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FF: Break Free - Part 2 - Page 1

_sukhi_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 May 2008 at 7:06am | IP Logged

Hey this is my first fan fic. please bare with me mistakes can happen LOL anyways i hope you enjoy it Tongue........



Karan Singh Grover - CTU Agent Armaan Malik
Mayank Anand - Rahul Grewal
Pankit Thakkar Atul Joshi 
Cezzane Khan - CTU Agent Shashank Gupta
Sunil Shetty - Akram Khan
Sunaina Gulia - Anjali
Shilpa Anand - Riddhima
Sanjay Dutt - CTU Director
- Naina Patel
Veiledbeauty - Zaina Hasan

More characters to come as the story progresses


Armaan Mallik, undercover cop working for CTU (counter terrorist unit) Life seems pretty settled for him...until a turn of events until he is asked to go against the law and break out to prisoners from a heavily guarded jail...For a UTC officer you would think it to be a walk in the park....and for Armaan it is; until he meets the prisoners.... Rahul Grewal and Atul Joshi the convicts are all out to make Armaan's life a living hell.... How does he end up getting them to negotiate with each other and break free....? Armaan is going to have to figure out that one by himself....

Break Free

Part 1 – Iceland the Beginning

    Reykjavik, Iceland some years ago, a special ops team put together by the Secretary of Defense, both of these agents have muscle never to have been cracked down interrogation is a walk in the park, giving up is not the answer for these individuals.
    "Agent Shashank Gupta & agent Armaan Mallik Right you two in my office now!"
    "I don't think boss is in a good mood..." Shashank mumbled.
    "Yeah that's because you always mess up the case," Armaan whispers.
    They both sat down as the Secretary of defense shut the door and turned to face them.
    "I believe the President considers this high priority, I very well know you two have your differences but please for this mission there cannot be any imperfection especially goes for you Armaan, do I make myself clear?"
    "Yes Sir," Armaan says.
    After being briefed on the mission, the Secretary of Defense gestured them to leave.
    Whilst exiting the building, he looked back at to see Shashank get into his car and drive off.
    "How on earth did a guy like him manage to be a part of CTU?" He muttered whilst he headed for his car. CTU; Counter terrorist unit, the department that's meant to keep the peace using violence, call it irony or fate.
    As Armaan got into his car, his phone rang. On the tiny screen it read 'Anjali calling…' putting his mobile on speaker phone he got into his Lamborghini Reventon. You can tell a lot about a person from their car, looking at Armaan's car one could guess he likes the speed. So he gets in puts his foot down on the accelerator while talking to Anjali he races in an out of the traffic, "Anjali speak up louder I cannot hear you!"
    Anjali rolls her eyes "Yes, Armaan, if you considered for one moment in your damn stupid life I am meant to mean something to you agrrrrrrrr! Put the volume down!" she screamed.
    "Oh my god Anjali you're over reacting! I'm driving the car. I need to concentrate."
    "Whatever Armaan!" she puts the phone down.
    "Gosh! Women, so hard to reason with them!" Armaan reaches home, after a tiring day he decides to grab some food.  He walks into the kitchen but he notices there is no food made for him.
    "Hmmm... have I done something wrong, looks like I have," thinking to himself.     "Should I make something to eat?"  He laughs. "Me cook, no ways! That's Anjali's job! Hmmmm... shall I wake her, but then she might get mad an scream at me again I don't think I can handle that. I guess a glass of milk will keep me going through the night. Oh well bye food. I will see you in the morning," he laughs again.
    It was halfway through the night, Armaan gets a call, he wakes up suddenly thinking to himself, "I wonder who could be ringing me at this time of the night don't people go to sleep anymore hmm..." He answered the phone.
    "Hello! Who is this?" He listened surprised at the person on the receiving end.
    "Armaan it's Shashank."
    "God… Shashank what time do you call this I was sleeping but I don't think you ever go to sleep do you? Anyway how comes you called?"
    "I received an important call from the director; he goes we need to leave today!"
    "What!?! Why and how comes I'm always the last person to find out?" Armaan said annoyed. "You know what it doesn't even matter when does he want us to depart?" He continued.
    "Well that is why I phoned you; we have to leave now! No need to bring anything with you, just bring yourself," Shashank said urgently.
    "Ok, Shashank I will tell Anjali." After that He put the phone down and decided to wake Anjali up. He tells her that they have to work a big case here in Iceland but for security measures he cannot stay home.
    "Why Armaan why this is so not fair," Anjali says, she pulls a face and moves away from Armaan.
    "But Anjali it will not be for that long I promise, why don't you invite your friends around so you will not be alone, anyway it's up to you I will only worry more," He said. He kisses her forhead, reassuringly.
    She sighed, "But Armaan if you stayed then why would you have to worry?….. but I guess it's ok." She goes back to sleep while he washed up and left the house, taking one last look at the house for a few seconds and then gets into his car.
    Armaan arrives at the CTU building and meets up with Shashank
    "Hey Armaan sorry if I annoyed and woke you up but they were direct orders."
    Armaan looks at him weirdly and replies, "Don't worry Shashank but do you have any food I'm so damn hungry I never ate last night,"he pulls a sad face and touches his stomach.
    "Armaan you know something your meant to be one of the healthiest individuals at CTU yet you eat like a swine I have never seemed to have understood that how do you maintain that dude?"
    Armaan is shocked looking at Shashank, "Shashank man come on food is to eat as long as you maintain it like me, anyways your just jealous that I have a way hotter body than yours isn't it?" The look on Shashank didn't look very pleasing he was ready to have a go at him.
    "Guys stop right there!!! Why in the world did the Secretary of Defence put you two dimwits together? If it was up to me I would send Armaan to the North Pole & Shashank to the Gobi Desert," The director laughed while Armaan and Shashank's faces dropped.



Part 2 – The mission

"I gather all of you are aware why this meeting has been taken place at such short notice." The director said

Armaan starts thinking to himself, 'Well duh. Must be some sort of dangerous mission, otherwise I would have been asleep right about now.' He sighed and waited for further instructions

"Armaan everything ok?" said the director.

"No, no sir. Everything is fine. It's just that it is so early."

The director thinking to himself, 'Why is it always one who is never in line? Gosh I'm to old for this.'

 "Anyway I'll begin the briefings. We have vital information that there will be an assassination attempt on the president of Iceland; lafur Ragnar Grmsson. We don't have any knowledge of who & the whereabouts of these groups but I can say for sure that it is up to us that the president is safe and secure." The director drawls on.

"Sir permission to speak?" Shashank asks, "why do we have to get involved, the president's men can handle this job. They have been doing it for years"

The directors dropped his face in shame, "Shashank I cannot believe that you would say such a thing, I thought the reason why you joined this unit was to protect and serve. If everyone was to think like you do, then the world would have simply ended in selfishness. I don't want to hear such nonsense, understand? Otherwise you will be withdrawn from this special task force. Do I make myself clear special agent Shashank?"

"Yes sir." Shashank said ashamed and embarrassed. Armaan on the other hand was confident with the mission. His expressions showed anger & rage.

"If both of you; Shashank & Armaan, have nothing else to say we will call the meeting to an end get equipped" the director said. They both nodded in agreement "Well then, let's get rolling"

Meanwhile at Armaan's place, Anjali out of solitude called over some 'girlfriends' to have a girls night in. The tone of the nokia n95 mobile rings, and Anjali's ears are greeted by her friends sweet voice.

"Zaina! How are you? I'm so sorry I rang this late because Armaan is not at home he had to go work very early I was getting very lonely and kind of scared," Anjali quipped

"Awwww Anjali, you're so cute. You're that old and still get scared. Gosh dude, don't worry I'll ring Naina and ask her to come also and Stop worrying ok! see you soon, bye; take care," Zaina puts the phone down.

"Now... Hmmmm, Naina that stupid head will not even get up. Gosh how much does she sleep. I swear if I was there I would pour a bucket of water all over her," Zaina starts to laugh.

She dials Naina's number. "The number you have dialed has been switched off."

"Oh my god Naina!" Zaina said in rage. "Gosh that girl! Oh well, I'll just go to her house and pick her up instead and slap her one too… Muhahahaha!!" She laughed with an evil smirk on her face.

She put her clothes on (as if they weren't already on!) and sits in her Infiniti G37 Coupe, turns on the navigation system and goes "Gosh, why doesn't this work?! Oh my god, agrrrrrrrr!" she screams. Finally she got the navigation system working and began to drive, the car was an automatic so she wouldn't have much trouble. She looked into the mirror checked if anyone was around she took it into the first gear and pressed on the acceleration and began to set off to drive.

At Armaan's house Anjali seems to be in deep thought, "Should I ring her or not? I know we have had some arguments in the past but I think that we should put it behind us..." She dials a number on her mobile.

As soon as she answers the call Anjali shouts her name, "Ridhimaaaaaaaaaa! How are you, its Anjali do you remember?"

"Of course I remember you Anjali it's been quite some time how come you called this late sorry I'm just wondering is everything alright is it not?" Riddhima replied just as excited

"Ridhima everything is fine, just that Armaan is out on work and I'm alone I thought you could come stay here for a few days if you don't mind that is" she asked tentatively  

"O don't worry Anjali, I would love to come and we could get to hang out I mean we haven't done that in ages why don't you ring Naina and Zaina as well?" She asked  "Ridhima I'm two steps in front of you" Anjali laughed  "I've already called Zaina she said she would contact Naina and you know how Naina is don't you?" She laughed again

"Of course, Ridhima replies in a sarcastic manner, anyway ill make my way to your house see you soon bye!" Riddhima said immediately as she rushed to her wardrobe to get changed.

"Bye" Anjali put the phone down; she smiled looking back at old memories.


Zaina reached Naina's house, she knocked on the door 'bang bang' no one responded she yelled," Naina open the door man, my god this girl …Naina!"

Zaina waited and waited but no answer she thought she'd try hitting a stone on the window maybe she would wake up. So Zaina picked up a stone and threw it at Naina's bedroom window. CRASH

The next thing you know; Naina comes screaming out her house wearing her Pyjamas and holding the stone,

"OMG what the hell Zaina" Naina yelled "you didn't have to break the god damn window damn what's wrong with you girl, was it that vital you disrupt my sleep"

"Gosh Naina, no need to be like that man just that I got a phone from Anjali; Armaan is out to work as its night and you know what Anjali is like, always getting scared of spiders and what not. Anyway she was saying if we could spend a few days with her… I was thinking that it would be so much fun Ridz is also coming down, so you hurry up and get ready so we can party all night baby" Zaina said all at once and really fast.

Naina burst out laughing at Zaina's childishness

"Oye!" stop laughing you bakri hurry up!" Zaina said ,the expressions on her face went into mock rage

"Gosh agrrrrrrrr always raising your voice, and who in the blue moon are you calling me a bakri …you stupid bandariya! I'm going to pick you up and throw you in the dustbin" Naina threatened just as dramatically

"ok ok Naina I'm sorry" Zaina said being the first one to make peace

"aww me too Zaina" Naina said, they were like 2 school kids who had just had a silly argument. They both hugged and left the apartment.

"Hmmm Naina whose car are we going to take?" Zaina asked raising her eyebrows

"Jeez Zaina does it even matter? How about we take your car instead, wont that be better?" Naina said

"Ok fine sure whatever dude!" They both got in and drove off….still arguing, over something useless.

"No you ring the doorbell!" Naina said

"No you!" Zaina said. After 5 more minutes of arguing outside Anjali's door, they both decide to ring the bell at the same time.


Anjali heard the doorbell. She went to reach for the door knob when her mobile phone started ringing, she answered.


"Its me Armaan, Anjali how are you I just wanted to check if everything was all ok you know I also do get worried for you, you do know how much I love you don't you?" Armaan said worried

"Of course Armaan I love you more than you can even imagine" Anjali said "I just forgot I asked a few friends to come round they should be here any moment" she said as she remembered she still had to answer the door "And Armaan! Please be careful" Anjali's eyes moistened for a while.

"Anjali don't worry what's going to happen to me you know I'm batman, big strong and handsome"

Anjali laughed at Armaan's tacky comment,

"Ok Anjali take care, I will see you when I'm back, you know I cannot talk while out on the field I will miss you, love you always bye!" Armaan put the phone down thinking 'departure is such sweet sorrow'

Thank you for reading

Comments/Criticism are greatly appreciated


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Thankksss to BAKRI for forcing you LOLLOL

WowwEmbarrassed you write good, bro haha... but its so short Ouch... ab I'm gonna bug you to deathhhhhhhhh to continue.. along with Bakri, and Lubna, QUOTE, will "take the mickey mouse out of him" ROFLROFLROFL

Can't wait.. till Anjali--- *shuts mouth and slaps herself* hahaha... ROFL

Now continue fast...


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sallu_lover IF-Stunnerz

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very nice sukz Clap
-Facetious- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 May 2008 at 7:25am | IP Logged
hello sukhi ji...

I've been hearing a lot about on the chat club.....nice intro.....totally different....

will luk forward for more...

- shivani
Naina123 Senior Member

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Not by bakri.. but her sis.. LOL


Bhaiyuuuuuu!!! You posted wooohhoooooo!! *jumps up and down*


See im so dedicated....that i got my sister to reserve while i was in school.....although i didn't know you were going to post while i was in school....but thats a whole different story...Tongue

Yay!! see i told you to write an FF....Now post the next part sooooooooooooonnnnnn......otherwise like Zuzu said....we'll bug the hell out of you until you do!!!

Abb jaldi karna Sukhibro!!!

Take Care




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Naughtynatty IF-Sizzlerz

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okay okay padh liya
aur maaf kiya Big smileBig smileBig smile

sukhiji yeh kya i mean chi chi story line to ek dum kacra hai
pata nahi kya scoh rahe the when u wrote it
tut tut

okay iss pehle aap mujhe sothi se maaro
let me say i was just joking
this one side of you that we didnt know till yet
you are a great writer and very creative
i never knew DMG could be like a suspense thriller kinda FF
but u have pulled the whole thing very well
i am loving it extremely
you are a great writer and no doubt this FF is gonna rock
Love u loadzz bro
urs NatinderLOL

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er.Sheetal Senior Member

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Hmmm very-very interesting...

Our Armaan a CTU agent... plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update soon...
-himzie- IF-Rockerz

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*reserved* LOL bz person u c.....ll read n comment laterzzzzzz Big smile LOL

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