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An Arrow of Love~RN fic..udtd-pgs 47 & 48 [9/6] (Page 5)

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        "Why are u smiling like that di?" Rimi asked

        "Now can't I even smile also?"

        "Of course, u can" Ashi gave a relieved look but it was short lived, "But u hav to tell me the reason………n only the truth huh?"

        "U won't let me na?"


        "Okay, I actually remembered his face, he was so angry, n I was standing there like dumb"

        "Nebody wud be like that, it's not ur fault"

        "Thanx" after a pause, "Wat do u mean?"

        "I mean if such a handsum boy was talking to me, I wud listen him for ages" giving a dreamy look

        "He was not talking to me okay; he was going to hit me, almost"

        "I know, that Rahul stopped him" she was visually offended

        "Rimi, u r my sister, not his" she reminded

        "For the first time thank god for that, I don't want to be his sister" she completed with a grin

        "ah…… here u are ladies" Sameer said handling them over the glasses

        "Oh, but why did u bother we cud help ourselves" Ashi said in an embarrassing tone

        "That's ok" he smiled at her, "So wat were u talking abt?" he tried to mix up

        "Nothing spcl" Ashi said but he gave an unconvincing look

        "It was abt…………u, who else?" Ashi was rather shocked at her sis's explanation

        "Abt me?" he asked surprisingly, "I mean wat?"

        "U know u seem to be the ideal host, taking care of ur guests so well, wen ur brother is almost missing" Ashi managed

        "Thanx but he's not missing" smiling, "He's likes to stay aloof from these kinda parties, he says it's boring"

        "I wud like to meet him surely. I mean he sounds so correct, it is indeed boring" Rimi commented n got a stab at her feet in return, "Aah"

        "Wat's wrong?" he asked


        "Well, u can surely roam around here n there if u wish" he suggested

        "Ya, that's a gud idea" she sounded excited, "we'll surely love to do that"

        "I wud join u later" as he went to entertain others

        "Why can't u keep shut for a moment?"

        "Wat did I do?" spreading her hands across, "look I can't fake, I say wat I feel"

        "Ya ya I know, ab chalein Ms.Yudhishthir"


     Wen this was going on within the party, sum ppl were doing this outside the party,

        "Yaar Suhaan, I don't understand man, is there no other way to escape" Rahul said climbing down the pipe

        "U think I'm enjoying this, right?" he asked

        "No but u are habituated na?" Manish added

        "Hello, if u r not acquainted, then I wud like to inform u that we do hav a normal door, ok" an irritated Suhaan answered

        "U mean this is the first time for u too"

        "No, I'm a professional at this" he shrugged

        "Abey make it quick na" Manish said, Rahul was at the bottom, then Manish at the middle n at the top it was our Suhaan, so the bapujee's bandars' were climbing down together

        "Wat can I do? I can't climb down a 3-storey building in seconds" he reasoned

        "Ok fine, but make it fast, if nebody sees us here in this position, then they wud think us of as thiefs" Manish joked

        "Don't worry, Suhaan will manage" he replied

     Finally they got down, n relieved, "uff! Thank God, I din't wear my white shirt, otherwise…….." Manish said

        "Now plz don't sound like a girl, who cries if her dress is spoiled" Suhaan said

        "Really, then u're behaving like a girl too, at the pub yesterday, isn't it?" he asked

        "No way, I wasn't"

        "U two are mad, fighting here, cum on, we'll be caught, fast" as they ran for the boundary wall at the backyard.


        "Hmmmmmmm, it's so nice here na Di?"

        "Ya it is" as she smelled the fresh air, spreading her arms across, unknown that sum body had a secret eye set on her

        "Di, I'm jus cuming"

        "Arre Rimi, don't go newhere" she tried to stop her but she wasn't the one to stop

        "Don't worry, Di, I'll jus be back" as she went

        "Uff, this girl is so unmanageable" she smirked n kept on walking around the lawn

     She started humming a song, sweetly, her voice was very calm n soothing n it made sum1 smile,

        "Wat happened?" she asked

        "Oh Di?" he bounced back

        "Hmmmm, so wat are u doing here?"

        "Nothing as such Di" Sameer tried to be normal

        "Who's she?"


        "Sameer? Don't act with me okay" pointing a finger at him, "cum on out with it" she ordered

        "She's Aayesha"

        "Aayesha, hmmmmm, nice name"

        "Ya it is" knowing wat it triggered, "Di cum on let's go in" but she got the signal

        "N where's that boy?" she asked

        "I don't know Di, Dad has been asking for him since long, he is not picking up his cell too, how to contact him, I hav searched at every possible place"

        "He's not here" she said

        "U mean……."

        "Ya, I'm sure he's fled, we know him, don't we?"

        "He'll get a solid scolding this time once he's back"

        "Cum on Sameer, don't sound like Dad"

        "U are always supporting him na" he gave her a can't believe it look

        "I support u too"

        "At least he cud hav greeted Jiju na"

        "Anuraag is no outsider, he can meet him later too"

        "Ok fine, if he's not here, then wat we hav to do?"

        "Jus make Dad believe that he's very much here, at least in the house, simple"

        "Fine" as they went in


     She was on her own, with no 1 around, a bit away from the party's hustle-bustle, wen she noticed sum thing or rather sum1 behind, on looking clearly it appeared as a shadow, she was worried n tried to turn around but,

        "Don't u dare do that?" she received a warning but fearing sum kinda trespasser, she thought to find out who it was, n started turning her feet slowly, "I told u not to do that" he said it again

     But she was adamant enuf n that made him helpless, he was indeed quicker than her, n so one arm of his grabbed her waist tightly, making it impossible for her to move around further, a slight scream escaped but the palm of the other hand was placed on her mouth quickly, not to let her scream ne more,

        "mmmmmmm" she struggled in his strong embrace, while he signaled his frnds to jump out n wait for him there

        "I don't like people who don't listen to me, especially girls" he whispered near her neck, the warm air which escaped his mouth made her numb n she stood like a statue in his hold, this was the closest she had been to ne boy, in her life, wen he saw that his frnds hav made it to the other side of the wall, he jerked her out of his arms, rather rigorously, she fell on the grass, as she was disbalanced, b'coz of the heels she was wearing, n it gave him enuf time to escape.

        "uchchc, wat a pity? Girls" turning back to catch a glance of her as she fell on the ground, n then he quickly made it to the other side of the wall,

        "Wo man, I had never ran away from my own party, but I must say, this is fun" he completed with a smile

        "Ya it was fun, watching u grabbing a girl like that, isn't it Manish?"

        "Wat rubbish! Wat's fun in that?" Suhaan asked, "If I had not done that, then we wud hav been caught by now"

        "Do u know who she was?" Manish sounded curious

        "No way" as they looked at him, "n who cares who she was?"

        "We don't" as they exchanged funny looks to each other b4 laughing at Suhaan finally

        "Can we move out from here now?" he asked n they left the place in Manish's car


     She managed to get up but failed, she had a sprain in her ankle n it was aching hard, tears had started rolling but she managed as she knew where she was,
        "OMG Di, wat happened to u?" Rimi came running to her,

        "I'm fine, it's ok, don't shout"

        "No u r not, how did u fall?" she helped her to the nearby bench, "Did nebody do sum thing to u? Is it paining?" as she looked at her

        "Can u call Maa here? I don't want to go in like this"

        "Ok, but u sit here, don't move huh, I'm cuming" as she ran for her mother, she looked here n there, but didn't find her,

        "Excuse me" he called out n she turned around

        "Oh Sameer, can u plz tell me where is Mom?"

        "Ya, I can do it for u" he stared at her for a moment, "Is there ne problem?" concern oozes out in his voice

        "No, there's none" she pauses for a second to think, "Actually there is" n he looks up to hear, "Di had fallen down n hurt herself a bit"

        "Oh shit! Where she?" as she takes him to the place, she sat there bending over slightly massaging her ankle, but it was hurting her, n it showed, as they neared her, she looked at them in surprise,

        "How did it happen?" was his first question


        "ok, let it be now, can u cum in?" but she gave him a -ve reply, "Ok fine, I wud arrange sum relief spray, jus hold on" he went in

        "Why did u call him?" she asked Rimi

        "Maa was seen nowhere around, he asked me wat's wrong, so I brought him here, wat else cud I do?" they stopped as he came near,

        "I think this wud give u sum relief, instantly" as he asked her to show her ankle, she was hesitant at first but then gave in, he sprayed on sum relief n she was indeed feeling better as Rimi helped her further,

        "Thanx" Ashi finally smiled

        "That's ok, but how did u fall?"

        "I was walking on my own here but then I saw a shadow n tried to find out who it was, he told me not to look around"

        "He? Means it was a boy?" he knew who it was

        "Ya, but I thot if he was sum thief, so I tried to move again, but he caught me from behind n placed a hand on my mouth too, n later he left me all of a sudden, I got disbalanced n fell off"

        "Oye who told u to be lady Sherlock Holmes"

        "Stop it Rimi" she said

        "It was no thief, it was him, my brother"

        "Wat?" they said together

        "Because he's really missing from here"

        "Really, is he that naughty?" Rimi asked

        "Much more than u r thinking" he had never said this to ne stranger, but they not one actually, "R u ok now?"

        "Ya, much better" Ashi said

        "Ok gr8, then I wud go in, n Rimi, right?" as she nodded, "Bring ur Di in" he left them with a smile

        "Isn't he sweet Di?"

        "Hmmmmmm" as she stood up from the bench.


ashu20 Groupbie

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Posted: 14 May 2008 at 2:02pm | IP Logged
hi dear..........
update was too good and rimi and suhaan's dilague were superb.
i really loved them..
aarsow IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 May 2008 at 6:14am | IP Logged
splendid n excelent dear
super super super,


all the best 4 the next update Embarrassed


quietrajpri1623 Goldie

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Posted: 15 May 2008 at 7:51am | IP Logged
wow...supercool...enjoy alot...thanks for this interesting update Clap Clap Clap
saanch_69 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 May 2008 at 11:26am | IP Logged
I'm sorry for the late update but I was helpless Cry
saanch_69 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 May 2008 at 11:42am | IP Logged

     They were driving off at top speed, wen suddenly he stopped with a screeching sound,

        "Don't tell me we are going to that stupid pub again" he asked with an irritation in his voice

        "Wat do u mean, clear dude?" said Rahul

        "I know wat he means" looking at him, "But dear, it's a pub, not her house, that u'll find her whenever u go there" as Manish started the car again

        "Oh u mean Aayesha?" Rahul asked

        "Who's that?"

        "The 1 at ur stupid pub" he cleared out

        "Nice name, right Suhaan?" as he shot him a look,

        "Don't worry, she was saying that she's gonna attend sum b'day party" n that made Suhaan more jittery


        "Probably not urs" they both said, exchanging hi-fives, "Cum on Suhaan, hav u copyrighted this very day, no right?" Manish asked

        "No, but I surely hav sum feelings for that person"

        "That's obvious u two share the same b'day after all"

        "Nope u din't get me dear" he smiled

        "Then wat kinda feelings?"

        "Pity" laughing over his own thought

        "N why is that?" Rahul asked in a serious tone, he felt bad as she was her gud frnd

        "I mean she's surely gonna create a mess wherever she goes"

        "Suhaan u only know her for a couple of minutes, n u are talking rubbish abt her" he warned

        "Oh, I forgot she's ur girl…….. no not that, gud frnd right?" he asked Rahul

        "Yup, n I don't want to listen nethin wrong abt her"

        "OOOOooooooooo" making a face, "Are u sure she's only ur frnd?"

        "Hey hey guys, chill, if I'm not wrong then u two hav patched up jus now, n u r again fighting, n that too over a girl, Suhaan shame on u spclly, u over a girl" giggling

        "Who said we are fighting?" smiling at Suhaan, "We are dangerous at this, ppl often hav this idea that we are actually fighting"

        "N u" punching Manish on his shoulder, "Girls wud be the last thing for which I wud fight, got it" as he nodded meekly

        "No, Suhaan, they won't, u wud never realize wen one of them wud change ur life forever" Rahul said to himself, smiling,

        "Wat?" Suhaan asked seeing him smile in an unusual manner

        "Nothing" he assured but was sure of his thought


     The party went on quite well, but Mr. Malhotra had actually found out that Suhaan was nowhere around, he had decided wat he was going to do with him, meanwhile Anuraag was also searching for his chhote sale sahab,

        "Arre but atleast tell me where's he?" he asked Snigdha

        "How many times do I need to tell u, he's busy with his frnds"

        "Ok, but where? I won't disturb him, jus wish him n cum back" looking for him, "How wud it look if I don't even wish him, n that too at his birthday party?"

        "Oh cum on, he's not a kid nemore, n I wud pass on ur gud wishes, once he's here" b4 she can alter it, he got the hint

        "Ohk, this is wat he's done, I mus say, quite unique, huh?" laughing hard, "N u r hiding this from Dad? Gud! That is why he loves u so much"

        "Now please don't shout over this, u know wat I think Dad knows that he's not here" making a sad face

        "N how do u know that?"

        "He's stopped asking for him nemore"

        "May be he's tired doing that" staring at her, "But I'm sure Suhaan is gonna hav a tough time once he's back" laughing even harder this time

        "Ha ha ha, go on, everybody's after him, why not u?"

        "Ok I'm sorry" holding his ears, "I'm not saying nething against ur sweet bro, is that fine now?" as she can't help but smile at him,

        "Wat are u doing? Wat will ppl think of me that u hold ears in front of me?"

        "I shud do that once again" she looked at him curiously, "Arre my beautiful wife is with me, n I'm talking abt that saala" it grabbed her anger again

        "He is, u can't deny that" he told her sternly, as they went on to meet others

        "Jiju, why don't u stay back tonight?" Sameer asked

        "I wud love to do that if ur sis doesn't throw me out" n received a punch in return, "Aah……"

        "Don't mess with her, if u r not forgetting she's karate champ"

        "She doesn't let me forget that for once" as he took her in his arms,

        "Ahem, ahem…..I need a break" as he went


     After all the guests were gone, including the Bedis, all the members sat down relaxing in the hall, Anuraag also stayed back, at his saala's request, n more of to stay with his wifey,

        "Call him n say that the party is over" Mr. Malhotra said to Sameer, as he exchanged surprising looks with Snigdha, "Don't be so surprised, u two tried to cover it up quite well, but u forgot the fact that I'm ur father, I know him much better than u do. Now tell him to cum back immediately" Sameer nodded n tried to call him, but his cell was switched off

        "Dad, I think he has switched it off" a worry clearly noticed on his face, as he knew wat was cuming

        "This boy needs a lesson, for sure" his mother opined

        "Mama, it's fine, I mean………"

        "Don't even think of guarding him this time, everything's fine within a limit, n this time he has crossed it" his father seemed angrier, "Sameer, ask him to see me the moment he cums back, do u get that?" as he left

        "I hav never seen such a irresponsible boy in my life" their mother too stormed out of there

        "Shud we inform the police?" Anuraag joked

        "U seem to be enjoying all this na?" she asked him

        "No, I was jus trying to……….."

        "Don't even try it"

        "Cum on, Di, he's was jus joking"

        "Ya, joking in a serious situation, do u realize wat Dad meant wen he said that?"

        "Of course, Suhaan won't be spared this time" raising his eyebrows,

        "But wat he did was not right, Isn't it?" Anuraag asked, "n u r still trying to defend him"

        "No, I'm not, but he's like that, everybody can't be the same u see? Is Sameer like him, no na? So why does Dad always expect him to be like Sameer, jus b'coz he likes it that way?" she argued

        "Di, no need to get so excited over this, ok? It's not right for ur health" Sameer said, "Jiju u take her to ur room, n Di, no need to panic ok, I'll handle it"

        "U sure na?" as he assured her blinking his eyelids, as they left

        "I'll handle it, but how?" he said to himself, "How cud u do this, even u hav kept ur cell off, how wud I contact u, where the hell to search u, damn" he talked to himself as he took the stairs to Suhaan's room, as he sat on the bed, his eyes went on his cell lying there, it was indeed switched off, he immediately placed it in his drawer, "So he has done it knowingly? Thank God Dad din't chk this out" as he waited for him to return


     Giggling over him, the b'day boy were Ashi n Rimi,

        "Wat a stupid boy he mus be na?" Ashi asked

        "I wish I cud meet him" in a dreamy manner, but got a stare back, "I mean, jus to check how stupid he is" she explained with a wink, "Btw how did he look? Handsome for sure, right?"

        "I din't get to see his face, I told u na he was holding me from back?"

        "Haye, he was holding u, how close was he to u?" grabbing her from behind, wrapping her arms across her from back, by her shoulders, "Like this?" as if showing her the correct position

        "Almost! Happy?" jerking her hands off her shoulders


        "Wat is this yaar, u hav to do this OOOOooooo to everything?" as they retired in their respective beds

      Ashi did not find it right to indulge all in a detailed manner, all that she felt abt the incident, as she thot more, she cud still feel his hand on her waist, his act was of a aggressive one, wen he spoke to her, his breaths had hit her neck, she touched that area lightly, n smiled b4 dozing off to sleep


     Sameer had always known that he wud return thru the terrace, so he was checking it at regular intervals, (jiska aisa bhai ho, uski to gayi life), he was chking it probably for the 5th time wen he heard sum sounds down, he peeped down from the terrace n yes, there was he climbing up the pipe again,

        "Climb down now only" he said as Suhaan looked up surprisingly

        "I can manage bhai" he replied (akad nahi gayi abhi bhi)

        "I know u surely can, but there's no need for it"

        "But Dad…….."

        "U cum to the main door, I'm opening it" as he climbed down n reached there, it was open n he entered tip-toeing

        "So how was partying out?" he asked but he din't reply as his eyes were set on sum1 else standing up

        "Suhaan………." Sameer too was forced to turn around, n stare at his Dad, who was nearing them, Suhaan was unable to look into his eyes,

        "Who reminded u that u had a house ever?" he asked

        "Dad…….." looking up at him

        "That u had a family too?" as he continues to stare at him, "Is this seems like a hotel to u, that whenever u like u cum, n go. This is my house, n I hav given nobody the right to disobey me"

        "I'm so…….."

        "Don't try those with me" his face angry, "It's too late for now, u go up to ur room, I'll talk to u later" Suhaan was in a state to answer him back, so he meekly obeyed

     Reaching his room, he slammed the door hard, as if getting all his anger on the poor door, his anger on getting caught, but the nxt second it opened,

        "Suhaan, wat the hell is this?" Sameer asked in anger, even he was fed up of his antics

        "Now u also hav cum to scold me right?"

        "No, I'm not, b'coz it doesn't matter to me, but to him, it surely does" as Suhaan looked up at him, "Cum on, u're missing from ur own party, he's bound to notice that, isn't it?"

        "U wud too say it like that na, u like these parties"

        "Do u know how much worried Di was for u, u r very well aware that it's not right for her at this stage" Suhaan's expression softened a bit at this, he really cared for his Dids,

        "Is she still awake?" he asked

        "I don't think so, I had asked Jiju to take care"

        "Oh Jijs also here, gud for her" it lighted his face for a moment

        "Of course he wud be here na? He had cum to ur party, but to everybody's surprise, the b'day boy was missing from the scene, I mean it's the strangest thing nebody wud hav cum across" he said in a sarcastic manner

        "Ok I'm sorry" joining his hands, he bent in front of him, "The nxt time, I wud sit in the middle of the party, as a statue, will that be ok for Dad?" his teeth gritty

        "Probably" smiling at him, he left closing the door behind him


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ufff that was a amaaaaaaaaaaaazing update..dialogues were sooooo cool...Suhaan is very stuborn...but i love him...thanks dear for this marvelous update and double pm too...ClapClapClap

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loved the update...
hope suhaan and ashi will meet each other in next ud....
plzzzzzzz update soon ClapClapClap


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