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* nEw MoTw * = noodles (Page 5)

xXxSHAMILAxXx IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 December 2007
Posts: 15590

Posted: 10 May 2008 at 3:17pm | IP Logged
If you were in a corner and a snake was staring you down?

If you were standing at the top of the Eiffel tower?

If you were on the moon?

If you had x-ray vision

If you could fly

If you were a contestent on American Idol/ Indian Idol?

If you had 3 legs

If you had 15 brothers?

If you woke up in the morning to realise you have switched bodies with [substitute name of one person here]?

If you became a millionaire suddenly?

If you were 100 miles from any city and your car ran out of gas

If a blizzard dumped 10 feet of snow where you live?

If a lizard [chipkali] fell on you?

If you found out that one of your family member is an alien from an unknown planet?

and answer them more.... detailed Wink LOL

noodles IF-Rockerz

Joined: 09 November 2006
Posts: 8861

Posted: 11 May 2008 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by *Kruthi*

IF theres questions u dont want to answer/think they r too personal, u can skipBig smile I'll skip the ones I already answered earlier Tongue

ur fav singer? Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Big smile
can u remeber a baby moment of ur babylife? if yes den wot was it? yes, me and my blankie obsession. Tongue
in ur childhoood were u a gud child or a bad/naughty bachi? LOL I was very good EmbarrassedLOL Now all that has changed.LOL
ur fav section on IF Dulhann forum
favorite season of the year? Spring

choose one
pizza or pasta
USA or india
kheer or gulab jamun
chinese or thai
priyanka or kareena
PC or laptop
nokia or samsung
verizon or cingular
Mod or viewbie
cleaning the house or cooking
chattin on If or on yahoo
hindi music or english music either..depending on the songs

pick one:

one/two LOL
fat/fatter Tongue

do u like cars? ya
wuts ur dream car?? BMW z8
wen u get married where do u wanna live?? In a house Tongue
will come on IF after u turn 80?
100? If Im well, and able to. LOL And if IF is still hereEmbarrassed
do u like cookies?? ya
do u like milk?? ya
do u like milk nd cookies?? yes
do u like tea?? yes
do u like tea with tea biscuits?? yes

rate the following out of ten. ten being the highest.

srk: 10
rani: 10
preity: 9
brad pitt6:
amitabh: 10
abhishek: 8
ashwariya rai: 9
bipasha basu: 7
karan johar: 7
orlando bloom:7
barney:10 ConfusedTongue
big bird: 8

wuts ur fave emo??Confused Kruthi Tongue
why do u like this certain emo so much?? dunno
do u like being motw? ya except for the massive grilling
do u enjjoy skool? not really
do u like snow?? yes
do u have a fav show?? yes
if yes then wut is it?? BMTD
why do u like this show so much? cause it has SD in it

out of ur frends whu is the: Real or IF friends? LOL

most annoyin:
most pretty:

do u like to surf?? no
have u ever been surfing? no
wud u like to surf?? no
have u ever sky dived?? no
wud u like to? no
have u ever gone to disney world?? yes
whus ur favourite disney character?? pooh bear Tongue
why?? cause he shoo cute
wuts ur fav song ryte now?? bol na halke halke
wuts ur fav movie ryte now?? JWM
y do u like this movie so much?? it was interesting
wuts ur future ambition?? to become an architect
wud u ever get a tatoo? LOL no way
if u cud wut wud u get tattoed??
do u have glasses?? yes but I never wear them ConfusedLOL
braces??  not anymore Big smile
do u think nerds r hot??  haha no
wud u ever marry a guy whu is:
too tall?  yes
too short?? yes
too happy? yes
too sad? no
chinese?? no

whus ur fav celebrity frm bollywood?? Rani
how bout holywood?? Tom Welling Tongue
whus ur fav singer??
wuts ur fav teachers name?? Ms. Kruthika LOL
wut color wud u wanna dye ur hair??  a lighter shade of brown
do u like milkshakes?? ya
do u like milkshakes with cherries?? ya
do u like milkshakes with icecream?? sure
do u have a crush on ne1?? maybe Tongue
if any wuts herWinkTongue name?? whatever Tongue
do u like basketball?? not really
do u like sleeping?? when Im sleepy
do u love eating?? yes

pick one:

straight/gayy What are you trying to get at Kru? ConfusedTongue haha
cell phone/house phone
skool/no skool

Set one is done now set 2 haha DEEEEEEP BREATH haha lol

choose 1........

sweets / namkeen depends on my mood Tongue

aish / sush

soft drinks / juice

karishma / kareena

srk / salmaan

rani / preity

sonu or shaan

malliaka / yana gupta

koena / rakhi

beach / mountains

roses / tulips

heart / mind

kank / don

Dhoom /Dhoom2

fanfic / CFC what's CFC? Embarrassed

bigboss / indian idol

pink / purple

diamond / gold

coffee / tea

soda / water

Tell us...

1) why u like me?Big smile haha cause you're really nice, and you know why else.Tongue LOL just kidding.EmbarrassedLOL
2) your Origin I was born in a noodles restaurant Smile
3)abt ur sis she can be annoying sometimes, LOL but we're still close.Embarrassed
4) your Family members each person is just wonderful
5)which member of your family are you closest to? my sister
6) which member of IF are you closest to? There are a few who are very close to me that I knew for a long time
7) what do you like most about the IF? the discussions, all my friends here, and the masti EmbarrassedLOL
8) what do you like the least about the IF?? the addiction Tongue
9) what are you studying at skool? all main subjects
10) what is your favourite animal?
11) what is your favourite colour?
12) what is your favourite drink?
13)what is your favourite tv programme- indian? Dulhann
14) what is your favourite tv programme - english? Dont watch much TV anymore but I used to like smallville
15)what is your favourite movie? JWM
16) what is your favourite book?Wink Twilight
17)what is your favourite cartoon character? pooh bear
18)what is your favourite item- such as a bracelet or sumthing? my PSP LOL does that count? Tongue
19) what is your favourite holiday destination? Florida WinkLOL
20)what is your favourite day of the week?
21) what is your favourite day of the year? my birthday Tongue
22) what is your favourite food? pizza
23)what is your favourite place to eat out? outback
24) what is your favourite hobby? drawing
25) Who is your Fav actor?  Sharad M
28) your fav chai brand ?    PG tips
30) How do you feel being MOTW? It's fun but too many Qs CryLOL
31) Do you want more questions??? Nahii Tongue
32) will i be bac with more?Embarrassed we'll see

34)describe abt me in 5 lines You're a nice girl who is very creative. All of your creations are amazing and mindblowing. Big smile It's a lot of fun to talk to you. Tongue And it'll be nice if you changed you siggy LOLLOL

35)how u landed at i-f???(plan se ya train se ya bus se ya car se heheheh dunt answer non of these )

36)what quality u want in ur friend to be...n that quality i have or not??? someone who I can joke around with and our conversations arent always serious. Tongue Yep you have that Big smile

37)ur ideal dream boy... Tongue

38)The word u use most commonly: I dont know. you tell me. Tongue

39)IN A WORD OR SENTENCE: already did this  Embarrassed

Love is:

Frndship is:

Life is:

The adjective which wud best describe u

Ur Motto in Life: live and let live Big smile

40)well this is a situation type..

in life if u had to choose any1 btw ur

love or friendzz

love or family

friendz or family..

41')anything u wanna change abt yourself  my laziness Tongue

42)favourite choclate twix

43)favourite cake any one.

44)favourite food pizza

45)favourite chai (ginger) dont have a favorite

46)ur fav cricket player   I dont watch cricket

47)ur most angriestt day u did something n ur feeling guilt for what u did in anger... I dont get that angry Embarrassed

48)temme ur weakness my laptop being taken away Tongue

49)well write an essayy full of emoctions only abt meLOL..hehe... LOL I'd do that later. Wink

50)which is the attire ur comfortable wid??  jeans and shirt. some times a jacket, I love jacketsTongue

51)naughtiest thing u did in ur life? Im not very naughty. Tongue

52)do u lyk to read...if yes then what type of books..n name some fav authorsEmbarrassed.. When I was young I loved Peter Rabbit stories by Beatrix Potter. EmbarrassedLOL I like twilight series and some mystery books.

53)ur fav.historical romantic jodi...this is quite funny one Sagar and Vidya. They're historical right? Tongue They've MADE history. EmbarrassedLOL

54)which toothpaste do u use.. whichever is in that bathroom that we bought. Embarrassed

55)heheheh now something abt leap where would u lyk to see after 10 yrs... myself? with my degree. Embarrassed

56)what is ur dream work to do

57)do u believe in supernatural things and are you superstioussss.... no

58)what is the thing which scares u most robbers ConfusedLOL

59)well describe a funny scene for which u cant stop laughing whn u get reminded abt it?? haha when someone tripped me by accident when we were running in the same direction LOL It was funny. Tongue

60)a member wid whom u had a ZABARDASTT LARDAI..heheheh haha. Im not the fight type..even if I did fight I dont remember right now. Tongue

61)who was ur first friend at i-f? Meera di and Reemu di Big smile

62)what places in the world have you been to?? India, Germany, UK, and some other countries

63)Whats the recent Bollywood movie you watched? Did you like it or not? Taare Zameen par. I like it a lot. It had a really nice story. Embarrassed

64)bunty n babli & Salaam namaste....which one did u like better?? n why? SN cause I didn't see the end on Bunty & babli

65)ur fav drink minute maid berry punch

66)do you attend late night parties...if yes then which one was the rockest one...  yes..at one of my friend's house

67)who is ur closest friend out of i-f? one of my friend from childhood. Embarrassed

68)what turns u on(dont say chai..lol )  haha. dunno

69)what does the Motw title mean to u It's really nice that I was chosen for MOTW, but the grilling is hard.

70)If you had a chance to work in a bollywood movie, what movie n why? If it had SD in it. Tongue

71)If you FOUND a million dollars u would a) return it b) keep it

72)write abt a non-sense dream  I had a dream that it was someone from IF's wedding. LOL

73)Who wud u choose to meet personally frm IF?only 3 persons. There are sooo many people I'd want to meet.OuchLOL I think some would be Reemu di, Meera di and you. Big smile

74)who do u admire the most in life? my parents

75)wht wud b the best gift ne1 cud give to u? another laptop

76)IN IF who r the members I'll do this later OuchLOL

most caring:
most helpful:
most irritating:
most active:
most inactive:
most lazy:
most funny:
most kind:
most calm:
most angry :
most naughtiest
page 3 socialite:
jack of all trades:
the most childish member:
the most matured member:

u met wid..

77)A movie you are dying to watch Twilgiht

78)One thing you never get bored of going on the laptop

79)What do you feel like doing right now? chatting. Tongue

do u wanna kick me ... Tongue no. Im in a good mood. EmbarrassedLOL

what is the best part in AnS forum? looking at people's shops

Some Last times....wht??y??
last time u cried? a few days ago when I was in a bad mood. LOL
last time u wer embarassed? dont recently
last time u ? huh?
last time u ? what? Tongue
last time u fought? this morning. LOL
last time u lied? dont remember
last time u cursed sum1? dont really curse

Your favorite subject in school and in college - has it changed at all? art

How has life changed after joining IF? Im lazier and more addicted to that computer. Tongue

If u are not on IF, what do you think, you would be doing in a typical day? I'd study, maybe go out somewhere, or with friends ect

)Have you ever had a problem with a member on IF? yes

One bad habit you wish you could get rid of? being lazy

How do you judge a person when you meet him/her for the first time? I try not to,but if they're nice ect.

What do you think is the most important thing to have in life? Your options are: Money / Love / Contentment / Family / Friends / Career ?

A most recent song u hum almost through out the day?  bol na halke halke

What is your idea during a rainy day? I love rainy days. Embarrassed

any confession u'd like to make to anyone here? maybe. Tongue

ur most prized possession? PSP

ur advice to indian forums? not any at the moment

last but not the least ...

do u still love me as a friend..????.... (after all these Q'sLOL) LOL yes Stern SmileLOL See, Im that nice. Tongue

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noodles IF-Rockerz

Joined: 09 November 2006
Posts: 8861

Posted: 11 May 2008 at 12:51pm | IP Logged
Aditi! ShockedHug Where you been? Tongue I have seen you in months.

Thankoo Lakshita, Aji, Aditi and everyone else for the congratulations. Big smileHug   I'll be answering the Qs in a little bit. Embarrassed
-aditi- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 May 2005
Posts: 10440

Posted: 11 May 2008 at 12:53pm | IP Logged

great answers noodlesClap

i was away from web world but am glad to be bk with u alllEmbarrassedBig smileTongue  

noodles IF-Rockerz

Joined: 09 November 2006
Posts: 8861

Posted: 11 May 2008 at 12:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sharadz4me

Hiya Noodles.. Congo on MOTW Clap Thanks dear. Hug

Now.. Umm.. Let me see!! Ok......

1. What will you do once Bmtd is over?  I'd first cry Tongue and then I'd try to find another show I would like. Hopefully SD will come in another show together.Embarrassed

2. Approx. How many close friends you made on IF? I have many IF friends who I talk to, but there are 5-6 very close ones.

3. Whats your favourite food? Noodles is it LOL LOL Haha noodles isn't my very favorite.
Its one of my faves though. My ID is very random. Tongue I like pizza. Tongue

4. What do you think of the Bmtd Section Mods, Kind etc. They're all veryy sweet and hellpful. Out of all of them I talk to Ammu ji the most. She's too nice.Tongue

5. What would be the first thing you say if you met Sharad? Well I'd say hello and how big of a fan I am. Embarrassed

6. What would be the first thing you say if you met Divyanka? Same as Sharad

7. Do you think Im annoying, really annoying.. What do you say about me.. Remember Im only 12 Embarrassed No no, why would I think you're annoying. Who told you that? Tongue

8. If all your close friends of IF said to open a shop where you take reqeusts for sketching a pic.. Would you and why? Big smile .. I know your an awesome artist!!!  Thanks dear. Embarrassed Yes when I have more time after exams, I might think of doing that

9. If SD got married.. They invited all Bmtd section members on IF to marriage.. How happy would you be or does it croos limits? LOL I'd LOVE to go, though I doubt I'd be allowed to. LOL

10. What do you think of Dhruv Vedika couple from Sindoor.. Tere Naam Ka? (Sachin Shroff & Gurdeep Kohli) From what I saw they look pretty cute, but I never really watched a scene of there's Embarrassed

Plz answer my questions.. Will alwayz luv you verry much!! And Congo again.. Clap Thanks so much cutie. Big smile Hug

noodles IF-Rockerz

Joined: 09 November 2006
Posts: 8861

Posted: 11 May 2008 at 1:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by visalover

If you were in a corner and a snake was staring you down? I'd scream, and try to escape. Tongue

If you were standing at the top of the Eiffel tower? I'd take pictures

If you were on the moon?  I would ask how I got there Tongue

If you had x-ray vision I'd see through walls

If you could fly I'd fly away to avoid getting in trouble for things I do. LOL

If you were a contestent on American Idol/ Indian Idol? I would be kicked out after singing one line. Tongue

If you had 3 legs LOL what? ConfusedLOL

If you had 15 brothers? I would be driven crazy Tongue

If you woke up in the morning to realise you have switched bodies with [substitute name of one person here]? I would be freaked out and ruin her/his reputation. LOLLOL haha just kidding

If you became a millionaire suddenly? I would be grateful

If you were 100 miles from any city and your car ran out of gas I would look for help or call someone if it's possible

If a blizzard dumped 10 feet of snow where you live? I'd stay at home

If a lizard [chipkali] fell on you? Haha I'd scream and ask someone to take it off. Tongue

If you found out that one of your family member is an alien from an unknown planet? I wouldn't be surprised. Tongue LOL

and answer them more.... detailed Wink LOL
-Junglee- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 11 April 2007
Posts: 17384

Posted: 11 May 2008 at 8:35pm | IP Logged
hey noodles i am back with my questions:

1. Tellywood or Bollywood?
2. Divya - Amar or Sagar - Vidya?
3. Why do you like dulhann so much?
4. Pani puri or gobi manchuri?
5. Hollywood or Bollywood?
6. Do you watch dil mil gaye?
7. do you like listening to music?
8. hindi or english music?

Pavana Big smile

Edited by KIZ ~ KS ~ KAYA - 11 May 2008 at 8:35pm
Kruthika.N IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 12 February 2006
Posts: 28910

Posted: 11 May 2008 at 9:04pm | IP Logged
Haha, wonderful answers noodles... altho i expect u to answer the ones u said u'd answer later! Tongue i'd change my sig but i dont have anything to put in its place... Cry Cry Cry ooo rawr, sweet lil noodles goes to rockin late night parties ehh? Wink LOL LOL Thanks again for answering! Tongue

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