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An Arrow of Love~RN fic..udtd-pgs 47 & 48 [9/6] (Page 9)

quietrajpri1623 Goldie

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Posted: 02 June 2008 at 12:56pm | IP Logged
aweeeeeeeeeeeeesum...convo as usual amaaaaaazing...thanks dear for this beautiful update...

feedback Groupbie

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Posted: 02 June 2008 at 3:18pm | IP Logged
really inteesting!! I wonder what the plan is? update soon :)
vvdn Senior Member

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Posted: 03 June 2008 at 11:10am | IP Logged
Hey Saanch ,
    why dont you update dear ! plz update soon *& i must say what a emotion show you in Suhaan's character Wink Wink Wink he is such a noutanki yaar but i loved it!
      wating to know what next. update asap ok.
                             keep smilling Big smile keep writting Clap                              
saanch_69 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 June 2008 at 2:18pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by vvdn

Hey Saanch ,
    why dont you update dear ! plz update soon *& i must say what a emotion show you in Suhaan's character Wink Wink Wink he is such a noutanki yaar but i loved it!
      wating to know what next. update asap ok.
                             keep smilling Big smile keep writting Clap                              


Even I wanna update fast but my pc is troubling me terribly, so I can't do that unfortunately Ouch

So these days wenever my pc allows me to log in, I do update.

So here's my update as of now Smile

saanch_69 Senior Member

Joined: 05 October 2007
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Posted: 05 June 2008 at 2:31pm | IP Logged

        "Di, wat did Mom say to u?" he asked, driving their way back

        "Not much, but she was sounding very tensed" replied she

        "Suhaan?" she looked at him in a reflex, n sadly nodded, "Shit" as he banged his fist on the steering wheel

        "Sameer plz" keeping her hand on his shoulder, in support, "He'll be ok"

        "I knew it………….I knew he was upto sumthing, n that's y I had asked Dad to cancel this meet"

        "Wat?" she was taken a aback by this, "Did u knew nething b4hand?"

        "He's not the type to reveal nething to me, but didn't u notice his changed behavior, spclly this morning?"

        "Ya I noticed it too" like recollecting his words, "But it's not possible for them to keep a watch on him, all thru?" she clarified

        "But if we were with him, at least he cudn't hav been able to do nething wrong" he reasoned

        "Hmmmmm" the nxt few moments were dipped in silence ………………


        "Di" shouted as she stormed in, but she was surprised that her Di had already changed her dress, n was now busy taking off all the jewellery(no matter how light it was) that her mother had urged her to wear, "Cudn't u hav worn that dress a bit more?"

        "No" came a straight denial

        "How mean? I havn't even seen u properly in that" she finished it off making a sad face

        "Rimi, u won't understand it now, wen sum1 will cum to see u like this, u'll find it urself"

        "Find wat?"

        "That it's so irritating to dress up like a doll, only so that sum1 sees us n praises"

        "So u mean to say that u don't like sum1 praising u?"

        "Who doesn't? But I want myself to be praised not only for my looks………….but for wat I'm in real"

        "Ok ok, did he say nething to u?" her eyes brimming with curiosity

        "About wat?" Ashi asked, knowing very well wat she's pointing to

        "Uff ho Di, abt u! Wat else?"

        "Na nothing, we were jus talking abt music, he likes it too………"

        "N then?"

        "N then………………." like recaptulating in her mind, "O Yaaaa" Rimi neared her, "n then u came"


        "Didn't u?"

        "Ya but u two jus talked abt music?"

        "hmmmm" a strict tone indicating to stop it right there,

        "Diiiiiiii" she nagged again

        "Rimi plz, don't bore me further with this" joining her hands n Rimi was only left with a void face

        "Ashi Baby" called a servant, "Aapko Sahib neeche bula rahe hai" Ashi nodded

        "Hmmmm" Rimi signaled her, "Now u hav to repeat it all there, he he" giggling she left n soon Ashi too followed her down


      As soon as they reached, Snigdha almost jumped out of the car, "Di, careful" shouted Sameer

        "Don't worry" as she moved in, "Mom, where are u?"

     Mrs.Malhotra came out from the room, hearing her,

        "Snigdha" she called out in a crying tone,

        "Mom, wat happened? Where's Suhaan?" she asked worried

        "He's not found newhere, I think he's gone" saying she wept even harder

        "Gone? Gone where?"

        "I don't know. He's not even taking my calls" she told, "His luggage is also not there"

        "But Mom where can he go, n that too all of a sudden?" Sameer asked

        "Did he say nething to u Sameer?" Mrs. Malhotra asked

        "No Mom, even I was going to ask u this"

        "He jus told me that he'll be going to London, even if ur Dad asks him to stay bac" her voice teary again, "I don't know where will he be now?"

        "Mom plz, don't worry" she made her sit, "Sameer, u go n chk his room, whether he had left nething there" nodding Sameer left, "Mom, do u remember nething………."

        "Yaaa….." as she looked upon hopefully, "He was talking to sum1 over the phone, n later Manish n Rahul had cum to meet him"

        "Wat? N u are telling me this now?" she closed his eyes, panicked, "I'm sure they hav helped him in this, u shud hav kept a watch na?" she complained n her mother wept into sobs again


     Upstairs, in Suhaan's room, Sameer was busy looking for ne clue wen his Dad entered,

        "I don't know wat to do with this boy?" sitting down hopelessly on the bed, "Everytime, I think this is the last, but no he proves me wrong………….."

        "Dad plz, he was upset over the whole matter, n may be that's why he had gone sumwhere for sumtime"

        "Ok, but then why is he not taking calls?" he asked, "I had decided that it wud be better not to send him now" he declared, "But then see wat he's upto now?"

        "We'll bring him bac wherever he has gone" he assured

        "Ur mother seems to be out of control, n wat abt Snigdha? Is it right for her health to hav these tensions?" Sameer glanced bac at his father, "This boy cares for nobody" announcing he left

     Sameer came down empty handed, as Suhaan had left nothing for him to find,

        "Sameer did u get nething up?" asked Snigs

        "No Di, he's left nothing to point at" he replied in a sad tone

        "Mom was telling that Manish n Rahul visited him b4 he went missing" Sam looked at his mother, who was still crying, "Do u know their contact no. or where do they stay?"

        "I don't know where they stay or………" he said "Jus a sec, Manish had called me up yesterday, so may be his no. is here, I'll jus check" he scrolled down all the entries in his log, "I'm not sure which one is his"

        "Leave it Sameer, I think we shud……………." N her cell rang, "Suhaan?" she murmured n they rushed to her, but she stopped them showing her hand, "Suhaan" she said

        "Dids where are u?" he asked

        "I…….I'm with Sameer,………….. n where are U?"

        "I'm at my frnd's place"

        "Ok, so wen are u reaching home?"

        "Me?...........I'll be there in an hour" he said

        "Suhaan, tell me the truth?" she asked in a stern voice

        "Wat truth Dids, I'm really at my frnd's place"

        "Not that one, are u really cuming bac home?" he bit his lip, silent as he was not able to lie more, "Suhaan u dere?"

        "Let me talk Snigdha" her mother said, unable to control nemore n hearing this

        "Bye Dids"

        "Suhaan…." she called but didn't get a reply

        "Wat happened Di?"

        "Tell me where's he?" her Mom asked,

        "He mus hav heard ur voice Mom, n he hung up"

        "But where's he? Did he tell u nething?" Sameer asked

        "He's at his frnds house, but I don't think that……."

        "I want to talk to him, try calling him again" nodding she called up, the cell rang but he didn't pick it up, she tried again, n at last he took it

        "Suhaan" no answer was heard, "Why aren't u talking Suhaan?" still no reply, "ok fine, if u don't wanna talk to me, atleast talk to Mom, she wants to" as she handed the phone over to her

        "Suhaan" her voice shaky b'coz of crying, "Cum back beta, we'll not let u go newhere, I promise"

        "Mom" he spoke in a heavy tone, "I'm sorry Mom, but I can't cum back, I hav decided to go" wen he was saying these to his Mom, his Dad took the cell from her,

        "Suhaan stop this, cum bac home now…………..or" Suhaan kept quite for sumtime n then again hung up

        "U r always after my son, why did u talk to him like that?" complained his mother

        "So wat else can I do, let him do whatever he wants?" shouted he as they sat there helplessly


        "Why are u doing this Suhaan?" asked Manish

        "Huh?" switching the cell off

        "U know very well wat am I talking abt?"

        "Ya I know"

        "Then why are u doing this?" Rahul claimed an explanation

        "B'coz I hav decided to go"

        "Till yesterday, u're finding out ways to stay back, n all of a sudden u hav decided?" Rahul gave him a can't believe it look

        "Yeah, wat made u take this sudden decision?" Manish added, "U hav to tell us Suhaan"

        "I'm not compelled to tell this to ne1, its my life n I can take ne decision that I want for myself, got it" his voice had a strange mix of arrogance n helplessness

        "Suhaan" Manish shouted

        "I'm sorry yaar, I shudn't be saying this to u, n that too sitting under ur roof" Manish knew he was sumwhere immensely hurt n was trying to hide it by showing arrogance, "Thanx for bearing my tantrums, my friend" he got up to take up his luggage

        "Suhaan where are u going?" Rahul din't knew he was so serious at that

     As Suhaan was walking past Manish, he caught his hand, looked at his eyes, which too, had turned teary by now, he needed sumone who wud ask him nothing jus stay beside him, Manish always knew him inside out, as he enveloped him in a warm hug.

        "Its ok Suhaan" he murmured in his ears, "I got that"


     Ashi came n sat beside Rimi, giving a oh so boring look,

        "Haan Baba"

        "Beta, we wanted to know that…………."

        "How do u like him?" completed her mother

        "I liked him too much" Rimi answered at the spur

        "Rimi, u keep shut" she got a scold, yet again, "So Ashi did u like him?"

        "Maa, he's a nice boy, there's no doubt abt that, but…….."

        "But wat beta?" asked her father

        "Baba, I mean he's very gud, but I can't say nething else about him now. I don't know him that much"

        "Ashi, u know that he's from a very gud family, n is already a name in the corporate world" he said

        "But Baba………"

        "Ashi, gud proposals don't cum everyday" she cut her in a stern way

        "Maa I'm too young for it"

        "Well, if all goes fine, we can ask sum time for letting u complete ur studies" he proposed

        "Baba, u had promised me that if only I say then………"

        "But u need to back it with a logic for sure" Ashi had nothing else to say

     Later in the day Mr. Malhotra had called up Mr. Bedi, to sort out the matter, n discussed that they will surely get back to this, as they hav sum family problems now.


     Sameer was trying out almost every possible way to locate him, trying all the numbers to locate Manish's, n at last he got it,

        "Suhaan, it's Sameer Bhai's" he said to him, "I shud take it" n b4 Suhaan cud say nething, he had picked it up

        "Manish" called out Sameer, "Suhaan is with u right?"

        "Suhaan? No he's………."

        "Plz stop this, I know he's with u." Manish had by now crossed across the room

        "Ya Bhai, he's here, but he doesn't want to go bac"

        "Wat do u mean by, that he doesn't want to go bac?"

        "He's going to London"

        "No he's not going newhere" he said, "Give the phone to him"

        "Jus a min" n he gave it to him, "Sameer Bhai wants to talk to u" he refused but Rahul insisted to take it

        "Suhaan" Sameer asked

        "Bhai, why hav u called?"

        "Suhaan, listen to me carefully, Dad doesn't wants u to go to London, he's changed his decision"

        "But I'll not, I'm going"

        "But why Suhaan, when he too doesn't……"

        "I want it b'coz he doesn't" he let out a breath, "Bhai, u take care n look after Mom-Dad, n spclly Dids"

        "Suhaan listen……………" but he was not there


     By the evening, Anuraag had also cum to know about the whole thing, n he had cum over to his wife, knowing that wat she mus be going thru,

        "Don't be upset Snigs" he said

        "How can u say this knowing it all?"

        "No, I mean Sameer has been trying, I'm sure he wud find a way out"

        "Wat if he doesn't? We don't even know, why is he doing this?"

        "I know it Di" said Sameer

        "Sameer, where's Suhaan?"

        "I jus talked to him, n he's seriously going"

        "To London?" asked Anuraag, nodded Sam

        "But didn't u tell him, that Dad………."

        "I told him, n he said that it is the reason why he wants to leave"

        "Looks like he has decided to oppose whatever Papa decides for him" Anuraag opined

        "Exactly" Sameer agreed, "Jiju, I need to go the Airport" he suggested, "I suppose it's the only way to stop him"

        "Hmmm, I'll be cuming with u" added Anuraag

        "I'll go too" Snigs joined in

        "No Snigs, u r not cuming with us" said he


        "Di, he is right, u r not going newhere" Sameer added, "Jiju, we shall be leaving in an hour or two" saying he left

        "But u don't know him, he'll not listen"

        "May be I don't know him that much, I surely know u, n I'm sure whatever happens there will be not right for u to go thru"

        "Wat do u mean?"

        "May be he won't listen to us, n…………"

        "That's why I want to go, it'll help"

        "I know u love him very much jaan, n I too love him like my own bro, but I love u n my child too, how can u neglect that?"

        "I'm not neglecting it Anu"

        "Ne kinda tension is not right for u" he cuddled her face in his hands, "I promise to keep u hooked on whatever happens there" hugging her

        "Ok, but tell him that his Dids misses him"

        "I'll" placing a peck on her forehead, "I really hope, we don't hav to return empty handed, but knowing Suhaan I fear……….." he thot

I'm again sorry for the delay caused by my pc

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ashu20 Groupbie

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Posted: 05 June 2008 at 11:26pm | IP Logged
hello dear..
loved the was too good Clap

just superbbbbbbbb..........i pray tat tumhara pc thek ho as i am eagerly waiting for next part Embarrassed
quietrajpri1623 Goldie

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Posted: 05 June 2008 at 11:58pm | IP Logged
me tooo praying for the wellness of ur comp...anyway update was again super-duper...convo amaaaaaaaaazing...thankuu soo much for this intersting update and pm too... Clap
dolly90 Newbie

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Posted: 07 June 2008 at 3:22am | IP Logged
waiting for the update Tongue

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