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FF: ZKHpart 3 Ch116 pg15 1/22 (Page 8)

hipreet Goldie

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Posted: 08 June 2008 at 11:23pm | IP Logged
amazing part
full of masti
cont soon

culgal86 Goldie

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Posted: 09 June 2008 at 5:28am | IP Logged
hey jaz..............

awesome part.................

really enjoyed it.................

update soon
ofcourse IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 June 2008 at 6:06am | IP Logged
LOL LOL LOL I am like this only from the time I have finished reading this part LOL LOL The best one was Jai's middle name LOL LOL LOL..ek dum chakhas part tha jazzy.. Wink

Bani n the girls were just great...esp Bani n her hormones..bechara waiter bhi ghabra gaya..but at least he found a way to calm her down by getting the Iced Tea LOL LOL Loved the punishment she gave to the boys..making them foot the bills of the whole restaurant for that night...Ranveer really dint know what hit him Wink ..bechara..

Sahil n Adi are really clever in blaming everything on Jai..but itna sab kuch honey ke baad bhi these 3 guys never learnt their lesson..Once again spoiled Rano's romantic moment with Ranveer while he was dropping her back LOL

But we should give it to these guys..Sahil really knows how to handle Bani..Icecream rakh diya saamney and Bani soon forgot about evertyhing..

Rano aur uskey love ke beech mein sirf chaar cheezein hain..3 jijus and Bani's cravings (her hormones are sometimes good for Rano) LOL LOL LOL..Now I would love to see Rano making her jijus pay for destroying her date Wink

Pls continue soon dear..glad your exams went well
melonie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 June 2008 at 1:13pm | IP Logged
Hai Jaz,
Beautiful updates Clap

I really like this hormonal Bani LOL ...she is very cute Embarrassed

Aww poor Jai and his chamchas ROFL...really they are 'impossible idiots' ROFL....

Glad that the girls and the guys left and didn't spoil RanRan's date further LOL LOL Wink ...ufff, they din't let him kiss her....these guys seriously need to get locked LOL

I guess the mint chocolate helped them this time Embarrassed ....and as a request can you write some JB scenes, I mean like they discussing about the child's name or him going for a walk with her in the morning...something like that Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

Loved the baby kicking scene...that was very sweet Embarrassed Tongue

Pls cont sooon Big smile   Tongue
jnawaz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 June 2008 at 1:44pm | IP Logged
hey all...so sorry for the super delay...OuchOuchOuch...it seems liek i start off every post liek that...but this summer is killer...have all evening classes that last til like 10...have a saturday...and clinical training at california hospital Cry...but i am trying...here is the next part...hope you all do enjoy it...and b4 u ask...there is a JB scene in there...at the request of many readers WinkWinkWink

Note: working on the update for Banis Secret...should be up soon...fingers crossed...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...and for those of you who's ff's i read...will catch up by the end of tomorrow...inshallah...so enjoy guys...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed



Since the RanRan date thing shad slowed down…they had slowed down quite a bit. Due to unforeseen circumstances Ranbir had to down to Goa to deal with some sort or problem that there was with their project down there. There was no way that Jai was going to Goa; he wasn't about to leave his pregnant wife behind. The guys had said that they would have gone but it wasn't really necessary for them to go…it wasn't a big deal according to them. It was something that Ranveer could handle himself without any problem.


The girls on the other hand, they knew better…they knew much better. Ranveer and Rano's date had been on a Saturday and the next day he was off to Goa. That was just a little too coincidental for comfort. After all, they sent him off on a Sunday, a Sunday, who does that? Rano and the three other girls knew that this was all part of the guys plan. They didn't know what the plan was exactly but they were 100% sure that there was a plan…the plan had to do with keeping Ranveer away from Rano.


It had been about a week since Ranveer had been shipped off to Goa. When ever his name came up the guys managed to change the subject so that they didn't have to talk about him. It was now going on two weeks that Ranveer had been gone. Rano had talked to him the night before and he had said that he would be coming in the next day, he just wasn't sure if it was going to be in the afternoon or evening. Bani had been there for the end of that conversation so she had invited him over for dinner. He was going to be coming back to an empty home, tired and hungry so why not have him over for dinner. Besides, Bani knew that Rano was dying to see Ranveer.


The next morning when Rano had woken up she ran around the house looking for Bani, Anu and Jigyasa. She was completely stumped when she didn't see either of them. Glancing at the clock she saw that I was only 6am, she then figured that Anu and Jigyasa were probably sleeping…but she really had no clue where Bani was. She knew that now since Bani was in the last stages of her pregnancy it was hard for her to sleep. Rano decided to go into the kitchen and see what she could do for herself.


Meanwhile Bani had been up for the past hour and a half. The baby just refused to let her sleep; apparently their child was an early bird…completely a morning person. The pregnancy was really taking its toll on Bani; the weight gain was causing her back to hurt if she stood for more than five minutes, her feet/hands were beyond swollen and she was sure she had to be as big as tent!


Even the baby would kick her so hard that it made her hurt. Just a few days ago the baby was kicking her so hard in the ribs that she was crying. Jai had been so desperate to do something to help her but there was nothing that he could do. Bani had discovered that if she walked for a bit the baby seemed to settle down and relax. It had now become a daily ritual to have a walk early in the morning that way the baby seemed relaxed most of the time.


This morning it was nothing different. Rano had looked for Bani but she missed the one place she was sure to find her, out in the garden. Bani and Jai were both out in the garden enjoying the serenity of the morning and the freshness of the new day. Jai made sure that he kept on hand around Bani's waist and one on her swollen belly, just in case she stumbled or something, they could never be too careful.


B- Tohde dehr ke liyeh hum bait jaiyeh?

J- Haan, haan of course…aao.


Jai guided Bani to a bench that was off to the side of the garden; he sat down only after he had made sure Bani was sitting comfortably.


J- Aab kaisi ho, koi dard…

B- Nahin aab tik hoon, lagta hai ke aapka beta soh gaya hai.

J- Uff bani, tum baar baar aapni beti ko beta kyun bana deti ho? It can psychologically harm the child.

B- Aap phirse shuru maat ho jana…lakda hoga, mujhe paata hai.

J- Kaise paata hai…kya doctor se pooch ke aayi ho?

B- Nahin, lekin main uska Maa hoon, mera dil kehta hai ke ladka hi hai.

J- Toh main bhi uski baap hoon aur mera dil kehta hai ke ladki hi hogi.

B- Ladka…

J- Ladki…

B- Ok, phirse yeh hi behes main nahin kaarna chati…jaab yeh paida hoga taab hi paata chalega ke ladka hai ya ladki…tik hai?

J- Haan, tik hai…lekin…in the mean time…hum kuch naam sochte hai…dono…ladka aur ladki ke liyeh.

B- Haan…humne toh abhi tak naam hi nahin chune.

J- Aagar ladka hua toh hum uska naam Rahul rakhenge…

B- Chi, Rahul…kitna common naam hai…mujhe koi Rahul, Raj ya Prem naam nahin rakhni mere bete ke liyeh.

J- Ok, tik hai…baad mein sochte hai…

B- Haan…toh aagar ladki hui toh…

J- Gurpreet!

B- Kya!? No way!?

J- Kyun, yeh toh aachi naam hai…

B- Dekhiyeh…mujhe ko preet-jeet-meet nahin chahiyeh aapni baachi ke liyeh…

J- Hey, mere naam mein bhi meet hai…Manmeet…yaad hai naa…

B- Haan, yaad toh hai…main kaise bhul sakti hoon…tauba…yeh bhi koi naam hai.

J- Hey!

B- Humare maa baap ki zamane ka main samaj sakti hoon…lekin humare liyeh nahin…aur mere baache ke liyeh…bilkul nahin.

J- Tik hai baba…humare baache ke liyeh preet-jeet ya meet se koi nahin nahin rakhenge…kush….

B- Bohot…aab andar chale…mujeh buk lagi hai.

J- Haan chalo…


Jai helped Bani up and then escorted her back into the house. Bani went and sat at the dining table and began flipping through a magazine as Jai went to cut up some fruit for her. Bani was looking at the magazine and quite literally cussing out the models for their thin figures because she felt like a circus tent.


R- Didi…Didi!!!


Bani and Jai both jumped as Rano came running down the stairs screaming at the top of her lungs.


B- Kya hua Rano…tu kahaan bhagi jaa rahi hai?

R- Didi, aap yahaan baite baite kha rahe hai aur yahaan meri kya hal hai…aapko dekhai nahin deta?

J- Aare Rano, hua kya…tu itni pareshan kyun hai?


As Jai asked that question the two other couples came groggily down stairs.


Adi- Itna shor kyun macha hai ghaar mein?

S- Yeah, where is the fire?


Both guys came and plopped down at the table and began eating fruit out of Bani's bowl. Before Bani could protest she felt like she was being tugged up and out of her chair.


B- Yeh kya kaar rahi ho Rano main…

Jig- Rano, kya problem hai teri…chain se sone bhi nahin deti hume.

A- Haan, kaal kitni raath ko hum sone gaye the aur tum subha subha shuru hogayi.

R- Humare paas waqt nahin hai…

Jig- Kiis ke liyeh waqt nahin hai?

R- Dinner ke liyeh…

A- Aare, dinner ke liyeh toh bohot waqt baki hai

S- Haan, abhi toh breakfast aur lunch khana bhi hai.

R- Uff jij…keep quite!

S- Hey…

R- Di, aap log kya bhul gaye ke aaj dinner ke liyeh kaun aa raha hai?

J- Dinner, kaun aa raha hai? Koi get together hai kya?

B- Nahin woh…

S- Phir kaun aa raha hai? Koi celebrity hai kya?

A- What? Rano is right…you keep quite!

R- Nahin, Ranveer aa raha hai dinner pe.

'Oh'- the guys said, they sounded like they could care less!

Jig- Dinner toh bohot door hai Rano, tum tension maat lo.

R- Kaise tension naa loon main, kitna kaam pada hai…saab mujhe ki kaarna hai.

A- Hum hai naa, hum theeno tumhe help kardenge.

R- Theeno nahin, only dono…Didi toh abhi useless hai…

B- Hey!

R- Sorry Didi, it's the truth…you are in no condition to help us.

B- Still…aaise maat bol…

R- Didi, I love you…lekin mere paas aapke tantrums ke liyeh time nahin hai. Chaliyeh aap dono…bohot kaam pada hai. Go take a shower then meet me here in 30min to plan everything out.

Jig- Nahin…sirf adhe ghante…nahin yaar…

A- Haan, hume aur waqt chahiyeh…

R- Tik hai…35min…take it or leave it!

Jig- Yes boss! Chal Anu


Jigyasa and Anu rushed upstairs because they knew that if they took more than 35minutes, Rano would have their heads…literally. The guys weren't saying much; one they didn't like the fact that Ranveer was coming for dinner and two, they knew if they said anything 'wrong' then their wives would have their heads. What a household they ran, the women were scared of Rano and they were scared of their wives.


The rest of the day passed in a bit of a blur with Rano running the household. Jigyasa and Anu were toiling over the food in the kitchen as instructed by Rano. The menu was set and they had to make sure everything was perfect because they were making Ranveer's favorite dishes.


Jig- Yeh dekho…kitni bechain ho rahi hai humari Rano…

A- Saach haan, kya pyaar hai!

B- Haye main marjawaan…dekh kaise sharma rahi hai…dekho…

Jig- Aacha…main bhi toh dekhoon..

R- Uff…aap theeno bhi naa…

B- Pehla nasha…(Bani began singing)

A- Pehla khumar…

Jig- Naya pyaar hai…

B-Jig-A- Naya intezaar!!!!!!

R- (smacking her head) Come on, aab baas bhi kariyeh aap theeno…kitna kaam bada hai…

(the girls were not paying any attention to Rano and began singing and dancing around the bathroom)

A-B- Haila haila!!

Jig- Hua hua!!

A-B- Haila haila…

Jig- Isko hua!

A-B- Haila haila…

Jig-A-B- Yeh toh margayi re!

Jig- Bebasi mein pagal hogayi re!!!

R- I swear…aap theeno ko toh main…stop it naa! Please…

Jig- Kyun hum kyun stop kare? Tumne kya hume kya kaam tang kit hi

R- Woh baath alga hai…main aapse choti hoon.

B- Choti hai toh kya hua…bade hone ke naate hum tujhe aur tang karsakte..kyun girls.

A- Absolutely…

R- Dekiyeh…aap log baad mein mujhe tang karlena pehle kaam toh karlo…varna…

Jig- Varna…varna kya…

A- Kya karlegi tu?

R- Varna…(thinking) main…um…haan…varna main jiju's ko batadungi ke aap theeno ne milke shopping ki hai unke credit cards ke saath…

B- Jaa jaa, woh toh unhe paata hai…after all we take it from them naa.

Jig- Haan…

R- Woh toh paata hai…lekin unhe nahin paata ke unke patiniyaan kitne chalak hai.

A- Matlab…

R- Matlab ke unhe yeh nahin paata ke aap theeno ke paas unke credit card numbers saved hai aur unke saath aap log online shopping karte hai.

Jig- Haila…tujhe kaise paata chala?

R- Mujhe saab paata hai…saab kuch…

A- Tu behen hai ya dushman…

R- Abhi toh neither…abhi main ek nervous girlfriend hoon…aap kaam karte hai ke main…jiju's ko bulaun…

B- Nahin nahin…karte hai naa…

Jig- Traitor…

(the girls got back to cooking and cutting vegetables and what not)

A- Behen…behen naa raha…

Jig- B- Ranveer ka girlfriend baan gaya…

B- Aye Rano hume tera…

Jig-A- Aaitbar naa raha…

Jig-A-B- Aaitbar naa raha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

R- Uff…meri phuti kismet…three crazy sisters I have…

(Rano was frustrated and was walking to the door when she head the girls sing one last song)

Jig- Jaab bhi Ranveer ko dekhe isski dil dewaani bole…

B-A-Jig- Ole ole ole…ole ole ole…

Jig- Gaye Ranveer ka naam yaara jhoom jhoom ke hole hole

B-A-Jig- Ole ole ole…ole ole ole…

Jig- Isko lubhati hai Ranveer ka cehra…masti lutati hai Ranveer ka pyaar…

A- Maane naa kehna pagal, maastani dil yeh dole!

B-A-Jig- Ole ole ole…ole ole ole

(that was it…Rano stomped out of the kitchen)


The guys stayed out of the girl's way, also as told by Rano. She said that if she found them anywhere near anything she would kill them. If anything went wrong, she would find the guys…and she meant it. Rano made sure that everything was perfect, not one thing was out of place. She spent the day torturing everyone in the house, everyone except for Bani. Bani sat blissfully on the couch watching TV or eating and laughing at the situation the others were in.


It was almost 7:30 when she calmed down and decided to go and shower and get ready. Of course the girls were up in her room trying to help her decide what to wear. It was odd to see tom boyish Rano making such a big fuss over clothing. Once they all settled on an outfit they went to go and get changed themselves. They did have to nag the men into getting out of their relaxing clothing and into something more suitable for dinner, after some persuading they finally agreed.


The clock had finally struck 9pm and still there was no sign of Ranveer. Rano was getting worried about him, the girls were worried about Rano and the guys, well the guys were plotting on how they could kill him for standing Rano up and not get caught.


R- Paata nahin Didi, usse kya hogaya hai. Abhi tak toh aajana chahiyeh tha.

Jig- Haan baath toh saach hai magar…haila, yeh lo…aagaya.


Rano quickly turned to face the main door to see Ranveer entering the house with a huge smile beaming on his face. Rano's face immediately broke into a smile as she began walking towards him. Rano was so busy looking at Ranveer that she didn't see Aditya stick his foot out causing her to trip. As she stumbled to catch her balance Ranveer stepped forward to catch her…but…alas…Sahil came in the way, just as she was about to fall into Ranveer's arms.


S- Aare Rano zaara sambhalke…dhiyan kahaan hai tumhara!

R- Jij! Aap…aapne…uff…

Adi- What is this yaar…ek toh tumhe girne se bachaya aur tum hume daant rahe ho…not fair.

R- I don't have time for you childish games now…

B- Ranveer tum anda aao, vahaan kyun khada ho.


Ranveer then came inside and greeted everyone one by one, but just said a quick hello to the guys.


A- Bohot lambi umar hai tumhara…abhi abhi hum tumhare baate kaar rahe the.

Ranv- All good I hope Bhabi.

Jig- Of course…hum toh baas yeh keh rahe the ke tumeh dehr kyun ho rahe the.

J- Minus points for tardiness!

Ranv- Huh, minus points…for what…

B- Tum inka chodo…yeh batao ke tumhe dehr kyun hua?

Ranv- Woh kya hai naa ke flight delay hogaya tha aur phir mujhe kuch kharidna tha…

A- Kharidna tha…kya

Ranv- Bhabi, main kitne dino baad aa raha hoon aap saab se milne…main kaise khali hatoon aajaun…woh bhi aap theeno se milne.

Jig- Aacha, toh kya laiyeh humare liyeh?

Ranv- Yeh…


Ranveer then pulled out the three most perfect roses from inside his coat pocket, each in the color that the girls liked. They were completely bowled over by the little but meaningful gesture.


B- So sweet naa…tumne humare liyeh phool laye

J- Kissing the girls asses…minus points.

Jig- Nahin Bhaia, getting flowers for his sister-in-laws…major plus points!

Adi- Whatever!

A- Lekin yah kya…humare liyeh phool aur Rano ke liyeh kuch bhi nahin?

Jig- Haan dekho toh sahi…kaab se tumhara rah dek rahi thi.


Ranveer blushed a bit and finally took a good look at Rano who was also blushing like anything. The suit she wore was stunning, the blue really did justice to her complexion, the cutting fit perfectly and she looked like a fairy…prefect…absolutely perfect.



Ranv- Aare Bhabi, main Rano ko kaise bhul sakta hoon…woh toh meri jaan hai.

"Aww" was all the girls said as their hearts melted.

S- Minus points for being super besharam!

A- Tum chup karo…khud toh romantic ho hi nahin…iss maat daanto!

Adi- Pointing out short coming in us guys…major minus points!

Ranv- What points?

Jig- Inka chodo…yeh batao…tum Rano ke liyeh kya laye ho?

Ranv- Rano ke liyeh…aapna dil…

B- Haila, so sweet…

(Rano was just all blushing)

Ranv- Yeh orchid bhi laya hoon…(he handed the flower over to Rano)..aur kuch bhi hai lekin…uske liyeh thoda intezaar karna padega.

R- Intezaar…uff…aur bhi…

Ranv- Haan woh…kya hai naa ke…mujhe…mujhe…inn logoon se kuch baatein kaarna hai.

R- Kaun, jiju's ke saath…kyun…


The guys were not completely interested in what was happening.


Ranv- Woh main abhi nahin bata sakta lekin bohot zaroori hai…private hai toh…shall we guys…

J- Haan haan chalo…study mein chalte hai…

R- Study kyun, yahaan pe baatein karo naa…

Ranv- Nahin Rano…yahaan nahin ho payega…

Adi- Chalo chalo…lets not waste time…

Ranv- Baas abhi gaya aur abhi aaya…

R- Magar…tum…maat jaao naa.


Rano was at a loss of words, Ranveer had just gotten back and he was going to leave again with her jiju's. Before she could say anything the guys dragged Ranveer upstairs.


R- Ranveer…Ranveer…don't you three dare do anything to him! You hear me!!!

Jig- Chill Rano, tu itni ghabra kyun rahi hai?

A- Haan, aaisa lag raha hai ke yeh teri uske saath akhri mulaquat hai.

B- Lag raha hai ke Ranveer jung pe jaa raha hai…

R- Woh mere theen jiju's ke saath gaya hai…woh bhi aapni marzi se…kya paata, kya chal raha hai…kya hoga…

Jig- Woh toh hai…

A- Bakhra khud halal hone chala…

(the girls start laughing)

R- Di! You are not helping.

Jig- Aww…gussa maat ho…kuch nahin hoga…chal, lets set the table.


Jigyasa dragged a reluctant Rano away from the stairs as she gazed at the closed study door. Rano said a small prayer in her heart…God, pls protect Ranveer from the brother-in-laws…he would really need it.


…Ch 114…what is going on…will Ranveer survive…or is this the sad end to RanRan…stay tuned! Oh yeah…the girls discover something in the next update…sorry…couldn't fit it into this one…lol


Hkaurk22 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 June 2008 at 1:47pm | IP Logged


Haila! Whaat if he proposes! This cant be the end of RanRan cause they are so cute plus all the boys have to suffer na!  Poor Bani in pain cause of the baccha! I hope its a girl.. I want to see JW right and all lattoo over his princess!

Rano was soo cute-- all nervous and stuff :)  Loving it! Continue karo!Embarrassed

Lakers rock!

Edited by Hkaurk22 - 24 June 2008 at 5:30pm
Miss_Diey Goldie

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Posted: 24 June 2008 at 1:50pm | IP Logged

me 2

I hope Ranveer will ask Rano handEmbarrassed

hope you are joking when you wrote maybe it would be ran-ran end.

I don't want to see them apart, they are so cute together.Big smile

the three men are impossible, how the girls manage themConfused

yeah, i'm sure they have a lot of things in order to calm themWink

Just tell me, reassure me and told me that you aren't serious about the ran-ran endOuch

What the girls will discover, i really want to knowLOLLOLLOL

Anyway, such a great partClap

Edited by Miss_Diey - 24 June 2008 at 2:52pm
jnawaz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 June 2008 at 2:05pm | IP Logged
LOLLOLLOL...harvu and Diey...me and m2 LOLLOLLOL

reminds me of thing 1 and thing 2...Dr. Seuss WinkWinkWink...

love you things Tongue

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