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“Life gave me a puzzle”full story updated

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Hi friends,

I am again ready with my next "Short story" and this one is different for me. Here I have made an attempt to do soemthign I have never tried.LOL. Life gave me a puzzle will have poetic couple of lines.. as well...

As many of my readers & friends know I write a story and the charcter names are a must for me... In this story I have completly done somehting i would never image doing.. just for one off.. this story wil not have charcter names.. still do u liek the charcters is to be seen, how much u get oncfused will tell me how much successful i could be with it...So the story is short and has pronouns and common nounLOL.. The story is in a format of the person tellgin u his story... thats the lead charcter.

One more thign is this time i will post the whole story at once possbile.. so keep chekcing as i will upload one after another..the parts soon on a page itself(if it takes that many wrods)...... may be in day as well... This was my style in beginnign of postign the whole story at once so that its like a book u read when u have time the whole thing is in front of u start to end...

There are less conversational lines as i wanted to adapt a different set of writin style.. i hope u enjoy this one as well...

Thank u to my lovely wonderful friends, Bini, Sara, San, Golu, Vandu, Jyothi, Khubu, Rabia, Sara(aksksara), Nida & Monika.

Thanks to all my readers for always encouraging me and appreciatign my effort!


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bhoomikauttam IF-Dazzler

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Will post the story on this page.. Big smile will edit it with all the parts... Big smile

"Life gave me a puzzle"


Part I


Every day standing at the bus stop waiting for my bus to reach my office I use to come across a beautiful lady walking towards the opposite bus stop. She wore simple cotton Saree with a long Chotti with Mogra flower and a small round red bindi which brings the glow on her round face. No lipstick but Kajal in her eyes highlights her beautiful shy eyes. She looks at the road waiting for her bus. I keep looking at her as she looks so Indian, so simple & so beautiful. She looks married as she wore mangalsutra with the black beads and even applies Sindoor in the Maang .. She smiles when few married women friends come and stand near her talking to her. She speaks less and listens more I always felt. A shy sweet voice once heard when she called the green grocer to wait and bought some vegetables at the hawker street lane.


Beauty isn't just a pretty face but that wonderful feeling,

Real beauty is as I smile looking at her with warm feelings.


Whenever I saw her time & again felt I want to get married to a woman just like her. Her eyes always reflected me the personality she is from within, a soft spoken shy person who is waiting to get that happiness which will make her laugh hard. It's the small kids walking at the street who make her smile more often as she fondly looks at them laughing & fighting while they go to their school daily from the same lane. She smiles with love towards them and speaks with them like a person different altogether, more fun filled more vocal. I wished if she wasn't married I would surely try to get her into my life. But Bad luck she is married, I wish her the best in life whenever I see her, her smile always makes me smile and make my day beautiful.



Her honest innocent face which lits up as she smiles,

I wish I have someone as lovely as her & walk with her for miles.


After some days I saw her at a temple "Oh! What what.." I cant believe my ears, Saw her she was talking to the priest and she told she is single? She at that time was not wearing her Mangalsutra and the sindoor in her Mang as well.. I was shocked to hear this…  I got confused asked the priest after she left… The priest informed he wanted to bless her and if she is married was asking to take the Devi Prasad with bangles which is given to the Suhashini.. (Married women) She told she is single and cannot take it. I was confused… she is not married? But everyday at the bus stop I see her dressed like a married woman, walking in the street saw her so many times and she dressed the same, applying Sindoor & wearing mangalsutra…


U r dressed like a pretty married woman everyday,

If u r single why do u dress up in this way?

Part II

Few months later … another twist to her story, I screamed to myself "What is happening?" I hit my head hard… what did I see … I was at the trade centre and there saw her with her colleagues, so many of them…She was happily chatting and the bus she takes every morning also comes at this place… connecting everything I come to the conclusion she is having a break time from office and talking with her colleagues… but but… what I hear is shocking for me… she is asked about her status as a widow! Widow? She was married but a widow now? but she at the temple said she is not even married she is single… Did she lie? If she is a widow why she dresses up like a married women walks out and in office behaves like a widow with no Sindoor or even bangles in her hand. What am I to conclude… I am confused and I am absolutely shocked. Her colleagues speak on length about her dead husband about how nice he was… she should get married again. Telling her to think about her future…


U r single U said, U dress as if U r married,

U r widow now I heard, So many lies U carried?


I am having headache thinking about what is this all about… This woman who looked simple, beautiful, shy and soft spoken is turned into a mystery for me. She is Married or Single or a Widow?  I break my head trying to conclude and ramp my head on to the other person walking ahead and get a lecture of my life on humanity, respect for elders, and the changing world from this 60 yr old man who just doesn't want to leave me until he is finished his talk.. I apologize but he continues… "OH CAN ANYONE TELL ME.. THIS LADY IS A WIDOW? SINGLE OR MARRIED?" I scream, the old man is choked at my statement and softly tells me I should go and meet a good counselor in the nearby building.. I foolishly walk to the building.. not realizing I don't need a counselor… may be a CID or a detective to clear this mystery.


U have confused me so much I can't tell u,

I noticed all this got a headache weird & new.


Morning standing at the bus stop looking at her; I observe the same beauty as always; dressed exactly the same way..  a typical Indian married woman , having everything to make the society believe she is married, she even speaks about her husband to the ladies standing next to her.. I pull my hair wondering what is happening to me or what's happening to my brain… I cant believe all this observation had to come in front of me.. I take an auto and escape before I get Bald with no hair left to ponder about this mystery.


Oh, u speak just a few words, Shy & silent always I know,

But with the lies in ur personality I saw U seem from inside a volcano.


Weeks pass by and every time walking through the lane, whenever I recollect her face I think about, "She is Single; Married Or a Widow?" and try to connect each observation and in the end hit myself for again going into an unsolved puzzle which just eats my brain and suffocates me… I feel tensed I don't know her, I don't know her name, I have never spoken to her, Still I am feeling my day's nights disturbed with this quiz on her status… Do I really like her a lot?.. Am I in love with her?… The answer is a straight No! I don't like her a lot nor do I love her… I look at her it feels nice, get some positive vibes…and imagine that my wife to be looking as beautiful and as Indian as she is… nothing more nothing less. She is married and I stay away from such thoughts like love for her. I don't want to interfere in anyone's personal life. Still her mystery about single, married or widow has more n more made me to think about her.. oh this is an unwanted headache… but my brain doesn't let me go off until I haven't got my answer… but when & how I will get? "Oh God…!" I pray to God before sleeping and try to again stop thinking about her…God why did you gave me such a puzzle….


Life gave me a puzzle absolutely difficult I felt,

Tired to leave it but never from my mind for a minute it left.

Part III


Its 26th July and its raining heavily  I am late to go home and my mom called up asking to come home quickly the rains r heavily pouring and roads filled with water … later on the network goes off… an hour and no buses yet… I try to go walking with the huge crowd as the evening is getting darker… the rain isn't stopping and the thunderstorm scares even a person like me who is strong, tall & obviously fit as I am a gym trainer myself. I walk and help out school kids, ladies to show the direction. I am walking and going through the main road along with 70 people on the road.


Walking, dancing, playing in rain felt its fun for all ages,

Today felt scared as so many lives of old & young are on edges.


I feel something has bit me as am walking in knee deep water… I take my mobile and through its light I observe that an insect bit me.. I removed the insect and went and threw it on tree, coming back I notice .. the mystery lady standing… looking nowhere like a married woman… I feel terrible… "Not again", I close my eyes… already I am tired as I  was helping others and walking hours in the lane.. with the rain water I am full wet..and now this woman … "Oh No way I am not going to think about her" I tell myself strongly.


No I am not going to think or look at her,

I need to reach my home… hell with her!


As we reach a distance .. I look at her… She was holding her umbrella in one hand, her handbag in another and trying to walk which was a bit difficult with the Saree in the knee deep water… but still trying hard she removed something from her purse… OH it was her Mangalsutra & applied the sindoor in hurry.. her home was coming near... I thought ya that's the case.. As she tried hard her umbrella gave away and rain poured on her hair and sindoor was gone… She again tried to apply the Sindoor and her handbag fell in the water.. I was finding it stupid what was she doing… here we all were scared for our lives.. as the rain isn't stopping and she is applying her drama makeup.. I was angry and went a step ahead.. I could sense her feeling someone coming towards her… she looked up at me… I looked at her she was trying to hold on to her umbrella, her handbag her sindoor box and even managing her saree and walking… I immediately in frustration took the sindoor box and applied the sindoor in her mang..and turn around.. .. it doesn't t take much time for me to realize what did I do? I am shocked at my doings…  I hit my head… "oh what I did?"


Oh O… What the hell happen with me?

Why I did this and what she will be thinking about me?


I felt ashamed to turn towards her.. But I do…and I see her scared, teary eyed and she just walked ahead saying "Stay away from me" I felt terrible, I go near her and feel she is shivering inside. I told her Sorry with my head down… I continued while walking in the deep water.. I told her I was just getting tired with this long walk and also upset feeling my ailing mom must be all alone worried for me at home… in the midst of this saw her ..and knew she was disturbing my mind more.. so with a certain frustration I went and applied the sindoor.. so that she could continue her drama the same way… She looked at me back.. I realized what I was saying. 'Continue her drama..??' opps again I felt ashamed at myself 'who am I to tell her this'… She was worried and just speaking to herself.. said, 'Don't disturb me' and immediately I replied.. 'I disturbed u, I am disturbed by u from past few months' She heard this though I had told this to myself in a soft voice.. she looked behind..and the umbrella fell down and flowed away.. it was dark and she couldn't find it… I felt bad she was more tired than me walking, and with the whole baggage of handbags, umbrella and handling the Saree I felt terrible. I shook myself who am I to say such things it's her personal life… I walked beside her saying 'extremely sorry plzz forgive me' and I walked ahead… she was walking very slowly now and in her thoughts ..may be feeling I know some of her secrets…


I couldn't stop replying back so bluntly,

My mind was so worked up but I didn't do that intentionally.


At a moment I felt something happened.. and I looked behind. Oh She indeed had lost her balance and had given up walking so many hours at a stretch… she feel in the water and I rushed towards her… I held her and asked her if she was feeling alright.. she just kept her eyes closed  and was breathing , I could sense she was out of breathe walking and was exhausted… I couldn't understand what next to do… I asked the lady near her to give her support and we can help her .. she just held her hand but she herself was very tired… I understood.. other people were so exhausted walking… A thunderstorm hit the cloud, the people were more worried the rain would be more heavy… Felt terrible looking at our helpless state.. Walking for so long hours the water each one had was over.. there was flood on the road but for drinking not a drop of water…


There was water everywhere so much that we could swim or sink,

When it came to relieving our thirst not a drop of water to drink.


Part IV


The rain water was pouring on the lady I was clueless how to make her walk… the best I felt was to make her sit for a while and as she feels better to continue walking.. but where to sit it was the main road and everything was flooded… and the distance to the lane from where she takes the bus her home was quite near… Few people walking besides told lets pull her...and I was shocked at the suggestion. To pull her along she wasn't a dead body I felt… the next man suggested to lift her .. two men came to help me out, 'God bless them' even after walking for hours they were so much willingly to help her.. I lifted her arm could feel she was shivering… the other men tired to help me out. But they had no energy to take the weight… the lady was short height but not thin at all. I smiled at their spirit and held the lady on my own… Some energy suddenly came up.. my exhausted knees and ankles got stronger I felt and I was walking carrying her in my arms along the same road from where I always looked at her from the opposite bus stop.


Saw u at the bus stop; felt for miles to go with someone like u lovely lady,

Never imagined U to be a puzzle & it to be like this; I am exhausted already.


I entered the lane from where she use to come… I saw the building where she had shown her married friends that she lived there... the buildings ground floor was flooded with water... I walked the stairs and tired to talk to her saying that I have reached her building and she was still not responding… She was breathing and I knew she was alright for some reason… I didn't know her name… or house number… I rang the bell of the first floor flat and no response. I realised electricity may not be there.. I banged the door and a person came. I asked if they knew where this lady stays… they showed me her house came along and took the keys from her purse and opened her flat on the 4th floor... Don't ask me how I climbed the floor, such heavy weight lifting never did in my life…I drop her on the sofa of her drawing room. I look at the snap of her with her husband… I assume it as her husband as they were exchanging garlands in the snap.  The neighbors who arrived helped her she was speaking and drinking coffee made by them I leave from there immediately remembering my mom must be worried for me at home… I walked the distance from there to my house just 10 minutes walking... I had walked 5 hours but this 10 minutes were the most painful.. I just couldn't make my legs move forward but still I somehow mange to push them, make them creep, slide but go forward through the lane and the water logged around and thankfully my house is on the first floor… My mom had kept the door open already and hugged me as I reached . I just straight away fell on the bed and my loving mom removed my socks, my shoes and with towel cleaned the legs as it was all muddy and even took a detol to clean the insect bite marks.. I could sense and wanted her not to touch my feet; she is my MOM indeed… but... I was dead tired. I just slept away… Gave her a Huge kiss and hug in the morning and lifted her up saying U r the best… love U mom so much…


My mom is the best I always say,

Mom love u! she lives for hundred years I pray.


"Hey!! Don't u want to know Single/ married or widow she was…" I smiled and asked myself the answer as I stood in front of the mirror… I slapped my image in the mirror and laughed it away… ate a healthy  breakfast and just went out and felt the sun rays.. Feeling this is so good… oh always Loved RAIN but this is the first time. The SUN rays felt like heaven…. I laughed… and walked to my bus stop.


"Hmm she will never leave me"? I saw her the mystery lady dressed in the same married woman attire way standing at the bus stop.. I walked and tried to cross the road… suddenly I realised she is indeed standing at my bus stop today and not at the opposite as normally she does… feeling it odd.. I walked and stood at the bus stop making a point not to look at her at all… She comes and says 'thank you' I ask her 'For what?' and she replied for whatever I did yesterday helped and took her to her house. She said that she was just so exhausted that her legs stopped moving and though she was conscious she had no energy to say anything or walk, she was thankful of what I did for her"


Humanity can make the world less self centered and let peace begin,

Attitude of selfless service that can ensure humanity isn't an odd thing.


I say, its ok realizing there was more which I did before all that… she speaks up ' what u know about me and my drama?' I get a bit uncomfortable and try to look at her she is asking this angrily or not.. to my relief she wasn't angry. I tell her the observation I had.. and she nods her head… I tell her I am no one to intervene in her life and it was just this puzzle and u know how it is when some puzzle is unsolved u just think n over think in order to solve it some how or else it eats ur brain… she laughed and she asked me if I had a few minutes she will solve it and hopefully I wont be disturbed by her anymore.. I knew she remembered each word what I had told her yesterday…


Life gave me a puzzle which feels now interesting somehow,

When she herself is ready to solve it I feel excited now.


Part V


She solved the puzzle for me or should I say the mystery behind this.. She informed me that she was to be married with her childhood friend cum neighbour, they lived in a village; their families were like one and from long each knew that their parents are going to take up the proposal of their marriage as she become 18 yrs. Soon she was engaged with him. He was later transferred to Mumbai for a job and it was big offer from a big company. After 3 months was her marriage date. In the mean time he got a loan for buying a new flat. Immediately he took loan and bought a new flat in Mumbai. He wanted that he should stay there with her after marriage. The parents never wanted to leave the village. He took one month leave and came to the village for marriage, on the day of marriage as they entered the temple and the Pandal (marriage stage area) A bullock cart was rushing on the road… the bull had got a nail in its feet and was madly walking, everyone rushed inside the pandal to stay away from the bull, sadly the bride's that's her younger brother was there and the bull was in front.. The groom saw and tried to divert the bull's attention and threw a cloth at it... the bull got angry and immediately pounced on the groom… he was dead as the horns pierced his liver and heart. 


The dream of both the families came to a standstill,

With his death, there was this vacuum that no one could fill.



As I heard this I felt terrible and asked the lady… "Oh did u marry someone else in the pandal.. And did he .. I mean .. no… "The lady continued and I stopped my worked up brain. She continued, after her fiance died they all were under shock, her would be father-in-law got a heart attack and was admitted. She said that they were like family and in this crisis situation though she wasn't their family 'Bahu' still she felt for them. When the office staff called up and was informed by his mom that he died nothing more was said as all were depressed. After about a month they got a letter from the office asking that the deceased who died his wife or any family member could join the company and he/ she will be recruited. It was also mentioned about the loan for the house he took. His family was under trauma. The family's position was financial bad also the house which he bought before marriage and his constant talk about taking everyone to the house made them feel like this is his last wish and we should fulfill it. He had tried to save her brother's life that he had died, so her family felt indebted to him and his family, though they were not married her family decided that she should go for the job as his widow and work there in Mumbai and be able enough to pay the home loan, as they had mentioned in the letter. Thankfully not much of paper work was asked and as they had seen snap of the bride before they welcomed her in the office and gave her the job.


Engaged with him but not married still wish his family whatever is best.

Not married yet agreed to be his widow as per my and his family's request.


She said she came here in Mumbai and joined the firm as well as started staying in the house he had bought on loan.  Staying here alone was a nightmare, it always felt scary. Her parents are in the village looking after his father who has a paralyzed left side of the body. Here whenever she traveled she was always abused, teased by the road side Romeos. She found it hard to say or do anything as she was scared living alone here they may harm her. Even her neighborhood few men always passed commented remarks cheap enough they always asked her if she was Single! She would ignore but was finding some intuition that something bad can happen.


A single woman to stay alone in a society has become so difficult,

When will women get their freedom and the society a facelift?


One of the neighbour here told her that a married women are harassed less but a single woman looks like available for each and it's a difficult life to live alone for a female. She herself had experiences where she saw married woman were not targeted by the set of men on the road but many pushed her rubbed her shoulder while passing but very rarely the other married woman on the bus stop and even entering the bus. Days passed and she felt extremely scared to walk on road feeling all men are just waiting for a chance to corner her.


Just because she is not married does that apply she is available?

Just because she is single, living alone, they doubt her & want just a chance to get her.


One day She wore her marriage Saree, the Mangalsutra and walked near the building She could see some change in the way people looked at her. A neighbour who always waited at the gate to see her and say something to her, he looked at her with disappointment on his face and he was shocked and didn't say much. It made her feel secured. With those jewellery it made few people at least to stay away from her. For her it was a big relief she was all alone here and it took time to make good friends, this change made her feel secure & accepted by the building people. They were more open and doubted her less or else she could sense they were in two minds about her work and her character.


Women in general are victims of crime & violence each sec in time.

Single women are the ones most vulnerable victims every time.


I heard this and told her… its funny… she replied me saying, When u urself walk on the same street day in and out morning n evening and come across such nuisance , and u know u cannot fight it out, u will then understand how scared one can become. A girl who in her village didn't come out of her room without a dupatta facing; such incidents single handedly isn't easy enough for her. She said she has solved my puzzle and now I won't disturb her. I was just silent, as I felt those words those emotions a woman may go through while men stare at them or whistle at them. Suddenly eve teasing which was light enough for me before felt like a big offence now. May be because I don't have any siblings I never understood the feelings and trauma a woman goes through such incidents. I could now sense why she was shivering and scared when I went close to her on that day. I was in my thoughts and as came back to her..she had crossed the road and stood at the bus stop. I looked at her… I smiled and she smiled back… Her bus came she went away leaving so many emotions and feeling in my heart…


Life gave me a puzzle and it seems she solved it,

But why I feel another puzzle erupts in my heart at least?


Part VI


The whole day at the gym I was in deep thoughts. As I discussed with my male friends & students about the locality and the problems women face they made fun about it, some were like Women dress like this and that… its not rape , just few complimentary words and just a hi hello.. a mere push just a smile what's wrong with that… they felt.. they laughed at some new found songs to sing, ways to get close and made the matter just a joke of sort… I somewhat wanted to pull them to realization that when we come across a dirty drug addict near a road and when he touches us, we men as well cant allow them to touch even a sleeve, we cant let a beggar with dirty hands touch us… and we expect women to let the dirty minds to stare at them and rub them , such dirty mindset people mere push is nothing big? They should let it go & not make it a big issue… ? I was so vocal against them in the gym I stormed out when I felt they were the typical MCP as women say… a rape is different than just a abuse or a push?… I felt the mind set is just not changing…and really felt for the women at large. Coming home I felt like a changed person… I was always against these feminist women who r taking women to become progressive by making them go completely against men.. but then a lot of truth prevails where the mindset can become completely against such B***** I felt now… My mom heard and told me that to understand what a woman faces problem in this society u just have to be in her place… be born as a women only then u can understand her, its much tough than what it looks like. I had another puzzle within me now…


Life gave me a puzzle; one which had questions on r we really progressive now?

Mindset & social structure when will it change I ponder now.


'Hi!' I wished her, she asked if my puzzle was over, did she disturb these weeks. I smiled and said Not reallly' but u changed my perspective about the society I said. My mom felt I have grown and felt I was becoming mature. She smiled and she was not speaking further. But at the shopping mall I just couldn't resisit but tell her not to lie to everyone. She looked at me with a certain feeling as if 'Lie? I cant help it' look.. I continued as I was dieing to tell her this… I told her that Her in-law and parents have just thought about the dead personas unfulfilled wish but have become so selfish that they didn't think about her future.. Should she be the whole life become a widow though she is still single? She looked down, 'in her heart she felt this even she felt but she never could counter anyone and also her fiance had tried to save her brother and she felt that this is how she can give him back.' I told her she is lied to the office people and when she is caught due to the paper marriage certificate or anything she will face a lot of criticism and humiliation.. her sacrifice will be a matter of shame later and it will be terrible at that time… I saw her become more worried and scared by my words as if she felt I am going to inform the office people… I continued… I told her she behaved as a widow for her parents and in-laws wish.. for her self need she made her behave like a married women, both the situation may bring extreme difficulty if she wants to get married or think about her future.. she has created mess for her as she has chosen two contrasting issue. I asked her if she feels it nice to day in and out lie to so many people… She had tears in her eyes .. but I was continuing with my lecture.. Somehow the anger in me about everything about her lie about her story, about people around me, the gym guys who spoke rubbish everything, all the anger I blew on her.. She went away without buying anything from the mall… I just looked at her when she rushed away…  I knew this will be my last meeting with her.


I don't know why I told u all that gave u advice in my way,

But whatever I said I know truth it is and that's to stay.


"Hello.. Agony Uncle!" I looked back who is calling whom Agony uncle?.. I turned and this beautiful face came in front.. she was standing with a smile… at the lane close to my house. I asked whats this 'agony uncle' is and she told me that from many weeks she was finding very difficult to cope with the lie everyday, she had asked her parents and in-laws but they just told to continue till the loan isn't over and till her brother's studies get finished. She was finding it very bad when her office staff were sympathetic to her as a widow , pity her. She was widow for them and they kept talkgin about her memories with her husband and now when he isnst there. As a married women all questioned her about when she is starting a family, when her husband will be back from tour. She was finding these questions disturbing and she couldn't react but just get tensed sitting at home what mess she is in… She told me I had understood her agony same way… and she found a nice friend in me… She asked me can I tell her the solution to this… can I become her Agony uncle. And she smiled. I told her not to call agony uncle it sounds really weird… but she smiled with my puppy face full of embarrassment...and I didn't say much on it.. I told her its better she finds a new job before telling the office boss the truth and if they don't agree on her staying in this flat she should look for an working women's hostel and stay there as a single with no lie to counter her. She will be much safer there. She smiled at the thought and went away… I saw a content look on her face, may be she wanted some guidance from someone and she choose me… ... never saw her after that meeting. Felt like she was standing at the opposite bus stop… but it was just my illusion


The puzzle in me was solved the puzzle in u got solved,

The void has now surrounded me how I wish the puzzle be unsolved.

Part VII


Knock Knock!! A young boy comes in my house; I am surprised to see him. He hugs me and I am wondering who is he? My ailing mom who from past week is on bed rest is asking me who he is. I am surprised that I see her walking behind him entering my home and I smile looking at her. She enters and I feel so happy, the way she use to smile and enjoy herself looking at the kids at the roads. The same vibrancy on her face I felt really glad as she entered... She called me "Agony uncle..." She laughed for a moment and I just laughed with my head down. My mom was wondering who is she calling me Uncle? She was with her younger brother she introduced me; I made her meet my mom… She told she left the job and told them the truth, they first were very angry later understood her state though they didn't provide her work experience certificate... she has now joined another company and stays in the hostel I had told...She was about to go back to their village as her parents have began to get good marriage proposal, the finalization is left for a particular proposal and she smiled as her brother gave me this news… I went inside to bring water for them…  In the kitchen I was feeling bad that she will be away from my life for ever.. I was happy that she was getting on track for her life in the right direction… I would held my mom's hand and cry and she would realize that my heart is broken. May be she on that day itseld had understood that I wasn't as excited as she was when she came with her brother. My mom just gave me the warmth and support to overcome each day without my love in my life…


I am glad u have taken your life in the correct direction,

Glad to see vibrant smile on ur face oh don't let it be the last interaction.


Its so long that I haven't seen her, heard about her, may be she will send me her wedding card I hope and every time the postman comes I feel may be I will get her wedding invitation , but it has been weeks I haven't got her invitation or any news. I don't know how to contact her as well… Just my empty eyes every gaze in the morning at the illusion of her that she is standing at the bus stop.. some day I feel my empty ears r waiting to hear her soft voice.. Illusion surround me when I hear she stands in front, calls me.. Agony uncle..and laughs… Days weeks went away.. Really.. I am wondering.. She is in the village.. She is Single yet or she is marriaed now.. I wish her the best… another puzzle in me… when will I know something about her long.. I don't know…



Experience of a moment;

Can be a lesson learnt for life long,

Emotions for someone close;

Can make u feel their presence always along














Hey! The story isn't over! Don't u want to know about my mom's health? Ya she was very ill with high BP, sugar and kidney problem. The postman came with a wedding invitation, but the postman wasn't the routine person, it was her brother, he came with he barat to my house … Ok.. they came and gave me the wedding card, the marriage was in Mumbai itself close to my locality and I was stunned that the name on the wedding card was mine… obviously in the place of the groom… with blessing , the name of my late father and my mother... Oh I was surprised and confused, my mom told me that she had heard when I was talking to my image in mirror asking married, single or widow..? She realised that some girl has come in my life. My thoughts about how women feel safe in this society or not made her to believe that the girl in my life is nice enough, later on she saw me talking to her on that day near my lane.. she got all information about her , when she had come with her brother here the last time, I went into the kitchen to bring water , her brother asked my mom, that when asked about her thought to get married to someone she had requested her brother to talk to me… When I had applied the sindoor in her mang it was already like she felt God had brought me to become part of her life, later on like her friend when I guided her helped her, she felt more respect for me. It was they who just asked my mom's feelings and did she knew her past. They wanted us to get married if I agreed alogn with the blessings from my mom. My mom was so happy and she requested not to tell me but plan every detail thing for the marriage… Here I was feeling lonely and mom was resting I felt, my mom was just busy preparing everything for my wedding. She was sure I was fond of her and I wanted her never to leave me. I smiled when I looked at my mom, her ill health still she managed all the arrangements…I knew, her love for me was so much that though she kept that as a secret, she knew what was there in my heart. I just cried and kept my head in her lap… She kissed me and I just hugged her tightly… "MY MOM IS the best I know that for sure"…

I and my wife.. Yes yes We got married … She is happy so am I , feels like we were made for each other. I took her to Kullu Manali for honey moon and must say it was just the beginning.. we were so much in love with each other.. and walking on the street holding each others hand, while she was shy and I would put my arms around her shoulder she would blush but awww the smile on her face which she tried to hide every time made me love her more. As husband & wife we fight almost everyday she cant tolerate my addiction to fitness and I even keep telling her to eat this and that, about exercise and all..she just makes a face as if I have given her a smelling sock.  Even when I wear those body tight T shirts or just walk bare-chested she gets irritated.. She likes me in a kurta and I hate to wear that embroidery one. She is not demanding but that's a problem as well, she never demands and I have to find out what she needs and give her. She will hide her pain, her problems but always give me her beautiful smile as I go for work. She too works but for part-time. One of us has to be there to take care of my mom.

Sometimes I feel Life gave a wonderful apt puzzle,

The process of solving evolved me & her into a better human being.

It's been more than a couple of years to our marriage and sitting here, I am tellgin the whole story to u my friend, I don't know why u want to make a film based on us. But I just hope when u make, U make it more sensible with a lot of sensible issue raised by the Agony uncle which I couldn't.  I am waiting waiting... and I have finished telling u my story as well but I am so nervous still my suspense is not over…. Nurse… can u tell me how much more..time… I am getting very impatient.. 'Stay calm' that's the word she is telling me from 2 hours…. My wife is in labour pain and I am getting worried… '….." I heard my baby's voice I felt….. (Stood and went near the door) Thank u.. Oh my baby( his bundle of joy in his hand).. I became a proud father of an angel… My daughter.. Papa loves u so much…. Let us meet Maamaa …  (he enters the room and goes near his wife) Love u my life's beautiful puzzle..U made me a proud father…I love u so much... Hey angel Mama & Papa are so happy & lucky we have u … and always remember.. Mamma is the best (gets emotional)…but Papa also.. (his wife interrupts).. Mom has come back to us… see in the eyes of angel I can see her… Agony Uncle… Papa's Mom is the best… She has not left us … she is here… right angel... J

****************Big smile*********************

Life is a beautiful puzzle, which you have to solve,                                                          

Sometimes with patience, It takes time for the real you to evolve,                                     

You need to get the inner strength to glow,                                                                          

With each precious moment have courage to show,                                                              

 As u face high n low, life is challenging,                                                                             

 Blessings& values u have; life will be enlightening,                                                              

Just go on and solve the puzzle with pride,                                                                        

 Dreams will be reachable as God's always their to guide.

*****************Big smile Keep smilingBig smile*********************

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Love''sAngel Goldie

Joined: 08 May 2005
Posts: 1501

Posted: 07 May 2008 at 3:45am | IP Logged
gr8 puzzle...
i am enjoying it very much... but does Mis puzzel & her reader have name?????
continue soon
monikaseth IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 June 2005
Posts: 23365

Posted: 07 May 2008 at 3:50am | IP Logged
wow what a puzzal bhoomi i love it Clap Clap Clap nice to see you back . miss you so much. Smile
bhoomikauttam IF-Dazzler

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 3255

Posted: 07 May 2008 at 4:07am | IP Logged

Originally posted by Love''sAngel

gr8 puzzle...
i am enjoying it very much... but does Mis puzzel & her reader have name?????
continue soon

Hi ... heheh am glad u r enjoyign the puzzle... as mentioned in my introto this story.. the hcarcters dont have names.. i have tried it to keep the story without namign any hcarcter.... still hope u get the fun reading it....Wink yes will post the next part soon... update it soon with the whole story.. Big smile

bhoomikauttam IF-Dazzler

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 3255

Posted: 07 May 2008 at 4:09am | IP Logged

Originally posted by monikaseth

wow what a puzzal bhoomi i love it Clap Clap Clap nice to see you back . miss you so much. Smile

Hi MOnika dear.. hope u dogin well... am glad u having funreadin the sotry...Embarrassed.. ya i am back was writign this one in my break time.... even i missed u dear....Hug

togepe30 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 12 July 2005
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Posted: 07 May 2008 at 4:30am | IP Logged
Umm........This reminds me of Priety Jhangiani's character in mohabbatein....

Her hubby was a soldier who died in a war but her in-laws are in denial and refuse to believe the son is dead or maybe in this case she has hid this fact from the in-laws that their sun is dead...

So she goes home and while cuming from home has the mangalsutra and sindoor on her.......In the office where everyone knows about her,she behaves like a widow...

And she said she is single because....Maybe she was supposed to marry the guy but was only engaged to him LOL

Oh my god.......I'll go madd!!

Awesome work of imagination my dear!! Rock On !!
bhoomikauttam IF-Dazzler

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 3255

Posted: 07 May 2008 at 4:34am | IP Logged

Originally posted by togepe30

Umm........This reminds me of Priety Jhangiani's character in mohabbatein....

Her hubby was a soldier who died in a war but her in-laws are in denial and refuse to believe the son is dead or maybe in this case she has hid this fact from the in-laws that their sun is dead...

So she goes home and while cuming from home has the mangalsutra and sindoor on her.......In the office where everyone knows about her,she behaves like a widow...

And she said she is single because....Maybe she was supposed to marry the guy but was only engaged to him LOL

Oh my god.......I'll go madd!!

Awesome work of imagination my dear!! Rock On !!

Hi Vandu.... ooooo lallaaaa .. I have seen the movie and when i wrote I didnt even imagine or think of it... btu as u said.. now few things come in my mind... hmm so u wannna also solve the puzzle.... alogn with him.... ahhahhaLOL..keep it gogin.. till I post the next part..... Wink...

Sweety .. my imagination haaan bhaii.. ab aap jaise readers .. friends hai.. to thoda bahot brainmey cells aa hi jatey hain.. imagination karhi letey.. hai.... luv u dear... all ur commetns mean a lot...I do look forward to themmm..a hug and a kiss for u...Hug

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