Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

FF - Kuch Ankahe Rishte updtd pg 8

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This one is for you NandiniBig smile Made some modifications in this from the original one Tongue

Kuch Ankahe Rishte.

Kuch rishte shuru hokar khatam ho jatein hain...kuch rishte shunu hone se pehle khatam ho jatein hai, kuch roishton ka koi naam hota... kuch rishte upar se ban kar aatein hai , kuch rishte humhain, ek nayee savare dikhatein hai aur kuch rishte humhare duil ko todtee hain....aise hee kuch rishton se bharee hai yeh kahani....

This fan fic is not only based on prem & heers/ preet & meher's life but is also based on the lthe people they encounter on the way....and how their lives are giverned by their own thoughts and also the thought of people around them..

This one is on :

a) Prem & Heer
b) Preet & Meher

The Character Sketch
Krishna Juneja ' dadi or bebe :
She is the head of the Juneja family. A very lively person, and is a live wire She is funny and light hearted, a prankster and is full of stories. She lives life to the fullest and there is never a dull moment with her around. Prem is her darling and her favourite and her best friend and she keeps referring to prem as her boyfriend. She is very fun loving and is friends with her grand children. She is having constant fights with dai jaan...

Oscar: (I was missing oscy from KHNK and thought of incorporating him in my fanficLOLLOL)
Prems pet who prem picked up from the street as a pup. prem was going for a jog one day and he saw this pup lying on the road, bleeding profusely. prem picked the dog and got it home, immediately called a doctor and nursed the dog back to health. When it was time for the pup to leave, prem didnt have the heart to let it go, and ended up adopting the pup himself. Since then, wherever prem went, oscar was sure to go.

Dai Jaan: (I was missing Kanta Ben of KHNK and hence Dai Jaan in this fan ficLOL) The nanny of the house who has bought up veera and the other kids since they were chotta chota baby. She has been with the family since eternity. She adores prem and refers to him as his jaanu. Dai Jaan & Bebe have this constant fight over prem - who loves prem more and whose boyfriend is prem. For dai jaan, prem is her jaan while dadi refers to prem as her boyfriend. DJ is blunt and outspoken and speaks what comes in her mind. Lalit is very scared of her ....

Amarjeet Juneja: (Krishna ji's husband)
The patriach of the house. he is like a coconut hard from outside and very soft from inside. very few people impress him. he doesnt care much about Balrajs friend brother whom he always though of a snake. He is very close to Balraj and treated him as his own son. Amarjeets best friend was Anand Mann, Balraj & Balwant father. They were so close that they used to live in each other house. Amarjeet had a niece (Teji) whom he was very fond of and he got Balraj married to her.

Lalit Juneja:
Lalit is Krishna and Amarjeets elder son. Born and bought up in Ambala, he is one of the 5 most richest and powerful men in Canada. He is a very fortright and honest person. In his younger days, Lalit started off his by selling and making cycle spare parts in Ambala. Slowly he became a retailer to sell electronics in the grey market.Everyone was floored by Lalit's way of doing business. Canada saw his r, but it was due rise very slowly and steadily and it is due to his own ambitions that he's where he is now. Besides this Lalit was a family man. Not many know but before every venture he started, lalit will smell the mitti that his friend balraj had handed over to him when he left as also touch a Re 1 coin that balraj had given him when they were kids. These two things are his lucky omen according to him.

Lalit respects those who have mind of their own. As the climb went higher, people around him respected him more and more. He started expanding his business by getting into higher deals and as they say Lalit had arrived

What people really liked about Lalit was the fact that he was honest and led a life which was an example for everyone to follow. He was transparent and ethical in all his dealings. His strength was his family. He never showed his feelings to any one and would only pour his heart out to Balraj.

When he moved to canada, he started pouring his heart to balrajs photo and maintained a diary which he always kept near his heart. No one knew of this.

Teji Mann was his sister and he adored her to the hilt.

He loves rabri anbd insists that his family leads by example. So if they go on a holiday, they have to fly the airline, they run (buy tickets like any other regular customer), they have to stay in the same hotel they run and pay for their cost of stay there. and if they want to have beer, well then they can go and get beer from the alcohol store but only the beer they make!!

Shipra or Mittu Juneja:
lalits first wife and school lady love. Lalit and shipra got married once they entered college and shipra gave birth to prem in her third year. She had a daughter Kulraj in her first year of college. Shipra was a soothing factor in Lalits life

Gayatri Juneja:
She is Lalit's second wife and a stepmother to Kulraaj and Prem. She is Shipras younger sister. She is not the typical stepmother and for her the world revolves around Prem. She loves Prem and no one can point any fingers on her son. Gayatri has stood by Lalit trough all the rough times and that the reason Lalit respects her a lot. Gayatri commands a lot of respect from everyone around. She is the single thread that binds the family together. She is into a lot of social welfare activities and supports causes for the under priviledged. - She is now a homemaker. She had done her fashion designing course and had started her own boutique before marriage. After marriage, she gave it to her best friend rehana to run and sacrificed her career as a budding fashion designer for her husband and children.

Kulraj is Lalit and Shipra's daughter and is the eldest sibling. She fell in love with Kiran and married him against all odds. Kiran is working as a marketing manager in a firm, but both are happy and they have three children, two-year-old daughter ' Gunjan, four year old son, rehan, and a one year old daughter juliet. Kulraj has to think twice before she has to spend but she is proud of the fact that her husband is a self made man. For Gunnjan, her world revolves around her mama prem and when she is crying then only prem can keep her quiet. kulraj and prem are very close to each other. She adores her family, is very homely. She was a budding marketing professional and met kulraj when they both started working on an assignment together. Love blossomed between the two, Kulraj had to quit her job after marriage . Kiran married Kulraj as he felt kulraj could be a stepping stone to his success but kulraj used to never ask her family for favours - something which bugged kiran, though he was a self confessed, self made man.

Kiran Junjeja:
kiran is kulraj's husband and he loves kulraj a lot. He thinks he is a self made man (though he is not) and works as a marketing manager in a firm. At times the the financial constrains take a toll on his and kulraaj''s relationship where he lashes his temper out at her. Those times he feels that Kulraj can help him or could have helped him out. Kiram suffers from what is known as extreme mood swings thanks to his own frustrations in life

Prem Juneja
Prem is Lalit and Shipra's son. He is the pillar of strength for the entire family. Everyone looks up to Prem during the time of any crises as he has a solution for anything and everything. He is an ideal son, brother, husband and person with a heart of gold. Prem has sacrificed his ambitions for the sake of his family. He had wanted to be an airforce pilot and had studied to be one ever since one could remember. He later went on to do huis MBA in Marketing & Finance when he realized that Lalit needed his help. (As Lalit needed his help in business),  he foregoed his dreams and started helping his father out. Prem is a man of words and principles. People think he is very boring and unromantic but he in actuality is very romantic and has a naughty and flirtatious side attached to him. He thinks silence can be best conversation one can ever have and he lets his eyes do the talking.

For Prem Gayatri's words are like the final decision and he will do anything to make sure that Gayatri is happy. He is man of strong convictions and a giver by nature. Prem is good looking, well spoken and has a great sense of humor. Prem is a man any girl would want to marry. Like Gayatri, Prem is a single thread that binds the entire family and has a unique ability to be a fun loving prankster as well as a responsible human being.

Prem is softspoken and usually tends to keep his feelings to himself. He would do anything for his family, even at the cost of foresaking his open happiness. He eyes do most of the talking and he feels that silence is the best conversation that a person can ever have. He is searching for a person who would look at his eye and know what he is going through.

Harman Juneja

Harman is Lalit and Gayatris son and is studying to be a lawyer. He is currently doing his internship with Ram Jethmalani and is very ambitious. He has a hidden talent - painting

Preet juneja:
Preet is Lalit and Gayatris son. He is a rebel at times, outspoken and a brat. preet always looks up to prem and wants to be like him but does not want to make an effort.Preet is in love with sports and wanted to play alongside Sachin Tendulkar one day!! He too has a hidden talent attached to him and that is writing and flirting, the latter which comers naturally to him!!All the girls in college are fida over preeet while preet has only one best friend - one whom he lost when the family shifted to candada, one whose name is meher.

Veera Juneja
Veera is Lalit and gayatris youngest child and the most pampered of the lot. She is use to luxuries in life and feels that having money is the only way to live. She is very spoilt being the youngest. veera wants to get married to a 'Bank Balance' and feels that love is just good in books and without money nothing can work. She is proud of her good looks and se knows that her good looks are the ticket to getting a wealthy husband. She has the perfect body, a figure to die for. She is intelligent and witty and not used to the hardships of life

The Manns.

Balraaj Maan:

Balraaj has immense pride in his daughters and has thought them to always keep their head held high. He is a farmer and has petrol pumps as well and runs a few schools at his farm. They are very modern cum routed family. Balraj has bought up his daughters to stand shoulder to shoulder with a man. He has 100 acres of land on the outskirts of Ambala and given the charge of his farm to his wife Teji Mann.

Teji Maan:
She is balraaj mann's wife who is very simple and who cares for her family. She is a homemaker  and has bought up her children with principles and values.

Balwant Maan:
He is younger brother to Balraaj'he's a hen pecked husband to Daljeet who is jealous of his brother and his wealth and the popularity that he has. Balwant is good for nothing and he feels that he has been poorly treated and dealth with. He is further more jealous of balraj as he was in love with teji ever since he could remember. When balwant saw balraj and teji getting married, he could not bear it yet he could do nothing about it, as his was a one sided love.
Balwant has a very dark side which only balraj, lalit, gayatri and teji know of. Well balwant does not know that lalit and gayatri know. He was always being compated to balraj because of which he suffers from an inferiority complex.

Daljeet Maan:
She is a very typical small town ambitious mother and aspires that all her three daughters get married into rich families and does not feel a wee bit awkward if she has to be pushy to find prospective bridegrooms. Daljeet has two children ' Ashlesha and son ' Nihaal . Daljeet saw money come and go from an early age and hence she became extremely materialistic and after the riches of the world. She is a great cook and had even written a her own cook book. It was her cooking that Balwant fell in love with and it was through her cooking that she made way into balwant's heart.

She is someone who wants to be known and does want to be in the limelight all the time. She is very arrogant and brash. She cannot hear a 'NO' for an answer and always gets what she wants. The reason that Ashlesha had got attracted to preet was because she considered him to the heartthrob of the university where she wished to apply (she googled it!!).Has no mind of her own. Is hell bent on being a model and the fashion industry enthralls her. She has no knowlewdge of whats happenning in the world outside. Uskee life main ek hi tension hai, ki woh miss indua kaise banegi aur is tension ka uske paas jawaab nahin hai.

Heer Maan
Heer is the daughter of Balraj and Teji maan. Heer had studied law and works a lot for the NGO's and the underprivilidge... Heer is not a rebellious person but does not hold herself before fighting for causes that she feels are right. She indepedependent and has a mind of her own. Heer is a person who would listen to her Parents and would even give up her dreams if they came in the way of her family. She is a simple girl next door who has no qualms about life. She is a dreamer but hides her dreams under the pillow! Takes each day with a smile on her face. Her family means a lot to her and is aged 23 years

Meher Maan:
Is second daughter to balraaj and teji maan. She is a simple and a innocent gorl living in the big bad world.... Loves to eat food. She can do anything for her family.She is very good at drawing and belueves that art is the best form of expressing ones creativity.

Nihaal Maan:
Nihaal is the son of Balwant and daljeet Maan. He is someone who wants to be a model and is always in the gym. He is a very typical jaat, good to look at but no gray matter up there. Nihaal is willing to sweat it out and struggle his way up in the modeling industry and wishes to be in Bombay soon.

Satinder Mann.
Balraj and Tejis Son who ran away and married mahi, the woman he loved much against the wishes of mahis parents. A freak accident made everyone believe that he and mahi arent alive any more but in actuality they are. Balraj isnt willing to hear anything about his son and Teji often thinks of him.


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The basic premise:
Balraj & lalit are two friends in Ambala whose friendship is a misaal for everyone at Ambala. often people say dost ho to balraj aur lalit jaise. Both have seen the thick and thin of life. Lalits father has never liked balrajs younger brother and often warned balraj about him but balraj would not heed to his attention thinking that the day is not far when his brother would change.

Teji and Shipra went to the same school and while balraj used to eye teji, lalit used to eye Shipra. They grew up and married their love. Actually regarding Lalit and Teji, it was the master plan of Amarjeet Juneja - Lalits Father!

In her first year of college, shipra gave birth to a daughter and in her third year, she gave birth to prem. When prem was born, lalit used to often joke that he would marry prem to a girl who was tejis parchai. Shipra wished that teji would have a child soon so that her daughter could have a friend to play with and prem too.

a year later it is diagnosed that shipra has cancer and she passes away when prem is just a year and an half old and kulraj 3. Lalit is shattered. Knowing that the children are small and need a mother amarjeet and krishna ji want to get him married and think the best match for him wiould be gayatri, shipra sister. gayatri does not agree at first but later agrees when balraj n teji convince her. . She was always in love with the kids and then adopts them as her own. She didnt want to get married as at that tyime she had just started her career. But she loved her sister dearly and prem & veera were like her children. In fact they used to call gayatri ma and their own mom badi ma. Prem started calling gayatri ma ever since he could remember.

3 years later, Heer is born and kulraj is excited. Prem sees heer and wonders why is she small and why is she crying and why cant i hold her. Lalit used to laugh at this and say oyee puttar wait till you are older and then you will not want to leave her....

Gayatri used to be be back from college & work and used to play with the kids the whole day long.

After his kids were born, he sifted base to canada to be something in life. Before leaving he promised balraj that he would get his elder son prem married to heer, balraj daughter. (He sd it was his fathers wish and his wish too)

20 yeats pass and there is no news from lalit. Assuming that he has forgotten his promise, balraj then starts looking around for a match.
Balwants frustration have arisen in the mean time and he knows that the only way he can get the zameen is if balwant and teji are out of the way. The zameen is a prime land and moreover they are 100 acres. The house is a prime property too and balwant used to always wonder as to why everything was in balrajs name n not his or then shared.

Only Hitch - The land is in prem's name and the house was in heers name!! So devises a plan, to get heer married off to manmeet, then kill of balraj and that way he would get the house after manmeet marries heer and puts the property in his manmeets name and manmeet would then transfer the land to daljeets name. Manmeet is the son of daljeets sister.

The plan almost works only manmeet is married from before. Manmeet is a good for nothing guy and is a prankster who suffers from adverse moodwings. He is reckless and was often caught on the wrong side of law. Had some dealings with the underworld.

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I'll start this fan fic from where the episode ended on Thursday...

Harman - Ma
Gayatri - Bas, ek aur shabd nahin. prem apna hai, sautela nahin. Kya kuch nahin kiya issne tum logon ke liye. Khud Apni Padhai jhod di, taki business main lalit ji ka haath baant sake. Der der raat tak jhagta tha, taki tum logon ko neend aa saktee. Yeh jo tum aaj aash ki zindagi jee rahe ho, yeh sab tumhare papa aur prem ki baudalat hai. Prem ' isse tum sautala kehta ho. Yaad hai tumhe , jab school main tumhara debate competition hua tha, aur tum apne lines bhool gaye tho, to audience main khade ho kar , kisne tumhe hausla diya aur tum debate competition jeet gaye.
Lalit goes towards prem ' prem beta, Prem is in silence, with his eyes filled with tears'.
In the mean while Preet walks up to Prem and Harman, and goes and tells Harman, bas bhai, aur nahin. Prem bhaiya humare bade bhai hain, I don't know whats wrong with you, jaise jaise bade hote jaa rahe ho , aapka sar ka screw dheela hote jaa raha hai.
Prem ' Preet.
Pret ' sorry bhai, but I cant tolerate this. Koi aapse kuch bhi bolta hai aur aap chup rehte ho. Kabhi to defend kariye apne aap ko.
Lalit reads the paper and goes and hugs prem. I'm sorry beta. He hands over the papers to gayatri who is stunned.
Prem has put the hotel in gayatris name!
Gayatri ' Prem'
Harman - bhai , ab to aap kush hain
Gayatri - Harman, maine bola na, ek aur shabd nahin. Tu janta bhi yeh isme kya likha hai.
Harman - Main kuch nahin janta. myujhe bas itna malum hai ki main bhi college khatam karke is hotel business main haath baantna chahta hoon
Gayatri ' tu jaana chahte hai, issme kya likha hai, dekh. Prem ne yeh hotel apne nahin mere naam kiya hai. Kush. baanto haath, kisne mana kiya hain. par harman beta, yeh law aur hotyel business kuch jama nahin. Figure out what you want to do in life...
Prem ' hotel business pe aana chahte ho, aayo, but Harman dammid, come as a legal advisor
Prem walks away from there and goes into his room.
Its night and hes looking at the moon and talking. Chand roshni deta hai par is chand main daag hai, theek mere ateet ke jaise.
Gayatri ' Prem and he looks at her teary eyed. Kitnee qurbani dega beta. Hamesha doosron ke liye sochta hai, kabhi to apne baarein main socho.
Prem - kyun, kyun ho raha hai yeh mere saath. Apni puree zindagi maine apne bhaiyon ke naam kar de. Airforce pilot nahin bana kyunki dad ka sahara chahiye tha. business doob raha tha aur paise bhi nahin the. college ke liye raat ko padta tha, din main office jaata tha, khud nahin soya taaki inhe neend aa jaye
Gayatri ' Prem, tu sautela nahin hai, apna hai, hamesha yeh yaad rakhna. Kabhi to apne future ke barein main sochon.
Prem - Sautela.... kya yeh shabd mera peecha nahin chodega kabhi. He falls on the knees and put his arms around gayatris waist. Gayatri puts her hand and on his head and says tu mera hausla hai. Tu janta hai prem tu apna hai.

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awww......thnx a lot damn sure everyone will love it...lols......i'm saying...u hav this beautiful talent to write....muuuuuaaaahhhhh......thnx a tone....hehe...and yaaaa......other members...come on......comment yaaaar........wasnt it gud....i am sure u'l love it ltr....lols...plss comment everyone.....plss.......

luv nandini
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it's aweosome yaar too good yes shoud work in bollywood for sure.hehe..i m sure u wil me so popular more than ekta .better than her serials.lolz LOL Wink
but u did good job yaar Clap
Keep it up
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its simply fabulous Clapgreat job Tongue
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Yayyyy!Party  Misty ju posted it.. I was waiting since the day u told me u wud be posting a fan-fic..
And u surpassed all my expectations... Love ur writing style..
The detailed character descriptions were wow!... Looking forward to how you shape up the plot...Smile
salma_786786 Goldie

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awww sooo sweett... really enjoyed reading about Prem n Gaya3's relationship again.... u've done a gr8 job
plz do continue... Clap

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