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FF-Chup Chup Ke Pyar Hogya NOTEPg154 (Page 21)

sweet_dreams22 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 May 2008 at 10:34am | IP Logged
wow tht was a gr8 part!!!it was rilly good!!ClapClapClap

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bmtd11 IF-Dazzler

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Hey guys i am alll gald u liked my ff so far so here is today's update:

Sagar walks over to Vidya. She senses him coming closer and her heart beats faster and faster. He doesn't sit on the bed but just stands there.
S: Vidya. Me kya kaun tumse? Hm… Got it. Kya tum is shaadi se kush ho?
She nods her head.
S: Mein bi both khush hoon. Kya tum sach mein muhjse both pyar karti ho?
V: Sabse zyda.
S: Me bi tumse both both pyar karta hoon. Tumhara mere ab saat rayga humesha humesha ke liye. He bends down to her.
S: I love you, me tumse both pyar karta hoon. She looks at him.
V: I love you too, me bi aapse both both pyar karti hoon. He gets closer to her but she gets off the bed. He walks around to her and turns her around. Her holds her arms and she tingles inside. He gets closer and closer to her and kisses her for about ten seconds and lets go. She smiles at him and walks away to the vanity. She takes her duppata off and unties her hair. Then she begins taking her jewelry off. First she takes off her bangles and then her rings. Then she takes off her earrings. Then she comes to take off her necklace but can't. Sagar comes from the back and takes it off for her. He lets it drop to the floor. Meanwhile he strokes her bare back lightly making her feel like she's in another world. He sloly unites someof her straps. He then smoothly kisses her neck upto her shoulders. He embraces her waist and picks her up. He lies her on the bed. She closes her eyes and he lies on her side. He looks at her. She rests her head on his arm and hugs him. Her lips kiss his bare chest. Her holds her hand and then moves from her fingers to her arm and then her back. He lightl strokes it as he rubs his feet with hers. She does the same. As the night shines on their beautiful faces the candles go out and they sleep as if they have never slept b4.
The next morning vidya gets up. She slowly moves up and notices that sagar has his hand on her. She slowly moves it away. She then gets off the bed. She goes to take a shower and comes out after a while. She walks to the vanity to dry her hair. She steps on something. When she looks down it's the necklace she wore last night. As she picks it up she remembers last night and smiles. She begins drying her hair. AS she is drying her hair with her towel someone knocks on the door. She goes to open it. It is Chandra.
C: Good morning babhi jan.
V: Good morning.
C: Arrey ye kya sagar abi tak sora hai aur bar hume valime ki tayari karni hai. Jaldi se utao use.
V: Mein?
C: Hain to aur kya. Biwi ho tum uski. Ab jaldi se utao use. Aur hain ye juice be tum dono pele na.
V: Tik hai. Thank u. Chandra leaves and closes the door behind her. Vidya sets the juice on the table. She walks over to walk up sagar. She moves him gently but he doesn't get up. She deicides to let him sleep some more. As she walks away sagar grabs her hand. She turns around. She sits by him. He gets up and lays his head in her lap wrapping himself around her stomach. She lightly strokes his hair. He then moves his face looking at vidya.
S: Vidya…
V: Hm….
S: Tum aaj both achi lag ri ho. Very beautiful.
V: Aap bi both ache lag re hai.
S: Me?
V: Mhm.
S: Vidya me apne raat wale kapre me hoon to me acha kaise lagoon ga.
V: Aap to har waqt ache lagte hain.
S: Aur tum bi. Oh hain woh chandra kya ka ri ti.
V: Aap jag re te?
S: Hain woh chandra ne jab knock kia toh meri ank kol gai.
V: Oh… woh chandra ka ri ti ke me aapko uta doon take hum valima ke tayari kar sake.
S: Humari tayari sirf ye hai ke hum dono ache tarike se tayar hojai. Hana?
V: gee. Itne dino se to ye hi kare hum.
S: I know right.
V: Umm me aapke lapre nikaldoon?
S: Sure. He gets up and vidya goes to the closet. She turns around with black pants, black, coat, and a blue shirt. She was also wearing a blue sari.
V: Ye panegain?
S: OF course. He takes the clothes.
S: Me bas abhi ata hoon shower le kar.
V: Ok.
S: Aur hain… He kisses her on the cheek.,
S: I love you. He then goes to take a shower. She sits on the bed waiting for him. She gets a little tired so she closes her eyes as she rests her back on the backrest of the bed. After a while she feels someone's hand on her face. She opens her eyes and sagar was sitting infront of her with his hand on her face.
S: Tak gai ho?
V: Nai me bas asi hi. She gets sits next to Sagar. She is just about ready to leave when sagar stops her. She looks at him. They look into each other's eyes. After a while vidya feels embarrased so she looks down. Sagar holds her face up and smiles at her. She feels as if she wants to embrace him. So she puts her head on his chest and hugs him. He hugs her back. After a while they hear a knock on the door. They both look at the door.
S: Mein dek ta hoon. Vidya looks at door as sagar opens it. It was chandra.
C: Shukar hai tum dono ut gai. Ab chalo neeche bot tayari karni hai humne.
S: Humne?
C: Hain tum me, aur vidya.
S: Excuse me kal vidya ko tum logo ne itna takadiya use who itne heavy kapre pana kar aur phri teen chaar ganto ke liye use aik hi position me beta kar. Aur upar se woh itni late soi hai. I am sorry par vidya koi kam nai kari gi. Vidya walks up to him.
V: Sagar muhje koi itaraz nai kam karne se.
S: Par vidya…
C: Uf ho. Mene kab kaha ke ye kam kare. Me toh iske parlor jane ka ke ri ti. Idiot. Ise waqt par tayar hona hai. Aur tumhe bi. Ab chalo neeche aao aur nashta karo. Chandra leaves.
S: Chale…
V: Chale… It is night time and the valima is starting. Vidya is wearing a red sari and sagar is wearing black pants, a black shirt, and a red coat over it. They are standing next to each other as guests come and meet them. Soon the spotlight hits them. The song zara sa from jannat plays and sagar asks vidya if she wants to dance. She agrees:
zara si dil mein de jagaah tu…
zara sa apna le banaa…
zara sa khaabon mein sajaa tu…
zara sa yaadon mein basaa…
main chaahun tujhko meri jaan bepanaah
fidaa hoon tujhpe meri jaan bepanaah.. sagar as his hand on her waist and his holding one of her hands while she has the other one on his shoulder.
wo-o-o … o-o-o….. they start slow dancing.
zara si dil mein de jagaah tu…
zara sa apna le banaa…
zara sa khaabon mein sajaa tu…
zara sa yaadon mein basaa… they continue dancing and have an eye lock.
main tere, main tere
kadmon mein rakh dun yeh jahaan
mera ishq dewaangi… he thriwls her around two times and brings her back to the same postion.
hai nahi, hai nahi
aashiq koi mujhsa tera
tu mere liye bandagi
main chaahun tujhko meri jaan bepanaah
fidaa hoon tujhpe meri jaan bepanaah…. His grip on her waist becomes tighter.
wo-o-o … o-o-o….. he puls her out of his arms and then rolls her back into his arms where she his leaning on him.
zara si dil mein de jagaah tu…
zara sa apna le banaa…
zara sa khaabon mein sajaa tu…
zara sa yaadon mein basaa… he starts rocking her back and forth.
kehe bhi de, kehe bhi de
dil mein tere jo hai chhupaa
khwaahish hai jo teri.. turns her around.
rakh nahi, rakh nahi
parda koi mujhse eh jaan
karle tu mera yakeen
main chaahun tujhko meri jaan bepanaah
fidaa hoon tujhpe meri jaan bepanaah.. begin dancing the same away again.
wo-ho… o-o-o-o…
wo-o-o … o-o-o….. they stop dacnign everyone claps. Chinu makes an announcement.
CH: Dosto, bhaio, aur bano. Aaj me apne dost ko aik asa tofa dena chata hoon jis se uske dil me woh hasa jag jai ke uska pehla pyar kab huwa. Sagar, Vidya, ye mere aur shalu ke taraf se. He gets up the stage and in the back a slide comes down. They show pictures of sagar and vidya when they were young and from the time they went to the farm house. After the slide show ends sagar goes and hugs chinu. Vidya hugs shalu. Sagar goes up to the stage.
Precap: Contuning of valima.
adventure_gurl IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 May 2008 at 3:23pm | IP Logged
awesome update! Big smile
Ankuu Goldie

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Posted: 21 May 2008 at 3:33pm | IP Logged
that was an awsome update Clap
omg plez continue soon Smile Smile Smile
narmz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 May 2008 at 3:34pm | IP Logged
moomoo that was awesome Smile
cutey55 Goldie

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Posted: 21 May 2008 at 6:55pm | IP Logged
awesome update yaar, plZ cont soon<3
bmtd11 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 May 2008 at 4:08pm | IP Logged
Hey guys im glad u all liked it so far. i hope u continue to like it. im trying my best to make it as well as possible and up to ur standards.
Part 16:
S: Well aaj aap sab ko ye to pata chalgaiye ke mere dost muhjse kitna pyar karten hai par aaj me aap sab ko ye pata na chata hoon ke me vidya, meri biwi, se kitna pyar karta hoon. Vidya this is for you. He begins singing Tumse hi from jab we met:
Na hai yeh pana
Na Khona hi hai
Tera Na hona jane
Kyun hona hi hai….. he looks at vidya.
Tum se hi din hota hai
Surmaiye shaam aati
Tumse hi tumse hi.. the spotlight is only on vidya and sagar.
Har ghadi saans aati hai
Zindagi kehlati hai
Tumse hi tumse hi…. In the back pics come of him and vidya. From the wedding or any other time.
Na hai yeh pana
Na Khona hi hai
Tera Na hona jane
Kyun hona hi hai…… He slowly walks up to vidya.
Aankhon mein ankhne teri
Bahoon mein baahein teri
Mera na mujhe mein kuch raha hua kya.. he looks into her eyes.
Baaton mein baatein teri
Raatein saugatein teri
Kyun tera sab yeh ho gaya
hua kya.. he touches her to remind her of last night.
Mein kahin bhi jata hoon
Tumse hi mil jata hoon
Tumse hi tumse hi.. thriwls her around.
Shoor mein khamoshi hai
Thodi se Behoshi hai
Tum se hi tum se hi … holds vidya's hand tight.
Aadha sa wada kabhi
Aadhe se jayada kabhi
Jee chahe karlu is trah wafa ka
Chode na chote kabhi
Tode na tute kabhi
Jo dhaga tumse jud gaya wafa ka.. he gets down on his knees.
Mein Tera sharmaya hoon
Jo bhi mein ban paya hoon
Tumse hi tumse hi
Raste miljate hai
Manzile miljati hai
Tumse hi tumse hi… he gets up.
Na hai yeh pana
Na Khona hi hai
Tera Na hona jane
Kyun hona hi hai … he kisses vidya on the cheek. The song ends and everyone claps. Vidya's eyes are tear filled. Sagar wipes them and she jumps into his arms. After realzing where she is she lets go. The Valima is over and everyone is in the living room talking. Vidya's parents are also there too and chinu.
Ch: Bai mene aur shalu ne sagar aur vidya ko unka gift de diya. Aur ja tak me janta hoon aap sab ne bi de diya toh phir sagar…
S: Hmm..
Ch: Tu vidya ko kya dega? Everyone laughs.
S: Mein..?
Ch: Hain tu.
S: Aaahh mein….
Sha; Kya huwa jijaji. Biwi ki mamle me kuch pasand nai aya.
C: Arrey tum log kyun tang ka re ho bechara ko. Sagar already kuch le chu ka ha.
Ch: Acha toh phir de ka kya hai. Infact ya hi sab ke samne de do.
C; Hain sagar dedo sab ke samne. Sagar hesitates but takes something out of his pocket.
Sagar takes out two tickets. He gives them to vidya. She reads them
Ch: Aab pata bi do vidya kya hai.
V: Aah honeymoon ke tickets hai. London ke liye.
C: Arrey sirf Switzerland. Sagar doosre tofa bi toh do.
S: Kya zaroori hai ke me who tofa sab ke samne doon?
C: Hain zaroori hai. Kyun? Ab log bi to dekna chata hai ke sagar ne vidya ke liya kya liya hai?
Everyone: Yes!
Ch: Ab to deka hi do! Sagar hesitates but then finally agrees.
S: Umm vidya… apni aken band karo. Vidya looks at him but then finally agrees. She closes her eyes. Sagar takes out a red velvet box. He opens it takes out a beautiful gold necklace. He walks up behind vidya and puts it on her. Everyone's mouths are open.
S: Ab to aap log khush hain.
C: Hain par vidya khush hogi ke nai. Vidya aken kolo. Vidya opens her eyes and sees the gold necklace. Her eyes widen. She looks around for sagar. Shalu realizes.
S: Arrey vidya peeche mor kar deko. She turns around. Sagar is smiling at her.
S: Pasand aya?
V: Both. They have an eye lock.
SD: Acha bai agar tum logo ke ye bachpana Katam hogya ho toh hum sab sona jai. Bhai sab agar aap chai toh yaan rok satke hai.
VD: Arrey nai. Hum sab bi chalte hain. They get up and leave and chinu follows them. Sagar's parents leave to. Chandra realizes that sagar abd vidya r still looking at each other.
C: Aaah sagar agar tum chao to apna yeh pyar apne kamre mein resume kar sakte ho. They quickly snap at of it. Chandra leaves. Vidya turns around and gets up.
S: Chale vidya… She looks at him and they walk to their room. As vidya is walking she notices Chandra calling her over.
V: Umm sagar…
S: Hm…
V: Agar apko bura na lage to me Chandra se mil kar asakti hoon. She really didnt want to hide anything from him.
S: Sure. Sagar goes to his room. Vidya goes to chandra's. They both sit.
C: Vidya I am really sorry mene tumhe disturb kia par aik zaroori bat karni ti.
V: Koi bat nai. Par baat kya hai? Sab tik to hai?
C: Hain sab tik hai par muhje lagta hai ke kuch galat hoga.
V: Kya galat hoga?
C: Who vidya…. Muhje …..
V: Tumhe….
C: Pyar hogya hai.Vidya;s eyes widen with happiness.
V: Kyat um sach kari ho. Chandra nods. Ki se?
C: Us ka naam Rajeev hai. Sagar ke dost hai. Aik do dafa mile te hum. Phri usne ka ke who muhje pasand karta hai. Phir me aur who aik dosre ke aur karee bane lage aur ab…
V: ur ab?
C: ur ab…. She blushes.
V: Aura b who tumse shaadi karna chata hai.
C: Hain par me nahi janti ke me kise se bat karoon aur kaise isle mene tumhe pata dia. Ab tumhi pata me kya karoon.
V: Soche te hai… Vidya begins pacing the room thinking. Chandra thinks she kept vidya here long enough and tht vidya shud g back to sagar.
C: Vidya sagar tumhara bare me soch ra ho ga. Tum chali jao hum bad me soche gain.
V: Thik ka re ho tum… aik minute. Kyun na hum dono sagar se baat Karen phir who hi Rajeev ji se bath kar ke koi haal ne kal lain ge.
C: Bilkuk tihk. Par akele me na patina. Me saat hon tab. Asa karna shuba bat Karen ge. Abhi tum jao.
V: mhm. Vidya leaves and walks to her room. When she enters she sees sagar sitting on the couch holding his head. He didn't hear vidya come in.
V: Aap tik hai? Sagar looks up.
S: Hain bilkul tik hoon me.
V: Sach ka re hain?
S: Hain bilkul sach. Vidya walks away to go change.
S: Umm vidya.
V: Gee…
S: Jane se pehle meri baat suno gi?
V: Gee bolain.
S: Idar a kar bato. Vidya goes and sits by sagar. He holds her hand.
S: Who vidya me tuhme kaise ko par mene … mene…
V: Bolain itna kabrai to nai na. Me apki kisi bat par naraz nai hongi.
S: I know… par… vdiya… woh mene honeymoon ke tickets jaladen hain.
Precap: Vidya tells sagar about Rajeev and Chandra.

cutey55 Goldie

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FIRST TO COMMENT**************

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