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Rajeev Priyanka FC - Realisation....... (Page 93)

daisy_luvs_ ff IF-Rockerz
daisy_luvs_ ff
daisy_luvs_ ff

Joined: 29 June 2007
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Posted: 16 May 2008 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
hiiiiii guys, why is su on a high!!!

daisy_luvs_ ff IF-Rockerz
daisy_luvs_ ff
daisy_luvs_ ff

Joined: 29 June 2007
Posts: 8835

Posted: 16 May 2008 at 12:31pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by ~~ashi~~

http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=943673&T PN=1 5

Congratulate Daisy here. Please koi pics shics mat post karna, it is not in ML LOL

yaar tum manogi nahin kabhi, hai na!!

its not that big deal, seriously!!


-PoisonIvy- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 10 July 2007
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Posted: 16 May 2008 at 12:32pm | IP Logged
Su is on a high and so are we because our dear friend Daisy has become a viewbie Big smile Big smile You know Daisy, dont you? Wink
-PoisonIvy- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 10 July 2007
Posts: 30744

Posted: 16 May 2008 at 12:34pm | IP Logged
Arey, it is superrrrr big!!!! abhi viewbie ho, kal Mod, parso, GM, uske baad u can even run for elections LOL PM in the making!!!Wink

Edited by ~~ashi~~ - 16 May 2008 at 12:34pm
daisy_luvs_ ff IF-Rockerz
daisy_luvs_ ff
daisy_luvs_ ff

Joined: 29 June 2007
Posts: 8835

Posted: 16 May 2008 at 12:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sunaina02


I being not a conservative already submerged in the congratulatory champagne LOL

Congratulations Daisy !!

wowwwwww cheers to u too

and sharmi darling

a verrrrrrrry verrrrrrrrrry verrrrrrrrry happy b'day!

may all ur dreams come true and all the happiness in this world are showered on u!!

take care and keep smiling always

yazh IF-Dazzler

Joined: 14 February 2008
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Posted: 16 May 2008 at 12:39pm | IP Logged

This is his well kept secret, he has been visiting the rpfc for quite some time now, the reason being this one special person, who makes such outrageous and fun posts.  Just thinking of some of her posts makes him blush.

He hoped he does not scare her off. She had been disbelieving when he had pmed her. She however, believed only after he gave her his number and asked her to call him, the sound of his voice seemed to have convinced her.

That was two days ago. He had asked her to meet him at this cafe, a favorite of his here in Delhi . Will she come.


She had been made fun of, chided, scolded and harshly spoken to, all because she has been walking around with a dazed look, a silly grin and a wide jaw breaking smile for the past two days. She is convinced that it is him, she has not told anyone about it, not even to her friends in the fc. This is her very own secret, a secret that she did not want to share with any one.

She hated Indian attire, but today she very much wanted to dress up and knew what she had to wear.


He had arrived early, he did not want her to come early and wait for him. Though not very exclusive this is a favorite place of his, he loved the ambience. It is a  place where he is not stared at or looked upon like a celebrity. He did not want to cause her any discomfort. He went to his favorit, cozy place in the corner. He liked sitting here alone, he and his thoughts, this however, is the very first time he had invited someone to share this space.


She had a huge advantage. He certainly did not know how she looked. Will he be able to recognize her when she walks in.

He certainly can, there she is, it has to be her, she looks beautiful, in the brick coloured simple but elegant salwar kameez, she has not adorned herself with too much jewellery, and she has waist length wavy hair. She looks lost standing at the entrance of the cafe, is this the woman who writes so much. He likes watching her bewildered look, but first he had to confirm what he knows, is right. He makes a call, she answers it, he heaves a sigh of relief and gets up.


She is literally shivering, her feet feel like jelly, she just had a glance of him, he looks much more handsome in person, but she did not have enough time to study him, she has suddenly become this very shy person. She can feel herself walking, her eyes are lowered, some instinct leads her to him, he says her name and stretches his hand as if to say hello, she feels like a zombie and lifts up her hand and slowly moves it towards his, but the sight of his open palm halts her hand, she feels herself blush.


He knows the effect he has on woman, so this behaviour is not new to him, but seeing her react this way, makes him smile at her fondly, he moves his hand forward and slightly brushes the inside of her palm with his fingers. He can see the blush cover her neck and spread over her face. He invites her to sit down.


Just a few inches separate them, her eyes are still downcast, she clutches her purse that rests on her lap tightly. He asks a few questions, things like whether she had difficulty in locating the place, etc. Simple questions to which she could just nod or shake her head. He stops talking, he becomes silent, she tries to gather herself, her eyes are drawn to his powerful thighs, they are just a few inches away from her. She begins to feel emotions that are alien to her. This is not a picture or a video, this is a living, breathing fully grown man made of flesh and blood.


Was she right in coming.


He can sense and feel her discomfort, he cannot even begin to understand the thoughts swirling in her mind. He stops talking, wanting her to take her time getting herself composed.

The waiter is a welcome diversion. He reads out from the menu card and she nods her head in acceptance to his choice of food.

Her lovely, shiny black hair is covering half her face, should he shouldn't he, his hand does not think, it moves on its own volition, his fingers move under her hair, slides along the side of her face and tucks her hair behind her ears. She shivers and heaves a sigh, her breath comes out as short gasps. He is equally moved. She is breathing heavily, oh, why did he do it, he moves a little away from her and drums the table with his fingers.


What was he thinking…


He needs to do something, they can't sit here like this, he needs to talk, he asks a few more questions and starts telling her about his experiences during the shoot of LRL, she listens with rapt attention, he can see her relax, the hands clutching her purse is loosened, she smiles, she lifts up her head, giggles. But it is when he tells her about this very funny episode, that she turns and looks at him, he sees her clearly for the first time. She is beautiful, she looks into his eyes and freezes, he too does not want to look away, but he knows he has to, he clears his throat, looks away, and continues with the story. He is after all an accomplished actor.


Their food arrives, he sends away the waiter and serves the food, he knows they can eat very little, he continues to talk, wanting to know more about her, he questions her, she answers him in a very soft voice, they continue to eat, or rather he eats and she just picks her food, in a relatively relaxed atmosphere.


Time flies, it is time to leave, she does not want this moment to end, he is from Mumbai and she is in Delhi, he is about to start shooting for his new film, she does not know if and when she will see him again. He settles the bill, and asks her, oh so casually whether she would like to go for a drive with him to this place that he likes to visit whenever he is in Delhi , she readily agrees. The shivering has subsided, but the tremors are still there, there are butterflies in her stomach and this amazing feeling of extreme happiness. They leave the caf.


(to be continued)


They have been riding for quite some time, and are nearing the outskirts of the city.

They do not talk much, the traffic is heavy and his full concentration is on the road.

He seems to be in some deep thought, was he regretting inviting her.


They have left the city behind, he never thought this will happen, it was supposed to be a date where he could get himself acquainted with her, but she seems to have affected him more.

The scenary has long since changed.


After a few more minutes of travel, he stops the car. The place is dark devoid of any artificial light, the only light is from the full moon shining above. He gets down and comes around and opens the door for her. He gestures her to walk and she follows him. The ground is rough and hewn with stones, he turns around to see if she has any difficulty in walking and waits for her to catch up. There is just this narrow strip of ground that is free from stones, they walk upon this path side by side. He is very close to her, he fills up her senses, the path becomes narrower and they are forced to walk closer, it is as if neither of them is willing to go forward or stay back.  

The inevitable happens and the back of their palms brush against each other, she keeps walking, both of them do not want to separate, they continue walking. After a few steps, she can feel his index finger straighten and search for hers, it finds what it had been looking for and curls itself around hers. She has no control over her breathing, but she wants more, he moves an inch closer and links all her fingers with his, she feels a shiver of pleasure run thru her, he turns to look at her in the moonlight. She lowers her head unable to bear his scrutiny.


They stop walking, she slowly raises her head, and what she sees makes her hold her breath, she can see a whole city spread before her, they are standing at the end of a cliff. She almost forgets her inhibitions and enjoys the scene before her with childlike enthusiasm. Their fingers loosen the grip, and she moves forward to enjoy the view. He continues to look at her, she is oblivious.

She then turns to him and conveys her feelings and thanks.

He leads her to a wooden bench close by. They sit down. She continues to enjoy the view, he has seen it countless times and simply enjoys looking at her.


He cannot control himself, it was as though it was someone else, his hand encircles her upper arm and pulls her roughly towards him, it was as if she too was waiting for this moment, because her arms go around him and holds him tightly, he crushes her to his chest. His cheek is pressed against her soft sweet smelling hair.


Her mind is blank, she cannot form a single thought.  There is no shame or regret, it was as if she was born for this very moment.


He lifts up his head and turns to kiss her cheek, she does the same and it is their lips, that meet.

This is pure heaven, but he dare not move his lips, he dare not scare her. He knows this has to stop, knows they have to leave the place, he slowly pulls back, breaking contact. Her eyes are closed and she bends her head to rest oh so lightly on his chest. Their arms are still around each other. They stay like this for what seems to be an eternity.


The ride back is filled with silence, they do not needs words, although there is so much to say.

She never imagined it would turn out like this, this is beyond even her wildest imagination. The storm that he created within her atop the cliff is still raging. His arm is around her and her head rests gently on his shoulder, she feels cherished being held so close to him.


They have long since entered the city, they are nearing her house, they do not know what the future holds for them, but she is confident that this is definitely not the last time she sees him.

He does not want to make promises he cannot keep, but some instinct tells him that she is the one.


(remember girls, nishant do u) Wink (to be continued)





Edited by yazh - 16 May 2008 at 12:40pm
daisy_luvs_ ff IF-Rockerz
daisy_luvs_ ff
daisy_luvs_ ff

Joined: 29 June 2007
Posts: 8835

Posted: 16 May 2008 at 12:41pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by ~~ashi~~

Arey, it is superrrrr big!!!! abhi viewbie ho, kal Mod, parso, GM, uske baad u can even run for elections LOL PM in the making!!!Wink

arrey super big tab hoga jab raj ke list mein humara sthan sautan aur other woman se upar hoga...........i hope u know what i mean.........then i ll trhow a super duper bigggggggggg party........tum sab aoge na wahan, specially ashi and su??

i m sure now ashi is looking for her danda!!LOLLOL

-PoisonIvy- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 10 July 2007
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Posted: 16 May 2008 at 12:44pm | IP Logged
Yazh, thx a ton Smile Smile Any reason behind posting it again? Big smile are u planning to continue it? Wink

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