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FF: ZKHpart 3 Ch116 pg15 1/22 (Page 6)

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:( Dost dost naa rahaaaa....... Pweez update karo! Make guli suffer by posting it! She should have been here rather than watching Kung Fu Panda!! Grr..... (Although secretly i want to watch it too.. hheeeheeee)

Aisa kya twist?   Ouch

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ok...shireen and harvu...you got lucky...guli was afraid of your dandas...so she said i can update...Big smileBig smileBig smile...harvs this is for you...have fun watching the lakers lose tonight jaanu WinkWinkWink...

thanks to all my comment leaving readers and silent readers for waiting for the update...finals were a b*tch...AngryAngry...but no school for the net week...Dancing....Embarrassed

please do comment...i have a feeling that my readers are leaving or something...or the story is just not interesting any more Confused



**we left off with Bani and the gals hunting down Jai and the guys at Golden Gate**


B- JAI MANMEET WALIA…don't make me come get you!!!!


Jai knew he was lost and so did the other two guys. Slowly the lowered their menus and came face to face with their wives. Jai was the one that was scared the most, because his darling wife…looked like a raging bull right about now.


B- Jai Manmeet Wa… (someone tapped on her shoulder) Kya hai? Aap dekh nahin sakte ke main gusse mein hoon? Aap mujhe pareshan kyun kaar rahe hai?


Bani was about to bit off the head of the waiter. By this time the waiter was already shaking in his boots because of the way that Bani yelled at him. Jigyasa and Anu stood by and laughed along with Rano at the other table. Ranveer was curious to see how this was all going to unfold, while the guys were scared out of their minds.


W- Maam aapki…yeh…Thai iced tea.


Bani looked at the waiter's hands and in them was a large glass of Thai iced tea with a straw sticking out of it. The tea, the cream and the shaved iced were all just calling to her. Seeing the refreshing treat Bani's face broke into a full fledged smile; she just couldn't hold back. She quickly grabbed the glass out of the waiter's hand.

B- Thank you bhai saab. Aap nahin jaante aapne mujhe kitna kuch kiya hai. Thank you so so so so so much!


The waiter looked stunned and didn't know how to react. Just a second ago she was about break in neck off of his body and now she was gushing all over him. Taking what ever he could get he quickly said 'no problem' and nearly ran away from there. Bani on the other hand just took one big swig of the cool liquid and the smile of contentment appeared on her face. She held the iced tea with one hand and the other was placed on her back. Once she had indulged in the drink for a few more sips, she was back to business.


B- Jai Manmeet Walia! Aaap aate hai ke main…


Bani didn't need to finish her sentence as her eyes fell on the table directly in front of her. It was odd that there were three menus that seemed to be shaking. Clearly the people behind them were hiding and Bani was ready to put money on the fact that those were none other than her husband, her devar and her jiju.


Ranv- Bhabi aap…


Ranveer had gotten up to see if he could help Bani do anything. Bani just put her hand up and signaled him to sit down. She slowly walked towards the guys with the girls close behind. Meanwhile the guys were a bit relieved because they thought that since they didn't hear Bani's voice anymore, it had to mean that she went home.


Adi- Lagta hai ke Bani ghaar chali gayi.

S- Haan, aab hume bhi nikal naa chahiyeh. Isse pehle ke Bhabi vapas aajaye.

J- Saach…jaan chuti Bani se.


Jai spoke last as the guys finally put down their menus and were ready to leave. As the lifted their eyes they saw in front of them three very angry looking women; it was the angry pregnant woman that scared them the most. Bani glared at the men with fury in her eyes.


J- Bani woh…


Jai stopped when Bani frowned at him. He knew, that no matter what he said there was no getting out of this one. He decided that silence was his best ally at this moment.


B- Aap theeno yahaan kya kaar rahe hai?

S- Bhabi woh…

B- Maine kahaa ke aap baath kaar sakte hai? Nahin naa…phir chup rahi yeh!

(the guys immediately shut up)

B- Haad hoti hai! Maine aap ko bejha khaana lane ke liyeh aur aap…aap theeno…aap theeno yahaan kya kaar rahe hai? (no one spoke) Maine aap se sawal poocha, javab kyun nahin dehte koi?! Main kya apne aapse baath kaar rahi hoon? Ya phir bhoot se baatien kaar rahi hoon?

J- Tumne toh abhi kahaa ke hume chup rehna hoga.

B- Jaab main sawal karti hoon toh mujhe javab chahiyeh! Aap theeno yahaan kya kaar rahe hai?

Adi- Woh kya hai naa ke…

B- (she put a hand up) Mujhe kuch nahin sunna! Kya kahenge aap?


Jigyasa and Anu watched with delight as Bani just blasted off the guys; they were having a ball because this was just the beginning. It was going to get better. Meanwhile the guys were just stumped.


Adi- (whispering) Yeh humse sawal kaar rahe hai ya nahin? Does she want an answer?

S- (whispering) Mujhe kya paata…main toh…

B- Yeh kay ladkiyoon ki tarha aap phusur phusur kaar rahe hai? Kuch kehna hai toh zoor se kahiyeh naa!


The guys immediately shut up and looked down. They looked like a bunch of children who were being scolded for stealing candy. They just sat at the table with their heads down, hands on the table, fear running through their bodies as they prayed for God to save them.


B- Main pregnant hoon, mujhe khanna chahiyeh aur aap yahaan bait ke maaza kaar rahe hai. Maine aapko kaab bheja aur aap abhi tak ghaar nahin aaye.

J- Bani…woh Rano…

B- Chup! Kya 'Rano', 'Rano'? Huh? Toh kya hua aagar aapki saali date paar hai? Aap theeno toh aaise behave kaar rahe hai jaise duniyah mein ek Rano hi hai joh pehli baar date pe aayi hai. Samaj sakti hoon ke aap ko Rano ki fikar hai lekin itni fikar toh aapko meri bhi nahin hai. Vahaan ghaar pe aapki paatni, joh 8 mahene pregnant hai…woh baite baite khaane ka intezaar kaarti hai, pet mein chuhe daurdte hai…aur aap Ranveer-Rano ki jasoosi kar rahe hai! Walia Detectives ka business kholna hai kya!?

R- Didi, please aap shant hojaiyeh…(Rano got up trying to calm down Bani)

B- Nahin Rano, bohot hogaya. (Bani looked around) Inhe andar kissne aane diya? (no one responded) Kissne aane diya!?

H- Ji..m..maine (the host stuttered)

B- Aap zaara idar aaiyeh please…aaiyeh naa..

(the host was scared to even move)

Jig- Aap aajaiyeh, kuch nahin hoga…aagar aap nahin aaye taab kuch hosakta hai.

A- Haan, Bani already gusse mein hai, usse aur gussa maat dilaiyeh.

H- Ji maam? (he stepped forward)

B- Mere paati ne kya kahaa aapse…saaf saaf bataiyeh…


The host looked from Jai to Bani and then back again. Jai was shaking his head now and trying to get the host to not say anything and Bani was just glaring at him. The host decided to side with the fuming pregnant woman this time.


H- Ji Walia saab ne kahaa ke unhe ek table chahiyeh joh Mr. Ranveer ke tik cross mein ho. Unhone kahaa ke jaab dono aajaiyeh hum Mr. Ranveer ka coat nahin utar sakte. Baas, phir humne unhe table deh diya. Aur haan, kuch to-go khaane ka order bhi diya tha.

B- Thank you


Jai knew that he was as good as dead at this point. Dead man walking…or in his case sitting. But he made himself one promise, he would kill the host before Bani killed him (Jai).


Jig- I'm sure ke unke saath woh dono bhi the, hai naa?

H- Ji maam, woh doh saab bhi the.

A- Haan, kyun nahin hoga…jiju ke doh chamche jo hai.

S- Hey…

Adi- (poked Sahil) Aare chup bait! Aur maath phassa hume.

A- Kuch keh rahe the Sahil?

S- Nahin….kuch nahin…you carry on.

Jig- That's what I thought too.


Bani looked at Ranveer who was still trying to digest what was happening as Rano looked a bit disappointed that her first date with the man she loved had turned into a show for the diners at the restaurant.


B- Main aap saab se ek sawal poochna chathi hoon? (she said as she addressed the whole crowd) Pehle toh I'm sorry ke aap logoon ke dinner kharab hogaya…lekin I have to do this. Ranveer yahaan aao…aare aao naa.


Ranveer got up slowly with a bit of fear in his eyes, but Rano assured him that everything would be just fine. Bani was on a roll with the other three guys, he was safe. Ranveer stood next to Bani and waited for her to speak.


B- Aap log mujeh bataiyeh, kya Ranveer aapko gunda lagta hai?

Crowd- Nahin

B- Kya woh aapko lofar lagta hai?

Crowd- Nahin

B- Kya usse dekh kaar lagta hai ke woh kissi bhi ladki ke saath ulta sida harkat kaar sakte hai?

Crowd- Nahin

B- Kya woh aapko chichora lagta hai?

Crowd- Bilkul nahin!

(a lady from the back yells)

Lady- Mujhe toh yeh munda kaafi cute lagta hai!

(Ranveer was blushing when suddenly Bani grabbed his face at his cheeks and squeezed; kind of like how you do to a baby)

B- Hai naa…kitna cute hai. Bohot aacha, nek aur sharif ladka hai…haye…kissi ki nazaar naa lage! (Bani was just smiling at him) Haan toh main kya keh rahi thi…haan…aacha ladka hai naa?

Crowd- Haan


Bani then turned to the guys who were just dying in their seats; things couldn't get any worse. Bani walked up to their table, her hands on her hips and anger in her eyes.


B- Sun liyah aap logoon ne…aab hum chalein? Ya aapni biwi aur baache ko bhuke maarne ka irada hai…


Not saying anything the guys just stood up and walked; they looked like they were walking the plank straight into the mouths of hungry sharks…well Bani was no less. Rano was disappointed that her date was ruined so decided to have a little revenge.


R- Didi, aap jiju's ko aaise kaise chod sakte hai? Aap inhe kuch nahin kahenge?

(the guys wanted to now kill their saali)

B- Aare Rano tu chinta maat kaar…inn theeno ke toh khabar main ghaar jaa kar lungi…woh bhi Massi aur Dadi ke saath!

Jig- Haan, tu aapni date enjoy kaar…we will handle these besharams.

A- Sorry Rano…in theeno ke vajese teri date kharab hogayi…but I'm sure…Ranveer will make up for it…hai naa?

Ranv- Ji…(blushing)

A- Haye, so sweet…


The guys walked ahead of the girls as the girls wanted to make sure they didn't even one more opportunity to do or say anything. They were almost to the coat check area when Bani realized something.


B- Mera khana…meri pad thai…kahaan hai.

(just then a waiter came rushing out with a large carton full of food)

W- Aapki order maam.

B- Woh uss admai ko dijiyeh…woh bill bhardenge (she pointed to Jai)

(another waiter came out and tapped Bani on the shoulder)

W- Aapke liyeh maam…

B- Haila…dusri Thai iced tea…wow! (she greedily grabbed it from him) Aaplog kitne aache hai…thank you so much…mujhe toh yaad hi nahin raha ke pehele wala khatam hogaya tha. Sorry for all this drama and interruption.

H- Koi baath nahin…


Jai had just finished paying the bill and put his walled back in his pocked. He looked guiltily at Bani but suddenly he saw something change in her. Bani looked around the room at the diners and an evil yet satisfying look settled in her eyes.


B- Suniyeh…main phirse sorry kehna chathi hoon…aap logoon ka dinner kharab hogaya. Humare vaje se jo kuch bhi hua hai…hum aap logoog ke liyeh kuch kaarna chate hai. Aaj, saab ka dinner…everything…yeh theeno uska bill bharenge.

"What?" the guys yelled.

B- Haan, it's the least we can do…kyun ji…maine kuch ghalat kahaa?

J- Nahin…of course not…tum toh khabi ghalat ho hi nahin sakti.

B- That's what I thought; aab chalein?


They Walia clan left, sans Ranveer and Rano; but only after Jai had arranged for the manager to send over all the bills for that night to his office or house and he would take care of everything the next day.




The gang had finally reached home. The girls were in one car and the guys were in one car; Bani refused to ride with any of the men, or as she had just named them 'the impossible idiots'. Jigyasa and Anu really wanted to laugh but they knew better than to do that. Bani was mad at the men already, they didn't want her mad at them. The guys on the other hand were praying that on the drive home Bani would have clamed down at least a little; they were truly afraid for their lives. Bani was already an emotional rollercoaster thanks to her unpredictable hormones, but now…now she was mad; and that was a million times worse.


Bani was trying to get out of the car but was having a hard time, which was not surprising since she was in the last trimester of her pregnancy. Jai quickly came over and offered her help by putting his hand forward. He was rewarded by getting a surprisingly painful smack on his arm. She smacked his hand away and took a few minutes to get herself out of the car. The girls, Aditya and Sahil all wanted to laugh but couldn't because they didn't want to make her more mad. Bani waddled inside Walia House as she mumbled things to herself.


Once she had reached the stairs she turned back around, hmphed at Jai and then proceeded up the stairs. Jai wanted to help her but he knew he wouldn't accept his help. He looked desperately at Jigyasa and Anu, indicating for them to help her. They read his message loud and clear so they rushed to help her. Half way up Bani stopped and turned back around. Everyone was confused as to what was going on, but they didn't say anything.


B- Khaana kahaa hai, mujhe bhuk lagi hai.

(everyone smiled to themselves at Bani's hunger pang)

Jig- Tu bait, hum lekar aate hai. Adi, tum aur Bhaia milke table set kardo.

Adi- Haan…abhi  karte hai.


Jigyasa and Anu went into the kitchen to put the food on proper dishes and to warm them up. Sahil and Aditya went about quietly setting the table for everyone. Jai was just pacing back and forth trying to talk to Bani. However, he was failing, every time he attempted to say something she turned her face in the other direction.


J- Bani…mere baath toh sunno. (Bani turned her face) Bani please…Bani…come on baby.


By this time the table was set, the guys had gone into the kitchen to help bring out the food and they were returning with the girls. It was that very moment that Bani decided to speak up.


J- Bani meri jaan…

B- Kya hai!!!!!?????


They were all startled at her outburst. Jigyasa and Anu looked at each other while Sahil and Aditya looked at themselves.


S- Umm…mujhe lagata hai ke khaana tik tarha se garam nahin hua.

Jig- Haan, mujhe bhi aaisa lagta hai.

Adi- Chalo, phirse try karte hai.

A- Haan haan jij…jaldi chaliyeh.


The four of the rushed back into the kitchen not wanting to be caught in the cross fire of Bani's War #1238. Sahil was in such a hurry to get into the kitchen for protection that he nearly knocked the soup out of Aditya's hands.


J- Bani, shant hojaao…yeh tumhare aur baache ke liyeh tik nahin hai.

B- Iss saab ke zimedar aap hai.

J- Haan, manta hoon main, meri ghalti thi.

B- Maine aapse kahaa mere liyeh Thai food lane ke liye aur aap…aap theeno gaye Rano ke upar jasoosi kaarne!


The guys who were listening by the main door of the kitchen almost chocked on their own spit when Bani mentioned their names. They quickly stepped back and sat in the bar chairs that were there, they began praying for their lives.


J- Main jaanta hoon ke hume aaisa nahin karna chahiyeh tha. Lekin…tum hi batao hum kya kaarte.

B- Kya kaarte…kya kaarte!? Khaana leh aate, aur kya kaarte!

J- Mera matlab hai ke…Main Rano ko aapni saali kaam aur behen zyada manta hoon. Woh mere liyeh Rano, Jigyasa se kaam nahin hai.

B- (calming down a bit) Saach?

J- Haan. Aab tum hi batao ke iss situation mein main kya kaarta. Rano date paar jaa rahe hai, woh bhi Ranveer se. Hum yeh saab kaise bardast kaarte. Hume kuch samaj mein nahin aa raha tha.

B- Phir bhi, aapne jo kiya tik nahin kiya.


Bani was now much calmer than she had been a few seconds ago. Jigyasa and Anu took this opportunity to tear into Jai. They both stepped out of the kitchen to join Jai and Bani in the dining area.


Jig- Haan Bhaia tik nahin kiya.

J- Huh? (he was surprised to see the girls come out)

A- Aap saab ne toh Rano ki pehli date kharab kaar diya.

S- Hey, yeh humne nahin kiya...

Adi- Haan…maine aur Sahil ne kuch nahin kiya.

J- Oye! Tum dono mujhe bali ka bakhra kyun bana rahe ho? Adi, tu toh chup bait…saara idea tera tha!

Adi- Kya…maine kya kiya…main toh innocent hoon, kyun Bani…

B- Ummm (Bani thought for a few seconds) Nahin nahin…Adi Bhaia aaisa nahin karsakte…woh kitna nek insaan hai. Aaisa idea toh aap dono Walia bhaiyoon ka ho sakta hai.

J- Aaare…

S- Kya Bhabi not fair…humne kuch nahin kiya…

B- Hmph!

J- Uff…tum dono kyun aaye! I was making progress…saab paar pani pher diya!


They all began arguing leaving Bani out of it all. Suddenly they all stopped when Bani let out a loud gasp and grabbed onto jai's shoulder (he was kneeling in front of her).


J- Bani…kya hua…kya hua?

A- Tu tik toh hai naa…

(Jai noticed her hand on her stomach)

J- Bani, kya baache ko kuch hua hai…Bani…


Jai placed his hand where Bani's hand had been because she moved it. Bani's face broke into a huge grin and soon so did Jai's.


J- Dekha, humara baacha bhi yehi chate hai ek tum uske papa ko maaf kardo.

B- You wish! Humara baahca yeh nahin chate…

J- Yes she does…woh aapne Papa se side pe hai.

B- No, he doesn't…woh aapni Mamma ke saath hai. Usse bhi lagta hai ke uske Papa ek idiot hai. Baacha bhi aapse naraaz hai. Aapne uske massi ki date joh kharab kar diya.

J- Oh, really…chalo tik hai…(Jai put his face right near her stomach and talked to their baby) Papa is sorry, ainda aaisi ghalti nahin hogi…promise. Chalo…Papa ko maaf kardo…Aagar aapne Papa ko maaf kiya toh ek kick maarna aagar aap aapni Mammi ki tarha ziddi hai aur maaf nahin kiya toh doh kicks maarna.


After a moments silence Jai felt the baby kick once.


J- See…my daughter is on my side! (he danced as he stood up)

B- Nahin…mera beta mere side pe hai…usne doh kicks maare hai.

J- Kya…(he became sad) Let me feel…

B- Already toh kicks deh cuhke hai…aab dega toh tesra hoga.

Adi- Jai, lagta hai ke tera baacha bhi tujhse panga lega…

Jig- Kyun naa le…humare niece/nephew hai!


The girls patter Bani's stomach in pride.


J- Baacha bhi maaf kaar dega…aagar uski Mammi ne uske Papa aur cachu's ko maaf kaar diya toh…So…tumne hume maaf kiya…

B- Umm…are you really sorry…

"Yes" the three yelled.

B- Phirse nahin hoga…

"Khabi nahin"

B- Umm…tik hai…phir humne maaf karte hai.


Bani and Jai shared a quick kiss as the baby kicked against her again. Bani realized that there were more important things in the world than being mad at her husband, no matter how stupid he was being. The girls then went to go get the food because now everyone was starving.


S- Hey, ek baath toh settle nahin hua…

A- Kaunsi baath…

S- Yehi ke ladka hai ya ladki…

Jig- Huh…kya keh rahe ho Bhaia?

S- Woh…Jai Bhaia keh raha tha ke ladka hai, she she kaar rahe the. Bani Bhabi he he keh rahi thi…toh phir…he ya she?

J- Uff! Obvisouly 'she'…mujhe toh ladki chahiyeh.

B- Nahin…ladka…mujhe ladka chahiyeh…cute sa!

Jig- Aab aap dono phirse maat shuru hojaana…ladka ya ladki toh delivery ke baad hi paata chalega.


They all went about getting dinner served. It was a nice dinner; the girls discussed how cute Ranveer and Rano looked while the guys tried to figure out how they were going to kill Ranveer without getting caught. After dinner they all were going to sit in the family room.


J- Bani…tum upper jaa ke so jaao.

B- Kyun…nahin…main Rano ka intzaar karna chati hoon.

J- Nahin…bohot raath hochuke hai…aur dekho…pair kitna sooj gaya hai.

B- Err…haan, thoda sa daard toh hai…lekin main kaise jaaon Rano…

Jig- Bani chal, hum tere pair ko massage kaar denge…

A- Yeah, we will wait upstairs…vaise bhi…they may be late…how long will you sit like this..

B- Tik hai challo…


The girls helped Bani up as the guys go comfortable in the chairs. Bani stopped before going up and turned to talk to the three boys.


B- Aap theeno kya kaar rahe hai.

J- Rano ka intezaar obviously…

Adi- Dekho, Bani maana maat kaarna…we just want to make sure that she gets home safely.

B- Phir bhi…

S- Please Bhabi…

B- Tik hai…lekin ek shart paar…

J- Kya?

B- Aap theeno mein se koi kuch nahin kahega. Jaab Ranveer Rano ko chodne ghaar aayega, aap kuch nahin kahenge.

J- Magar…

B- Aapko meri kasaam…nahin toh main ruk jaati hoon.

J- Nahin baba tik hai…hum kuch nahin kahenge…promise, kasam se.

B- Hmm…


The girls took Bani upstairs and helped her get settled in. The decided that it was a nice night so the sat our on the balcony outside of Jai and Bani's room. They chit chatted for a while about random things and of course the baby. It was nearly 1130pm when they heard the gates of Walia House open and a car came in. Jigyasa and Anu rushed to see who it was.


Jig- Haye…Rano aur Ranveer hai.

A- So cute…he is opening the door for her…such a gentleman!

B- Oye…mujhe koi help karega!


Bani was still sitting in the low chair and couldn't even budge. Jigyasa and Anu rushed over to help her up so she could see too.


B- Haye...kitne aache lagte hai saath mein.

Jig- Haan…Ranveer is so handsome…

A- Chup…sunned eh naa muhje…


The girls watched as Ranveer walked with Rano up the step; the entire time he held on to her hand. They came to a stop at the door and they saw both Ranveer and Rano blushing. The girls were just oo-ing and aww-ing at everything.


Jig- Kiss karega kya?

A- Paata nahin…kaani chahiyeh?

Jig- Not on the lips…yet…maybe…cheeks?

A- Yeah…yeah…cheeks sounds good…

B- Aaga bad raha hai

A- Closer…

Jig- Almost there…and we have…

B- …aare…kahaan gayi Rano


The girls became confused…because Rano suddenly disappeared.


Meanwhile downstairs the guys heard the car coming. They knew it had to be Rano and Ranveer. They wanted to say so much but they couldn't. They went to watch from the window. They watched in horror as Ranveer leaned in and was about to kiss Rano on the cheek; that was it…enough was enough.

Jai yanked open the front door and then Sahil and Aditya yanked Rano inside the house. The three men gave Ranveer a once over and then shut the door in his face as Rano protested with all her might.


R- Jiju yeh kya kiya?

J- Joh kiya aacha kiya!

Adi- Chichora kahin kaa…first date pe kiss…tauba

R- Kyun Jiju, aapne first date pe Jiggy di ko kiss nahin kiya…

Adi- Nahin kiya…

R- Aapko meri kasam…

S- What is it with you Dixit sisters and kasam's…uff…

R- Aap theeno…ek toh date ki kharab kar diya aab…aab…yeh! Main Didi ko abhi batati hoon!


"Batane ki koi zarurat nahin hai…maine saab dekhi thi" Bani was standing with hands on her hips at the bottom of the stairs. No one noticed Sahil disappear.


B- Aapne kasam khaye the…ke aap kuch nahin kaarenge.

J- Nahin…maine kahaa ke main kuch nahin kahunga…hume kuch kahaa nahin.

B- Kya…

Adi- Haan, hume kuch kahaa toh nahin…

Jig- You think you can get off on a technicality!

A- Dream on Jij…

R- Yeah dream on!


"Oh Bhabi" called our Sahil, he returned with a big bowl of something.


B- Oh! Mint chocolate chip ice cream with whipped cream!

J- Toh Bani…tum humse naraaz nahin hosakte…we didn't do anything against the rules…right?

B- Haan, I guess…give me the ice cream!

S- Aap humse gussa toh nahin hai naa…

B- Nahin baba…ice cream!!!


Sahil quickly handed her the bowl before she bit his hand off.


R- Didi what are you doing…don't let them off…

B- Eh…they are right…

Rano looked helplessly at Jigyasa and Anu who just shrugged their shoulders. They weren't about to go against Bani. Rano was just mad now…she huffs as she walked away.


R- You three…my jiju's…aur yeh…yeh…mint chocolate chip ice cream…meri life ki saab se badi dushman's !!!


…Ch 113…more masti…and some RanRan romance…and maybe a new discovery made my the girls :o)

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Me! First thing is first....

Lovely update!! Poor RR their date was ruined, but good thing that Bani yelled at the boys... poor hormonal woman!  Pls dont take long to update!  :-) me want to read!  I looved every bit of it... so what do the girls discover next?  Yeh kya ho raha hai!  Loooovely update-- super funny want to read more.

Abhi! Issi waqt!  Oh yeah.. Lakers ROCK!!!Big smileBig smileBig smile

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jnawaz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 June 2008 at 1:26pm | IP Logged
oops...double post...sorry shireen...harvu was first Embarrassed

Edited by jnawaz - 08 June 2008 at 1:36pm
--__Shireen__-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 June 2008 at 1:27pm | IP Logged

I was close to being first, but next time WinkLOL

Dude all I can say is ROFL

I loved this update yaar Clap

I felt so sorry for the waiters and resturant staff who were afraid of getting screamed at by a pregnant lady ROFL

Can't wait for your next update WinkLOL

Shireen Embarrassed

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Hkaurk22 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 June 2008 at 1:44pm | IP Logged
Jazzy Fresh.. you know who else will win?

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janu_2006 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 June 2008 at 1:47pm | IP Logged
hey jaz
gr8 part..
Miss_Diey Goldie

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Posted: 08 June 2008 at 2:29pm | IP Logged
I definitely love this Bani.
I love the way she ruled on Jai.
Poor Jai, he isn't safe till the baby delivery.
I'm feeling sad for Rano, they ruined her first date.
Hope she will take a revenge, and a good one. Wink
Bani is so funny, how can she forget the promise they made to her in front of some ice cream.
Definitely the hormones.
It was an amazing part, i laugh a lot. Clap Clap Clap
So interesting and funny LOL

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