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FF-Perfection:Doesn’t exist/pt9Apg17(8/11) (Page 8)

nygirlpreet Senior Member

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Posted: 24 May 2008 at 9:19am | IP Logged

Part 2 on page 6 was so great.

         I can't believe that her husband raped Bani. That was so tragic. I still can't believe that Sumit did such a thing. That was so sad. Just to prove that he was a really mard he did all this. But guess what you know, he wasn't a real mard. The scene was really well written. I hate Tina more since she that Bani was a musibath and that she was glad that Bani was leaving. She is going to realize that she is just going to have to wait for either Sonam or Sagar to get married, so then she will finally be a grandmother. Sanjay was good friend who let Bani in his house, but he really was just a friend, nothing more right. I hope the guy that you was in the hospital was Jai Walia. It was a really good update. Hope that you continue to this excellent story.

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nikitaic Goldie

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Posted: 24 May 2008 at 12:54pm | IP Logged

Hey...all Thanks for reading and commenting...

Will reply to PM'S next time...really sorry...But i read them all and love them..thanks..

This Part is dedicated to-Balpreet(my inspiration), Pooja, Rimjhim, Koolgal, Divan, Preeti, Heartbreak, Hipreet, Swatinarang, Sonam, Janu_2006, Davi, Tropa, Shireen, ~*Noor*~,Seemi_Usa, ~Unforgettable~, and all my silent readers...


Guy-(holding a woman's hand)-Don't worry Mom, I will find that girls who touch can help you, even if I have to turn the world upside down.


Uday-Jai!!Tumhe uss ladki ka patha chala?

Jai-Nahi..but main koshish karaha hoon..


Bani got out of bed, and took a long hot shower. When she came out she changed into a light blue sari, She went out to the living room, and saw Sanjay holding his head.

"Kya tumhare sir main dard hai?, main chai pilaoon?" Bani said in a calm voice.

"Bani!, tum…well…your talking!!" Sanjay said happy

"Well, I was thinking about that offer you made me, and if its still available than, I accept." Bani said, letting go of her past

"Really!!!That's great, so when do you want to start"Sanjay asked

"Well, I would say today, but its 1130pm…So I think tomorrow will have to do" Bani said with a smile.

"Alright, guess I'll see you in the morning, we'll leave around 730am, is that okay?"

"Yup, that's fine" Bani said, going into the kitchen

"Do you want anything?" Sanjay asked coming after her

"No, just getting some water" Bani said.

The next morning Bani woke up early, and went to the mandir…

"Excuse me bahaiya, kya mujhe voh phool milengeh?"Bani asked

"Ji, 10 rupee" The man said wrapping the flowers

As Bani took the money out of her purse, a man came in front of her, left 10 rupee's on the desk, and took the flowers…Bani yelled.

"Eh…voh phool mere!" Bani gave up, she asked the man for another bunch of flowers, and raced up the stairs of the mandir, hoping to find that man to teach him a lesson. Bani closed her eyes as she prayed, and reached for the mandir's bell and rang it..She saw the man next to her,

 "Sorry, voh mujhe jaldi thi, tho I took your flowers…I'm sorry, main Sahil hoon…" He said…

Bani was going to yell but, since he said sorry she decided not to. "Its okay," Bani said as she moved her hand from the ganti…

Bani looked at the time, and saw it was almost 700am, she drove back to Sanjay's apartment.

"Kahan thi tum, I thought you ran away or something?" Sanjay said, wearing his shoes.

"Nahi voh main mandir gaye thi"Bani said, going to her room.

Bani quickly got ready for work…She didn't know what to wear so she went with a plain, purple and pink striped shiffon saree. She came out, and Sanjay and her went to Walia Industries. When they reached Walia industries, Sanjay went inside, while Bani stood outside for a moment taking a deep breathe and praying briefly. She walked into the large glass office, catching up to Sanjay. Sanjay went straight for Jai's cabin while being welcomed by employee's on the way.

Bani walked slowly behind him, a couple of feet behind actually, when Bani stopped to fix her shoes…She felt the strap was loose but decided not to fix it…She continued walking..shuffling a bit to catch up…When BANG…she bumped into someone, and went flying back…being held by strong hands…She found herself holding on to his arms…One of his arms was holding her hand, and the other was holding her back up for support. Her eyes were closed at first but she soon opened them, feeling safe in his arms. She saw papers were flying, as the man had dropped many files while trying to catch her…Bani looked up at his face, he was handsome and robust, but had worry lines on his forehead…He looked as if he hadn't slept in days…Seemed like he hadn't shaved this morning either…little bits of stubble were noticeable on his face…she saw he was looking deep in his eyes.

Bani-(trying to stand up, and move )-Um..

Jai moved his hand up her back, for support causing Bani to have a tingling feeling inside of her. Bani almost stood up straight, but her loose strap came undone…She fell again, but Jai caught her the second time as well…

Jai-lagtha hai, appko girne ki adath hai…

Bani-(standing up now)-Nahi, voh…Thanks..

Jai-no problem..

Bani helped jai pick up his papers…before she scurried behind Sanjay once again, who was now talking to one of the employee's…Bani stood behind him…

Sanjay talked to the employee for a couple of minutes, before preceding back towards Jai's cabin.

Sanjay knocked on Jai's cabin "May I come in Sir" Sanjay said holding his laughter

"Yes, you may come in" Jai said, looking deep into a file.

Sanjay, seeing that Jai wasn't looking up, he sat down in front of him.

Bani also sat on the chair in front of Jai's desk.

"so Jai, lets talk business, this is Bani, and she will be replacing me here" Sanjay said

"We'll miss you yaar, well, Hi Bani I'm Jai Walia" he said extending his hand now noticing that it was her…from the hall…

Bani shook his hand, "Nice to meet you ..oh..app..Mr.Walia?" Bani said, retrieving her hand.

Sanjay and Jai started to laugh…

"Kya hua" Bani asked wondering what the joke was.

"Kuch nahi, main Mr.Walia nahi hoon,Jai hoon" Jai said controlling his laughter

"Liken" Bani said.

"Actually, iss office ke head, meaning mere dad, voh Mr.Walia hain…toh main Jai…sirf Jai" Jai responded.

"Oh, I see got  it Jai" Bani said.

"Dehka maine kaha tha na, ek naya Jai" Sanjay said

"Naya jai" Jai said confused

"Well, main Sanjay ko bhi Jay kehthi hoon" Bani said

"Oh, well sorry main appna naam nahi badalsaktha, so I guess you'll have to live with 2 Jai's" Jai said, putting his file to the side.

"Okay, Jai lets get to business" Sanjay said. " Bani will be replacing me, and she needs to be given her contract"

"I know yaar, listen ab Bani aur main…We're cool…Tu ja sak tha hai…Wasse kahan jaraha hai" Jai said looking for a file.

"Well, okay then I'll take your leave" sanjay said getting up, he bent over and whispered to Bani "If you need anything call me, and don't worry Jai's really good with his employee's you can talk to him okay…"

Bani smiled at Sanjay who almost tripped on his way out.

"Now…That he's gone, here's you contract, and its basically saying that you make 2 lahk rupee's a month, you get an employee apartment with 2 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms…You also receive free medical for you and your family…and you cant work for anyone else until your 1 year contract is up….and well rest you're a lawyer so you can look this over, and give is back signed ASAP" Jai said…observing Bani's face…

"um..K" Bani said, taking the large packet…

"Let me show you your cabin" Jai said, leading her out of his cabin and into the cabin connected to his, it was a nice sized cabin, with book shelves all around it. "These are reference books, incase you may need them, and well that's your desk…So everything okay??" Jai asked " I know I'm going kind of fast, but .."

"Um, I guess I'm okay…so what exactly am I supposed to do today?" Bani asked looking around her cabin.

Uday walked into the cabin "I'll tell you what you have to do,"

Bani interrupted "Good morning Mr.walia"

"oh, Yes Good morning" Uday replied. " so like I was saying, We are building a hotel in Agra, and we have received the contract from them, according to Jai who attempted to study the contract we should make a deal with them since they are giving us the best price…So I would like for you to study them and tell us what you feel, and if any changed need to be made to the contract you can go ahead and do so, is that clear…But in general your work here, is just consultation…we build hotels…you have to tell us if the contract that the builders are giving us is correct or not..and make the changes…" Uday said…

"Yes, perfectly clear!! I'll get on it right away".  Bani said…flashing a smile followed by a quick sigh…

Bani worked diligently all day…when Jai came through the glass door that connected the two cabins, around noon…

Jai-hey..bani sorry…I'm so used to come through this door…but…didn't you get lunch yet?? Its 400pm

Bani-(looking up, her hair was in a bun, and she had 3 different colored highlighters in her hand)-hm??voh..mujhe bouk..nahi thi…

Jai-Hey..Bani..relax yeh sara paper work ajj todi na katham karna tha…I mean Sanjay used to take a week to 2 weeks just to read the entire papers…

Bani-that was Sanjay, liken main…Time nahi waste karna chathi, agar main ajj papers paadoongi, toh app apne builders ko jaldi jawab de paogeh…Aur agar sab teek hoga…toh app jald se jald appna hotel build karpaengeh…

Uday-(coming in )-very good Ms.Dixit, appke vichar bouth ache hain, glad to have you aboard..

Bani-(standing up)-Thank you sir..

Uday left and Bani continued to work, Jai thought it was strange for her to be working so hard..Not that Jai wasn't serious…He just found it strange that she worked so hard…He went back to his cabin and continued his work..Late into the day Jai fell asleep on his desk...and when he woke up he saw that most of the other employees had left…He looked over to the glass door connecting Bani, and his cabin…The light was on…

Jai-(walking into cabin to turn off the lights)-Arre Bani??

Bani-(looking up from papers)-Hun?

Jai-(looking at time in watch)-Bani its 1100pm?? Tum abhi tak ghar nahi gaye..

Bani-Voh, I guess I didn't realize what time it was.. Sorry…And what about you, you're still here?

Jai-Yeah..you were here working, and I was busy sleeping..I hope dad, I mean Mr.Walia didn't catch me…I'm going to get it at home..

Bani-Yeah..(smiling, she got up)-Toh main chalthi hoon…

Jai-Ithni raat ko? Mera mathlab hai…tum ajj appne naye apartment main move horahi ho..aur humne tumhe abhi tak company car bhi nahi di…So how wil you get to your new place?

Bani-App chinta math kijiye..main cab leloongi..

Jai-Are you sure, main appko drop..

Bani-Nahi, its perfectly alright..aur haan..when you get a chance..please look these over..I finished my paperwork..In my opinion the builders that gave you the lowest tender, aren't any good..Although they are offering you a good price there materials aren't so good, and most of the clauses in the contract are in there favor…So I would consider another company..(thinking Jai wasn't paying attention) Are you listening..

Jai-Hun? Yeah I was…okay if you say so, I'll run it by Mr.Walia, and then get back to you…with  the new paper work..

Bani-Okay, good night..bye..(and Bani left, taking the keys and address of her new apartment)

Jai-Bye..good night…

Jai drove home, in a deep thought..she's unlike anyone I've ever seen, I mean beautiful I admit..but I can actually have an intellectual conversation with her..its not just all about nails and hair with her..Like with Roshni..she's all about hair and makeup and stupid stuff, but Bani..shes pretty, and hardworking… Jai came out of thought seeing he was at the hospital..He got out of the car and went in..

Jai-(to nurse)-Excuse me…Kya app mujhe uss aurat ke bare main bathasak the hain, jo mere ma ke pass the?

Nurse-Haan, unka phone number mila mujhe..humhare files main…kya app unse baath karna chahein geh?

Jai-(really happy)-haan..Please deejiye..

Nurse-(giving him the slip with her name and number)-Unka naam, toh nahi hai..voh shayad appni maa ke saath ayyethe..toh app phone karke deeklena..vohi ek hain jo appke maa ko teek karsak the hain…

Jai-(taking the slip)-Thank you sooo much nurse…Main abhi phone kartha hoon…

Jai called the number


Jai-Hello, ji kya main (In head-Kya naam bolo..naam tho main nahi jantha)-Kya app mujhe bathasa the hian, ki appke ghar main se koi Tina Sood naam ki aurat ko hospital see discharge kar ke leekar ayya tha..

Sonam-(knowing he was taking about Bani)-Um..ek second please..(covering the phone)-Papa..koi Bhabi se baath karna chatha hai..

Nikita Khandelwal

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Iqbal Neha1 IF-Dazzler
Iqbal Neha1
Iqbal Neha1

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Posted: 24 May 2008 at 3:26pm | IP Logged
great part
hope jai finds out that bani is the one he is trying to find
~*Noor*~ Goldie

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Posted: 24 May 2008 at 5:44pm | IP Logged
Nikita Tongue ....great part Clap

awwww...i'm glad that finally JB have met Embarrassed...ummm..so i'm wondering whether Sahil is J's nephew....if so then he'll meet B at WI...wonder who he was taking flowers for Confused ....

i really hope J finds out soon that B's the girl who can save his mother

plz continue Big smile
pomegranate IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 May 2008 at 7:25pm | IP Logged
yayyyyy JB met, I hope jai finds out bani is the one, who can save his mother, and I bet JB will fall in love whopeeee,

great part
update soon.
hipreet Goldie

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Posted: 24 May 2008 at 9:41pm | IP Logged
great part
jai is nice
cont soon
kooliio IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 May 2008 at 8:12am | IP Logged
great part Tongue
jai is really sweet Embarrassed .............even his dad is nice.........liked them Tongue ..........hope sonam will tell him bani's name Big smile .........waiting for next part
plzz cont.soon
janu_2006 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 May 2008 at 8:29am | IP Logged
gr8 part..

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