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FF : RanKan Love? Part20 - 9/7/08 Pg29 (Page 21)

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brill update
continue soon
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^Thanks for the comments guys.
  I will try to update soon!
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update soon nisha
desaigirl101 IF-Dazzler

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Hey everyone,loved your comments.Enjoy!

Recap:Ranbir gets pissed off becuz he sees Rohit kissing Kanya.Rohit's plan of making Ranbir pissed is working and he thinks Ranbir isn't going to talk to Kanya again.Ranbir yells and Kanya and she cries.She runs to her dorm room.Ranbir is just pissed off and go gets drunk at a bar.Kanya is sobbing becuz Ranbir hates her.Their friends find Ranbir and bring him back to the girl's dorm.He wakes up and sees Kajol.Kajol gets to know Rohit kissed Kanya.Ranbir over hears Kanya telling Kajol why Rohit kissed her and he feels really bad.Kajol takes Kanya where Ranbir was but couldn't find him.
Part 14
Kanya:Kajol what did you have to show me?
Kajol:Voh....Kajol looked arund and couldn't find Ranbir.
Kanya:What are you looking for Kajol?
Kajol:Forget feel like going to class?
Kanya:Ummm....well we only have 20minutes left.So I was just thinking of that witch Priya to just finish our little project we had to do.
Kajol:Oh okay.You sure you don't want to go to class.If aren't then I will pick up ur assignments
Kanya:No its okay while I look for Priya I will pick up my assigmnet I missed when I was sobbing over that idiot Ranbir.
Kajol:"Idiot"Ranbir.....I thought you liked him?
Kanya:Kajol mey Ranbir's sey bhot pasaand kia but voh mujshe nafrat kare.Why would I dwell over him!I promise you that I am not going to sob over a retart like him.I know its a quick change but Kajol me and Ranbir would never be together.He just doesn't like me and never will so why should I like him.He only loves his Priya so I don't give a damn about him.If I have to work with him in classes it would be a student to student relationship and thats it.
Kajol:But  Kanya you can't just get over a guy you cried hours for him.How could you do that.Huh?
Kanya:Kajol please just try to understand me.When I tried being nice to him today he just insulted me and was plain mean to me.Even if I try to understand him and his feelings towards him the only thing I see in him for me is hatred.
Kajol:But Kanya.......
Kanya:No Kajol.I am going to pick up my assignments I have missed.I will be back in a few minutes with my assignments and Priya so we could work on our project.Bye.
Kanya leaves their dorm room.
Kajol:Shit!Why can't she understand Ranbir likes her and thats why he got angry seeing her kiss Rohit.Shit!What are we suppose to do know?And where is Ranbir.Oh God!
Kajol also goes to pick up her assigments from the classes she missed.She only had a essay,a novel to read which would be tested on later,and completing a scientiv theory.She picked up what she needed and went back to their dorm room where she found Priya and Kanya working on their project.
Kanya:Oh hi Kajol
Kajol:Hi Kanya and Priya.
Priya:Hi Kajol.We are just working on the music assigment Mrs.Patel gave us.
Kajol:Ya I know.Kanya told me.Anyways guys I am gonna head to my room to work on some stuff.
Kajol left for her room to work on some assigments.
Kanya:So what do you like to listen to?
Priya:I love to listen to indain love songs.They are so touching I just love them.My favorite song is Tumse Hi and Bakuda Tumhi Ho.They are just lovely songs.How about you?
Kanya:Same thing with me though I also love listening songs like Darde Disco or Mauja Mauja.
Priya and Kanya keep talking about what songs,genre,artists they like and which they don't like.They start writing down a couple notes about their dislikes and like.It was amusing to them that they knew alot in common.They then started to post it on the poster and made it look all fancy and stunning.Finally they finished and were pleased with their work.
Priya:So I guess too heads are better than one.
Kanya:Ya.So I guess we did a good job.You aren't as bad as I thought you were.
Priya:I guess thats a...thanks...i think.Anyways,it isn't part of my business but why didn't you show up in class?
Kanya:Well,its a long story.Its better off if I don't tell you.
Priya:Its okay.So,bye.
Priya left from there.Kanya started to clean up the place.When there came a knock on the door.She opened the door and there was no one there.She looked around and then looked on the ground,which layed a enevolpe and a box.Kanya read the letter.
Dear Kanya,

A comfortable space
Your calming place
Your smirking smile
It lasted but a while

Head framed with flowing hair,
Confined in your comfort fair
We were closely placed
In a familiar space,

Your kitchen or bedroom hall,
You standing down so tall
Unafraid, you call
Breaking down the wall

The way you walk
The way you talk.
What I miss most of all
Will ever from my dreams fall

My vision so briefly tells,
Of the eternal streams' well
Waves and water swells
Silence the lost and lacking knells

I don't know if you will forgive me and so probably you will hate me but you will be in my heart forever.I never felt this way before.I don't know if its love or not but I just know that I think about you and I dream of you. Your secret admirer.
         Kanya finished reading the letter.She opened the box and saw a necklace:
She gasped at the beauty of the necklace.
Kajol:Hey Kanya what happend?Who's at the door?
Kanya didn't say a word.Kajol walked up to her and saw a letter in her hand with a beautiful necklace.She smiled thinking Ranbir gave it to her.
Kajol:Who sent you this?
Kanya:It doesn't say.
Kajol:Here give me the letter.
Kajol took the letter and went to sit on the couch and so did Kanya.She read the letter and had the biggest smile on her face.She obviously knew who it was.RANBIR!
Kajol:So it looks like you have a secret admirer.
Kanya:I know that and look at the necklace Kajol its so beautiful.
Kajol:I know.It is so beautiful.Its gorgeous! I have to tell Payal and Sameer and Akshay and ........
Kajol:Voh kuch bhi nahi.Forget about that.Let me call them over.Kajol called them over and they hurried to the dorm.So did Rohit and Ranbir.Kanya's smile turned to a frown when she saw Ranbir.
Sameer:So why did you call us here?
Kajol:Guys read this!
Once at a time they read the letter.They all knew who it was from except for Rohit
Rohit.....thinking.....Shit!!!!Who could this be.I just got Ranbir to hate Kanya now who the hell is this.I can't believe at ja***ss  Ranbir is coming along.Hate him!
Kajol:And look at the is necklace he sent Kanya.
Payal:oh my god its soooooooo cute.
Akshay:All you girls are all the a girls mimicky voice...."Oh is sooo cute.OMG!!!I love that necklace.Its so cute".......all you girls are like that.
Payal:Shut up Akshay! Hey Kanya wear it.Its would look so cute on you.
Ranbir saw Kanya and was smiling at her.
Kajol:Also guys I was wondering if you guys would like to come to my beach house during this weekend we would leave tonight and comeback early in on Monday morning so we don't miss any classes.
Everyone:Sure!Sounds awesome.
Kajol:Alright then you guys better get packing.
Sameer:Alright so we better get going.We will leave like 8pm. So we have like 4hours to pack and hang out.
Kajol:Alright bye guys.
The guys left.
Kajol:Kya kanya?
Kanya:Why did you have to bring Ranbir along!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kajol:What although you guys don't like eachother doesn't mean he isn't our friend.
Kanya:FINE!!!!But he better stay away from me!!!!I don't want to hear his nonsense!!!!!
Kajol:Okay.Now lets get packing.
One hour later the guys were all finished packing and they came over the girls dorm to check up what they were doing.Though Roiht was still in his own dorm room.
Akshay:So you guys finished packing?
Payal:Well,I am but Kajol and Kanya aren't.They take too long.
Kajol and Kanya were busy in their rooms packing while the guys and Payal were sitting on the couch talking.
Payal:So whats new?Anything interesting.
Sameer:Well,there is something I am curious about.
Sameer:Ranbir you never told us you liked Kanya.
Ranbir:Who said I liked Kanya.
Sameer:Oh come on Ranbir.Its obvious you like Kanya.You got jealous when Rohit kissed Kanya and by the way the only reason Rohit kissed her...
Ranbir:I know.I found out awhile ago when I woke up from my drunken stages.
Sameer:Oh okay.But Ranbir the letter is kind of obvious. When you mentioned....If she would forgive you or not and when you said you never felt like this before for a girl.Ranbir stop lying.
Ranbir:Fine I do like Kanya.I really really like her.I care for her.Her smile her eyes her beauty.She is also smart and just perfect but gets angry toooo easily.
Akshay:Finally meri bhai!!!!!!We have been waiting forever to hear you say this!!!!!You finally like some girl!!!!!
Payal:But now its going to be hard win her back Ranbir.Kanya is really angry with you and also is sad about how you behaved with her.She doesn't show her sadness now but Kanya's is strong and feels like her hatred between you and her has risen after your argument.
Ranbir:Well,I know that.But whatever Ranbir Nanda likes he gets.Watch guys Kanya is going to like to no matter what or maybe just love me.
Sameer:I would like to see that happen.
Rohit came in.
Rohit:What are you guys chit-chatting like girls for?
Rohit:Fine.So you guys ready?
Akshay:We are just waiting for Kajol and Kanya to finish up.
Rohit:Oh alright.
Kajol and Kanya came out a few minutes later.Ranbir saw Kanya wearing the necklace and smiled.She looked cute wearing - light blue capree,and a white desinger shirt,silver hooped earings,and her hair let out. Kanya looks so cute and innocent!I can't wait to make her mine during this weekend. Kanya looks like a angel.I can't wait to make her mine during this weekend.
Hope you guys enjoyed.
Please leave loads of comments.

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this is soo good! it's really turning out nice!

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^Thank you sooooooo much.Clown
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now i am desperate to know which guy will get kanya??????

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