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moonlitnight IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 May 2008 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
great part yaar Clap Clap Clap
hope Bani's ex-family doesnt misunderstand her
plz cont soon

Seemi_Usa Senior Member

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Posted: 25 May 2008 at 8:20pm | IP Logged
U r doing good! Thumbs Up
~Unforgettable~ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 May 2008 at 9:17pm | IP Logged
great part!! plz cont. soon Big smile
mayurmaaneet IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 May 2008 at 9:45pm | IP Logged
hey niks.. great part yaar.. wow so JB finally met.. great yaar.. now i hope he finds out sooon that bani is da gal that can save JW mother.. lol.. anywayz great part yaar.. continue soon..
Zaara91 Goldie

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Posted: 26 May 2008 at 7:02am | IP Logged
Hey Nikki
read the update..yesterday but i wasnt logged on...so couldnt comment...anyways...the story is going grt...glad that bani moved on...hope jai meet the person who saved his mum sooon...hope comes to know that bani was the woman...ummmmso jai developed...tiny felling...cool...continue..

smiles_uk IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 May 2008 at 7:22am | IP Logged
nice oneeeee ..... great Clap
nikitaic Goldie

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Posted: 29 May 2008 at 8:35pm | IP Logged

Hey...Thanks u guys...for comments...really loved them ALL..

This part is FOR ALL THAT READ>>

Please do comment..It gives me the encouragement to continue!!..


Jai called the number


Jai-Hello, ji kya main (In head-Kya naam bolo..naam tho main nahi jantha)-Kya app mujhe bathasa the hian, ki appke ghar main se koi Tina Sood naam ki aurat ko hospital see discharge kar ke leekar ayya tha..

Sonam-(knowing he was taking about Bani)-Um..ek second please..(covering the phone)-Papa..koi Bhabi se baath karna chatha hai..

Part 4

Tina-(snatching phone)-Koi nahi rehtha yahan'(hangs the phone)

Jai-Hello, Hello, Hello..Damn'

Tina-Agge se agar yahan pe uss musebath ka phone ayya tho kehdena ki voh mar gaye hai'Samajgaye'Uff..(leaving)

Sonam-(crying)-Bhabi, bhabi..app kahan ho..mujhe appki bouth yaad arahi hai..

Manish-Mat roo beta'chal chalthe hain, tera bhai hospital main hai'daer ho rahi hai..

Nurse-Kya hua? Unka kuch patha chala'

Jai-(upset)-Nahi, kisine kaha ki voh yahan nahi rehthi, aur phone rakdiya'

Nurse-App chinta mat kijiye, agar mujhe kuch patha chala, toh phir main appko zaroor bathadoongi'Liken kya main apps eek sawal karsak the hoon?

Jai-Haan kahiye..

Nurse-Main appki maa ka thab se kayal rakrahi hoon, jab se voh iss hospital main ayyehai'liken kya app mujhe bathasak the hain, ki unko kya sadma poocha jis ke vajjese, unki yeh halath hue?

Jai-Sach kahoon toh mujhe kuch zyada yaad nahi hai'bus ithna yaad hai, ki mere best friend hua karthe thi, aur ek din maa humhe lekar mele(carnival) main gaye, aur patha nahi mere dost kahan kogaye'aur tab se shayad maa asi hai..

Nurse-Kya appne appni dost ko dundne ki koshish nahi ki?

Jai-main tab 5 sal ka tha..aur 21 sal ho gaye'

Nurse-(hearing the intercom, she was being called)-Mujhe janna hai..chalthi hoon'


Jai looked at his mother lay there still, his eyes became watery'as he prayed inwardly asking god to help his mother'

He realized he had to go home'it was getting late'


Jai opened the door to his house, the lights were out, he went in without turning the lights on, he walked up the stairs, and went to bed'

Bani's new Apartment

Bani put the key in, and walked into her new apartment'She fumbled to find the lights'

Bani-Lights kahan hai??Found you!!

Bani turned the lights on, and found a nice apartment'There was a large living room, fully furnished, which lead to a narrow hall, four doors, 2 for the bedrooms and 2 for the bathrooms'She went straight to a room, which seemed like the bigger of the two' It was quite nice, a queen sized bed, and two amores'the cherry colored wood pleased her'she sighed deeply..thinking that her stuff was at Sanjay's apartment'She went back to the living room, and decided to call Sanjay in the morning since it was 1200am'But then she spotted a note on the coffee table..

It read:

Hey Bani'Congrats on the new job and may your new life bring happiness and fulfillment in your life'

PS-I brought your luggage in the apartment earlier today'Its in the kitchen'Sorry..was in a rush..

Wase I know you'll do a fantastic job at WI but please don't do better than me'

Bani read the letter, and her eyes teared..The first line was exactally the same what he had written on her marriage card(well except for the Job part)'She laughed a bit'But quietly hoped her new life would be better than the marriage she had just gotten out of'

Bani unpaked her luggage, getting lazy she threw everything into her closet'.and changed into her night clothes'

The next morning..

Uday-(coming into Bani's cabin)-May I come in..

Bani-(looking up from her file)-Ji..Of course sir...isme push ne ki kya baath hai'

Uday-I'm very pleased that your serious with work, you've finished your work, that usually took Sanjay a week to do'Not that he wasn't efficient'But I'm very happy with you'

Bani-Thank you sir..

Uday-With the job position that you are in'all I have to say is that when a task is given to you, and you complete it before due time'you may leave..

Bani-hun? I'm sorry sir, what do you mean

Uday-You are free for home, your job is done'If anything we will call you..This job is on demand'at the moment you are not needed at the office..

Bani found this concept very strange'At court she had to be there all day'but here when her work was up she could leave'Uday handed her a red blackberry phone and told her this was her job'they would call her on her new office line, if and when they needed her '

Uday left and Bani was free to leave'she liked this new concept of work..She decided  to leave, but she didn't know where she would go..She thought of the mall'She went to the mall, and bought new clothes..and when she came upon a red dress she bought it'She packed it up, and sent it as a parcel'


Man-Yeh app ke liye maam'

Sonam-Wow parcel!!

Sonam opened the parcel, and saw a red dress, tears flowed from her eyes'as she remembered the time when Bani and her went to the mall  


At the mall

Sonam-Wow, Bhabi'mujhe voh red dress chahiyeh'

Bani-Konsi?Voh red wali?


Bani-Teek hai, I promise main tumhe diladoongi..Exucse me'voh dress kithni ki hai?

Shopkeeper-voh? Jo display main hai'


Shopkeeper-Voh 20,000 rupees'

Bani-oh..(peeking into her purse)..Teek hai, main badmaain athi hoon'

Shopkeeper-okay ,..

Sonam-Kya hua bhabi? Voh dress kyun nahi liya..

Bani-(smiling)- Sonam, voh 20,000 rupees ki hai'liken I promise jis din mere pass pass' hoonge'main tumhe voh dress diladoongi'

Sonam came out of her mini flashback, and read the note attached to the box'

Dehka, maine vadha nibhiya na'

Sonam smiled looking at the dress' She really wanted to call her but'Seeing that Tina was home she decided not to'Sonam waited until night fall, and when everyone was asleep she called Bani's cellphone number'

Sonam-(taking a deep breathe)-Hello'


Sonam-Ji, main sonam app kyon?

Sanjay-Oh, Sonamji main Sanjay bolraha hoon'Voh Bani appna cell mere ghar par chor gaye..

Sonam-Accha'Chor gaye mathlab?I mean Bhabi kahan hain?

Sanjay-Voh unki nahi job laggaye, aur voh ab unki  company apartment main rethi hain'

Sonam-Kya app mujhe vahan ka number desak the ho?

Sanjay-Voh actually mere pass bhi nahi hai..

Sonam-Oh, wase voh kam kahan karthi hain, mera mathlab hai, ki phele toh voh court main appke saath kam karthi thi na, toh ab kya voh court main nahi kam karthi?

Sanjay-Nahi, abhi voh Walia Industries main..

Tina-(shouting)-Tu ithni raath ko, kisse phone par baath karrahi hai?

Sonam-(hung up)-Nahi, voh friend se homework lerahi thi..

Tina-Accha..chal soja..


Sonam let out a sigh..

Sonam-Thank god..hm..Walia Industries..Bhabi ko ghar vapiss lana hi hoga'

Next morning

Sonam-Excuse me, kya main mrs.Sood se mil sak thi hoon..

Secretary- kyon?


Secretary-Nahi, assa toh koi bhi nahi hai'

Sonam-Kya? Are you sure?

Secretary-Haan, I'm sure..


Bani-(to secretary)-Hi..

Secretayr-Good morning..Ms.Dixit



Bani pulled Sonam aside, and looked at her..

Sonam-Chalo bhabi..ghar chalthe hain'

Bani-yeh tu kya kehragi hai'?Konsa ghar??Bani ab badalgaye hai'Sonam main voh nahi jo phle thi'Phele Bani dusroon ke liye jithi thi'liken ab Bani appneliye jiyegi'Main kyun asse logoon ke liye jiyoon jo ki iss layak hi nahi hain pyarr ke?

Sonam-Bhabi, bhai se galthi hogaye'

Bani-What??Voh galthi thi??Aggar voh galthi thi tho mere shaddi ek paap tha!!

Sonam-Maa, bhai ki shaddi karwadeengi'

Bani-Toh karleenedo'Mujhe zaroor invite karna'Main mandir main jakar 100 rupee ka narial(coconut) pani charaoongi, jab tumhari maa Sumit ke liye pathni liayeegi'Wase bhi unhe bahu todhina chahiye'unhe toh bachee peda karne ki machine chahiye'

Sonam-Please bhabi!App maa ke bare main assa kaise keesak thi hain'Main jarahi hoon'


Bani was fuming and she walked down the hall of the office'she bumped into Jai..more like slammed herself into him'


Papers flying, Jai and Bani both bent down to pick them up..and their heads bumped into each other'

Bani-Sorry..again..(she gently touched his forehead)..dard hai..

Jai-(in a parallel universe)-nahi'

Bani picked up all the papers and Jai just sat there his finger touching his forehead where Bani had touched him'Bani stood up, and offered her hand out to Jai..

Jai-(holding her hand stood up)-Thanks..(taking the papers)Kya hua, tum kuch naraz lagrahi ho..

Bani-kuch nahi..kuch loog na??uh..

Jai-Chaloo, mere cabin main..baat karthe hain..

Bani quietly followed as she was fuming..

Jai-Beto..okay..ab bolo..

Bani-(blurting everthing)-Tum mujhe ek baath bathao'kya shaddi ke baad agar tumhari pathni neh tumhe ek bacha nahi diya toh tum kya kardogi?

Jai-Kuch nahi..shayad ek bacha godd leloonga..(adopt)

Bani-Exactly'aur voh'(she breathed out)-sorry'relax Bani..

Jai-are you okay..?

Bani-Haan, top of the world!!Main 'main athi hoon..

Bani left and bumped into Sanjay'He grabbed her by the wrist and took her to the caf' of WI'

Sanjay-Jo tumneh, jo Sonam ko kaha voh maine suna'Liken please Bani, asse bolne se kuch nahi hota'karna padega'jis Bani ko tumne describe kiya tha, uss Bani ko samne lao..


Sanjay-sanjay kuch nahi'you have to change yourself'Sumit was a Blo**** b*****d, you have to move on'

Bani-Fine'Ajj se main badalne ki puri koshish karoongi..

Sanjay-That's like a good Bani'

That night'

Jai was thinking..and hardly got any sleep..

Ajj jab Bani neh mujhe chooa..tab asa kyun laga ki Dil main guitar baje..Jai!!Did you just say that'oh god..maybe I am in love main asse films ko quote karraha hoon'But seriously'ajj jab Bani upset thi, tho why did I care? I mean I like her..but'okay..relax'films main kya kethi hain'dil ki suno'Okay..chal Jai soja..

The next 2 weeks moved on'Bani was mostly serious..but slowly and gradually was changing..she let go of her past almost completely'Everyday Jai would bring Bani her favorite flowers..Well he stated with white roses, and kept changing  the type of flower..Unitl the day he got her, pink tulips and she thanked him by mentioning they were her favorite'Jai cursed himself for not getting them first but was happy he had now learned her favorite'And now he would leave her one tulip a day'

Jai didn't know much about his growing feelings for Bani, but soon enough Jai and Bani became close friends'

Thanks for reading..

Next update-June 6th2008

Edited by nikitaic - 01 June 2008 at 4:38pm
~*Noor*~ Goldie

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Posted: 29 May 2008 at 8:52pm | IP Logged

First Tongue

awwwwwww.....JB ki takarEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed....and J getting flowers for her and in the process finding out what her favorite flowers areEmbarrassed....i wish someone did that for me....all i get are files and files of work on my deskLOL.....

uhhhhh....Tina and Sumit.....i hope he remarries and his new wife behaves in such a smart/cunning way that Tina is shown in a bad light in front of Sumit.Evil Smile..."what goes around should come around"

great updateClap....

P.S. so my guess was right...J's mum got to this condition after B was lost....ok i'm a little confused...if J was 5yrs old when B was lost so that would make him 17/18yrs since you said that the event took place 12yrs ago....right??Confused


Edited by ~*Noor*~ - 29 May 2008 at 9:08pm

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