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Ishq Vishq (AK-SK-AR) Epilogue p47 (Page 17)

meow23 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 July 2008 at 12:09am | IP Logged
amznggggggggggg n superduper prt... reallyy luvd it.. thnxx, 4 d pm. update soonn Smile Smile

brainychild92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 July 2008 at 12:23am | IP Logged
so it was all dilip.. cucz he was happy when surya died.. or was it that he was happy cuz he proposed for AK wedding??   plz continue this fanfic asap.. i love it. especially the confessions!! amazing work 2 it..
*F^a^i^z^a* Goldie

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Posted: 11 July 2008 at 2:27am | IP Logged
awesome part; glad armaan and ridz are togetehr, I hope angad kripa close the distance between themselves
nidha1983 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 July 2008 at 5:15am | IP Logged
really a nice one so sweetEmbarrassedyaar ur too good please continue it soon

"The hardest thing in life is watching someone you love , loving someone elseCry"

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MS-meghasharma IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 July 2008 at 11:04am | IP Logged
great part
hope ak gets together like ar and same goes for sk
eternal IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by sweet-niz

woooooooooooooow dey finaly confessed
didt dat cumin dat was amazing
nt poor angad n kripa so hope
dey sort it out luvin ur ff
its a shame u have to finish it
bt lkin 4wrd to da updtes great wrk
luv readin ur ff

nizma x

lol i know; was waiting for it for so long lol....aww thanx dear...i do too perhaps in two more parts the reason for their separation will be sorry but dont worry theres like 20-25 parts left...long ones of course...thanx again saara and i appreciate itEmbarrassed

Originally posted by hyperash

wow....2 of the couples AK havto to confess...luved it...par arman aya kahan se??im confused! lol Smile the part was interesting...
dooo continue sooon
thnks for the pm...keep em cumin Wink
luvss aashna

i know lol its amazing, now just waiting for problem....and thanx aashna for loving our ff...means loadsTongue

Originally posted by Veiledbeauty

oooooo Another one!!!! LOL LOL just read part 11... hehe.. got lucky didn't i... read the confession before anything else... though.. i just skipped over to AR parts Embarrassed Embarrassed I must say it was aweeeeeesomeee!!! Cont soon!


lol zuzu...silly you...ahah thats great glad you enjoyed it...thanx again and we are glad you enjoyed itEmbarrassed

Originally posted by 2113

wow...amazing...dat was soooo cute...very well written...hats off to u Clap i cud almost feel d passion while readin thru...keep on writin....n thanx for d pm Big smile

thanx glad you liked it...and please do continue commenting ...Embarrassed

Originally posted by meow23

amznggggggggggg n superduper prt... reallyy luvd it.. thnxx, 4 d pm. update soonn Smile Smile

thank you dear we appreciate your comment loads...glad you liked itEmbarrassed

Originally posted by brainychild92

so it was all dilip.. cucz he was happy when surya died.. or was it that he was happy cuz he proposed for AK wedding??   plz continue this fanfic asap.. i love it. especially the confessions!! amazing work 2 it..

thanx dear and as for dilips part we shall find out soonEmbarrassed

Originally posted by *F^a^i^z^a*

awesome part; glad armaan and ridz are togetehr, I hope angad kripa close the distance between themselves

thanx faiza...they will in means time....and thanx again from both of usEmbarrassed

Originally posted by kvn1983

really a nice one so sweetEmbarrassedyaar ur too good please continue it soon

"The hardest thing in life is watching someone you love , loving someone elseCry"

awww nidha thanx dear...we are glad you liked it....i know that is very true....let see what happens with ak...will they unite or spread further apart?OuchEmbarrassed

Originally posted by deeya123

great part
hope ak gets together like ar and same goes for sk

thanx deeya...all couples are together except for ak...lets see what saara has planned for themWink

thanx everyone for the wonderful commentsClapClap..saara and i truly appreciate them as they keep us means a lotEmbarrassedEmbarrassed and since its been two days since i last posted...i'll post todayLOLLOL a very long part like the previous part...from now on all parts will be like that...Embarrassed - sukhi n saaraEmbarrassed

eternal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 July 2008 at 8:21pm | IP Logged
next part up in a few minutes... Embarrassed Embarrassed
eternal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 July 2008 at 8:22pm | IP Logged

Chapter 12:

"Kripa, I think its time we had a chat…so many things have gone wrong in the past; and I don't think its great for both of us as its affecting our present and future…now will you please not interrupt and let me explain the truth to you? I don't know if you love living in pain without me and hating me but I surely don't. Everyday I have to met your accusation filled gaze and I believe its just something I can't deal with longer. Seeing you like that; believing in all those lies…..not believing me…or asking me the truth; yeah its made us both stubborn refusing to speak first but I think I have had ENOUGH! NOW I want you to listen up alright?" Angad spoke with harsh bitterness in his voice; the years of pain well actually two years of pain, away from Kripa despite being very near was enough to kill his ego and clear out all misunderstandings…even if it meant he had lost the stubborn game.

Kripa narrowed her eyes, not wanting to listen. One half of her wanted to listen; but the other flashed back into the past, everything that had happened in those two months all of it….stopped her. Angad continued, surprised she hadn't spoken so he took it as a yes that she too wanted to clear out their problems but that's when she put her hand up. "Enough, I don't want to hear anything Angad, although a part of me does the other half that had to live through what you did….doesn't….you killed me; the pain you gave was worse than dying….you came into my life to bring the light, but you left giving pain and now your back to wipe my tears away, to clear out the misunderstandings…WHO GAVE YOU THAT RIGHT? Wasn't it you who forced ME to leave you? After everything you did Angad, how can you expect me, let alone any girl to not leave you? There is a certain level of pain anyone can take Angad and what you did…..I'm surprised I am standing in the same room as you rather than in a graveyard DEAD! I mean who wants to live after what you did? But my pain doesn't really matter now does it…everyone just continues to hurt me…." she stopped, the tears forcing themselves down her eyes while Angad stared at her incredulously. She had told him everything through those unclear words.

"Kripa, listen to me; I never did anything!" he tried moving towards her but Kripa screamed, and forced to step back. "DON'T, don't come near me, stay away from me! I can't and will not live through what you forced me into two years ago! Not that again!" and with that she ran out of the room crying.

Angad stood their motionless, there was about two weeks or less until the marriage and Kripa and him had still not fixed their relationship up; how was he going to bring this broken relationship back if Kripa refused to hear the truth out. He frowned, one way or the other he would get his Kripa back; the one whom he loved and she loved. "Kripa I promise you, your Angad will make you realize the truth in the next twenty four hours, if I fail to do so I will leave and never come back!" his eyes intense with fury, agony and a commitment to fulfill.


"Kumkum, you know you surprised me; I thought you hated me since we were younger? I mean come on now you would always think so cheap of me and now suddenly you tell me you love me, I think we need to have you checked up!" Sumeet teased; while Kumkum glared back at him and playfully slapped him. "Sumeet!" exactly how she used to say his name when both were younger. He would pull her hair and she would whine, and pout, waiting hours, using the silent treatment for hours to force him to apologize. Sumeet laughed to himself, watching her and nodded negatively, she still was the same old same old; only difference today was she had grown into a beautiful woman, not only physically but mentally. So pure, so lovable and yet innocent. He smiled as he looked into her eyes and pulled her into an unexpected side hug, resting his head on her soft hair. "I love you Kumkum!"

Kumkum blushed and whispered, "I love you too! I love you too!" both gazed at the sky; the sun setting at the knick of time on the cool and sandy beach. Peace, love, and happiness filled the air; like the descending sun; a new ray of hope grew in the couple. Without realizing it, it was the marriage that brought them together, they were not even engaged and it was the beautiful word marriage that managed to bring such a couple together; to make them realize their true feelings.

"Sumeet, lets go for a stroll right here, please?" Kumkum asked him. He looked down at her, nodded his head and grabbed a protective and yet soft hold on her hands, while both walked silently hand in hand on the beach reaching towards the sunset. Sumeet turned to gaze at her, her face so innocent, the smile spread on her lips, growing wider at the sight of the sunset, and a slight red blush appearing on her cheeks as she felt his eyes on her. He smiled, right now was the perfect timing, to do what he wanted to. He didn't care if they were going to get married in two weeks, he wanted to make this special his way rather than making it appear as an arranged marriage, love marriage sounded much, much and much better.

He chuckled to himself before stopping; Kumkum turned to look at him, startled by his sudden stop; she questioned him with her eyes but he just nodded slightly and bent down on one knee. She froze; this really couldn't be happening; "Kumkum, since childhood, I hated you so much because you always said the meanest things to me, well rather we both did; I loved pulling your hair, you would pout and whine until I apologized, now that we are older, you kept a wrong impression of me on your mind, but yet your beautiful smile always amazed to take my breath away. I truly do not know how long ago you fell in love with me; but if it weren't for you, we wouldn't be today. You realized, I didn't. Over the last few days, you and I became best friends, I couldn't even pick my clothes by myself now that you were so used to doing that for me; I missed you when I went out to the clubs or hung out with some girlfriends…..I had eyes only for you; I cared for you but never realized what it truly was until three days ago you told me you loved me; and then I knew I loved you too, seeing the tears in your eyes hurt me, seeing the smile on your face made me want to smile….all I can say is….I might be late in understanding my emotions, but somehow you seem to understand them before I do…so will you Ms. Kumkum Malik, marry me and become my wife, my life, my love, my everything as Mrs. Kumkum Sumeet Wadhwa?"

Kumkum stared at him Sumeet tear eyed, she couldn't believe it, in the last three days she had felt paradise, the love in his eyes growing deeper, happiness and everything and now today he was proposing to her. She smiled, blinking the tears away, and nodded yes. Sumeet broke off into a smile, and placed a gorgeous white diamond engraved with "SK" ring on her third finger. "I love you!" he whispered in her ears before planting a kiss on her soft lips. Their engagement was official…..and so was their love.


"Armaan, do you need a pillow, is your arm hurting, do you want me to call the doctor? Does it hurt, baby?" Riddhima bombarded Armaan with questions just as he laid down on his bed. He watched with amazement at her, here she was fussing about him when she should have been resting as well; she too was involved with accident; thankfully she was wounded much less than him. But still she needed just as much rest. He sighed as he watched her run around trying to do everything at once; finally fed up with her, he took hold of her arm and pulled her towards him. "I have my pillow now!" he said in a deep and husky voice.

Riddhima stared back at him, blushing slightly, true the pillow was soft but what she felt in his arms was much much softer. She blushed and rested her head against the headboard as he laid his head down in her lap; glancing at her every now and then. "Riddhima, don't you think this all happened quite fast, I was actually thinking you would never realize you loved me; not that I thought you loved me at all, but I did fear every now and then that you would never love me…" Riddhima stopped him by pressing her soft and warm palm against his mouth cautiously.

Armaan turned to look at her, she seemed troubled, perhaps the conversation had been kicked off the wrong way. He tried starting again but she nodded understandingly. "Armaan, all I know is the day you told me you loved someone, that was the day I truly began feeling something for you, although it hurt to know you didn't love me….and after that I grew more attracted and accustomed to you, it was like you were in my every breath, we were meant to be…and then I knew one night as I watched you sleep soundlessly you were the man of my dreams…..the man I loved truly…and with this accident, when I didn't see you come out, I felt suffocated, as if my entire reason to exist had been snatched away from me. I will always love you Armaan, more than anything, trying to imagine my life without you now will be harder than anything….anything" she spoke through silent sobs.

Armaan smiled and wiped away her tears; she smiled back. Slightly he raised himself and startled Riddhima. She blushed as he placed a soft kiss on her cheek; somehow managing to make it full of love and passion. She looked down refusing to meet his eyes; he waited but she didn't. Slightly annoyed, he put his hand under her chin and raised her face to an angle that both stared at one another.

Armaan flashed her a cheeky smile, and blew her a kiss; Riddhima looked away laughing softly, he never managed to blow her away, somehow making every moment magical. As if she had finally found her prince…."I love you Armaan!" Riddhima said slightly breathless, had she been holding her breath. Of course she would have been, what with Armaan touching her softly on her arms and her face, of course that were to arouse some feelings in her. Armaan chuckled under his breath, and got up carefully with one arm. His other arm had been damaged to a degree that he was forced to wear a cast for a few months; during the accident his arm had slammed against something hard, and cracked a bone apart, which eventually cut the flesh open, exposing the thing. It was painful but one glance at Riddhima cleared all his pain away.

"I love you too! Now let's go shopping, I want my baby to have the best outfit, ring and everything she wants for our "magical" wedding!" he smirked as she glanced up surprised, how did he know about her magical part. She chuckled under her breath, and leaned forward placing a soft kiss on his lips. He reciprocated after a moment or two of being startled….


"How am I going to prove the truth to Kripa, I don't have any evidence other than my statement, myself, no one; how am I going to prove the truth for the first half?" Angad questioned himself; while he sat alone on the porch, wracking his brain for any person who could help him prove the truth to Kripa. And then it hit him like a boulder, of course she was the only person who could tell him the truth; she was the one who forced her to think so low of him and she would tell the truth. "I will get you back Kripa, at any cost, I cant live without you longer, and I need you back, desperately!" his voice cracked, he missed her too much to loose her again.

"Hello, Rakhi, I need you to come here, yes its about that matter, no you are the one who lied to her, I am surprised a woman like you would stoop so low! Either you tell her the truth or I take you to the police for lying so many times and of course…because I can come up with one reason or another just to get your hideous, I meant yeah that's what I meant self in the jail; why thank you of course, I want you here in the next lets say half hour!" Angad roared the last bit slightly dramatically; and began waiting.

The next morning, the stupid, short, hideous, tramp walked into my home, dressed up in tight jeans and a small shirt. I gazed at her disgusted, first she came late and on top of that one look at her made me want to puke. That was enough for one day. Looking away I grabbed her arm and rushed towards my car, pushing her in, while I roared off towards Kripa's home. Quickly I parked outside the front door and rushed in, not bothering to ring or knock or anything. I ran up the stairs with the hideous tramp behind me panting, and sweating for just running two minutes, she's lucky I didn't make her run then entire 10 minute distance. I snickered to myself, and banged on Kripa's door.

After five minutes, Kripa walked out in a knee length skirt and a pink tube top. I stared back in amazement, damn how did she pull this off, so darn gorgeous and yikes…shut up Angad, we are here to bring you two back together, now say the truth! "Kripa, we HAVE TO TALK! If you don't want to believe, I believe that you'll believe her….ugh I sound like a stupid formal English teacher, yo what I mean is just listen alright, just once and if you don't want to believe me, at least I tried and I will never ever come across you ever again, understand, now shut up and listen!" Angad ordered, forcing Kripa back into her room and pushed her roughly towards the bed, while he pulled Rakhi towards Kripa; who to every ones non-amazement fell on Kripa; "get off of me!" Kripa screamed at Rakhi; she quickly scrambled to her feet and began speaking.

"Kripa, I think what Angad is trying to do, you should listen, it was all a lie, that I made, I didn't want you two to come together so I said that Angad did all that. The truth is Angad never did anything just to get his hand on your property….." Kripa stopped her by slapping her; that was it, she had done it, "I don't want to hear anything from you anymore, you can get the hell out before I do something you don't want me to do! And as for you Angad I need to speak to you privately!" Kripa hollered. Rakhi stepped out quickly while Kripa turned to Angad, "go ahead and start…" Angad nodded and began.

"Kripa the truth is, I never fell in love with you just because I wanted bade-papa's wealth, oh come on, do you think I would seriously want money, when the girl of my life and dreams was before me? I could never think of hurting you, never. I don't know what happened but the two weeks before our marriage was to happen, everything had gone out of proportion, I never touched you inappropriately, and I never tried hurting you, I promise you that Kripa. The truth is Kripa I wanted to marry you because I loved you…..I remember coming home and something about your behavior had changed, you were unusually cold to me…did you think so highly of me that you would seriously think I would hurt your feelings just for a billion dollar company…never Kripa, never! I never did, and I never will Kripa! And then….after you broke the marriage off, I tried to talk it out with you why all the sudden you decided to break the marriage off, and then you hit a nerve. You threw so many accusations at my face that night, that everything got out of control, and I cant believe I ….I tried to rape you…so lost in my frenzy, I tried to hurt you…that was my first mistake, but believe me Kripa, I didn't rape you….I stopped as soon as I realized what I was doing and what my anger was doing to me…but by then you thought it was too late…you had stopped moving, you had completely frozen as if I had managed to be….what I am saying is, I left before I ….I never did Kripa, I never did! And if you still don't believe me I don't know how to prove to you…but one way is…you never got pregnant, and if you still don't believe me…then im not sure what to do….I tried and now its up to you to believe the truth….I never wanted to hurt you but it hurts to be accused of a false lie…and im sorry…" Angad spoke trying to remain calm but broke half way through; with an abrupt turn he walked away and rushed down the stairs into his car and drove off.

While Kripa stood frozen in her room, he never…but… "Angad you never touched me? That was….I …why? Why Kripa?" Kripa spoke to herself just seconds before breaking down, how could she have possibly accused him of something so low when she should have realized he would never have done that…and the years she spent without him without any clue what the truth was…

"Im so sorry Angad, I am so sorry, I should have trusted you…but I refused to do so….how will I ever face you….! What hurts is I still love you and despite loving you caused you so much pain…!" Kripa cried her eyes out on her bed….


"I tried Kripa, but you still didn't believe me, no phone call, no visit….I guess its too late, you don't believe me…..I'll leave forever, I will leave right now!" Angad spoke to himself, grabbing his bags, his passport and rushed down the stairs waving goodbye to everyone from a distant and left to the airport…never wanting to come back again. An hour after he pulled out the drive way and rushed towards the airport in tears, Kripa drove up to his drive way and ran into the house asking for Angad. When no one was able to answer, Kripa rushed up to his room, and found some items missing, his clothes, his passport…she stopped, rushed back down the stairs, "no no, Angad don't…please don't!" and ran towards her car, driving off in full speed towards the airport…where her beloved decided to leave her…

To be continued…thank you everyone for the previous comments since this ff has started….I am so sorry for making everyone wait so long…but I guess it is time to reveal a portion of the truth so that AK will try and fix their differences, SK are together as well as AR, truly in love but will AK be able to do that as well or will an EKTA style leap distance both apart?? Well you'll have to wait for the next part…however SAARA and I are very happy that all of you have loved this ff immensely….so far…and don't worry this ff still has another 20 long parts left…like this one perhaps longer lol….it should have more parts but I have a deadline to meet as next year will be crucial… thanx again for the comments everyone…it keeps us encouraged…- sukhi

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