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~~PYAR KI EK KAHANI~~|PG.29-UPDATE {08/17/08} (Page 7)

pakirani Goldie

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Posted: 12 May 2008 at 3:12pm | IP Logged

_shizzzyy_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 May 2008 at 3:25pm | IP Logged
amazing..plzz continue soon =]
Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 May 2008 at 3:36pm | IP Logged
wowowowowow coollllllllllll partt plzzz contuied your next part
~~BaBy~AnGel~~ Goldie

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Posted: 12 May 2008 at 6:05pm | IP Logged
that was tooooo amazing, i can't believe that akash and manya have feelings for each other, thanks for posting sonia, it is very appriceated Embarrassed
sonikudi1 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2008 at 1:16pm | IP Logged
Thank You! Smile

   Akash entered in the carnival with his AD friends; Om, Rehan, Sanju and Kiran.
   Om nudged Akash playfully.
Om: Kis ko doond rahi hain captain sahib ki aankhein?
   Akash looked up.
A: Huh?
Om: Dekha!
R: Akash, why are you lost? Come on, we're here to have fun!!
A: Yeah, yeah, let', enjoy!
   Kiran put her arm through Akash's.
K: Yeah! Come on, rides lein?
   Before Akash answered, he suddenly looked up. The wind blew fast and everything suddenly seemed silent. He stared through the gates of the carnival as he saw Manya enter. The PKEK music began to play.
A: Ohh dammn...
   Om looked at him, confused. He followed his gaze to Manya. He raised his eyebrows.
   She was not wearing her regular skirts and jeans. She was wearing a bubblegum pink churidaar dress, a dupatta around her neck. The dupatta flew in the air, pulling her hair back as well. She was laughing, talking to Roopa and Goppu.
   A slow smile suddenly spread across Akash's lips. Om stared at him.
Om: Akash-tu kahin-iss Jai Shree ke chakkar mein tho nahin per gaya?
   Akash snapped out of his trance.
K: Yeah, Akash! She's like our biggest rival, aur tum ussai aise kyun dekh rahe ho?
A: Uh...what? Me? No way!
S: You had better not, Akash! Verna tum poore college ko dhauka dhay rahe hoge!
   Akash frowned.
A: Relax, will you?
   He sighed and looked away. Manya suddenly walked past him, not noticing him. But she stopped all of a sudden, confused.
   Akash looked at her as she turned. Goppu and Roopa watched them, surprised.
R: What happened, Manya?
   Akash looked down his shirt. Her dupatta had gotten stuck around his shirt button.
M: Mera-dupatta...
   Om and Rehan smirked and Kiran rolled her eyes.
A: Oh, um...
   Manya walked a bit close to him and she pulled out her dupatta. Just as she touched it, Akash raised his hands to touch it also. His hand accidentally fell ontop of hers.
   Manya looked up, surprised.
M: Oh, um...
A: Oh, my bad-
   He pulled out the dupatta and she took a step back. Both their hearts were racing.
   Akash walked her go. Om pushed him again.
Om: YO! What's wrong with you??
   He secretly took a glance at Manya again. She was laughing at something Goppu was saying. She suddenly turned and looked at Akash, a smile on her face.
   Akash smiled even more, watching her.
Akash, tu teek tho hai? he thought in his mind.
   Manya turned back around and walked away.
   Kiran pushed Akash again.
K: Chalein?
A: Uh, yeah...

    Akash sat on the rollercoast ride by himself angrily. Kiran and Rehan had sat together, and Sanju and Om had gotten a seat.
    He was still looking the other way when someone pushed into him. He looked up and saw Goppu and Roopa take another seat, pushing Manya next to him.
M: I'm so-TUM?!
    Akash looked at her and nodded.
A: Maine kaha tha na, tum mera peecha nahin chodo gi!
M: Oh please! Woh tho Goppu and Roopa bait gaye, aur main akeli thi tho they just pushed me here-and-
    The ride suddenly shook and started. Manya grabbed the bar.
A: Darr lagta hai?
    Manya looked at him.
M: Do I look like the type jo kabhi rides mein nahin baiti? Of course darr nahin lagta hai!
    Akash shrugged as the ride went down and back up again. Manya laughed and screamed in the air. Akash looked at her and laughed.
A: Tho aaj yeh traditional kapde kaise?
    Manya looked at him.
M: Excuse me! I am an Indian after all!
A: You sure about that?
    Akash chuckled. Manya's dupatta suddenly slipped out of her neck and flew in the air.
M: Ohhh God!
    Akash suddenly reached his hand out and grabbed it. Manya looked at him. He smiled naughtily again and brought it back down, placing it around her neck.
    The ride shook, and Manya fell towards Akash. Akash held her, staring at her.
    The PKEK music began to play again.
Woh mile dil bhi dhadka na tha...
    The ride came to a stop and Manya looked up. Om and Roopa were standing above them, eyebrows raised. Manya quickly let go of Akash.
R: Oh my God! Manya, was he trying to hit on you?
Om: WHAT? Lipti yeh hui thi! I bet bechare ki izat lootne mein lagi hogi!
R: Oh, please! You are such a typical AD student. Ladki ladke ki izat loot rahi hai. Wow!
Om: Aitraaz movie nahin dekhi thi kya?
R: Dekhi thi na! And he is nowhere near Akshay!
Om: Haan, haan aur yeh tho bil kul Priyanka ki tarha hai na!
   Akash stood up.
A: Will you guys shut up? Woh tho ride shake hui and she just fell on top of me!
R: Just stay away from us!
A: Tho jao na!
   Manya walked away with Roopa. She turned and looked at Akash. Akash looked at her and quickly looked away at Om again. Manya frowned angrily.
M: Ride mein tho aise bantha hai jaise dost ho. Aur bahaar, aise-stupid AD students! Hamari rivalry ek reason ke liye hai!

Manya frowned at the basketball team and cheerleader's plan to mess with AD again.
M: Um, guys, let's just forget this.
   Karan looked at her.
K: Kyun? Tumhara ashiq hai wahan, iss liye?
   Manya glared at him. He gave her a nasty smile.
G: Hey, guys, cut it out! Manya, come on yaar! You were always up for this.
M: Haan, lakein there's no point to this. Phir pakrein jayein ge.
R: We'll be careful!
M: Careful tho hum last time bhi thay!
G: Manya, tum kabse gabrane lagi in baatoon se?
   The rest of the team nodded.
K: Anyways, kal AD ki swim team ka match hai, hamari swim team ke saath.
M: And?
K: Aaand...before they come to Jai Shree for a match, woh apne pool mein practice karein ge.
M: Sooo?
K: SOOO we're going to ruin their pool!
   Manya groaned.
M: That is so low, Karan.
K: No, its not Manya!
   Manya looked away angrily, refusing to fight with him.
G: Lakein agar hum sab phir jayein ge, there's a chance we might get caught.
K: Issi liye sirf ek jayega.
M: Kaun?
   Roopa held up a hat with slips in them.
R: Yeh hat decide karegi! Jiska naam aya, woh andher jaker pool mein kuch diye hue ingredients daale ga. Simple!
   Manya frowned as Goppu pulled out a slip. He looked at it.
G: Ready?
K: Haan, bolo, kis ka naam hai?
   Manya nearly choked on her gum.
G: Yes! You!
   Manya looked at all eyes on her. Karan raised his eyebrows.
K: Prove it that you're still in the Jai Shree spirit, Manya.
M: I so hate you!

Manya entered the AD college building. Goppu whispered in her ears,
G: We're outside. Ho sakta hai koi andher already ho. Just be careful, okay?
   Manya shot him an annoying look and went inside. She snuck through the AD hallways, seeing posters of the basketball team. She saw Akash's picture and shook her head angrily.
   She entered the pool, her heart racing. She took out the bag Karan had given her and took out the things. She frowned as she looked at it. Itching powder and a dye to make their skin's blue. That was soo wrong!
   Manya groaned.
M: Lakein mujhe kya? Jai Shree aur AD ki yeh fight tho hamesha se chalti arahi hai!
   Just as she was about to spill the powder in, two hands grabbed her waist, pulling her back. She screamed, turning. AKASH!
   Akash set her on the ground and looked at her.
A: Phir se?!
M: Haan-nain, woh-uh...
   Akash shook his head.
A: Manya, Manya, Manya. How many times will I catch you?
M: What? Oh, um, no-
   Akash walked close to her, making her step back.
A: Ab sweetheart, tumne AD ke saath phir se panga liya tho-kuch na kuch tho kerna hi paray ga na...
M: Acha? Kya karo ge tum? You'll snitch on me?
A: Noo...
M: Then?
   Akash smiled his naughty smile.
A: Sweetheart, tum chahe jaisi bhi ho, ho Jai Shree se! And...well...AD se hoker, mera kuch farz to bantha hai na?
   Manya watched him carefully, her heart racing nervously.
M: Tho-tho?
   Akash grinned. He suddenly leapt for her, making her shriek. He grabbed hre waist and spun her around, suddenly throwing her in the pool.
   He grinned.
A: I am so sorry, sweetheart.
   He looked up then and laughed.
A: Actually, no, I'm not!
   Manya's hands suddenly flapped in the water.
   Akash's smile faded.
   Akash's heart raced as he saw her drowning. He jumped in the water, racing after her.
   He grabbed her waist, pulling her close to his chest. He swam to the edge of the water, holding her.
   Manya suddenly stopped moving with him. He looked at her, confused. She smiled triumphantly.
A: What the-
   Manya suddenly grabbed the itching powder and threw it down his shirt. She jumped out of the water, laughing.
   She laughed and raced out of the college, leaving Akash. He suddenly felt a itch in his body. Oh no!

_shizzzyy_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2008 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
OMG thts was soo funny..I luved it!!plzz continue soon Smile
Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2008 at 1:44pm | IP Logged
wowowowowowowow thts coooll reallyyyyyyyyy thts really amazingg part plzzzzzzzz contuied next part Big smile
pakirani Goldie

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LOL LOL LOL that was a really good update! so funny!!!

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