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Anus Rashid ---> Chat transcript

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Posted: 09 May 2008 at 8:07am | IP Logged
indya: Hi Anas, welcome to the chat!
anas: Hi all!
guest47: Anas Rashid, aapko film industry mein kitna time ho gaya?
anas: 7 months in the film industry and only 2 months with Balaji.
amishaa123: Hi Anas, I am Amisha from Australia. Can you tell me something about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses?
anas: My confidence and my family are my strengths. My family is my weakness too! My biggest weakness is hunger.
guest57: You have a very interesting name. What does it mean?
anas: It means 'love'. It is actually the name of a prophet.
calcutta_sweta: Anas, I really like your work in Kahii To Hoga . Can we see you in some other serial too?
anas: Right now I'm happy doing Kahiin To Hoga and I am not looking at doing anything else for another 4 months.
guest44: How do you rate yourself as an actor on a scale of 10?
anas: 10 on 10!
arika_sweet: Hi! I watch Kahiin To Hoga regularly. You have a very charming personality. Can you tell me about your educational background?
anas: First of all, thank you for the compliment. As for my educational background, I have done my PG in Psychology.
amishaa123: Amisha again, I have not seen your serial, I have just seen you in promos. You look very handsome.
anas: Thank you, Amisha.
choksiruchi: Anas, hi! I am your big fan. Would you tell us your birthday and birthplace?
anas: 31 August, I was born in Malerkotla.
guest57: What do you look for in a girl?
anas: She must be beautiful, surat aur seerat, dono chahiye. She must be very understanding.
guest38: Do you like animals? Do you have a pet?
anas: Yes I do. I like tigers! No, I don't have any pets.
angel_luv006: You rock in the serial! How is your experience working with Balaji telefilms?
anas: It is a great experience. They can make you a star in 24 hours.
calcutta_sweta: Anas, what kind of role do you have in Kyaa Hoga Nimmo Kaa?
anas: I'm supposed to be a rock star.
guest53: Who is your favourite actor?
anas: Aamir Khan.

a_r92: Hi Anas, I have been your fan for the last 2 months. I like your personality. Please tell me something about yourself.
anas: I'm a typical Punjabi. I like food and I am a fitness freak. I like to sing and am quite good at it.
guest57: Oh...psychology? Interesting... Do you use any psychological tactics on your co stars or people around you?
anas: Haha. No!
badboyforu: Your role does not match your personality, what do you say?
anas: Actually my roles do match my personality. I'm also a little possessive like my character.
mehwish_sherazi: Hello. Ager aap ko ek din ka CM bana diya jay to kya keringay?
anas: I don't know what I would do if I were put in such a situation. I'll think about it when it happens.
calcutta_sweta: Anas, wishing you in advance, "happy birthday!" I hope I am the first one to wish you.
anas: Thank you so much Shweta.
choksiruchi: Arrange this as per your view-love, friendship, family and money.
anas: Family, money, friendship and love.
akash_sakarwal_: Your favourite colour….
anas: Yellow and white.
guest47: Aapko kaisa lagta hai jab sabhi aapke piche bhaagtey hai, aapko ek baar dekhne ke liye hie?
anas: Mujhe bahut accha lagta hai. It's like a dream come true. I also feel a sense of responsibility.
calcutta_sweta: Anas, are you married?
anas: Not yet. I'm still single.
guest47: Apne apne career ki shuruwat kahan se kie?
anas: I started my career in Chandigarh. I was chosen as face of the week by Indian Express and then things just fell in place.
guest57: Agar Balaji na hota toh Indian television aur aap kahan hote?
anas: If not for Balaji, I would have been a singer and TV would still be in the Hum Log stage. They have done a great deal for Indian television.
a8b8e8: Have you done a 'tele brands' kind of ad before Kahiin To Hoga? I've seen it.
anas: Yes.
guestkamal: Who is your favourite Bollywood personality?
anas: Arjun Rampal
himani_s312003: Hi Anas. Which part of Punjab are you from?
anas: Malwa.
badboyforu: Have you ever been to Pakistan?
anas: I have been to Pakistan twice. Half my family is there.
arika_sweet: How is your chemistry with Amna personally? And who is your best friend in the serial?
anas: Tinu Anand is my good friend. My chemistry with Amna is good, but we don't interact much.
mehwish_sherazi: Ager aap ka 10 carore ki lottery lag jay to kya kerin gay?
anas: I'll launch myself in a movie and buy a nice house for my parents.
calcutta_sweta: Anas, what is your nickname?
anas: I don't have any nicknames, my name itself is so short.
himani_s312003: Hi Anas. Are you short tempered in real life too?
anas: No, not at all. I'm a very fun loving person.
arika_sweet: Will you get married to anyone in the serial?
anas: Let's see. Nothing is confirmed as of now.
calcutta_sweta: Anas, other than acting, what else are you good at?
anas: I'm a very good singer. I have taken part in a lot of competitions and I'm also a very good cook.
amishaa123: Anas, what is your favourite food?
anas: I like Mughlai, Punjabi and food made by my mother and sister.

guest85: Aap ki koi girlfriend hai? Kya naam hai? You are very handsome.
anas: I don't have a girlfriend right now.
calcutta_sweta: Anas, are you jealous of any star? (Sorry if you didn't like the question?)
anas: There is no star that I'm jealous of. Guys are not usually jealous!
guest57: How would you describe your childhood? Were you a very naughty kid?
anas: I was a very innocent kid. I never went out and was always at home.
guest57: Aap apne aap ko paanch saalo mein kahaan dekhte hai?
anas: I would like to see myself as a good actor with lots of Filmfare Awards!
arika_sweet: What is your daily routine?
anas: I have a shoot every day of the month and when I have a holiday, I like to stay at home and read or I practise singing.
calcutta_sweta: Anas, thanks a lot! You are the first star who has answered more than one question from me!
anas: Thank you Shweta for asking me those questions!
calcutta_sweta: Anas, do you know any other language?
anas: I know Urdu, Persian, Arabic and Punjabi is my mother tongue.
guest57: Bollywood kitni door hai?
anas: Only one year.
guest85: Pooja here.Kya aap Sujal ko pasand karatei hai?
anas: I like Sujal's character a lot.
arika_sweet: Tell me something about your family.
anas: I have 2 brothers, 2 sisters and my parents. My elder sister is married.
zz choksiruchi: Anas, you have lots of female fans. How do you handle this crowd?
anas: Not a problem at all! They are very easy to handle. I just have to give them a flying kiss!
mehwish_sherazi: Who is your favourite 'star' in Star Parivaar?
anas: Iqbal Khan, Rajeev Khandelwal and Eijaz Khan.
calcutta_sweta: Anas, when can we see you in Kyaa Hoga Nimmo Kaa?
anas: You will not see me. I have left the series because of date problems.
calcutta_sweta: Anas , Sweta here. How do you feel talking to your fans?
anas: It feels great. This is my first exclusive chat and I'm very excited.
choksiruchi: Congratulations Anas for your great achievement in such a short time. All the best! Carry on.
anas: Thank you so much. It's your wishes that have got me this far.
indya: Ok Anas, any last messages for your fans?
anas: Keep loving me as I am quite new right now. Eat lots of watermelon and take care!
indya: And your email id that they can write to?
indya:  Thanks Anas! Really great having you on the chat!
indya: Be sure to post your views on the chat on


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Posted: 10 May 2008 at 2:11pm | IP Logged
Born in a conservative Muslim family, Anas Rashid is all set to play the last Hindu ruler of Delhi, . The handsome young man from Maler Kotla, Punjab, knows that he has some very big shoes to fill, after Rajat Tokas's very successful tenure as the young Prithvi. We speak with him about his family, his aspirations, and his dreams, amongst other things.

Q. What is your take on playing the lead in the most successful historical on television?
A. I did not expect something like this so early in life. Whenever I watched historical movies like 'Braveheart', and 'Troy', I would be very inspired, but I never thought that I would be acting as Prithviraj Chauhan. It all happened too soon, after the auditions. I am very proud now, and happy, but I also feel responsible. Rajat Tokas did a very good job, and I have to maintain the TRPs and the fan following that he brought in – all the kids, older citizens, and, of course, the girls, who followed this serial dedicatedly because of Rajat.

Q. First it was 'Kahiin Toh Hoga', and now this. Your colleagues must be envious of the breaks you get.
A. In 'Kahiin Toh Hoga', my co-stars and colleagues were already well-established in the industry. Colleagues who were a part of my life during my struggling days may be a little insecure, but I don't think anyone is envious. If they work hard, they will achieve their goal.

Q. What do you think of the fact that you are being touted as a newcomer, despite your stint with Balaji? Does that mean that your role in 'Kahiin Toh Hoga' went unnoticed?
A. I am glad of that, since, in television, an actor is known by the last role he played, and it becomes almost a permanent identity. I think people should be able to accept an actor in different roles. It is the performance that should be noticed and appreciated, so that one is known as an actor, and has an individual identity. I am glad that people have forgotten Karthik Ahluwalia, and now call me Prithviraj. I am also thrilled that they know me more as Anas Rashid, from Punjab.

Q. According to your female fans, you are looking very hot. Did you work on your body for this show?
A. I was healthier than this. Since I had to play to role of a king in his late teens, I had to lose a lot of weight. Also, I had to match my physique with Rajat's, so that there was not too much of a jerk in continuity.

Q. Your predecessor, Rajat Tokas, was extremely popular, which was why Prithviraj did not grow up in the serial for a very long time. Were you apprehensive about comparisons?
A. I am sure that the audience will compare the two of us, but I have to work harder to avoid criticism. Since Rajat was a child artiste, many of his flaws may have been overlooked. As the senior Prithvi, there will be no leniency for me. I had to be very sincere, and I still am. There was a lot to learn in the past few weeks – body language, horse riding, sword fighting, etc, and, of course, the accent in pure Hindi. It has been tough, preparing for this role.

Q. Have you met Rajat?
A. Yes, we did three press conferences together. I also observed him on shoot for 2-3 days, so that I can imbibe his mannerisms and improvise them as the senior Prithvi.

Q. You are a post graduate in Psychology. Does your knowledge help in your acting?
A. I believe that when you are educated, and have done your Masters, then 80 per cent of the battle is won, whatever the job. And an understanding of Psychology is the icing on the cake. Your powers of observance and imbibing characteristics are enhanced. You know the mental state of the character, his expressions, and his mannerisms, how he will behave in certain situations, etc. By enacting, I am presenting human behavior.

Q. You apparently enjoy singing.
A. I believe I am a good singer, not that I have won awards, though. If I was not an actor, I would have been a singer. I participated in competitions in school and college. I am told I have leadership qualities. I was also into wrestling, when I was in Punjab, as well as body building, and other sports. Strangely, I was never a part of any dramatic society, nor did I want to be an actor, till I won the Mr Punjab title in 2004. Offers for music videos fell into my lap after that, and one thing led to another, and here I am.

Q. What about your family? Were they supportive of your decision?
A. My immediate family – my parents, my sister and her husband, and my younger brother – were happy for me. However, as we live in a joint family, other relatives condemned the decision. In fact, the television set entered our house only six years ago, and that I would be on the screen so soon was a huge shock.

Q. Do you have Bollywood aspirations?
A. I would want to act in Bollywood films, but it will not be my final destination. I also want to go to Hollywood. I would want to make a mark in my country first, of course. I don't think any television offer will be a notch above this one, and I would not want to disappoint my fans. I also want to write scripts, but right now, I am concentrating on this role

Q. You know some 5-6 languages. How come?

A. I know Punjabi because I was born and brought up there. Hindi and English come naturally to an Indian, from school days. I studied in an Urdu medium school, and my grandfather was the Principal. I know Urdu, as well as Arabic, in which I can read and write. One of my uncles is the Head of Department for Persian, so I know Persian, too. A few Nepalese people worked in our factory, and I learned that language also. I try to learn as many languages as I can, and would want to learn at least all the Indian languages.

Q. Previously, there was a lot of hype about Angad Bedi playing the senior Prithviraj Chauhan. What happened?
A. Yes, Angad was the first choice, but then he went abroad for some time. In the meantime, Rajat became increasingly popular, so the adult Prithvi's introduction kept getting postponed. Also, there needed to be some kind of continuity in physical appearance, given Rajat's popularity. Angad would not have suited the role then. And that is how I got this role.

Hope u lyked it!Tongue

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hey that z 4m we supposed 2 post it?But nwz....thanx!

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