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Ishq Vishq (AK-SK-AR) Epilogue p47 (Page 23)

nidha1983 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 July 2008 at 3:59am | IP Logged

really a nice one so sweetStar specailly the danceWinkEmbarrassed awwsome really too romanticEmbarrassedEmbarrassedBlushing please continue it soonClap and thanks for the pmEmbarrassed

"Log kahte hai kii jis se hum ne dosti ki hai
woh chand ka ek tukda hai
hum kehte hai ki jis se hum ne dosti ki hai
chand uus ka ek tukda hai!"

"Hum chahain bhi to bhula nahi sakte,
Teri yaadon say daaman chura nahi sakte,
Tere bin jeena aik pal bhi namumkin hay,
Tumhain chahte hain itna keh bata nahi sakte."


eternal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 July 2008 at 2:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by missypatel

ahahahah awesome!!!

finally tey r married!!yaaayyyy!!!

dt was niceee!!i wd hve liked 2 c kripa go wild!!;)

bt  d best was AR in Rz room...hahhah he was tlkin 2 d bed lol!! how cute!!!! LMAO!!

grt update u guys!!!! cant wait for d nxt 1!!!Clap

P.S - abt d thin dt u said abt guyz holdin n family cumes n all...mind explainin dt in a lil detail..never heard of it..m dead curious!! Cool
yeap they are married and lets see what happens now...hmm well dont worry there will be loads of romance, wild and passionate in teh next few parts....yeap i had to think hard about that lol..just wrote whatever i could think...anyways thanx for the comment dear; we appreciate it Embarrassed
Originally posted by meow23

omg d prty wa brilliant.. wot wer d gurls upto..
omg poor ridz she became d bed 4 a nite....hehe
 thnxx, 4 d pm.. update soon
thanx dear we're glad you enjoyed the part; no problem and will post a long part todayEmbarrassed
Originally posted by sony_123

amazing one. i loved reading it
thanx dear we're glad you enjoyed itTongue
Originally posted by sweet-niz

looool omg has ot b one of my favourite parts
wooow i luvd it the grls suducing al da boys
omg n den dem waking up dem parts i cudnt stp lauhgin
looool omg dat was just toooo goood luved it all
man im stil smiling lool it was great
men *sigh* lol greta wrk
updte sooon
luv niz x
yay! im glad niz it made it to your top fav...thats great newsBig smile wooohoooo yay i made ya laugh,...finallyWink...thanx niz we are glad you loved the part...will be posting a part todayEmbarrassed and im thinking im going to drag this ff just a bit lol....LOL
Originally posted by sweet honey

wonderful part...poor guuys getin all turnd on hehe....cnt wait 4 nex part...cont soon
thanx dear we are glad you loved the part...i know imagine hundreds of them lustful for 3 girls lol...will do and thanx againEmbarrassed
Originally posted by sujalangad_rock

fab part
finally all the problems have come to an end & all the couples r happy...
waiting for the next part
contiunue soon
thanx dear; yeap the problems are coming to an end...will post soon and thanx dear for the commentEmbarrassed
Originally posted by kvn1983

really a nice one so sweetStar specailly the danceWinkEmbarrassed awwsome really too romanticEmbarrassedEmbarrassedBlushing please continue it soonClap and thanks for the pmEmbarrassed

"Log kahte hai kii jis se hum ne dosti ki hai
woh chand ka ek tukda hai
hum kehte hai ki jis se hum ne dosti ki hai
chand uus ka ek tukda hai!"

"Hum chahain bhi to bhula nahi sakte,
Teri yaadon say daaman chura nahi sakte,
Tere bin jeena aik pal bhi namumkin hay,
Tumhain chahte hain itna keh bata nahi sakte."


thanx nidha we are glad you loved the part....and wonderful shayari i love them a lot...i cant wait to share your shayari with my cousin...she's asking everytime to read more...Embarrassed
thank you everyone for the comments. saara and i greatly appreciate them...and we will be continuing very soon...and good news i think im going to make this ff longer than i was hoping...i really love this one and as for my other ffs they are almost done...not too many parts left for destiny's salute and for eternal love just about 10 leftEmbarrassed - sukhi and saaraEmbarrassed
mishti4maan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 July 2008 at 2:46pm | IP Logged
hey.tht was some part.continue soon!!!!!!!
*F^a^i^z^a* Goldie

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Posted: 27 July 2008 at 3:32pm | IP Logged
lovely part; it was cute with the bachelors party thing but seems like the girls were bsu seducing which I'm sure there guys didnt liek, looking forward to the next part
eternal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 July 2008 at 6:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by samijan

hey.tht was some part.continue soon!!!!!!!
thanx so much dear we are glad you liked itEmbarrassed
Originally posted by *F^a^i^z^a*

lovely part; it was cute with the bachelors party thing but seems like the girls were bsu seducing which I'm sure there guys didnt liek, looking forward to the next part
thanx faiza, we're glad you liked it....nope well they like to keep the girls, their dancing and everything about them to themselvesLOL
eternal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 July 2008 at 6:57pm | IP Logged

Chapter 16:

"Kumkum? Kaha ho yaar, don't hide your beautiful face from me, you know how long I have thrived to just hold you in my arms, now please yaar come out!" Sumeet whined, slightly afraid of the quietness in the room. Kumkum sneaked from behind me and shut the door. Sumeet flinched, the door had just closed by itself and no one was there. Luckily he missed Kumkum walk away from the door seconds before. "Kummie, yaar this isn't funny, your creeping me out!" Sumeet spoke in a nervous tone.

"Kum.." Sumeet stopped speaking as he felt a familiar pair of warm hands on his chest, while Kumkum pressed herself against his back. The feeling of peace that gave to him felt to good to be true. He smiled and took her hand bringing her in front of him. "I love you kummie!" Sumeet said cupping her face and pressed a soft kiss against her slightly parted lips. "Sumeet" Kumkum managed to moan between the breathless kiss. "you are one horrible kisser, jeez your not supposed to leave me thirsting for me!" Kumkum blurted out without thinking. Sumeet smirked, "I always knew you wanted more, but don't worry babes we have all night! And not to forget our honeymoon!" he winked at a blushing Kumkum.

"Stop, you naughty hubby!" Kumkum managed to say before running away. "Uh uh uh! Not so fast my dear!" he spoke grabbing her arm and pulled her gently towards his chest where he caved in on her. "I finally caught you, so your not going anywhere, not until I have had my dinner! I'm quite hungry you see!" he winked at her and rubbed his stomach gently. Kumkum blushed and moved away only to find herself in a tighter hold. Slowly Sumeet turned his head to the side and rubbed her neck with his nose, placing kisses here and there.

With one hand he kept his hand on her waist, while with the other he pulled her dupatta gently away from her hair. Smiling he let her hair fall down in wavy tresses as he pulled her into another kiss and tugged on the knots of her blouse. With that he carried her carefully in his arms towards their bed where he laid her carefully down, pressing his weight gently…slowly the screen fades away….towards another couple..


Armaan walked into his room quietly, and found his lovable bride sitting quietly in the center of the bed. Her veil covering her gorgeous face; he sighed he was hoping to notice that first but unfortunately he was going to have to be traditional as for now. With a smile on his face, Armaan walked towards Riddhima and sat down inches away from her. His hands moved towards the top of her veil and he pulled it gently back; revealing her gorgeous face. "Wow Riddz.. You look AHHHHHHHH!" he let out a shriek.

Riddhima had been staring at him with cross eyes, and a bit ugly zit on her left cheek. "Damn Riddhima you grow a lot of things fast!" he let out a chuckle and proceeded to compliment her. "you are looking damn gorgeous, I just wanted to thank you for being a part of my life and my better half, so thank you!" Armaan spoke gently. Riddhima stared at him, slight tears forming in her eyes, she was just mad at him for his snickering comment and now she had melted like ice against fire. "You sure know how to play the cards right!" Riddhima spoke rolling her eyes. Armaan chuckled under his breath, and lifted her face gently with the pressure of his finger under her chin, "its because I love you so much, can't blame me now can you?"

"Sigh, it is so hard trying to be mad at you, but did I ever tell you I love you?" Riddhima asked innocently. Armaan chuckled she was being extremely innocent today. Sigh he was hoping to find his sexy and sensuous seducer waiting for him with a very steaming dance. "Looks like you wont be dancing for me, now will you?" Armaan asked thoughtlessly. Riddhima turned wide-eyed at him and glared. "So you were hoping for me to seduce you, were you? Is that right now?" She asked him with a hint of naughtiness in her voice which when unnoticed by Armaan.

"of course, that's what all husbands want, a woman who knows how to keep her husband under control by driving him crazy not only when they are alone but in public!" he laughed openly about his joke and stopped when Riddhima pushed him down on the bed, and pressed her body against his. He froze wow he was already drowned in her beauty. With a smile on her face Riddhima chuckled and traced his jaw line with a slow and steady movement, that traced down to his chest. Armaan shivered with happiness, "boy you sure do know how to put on a show!" he chuckled and waited but then froze again.

He was going to go crazy anytime soon, she was placing soft kisses on his open chest and on his neck. Armaan moaned with pleasure, she was driving him nuts already! Not that she didn't before their marriage, but there was only a certain level he could endure. His hands moved down to her waist as Riddhima pulled herself against Armaan's face and planted a long and breathless kiss on his slightly parted lips. With that, Armaan rolled over and placed his face into her neck placing soft kisses down to her heart.

The night carried on for this lovely dovey couple; but the screen faded towards the stars……and another couple.


Angad walked into his bedroom, tired for having to wear all the hot and heavy clothes and excited thinking about the upcoming events of the night. Taking a glance around he sighed, Kripa still wasn't in the room; and here he was dying to see her face, she probably was off somewhere chattering away and planning to ruin the most important night of his life. Sighing, he pulled off his shirt, revealing his well toned abs and a very much gorgeous tan. If looks could kill, actually if sexiness could kill this had to be the man to do it! [LMAO!]

Five minutes passed, ten minutes passed and the restlessness in Angad just kept growing, he was anxious and pretty much bouncing off the walls to find his bride, his other half in front of him. That was it when fifteen minutes passed by, he decided to call her. "Hello, Kripa where are you? I've been waiting for you for fifteen minutes, I need my moon, my stars my everything by me, especially for this special night of ours!" his voice suddenly turning deep and husky; literally sending shivers down Kripa's spine. "Angad, sorry I'll just be there in thirty seconds, its just that I had to do something first!" Kripa said standing right behind him. "Theek hai but please hurry fast jaan I'll go crazy without you!" he spoke passionately and turned around to find Kripa standing before him in her outfit yet with less jewelry than before.

Angad's eyes grew wide, "Bhoot!" he said as he heard the door being pounded. He rushed over to let his Kripa in when he found Naina bringing in some milk, "have a nice night!" she said laughing hard. Angad watched surprised, did his mother just seriously say that to him? Perhaps he was rubbing off on her way too much. "Kripa? How did you get in here?" Angad asked slightly afraid but casual about it. Kripa smiled at him and walked closer, "I was in the bathroom Angad, the jewelry was feeling a bit heavy so I was taking it off and yeah. Angad smiled at Kripa and walked near her while she walked back very much knowing that look. "Angad! Don't!" Kripa said with a shaky voice.

Angad chuckled and glanced at her head from toe, his eyes lingering on her curves just a bit. "You know Kripa, I could help remove more than just your jewelry!" he snickered. Kripa's eyes grew wide; and she burst out laughing. "You dirty hubby! But I love you! By the way have I ever told you what a sexci body you have!" Kripa said, her eyes lingering on his chest and well toned abs. with a swift movement her hand softly touched his chest and lingered towards his stomach. Angad moaned with pleasure, her touch felt so good. Kripa watched him amused, her touch rolling in her mouth as she walked closer to him; touching him softly here and there.

Desire to love Kripa finally overflowed in Angad; having her so close, it was hard. Chuckling under his breath he lifted her and carried her towards the bed, dropping her slightly. And shifted to let his weight fall on her but she rolled out of the way. Her dupatta came off while Angad tried to keep her near him. Without any shame Kripa chased him into their balcony. He followed like a lion deprived of his sleep, hungry for their touch together. "Kripa!" he growled as she kept sliding out of his arms while he tried to grab her waist.

Kripa ran around sticking her tongue at him and laughing and finally rushed back out to the balcony where the rain started to drizzle in small drops. Angad caught her aggressively, he was yearning for her, and here she was driving him nuts. She watched him with amused eyes as he pulled her into a rough kiss, parting her lips open. Finally when passion took over the kiss slowed down, and he carried her back to their bed…where the two love birds lay awake in one another's arms….


The next day, all three couples walked down the stairs, dressed elegantly, well not the guys. Riddhima walked down the stairs in a gorgeous black sari with blue traces of design on it, Kumkum walked down the other stairs dressed in a gorgeous red sari and Kripa followed closely behind in a blue and pink sari. All three newly wedded brides hoping to cover up the hickeys there husbands had given them the night before. "Good morning girls! And aww all of you are up quite early, we were just getting started with lunch at 3 in the afternoon!" Chetan snickered while remembering his first night and shook his head. "aww the good old days!" Veena smacked his arms and warned him with her eyes not to say more. Abhi glanced at Shalini and burst into laughs. Days of their youth were back, finally when Abhi couldn't control any longer, he screamed out, "its better then coming out at 6 in the afternoon two days after the marriage, what say Dilip?" Naina blushed deep and walked out of the room while all the kids turned to glance at their parents.

"Uncle perhaps that was far too much information for us to know about our parent's deeply personal life!" Angad said disgusted; but the idea wasn't bad he'd have Kripa with him all day all night if only she would agree. Kripa knowing his intentions turned around and him in lightly in the ribs. "Ouch, what was that for?" Angad whispered in her ears. Kripa winked at him and said, "I think I know your intentions too much!" she laughed and walked around helping all she could but purposely standing further away from one person in the room. Her eyes watched that person every movement with slight anger; with a deep sigh she put on a fake mask of happiness and walked around serving everyone, before sitting down next to Angad.

Riddhima turned towards the chair next to Armaan when suddenly, Armaan grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his lap hugging her tightly from behind. "Today you will feed me while I feed you back in my lap!" Armaan grinned wickedly. Chetan watched with bemused glances and turned towards a blushing Veena, laughing deeply he let out a whistle and said, "perhaps its time we get up and eat somewhere else, don't forget kids this is the dining table!" Abhi burst into laughs while the mothers choked on their food. Armaan turned grinning wickedly, and froze when Naina broke the news out to them. "Okay okay enough with the dirty side comments, now all of you are going on your honeymoon trip!" Armaan, Angad and Sumeet started hollering in the back throwing hi fives around the table while Riddhima, Kumkum and Kripa blushed a deep shade of red for their impatience. "ahem, all of you will be living in our beach house in Hawaii!" at this the trio of guys got up screaming loudly; and rushed over to their elders giving all of them hugs.


"Armaan hurry and please help me back please?" Riddhima called out to Armaan. Sulking Armaan walked in and helped her pack the stuff, one thing he hated a lot was packing what he really and truly wanted to do was romance with his very gorgeous and beautiful wife but she kept commanding him to do this or that. After ten minutes of helping her pack, armaan laid down and watched the ceiling deep in thought. Finally fed up with his laziness, Riddhima hit him with a bag and turned to walk out when he grabbed her wrist and pulled her on top of him. Gazing deep into her eyes he pulled her into a kiss; Riddhima however tried pulling back but the kiss made her forget what she was about to do; and what made everything worse was well his cool breath in her mouth. She was totally knocked out. "ahem! Ahem!" Kumkum coughed and turned around after noticing the condition of the room.

"I'm sorry I didn't see anything, but bhai yeah Sumeet is calling you, he says its very important!" Kumkum spoke and quickly rushed out the room while Riddhima and Armaan straightened themselves out. Riddhima on the other hand blushed a bit and then laughed hitting armaan's head. "I love you!" and she pulled him into another kiss before kicking him towards Sumeet's room. "Riddhima, open the door I forgot my stuff in their!" Armaan asked helplessly hoping to catch some alone time with his beautiful wife. "to bad so sad!" she called back and finished packing. Armaan grimaced, "isse sumeet ke bache ko main nahin chodunga!"

Meanwhile, in Angad and Kripa's room, the love and romance was skyrocketing. Angad walked into the room completely oblivious to the fact that Kripa had just walked out of the bathroom with a second shower to loosen her tight muscles, hoping somehow that the hot water would calm her down. "Damn baby!" Angad let out a whistle and checked her out from top to bottom, there she stood in front of him dressed in a towel that read her mid thighs. He quickly closed the door and locked it turning back to find Kripa just heading back into the bathroom with her clothes. He laughed and quickly caught her wrist, she turned crashing into his chest.

"you know you are driving me crazy, you really do know how to seduce someone, man especially your husband!" he winked and laughed pulling her into a soft kiss. "Angad, chodo we have to get ready for the flight in like five hours! So please leave me naa!" Kripa asked innocently but Angad was far from being done. "Hmmm….naa!" and with that came on another kiss filled with passion. This time Kripa responded back with just as much as heat, not realizing when Angad grabbed her sari and threw it on the bed and had carried her towards the bathroom. Slowly he carried her into the shower, throwing off her towel while he continued kissing her.

Two hours later both Angad and Kripa walked out of the bathroom dressed in towels, and covered in hickeys. "Angad now look what you've done I only have half an hour to get dressed before I have to pack the last few clothes!" Kripa whined, Angad turned to glance at her, "you know you could just go like that and I could dress you!" he snickered and pulled her into another kiss but this time Kripa pushed him back and got ready. "wifey, don't be so cruel!" Angad said calling after her.


"Riddhima are you ready?" Armaan asked a shy Riddhima. She had been blushing the last few moments because of his naughtiness. "Give me a sec please!" Riddhima said and rushed into the bathroom, seconds later coming out in a gorgeous summer dress. Armaan watched totally in love. LOL! "Riddhima, I think it's a bad idea if you try and make your husband hungry just minutes before we have to board our honeymoon trip!" he said with his mouth wide open. Riddhima blushed and turned around placing her necklace around her neck, when Armaan walked near her and hooked it together, purposely touching her skin softly to send shivers rolling down her spine.

"Okay Armaan, please stop I know you! Now let's go! I don't want to miss the honeymoon, there is loads of sightseeing to see!" Riddhima squealed with excitement at the mere thought of it while Armaan smirked. "you bet ya, there will be loads of sightseeing for me and you to catch up on!" he winked and checked her out from top to bottom making Riddhima flush in response.


"Sumeet are you ready to go?" Kumkum asked calmly. Sumeet turned around dressed in shorts and a white beater, "you beat ya!" he said checking her out from top to bottom. She too was dressed in a summer dress, pink and white floral designs on it, just reaching her knees. Kumkum flushed and walked passed him to grab her bags, when Sumeet grabbed her wrist and pulled her gently towards him. "I think I have a new plan, how about instead of sightseeing we both just spend the entire day and night doing something physical, how about it? As you can see I am quite hungry for you!" Sumeet snickered wickedly. Kumkum hit him lightly on his arms, "why are you making me blush so much today, don't you think I have been way too red today?" she asked innocently.

Sumeet glanced at her one last and chuckled, "baby if you think is bad wait until our honeymoon starts, the minute we step in the first two days and nights are mine!" he winked at her, and took her hand rushing down the stairs.

TO BE CONTINUED…3 week honeymoon…and some tension back home….thanx everyone for the previous comments we appreciate each and every one of them…. Will post a part on Tuesday!!! And this is the last romantic part I am ever writing ever again!!! I hate this stuff lol….C= sukhi and saara

prabhi Groupbie

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Posted: 27 July 2008 at 7:40pm | IP Logged
wow i loved tht partWink
it was funny and cuteTongue
but i was confused in one part where their all at the dining table, and kripa is walking around and.."Her eyes watched that person every movement with slight anger; with a deep sigh she put on a fake mask of happiness and walked around serving everyone"
who are you talking about there??^^
overall i LOVEDDD tht partt.. plz continue soonClap
yogzz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 July 2008 at 4:10am | IP Logged
omg it was awesome yaar
it was too gud
u rocked it once again guys
hats off 2 u
u left me speechless

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