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-KatrinaKaif- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 June 2008 at 10:58am | IP Logged
hi guies add me tooo Big smile Big smile

i hav watchedit at let 45 times n ready to watch it now... Big smile

larki_punjaban IF-Rockerz

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kaha ho sab?
neha_bbsr2005 IF-Rockerz

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very nice topic Rani Di Clap Smile
Welcome Dia Smile im adding ur name in the first page Smile
Hi Mahi Smile
yippee..Kareena won the Best actress award for JWM in IIFA Awards Smile Clap
larki_punjaban IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 July 2008 at 6:56am | IP Logged

thx for the news

i mean really rocks in that movie just love her way she talks

woooaaah Clap
neha_bbsr2005 IF-Rockerz

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Anuradha Chaudhary

•    I'm a split personality…
On working days, I work fast, on track. On Sundays, I procrastinate indefinitely. Personal work always lags behind.

•    My Sundays… are not defined as 'holidays'. But if I'm not working, I  don't get up before 12 noon. 
•    Five newspapers… come home every morning. And I begin my Sunday by breezing through them. Breakfast follows a sequence - I eat fruit, badams and a protein shake. Breakfast, television, lazing around, it's all done together.

•    I usually bathe after lunch… on Sundays. That's my luxury. 
•    I visit my dad… who stays in my building, and chill with him. Most often I lunch with dad. And there are usually a couple of fattening things on his table, which I try to avoid. But I'm forced to have at least one fatty item. Dad says, 'It's a holiday today. And you've lost weight. So eat.' And I do. It could be samosas, ice-cream, anything. 
•    My dog is a vegetarian... He's grown used to eating my food. In the afternoons, I spend some time with him. 
•    Downloading music… is usually reserved for Sundays. I spend time on my laptop doing this. 
•    I catch movies at theatres... on Sundays. I love watching light movies, not depressing ones. When you work so hard, on an off day you want to laugh a little, and just chill.  
•    Sometimes I enter the kitchen… and make chai and parathas. I don't eat either of these, but I still make them for others.Tongue I usually go into the kitchen to see whether everything is in place. Inevitably the staff leave stuff which is a week old in the fridge. I check the fridge and throw these out. 
•    My best friend, Sriram… is my Sunday mate. We chill, go for a movie, hang-out together. He's the only person in the world with whom I've stayed connected all along. 
•    How would I like my Sunday to end? By getting a call from my secretary telling me that my call time on the sets the next morning is after lunch. Then I go to
sleep knowing that I can get up late. 


the credit for the article ankita31 Smile


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'I'm not looking for love..'- Shahid Kapoor

Im not looking for love..- Shahid KapoorAt 27, I feel successful... I sat at home for six months after Vivaah and I used that time to make the right choices.

Two big hits in two years, Vivaah and Jab We Met , have given me a lot of confidence. And now it's Kismat Konnection , which I've signed after much deliberation.

So much has been written about my personal life... But I've overcome all the bad times, it doesn't affect me anymore. Now, the focus is my work.

The media is making a big deal about Vidya Balan and I... If my producers get their money's worth from these rumours, I'm more than happy for them. They make an issue even if I'm having dinner with a co-star. What's wrong in staying connected with your colleagues? I'm not going to give that up just because I'm written about.

Vidya and I are very comfortable with each other... We know each other really well and share good chemistry, which shows on screen. We have a couple of romantic scenes in Kismat Konnection, including one on a boat and a very touching pre-climax. I think Vidya and I look nice together.

SRK deserved the best actor award for Chak De!... I didn't win any awards this year, though I was nominated for the best actor at all the award ceremonies. But that doesn't make me sad because I've won an audience after Jab We Met. It's not always necessary that a good performance has to fetch an award.

You might soon see me doing a film like Taare Zameen Par... While I like doing different films, I'm not for mindless entertainment. Nor am I going to do 'intellectual' films, which even I can't sit through. My focus now is to do sensible entertainment people can relate to — like TZP. I'm happy doing love stories but I need to strike a balance hereafter. I'll be starting off with Kameene by Vishal Bhardwaj, after which I'm doing my dad Pankaj Kapur's project.

Big banners don't guarantee success... I won't do a film just because it's by a top banner. What works for someone else might not work for you. I will sign a film only if the script excites me.

I'm not looking for love... But you never know, Cupid may strike again.

the credit for the article - jaanlover Smile


neha_bbsr2005 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 July 2008 at 1:31pm | IP Logged
By: Sarita Tanwar


It's not very often that you see Shahid Kapoor get chatty off screen. Here, he talks nineteen to the dozen about refusing films and about moving on in love and life...

You didn't sign anything for a long time after JWM.
I didn't like anything. It's not as if I was sitting at home, for lack of offers. Now I am doing four films. Kaminay with Vishal Bhardwaj, a dance film with Ken Ghosh, a Yash Raj film, and my father's film.

Unlike your rivals, you have many solo-hero films.
I'm not looking at doing solo hero films. Four of my solo films were big hits; maybe it's because of that. I'm open to doing all kinds of films.

It's a sign of success when people offer you solo projects, isn't it?  
It is, from a certain perspective. But for me, it's most important to do good films. To do roles that challenge and excite me. And that might happen in a film that has four other lead actors€

Which wasn't a happy experience in the past, no?
(Laughs) Well, honestly, NO. Now when I look back at those films I feel I shouldn't have done them. But then I treat it as a good learning experience.

Jab We Met didn't get its due recognition because of big films like Chak De! and OSO. Agree?
Not really. In comparison, all the things went right for JWM from the appreciation for performances, to the commercial success. JWM is more special to me because after Vivaah, I sat at home for six months.

Again, out of choice...  
Yes, a lot of films came my way and I turned them all down. Somewhere in the middle of those six months, I started feeling, that at twenty-six, I am ending my own career because I am saying no to so many people. So when I did choose to do this film with a new director, and it did well, it was a huge boost in my confidence. As the film, which was such a big decision for me, actually did for me what it did.

You've refused so many films. Is it hard to say no?
By far, the most difficult thing. You are saying no to a script because you feel that the role is not right for you, or you are not in the frame of mind to do that film, or you are not excited by the script. But at the end of the day you are rejecting everything that is part of that product. You are saying no to all those people, which is very difficult. And a lot of times, the film that you say no to, might go on to do really well but there's nothing you can do about that. You have to do what you are excited by.  

In an industry ruled by the Khans, you've made a place uniquely your own. Must feel great?
I don't know... I guess now I am comfortable with who I am and what I am. I understand myself. I am confident. I have a couple of very successful films behind me, and that makes me feel really good. But I also feel that the next two years of my life are going to define where I am going to go. At 27, to be standing where I am, I consider myself very fortunate. And I believe that opportunity doesn't knock on your door everyday And I am standing on a very interesting platform so I should make the most of it. I feel there's still a lot of work that I need to do.

You attribute your success to Kismat or hard work?
If my first film, Ishq Vishk hadn't done well, it would've been pack-up for me. Because I didn't have anybody launching me in a 20-crore film. I didn't have anyone backing me. Nobody was interested in me or the film. I am very fortunate that it did well. After that, it's been a lot of hard work. More important than acting well is choosing the right scripts.

And how do you do that?
Many things... you have to start by becoming the audience. I try and watch every film that releases because you need to understand what the audiences see when they see the film. You need to be on the same plane as them. You have to shift from being an actor and choosing a role on the basis of that, to choosing a role on the basis of being an actor and say 'Okay, this is the kind of film that people want to see.' 

What else?
It's important to understand and accept your positives and negatives. Very important not to underrate yourself and also not to overrate yourself. Like in Fida, I think I overrated myself. I should've waited a couple of years to do that role, as it was too drastic, too soon. I don't think I had the experience to analyse and under- stand the character. I was not in the right frame of mind. I was too excited about the fact that my first film did well.

I didn't find anything wrong with your performance
There was, actually. My role was that of an underdog. He shouldn't have been wearing a ganji and coming on a bike. Lots of things like that

Are you be comfortable giving inputs to your  director?
In Fida, I was the one pushing Ken. Because I felt I had a good body and I wanted to show it. It was my fault. I pressured him. Anyway, that was just a one-off thing. Whether I do that with all my directors.. it depends on my relationship with him. A hero and director need to have complete trust. An actor cannot think selfishly. If as a hero, I feel the focus should not be on me, it is my duty to follow that and not think for myself.

Go on..
Aditya was Imtiaz's idea, and I really respect him for coming to me with that part because people don't perceive me like that. I remember I told him, 'the first person to  benefit from the film will be Kareena, the second person will be you, and the third person will be me.' And just before the release of the film, we were chatting and I told him, 'Imtiaz, your life is going to change in ten days.'

And it did!
You know, I am not the kind of a person to make big claims, but I went on every interview and said that JWM will be my best film till date. Now when I look back, I think, 'if the film had gone wrong, people would've said I had no clue what films are all about.'

So what's special about Kismat Konnection?
There are a couple of things, obviously first is working with Aziz (Mirza) uncle, whose films I have grown up seeing. 

But he hasn't made films in a long time, didn't that play on your mind at all?
Not at all, because I really liked the script. The story is very today, and the characters are very believable. And his  films are very close to reality, so chances of somebody who makes that kind of cinema to get outdated, is very less. Secondly I am playing a very different character from JWM. I come out from the mould of a quiet, brooding, and introvert Aditya Kashyup, who doesn't talk at all to this guy who talks incessantly. It took me one month to dub this film! I am happy I took it up because I needed to break out of Aditya.

Do you carry your character around with you?
No, but sometimes I get into the same mood as the character. Like I talk a lot more now than I did during the shooting of Jab We Met. But it's subconscious. It's not like I change as  a person, but maybe because you are constantly thinking about the part, it happens   
Okay, so what's the deal with you and Vidya?
Vidya and I are good friends. Nothing beyond that.

That's so clichd...
But that's the truth.

You've never befriended  female co-stars before...
Amrita (Rao) and I are good friends€. But you know Vidya and I shot Kismat Konnection for sixty days in Toronto. It's the first time I have done such a long outdoor. We only had each other for company. Everybody had to get to know each other and become friends. I have had good friends in the past but probably because I was in a relationship, people never thought or spoke that way... probably because no one knows what is happening in my personal space and I have become very private because the last one year has been too  in my face.

So you are single now?
I will be very honest with you. I am a very normal guy. If I am in a relationship with a girl, I  will go out with her to watch movies, dinners, nightclubs (very rarely, but I do go) and  do everything that normal guys my age do. So if I am in a relationship, people will know about it. And I will not shy away from telling people that I am in a relationship but at the same time, I don't feel the need of screaming it out to the media. I will tell friends who I feel answerable to, and people who are close to me, and the rest of the world will find out in due course of time because at the end of the day, I am a celebrity and I am not going to be sitting in my room all my life, with my girlfriend.

How do you react to comments of Vidya looking older than you on screen?
That was spoken about much before the film started. We were aware about people's perception as she has done films like Parineeta. We worked towards fitting that in, and now that I've seen the film, I feel she's right for the part. I feel we work well together. l don't think she looks older than me at all.

Ok, let's talk about Sania.
Yes, I know Sania. We are good friends. We have known each other for a few months. We are in touch. And if something happens, you will know about it.

When you and Kareena split, you were seen as a victim. Comment.
Yes, it's a slightly strange situation to be in. I don't think anybody should blame anybody. It was a four-and-half year relationship and it didn't work out, there must be good reason for it. I don't think anybody should perceive anybody as right or wrong because it takes two hands to clap, and that's how it works in a relationship too.

Now you are friends...
Not really. We are not in touch at all. Which I think is a natural thing. We speak very rarely, once in a while.

Have you become bitter about love after the split?
No yaar, I am the kind of guy, if you push me down, I will get up and start walking again.  I look at life very positively and I feel it's very important not to let one incident colour the rest of your life.

How's your equation with Saif? Ever met him after?
No, I haven't.
Saif refused to perform to your song. Would you dance to his song if asked?
Actually, I have never really danced to any other actor's song. So I doubt I will do that in the future as well.

Do you think everybody has a perfect match?
I believe everybody has somebody. Perfect is a word, which I don't think exists in relationships. I think everything needs a certain amount of work and adjustment. And the thing about love is that you make those adjustments willingly.   

Would you exist for someone or have someone exist for you?
Neither. I want to be there for someone unconditionally and I would want someone to be there for me in the same way but I think each person has their own destiny. And the fact is you come alone, and you go alone. And your true relationship is only with God. Because that's the only permanent relationship you have. But yes, I would love to have a companion in my life who loves me for who I am.

The last moment when you were truly happy.
(Thinks hard) I am thinking of something recent. (Pauses)
I can't tell you about it. (Hesitantly) I will just say, Jab 'we' met

the credit - ankita31
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