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FF : RanKan Love? Part20 - 9/7/08 Pg29 (Page 16)

desaigirl101 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 July 2008 at 3:21pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the comments:
Punjabi.Princess------Glad to know you enjoyed the update.
Fatemah(KC294)------Nice to you know you enjoyed the update and 
                                        the ff.
Unpredictable91----------I will make it longer next time.
Princez-Preciou-------Nice to know you enjoyed the update
Thanks for all the comments and I will be updating soon

Kiran_1 Goldie

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Posted: 16 July 2008 at 4:27pm | IP Logged
Gr8 update
I think Ranbir should alslo be jealous of kanya and some guy
Leading to a confrontation
Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue soooooooooooooon
baby_gurl#1 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 July 2008 at 5:31pm | IP Logged
that waz really good pleasssseee update again sooonnn!!! cant waitt! kanya fallin fuh ranbirrr wooohhooo lol
update soon!
miss.sonia Senior Member

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Posted: 18 July 2008 at 8:41am | IP Logged
thank you soo much
love you
dont take too much time again oke
desaigirl101 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 July 2008 at 2:11pm | IP Logged
Hey everyone. I hope you guys enjoy my next update. Also thanks for all the comments. *************************************************
Part 11
Recap: Kanya gets angry at Priya and Ranbir.Ranbir and Kanya has a little argument.They goes to class. To their surpise Ranbir,Kanya,Priya,and Rohit are in the same music class.Ranbir and Priya are now friends and they hug.Ranbir looks at Kanya and he thinks she looks jealous.She tells Kanya she is jelling and Kanya is denying it.
The teacher walks in and everyone takes there seats.
Teacher: Hi everyone.My name is Mrs.Patel.
Everyone:Hi Mrs.Patel.
Mrs.Payal read everyone's name off the list she had been given and every student was present.They were seated in rows.Kanya and Rohit sat next to eachother in the front and Ranbir and Payal sat next to eachother behind them.
Mrs.Patel: Today is going to be fun and simple.We are going to just tell what type of music we like and get to know eachother.In later classes we will work in pairs and have projects to do. We will have a lot of fun here and you guys could express yourself through this musical experience.So whats say.You guys up for it?
Mrs.Patel:Alright good to hear.
Mrs.Patel paired people up.Rohit was with Ranbir and Priya was with Kanya.The other students were also paired up by Mrs.Patel.
Mrs.Patel: So you guys could see that whoever is your partner is the one who is going to work with you this week.You will see what eachother's dislikes and likes are in music.Which also means the artist,genre,music group.You will compare and contrast and thats all.Then you will organize and present it on a poster.Thats all.This project is due a week from now.So you have 5 days to work on it.Does anyone have a questions?
Ranbir:Yes I do.....
Mrs.Patel:What is it Mr.....
Ranbir:Mr.Ranbir Nanda.....Its just that how is this really going to relate to music.....its not really productive in our learning.
Mrs.Patel:Well,if thats the case Mr.Nanda do you want to take another class.Is there a problem in my learning technique Mr.Nanda?
Mrs.Patel:Well,then discussion is resolved.
Just then the bell rang and the headed for lunch.Kanya sat by Payal, Kajol,Sameer,Rohit and Akshay.They were outside eating.
Sameer:Ya Kanya?
Kanya:Its none of my business but where's Ranbir?
Sameer:I don't know.I haven't seen him the whole day.
Akshay:Wait there he is.
Ranbir was walking with Priya.
Akshay:Hey Ranbir!!!(he shouted)
Ranbir turned around and walked towards the gang with Priya.
Ranbir:Hey guys!!This is Priya.
Sameer:Wow,you already found a girlfriend Ranbir.I didn't know you changed from Hate gure to.....
Ranbir:Hey she isn't my girlfriend.She is just a friend.
Akshay:Oh....So dude sit here with us.
Ranbir:I was about to but then I saw someone here in particular so I will sit with Priya somewhere else.But I will talk to you guys later.
Sameer:Alright dude.See ya.And nice meeting you Priya.
Ranbir: Bye
Priya:Bye nice meeting you all.
Ranbir and Priya walk away.
Kajol:Hey Kanya you alright.......
Kanya was lost in her thoughts...
Kajol:Hello Kanya.....
Payal:Hey you alright.
Kanya:Ya,guys I am going to go back to the dorm.I am not hungry.
Payal:You sure?
Sameer:Kanya whats wrong.
Akshay:You sure?
Kanya:Ya guys.
Everyone:Okay then.Bye.
Kanya left from there.
Sameer:Wasn't that a bit unusual.
Payal:Ya it was.I wonder what could be wrong.
Rohit:Well,Kanya saw Ranbir holding hands with Priya before......
Rohit:Well,Priya was about to fall and Ranbir caught her.Kanya looked really really angry but I don't know why.Anyway guys I am getting late for class so I better go.
Everyone:Okay bye Rohit.
Sameer:Do you think
Kajol:Nah...that could never happen
Akshay:But it could...
Payal:Ya it could happen....
Kajol:But how could Kanya like Ranbir!!!
Sameer:I have no clue sweeheart but it looks like it.What if Ranbir likes Kanya.
Akshay:Well,there is only one way to find out.
Akshay:To ask Ranbir and Kanya.
Sameer:Alright,you guys upto it.
Kajol & Payal: Sure why not.
Payal:But they will proably shout at us and laugh at us.
Akshay:Well,its a chance we have to take.Kajol and  Payal you ask Kanya tonight and Sameer and me will ask Ranbir tonight also.
Payal:Okay.So we better get to class.
So they head to class.The day goes by and it finally was 3:45pm.It was when their last class took place on Monday's.The whole gang was in the same class this time including Priya.Ranbir kept sneaking looks at Kanya.He thought of all the times they fighted and he smiled.Finally classes were over.They headed back to their dorms.
At Ranbir,Sameer,and Akshay's Dorm Room:
They were all sitting on the sofas.
Talking about how their day went.
Sameer:So Ranbir what happened today?
Ranbir:Nothing much.I just met Priya.
Akshay:Hey dude do you like Priya.
Ranbir:No why?
Akshay:Well she looks hot and sounds sweet.And I wanna ask her out.
Ranbir:Awwwww Akashay has a crush.
Akshay:Shut up dude.But Ranbir if you don't like Priya why do hang out with her.I though you were hate guru.
Ranbir:I am. Its just that.....
Sameer:Come on Ranbir please.
Sameer:FINE!!!So is Kajol or Payal in one of your classes?
Sameer:How about Rohit?
Ranbir:Ya that idiotic loser Rohit is in my class.
Akshay:Why do you hate Rohit??
Sameer:Ya why do you hate him.He didn't do anyting to you.
Ranbir:Oh he did a lot things to me.
Sameer:Like what.
Ranbir:Hmmmmmmm......let me think....he always touches Kanya's arm or waist or acts all sweet around her.....
Akshay:So!!!??What has that to do with you.So what if he touches Kanya's arm or waits...why do you care?
Sameer:Because what Ranbir?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Akshay:Ranbir do you like Kanya?
Ranbir:No of course not!!!!!
Akshay: Come one Ranbir tell us the truth.DO YOU LIKE KANYA OR NOT!!??
Ranbir goes to his room to sleep.He goes to window and looks at the stars.
Ranbir: Kanya...Kanya...Kanya.....Why can't I get her off my mind!!!SHIT! Do I like her? But how can I like Chipkali!!!
Akshay and Sameer hear this and smile.
At the girl's dorm:
Kajol:So how was your day Payal?
Payal:Aweome how was yours?
Kajol:It was excellent!!!I have Sameer with me in every class.
Payal:Thats nice.You really like Sameer.
Kajol:YUP...So....Kanya...anything new with sound quiet.Did anything happen with you and Ranbir after the fight?
Kanya: Yes something did happen?
Kanya:Well,that..that..that Witch Priya fell into meri Ranbir's arms.
      And now I have to work with her.She even hugged meri Ranbir.
Kajol:Calm down Kanya.You are mad at Priya becuz she hugged Ranbir????Thats why you are so upset.And when did this "meri" Ranbir start????
Kanya:Voh.....I said that mistakingly.
Kajol:So you mistakely said "meri Ranbir" twice.Sure Kanya(sarcasticly)
      And why would care about Ranbir!!
Kanya:Nothing its just......(she lowered her head)
Payal:Kya Kanya.Whats wrong.
Payal:Do you like Ranbir??
Payal:Then why are you jealous of Priya...why Kanya? Tell me the truth do you Ranbir??
Kanya:Yes Payal I like Ranbir.I miss when we fight.Its not even been a day and I miss him.Why does he have to go to that buddu Priya for?
(she was crying the whole time when saying this)
Kajol and Payal hugged Kanya.
Kajol:Everything is going to be alright.
Kanya:No it isn't Ranbir doesn't even want to see my face.He is that mad at me.Can you talk to him for me.
Payal:No...Kanya this is your responsibily.You have to toughen up and talk to Ranbir.Okay?
Kajol:Now don't cry.Here you go to sleep its getting late and we have class tomorrow.
They all went to sleep.
Next Morning - Breakfast at Girls dorm:
It was 9A.M. in the morning and everyone was sitting at the breakfast talbe except for Kanya.She still hasn't gotten ready yet.Rohit,Sameer,and Akshay was ther too.
Kanya came out wearing this:
Akshay:Good Morning Kanya!
Kanya:Good Morning guys.Sorry I can't do breakfast with you guys.
Kajol:Why not?
Kanya:Becuz I don't feel like it...Kajol remember where I use to go to get my favortie favorite coffee from?
Kanya:Well,I am going there,
Kajol:Its far.
Kanya:Thats why I am leaving now.Its not as far as you think.I won't be late for class.Its only 30mintues away and there isn't any traffic.
Everyone:Bye Kanya.
The mintue Kanya walks out the door.....
Kajol:So what did Ranbir say about Kanya?
Akshay:Well he is denying it.But we overheard him saying that he can't keep Kanya off his mind.He is pissed that Rohit keeps holding Kanya's hand and stuff.He is really confused becuz he never liked a girl.What did Kanya say?
Payal:She says that she likes Ranbir and she is missing him a lot.
Sameer:How is she missing him she just saw him yestuday??!!!
Kajol:Sameer sweety by that she meant she is missing him talking to her. that talk to eachother or do they scream to eachother...its hard to tell you know (scarcastically said)
Payal:Well,she likes him alot.Kanya even cried.
Sameer:Wow she cried and for Ranbir!!!WOW!!!
Rohit:So Kanya likes Ranbir.But Ranbir is confused.
Rohit:(thinking)...this is good now I just have to lure Ranbir more away from Kanya.......Kanya in the end will be mine.....Now I just have to talk to him during we work how music project - he will hate Kanya later.....PERFECT!
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Please leave comments!
desaigirl101 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 July 2008 at 2:42pm | IP Logged
Anyone like it?????????Cry
-Sarah- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 July 2008 at 2:51pm | IP Logged
i loved the update Nisha! It was a awesome and cute! I cant wait till Ranbir finds out Kanya likes him.
Please continue really soon!
desaigirl101 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 July 2008 at 2:55pm | IP Logged
^Thanks nice to know you liked it.

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