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FF: ZKHpart 3 Ch116 pg15 1/22 (Page 15)

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Chapter 116:

Chapter 116:


Jai sat on the ground, his knees close to his chest as he stared off into space. He kept picturing the last thing he had seen as he was forcefully dragged out of the labor room. In his head he kept seeing Bani just lying on the stretcher, lifeless, pale yet peaceful. He remembered seeing red from the corner of his eye; he tried not to think about it but he knew that it was Bani's blood. Trying not to think about it was making him sick to his stomach – there had been so much blood, TOO much blood.


Jai's mind flashed to something he had read during Bani's pregnancy. The day he found out he was going to be a father Jai had been preparing himself for this very day. He knew that he would had a billion and one things to do once the baby was born, but the pregnancy and the delivery were the challenging parts. Sure parenting was the toughest job but everything before that was dangerous. Jai had gone out and bought books on pregnancy and delivery so that he could be prepared. He knew that Bani had to do all the work but still he wanted to be for anything and everything. He knew that it would help him deal with Bani, her hormones, her cravings, doctor's appointment and everything else related to the pregnancy.  He read the books secretly, he didn't want people to be making fun of him – knowing his friends and brother, they would never let him live it down.


Right now, there was one particular section that was acting like a thorn in his mind – the chapter about delivery's and the possibility of death. The book had said that even though they lived in modern times with the best medical treatment money could buy; ultimately everything was in God's hands. He remembered reading that a small percentage of women still died during or after childbirth due to complications…complications like hemorrhaging. Jai tried and tried but he couldn't get that disgusting thought out of his mind…he just couldn't.


Then suddenly his mind flashed a picture of a pink, screaming, tiny baby…his baby…his daughter. He suddenly knew that Bani was going to be okay, she had to be. Their baby daughter needed a mother and father, without Bani she would have neither because Jai knew he wouldn't be able to function with out his Bani. She had to be alright, she just had to…there was no way that his wife was going to become a statistic.


Jai didn't even notice people gathering around him, not until someone put a hand on his shoulder and shook him. He broke out of his lost state and looked up to be greeted by the eyes of his entire family and Ranveer.


R- Jiju kya hua…Di kaisi hai, kahaan hai…aap yahaan kyun baite hai?

Jig- Haan Bhaia, saab tik toh hai naa? Bani aur bacha…

A- Kya hua…aap kuch kehte kyun nahin…

Adi- Tum saab chup rahoge taab woh kuch kahega naa…

S- Yes guys, give him space to breath.

(a few seconds passed)

R- Jiju, you are beginning to scare me…Di kaisi hai?

J- Woh…woh…woh andar hai…woh tik nahin hai.

Jig- Kya matlab?

J- Woh……baachi……behosh………

Adi- Jai yaar, you aren't making any sense…saaf saaf bata kya hua?

A- Baachi…



Anu whispered it because she was the only one that caught on to what Jai had said. Every then became quiet and gasped in unison. Bani had a girl; they had a little princess in the house now.


R- Baachi…yani Di ko ladki hui hai!?

Jig- Lekin Bani…aap Bani ke bare mein kuch kyun nahin keh rahe hai?

J- Woh…woh…khoon…so much……


Jai was just blabbering on and on but not making any sense at all. The doors for the labor room opened ad one of the doctors came out, it was Ranveer who got to the doctor first and started asking questions.


Ranv- Doctor, kya ho raha hai andar…Bani Walia…

Dr- Dekiyeh, hum puri kosish kaar rahe hai…lekin Mrs. Walia has lost a lot of blood, we are trying to control the bleeding.

R- Doctor, meri Di tik toh hojayegi naa?

Dr- Main aabhi kuch nahin keh sakta, aap Bhagwan pe bharosa rakiyeh.

A- Aur baachi…

Dr- Baachi bilkul tik hai, hum kuch tests kaar rahe hai, routine tests, phir aap saab nursery jaa sakte hai. Excuse me.


With that the doctor was off as everyone finally understood the magnitude of the situation. Bani had delivered a baby girl and was now hemorrhaging. Bani had brought a precious life into this world but was not fighting for her own. The girls were beside themselves as they quickly leaned on their significant others for support. Bani was backbone of their friendship and family, if anything happened to her they would not be able to stand it. Bani had been through so much in her life, she couldn't lose it now that she had everything she had ever wanted.


Minutes passed on but they seemed like hours. The girls had eventually sought comfort in each others arms as the held onto each other and prayed for Bani to be alright and for God to look over the little baby while her mother couldn't. The guys were besides themselves, they had no idea what to do; they didn't know how to help Jai because they couldn't relate, the didn't know what to say that would comfort him. They weren't like girls who could hug, cry and talk everything out – it just didn't work that way. They did what the could, they were there for him…Ranveer, Sahil and Aditya all joined Jai as he sat on the floor. The were there for him if he needed them, neither of the four men moved from their places, not even a inch…not until they saw the doctors coming out of the labor room.


Jai was up on is feet in the blink of an eye and everyone else followed suit.


J- Dr…meri Bani…meri Bani kaisi hai?

(the doctor put a hand on Jai's shoulder)

Dr- Dekhiyeh Mr. Walia…aapki paatni aab stable hai.

(everyone gathered there let out a sigh of relief)

J- Thank you dr….thank you…

Dr- Lekin…unhone bohot blood loss ki hai…hume unhe transfusion di hai, lekin aabhi tak woh hosh mein nahin aaye. Jaab tak woh hosh mein nahin aati, hum aur kuch nahin keh sakte.


Once again the doctor walked away leaving the family to themselves. A nurse soon came out to tell them that Bani was being shifted to a private room in the ICU and that they could visit with her later; she also told them that the baby has been taken to the nursery and that they are free to see her when they want. Rano requested the nurse to bring the baby into Bani's room so that they could visit with both mother and child at the same time. At first she was reluctant but she saw just how much it meant to the family, especially Jai that she finally gave in.


Twenty minutes later the Walia clan was walking down the corridor of the hospital's Labor and Delivery Ward. As the walked past the new born nursery they couldn't help but look at all the tiny babies – some were sleeping blissfully, some were testing their new lungs out as they cried, some were being fed or changed, and yet others were just getting used to their new environment. It was then that Jai realized he didn't have a clue as to what his daughter looked like. He was so busy trying to make sure that Bani was ok he never looked at her after she was born. He was so lost in his thoughts he didn't see everyone stop at the entrance of Bani's room so he literally ran into Sahil.


S- Kya Bhaia, aap dekh ke nahin chal sakte?

J- Sorry woh…

Jig- Aare Bhaia aap iss chodiyeh…pehle aap andar jaiyeh.

J- Main…kyun? Tum log bhi chalo naa…

A- Hum saab aapke peeche hai…lekin pehle aap jaiyeh….

Ranv- Kyun?

Jig- Kyun ke main aapni Bhai ko aachi tarha se jaanti hoon…main jaanti hoon ke Bani ke fikar mein unhe kuch aur suja hi nahin.

R- Haan, hume paata hai ke Jiju ne aapne baachi paar ek nazar bhi nahin dala hoga.

A- Aab aap saab hi bataiyeh…Baap se pehle, hum saab usse kaise dekh sakte hai. It's not fair.

R- Haan, it's not fair. So Jiju…pls…go meet your daughter.

S- "Fair" you guys are talking about fair. Haila, I'm sure…hell has frozen over…varna yeh saali's aur "fair"…NEVER!!! Bhaia, take full faida of this!!!

Jigs- Really, you want to start this mess here…at the hospital…where your Bhabi has just given brith?!

S- Errm…no…guess not…(then he shut up)

Adi- Jai tum Sahil pe dhiyan maat do…jaao…aapni beti se mil lo…phir hum milenge.


Jai took a deep breath and stepped into the room. The first thing he saw was Bani laying on the bed attached to various IV's and machines. He went over to her and stroked her hair and whispered in her ear that he loved her. Just then a tiny movement caught his eye and he looked toward it. There, just a few feet away on the opposite side of Bani was a little bassinet with a pink rolled up ball in it. Again there was movement and this time Jai saw a tiny pink arm raised in the air.


 Slowly he moved towards the bassinet and was struck with awe instantly. There in the bassinet, bundled up in a light pink blanket and a pink striped hat was his baby girl. She had her eyes wide open – when their eyes met Jai felt his heart squeeze and love race through his body; he loved her deeply already. She was fragile, tiny, innocent, sweet, beautiful and she was part of him. It was at this moment that Jai finally understood the meaning of "the miracle of birth" – because it truly was a miracle.


She had her mothers hinted milky complexion, her mothers big almond shaped eyes, her mothers petal like lips…she was gorgeous!!!


Ever so carefully Jai touched her arm and felt the soft baby skin. He wanted to tuck it back inside the blanket but was afraid that he would hurt her – she was so tiny! He leaned over and placed a kiss on her forehead.


J- Hi baby…main tumhara Papa hoon. (he whispered)


That was all the alone time Jai was getting with his baby because instantly the room was crowded with Rano, Anu, Jigyasa, Sahil, Aditya and Ranveer. Every made a direct B-line towards the baby, the girls got there first so they instantly began oo-ing and aww-ing over her. The guys didn't even get a chance to see the baby over the tops of the girls heads.



Within seconds a fight broke out between the three girls, not a physical one but a verbal one. They were not yelling but still it seemed like yelling in their so called "whispers" – they were arguing about who was going to get to hold the baby first.


R- Pehle main lungi…akhir main Massi hoon.

Jig- Toh kya hua…main pehle lungi…Bua hoon main isski.

R- Aare wah…pehle toh aap kehte the ke aap Massi hai kyun ke aap Didi ke taraf se hai.

Jig- Haan…toh…kaha hoga…lekin aab maine mind change ki hai…main pehle lungi…

R- Over my dead body!

Jig- Ok, how do you prefer to die!

R- AH!


They began arguing back and forth about Bua and Massi, during which they didn't even notice Anu stealthily squeeze between them and pick up the baby for herself. It wasn't until they heard her cooing and talking to the baby that they realized they had both lost.


A- Hi sweet baby! Main tumhari Anu Massi hoon. (she kissed the baby's forehead) Woh dono, joh jagad rahe hai, ek toh tumhari Rano Massi hai, aur dusri tumhari Jiggy Bua hai. Andar ke baath bataoon main tumhe (she leaned in and whispered into the baby's ears) Dono ke dono pagal hai!

R- Jigs- HEY!! (they both yelled in unison)

A- Aur nahin toh kya…humari choti si baachi soh rahi thi aur yeh dono shuru ho gaye…fighting and yelling…aaisa koi karta hai bhala?

Jigs- Er…woh…

R- Ummm……

Ranv- Anu does have a good point.

R- Whatever….you held her now let us hold her…before we have to leave.


Anu placed one more kiss on the baby's forehead before handing her off to Jigs. Rano stood by angrily but was soon all smiles when she got the baby in her arms. The guys were just happy looking, they didn't want to hurt the baby…or drop her for that matter, she was so tiny. Rano was about to place the baby back in the bassinet when Anu broke through the circle of the guys and took the baby again, much to Rano's protests.


R- Not fair…you already held her!

A- (she kissed the baby) Tum jaanti ho...tumhari bua aur massi's mein…main tumse sabse zyada pyaar karti hoon.

R- Woh kaise??? I love her most…

Jigs- No I do!!!

R- No me!

S- No me! (Sahil added which only got him daggers from the girls)

A- Woh issi liyeh kyun ke I have your best interests at heart.

Jig- Hey, we do too!!!

A- Aacha, (she looked back at the baby) Mere elava kissi ne notice ki hai…ke tumhare Papa ne tumhe abhi tak godh mein nahin liya hai.

(the room was filled with gasps and Jai's eyes shot up)

J- Nahin nahin…Nahin main nahin sambhal paunga isse.

A- What nonsense Jiju! (Anu began walking towards him with the baby as she talked to the baby) Tumhare Papa joh hai naa…nervous hai, tumse itna pyaar jo karta hai. Darta hai, ke aagar kuch hojaye tumhe.

(Anu held out the baby to Jai)

J- Anu main kaise……

A- Aapne Papa ko samjao ke tumhe unke zarurat hai…tumhari Mamma abhi soh rahi hai naa…so you need Papa more than ever right now.


Anu gently laid the sleeping baby into Jai's arms.


A- Just support her head……haan…aaise…


The gang looked on at the odd, yet beautiful picture in front of their eyes. The larger-than-life, outrageous, raging-bull Jai Walia, holding a sweet, innocent, and tiny baby in his arms.


Jai looked down at his daughter, finally in his arms. He had waited months so that he could hold their child in his arms. Looking at her angelic face Jai knew that he would protect her from all of life's sadness's and horrors no matter what it took.


J- Hi jaan…main tumhara Papa hoon.


Almost as if knowing what was being said to her, the baby smiled. Jai felt a tug at his heart strings, he knew right then and there…that he was going to be wrapped around her little fingers…hell he already was. Now he understood why they had the phrase "Daddy's Little Girl".


Jai looked up and saw Bani just lying there, slowly he made his way to her; he was careful not to jostle the baby in fear of breaking her sleep. He kneeled next to Bani and held the baby close between them.


J- Bani dekho…yeh humari beti hai…bilkul tumhari jaisi hai.


Jai straightened out and walked back to the bassinet with the baby. He tried to put her back but he couldn't figure out how to do it. He was embarrassed and frustrated at the fact that he didn't know how to put a baby, who was only a few hours old mind you, back into bed. Anu stepped forward before anyone else could.


A- Come here baby girl. Papa needs a crash course in Newborn Baby 101…koi baath nahin…saab seek jayenge…tum tension maat lo…hum hai naa. Aab hum chalte hai…the family needs some alone time.


The whole gang objected at once but one glance from Anu shut them up.


A- Hum bahar hi hai, lobby mein……kuch chahiyeh ho toh bata dena.

J- (hugged Anu) You're the best! Thank you so much!

A- Mention not Jiju……


Anu turned around only to be greeted with the anger filled eyes of Jigyasa and Rano.


A- Aaise akheen phad phad ke kya dekh rahe ho…Chalo!!


No one objected but muttered under their breaths as Anu led them outside into the hall. Jai thought about his family for a moment and he was truly grateful that they had been there for him tonight. They were always at his side but tonight he needed them more than ever. At that thought, his mind drifted towards the sleeping bundle of joy in the bassinet and then to Bani. He walked over to his daughter and almost reached out to touch her but stopped – he didn't want to risk waking her. However, his need to touch her soft, warm skin out weighed the risk of waking her up. She stirred just a little bit before settling back into her slumber.


Jai grabbed the chair that was against the all and set it near the bed where he took a seat. He stroked Bani's hair a few times with his hands, then he gently leaned in and kissed her on the forehead.


J- Thank you (he whispered) Duniya ki saabsi pyaari taufa di hai tumne mujhe. I love you, I need you…our daughter needs. Please jaan……wake up soon.


Jai ran his hand down the length of Bani's arm. He picked up her hand and softly kissed it. Jai didn't realize that tears were flowing from his eyes until he saw one drop onto Bani's arm. Jai laid his head on her hand and closed his eyes for just a second when a wail broke through the silence of the room. Jai hurried to the bassinet to see that his precious baby girl was red and crying. He knew that he should probably pick her up but he didn't know how…he couldn't figure out how to hold his own daughter…he must be the worlds biggest loser-dad! Without another thought he rushed to the lobby where the family was seated.


J- Anu! Anu!

(everyone sprang to their feet)

A- Kya hua…Bani…

J- Nahin…woh tik hai…

Jig- Baachi…?

J- Woh roh rahi hai…

R- Toh…

J- "Toh"…toh mujhe nahin paata ke kya karna chahiyeh…main woh…

A- Jiju…aap bhi naa…shayad usse bhook lagi hai…yah phir usse diaper change ki zarurat hai…

J- How am I supposed to know which one it is…

Jig- Useless…all guys are useless.

A- Chaliyeh mere saath…main dekhti hoon.


Anu and Jai entered the room first, with Rano and Jigyasa trailing close behind. Anu made a direct b-line for the baby, who was shouting at the top of her lungs.


A- Well well…someone has a good pair of lungs doesn't she? Hi baby girl…aap kyun roh rahi ho…kya baath hai. Lagta hai ke meri jaan ko bhook lagi hai…hai naa. (she picked up the baby and put her in Jai's arms)

J- Main kya karoon?

Jig- Try to sooth her…usse baath kijiyeh, rock kijiyeh…

A- Haan, main abhi ek bottle lekar aati hoon…

J- Good, then you can feed her…

A- No, then YOU can feed her… (she left)

J- Main? (he looked horrified)

R- Of course…beti hai woh aapki…aapko hi karna padega Jiju.

J- Lekin main kaise……


Before Jai could complain anymore Anu walked back in with a bottle of milk. She then guided Jai to the rocking chair in one corner of the room. She adjusted the baby, checked the temperature of the milk and then handed Jai the bottle. Jai had the most hilarious look on his face – like he had just been put in the middle of the jungle naked with wild jaguars lurking around – which only made the girls laugh even harder. He tried to have Anu do it and even tried to get Rano/Jigyasa to do it but no one moved a muscle. Anu told him what to do and how to do it and watched as Jai followed instructions. It only took a few seconds for the baby to latch on and begin sucking away in hunger. Seeing her calm down made Jai calm down and relax into the chair. He rocked back and forth as he fed her.


After that was over Jai watched as one of the nurses came in and changed her. There was no way that Jai was going to do that just yet, no matter how well Anu may have instructed him…he wanted to see a live demonstration – and since the nurse came in to check up on the baby and take her back to the nursery, they all let her do it. Once she was full, dry and sleeping in her bassinet, Jai kissed her gently (as did the Massi's and Bua) before the nurse took her back to the nursery.


Hours – which had seemed like days – passed, but still there was no change in Bani. Every half hour or so Jai would go and check on the baby, and every time someone from the family was there before him; usually it was one of the girls and their respective mates. The girls oo-ed and aww-ed while the guys just looked on with smiles on their faces. Jai had gone in to feed the baby when she needed it and even went in to just hold – all at Anu's insistence.


Jai was just returning to Bani's room after another visit with the baby. This time however he saw Anu was feeding her so he didn't intrude. Even though he had held his daughter many times, he still felt like he would drop her and break her at any moment. It was already dead in the middle of the afternoon and Jai was beginning to feel the wear on his body. He went and sat on the rocking chair in the corner of the room. Had just wanted to rest his eyes for a second, the next thing he knew he was being awakened by a moaning sound. Jai sat up straight and looked at his watch – which indicated it was nearly 3pm. Once again he heard someone moan – that's when he realized that it wasn't just someone…it was Bani.


Jai rushed over to her bed and stroked her hair as he talked to her.


J- Bani…Bani…main hoon…Jai


Bani moaned as her eyes fluttered open.


B- Jai…m…main kahaan hoon…kya hua…

J- Bani, oh thank God! (he kissed her) Tum hospital mein ho.

B- Hospital?


Bani seemed confused but it only took her a second to realize why they had been at the hospital. Immediately her hand went to her now much-flatter stomach.


B- Mera baacha…mera baacha…

J- Shh (he soothed) woh tik hai…humari baachi bilkul tik hai…

B- B…baachi?

J- Haan (he smiled) hume beti hui hai.


Immediately Bani's eyes filled with tears that threatened to spill. She raised one hand and laid it on Jai's cheek. Then she scanned the room to see if the baby was there.


B- Kahaan hai woh…mujhe usse dekhna hai…please…

J- Haan main leh ke aata hoon…lekin usse pehle main doctor ko bulata hoon…tumhe check karne. Phir main usse lekar aaunga.

B- Nahin…main…

J- Don't fight me Bani…you need to see a doctor first.

B- Tik hai…lekin jaldi…please…


Jai kissed her forehead and rushed out to get the doctor. As the doctor went in to see Bani, he went to the nursery to get the baby.


A- Look Jani…tumse milne koi aaya hai.

J- Jani?

Jig- Haan, Jani…aapki beti.

J- What?

R- Cute naam hai naa…hume toh bohot pasand hai! Aap aur Didi ne toh naam choose nahin kiya…aur hum usse "Baby Girl" nahin bulana chate so…JANI!!!

J- Lekin…Kaise…?

Jig- Simple si baath hai Bhaia…yeh humari jaan…toh jaan se Jani!

J-Oh, it's cute…I like it (he said as he stroked his baby girl) Hi Jani…tumse koi milna chata hai…aapni Mamma se miloge? (he asked as he took her in his arms)

R- Kya…Didi jag gaye…omg…thank God!!!

A- Aap pichle 5min se yahaan khada hai…aur bataya nahin…aab hatiyeh!!


The girls shooed around Jai as they quickly raced out of the nursery to go see Bani. Jai, who had eventually gotten the hang of putting the baby down, laid her in her bassinet before following the girls out.


J- Jaanti ho…yeh joh tumhari Massiyaan aur Bua hai naa…tumhari Mamma se bohot pyaar karte hai. Thoda sa pagal hai…nahin nahin…pura pagal hai…lekin hai bohot pyaari, hai naa? (he put his finger on his lips) Shh…unhe khabi nahin batana ke maine aaisa kaha hai…


Bani nearly fell out of her bed as Rano, Jigyasa and Anu rushed in all talking at once. Bani was able to catch a few words like – love, worried, lost, beautiful – and a few more. The all attacked the bed at the same time to hug her, which she did but couldn't help grimace just a little bit. No one noticed Aditya, Ranveer and Sahil enter behind them.


Adi- Aare sambal ke…kya kaar rahe ho…

S- For God's sake be easy…Bhabi just had a baby.

R- Oops…sorry…

Jig- Kaisi ho Bani…are you ok…doctor ne kya kahaa hai?

B- Doctor ne kahaa ke main tik hoon…and I feel fine…I just want to see my daughter.

R- Haan, Jiju toh Jani ko lekar aa raha hai.

B- Jani? (she looked around the room confused) Jai ne naam rakh diya hai kya?

A- Nahin…humne rakha hai. We got tired of calling her "baby girl"...dont worry…temporary hai…nick name hai.

B- Jani (she whispered)

Ranv- Aare…naam liya aur banda hazir!

S- Lambi umar hogi isski…


Bani looked toward the door to see Jai pushing a bassinet in – she could see a tiny body wrapped in pink. Already she knew that was her daughter, she could feel her heart respond to her presence. Bani was becoming inpatient as Jai gently took the baby in his arms – she almost jumped out of bed herself, the only thing that stopped her was the IV still stuck to her arm. Once Jai had the baby safely in his arms he came towards Bani's bed.


J- Bani, aapni beti se milo…say hi to Mamma Jani.


Jai placed the still sleeping into Bani's arms. Over come with emotions – and hormones she was sure – Bani couldn't keep the tears from falling.


B- Hi Jani! I know you…main tumhari Mamma hoon. Kitna intezar ki hai humne tumhara. (she kissed her on the forhead)


Jai stepped back and looked at the picture in front of him – Bani on the bed holding their daughter, the three couples placed on various sides of her bed looking on – this was his family, he was a lucky man. He thanked God for having a healthy baby, a healthy wife, and superb family – whom he soon joined on the bed.


J- Ek baath batao muhje… "Jani" naam kisne soocha.

R- Saach boloon toh……

Adi- Sahil ne…

"What?" Jai and Bani yelled in unison, as Sahil looked maha please with himself.

J- Bigger question…how?

S- Dekhiyeh simple si baath hai…Jai + Bani = Jani…you know like Brad + Angelina = Brangelina

B- Wow…bohot khub deewar ji

J- I know…mere chote bhai ke paas dimag hai…

S- Yes!

Jig- Joh pehle khabi nahin tha…im sure ke Anu ke saath ka asar hai!

S- Right…wait… Hey…of course hai!


The room burst into laughter as Sahil looked angry.


B- Stop teasing my pyaare deewar! Kitna aacha naam soocha hai…you guys didn't come up with it did you!

S- Thank you Bhabi!

B- Mention not!

Jig- Uff, yeh saab chodo…iss jaan ke liyeh kuch asli naam vaam soocha hai…

Ranv- Aw…I was really growing on Baby Girl

S- How about Janvi! Janvi Jani Walia…we can call her JJ

Adi- And he falls off his high horse!!

A- Hona hi tha…


Jai and Bani exchanged looks, they both knew that there was only one girls name that they could agree on, and it was the one that they both really wanted.


J- Batadoon?

B- Haan…bata hi dijiyeh…

J- Well guys, (he said as he stroked his girls cheek) I want you to officially meet Diya Walia.

Jig- Diya! Humara ghaar ka ujala!

R- So cheesy!! But so prefect!!!


The rest of the day went by in a flash. The family hadn't wanted to leave but decided to go home and freshen up. The motivating factor for them leaving was Diya's first feeding. The nurse came in to help Bani breast feed, the girls had no problems – the guys however, were a different case. Aditya, Ranveer, Sahil and even Jai had cleared out of the room so fast…it was like they were moving at super sonic speed! The girls had a good laugh over it. Rano, Jigyasa and Anu left and sent a reluctant Jai back inside. Sure, Bani would be doing all the work but it was a family bonding moment that he shouldn't miss.


Later that night Bani couldn't sleep but couldn't figure out that to do. She glanced over at the lounge chair next to her and saw that Jai was sleeping peacefully. She didn't have the heart to wake him because she knew that he hadn't slept since she had gone into labor. Then she had an idea – as quietly as possible she sat on the side of the bed and got to her feet. It took her longer than it should have because she was still sore. Once she found a pair of slippers she headed towards the nursery to go see Diya. When she entered the baby was still sleeping but Bani still wanted to hold her. As Bani took a seat in a rocking chair in the corner, a nurse brought Diya over.


B- Hi Diya, my love…tum kitni khubsurat ho…kissi ki nazar naa lage. (Bani rocked as she talked to the baby) Jaanti ho, maine aur tumhare Papa ne tumhare liyeh bohot intezar ki hai. Humne Bagwan se prathna ki hai ke tum humare zindagi mein jaldi aajao…aur dekho…you are here. (she stroked the baby's cheek) I love you so much Diya…main dua karti hoon ke tumhe meri khusiyaan miljaye aur mujhe tumhare sare dukh. Main aur Papa humesha tumhare saath hai…humesha (she kissed the baby and then began humming a tune to her)


Two days passed in a blur. The doctor was ready to discharge Bani after 24 hours of observation – as long as she took it easy. But Jai, however, didn't want to hear anything. He insisted – more like forced – the doctor to keep Bani for another day or two just to be sure that everything was alright. Bani knew that he had had a scare when she had hemorrhaged and been unconscious so she didn't fight him on it. On this day when the doctor came to officially discharge her Jai again wasn't sure if Bani was really ready, that was enough to get Bani to give him that look…a look he knew too well…that look meant he lost! Then there was the fact that the entire family was no blackmailing him using Diya no less.


Jig- Aare Bhaia, kaise baap hai aap. Ghar pe hum saab hai usse pyaar kanewale, aur aap usse iss hospital main rakhna chate hai.

R- Tauba Jiju…that is just not right.

A- Aap tension kyun lehte hai, hum saab hai naa. Hum saab milke Bani aur Diya ka khayal rakhenge. Kya aapno humpe bharosa nahin hai?

J- Aaisi baath nahin hai, aur tum log yeh jaante ho!

Jig- Chi Bhaia…I'm shocked…how can you deprive an innocent child of her home and her loved ones!

J- What…maine…

R- Shame on you Jiju…shame shame!!!

J- Tik hai…tik hai…aaj hi ghaar jayenge!


Jai was leaving when he heard Ranveer say something.


Ranv- Shame on you girls…using an innocent baby to blackmail Jai Bhaia!

Adi- Tauba tauba…you will go to hell for this!!!

Jig- Oye, chup! You know you want Diya home just as much as we do!


Jai didn't stick around long enough to hear the end of that argument – an argument the girls won, he was sure.


Once all the discharge formalities were completes, and Jai had asked the doctor every question at least 5 times, did they leave – albeit an hour after she was officially discharged. It took Jai a while to figure out how to lock in the baby's car seat. Once that was done he first helped Bani in, while he held Diya…then he handed her to Bani to strap in.  Bani couldn't help but laugh at Jai and his driving. If she thought that he drove slow while she was pregnant…then what was he doing now? Compared to how he drove them home now…he drove like a speed racer while she was pregnant. Bani couldn't help but laugh out loud when they pulled up to the drive way to see all the girls with angry looks on their faces…they had been waiting for a while for them. However, the anger was quickly gone once they saw Diya.


Massi and Dadi officially welcomed Diya home as they did the arti and performed all the necessary rituals. Dadi placed a black tika on the side of her forehead before they finally walked in to the house.


D- Kissi ki nazaar naa lage humari Jani ko!


Coming inside Bani and Jai were surprised to see a "WELCOME HOME BABY" banner on the wall and the room decorated with streamers and balloons. After everyone had a round of holding Diya, Bani finally put her down. They protested for Bani to let her sleep in the bassinet in the living room but Bani said no. She knew how everyone got when they were together…the got LOUD. Instead Bani put Diya in the down stairs nursery and made sure to turn on the monitor so they could hear her if she cried. She then joined the already animated group in the living room.


M- Toh Bahu…tum batao…kaisi ho?

B- Baas Massi tik hoon.

D- Abhi bhi dard hai?

B- Khabi khabi thoda bohot hota hai…lekin itni bhi nahin.

D- Chinta maat karo, kuch hi dino mein chala jayega.

B- Haan…vaise bhi…it was all worth it…Diya ko pane ke liyeh yeh toh kuch bhi nahin tha.

Jig- Didn't sound like that when you were in labor!

(the girls giggled)

B- Haan haan, hans lo…tumhari baari jaab aayegi…tab main dekhungi.


At that comment the three guys sitting on the couch blushed just as much as the three girls sitting next to Bani. It was then that Bani noticed Jai was missing.


B- Aap kahaan jaa rahe hai? (she asked as she saw Jai inching towards the nursery)

J- Main woh…Pani…

Jig- Kitchen uss taraf hai Bhaia (she pointed in the opposite direction)

B- Aap bhi naa…abhi abhi toh usse sulake aayi hoon…aap jayenge toh jag jayegi.

J- Main nahin jagaunga…I just want to check…I won't touch her…

R- Yeah right! You will pick her up for sure!!!

B- Rano sahi bol rahi hai…aap baitiyeh idar.

J- Meri bhi baachi hai…

B- Aur?

J- Aur…I've worked hard to make sure she is safe and healthy…

(everyone looked at Jai…he was so dead if he didn't shut up right now…)

B- Toh……

Jig- Yes, Bhaia toh?

J- Kuch nahin meri maa…kuch nahin!


Everyone laughed at Jai…the poster boy for a dotting father!


B- Toh Rano batao…shaadi ki planning kaisi chal rahi hai?

R- Good Didi…venue toh select ki hai…aab baas date select karna hai.

D- Ranveer ek baath bata…

Ranv- Ji Dadi?

R- Tune Rano ko kaise pataya?

Ranv- Aare Dadi, mere good looks aur confidence se.

R- Eh, phekta hai!

M- Rano humari ghaar ki ladli hai…shaadi toh special honi chahiyeh…tumne kya plan ki hai?

Jig- Massi is right!

B- Haan haan…Uff…ANU!! Not you too!

A- (who was half way to the nursery) What? I wanted water too!

Jig- Again…kitchen…that way!

B- Jai ko toh main sajam sakti hoon…lekin tu bhi…come on yaar…I have only two eyes…

A- I just want to make sure she isn't crying.

R- Aagar royegi bhi toh awaz aayega…we have a monitor!

A- Phir bhi…

B- Tu baithi hai ke nahin…

A- Yes Hitler-ji…baithi hoon! Uff…

Jig- Haan toh hum kya keh rahe the…yes…something special for Rano. Toh kya kaar rahe ho…

Ranv- Aare fikar not…I have learned the "art"…

B- The 'art' of what exactly?

Ranv- (standing up) I have learned "Woo"!

"Woo?" everyone said together.

S- Haan baba…the art of 'woo'…humse sikha hai…

Ranv- Yes yes…I have learned the art of 'woo'.

(Rano shot to her feet)

R- If you have learned the art of 'woo' from these guys…toh main abhi keh deti hoon…wedding is off!!!


Ranveer and Rano went back and forth for a few minutes while everyone joined in the argument here and there. Suddenly a shrill cry erupted and made everyone shut up…it was Diya. Bani looked at the clock…Diya wasn't due for another feeding or changing for another hour or so. Then she looked around and figured out why her daughter was up early.


B- Chodingi nahin main un dono ko!!


Everyone else glanced around the room to see that Jai and Anu were conveniently missing. Sure enough, at that very second, you could hear Jai and Anu's voice on the monitor.


J- Shh…nahin rote baby…varna tumhari Mamma mujhe kha jayegi!

A- Chup hojao Jani…aapni Anu Massi ke liyeh…Oh God…Bani is going to kill us!


Everyone else erupted in laughter as Bani got up slowly to go deal with her husband and friend.


Later that night Bani had asked Jai to bring in Diya's bassinet into their room, she wasn't ready to have Diya in a separate room yet. Once she was changed and fed, she needed to be put to sleep. Bani sat on the rocking chair that had replaced the sofa, and began rocking Diya to sleep – as she did so, she hummed a soft musical tune for her. Diya feel asleep soon after but Bani didn't want to put her down just yet.


Jai came in a few minutes later, kissed Bani on the head before taking Diya and placing her in the plush bassinet. Bani and Jai both looked on at their little miracle, both amazed at what they had.


B- She is beautiful isn't she?

J- Haan, bilkul aapni Maa ki tarha. (Jai pulled Bani in and placed a passionate kiss on her lips) Thank you (he whispered)

B- (returned the kiss) Thank you…


That night Jai and Bani slept with a wholeness feeling…their family was finally complete.


…Ch 117…ummm…up to you guys…do you want to see RR ki shaadi…or do you want me to do an epilogue?


ps: Cant wait to see comments Big smile

..kashish.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 January 2009 at 7:15pm | IP Logged
di fianlly !
will read and come back!
amiee IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 January 2009 at 8:03pm | IP Logged
wonderful update cant wait to reead more
dancing_rani Groupbie

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Posted: 22 January 2009 at 8:25pm | IP Logged
great update... no epi... i wanna see RR shaadi.. AWWW JAANI... were ever did u get the name lolTongueWink... diya is great too.
cont. soon
Pachu.P IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 January 2009 at 8:40pm | IP Logged
IM HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  PartyDancing
Like i said..im sorry for late..u know my schedule on weekends...Embarrassed..im suppperr busy on weekends..barely time to breathe...OuchLOL..ok ok..enough of me..

...hmm..thank god Bani is alive..nahin to tu gayi thi..Angry...u left us at a CRUCIAL place for a YEAR! Can u believe that!! ShockedOuch...now is that fair yaar!! Cry..poor souls here had to wait..Cry...love this JW yaar..too caringg..Day Dreaming...sach mein aise log hote hain?? EmbarrassedDay Dreaming....

Jani..hayee...that's a cute pet nameee..Embarrassed...too good choice babesss..Clap...hahaaa...Jai-Anu are such a kid at heart..LOL..i can imagine bani's face..when J-A went to Jani's room n woke her up..haha..ROFL

RR needs to get married soon! tab khushiyaan double ho jaayegi Walia Mansion mein..then it'll be fun..and what more cool would be if Ranveer becomes a ghar-jamai Cool..that'd be soo cool jaani...think about that..WinkLOL

Loved it jaani...now continue soon please...don't make us wait for another 6 months/year!! then you will be a goner..Embarrassed

Loved it!!! Embarrassed

Continue soon! Clap


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