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FF-SAATH...wid u alwys[part29UPDATEDpg21] (Page 13)

reema2000 Senior Member

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Posted: 01 June 2008 at 9:40am | IP Logged
ohmygosh no! this needs to be sorted out ASAP! mahi and shabd CANNOT be in a fight together =[

plz continue soon and resolve this matter! =D

taran13 Groupbie

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Posted: 01 June 2008 at 11:34am | IP Logged
OMG...this was too sad! please clear the misunderstanding between them! Continue!

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stars_shine* IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 June 2008 at 3:16pm | IP Logged
noooooooo pllzzzzz dont seperate mahi and shabd!! and wuts wit mahi bein so upset about it Angry ? anyways plzz continue soon and bring them back together!!!
giggling gurl Senior Member
giggling gurl
giggling gurl

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Posted: 02 June 2008 at 11:41pm | IP Logged

shabd and mahi had a moody morning... the got ready and took blessings from gayatri and suryaban and went on their way to the airport. both shabd and mahi took care not to talk to each other let alone look at each other. shabd couldnt stand her sight cuz he feared breaking down. and mahi couldnt because she felt angry at him. she dint know quite why....

they made their way to the khanna mansion in the same way without looking and talking. once they were in, mahi was taken along by aaliyah and kripa. shabd went upstairs and locked himself in his room and cried. then he sat up decidedly. he picked his fone and dialed...

"jeet...yaar....woh canada wale it still open??? yea it is...? ohhh that keen on having me huh??? okay then tell them i wil do it. kab jaana hoga??? 3 din me?? great...thanks jeet...see ya tomrw. goodnite..."

he crumpled on his bed and tried to sleep. a song in the background...
"sau dard" from janeman...

sau dard hain,sau rahatein
sab mila dilnashin
ek tuhi nahieeeeee

rukhi rukhi si yeh hawa
aur sukhe patte ki tarah
shehar ki,sadko pe main
lawaris, udta hua
sau raste
par teri rah nahi.eeee

sau dard hain,sau rahatein
sab mila dilnashin
ek tuhi nahieeeeee

behta hain paani, behne de
waqt ko yuhi, rehne de
dariya ne karwat li hai toh
saahilon ko sehne de
sau hasratein
par tera ghum nahi.eeeee

sau dard hain,sau rahatein
sab mila dilnashin
ek tuhi nahieeeeee

shabd thought, "mujse ye bardasht nahi hoga ki tum mere paas raho aur mujse khafa ho. main nahi jaanta mera kya kasoor hai mahi... par me tume dukhi nahi kar tumse door chala jaaunga... shayad ye tujhe thoda sa sukoon de..."

shabd left for his studio early next morning. mahi knew why but none of the others did. angad and kripa too left for their rehearsals because their next concert was in 5 days. mahi dint want to face shabd in such a situation. so she dint go for the shoot and just stayed home. naina thought she might me tired. nobody questioned her.

mahi spent her day alone in the garden and around the house cuz everyone was out of the house. shabd, kripa, angad and dilip were in the office. naina and aaliyah went to do some shopping. they had called mahi but she dint go with them under the pretext of being tired.

everybody came bak befor dinner. and shabd was late. evryone except for him had gotten up after eating, when he came bak looking dishevelled.

angad looked at him in surprise, "kya shabd...aaj kal bahut late aa raha hai???"

shabd smiled: kya karu is important...

angad: i never thought i wud live to hear those words outa ur mouth...

everyone laughed. mahi was unusually silent throughout and she hadnt even looked up. and shabd was behaving as if he couldnt see her too. kripa and aaliyah sensed some tension between mahi and shabd. they glanced at each other. kripa knew it was better not to confront mahi first. so both aaliyah and kripa decided without speaking to ask shabd after his dinner.

shabd: waise...guys!!! tum logo ko yaad hai maine woh canada waale contract ke baare me bataaya dha...

everyone: haan...

shabd: well...those ppl are real crazy...wont take no for an answer!!!

naina narrowed her eyes: kya matlab??

shabd: mom...! matlab ye ke...muje jaan hoga...canada...ek saal ka contract...

naina: oh toh tumne decide kiya

shabd: yes... and i am getting paid 2 crores for this...howzzat???

angad: kewl brother...!!! i am proud of you

and angad goes around and hugs shabd. when they let go off each angad clapped shabd on the back and asked, "i hope this calls for a party??"

shabd: you bet!!!

angad: kab rakhna hai???

shabd: ummm....muje barso dopahar ko jaana hai... i would say tomorrow nite.

everybody was shellshocked. even mahi looked up in shock.

naina was tearful: beta...itni jaldi??

shabd: mom!!!!! they want me there as fast as possible... aur ye rona dhona bandh karo... its not the first time i am going...

dilip: hume pata hai beta...par...

shabd: par war kuch nahi... aur me aaunga na... muje jab chahe chutti mil sakti hai.

aaliyah, tears flowing from her eyes: watever happens bhai... do mahine me meri shaadi hai... 10 din pehle aana...nahi toh tumari khabar loongi me...

shabd smiled and walked over to aaliyah who had completely broken down. he wiped her tears and hugged her.
"aali...tum jab chahogi bhula aajaunga...aur ye rona chodo... meri ladli behen ke aankho me aasu mujse saha nahi jayega..."

aaliyah looked up and smiled. when she did, she saw tears in shabd's eyes too. the others dint want to make the situation more emotional. so they just said gudnite and went to their own rooms. soon it was just shabd, kripa and aaliyah.
mahi sneaked upstairs in all the emotions without anyone noticing.

she knew why shabd was going like this. he was doing this to make her happy. she was trying to believe that he is betraying her but she knew that shabd would never do such a thing. but she dint want him to be someone stalking her. she loved him as a friend. when the description of his love changed, it was hell for her. and now he is going away to make her happy. and it defntly dint make her happy..."muje khud pata nahi me shabd se kyoun khafa kya karoon kya kahoon muje kuch samajh me nahi aa rahi...woh mujse pyaar karta hai...kyoun me usse is baat ke liye roothi hoon??? haan...mere dil me abhi bhi preet ki liye thoda bahut feeings hai par utna nahi jitna pehle dha...muje ab pata bhi nahi ki me preet se pyaar karti preet se pyaar nahi karti hoon... par shabd..???"..she breaks down crying...

song in background..."jag soona soona" from om shanti om..

main taaj ya naamara, haay ve dasu main ki kara
dil jude bina hi tut gaye, hath mile bina hi chhut gaye
khel khale kismat ne
baar baar rod ankhiya tainu jo na vek sakhiya, ??? kudarat ne

chhan se jo tute koi sapna, (jag soona soona laage - 2)
koi rahe na jab apna, jag soona soona laage
jag soona soona hai toh yeh kyun hota hai
jab yeh dil rota hai, roye sisak sisak ke hawaayein, jag soona laage
chhan se jo tute koi sapna, (jag soona soona laage - 2)
koi rahe na jab apna, (jag soona soona laage - 2) re
soona laage re

roothi roothi saari raatein, phike phike saare din
viraani si viraani hai, tanhaayi si tanhaayi hai
aur ik hum pyaar ke bin har pal
chhan se jo tute koi sapna, (jag soona soona laage - 2)
koi rahe na jab apna, (jag soona soona laage - 2) re b contd...SOOOOOON!!!!!!!
next part cming up...

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sl032597 Groupbie

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Posted: 02 June 2008 at 11:52pm | IP Logged
I hope mahi realizes how much she loves shabd and insists on going to canada with him(after marraige). please hurry ..waiting thanks
giggling gurl Senior Member
giggling gurl
giggling gurl

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Posted: 03 June 2008 at 6:11am | IP Logged
hav put in the download links for the audio version of the kyph songs of part 11 and 12... if anyone wants the link to hear or download any other song i have given in this fanfic dont hesitate to ask Big smile
giggling gurl Senior Member
giggling gurl
giggling gurl

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Posted: 03 June 2008 at 8:11am | IP Logged

after everyone had gone upto bed, aaliyah and kripa stayed back with
shabd while he was having his dinner. they needed an explaination.

kripa:   shabd...tumare aur mahi ke beech kuch problem hai kya???

shabd choked on his food. he looked up unable to figure out wat to say.

aaliyah:   ab jhoot mat bolna...hum jaante hai kuch na kuch toh tension hai tum dono ke beech. tabse notice kar rahi hoon, jabse tum dono wapas aaye hai. aur tumara aachanak decision lena...its not like the normal you, shabd

shabd took a deep breath and sighed.
"tum dono theek soch rahe ho."

kripa:   tumne mahi se kaha??? ki tum usse pyaar karte ho???

aaliyah:   sachchi bhai??? tum mahi se pyaar karte ho??? thats great!!!

shabd:   haan...maine usse kaha..

kripa:    aur...???

she was fearing the reply.

shabd:   woh mujse pyaar nahi karti...kripa...she hates me now... woh mujse baat bhi nahi kar rahi...

aaliyah and kripa were in shock. they dint know wat to say. kripa went and caressed his hair.

kripa:    woh khudh nahi jaanti woh kya kar rahi hai... she wil understand... muje pata hai woh tumse pyaar karti hai...bas use woh ehsaas hone do shabd...usse thoda waqt do...

shabd:   isiliye hi toh me jaa raha hoon...jab me uske saath hoon toh woh mujse aur nafrat karega...

aaliyah:   i support ur decision bhai... dont be sad dude... she is yours... woh tume mil jayegi... bas thodi si waqt ki zaroorat hai... uparwale aapko ye chalenge de rahe hai...

shabd looked up and smiled in spite of himself. this was a challenge... to prove his love to was a challenge God had given him to win his love.

shabd:   kal ke party me surprise hai...

aaliyah:   shabd ke party me surprises hona koi surprise nahi hai...

kripa:   kya hai surprise???

shabd:   woh bas kal hi dekhna...

and all three of them went to bed. shabd felt lots better after talking to aaliyah and kripa. he knew wat he had to do now...its all so clear wat he has to do and there is no chance that mahi is gona escape this.

next morning, everyone was busy with their own work out of the house. naina and aaliyah were gettin stuff for the party and it was just shabd and mahi in the house. shabd was packing in his room alone.

all his dresses were neatly packed and so were his photographic equipments... then he remembered something suddenly. he went over to his cupboard and took out a framed picture... he kept on looking at it.

the pictures he had taken of mahi at her first shoot. he was so engrossed in her smile that he dint see the real mahi come over to him.
she saw wat was in shabd's hand. she was just shocked.
she had come to say something. she dint even know wat to say. but she wanted to talk to him. but she dint know wat to say. she turned to leave wen shabd suddenly caught her hand

mahi was startled...:   shabd...chodo mera haath

shabd: nahi chodunga... tum kuch bataane aaiy dhi... bataake jao.

mahi: muje tumse kuch nahi kehna...

shabd:   ye toh jhoot hai... but i wont force you... par mere baat khan kolke sun lo... muje pata hai tum muje nahi apna sakogi... but i wil do as my heart wishes. me aaj sabke saamne apne pyaar ka izhar karunga..

and he leaves her hand. mahi is shocked out of her wits.


shabd puts up his hand as to tell her to stop talking and he goes out of the room.

mahi thinks..."ab me kya karoon???"

but then suddenly naina called mahi from downstairs.
"mahi beta...neeche aao zara.."

mahi:   jee mummyjee abhi aayi...

and she goes downstairs... naina and aaliyah had just come back from their shopping. there were loads of shopping bags. wen mahi reached both of them, naina took out a bag and gave to mahi.

mahi confused:   mummyjee ye kya hai???

naina: aaj ke party ke liye dress... tume ye pehenna hai...

mahi:   iski kya zaroorat dhi mummyjee?? mere paas bahut sare dresses hai...

naina:   toh kya hua??? me apni beti ke liye nayi dress nahi khareed sakte kya???

mahi smiled:   aisi koi baat nahi mummyjee....naraaz math huiye...!!

and she hugs naina and goes to her room. after she is gone aaliyah talks to naina...

"thanx mausi...apne bataaya nahi ki ye dress shabd ki pasand ki hai..."

naina: par muje ab bhi samaj me nahi aa rahi ki tum is baat ko kyu chupana chahti ho

aaliyah: aapko sab kuch aaj raat ke party me pata chal jayega...

to b contd.... shabd's farewl party cms next... and the party is important....and it revolves around a wait and do comment

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sl032597 Groupbie

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Posted: 03 June 2008 at 9:01am | IP Logged
this was really nice I wonder what Shabd will at the party and how Kripa will react..I hope he doesnt go to canada..or atleast takes Mahi with him...please update soon...wiatign thanks

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