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Ishq Vishq (AK-SK-AR) Epilogue p47 (Page 33)

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Chapter 21:

"Armaan! ARMAAN!" Riddhima screamed at Armaan. She had been trying to get his attention for the past ten minutes and he was just too engrossed into his laptop to realize what she had been saying. "ugh I so hate you at the moment and am considering the idea of making you sleep on the sofa next to your beloved laptop for the next week!" she huffed and puffed her way out of the room after throwing a pillow at his face. He sighed, "Ridzie!" he called after her but too late she was gone. He sighed and smirked glancing back at the laptop, "now your done for! Payback!" he laughed evilly and continued on with whatever he had been doing for the past three weeks.

"Riddhima what's wrong?" a worried Kumkum asked an upset Riddhima. Riddhima turned and frowned, "Armaan is being so ugh I don't even know what is wrong with him but lately all he ever does is log onto his laptop do some things, laugh evilly and that's it! He doesn't even talk to me or give me a kiss on cheeks anymore!" she sighed upset. Kumkum chuckled, "I think the last bit was a little too much for me to hear and I'll talk to bhai right now bhabhi ji!" Kumkum chuckled wickedly and rushed up the stairs excited. "Bhaiyya!" Kumkum screamed at Armaan startling him beyond limits. "Kya hai?" he screamed back trying to calm his heart beat down. "its only annoying kummie, its only annoying kummie!" he muttered to himself. "Bhai how rude! Is that all you love me!" she sighed and walked towards the door with shoulders slumped. Armaan sighed he was hurting everyone today; why? He shouldn't be doing this!

In an instant he rushed towards Kumkum and held his ears apologizing for being rude and screaming at his darling little sister. "I'm sorry, apne bhai ko maaf nahin karogi kya?" he asked with his puppy dog eyes. Kumkum mumbled an upset no and turned towards the door once again. "Kaisa bhai doesn't even want his sister around!" she sighed when Armaan caught a hold of her arm and turned her around. "Kummie I said na sorry, now please forgive me!" he asked. Kumkum nodded negatively and finally gave up, she loved her brother to death so she forgave him easily. "now that's like a good girl!" he smiled a genuine smile and pulled her into a hug. "by the way how come you are avoiding my bhabhi so much, do you realize how much you have tortured her without your kisses, hugs or smiles….she's been complaining about her new saut - your laptop!" Kumkum burst into fits of laughter. "ahh I'm good!" she chuckled and stared at him for an answer. "I know I'm so sorry about that, I'll make it up to her today!" Kumkum nodded negatively. "lekin kyun?" she sighed, "ek aap hi bhai ho jo aaj ka din bhul gaye, today is raksha bandhan, she is spending time with Sumeet and I want my bhai with me for today so I'm going to kidnap you while she kidnaps my Sumeet!" Kumkum smiled wide.

Armaan rolled his eyes and laughed, "aww that's right, 16th August, it slipped my mind, just have had so much on my mind I've been forgetting a lot of important things!" Kumkum shrugged her shoulders, "now bhai let's go downstairs and tie that rakhi on you!" she smiled, grabbed a hold of his arm and towed him all the way down the stairs, where a silent and upset Kripa sat, a smiling Sumeet and Riddhima and a quiet Angad. "Bhai open wide!" Riddhima squealed with excitement, she had always been so hard on the outside but now with Armaan in her life she was able to express her true feelings for her family members, something she had not done in a while. Sumeet on the other hand was surprised by her actions but happily accepted them, as he took a bite of the ghulab jamun she had just fed him seconds after tying a gorgeous rakhri on his hand. He smiled gazing at her innocent and bubbly face, and presented her with a small box. Riddhima stared at him not comprehending completely and it suddenly clicked.

"you got me a gift bhai! Wow! A gift!" she squealed with delight and opened the gift, revealing a gorgeous silver bracelet engraved with 'Riddhima - Best sister ever..!' She gasped surprised with the warmth that small gift had managed to spread through her. "Thank you so much bhai!" she squealed once again before pulling him into a hug. With a chuckle he hugged her back and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. On the other hand Kripa watched upset, and quietly slipped from the room without anyone realizing her abrupt departure. Kumkum on the other hand was far more bubbly than usual, she had forced Armaan to sit on a chair next to her only, and took out a blue rakhri which she tied on his right hand. He smiled at her while she chattered on about how happy she was to have a brother like him. But what she didn't know was how happy he was to have her! He smiled and came back to earth when she moved a ladoo towards his lips. He smiled and turned it around back to her. She smiled and took a bite before feeding him the other half. "I love you bhai!" Kumkum smiled as Armaan pulled her into a hug.

"Sorry Kummie I forgot about the date it slipped my mind, but not to worry Armaan is here, let's go get you a gift, anything you want and I'll give it to you!" Armaan said suddenly feeling much lighter after last few days. Kumkum sat there thinking about it and smiled wide, "let's go shopping bhai, just the two of us and umm watch a movie - the new one Singh is Kinng - and yeah that's it!" Armaan chuckled, "aren't you a little demanding today?" he asked patting her head calmly. Kumkum glanced at him nodding her head nope. "okay let me go get ready - I'll be back in ten!" he smiled and rushed up the stairs with Sumeet on his heals. Kumkum glanced at Riddhima and smiled nodding her eyes towards a sullen Angad. Both immediately understood his pain, having no siblings at all, sometimes the loneliness got to you especially on special days as such. He sighed and got up weakly turning around to leave the family room when Kumkum and Riddhima caught a hold of his arm and startled him with, "bhai where do you think your going? Won't you give us the right to tie the rakhi on you?" both asked innocently and simultaneously. Angad turned his head towards them quickly surprised by their caring gesture.

He stared at them with love and tears in his eyes, they had always been quiet towards him, never so cheery around him but this little gesture of theirs had just made his life despite Kripa marrying him, he couldn't be happier. Angad blinked his eyes approving their right and found the tears rush down his cheeks. Kumkum and Riddhima stared at one another startled, they had never known the warmth this could cause him but were more than happy enough to give it to him! "Me first please bhai!" Kumkum spoke with a puppy dog face on. Riddhima chuckled, "of course hun and I get to feed bhai first!" both laughed. Kumkum moved towards him pulling out another rakhri she had kept in her hand and tied it around Angad's right hand, while Riddhima fed him barfi. He ate smiling wide and found the process being repeated twice. This time Riddhima tying the rakhri and Kumkum feeding him.

"Thank you so much!" Angad managed to say before finding his eyes become a blur. Riddhima and Kumkum smiled at him and pulled him into a bear hug. Angad hugged them back with so much happiness he couldn't express; from far away Sumeet and Armaan watched with tears in their eyes. This was what they had wanted for Angad and they were more than happy he could get it. "I'm sorry little sisters, but I don't have any gifts for you!" Angad spoke looking at them with regret. Riddhima and Kumkum chuckled, "don't worry bhai, we know and we wanted to surprise you with this kind gesture, so don't worry about it all you have to do however is take us on a nice brother-sister dinner later today!" Riddhima said. Angad nodded accepting eagerly, "anything for you too!"


The entire day Kripa spent alone, walking on the beach recalling everything between a brother and sister bond. She smiled and remembered the lovingly brotherly looks Armaan and Sumeet had been giving to Kumkum and Riddhima. She sighed and wandered off hoping to distract herself from the sudden pain she felt gnawing her in the side. Meanwhile back home Armaan and Kumkum had gone shopping and boy did she keep him running! He loved her deeply so had just kept mum about her confusion and instead bought her all that she wanted. Not caring to overspend, he would do that much for his little sister. And now after shopping for only two hours Kumkum grabbed Armaan's arm and towed him towards the theaters where both sat down to watch Singh Is Kinng. Both enjoyed the movie thoroughly laughing hard whenever Akshay Kumar screwed up with his missions.

On the other hand Sumeet and Riddhima were treating themselves to some brother and sister time exactly like Kumkum and Armaan. Both going to a nearby park where they acted like kids, played random sports and hit the music store for any new eye catching releases. It was a simple and enjoyable day for them, something that was bonding them closer. The day eventually came to an end and no one realized when it was time for dinner. As preplanned Riddhima and Kumkum rushed home quickly changing into churidaars and rushed out the door linked arm and arm with a smiling Angad dressed in dressy pants and a black shirt. "Let's go sisters!" he smiled and drove off to a five star restaurant nearby.

"Bhai, smile please!" Riddhima requested. Angad nodded he didn't need an excuse he was very happy today so he smiled the widest grin possible and pulled Riddhima and Kumkum close when the waiter offered to take the picture. "I love you my sisters!" Angad said and rushed towards the stage, where he began singing a beautiful song for them.

Phoolon ka taaron ka sabka kehna hai
ek hazaron mein meri behna hai
sari umar hame sang rehna hai

Angad stood in the middle of the stage singing out the lyrics while gazing at Riddhima and Kumkum, both of whom stared back touched by the happiness ringing in his voice.

Ye na jaane duniya ne tu hai kyun udhaas

Teri pyaari aankhon mein pyaar ki hai pyaas

Aa mere paas aa jo kehna hai

Ek hazaron mein meri behna hai

Sari umar hame sang rehna hai

Angad moved off the stage and headed towards a slightly teary eyed Riddhima and Kumkum both of whom were completely in awe at the peace and harmony of his voice, and found themselves singing along with him. He chuckled and pulled them into a hug.

Jabse meri ankhon se ho gayi tu dur

Tabse sare jeevan ke sapne hain choor

Aankhon mein neend na dil mein chain hai

Ek hazaron mein meri behna hai

Sari umar hame sang rehna hai

Angad turned and swirled around Riddhima and Kumkum who watched him with happiness this was the sweetest gift a brother could ever give to his sister beside the love and vow to keep her happy. Angad smiled and pulled them towards him to pull their cheeks…abruptly he turned around and wiped away the tears…

Dekho hum tum dhono hai ek dali ke phool

Main na bhoola tu kaise mujhko gayi bhool

Aa mere paas aa jo kenha hai

Ek hazaron mein meri behna hai

Sari umar hame sang rehna hai….

The audience watched in awe at Angad's singing….not only was he singing for his two little sisters but for every brother and sister in the room. Once again angad moved around them pulling them into a hug and wiped away their tears as well as his…..the song came to an end too soon but left those around him speechless…..every person cried silently and stood up for a standing ovation.

"let's go home bhai, I am getting tired!" Kumkum smiled and wrapped her arm around his left while Riddhima took his right and walked out of the restaurant leaving everyone speechless. Now back at home Armaan and Sumeet were walking back and forth tensed, in the last two minutes both had realized Kripa had not been at home today, and neither had she tied a rakhi on their wrists nor did she has for any gift. Both had tried calling her nonstop but she refused to pick up as her phone was switched off and next to the couch. Finally as angad stepped through the doors with smiling Riddhima and Kumkum did they realize what had happened. "Angad, Kripa!" Sumeet mumbled. Angad snapped his head up. "kya hua usse?" he asked suddenly anxious as he ran towards them. Armaan and Sumeet stared at one another and stayed mum, Angad glanced up at them and rushed around the house screaming for Kripa but she didn't appear.

"Where the hell is she? KRIPA!!" Angad screamed and found himself before two anxious couples. "did she say anything to any of you, do you know where she is?" Angad asked anxiously. Armaan nodded, "Angad she wasn't at home at all today, not that we saw her, we have been trying to contact her but her phone was switched off and it's right here!" Angad sighed. "I am going to go look for her! But I don't understand why she disappeared so suddenly!" Angad spoke clearly frustrated. Sumeet glanced towards everyone carefully and spoke, "same reason why you forgot about her with Kumkum and Riddhima around and it's the same reason why we forgot…" that's all Sumeet had to say to make everyone comprehend Kripa's sudden vanishing act. "I can't believe I actually forgot about her especially after a week before just declaring her as my little sister!" Sumeet mumbled helplessly. Armaan sighed and pulled him into a comforting hug, "let's just go look for her!" all three nodded and rushed towards the door at 12 at night to find Kripa.

Just as Armaan's hand slipped towards the door to open, it magically opened itself and revealed a tired, and blood shot eye looking Kripa. "Kripa!" all three spoke pulling her into a hug. Kripa just stood there emotionless and waited for them to let go of her before she let loose and walked like a zombie up the stairs into her room. Armaan and Sumeet stared after her depressed and quickly rushed up the stairs angry with themselves that they had completely forgotten about her existence. "Kripa! Kripa!" both pounded on the door but Kripa didn't answer instead she just rushed into the bathroom for a warm soothing shower. Soon after she headed towards the balcony just standing there for a while not realizing when she felt Angad's warm breath on her neck. "Kripa, why did you do that?" Angad asked calmly. Kripa looked away and stared at the moon. "I'm thirsty I'll be right back!" was all that Kripa said and turned on her heals walking out the door where Armaan and Sumeet stood holding their heads in their faces.

"abhi tak neend nahin aayi?" Kripa questioned casually as she walked down the stairs. Armaan and Sumeet glanced up and sighed happy that she came out at least and rushed down the stairs after her. "We are so sorry Kripa, we didn't mean to neglect you like that…!" Kripa cut them off and smiled weakly, "it's okay it happens!" she smiled a bit wider and pulled out a cup for a drink of water. Armaan glanced at her upset, now she was annoying him to the core, "what so your not going to tie your brothers a rakhi?" he asked his voice showing the pain he felt with Kripa's neglect. Kripa turned and nodded her head negatively and pointed her eyes towards the clock. "one of the many important days of my life is over…" she smiled weakly, "but I'm still tying it on you!" she winked and pulled out two rakhris that she tied on their wrists. "thank you!" she whispered teary eyed and fed them before pulling them into a hug.

"now I need to sleep before I get sick!" she chuckled and walked up the stairs hand in hand with them. Both smiled at her silliness and pulled her into a big three people hug. "Kripa!" Kripa nodded turning her undivided attention towards Sumeet, "tomorrow us three will spend the day together, and no buts wuts or excuses…I want my little sister to have the same right as every other sister!" Sumeet said winking at her. Armaan chuckled "I agree!" Kripa smiled wide at them and placed a kiss on their cheeks before running off to bed.


The next day Kripa awoke from a dreamless state and found herself hugging Angad tightly, her head lay on his chest while his arms cradled her waist. She smiled being in a comfortable position she was reluctant to move; finally making her mind and leaving her paradise she shifted to the side and found his grip to be tighter then usual. Frowning she glanced back at his arms and his face, "pagal! But I love him!" Kripa murmured and placed a kiss on his chest. A smile crept its way on Angad's face and huskily he spoke, "I prefer my lips sweetie!" Kripa chuckled and rested her head on his chest, leaving Angad pining for more, "Krips that's so not fair! Don't ruin my romantic moment!" he chuckled, unleashes his grip on her and rolled over lying on top of her. "Do you know how much you freaked me out yesterday? I have never seen you in so much pain before, please don't ever leave like that, at least talk to me please, I lost you once I can't loose you again!" Angad smiled weakly and kissed her forehead. Kripa smiled back at him, "I'm sorry I thought you were busy and everyone else was so I decided to give myself some free time, I needed it as well!"

"Okies but next time don't forget to either include me in the plan or let me know about it, I want us to be like this forever! Not like this!" Angad said crossing his fingers and then separating them. Kripa chuckled and proceeded to say something when a loud knock on her door cut her off. "KRIPA remember we have a date today!!!" Kripa chuckled and pushed Angad off of her rushing towards the door. "Good morning behna!" Armaan greeted Kripa with a bouquet or white roses, and candy. While Sumeet came walking in with breakfast, "bed in breakfast sister?" he asked smiling cheekily. Kripa watched them both in amazement, she had never felt like this before, and she was more than happy. "thank you!" she whispered through teary eyes. "I'll meet you both downstairs will just take a shower!" she said and turned around towards the bathroom.

"How about we all go out in couples? To spend time together rather than separately?" Kripa questioned everyone. Kumkum turned to glance at Kripa surprised with a better suggestion than anyone could have provided, "sure sounds cool!" Riddhima spoke excited and yet slightly happy to finally spend some time with Armaan after the duffer had recently given her a new saut to fret over. She chuckled and accepted quickly. Armaan sensed her longing for him and smirked, "awe Ridzie impatient today are we?" he questioned smirking more than necessary. She narrowed her eyes at him, "don't talk to me!" she snapped and leaned towards Angad resting her head on his shoulder, "or I'm going to tell my bhais what you have been up to lately!" Sumeet frowned, "what has he been up to lately?" he asked narrowing his eyes in frustration. Riddhima smiled as she proceeded to complain about the loss of attention her husband had given her.

"Bhai first of all stupid Armaan is so busy lately that he doesn't listen to me, talk to me or eat on time!" she sighed frustrated. "And secondly he is cheating on me!" Riddhima spoke huffing and puffing. Angad and Sumeet immediately jumped to their feet, "your cheating on OUR sister! WHAT THE ****!! GET BACK HERE I'LL TEACH YOU HOW TO CHEAT!" both snapped at him. Armaan shot to his feet quickly and jumped behind Kripa. "areh Angad and bhai at least let Riddhima finish, please I'm sure bhai wouldn't cheat on her!" Armaan nodded, "ha ha puch usse! Jeez Riddhima what the heck are you trying to become a widow by lying to your brothers!" Riddhima glared at him, "I am lying, YOU THINK IM LYING, YOUR CHEATING ON ME BY GIVING ME A LAPTOP AS A SAUT!" she snapped at him. "yea what did you think…! Wait what? A laptop!" Angad asked abruptly turning his head towards her. Riddhima nodded, "yeah what did you think bhai?" she asked innocently fluttering her eyelashes.

"ugh! Riddhima, you almost made us kill him!" Riddhima sighed, "next time please let me finish my pyare bhais!" she chuckled and turned to Armaan. "now will you please care to explain why you are always laughing evilly, and spending so much time on a device you hated so much before!" Riddhima questioned. "oh I just use Kripa's laptop to play games, the race car game with some guy from America his names Zack! And well yeah he wins and so I laugh evilly to beat him! It works! Jeez and please next time just ask before you plan on killing me! I would greatly appreciate the trust Riddzie!" Armaan spoke calmly from behind a smirking Kripa. Angad's eyes narrowed, as he recalled what Armaan said, 'oh I just use Kripa's laptop to play games!'


"Angad we need to talk!" Dilip approached a restless Angad, something was coming to him in pieces. Distracted by the agony in Dilip's voice Angad nodded and followed him into the office. "Angad there is a problem someone is buying all our shares, we have tried to contact that person, stop the person as well but no luck only the speed at which the shares are being bought has been reduced. I can't let this happen to bhai's company!" Dilip roared with sudden hatred for whoever was behind this. "Don't worry Dad I'll take care of it no one can take Suryaban papa's company away from us, this is his dream and we promised to fulfill it!" Angad spoke with determination. From afar someone dressed in complete black walked away quietly, "oh just you wait I will take the company away from you!" the person snapped and rushed out the door. Angad turned surprised to find the door open slightly more than usual. "dad I think someone was there! I am just going to check!" Dilip nodded and rushed after him as both looked around trying to find whoever had possibly heard their chat.

"it's probably nothing Angad let's go back and try to find a solution for this new problem!" Angad nodded and turned around but remained alert for any new noise or a new sight. As he walked towards the door Angad stepped on something, he looked down after feeling the bump under his shoe and froze. It was a diamond stud! Quickly he bent down and stared at it and froze, he had seen Armaan where this before. "Damn not Armaan!" Angad sighed and made sure he locked the doors behind him. Somewhere else in the mansion a person walked here and there and sighed, "damn I can't find it, where is my earring?" the person spoke frustrated and finally took off the other and threw it in to the drawer casually.


Two days passed by and Angad's instincts were kicking in much more, every piece of evidence he found somehow linked to Armaan as well. He was freaked he couldn't ask Armaan anything until he knew for sure and if he did talk to Armaan in front of everyone then whoever was truly behind it would understand he was after them. He sighed frustrated and got up to leave for work. "yeh lo Angad aaj tumhari important meeting hai, to bhulna maat! Aur yeh raha tumhara briefcase!" Kripa spoke with an innocent smile on his face. "thank you sweetheart!" Angad smiled and pecked her lips before walking out the door.

An hour later Angad sat in front all of the delegates associated with this new contract which had the capability of completely destroying the business or adding profit! Taking a deep breath Angad stood up and clicked his briefcase open, taking out everything he needed. He remained calm throughout the entire proposal and explained in detail everything necessary, however when one of the delegates asked something…that was where it went all wrong. Angad looked through his briefcase for a certain file he had placed in the night before. "Damn where the heck is it!" he muttered to himself and found himself recalling anything off the top of his head. "I'm apologize everyone I can't seem to find one of my files ..!" he replied calmly. They nodded and agreed to sign the contract because he made sense and was truly working hard for this.

Back at home Angad rushed through the door into his room and searched anywhere for his file. "damn where the heck is it?" he asked frustrated and turned to the closet looking around when some things caught his eye. It was a diamond stud, and only one of them was here. "Hey Angad have you seen Kripa? I needed some advice for something!" Armaan asked walking into the room. Angad turned to eye him, his ears specifically and gasped, "nahin haven't seen her yet!" Armaan sighed and walked out the door calling for Kripa. Angad looked back at the earring, and rummaged through whatever else she had locked in her drawer. "Damn where is the key?" he asked frustrated and found Kripa walking in. "hey angad!" she called out to him casually Angad smiled at her weakly and pretended to unbutton his shirt. Kripa smiled at him and took out her keys to open the drawer. Slowly she tried blocking whatever it was but Angad managed to take a sneak, it was a red file and some other important documents…he froze. So Kripa was the one trying to ruin his family??? "Kripa…!" Angad's voice rang with pain, agony, sudden hatred and accusation. Kripa turned around and saw the distance between him and the drawer and quickly shut it…."yes sweetie?"

Promo: same as last time and romance for two of the couples…which two? And is Kripa truly at fault or does angad have the facts wrong?

And thank you everyone for commenting, we enjoy reading the comments you all leave behind so please keep them coming…! As always sukhi and sara

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sweet honey Goldie
sweet honey
sweet honey

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Posted: 17 August 2008 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
hey,, awesome part...omg plz  dnt mke kripz bad...hope angad has the facts rong... cont soon
Iqbal Neha1 IF-Dazzler
Iqbal Neha1
Iqbal Neha1

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Posted: 17 August 2008 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
amazing part
hope angad is mistaken and its not kripa who is behind the problems
the scenes between the brothers and sisters were really good
123abc123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 August 2008 at 1:30pm | IP Logged
aw greta updte
angad is wrong i think kripa was
probably jsut mesing wiv the file dats it
luved the rahki scenes dey wer soooo
sweet really nce
greta updte
continue sooon
luv niz x
pickytg Goldie

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Posted: 17 August 2008 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
yayyyy!! tht was a cute part!!
cnt wait for things 2 unfold!! :D
mahi4u Goldie

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Posted: 17 August 2008 at 1:53pm | IP Logged


cont super sooooooooonnnnnnnnn
luv ya n tak care
prabhi Groupbie

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Posted: 17 August 2008 at 3:13pm | IP Logged
kripa!!? Shocked arman?!!Shocked
OMG! what is happeninng??
y would kripa or arman want to ruin the bussiness??!!
..can't wait until the nxt part to find out...
grt part ..plz continue soonnn.Clap
mishti4maan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 August 2008 at 4:48am | IP Logged
gr8 part. continue soon.

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