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Ishq Vishq (AK-SK-AR) Epilogue p47 (Page 15)

eternal IF-Rockerz

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sorry everyone i havent been able to post...on thursday was sick and yesterday was up and about because of fourth of july and when i tried posting late at night my laptop crashed...lost all my files, ff, skool pissed right now so it'll take a while before i post....Angry


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awww sorry to here dat
i kno wot u mean
wen ma laptop crashed
omg Angry
tke ur time
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its ok
v will b waiting
eternal IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 11:

"Kripa? Kahan ho yaar? Mujhe tum isse silsilay mein kuch baat karni thi!" Angad called out to Kripa; looking in any direction possible to find her; but she was no where. He had checked the entire house, called her and checked the garden but she was no where in view. "Kahan gayi yeh ladki; sach mein ek din mujhe maar daalegi!" the frustration clearly visible in his voice, leading to panic.

Hours later, the entire Wadha, Khanna and Malik family stood in the middle of the living room panicked. It had been six hours since Kripa's disappearance and yet she still was nowhere to be found. "Angad did you call her cell, and you checked the entire house, did you?" Dilip asked Angad. Angad nodded, "yeah dad, I checked the entire house, called her cell, looked in the front and backyard but she isn't anywhere… I think we should call the police, she has been missing for a while now; its about time we ask them for help!" he spoke calmly as if none of this bothered him. "Angad, jaldi karo!" Dadi's spoke tensed; "mujhe meri bachi mere samne chaaye!" she broke off into silent sobs.

"Hello, police station? Ha mujhe ek report likhwaani hai!"

Meanwhile, someone walked in casually, noticing everyone tensed. Areh yahaan kya ho raha hai? She thought to herself, chalo dekh te hai. Approaching Angad, she listened casually while the others stared at her angrily. She shushed them to listen carefully to Angad. "Kisse phone kar rahe ho?" she asked. Angad replied without glancing at her; "Police station?" the girl asked surprised, "Lekin kyun?" Angad frowned, this girl was getting on his nerves, "main phone kar raha hoon kyun ki" he turns around, "Kripa?"

"Sorry, kuch ni, thank you for the help anyway!" Angad quickly shut the phone and glared at Kripa, while she broke off into hysterics. "Wow, Angad, tumhe apni shakaal dekhni chaaye thi; gosh mere paas camera hota, toh shayad jo video baanti uski waja se much ek lakh ruppee milte 'Indian's funniest home videos' ki waja se!" she continued laughing while the others laughed silently with her. But then stopped, Dadi approached her, "Kahan chali gayi thi meri ladli?" Kripa smiled at her and pulled her into a hug, "Dadi main toh balcony par thi; bas yuhi wahaan thi! Lekin aap laug itne pareshaan kyun dikh rahe hai? Hua kya tha? Jo police ki madat lenhi padhi?"

Angad glared at her, "tum balcony par nahin thi, maine tumhe wahaan dhunda bhi tha!" Angad spit the words out with anger. Kripa narrowed her eyes, "tumhe kya lagta hai ke main kahaan thi, mujhe nahin pata ke tum aande ho ke nahin lekin main WAHAAN thi! Maine keh diya so keh diya!" Kripa fired back and stuck her tongue at him before turning to walk away. "Kripa, ruko, ab kyunki tum sab yaheen ho mujhe lagta hai ki ye sahi waqt hai tum sab ko batane ka ke yeh shaadi ek mahine baat ho gi!" Dadi spoke halfheartedly.

"Kya?" Sumeet, Kumkum, Armaan, Riddhima spoke in frustration, was it? Where as Angad, screamed, "nahin!" all eyes turned to him, he blushed, "I can't keep doing this, I only had 7 days left until my barbadi, and now 30 days to think about the upcoming end to my life!" he covered up quickly not realizing the stares Kripa threw at him. Dadi frowned, "just you wait Angad, I am upset but in the end you three couples will be together, and you promised!" she complained as if she were a ten year old child asking for her candy.


"Ab main kya Karun, isse ladki ki waja se main pagal hota jaa raha hoon!" Angad screamed at himself frustrated. "What is your problem?" Kripa spoke startling Angad from behind; he turned around and gazed at her. She was upset and was hiding back a smile; well that's what it looked like from here. "tumse matlab?" angad mumbled and turned to walk away; when Kripa did the unexpected, she grabbed his arm and spoke, "mujhse matlab hai toh puchna hi padega, hai ke nahin?"

Angad turned around surprised, he had not expected for Kripa to do that, well clearly he seriously never thought in his entire life she would ever touch him again after…he shuddered he hated those memories. Something that never gave happiness but only pain; Angad closed his eyes and turned around opening them slightly. "What do you want?" he growled. Kripa smiled, and pulled him into a hug; shocking him yet again; "this is for refusing to marry me, thank you, you made my life ever so much easier…not!" she mumbled the last bit to herself. Angad frowned, he loved her, why didn't she understand that? "Get away from me right now, before I do something you don't want me to!" he grew angrier by the second, he loved her how long would it take for her to realize that.

"Kyun, tumhe ajeeb lagta hai na? kitne saal baad maine tumhe chuha aur wo bhi isse thara? Ha mujhe bhi nahin yakeen ho raha, lekin maine kiya…!" Kripa spoke before turning around, "aur waise bhi, tumhe toh kush hona chaaye, tumne mere saat jo kiya uske baad bhi main tumse baat kar rahiye hoon; maine tumhe chuha…" Angad stopped her, putting his hand up, grabbed her by the hand and pushed her against the wall, "isme meri koi galati nahin agar tum sach jaane bina jeena chaati ho, waise bhi…kher chodo tumhe kya farak padta hai…tum unhe par kyun vishwas karo gi jin par tum kehti thi ki I love you!" he snapped back. "ha ha! Kyun yakeen Karun main tumhara? Tumhe mujhe kahin ka nahin chodo, you damn it used me….why? Actually I already know the reason for that….damn you angad I cant believe you would do something so low and then say you did nothing….kher chodo this is your fitraat..! Tum dhono ek hi jaise ho..sharam aati hai mujhe ke maine tumhe pyar kiya…of all the damn people on this world I fell in love with you…and only to end up broken, lifeless, and ugly! Thank you for showing me people like you exist in this world…now you know why I hate you so much and every other guy besides my father! Who no longer is with me…!"

Angad stared back amazed, before shouting, "get out before I do something you don't want me to do!" Kripa snapped back, "ha ha, phir se karo jo tumhe tab kiya tha…barbaad karo na jaise pehle kiya tha….tumhe kya farak padta hai ke main zinda hoon bhi ya nahin…"[she was cut off with a loud slap] Angad had slapped her…he loved her and now here she was accusing him of betrayal when she had been the one who had done it…he had never done anything that she was saying….he stood shaking with fury, his face bright red. "get out of my room damn it, before I hit you again…! It was time you got one of it anyways…perhaps then your stupid pathetic mind would learn the truth!" he threw sharp words at her. Kripa looked up finally staring into her eyes, as the tears of pain, fury, anger, hurt and betrayal ran down her eyes. The pain gushed down her eyes, she flinched; and moved her hand towards her mouth, from the side of her lip blood was beginning to drizzle down the sides. Angad stared frightened, he had never wanted to do that…..hoping she would say something he moved away but instead gave him one more look of pain before rushing out the door in sobs.

"Kripa….!" he called out to her running behind her but she was faster… and left the house before he could get to her….getting into her car she drove off…away from there away from all pain back HOME…her home not theirs.


Meanwhile, another week and a half went by, the wedding had been cancelled apparently because it was a horrible day to get married and the preparations were not possible for three weddings at once. However during this week, Armaan and Riddhima were told to drive down and get some clothes and look for rings. "Armaan, I know I have already asked you this, but are you willing to marry me although you love someone else?" Riddhima asked him. He looked at her skeptically, what had brought on this new change. "Riddhima why do you care? Yeah I love her a lot, but she doesn't love me…..I have no room for anyone but her in my heart…if you wish you can cancel this wedding…I don't want for you to be forced down into a wedding where there is no room for you in my heart!" his heart broke at the last word. How was he to tell her she was the one for whom he yearned for ….all the time he wished he could hold her in his arms and just tell her that he loved her.

Riddhima stared back at him, the lump in the back of her throat forcing to gush out again, that had brought back horrible memories. For the past few days she had been thinking about him too much, hoping to see any changes in him that would say he lied but no he clearly didn't love her; and had point blank said the truth. That pained, although they were best friends it hurt to know he didn't even want her one bit. She blinked her eyes continuously and bit her lip to hide the pain; while looking out the window. Armaan turned to look at her and found her in pain. He reached towards her and that's when it took place…the car swerved out of the lane while another truck came straight at them.

BAM! Riddhima and Armaan both crashed against the dashboard, the car swerving between all the lanes and hitting another before it came to a stop. That was the end of their story or was it? Moments later a crowd gathered around them, trying to find any survivors. Luckily they were able to pull out Riddhima, somehow she had not been hit to hard. Just some slight scratches on her arms and face. Coming back to consciousness, she screamed for armaan. "Armaan, armaan kaha ho tum?" she cried her heart out. She rushed towards the car hoping to find him but then the unexpected happened the car burst into flames. "Armaan!!!!!!!!!!!!" she rushed forward yet once again but was pulled back by the others.

"nahin, ARMAAN mujhe chod kar maat jao! Please armaan…..please maat jo!" she cried her heart out falling to the ground in tears. "I love you armaan, please ek baar wapas aa jao, mere liye, please armaan….main jaanti hoon tum mujhse pyaar nahin karte lekin please ek baar wapas aa jao!" she sat there while the ambulance rushed towards her; she frowned, "main teek hoon mujhe kahiye nahin jaana!" she broke off screaming at them. All rushed towards the car hoping to find the driver but nothing was left except for ashes.


"Kumkum, kya tum mere saat…shopping karne chalo gi, please?" Sumeet asked a silent Kumkum. She had been sitting quietly in his room for an hour not speaking, not moving not even blinking when he turned to look at her. "Kumkum!" he screamed in her ear, she merely flinched and turned to look at him when she had not responded. "Kya hua?" she asked slightly tensed. He stared back amazed at her innocence and beauty. Somehow she was the only one to pull off such powerful emotions at once, that got his heart racing.

"Umm, maine kaha mere saat shopping chalo gi, Angad aur Armaan bhi yahaan nahin hai to please chalo naa!" he begged slightly; he was aching to spend some time with her rather than stare at her all day; although that wasn't such a bad idea but he wanted to be able to see her fuss about him and speak to him. He frowned when she just blinked, got up and left the room. "Kumkum!" he screamed after her but she just walked faster; until she got in his car and sat facing the windshield. He stared frightened, how come she didn't smile, or wait for him. Something was definitely up and it was killing him that she was just ignoring him so much. With that, she opened the door, got into her car and drove off. Okay, now things were getting out of hand she just sat in his car and now she drove off in her own. Was she ignoring him or something? Did he forget something.

He frowned and watched her disappear around the corner, everyone was out except for him and the only person he really wanted to be with just left leaving him alone. He sighed and frowned; it hurt him much more than being left alone by the others. He rushed back inside and dialed her phone number; instead of picking up she cut the phone on him. Sumeet frowned again, this was getting beyond reason and it was hurting him.

With a determined face he ran into his car and after her driving through the streets he tried searching for her. And that's when he saw her car, she was sitting in the park alone, crying. He frowned why was she crying, parking the car he rushed towards her when a gang of other men approached her; "hey beautiful, yahaan akeli kyun bethi ho, humare saat aa kar bhi bheto!" they snickered. Sumeet burst with fury towards them, they backed off slightly seeing him so red. "Kumkum, chalo yahaan se!" he ordered but she just looked away and kept crying. It was really hurting her but she didn't know why she was crying. When she refused to get up Sumeet sat down next to her and stared at her frightened and crying face.

Slowly he pulled her into his arms and placed a kiss on her forehead, "Kumkum baat kya hai? Please mujhe batao!" he pleaded when she nodded negatively. "Kumkum, sach batao, jab tum roti ho to, mujhe bahaut hi zyada dard hota hai, pata nahin kyun lekin dard tumhe hota hai lekin ehsaas yahaan hota hai, he pointed towards his heart, jab tum muskarati ho to aisa lagta hai ki zindagi bahaut hi khoobsoorat hai…." he stopped he couldn't do this, not when she was looking into his eyes so intensely. "mujhe nahin pata ki main tumhare liya kya feel kaarta hoon lekin jo bhi hai….acha lagta hai…jab tum paas hoti ho to aur kuch nazar hi nahin aata!…aur jab dhur hoti ho aisa lagta hai puri zindagi hi barbaad ho gayi!"

Kumkum smiled and hugged him, placing a soft kiss on his cheek before whispering, "I love you too Sumeet, I love you too!" she cried hugging him. He froze she loved him and she said too did that mean he was in love with her. He sighed shaking it off but somehow he felt comfortable in her arms, the feel of her soft lips on his cheeks made him feel warm, and when he closed his eyes he only felt her presence. Sure enough he was in love…he broke off into a beautiful and wide smile hugging her back just as eagerly and said, " I love you kumkum, I love you so much!"


"Riddhima!" a soft and melodic voice spoke to her. She opened her eyes startled, she recognized that voice anywhere. Looking around she tried to see his face; but no his body was gone he had died; perhaps she had died with him…overcome by the grief of her beloved. She glanced around and frowned she was all alone staring at the broken car where seconds earlier both had been seated together; and around her stood a crowd of anxious and worried people. She got up looking anywhere to find him but her hopes shattered; and the tears gushed down more impatiently. She turned and staggered slightly; almost falling to the ground when she felt a warm pair of arms around her waist. She opened her eyes after a century of hoping to fall to the ground and broke off into a smile filled with tears. He was there, holding her, but he was bleeding, blood gushed down the side of his face, his clothes were ripped, his other arm looked like it was in pain, and something stuck out the side…a bone? She gasped, stood up carefully and pulled him into a hug.

"Armaan!" she mumbled through her sobs, "please mujhe akela kabhi maat chod ke jaana phir kabhi! I'll die without you, please don't ever do that again!" she cried continuously in his warm arms. He hugged her back and kissed her face, as she said the three magical words he had been dying to hear since forever, "I love you Armaan!" she spoke loudly although she knew he didn't love her. He stared back amazed, she loved him, today was the happiest day of his life…if he had known she would say I love you to him in a situation like this he would have done it a long time ago! "I love you too!" he spoke startling her. She let go confused, "lekin Armaan tum toh …" she broke off shaking her head negatively it hurt, "please armaan don't lie to me, I wont be able to take it once you leave me!" she broke off not wanting to finish. He looked at her and smiled, "the girl I love so much is standing before me, she never knew she loved me until she realized right now…the girl I love I have known since childhood…the one whom every time I see in pain hurts me more, when she laughs I feel complete, you are the one! I love you Riddhima, I love you. So much!" Armaan spoke yelling so the entire world would hear of his love for her. She broke off into sobs before hugging him again; and let go taking his arm towards the emergency room; laughing suddenly free in his arms….


"Kripa I need to talk to you!" Angad hollered knocking on Kripa's home door hoping to find her to yell at him, do anything but the silent treatment he couldn't bear. Two hours later Kripa opened the door, her face red, her eyes full of pain and bloodshot red, her lip still marked with the dried blood…her entire body shaking; she stood before him in pain and refused to stare at him. Angad stared back helpless, he never meant to do that to her, never did he want to raise his hand on her, but he did out of anger, when she accused him continuously. "Kripa…im sorry I didn't mean to …please give me a chance and hear me out…" he begged, falling to the ground with fresh tears brimming from his eyes. She stared at him before turning around, and left the door open…he took the chance…perhaps now she would realize the truth and this long and painful separation would end….perhaps now…

To be continued…sorry about the long wait everyone…hopefully this made up for it…im sorry if I seems short but on my word doc it shows up as 5 pages lol….and thanx for the previous comments everyone…means loads to both saara and I…and I would like for all of you to know…I have to finish all my ff's including this one before august 25th…so that means less and longer parts…. And thanx again - sukhiEmbarrassed

123abc123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 July 2008 at 4:27pm | IP Logged
woooooooooooooow dey finaly confessed
didt dat cumin dat was amazing
nt poor angad n kripa so hope
dey sort it out luvin ur ff
its a shame u have to finish it
bt lkin 4wrd to da updtes great wrk
luv readin ur ff

nizma x
hyperash Senior Member

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Posted: 09 July 2008 at 4:46pm | IP Logged
wow....2 of the couples AK havto to confess...luved it...par arman aya kahan se??im confused! lol Smile the part was interesting...
dooo continue sooon
thnks for the pm...keep em cumin Wink
luvss aashna
Veiledbeauty IF-Dazzler

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oooooo Another one!!!! LOL LOL just read part 11... hehe.. got lucky didn't i... read the confession before anything else... though.. i just skipped over to AR parts Embarrassed Embarrassed I must say it was aweeeeeesomeee!!! Cont soon!

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wow...amazing...dat was soooo cute...very well written...hats off to u Clap i cud almost feel d passion while readin thru...keep on writin....n thanx for d pm Big smile

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