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Ishq Vishq (AK-SK-AR) Epilogue p47 (Page 24)

eternal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 July 2008 at 12:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by deeya123

great part
quite romantic
cont soon
thanx deeya...we are glad you liked the part...Embarrassed

eternal IF-Rockerz

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Promo: a paragraph from todays part....enjoy
"Angad were you jealous when he said that?" Kripa asked slyly, she of course knew the answer but it was quite funny. Angad growled at her while muttering curses under his breath at the waiter. "Kumkum, he was hot though, did you see his built, and the gorgeous eyes, not to forget the stubble, he looked damn sexci!" Riddhima said eyeing Armaan carefully. Armaan glared at her, "your only mine! And no one else's!" he growled while Riddhima winked at a laughing Kripa. "he was hot though, if only I wasn't married!" Kumkum sighed, "I think we got married too early, we should have waited after a hot man came around!" Kripa looked at Kumkum and burst into fits of laughter. While the guys crossed their arms and looked away before grabbing their wives by the waist aggressively to pull them into a forceful kiss.
will post as soon as im done writing and sorry for the three day delay =D
eternal IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 17:

"finally we are here!" the boys roared with excitement two days after they had boarded their first flight and had taken another connecting one to reach Hawaii! "Man three weeks here without any adults, this is going to be wicked!" all three snickered while taking another glance at their wives. Riddhima glared at Armaan while he checked her out from top to bottom, as he said, "boys I'm starving, I think I'm going to my room!" Angad and Sumeet roared into laughter after staring at Riddhima's red beet face. "Armaan! SHUT UP!" Riddhima screamed with Kripa and Kumkum who walked off towards a nearby restaurant for food.

"Welcome! May I take your order ladies?" a handsome man asked the trio girls. Riddhima smiled at him before glancing through the menu and ordered 3 pastas for the girls! In the meantime the boys came around and took their seats next to their wives. "and what would you like to drink?" Kumkum looked at him and smiled, "umm 3 lemonades please!" he nodded and walked back moments later with 3 lemonades. "here you are, and ladies what can I get your brothers!" he asked. Kripa immediately spit out the lemonade to the side, coughing a teed bit. Angad glared at him, and put his hands around Kripa's waist. "We are not their brothers, we are their HUSBANDS!" Angad said putting a stronger tone to his voice as the word husband leaked his mouth. The man's eyes grew wide, "I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, it's just that all of you look so alike!" he snickered and walked away while another waiter came by and took their order.

"Angad were you jealous when he said that?" Kripa asked slyly, she of course knew the answer but it was quite funny. Angad growled at her while muttering curses under his breath at the waiter. "Kumkum, he was hot though, did you see his built, and the gorgeous eyes, not to forget the stubble, he looked damn sexci!" Riddhima said eyeing Armaan carefully. Armaan glared at her, "your only mine! And no one else's!" he growled while Riddhima winked at a laughing Kripa. "he was hot though, if only I wasn't married!" Kumkum sighed, "I think we got married too early, we should have waited after a hot man came around!" Kripa looked at Kumkum and burst into fits of laughter. While the guys crossed their arms and looked away before grabbing their wives by the waist aggressively to pull them into a forceful kiss.

The kiss was hard and forceful at first, but as the tension disappeared; Angad, Armaan and Sumeet's jaws loosened. The kiss became soft and passionate. Soft moans escaped the girls mouths while the waiter came back annoyed to find the gorgeous women in a make out session. "ahem, ahem your food is here!" he said irritated. Finally the couples let go of one another; the boys smirked at their blushing wives; it definitely was a sight. "Beautiful ladies here are your pastas, and ummm yeah here are your burgers boys!" and with that he walked away. Kumkum chuckled under her breath after taking a look at one fuming Sumeet, Armaan and Angad. "That's it! I've had enough, first he called you guys beautiful, that's an insult, you all are gorgeous, especially Kripa in a sexci way and on top of that he called me a boy!" Angad roared with anger. They all looked at him, as he stood up and slammed his napkin on the table, and turned to walk away but thankfully Kripa grabbed his hand and pulled him back. "you jealous hubby, don't forget you and I are married and it's a love marriage! I only love you so keep it cool sexci!" Kripa winked at him naughtily.

Angad glared at Kripa and finally calmed down, noticing her roll her tongue in her mouth and wink and him seductively. His breath stopped, and to calm his nerves down he took a deep breath otherwise he would have rushed out of the restaurant with Kripa in his arms! His thoughts turned wicked, but he knew if he thought harder and more about it he wouldn't be able to control. So he smiled at Kripa and looked away towards Armaan and Sumeet taking a bite out of their burgers. Their lunch continued on, with chatter and desire to spend some time alone. The girls engrossed in their conversation failed to notice lovingly looks from their hubbies.

An hour went by and another, the lunch dragged on and on, of course the guys were full but they were hungry for something else. "Kripa let's go, I'm tired of sitting around and chatting, I think two hours is enough! Lets head back to the hotels and unpack our belongings!" he smirked and winked at Kripa mischievously, while with one hand he trailed his fingers on her back. Angad's sudden soft touch on Kripa's lower back was enough to drive Kripa into a frenzy, in seconds she was blushing hard. "Angad stop it!" Kripa whispered while hoping to keep her head clear. Angad smirked and with one swift movement trailed his leg up and down Kripa's leg. Kripa shuddered, he was driving her nuts in public and that was not good at all, anything was possible with him around and that was suddenly a bad thing.

"Hey everyone, let's head back to our hotels, we have to unpack our suitcases and get settled down for our three week stay! And then party!" Kumkum suggested noticing Kripa's position as Angad teased her and the desire to stay alone by all three men. "yes!" all the boys roared, quickly paid for the food, took their wives hands and rushed towards the car to drive back home. Riddhima blushed and turned to look at Kumkum and Kripa, both in the same position. "Wooohoooo time to go to a hardcore sleep!" Sumeet snickered. Kumkum elbowed him angrily and turned to look away but he just pulled her closer, and placed a soft kiss on her lips. That was unfortunately enough to melt her anger away.


Back at the hotel, all had different floors purposely chosen by the parents, of course having been on their own honeymoons and having to go through having their wives talk nonstop with one another was quite dreadful. "Wow Sumeet, the view from here is so beautiful!" Kummie spoke in awe, glancing at the gorgeous beach outside her window. The sun sparkled off the water, adding more beauty to the gorgeous blue water. Sumeet followed her gaze and walked near her, placing his arms around her waist from behind. Calmly he rested his chin on her shoulder, knowing exactly the affect he had on her. "it indeed is beautiful babe, but not more than you! I love you a lot, and baby you promised the first two nights and days are completely mine, after that we will do things your way!" he growled passionately, while placing soft kisses down her neck and shoulders.

With a swift movement, he twirled her around and stared into her gorgeous brown eyes, completely lost in the depth of them. He leaned in carefully while cupping her face and pulled her into another breathtaking kiss. Both lips worked as a perfectly planned choreography. The soft moans escaping both of their mouths, the need to be with one another and the absolute breathtaking movement was enough to drive them crazy. Slowly Sumeet's arms moved away from her face to her neck, down her shoulders and arms towards her waist, pulling her closer than before, not an inch of a gap separating both bodies from one another. While Kummie wrapped her long and beautiful arms around his neck pulling him closer, as she felt the love grow deeper in him.

In another swift movement, as if preplanned, Sumeet carefully carried Kummie in his arms, refusing to let go of her lips, towards the bed and laid her down gently, along with pressing his weight carefully on her. While his hands rushed towards the straps of her dress, pulling them down her shoulders, leaving her shoulders and upper chest bare. With a groan, Kummie pulled away breathless. Sumeet smirked and placed soft kisses around her neck and down to her chest feeling her milky soft skin. Kummie trembled with passion as both swayed to one another's movements…."I love you Sumeet!" Kumkum managed to say between the intoxicating kisses.


"Armaan, where are you?" Riddhima asked coming back out of the bathroom dressed in a knee length robe, her wet hair dangling off her shoulders. A soft whistle came from behind Riddhima, shocked she turned around and found Armaan dressed in jean shorts, and no shirt covering his body. Her eyes immediately looked away from his intense gaze and lingered towards his well toned body, the abs cut perfectly, the well built muscles and the beautiful tattoo on his arm. Damn did he look desirable even with a broken arm. He still needed another three weeks before he could get rid of that cast but with looks like that boy was he not going to heal anytime soon. Noticing Riddhima's gaze on his body, Armaan himself checked Riddhima out from top to bottom, his gaze stopping for a few seconds on her beautiful feminine curves. "Damn do you look sexci Riddz!" Armaan hollered and winked mischievously as he walked closer towards her.

Riddhima eyed him with curiosity, easily reading the need in his eyes and back away, every step he took she moved back, and then she did something she shouldn't have done. She looked into his eyes this time noticing nothing but love, and found herself walking towards him, both moving towards one another at the same time. What took Armaan by surprise was Riddhima looking at him lovingly. Armaan smiled at her and pulled her into a soft kiss, their lips moving together at the right moment. Riddhima smiled while Armaan kissed her back, but his warm breath was enough to knock her out of her senses, once again he had her lost. The kiss grew deeper and deeper, while both their hands roamed one another's bodies softly. Armaan's hands moved down towards Riddhima's waist, and quickly opened her robe, pulling it off revealing a white towel around her body. Enough to make him more hungry, her bare shoulders, and gorgeous legs were very intoxicating at the moment. Where as Riddhima's hands moved softly down his head towards his chest, and around towards his back, where she pulled him closer. Her nails digging into his back, driving him into a painful frenzy.

Their lips lingered near one another as both let go hoping to find air filling their lungs. Riddhima let go quickly and turned around. Armaan grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him, her back hitting his chest. He began placing soft kisses on her back and up her neck, while his hands moved up and down her stomach pulling her closer than she already was. "Ar..maan!" Riddhima gasped as Armaan twirled her around, her chest hitting his and in another elegant movement she found herself lip locked and being carried towards the bed with one arm.

Armaan smiled at Riddhima, pulling the sheets over both of him as he pulled the towel off of Riddhima….


Kripa smiled and looked away from the window, the beautiful sight outside her window had kept her gazing there for minutes. So lost in Hawaii's beauty she failed to notice Angad setting the room up. Shocked she glanced up and about, gorgeous red candles filled the room, and red rose and white rose petals created a pathway from where she stood to the bed. On the bed Angad had decked the sheets with red and white rose petals. She heard the curtains close in seconds. Smiling she turned around and found nothing. With a pout on her face she turned back around, the lights now dimmed, only the candles, and the fresh fragrance filled the room. She gasped it was a beautiful sight, so romantic that it was driving her crazy, Angad had managed to drive her crazy not only when they were alone but in public as well; she would have to think of way to keep him calm.

"Kripa, I love you!" Angad said from somewhere nearby, and immediately soft music filled the room, tears escaped Kripa's eyes as she took in another glance at the sight, the love she could easily hear in Angad's voice and for having him in her life. "yikes!" Kripa screamed when she found herself being twirled around and crashing into Angad's well built chest. "don't cry baby, this is all for you! I love you babe!" Angad said kissing away her salty tears. Kripa closed her eyes taking in the smell of his cologne and smiled. She loved him and he loved her, everything was suddenly perfect in their life except for one thing, but of course that could be dealt with later. Angad smiled noticing her distracted by his kiss and pulled her closer towards him while he placed kisses around her neck and shoulders. Kripa moaned with passion but need as well; she needed his soft lips on hers. And well he was very good at driving her crazy now too! "An…gad, d…ont me cra…zy!" Kripa managed to speak; where as Angad chuckled and understood her need. He pulled her into a passionate kiss, while carrying her towards their bed, the rose petals easily sending shivers on their intertwined legs. The depth of the kiss increased, as the magic grew and Kripa found herself rolling herself on top of Angad as she placed kisses on his chest, the shirt of course she had managed to rip off of him. Boy was she impatient! Angad chuckled thinking. Taking in the atmosphere and the love Angad had expressed Kripa slowed down.

Her lips lingering around his chest, and abs, anywhere possible enough to drive him crazy and that was enough….the next moment Kripa found herself underneath Angad as he showered her with love….


The day continued on and eventually Hawaii found itself covered by darkness. Too busy with other things on hand, the couples failed to notice as time went by…eventually around 4 in the morning, all three couples fell asleep in one another's arms, while dreaming about their love sessions. Where as back home, the parents slept sound asleep, not realizing as the upcoming storm would soon ruin their lives….someone who they considered family would cheat them because of a misunderstanding…

The next morning, rather afternoon all couples found themselves awake and engrossed in another love session, not bothering to do anything for the next two days until they could all go sightseeing, but I'm sure they were seeing enough sights all night long!!! [lol im sorry about the dirtiness of these parts!]

To be continued Monday…and this ff has about 10 parts left and an epilogue…yikes I like this ff the most hehe….and well I thought about it and although I hate writing romantic parts I had to write them because some people liked them…but please lol don't read the next 3 parts or so if your under 16.….however they will be loads funny, loads of actual outing and love sessions at night….yikes…I sound like a married woman and im not even old enough to write this stuff!!!! Lol….and thank you everyone for the wonderful comments since this ff has started…..please keep them coming, saara and I greatly appreciate each and every one of them…and if you have any questions concerning any of the parts feel free to ask…c= - sukhi n saara

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lol....great job hun...soo romantic...i love the possesiveness of the guys...haha...they got so jealous...aww...ur a good dont stop with the romantic parts...ur doin a good job...i loved it....cant wait for the next couple parts...and aww its gonna end in 10 parts?? hmmm...well it is an awesome fanfic...i think kripa thinks that dilip killed her she wants to take revenge...i mite be soo off...but its jus a job...and continue soon!!

Edited by Smileyface - 01 August 2008 at 6:27pm
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luvin it it was great
very romantic its sooo sweet
how the guys are lke sooo in luv wiv da grls
n da waiter scene was funny lol
very romantic part luvin it very nce lool
do updte sooon wunr hu is backstaber is
luv niz x
prabhi Groupbie

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awwhh.. tht was sucha romantic part..
haha tht was funny how the girls said tht about the waiter just to make their husbands jealous!..
grt part. plz continue soon Tongue
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amzngg n supercool prt.....d prt was terrific..
thnxx 4 d pm... update soon

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omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it was very nice yaar..................& very romantic lol
thanx for pm

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