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~~PYAR KI EK KAHANI~~|PG.29-UPDATE {08/17/08} (Page 2)

sonikudi1 IF-Dazzler

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Thank you! Hug

     Manya threw her bag in her black car, driving to college the next morning. She stopped at a red light, humming the song "Aaja Nachle."
     She heard someone whistle, and then call out,
"Losers bhi kitne style mein drive kerte hai, na?"
     Manya turned and looked out her window. Akash sat in his car with some of his friends, also stopped at the red light. Manya glared at him. He laughed and sped away as the green light turned.
     Manya groaned and hit her steering wheel angrily.
M: Khud ko samajte kya hain! Ek game kya jeet gaye, apne aapko baadshah samajne lage!

      Manya found a big crowd gathered in front of Jai Shree College. Eyes turned to her, for everyone knew the cheerleaders, as she parked her car. She stepped out and saw Goppu.
M: Kya hua?
G: Dekho na, Manya!
      Manya gasped as she saw the red brick building, Jai Shree College. It was teepeed!
      Tissue paper had been flung all over the college building, a big banner that read "LOSERS" stamped in the middle.
      Manya ran towards the basketball team, where Karan stood angrily.
M: Karan!
K: Manya! Look what they did!
M: You mean, AD ne yeh sab kiya?
      Goppu came and nodded.
G: Of course. Aur kaun karega?
      Manya groaned.
M: Don't worry about it, guys. Hum bhi kisi se kam nahin!
      Karan looked at her and grinned.
K: I knew it. Tumhara damaag kuch na kuch tho soch le ga. Kya plan hai?
      Manya smiled.
M: Unnai hamari bulding teepee ki. We'll do worse!

      The cheerleaders and the basketball team spread out once they reached AD College in the nighttime. Goppu had already been in there, making sure the gates weren't locked. He opened the windows and snuck them inside.
      Holding rolls of tissues, they all snuck inside. Manya split halfway and entered a lockerroom.
      She could hear the Jai Shree team whispering and giggling as they teepeed the whole hallway of the college.
      Manya threw her tissue rolls all over the lockeroom. She stopped near an open locker and opened it.
      Inside was a basketball and sneakers. She saw a picture of Akash pasted, holding a basketball.
M: Oh? Tho yeh iska locker hai!
      She grinned evily and threw the roll of tissue inside, circling it and bringing it all around.
      Just as she was doing it, someone grabbed her wrist. Manya's heart raced as she looked up, shocked.
      He smiled naughtily and knowingly, staring at her. He raised his eyebrows.
M: Uh-haath chodo mera!
A: Waah! Chor ki chori pakri gayee, aur devar uske malik jaise?
      Manya glared at him. She tried to get out of his grip.
M: I said, leave me!
      Akash smiled.
A: Tum mere locker mein kya ker rahi thi?
      He peered in and saw the roll of tissue.
A: Ohhh! I see ki Jai Shree ne apna college subha dekh liya tha.
      Manya glared at him.
A: You guys are losers, man! Humnne poori building teepee ki, aur kisi ne nahin dekha. And you-you just got caught red-handed, sweetheart.
      Manya threw the roll of tissue in his face and pulled her arm out of his grip. She flung her hair and began to walk away.
A: Ayee, sweetheart!
      Manya stopped. She turned and glared at him.
M: My name is Manya Sharma.
      Akash grinned.
A: I like sweetheart better.
M: Sweetheart my foot!
      He grabbed her wrist again as she walked away. She stopped and stared at him angrily.
A: Aaj tumne yahan aker acha nahin kiya, sweetheart.
M: Acha? Kya ker lo ge?
A: Its on, sweetheart.
      Manya smiled.
M: Bring it on!
      Akash nodded, pretending to be impressed at her confidence.
A: Okay. Tum jao aur apne-un Jai Shree losers ko kaho-to meet AD at the basketball court tomorrow morning, 9 AM sharp.
M: Done!

       Manya got out of Karan's car the next morning, dressed in a black skirt and red tee that read "Game On."
       She stepped into the basketball court. Akash was dribbling a basketball, talking to his friend, Rehan. The AD College team had already reached.
       Manya entered the court. A wind blew and her hair flew. Akash looked up and looked at her, smiling naughtily again.
A: Aiye, sweetheart. Aapka tho intezar tha!
K: Aye!
A: What, huh?
       Roopa groaned.
R: Guyss! Hum yahan basketball ke liye aye hain, not fighting each other. Come on!
       Karan stared at Akash.
K: I don't know, Roopa. I think inko basketball ki haar se zyada ek PUNCH ki zarurat hai!
A: Oh yeah? Let me give it to you!
       He raised his fist just as the police sirens rang.
R: Come on, guys! Police tho jaanti hai Jai Shree aur AD ki fights ke baare mein! RUN!
      Jai Shree team jumped in their cars as AD jumped in theirs. Manya was still running when Karan, without realizing she wasn't on the car, sped away.
       A police officer stepped out.
      Manya's heart raced. She jumped as a hand reached out to her. She looked up and saw Akash sitting in the back of a car, grinning at her, his hand outstretched. The music of "Pyar Ki Ek Kahani" played as the wind blew. He stared at her as she looked away.
      Manya suddenly grabbed his hand. As her hand landed in his palm, he tightened his grip on her hand and pulled her up on the car, grinning. She fell in and ontop of him.
      The music played as he leaned back, startled, staring at her as she stared back...





Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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wowowowwowowowow coollllllllllll part
_shizzzyy_ IF-Dazzler

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i luved it!! plzz continue soon..and i luv the story too..all college type LOL plzz continue soon Smile
Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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i love it plzzzzzzzzz contuied soonnnnnnn your next part
kisna_xox Groupbie

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Hey Soni I was wondering if you could post another part today please... I will be extreamly happy if you can... if not then thats fine too
kisna_xox Groupbie

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By the way.... I LOVE THE COLLAGE THEME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hehe just thought i'd let you know! LOL Embarrassed
~~BaBy~AnGel~~ Goldie

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yipeeeee a new ff. i am soooo happy, thanks for the ff and keep up the good work, loved the prolauge and part 1 it was totally mindblowing and thank u sooo much for this ff Hug
sonikudi1 IF-Dazzler

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Thank you! Hug

Manya's cheeks grew red as Akash gave her a naughty smile.
A: Dushmani itni jaldhi bhool gayee?
Manya stood up quickly. Akash laughed and smirked. The car suddenly went over a bump and Manya fell on to his lap again!
A: Heyy!
M: OH-
Akash laughed. Her head was buried in his shoulder. She raised it and looked at him. He stared at her and smirked again.
Suddenly, he reached out and touched her face. Manya grimaced. He pushed her hair back from her mouth.
A: Baal khaane ki koi zarurat nahin hai. Bookh lagi hai, tho I'll take you out somewhere, sweetheart.
   Manya narrowed her eyes at him and stood up angrily, taking a seat back.
M: Out, and that too with you?
A: Haan! KYun, koi problem hai?
   Manya smiled.
M: Hai na.
A: Kya?
M: Apni shakal dekhi hai tumne?
   Akash leaned back.
A: Yeah. It definitely is better than yours, isn't it?
   Manya glared at him. Akash pretended to glare back.
A: Aankhein nikalna mujhe bhi aata hai!
   From the driver's seat, Rehan pulled to a stop. Manya looked up as the rest of the guys piled out.
R: Later, yaar!
A: Later!
   Om looked at Manya and smirked.
Om: Let her go easy, okay?
   As Akash hopped in the driver's seat, Manya looked at him.
M: What does that mean?
A: What?
M: 'Let her go easy'...mathlab?
A: Ohh, English nahin aati tumhe?
M: SHUT UP! Stop the car.
A: No way.
    Akash pressed the brake abruptly, bringing the car to a sudden stop. He turned to her angrily.
A: Jab se baiti ho, bakvas keri ja rahi ho! BLAH BLAH BLAH! Dho minute chup nahin reh sakti?
M: Shut up!
A: Koi aur English ke words nahin aate, kya?! Damn! Jai Shree College and its students...ugh!
    Manya raised her finger in his face.
M: Ayee! Jai Shree ke baare mein kuch na kehna!
    Akash looked at her finger, a smile forming on his face. Manya saw his smile and lowered her finger.
A: Jai Shree tho mahaan hai. Jai Shree ki JAI ho!
M: What?
A: Yeah, yeah, in fact, maine tho soch ke rakha hai!
M: Kya?
A: Ki jab main kisi ladki se pyar karun ga, woh Jai Shree se hi perthi hogi!
A: YES! Aur bil kul tumhari jaisi ankhein hongi uski-
    He leaned close to her, staring into her eyes.
A: Yehi chehra...aur patha hai main ussai kya kahun ga?
M: Ky-kya?
    Manya jumped, shocked. Akash shook his head angrily.
A: Apni Jai Shree ki pooja kisi aur se karaana, you got that? GET OUT!
    Manya gave him an angry look and got out of the car. She flung her hair angrily and began to walk away from his car.
    He honked at her, and she turned.
A: Ek baat kahun?
    Manya didn't answer.
A: Agay dead end hai, sweetheart.
    Manya looked up and saw a railroad crossing ahead. Akash took a U-turn and laughed.
A: But it figures ki Jai Shree ki student dead end ki taraf hi jaye gi!
    As he rode off, Manya bent down and picked up a rock, hitting his car angrily. He laughed and shouted,

    Manya entered the principle's office after recieving a note from her teacher. As she entered, she gasped. The whole basketball team and cheerleading team was seated. AD's principle sat there angrily with their principle, Mr. Khanna.
MK: Aah, welcome, Ms. Sharma.
    Manya swallowed and smiled a bit.
MK: Aapko tho patha hoga why you're here, am I correct?
M: Um...
MK: Don't try to lie like your teams.
    Manya looked at Karan, who raised his eyes, motioning for to stay quiet.
M: Woh, uh....
MK: Manya, aap hamari achi student hain. We trust you to say the truth. Rest of you, get out!
     Manya bit her lip.
MK: Kya aap kal AD College mein raat ko thi?
M: Uhh...
     AD's principle, Ms. Jyostna, looked at her closely.
MJ: Mr. Khanna, AD se ek student ne dekha tho oos ladki ko jo college ke andher thi, lockerroom ne. Let's ask him.
     Manya's heart raced as she waited. After about half an hour, the door opened and Akash stepped in.
A: Heyy, Ms. J! Mujhe yahan, Jai Shree mein kyun bulaya?
MJ: Akash, did you teepee Jai Shree College?
M: HE DID! Iss ne khud admit kiya tha!
     Akash looked at her and grinned.
A: Tho main abhi kaun sa inkaar ker raha hoon. We did teepee Jai Shree.
M: Dekhaa!
     MJ looked at Akash angrily.
MJ: Iss ke consequences bhi aap logoon ko pay kerne honge. But for now, kya yeh wohi ladki thi? Was Jai Shree the college who teepeed our hallways?
     Manya groaned. Akash looked at her and smiled naughtily again.
M: Mar gaye, Manya!!
A: No.
     Manya looked up, shocked.
A: Yeh woh nahin hai. I don't about the rest, but yeh ladki udhar definitely nahin thi.
     Manya stared at him, surprised.
MK: Ms. Jysotna, I believe ki JAi Shree agar kuch karte hain, they do it in a team. And Ms. Manya here is the captain of the team. She would definitely be there.
MJ: Very well. I'm sorry for the trouble.
     As they left and MK let Manya go, Manya raced out after Akash. He had reached his car when she shouted his name.
M: Akash!
     Akash stopped and turned.
M: Woh...tumne jhoot kyun bola?
     Akash grinned. He walked close to her, making her flinch...

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