guy stuff. And now she has a chance of having fun herself.

Ria and Adi reached the dining room. It was decorated beautifully with silverware and flowers.

After a few minutes everyone was on the table.

Sanjay: Hello Ria beta. Glad you could make it. We were all so eager to meet you.

Ria felt so calm and happy. She had starting liking this family. It was so different than how she had expected them to be. They ate their dinner slowly having conversations with Ria and soon Ria felt as though she was a part of this family. As dinner finished, the phone rang.

Avni and Aunty were in the kitchen and Adi and Uncle were sitting in front of Ria and were talking about business. Ria was sitting beside the phone so she picked it up.

Ria: Hello?

Person: Hey, who is this?

Ria: I am Ria. May I know who this is?

Person: Umm'can you give the phone to a family member please?

Ria: Okay. Whom should I say is calling?

Person: Aryan

Ria gave the phone to Adi and watched everyone go crazy as he said: Hi Bhaiya!...What?...You're coming home!? For how long'?

Ria was incredibly tired and told Aunty that she was of to bed.

Aunty: Beta, if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask or take.

Ria smiled: Okay Aunty. Good night.

As the days passed, Ria became a part of the Aggarwal family. She was seen as their 'second' daughter from their eyes. Soon Ria started working in 'Children's Hospital'. She wasn't a doctor and didn't have any degree in this but Ria loved kids. She started working in the children's dorm. She told them stories and helped the nurses with giving medicine, etc. Ria's life was going exactly how she planned.

Ria set up her alarm to 5:00 a.m. She was sure that her surprise would be excellent for Mother's Day. She had a plan for both her mother back home in Mississauga and Mina Aunty, as she was just like her mom. The next day Ria called her mom back home to wish her a very happy Mother's Day. She knew her mom would enjoy the day as her sister was home with her. For now, Ria and Avni had planned to surprise Aunty by taking her shopping and then to lunch. Ria soon got ready and met Avni outside.

Ria: Ready?

Ria and Avni had started jogging everyday as it was very healthy. This morning would be very busy but the girls couldn't skip their jog because of that.

Avni: God, Ria! Do we have to go today? I mean, it's so early!

Ria: Oh come on! If we break our commitment once, we won't mind doing it again. Then our routine will break! Okay yaar. Do one thing. Go get your I-pod. The songs will keep you awake for a fair amount of time.

Avni sighed and then walked back inside to search for her music device. Ria walked around and enjoyed the beautiful sight. It was still dark. Not pitch dark. But dark enough. She loved the breeze flowing through her straight, long hair. She walked a bit up to the driveway and stood in the middle of it enjoying the breeze.

Suddenly she heard a car screech and stop. Ria's heart started pounding as she fell down.

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