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AR scenes..scene11 page77..pyar ki mehndi (Page 55)

komalsirwani IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 June 2008 at 8:44am | IP Logged
sorry zeba...heheheh wil cont real in ina few mins Wink Wink Wink

komalsirwani IF-Sizzlerz

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Scene #9

A cute lil surprise

"Dekho ridhima....mujhe kuch nahi sunna....aaj main tumse bahut gussa hoon"...sayin that he just kept walkin with she follwing him...
"par armaan maine aisa kiya hi kya tum itne gussa ho?"...she closes the door of the talk to him
"kya kiyaaa hai.[n he sits dwn angrily]..ridhima.[gives her an angry look]..tum jaanti ho kal mera birthday hai...aur tum phir bhi mere saath aaj dinner par chalne se mana kar rahi ho....dont u care for me?[n he makes a puppy face]"
"tumhe pata hai armaan i do care par main kya karoon papa ko kaise samjhaon....woh chate hai aaj woh ,main,mom aur di dinner pe jaaye"
"toh tum koi bahana nahi bana sakti...."
Ridz:maine sab try kiya....par dad maaante hi nahi...
Armaan:oh really
Ridz:reallyy...[n she puts her hand on his....n looks at him....n begs him for forgiveness frm her eyes]
Armaan:dekho ridhma...ab yeh bholi shakal dikha ke mujhe manane ki koshish mat karo...main gusaa hoon to hoon...tumne nahin aana hai toh mat aao...mujhe bhi koi shauk nahi apna bday tumhare saath manane ka...i can enjoy it myslef...buhbye
ridz:lekin armaan...
but he gets up n starts walkin...
Ridz stops him:lekin armaan suno toh...
Armaan stops turns gives her a stubborn look n goes"sab kuch toh tumne suna diya..aur kya suno...bye dr ridhima shashank gupta...apne dad ke saath dinner pe enjoy karna"...n turns away angrily...n walks out of the door...
Ridz helplessly...sits dwn again:yeh kabhi nahi sunega....Dr. Armaan Malik...ap gussa toh bahut jaldi ho jaate hai...but dont worry[ n she smiles] ab main aagyi hoon na tumhari life...ab no more gussa...bas tum dekhte jao....tumhari yeh pyaari dr ridhima shash...[n she stops half way n goes} dr ridhima armaan malik tumhare bday pe tumhe kaise kaise surprises deti hai[n she blushes at the thot of being ridhima malik]

Evening....duty over...every1 leavin their lab coat...n going home...but armaan was nowhere in the locker room....Atul who had his duty with armaan was there...ridz asked atul abt armaan...not gettn a positive reply frm him she called him up...
Armaan cut the call....ridz called up again ..he cut it again..she called up again...this time he lifted it up...n b4 he could cut it yet again ridz sopke up"dekho armaan....main jaanti hoon tum gussa ho...lekin meri baat suno..."
Ridz:meri duty hogayi hai...aur papa ki duty bhi almost ho gayi hoon...
Armaan:oh wow...toh main kya karoon nachoo....jale pe namak chidakna koi tumse seekhe
Ridz:armaaan...suno toh
Armaan:ridhima main kabse tumhe sun hi raha hoon
Ridz:dekho armaan..humein wapis ane mein shayad der hogi...toh tum...apna phone on rakhna main aake tumhe wish karoongi
Armaan:ohhhh ehsaaaan[true armi style]...uski kya zaroorat hai dr ridhima....ap jaiye...enjoy kijiye...
Armaan:wat please...tum jao aur enjoy karo...aur bhool jao armaan ko...bye
[n he cuts the call again...ridz cuts the call too...n goes "bulls eye" n winks]

Later in the evening...armaan after spending some time on the terrace...thinkin of rude ridz could be on his so spl day...n leaving him n goin with her family...n tryn to relive some old memories...n wen he just wanted to go him n sleep...forgettin abt everythin he came dwn...n went to the locker room n started searchin 4 hs car keys...but he coukdnt find them...he searched his entire locker..couldnt find it...he then went out to chek if he had by mistake left it anywhr....he aksed every1 possible..but couldnt find it...n finally givin up..he went out n decided to take a walk until he gets an auto...n he starts walkin...n he reaches out of see his car there...n the door was open...he was shocked to see the door open...he just walked towards his car....n cheked was entirely empty...nobody was der...someone had left the door open n then wen he checked in he saw his car key inside...hw just sat dwn n started his car n moved towards his house...whras his mind was all confused thinkin of all these starnge things happenin with him ....he reaches home...n looked at the was 11...
Armaan:kitna khush hota main...agar woh is waqt yahan mere saath hoti...but usse....she dosnet care abt my feelings...

Ridz[in some part of the ciry]:mujhe pata hai armaan...tum mujhe br tarah kos rahe hoge...hehehe but don worry sweetheart...thodi der ke baad...tum itne khush hoge ki yeh tumhari saari udaasi uske saamne kuch nahi lagegi....

Itz 10 mins to 12...n armaan who after being so tired after a hectic day was fast asleep n he dint 4get to off his he ws in no mood to attend calls.or he porbably wanted to avoid them...n at this pt of time...sum1 slowly sneaked into his house...n went into the kitchen...n then came to armaan's was ridhima...she looked at him sleep like a lil baby...n couldnt stop herself frm doing an "awww u look chooo cute" n knwin that he was fast asleep...she arranged the alarm for 12:05....went close to him...n saw the was 2 mins to 12...n then 1 min...n then 30 secs....went ti was ten secs...left she went close to him....give him a quite peck on his cheeks n wished him a silent happy birthday...n left....

After mins...there went his alarm...n as the alarm was so close to his ear,...armaan got up with a start...he was startled... n he kept awake in the same positon for a few mins until he came bak to his senses...he oned the light n looked at the was 12:10...he was surprised yet again...hw did his alarm ring at that time?...probably it was his own mistake he thot...n was abt to go bak to sleep yet again..wen he saw a wrapped box n a card...he went n opened the card...n found a letter inside it...

      sabse pehle toh wish you a very very very Happy birthday....bhagwan kare aaj ke baad tum jo chaho woh tumhe mil jaaye...ab tak gussa ho??...well well well dr armaan....ap toh apke gussa hone ki koi wajah hi nahi banti hai...kyunki ab tak toh samajh hi gaye honge ki yeh mera ek chota sa surprise tha tumhare liye...[armaan smiles...n goes"ohhh ridhimaaa tum bhi na"]toh ab gussa chodo... aur apni ridhima ko maaf kardo na...aur yeh gift kholo...aur please apna phone on karo...mujhe tumse baat karni hai...pata hai main kabse try kar rahi hoon[armaan goes"oh sorry"]...tum toh jaante ho na...tumhare bday pe tumhe sabse pehle wish sirf main hi karoongi["ofcourse sweetheart"]...toh agar on karte hi koi msg ya call aaye toh dont attend it...sabse pehle mera call["ohk jaan"...phk ab letter padna band karo n call u...["i love u too ridhima"]

                                       Dr. Ridhima Armaan Malik["awww...yeh tumhara sabse acha gift tha ridhima"]

n he ons his phone...n within secs..there comes her call....n he lifts it up...onli to hear her spkin very excited..wishin him.....n talkin n talkin more ...n armaan totaly loved it...n he totally loved her...he just kept smilin..until she had to ask him if he was der listenin to her
Ridz:armaan...tum ho kya??
Armaan who was feeling so blessed to have n was lost n hs own thots..suddenly came bak to reality wen she shouted his name..
Armaan:haan haan...main hoon...toh tum kya bol rahi thi
Ridz:armaan tumne woh packet khola..
Armaan:arre haan woh gift..ek sec...[he goes..n opens was a cake box...ammy goes"wow..a birthday cake.."]
Ridz:haan...mujhe tumhare flavour pata nahi tha..isliye maine yeh choclate flavour le liya...i hope u like it
Armaan:ridhima...choclate is my fav flavour...
Ridz:really..mera bhi
Armaan:wow jaan...aaj pehli baar humari koi choice same hai
Ridz giggles:haan...acha armaan ab kaato bhi cake
Armaan:tumhare bina....tum bhi yahan aajao na...kaho toh main lene aao...
Ridz:armaaan....nahi...jab main wahan thi tab toh tumhe pata nahi chala...aur jab main nahi hoon toh paas bula rahe ho..
Armaan:kya tum yahan thi...kab...kaise?
Ridz:well mr armaan malik...apko sabse pehle...aur exact 12 baje wish maine hi kiya tha...aur ek tohfa bhi dya mirror ke paas jake dekhiye toh sahi
Armaan goes n stands in front of the mirror...n looks at his face...n then he notices a lipstick mark on his cheek...n he blushes thinkin of wat could've happened...n ridz blushes there thinkin of wat actually had happened...n he goes "oye hoye....tumhari yehi adayein toh mere pyaar ko aur bada deti hai..i love u ridhima"

Ridhima:i love you armaan...

both of them remain in silence for a while...feeling ecah other n the happiness they felt wen they were together...wen their hearts were together rather...n then after a while...ridz suddenly remembered n spoke up...
Ridhima:oh cake,...armaan cake toh kaato...
Armaan:nahi cake toh main tumhare saath hi kaatonga...
Ridz:armaan sach batao..kya main wahan nahi hoon...aaankhen band karo[ armi closes his eyes...ridz closes hers too]aur ab cake...katoo...
Armi takes the knife...n starts cuttin the cake...n he could actually see ridz there with him...n both of thm cut his birthday cake together..while ridz could see herself with armaan cuttin the cake with him...n when they finished cuttin the cake..armi fed himself...n his imaginary ridzz...n then both of them opened their eyes...only to realise whr they actually are...
Armaan:i love u ridhima...this is the best surprise i ever got...aur tumhara gift...thanku soo much...
Ridz gets naught:aur mera return gift...
Armaan:hmmm return gift...abhi deta hoon...apni aakhen band karo
ridz closes her eyes....n armi gves a bigggggg kiss on the phone...n there ridz could feel his touch on her lips...she put her finger on the lips...n she could actually feel the touch...ridz filled with the intensity of love replies"i love u armaan...i love u very much"
n then both smile..a smile which will probably nevr fade frm their everlastin smile...which was always intact until they were together...n their oneness would be till the end of eternity....that was their love their realtionshp...

another one direct frm my heart guys...i love this scene personally n like always tried to make it qite diff...hope u ppl enjoy comment...if u find it worth Wink
kimmy Embarrassed

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hinz Viewbie

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Hey Kimmy bacha

Kya scene likha hai yaar,it was truly from the heart and very different I must say

Loved the scene and the whole surprise,Aaaaawww loved their romance

Mindblowing scene Kimmi and

I just read the last scene too,sorry tonahve missed to comment on that but I loved the lil girlfriend,it was so cute

Kimmi bacha u'r scenes always linger in my mind for long,they have an impact always

Keep goin and very well written

Love u


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Kanika05 IF-Rockerz

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*reserved *


*~Kanika faints~*Embarrassed
After getting concious againLOL

Kimmy di! I Love u for writing these adorable scenes!..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Awww..I Just Loved it!Embarrassed.

It was ..... Wonderful,Amazing,Terrific,Romantic,Adorable,Excellent,Aweso meEmbarrassed.... Brilliantly Written!Clap
I cud imagine it happeningEmbarrassed

How cud u write sooo wonderful??ConfusedLOL

Thanks for the ur PM!Big smile..Continue soon hun!LOL

Luv u loads!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed


Edited by *K@nik@* - 10 June 2008 at 9:59am
komalsirwani IF-Sizzlerz

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hinanaziri wrote:



wow cant belive my topic gettin reserved comments tooLOL

Hey Kimmy bacha

hey diii...

Kya scene likha hai yaar,it was truly from the heart and very different I must say

awww thanks di...indeed it was frm the heartEmbarrassed

Loved the scene and the whole surprise,Aaaaawww loved their romance

Mindblowing scene Kimmi and

thanks aton diiEmbarrassed

I just read the last scene too,sorry tonahve missed to comment on that but I loved the lil girlfriend,it was so cute

heheh thanks di...glad u likd itEmbarrassed

Kimmi bacha u'r scenes always linger in my mind for long,they have an impact always

aww dats a real sweet comment...thanks a tonEmbarrassed

Keep goin and very well written

Love u


kdrs Goldie

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Posted: 10 June 2008 at 9:47am | IP Logged
Clap Really sweet!! I can see it was directly from your heart! Continue soon with a rocking scene!!!
komalsirwani IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 June 2008 at 9:51am | IP Logged

kdrs wrote:

Clap Really sweet!! I can see it was directly from your heart! Continue soon with a rocking scene!!!

thanks a ton sweety...yea wil cotn soonEmbarrassed

missing Vmars IF-Sizzlerz
missing Vmars
missing Vmars

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hey kimmi jus read ur latest scene ..... very cute !!!! luved da way she sneaked into his house, left him presents n gave him his birthday kiss !!!! do continue writing more such scenes .... really njoy reading dem !!!

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