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An Arrow of Love~RN fic..udtd-pgs 47 & 48 [9/6] (Page 48)

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Posted: 06 September 2009 at 12:51pm | IP Logged
Moorea Island, near Tahiti, was some 3500 miles off of Sydney, Australia…..with sun kissed beaches…..n long stretches of thatched roofed houses, it seemed dreamy, n to be there with your love makes it even more unforgettable. They reached there by the evening; their bungalow was an over-water one, just on the tip of the little island-thin gee.

     Being a bit tired of the journey, they decided to have their dinner n relax by the beach

        "Is it really happening?" she asked, as he was seen resting his head on her shoulder, as she sat in front of him, sharing the same chair

        "Hmmm….it is" he replied in a sleepy tone

        "It's really so beautiful out here"

        "I'm too sleepy…..can we see it tomorrow from the deep waters?"

        "You will be starting all those from tomorrow itself?"


        "Am scared"

        "Don't be….I'll not leave you to the sharks"

        "Sharks?" she was terrified of the mere word

        "Don't worry… Shark will bite you more than this one" he smiled

        "This is a cute one" she said grabbing his arms around her waist tightly, "Let's go in"

        "Fine" n they walked through the cool sand beach bare footed until they reached their place

     The room was a cozy one, perfect for a honeymoon couple, a bamboo bed, with soft satin sheets….n an aromatic fragrance spread all over, why the hell do they need so much of space anyways, they weren't in any mood to play basketball actuallyBig smile

     They were too busy to even talk; n soon dozed off to deep sleep…..

     It was around dusk, when she felt his hands over her, under the sheet, caressing her face, her throat.. She opened her eyes to stare into those deep pools

        "Sorry to wake you up" he said

        "Hmmm… didn't sleep much?"

        "I did sleep, but………" she felt his hesitation flow in his silence, what he wanted but couldn't say, moving closer to him

        "From when did you need a permission to that?" he looked at her, "I'm all your's baby"

        "I know….but I wasn't sure how will you take it?" he stated, she rolled her eyes at that ending with a shy smile….n all was asked or said

     He neared her, encircling his arms around her waist...n finally lifting her by it, he kissed her hard….she had left herself loose to him, a bit shy to do anything

     He kissed n nibbled almost every delicate thing his hands got hold of, over her cloth……she felt aroused, as she moaned under him, her shy bindings had long left her free

     As he stopped to stare at her for a moment, she turned him flat n finally getting atop him…….a bit surprised was he, as he didn't expect this to happen so sudden, she smelled him as if in a dream, evading his chest…..uhhh, where his tee poised a barrier, but then getting rid of it wasn't any big thing. She kissed him passionately; he took her face in his hands to gaze at it for a moment,

        "Ashi…….." a mere whisper n she realized what she had been doing

        "I love you Suhaan" she uttered quickly, before hugging him shyly biting her lip…..he let out a smile at that as he took her in somewhat more tighter

     May be they didn't made love, at that very moment, but it was a promise unuttered, for many of the wilder nights to come


        "Suhaan…...are you sure?" she asked yet again as he helped her wear the wetsuit

        "Of course…….be confident. I'm there with you, isn't it?" she nodded, "Close your eyes once" she followed, kissing her briefly on her lips, "Love you wifey" he winked

        "Love you too"

     So they were ready for an exciting Scuba Diving experience, not for a single moment did he let go off her hand, knowing well that she might loose it, if he did. They saw many cool fishes underground, a plane-wreck n a couple of boat-wrecks. But there was a particular fish that followed them for almost 15 mins…….it was a Titan Triggerfish… a large fish with large white teeth, which stuck out occasionally as it opened its mouth. Ashi got terrified to see it, grabbing his arm tighter, she looked back but it was still there behind her……she felt like crying

     As they got up, back on the yatch, her first query was

        "Why was it following us?"

        "Who Chompy?" he asked


        "That stupid fish right?" she nodded

        "How do you know his name? N why is it stupid?"

        "Richard told me its name….n stupid because it was following you" he stated

        "No it was after us" she retorted

        "It's a male……can't follow me" he joked

        "Ohk fine…..but why was it following?" she nagged again

        "Relax… wasn't after you, it was actually after the lump of bread in your pocket"

        "Bread?" she checked her pockets, "There isn't any?"

        "I gave him what he wanted"

        "Huh….. I didn't know when you kept it n when u took it back"

        "You don't need to"


        "You enjoyed it right?"

        "I was too scared to do that…..but had a great time watching you mingle with them"

        "You will see it more often from now……I love doing these things"

        "I know" she smiled back


      They were having the best time together, sometimes, they went for a ride on a one man scooter, but they did it together….n sometimes, she stayed back relaxing, n he went around exploring, he being a restless to the core, indulged in water sports n she used to watch him from the shore……A terrific swimmer, that he was, it more seemed like he was dancing along with the waves….. but he had insisted her on joining him when he had spotted a dolphin

        "No no please" she pleaded

        "Why not?"

        "Eeeeeeee……I can't"

        "But why, what's wrong?"

        "It's so rubbery" she said touching it with the tip of her finger

        "So what? It's so friendly…..touch it nicely" he took her hand n made her touch it fully, she hugged him back in fear when it looked back to them, "You are impossible" he looked away

        "It's sweet!" she said n he turned back to see her soothe its back

        "I told you" he smiled

     They would dance together till long in the night, as the waters thrashed hard along the beaches…. She would read him her favorite romantic novels, when they shared a bubble bath….n he would laugh off the characters as unreal n too cheesy, fighting over it n ending up kissing each other

     That day when he returned from an after dinner walk…..from which she had purposely stayed back, he found the room well lit with candles

        "Ashi" he called softly but she didn't reply, he walked in to find her laying on the bed, wearing his shirt, "Have all your dresses worn out?" he asked smiling n she woke up irritated

        "Yes… you mind?"

        "No, not at all….you look good in this too"

        "Suhaan…" she neared him, "Make me yours tonight" husky was her voice, he kissed her before finally lifting her to the bed and his motion was so slow….that she felt she was in air

     They had been waiting for this from a long time…….as they evaded each other passionately as his fingers played along her body…..she knew it was time she has to remove the last barrier within them…….they sat up in course of action n Ashi stared at him shyly…her fingers working on the buttons of her shirt, with trembling hands she touched them

        "Can I….." his voice trailed off, she nodded before covering his eyes with her palm, his hands wandered on for a moment before unbuttoning it, he slid his palms around her waist passionately, as she hugged him tight…..a current surged through them as their bare bodies touched each other

        "Suhaan……." she moaned grabbing his hair, making him look at her, "I need you" he smiled kissing her, they were through it, when a tear trickled down her eye……"Aah…."

        "Am sorry" he said looking up at her laying form

        "Don't be….." taking him up to her, "I love you" n after sometime we see them sleeping in each others arms, they had been one that night………one for a life…..n for many lives to come

I love you
Love the way
You make me feel,
Love it when you love me
In the moments we steal;

Love you for creating an air
Of you that surrounds me,
Love you for the way
You breathe when around me;

I Love it more when
When your fingers caress me,
N I love it for sure when
You slowly undress me;

I can't Love you more
For making me a part of you;
From the day you did,
Not for a single moment I felt apart from you;

But I shall never be able
To say how I exactly feel for you,
So the easiest way seems to me
Is that I keep on saying I love you!

        "I love you Suhaan" she uttered softly

        "I know" he said somewhat taking her in

        "Suhaan…..look at me" she urged n he did, "I love you" she repeated

        "Are you crazy?" he asked n she quickly nodded

        "You don't repeat that to me ever?" she queried, n he kissed her bare shoulder

        "I don't need to….you know I do"

        "Hmmm…..I know" n then his cell rang, "Pick it up"

        "Uhun" he denied


       "I'm not taking that….."

        "Suhaan listen to me….."

        "What?" he faced her

        "I love you" n he rolled his eyes


        "Look at me na………."

        "What's wrong with you?" he was getting irritated now, but she smiled

        "Happy Birthday" n he let out a smile too

        "I love you" he said before taking her lips in his for a deep passionate one

     Life has come a full circle for him on his birthday……n while the world tried wishing him as calls came pouring in, he was too engrossed in having his gift……………………


Well that's all for AAOL

It ends..........

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Posted: 06 September 2009 at 1:00pm | IP Logged
~An Arrow Forever~

    Ok now while all have been creating hoopla over that I shouldn't end this …… I personally feel AAOL's journey ended here because it has to……if not today, then some days after, but as it goes like, everything that starts has a definite end to it.

     I strongly believe that everything has a shelf life of its own, n I don't believe in disturbing the natural feel of the story….Do you?

     An Arrow of Love – to me it isn't just a fic, which I have started just to experiment my caliber in different genres, it was a continuation of my distant self……being a part of 'a perfect love story.' Yes, I have started this as an effort to move from the gloomy arena of TMH, but when it became so close to my heart, I didn't even realize…..I loved every moment of it [?]

     Now coming to the characters……

     Ashi/Aayesha – she was just any other young girl, more of a continuation of me, who dreams romance n expects the same to happen to her….n by the grace of God or specifically me Tongue her story isn't any short of a romantic novel. To be loved by someone like Suhaan needs gallons of luck for sure, right?

     Rimi – the sweetest lil sister on earth, I was a bit like her when her age. N if my Dids had been in love with someone like 'Suhaan'…..I surely would have helped her in that, making my Jiju do all those things Rimi makes Suhaan do Big smile

     Manish n Rahul-Tamy – Friends forever, the tag they aptly suit. I had always believed in supporting characters…just imagine what would aaol had been without them…if Manish wasn't there with Suhaan n Rahul n Tamy with Ashi…..they had been much much weaker than what they are now.

     Sameer - Mehr – a perfect Bhai n Bhabhie for Suhaan, I wish everyone gets blessed with such cute families….they were always there for him, whether it was happy or sad. Though many had tagged Sameer as 'Saare Fansaad ki Jad" Big smile, I had tried to keep him as sweet n innocent as I could, the role of a big bro, n that too when the kid bro is someone as a piece like Suhaan, is a challenge in itself. Mehr had been Suhaan's Dids from the day she entered his life.
     Snigdha – Anuraag – Suhaan had been more of a son to her, as she cared for him like her own, his worries were hers, his happiness too…..n when she got a new lease of life…with Bliss, Suhaan had been a medium to that too. She had protected Suhaan from everything she could. Anuraag, though had not much of a thing to do, but was of a sweet support.

     The Parents – They are our support system, no matter how far we go from them, we are right there in their hearts, close to them. No matter how unmanageable Suhaan may have been, but he had been close to his parents…..his Dad haven't expressed much about his love, fathers don't do that usually, but he was still worried for him. He was a constant worry for his Mom….she was always on her toes for him. Tongue

     Ashi's parents were not that troubled…..until they got to know that what a daring son-in-law they were about to get. Her Maa had been stricter, but has been by her side, when she needed her.

     Suhaan – Ahhh……now I know I don't need to say much about this person… everybody here knows him well, except he himself Big smile

     But I would still like to share my views about him, how I had felt him, while writing those crazy lines mouthed by him. Sometimes when I sit analyzing, ya I do it too, for a change, I feel I would have been like him, more of a carefree, if I had been a boy instead of a girl…..boys will always have an advantage over girls in this respect.

     He's this weirdest kinda, sweet, arrogant, rude, stubborn, foolish, and intense…..person, (seems the list of adjectives doesn't know where to end), with varied rush of emotions in him. He's almost like a coconut; I always take men as that, a hard cover with a soft heart, n this makes them more vulnerable. He had been the centre of attraction of this fic, got me new heights of adultation, made me that what I wished for. I can go on n on n on about him but there must be a place to stop, so I do it here.

     One last thing about him, is that when I started imagining him as Suhaan, I had thought…..this character will not gonna be liked by much people as he was very rude to girls…..but lil did I knew that he would be on to become a rage among girls, we like them more who are whacky……difffffffffferent from the league, men who live on the edge, which is Suhaan!

     I would not say that AAOL has finally ended, as it's the new beginning of their lives… here's wishing that their story is able to linger on in your hearts n minds for a longer period of time

    N last but not the least after all this caring n sharing thing

     My largest HUG goes on for all you wonderful readers, who have made my journey through AAOL much easier, than it could have been


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Posted: 06 September 2009 at 8:00pm | IP Logged
So....its the last part n I'm going to comment on each n every line that I liked (but the problem is I literally liked each n every line).

In the very beginning is my restless SUHAAN. I can imagine how irritated he must hav felt with all the rituals going on one after another....poor baby!!! And regarding his not eating anything.....awe, that was the sweetest ever. Even I cant luv Him enough for these lil gestures....(this dialogue of Ashi is really fav to me n alongside this one there r sum dialogues of ur fic that I often keep the weak heart dialogue of SUHAAN).....and at last MRS. SUHAAN really sounds so pleasant..  (but isnt everything related to him very pleasant?)Embarrassed

During dinner Sameer n Mehr's convo was nice. At last Sameer has realised he has loads to learn from SUHAAN....hehe.LOLLOL

The Bidaai.....I wud say I luved it when SUHAAN tried to hide his tears......I luv this sensitive side if his which he always tries to sweet!!!! And he had kept an extra tissue box for Mehr.....that was indeed very nic of him.....cudnt Sameer do it for SUHAAN's wedding also??? ......We cant expect SUHAAN arranging these things in his own wedding....but then Sameer is too dumb to do that....hehe. Rimi-Ashi scene was nice. And confirmation from SUHAAN.....ahh.....thats a huge achievement....I guess only Rimi can earn this compliment from SUHAAN. Wink

And the shoe part.....even I always thought the Groom's side can hav an extra pair of shoes if they wanna show that they won.....well, none but SUHAAN managed to crack this innovative idea.....that was awesum n simply THE BEST.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Now for entering the house.....oh....SUHAAN n I think so alike in this case.....y always HIM???? His argument was really cute n justified. Luved it. And the ring game.....that was certainly not necessary to knw SUHAAN RULES.Wink

Now in SUHAAN's room.....againn he proved he's UNIQUE.....who wud do such a thing that he did??? I realized after reading abt HIM that ppl actually luv to do thing that r not allowed n its actually very funLOL......the way SUHAAN entered n started questioning Ashi abt his Lovable was so funny n cute. N he also planned sumthing outside.....n moreso, while climbing down he says...he's also the new groom.....Embarrassed.....that was so cute n obviously so true.

I guess Tamy asked a useless ques....can she even in her craziest dream think of stopping SUHAAN from doing wat he wants???? Never....then y ask such stupid ques???......the morning scene was awesum. Specially when SUHAAN said who wud dare to touch.....awe.....that was lovely.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

And Sameer-Mehr gave them tickets of beaches....SUHAAN will surely think of his adventures.....coz its a part of him n we all LUV this part of him. Well, SUHAAN not knocking or saying thnx....seems to be childish nature of him but I luv this also.....coz it keeps the relations non-formal n true from heart....though I knw knocking is necessary but they can always lock their doorWinkWinkWink

At the beach SUHAAN n ashi convo was nice. And yes, I luv this cute shark.....thats the cutest shark ever.Embarrassed

Well, I luv SUHAAN's hesitation n Ashi's assurance to him. It was a cute scene. The chompy scene was also nice..... SUHAAN says that male n cant be after him.....heheLOL.....he n his words.....always very lovely. An awesum part was when Ashi touched the dolphin for his sweet!!!.....N regarding laughing off characters of novels.....umm....thats bcoz he's SUHAAN.

The last scene was amazing. the way she keeps repeating "I love you" it was beautiful n at the end when she wishes him "Happy Birthday"....he finally says "I love you" awesum!!!! I luved the fact that u started the fic with SUHAAN's bday n ended it as well. After all this special person's bday also is very special!!!! And I luved the poem as well....specially the last lines....which says, I cant express how much I love you so the easiest thing seems to keep saying I love you......its actually very trueEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

And wat more to say.....SUHAAN has ended HERE but is still fresh in my heart. Thnx for this lovely fic which is my most fav one n Thnx a ton for SUHAAN.

And for the last bit.....I luved to knw abt how u felt while creating this fic. Ashi is certainly a lucky girl for having SUHAAN.....who she luvs so much. Sameer is sumwat 'saare fasad ka jad" but then....its ok I guess. I just think even he shud be slapped once coz he dared to do that with my SUHAAN. really nice n so wer the frnds. I specially liked Snighda...the way she takes SUHAAN as her was marvellous. N SUHAAN's Bliss was really a Bliss. Parents wer gud n did wat any1 wud actually do. SUHAAN's dad was silent abt his love n yes, Fathers r like that. N his mom.....definitely so caring at him.....its true that SUHAAN did feel bad abt certain things but then they also made up for him. And Ashi's parents wer also nice. I was surprised to c Ashi's mom supporting her.....but then thats wat actually happens. N Ashi's dad....well SUHAAN brought him in tracks....hahaLOL

And many adjectives for him.....but I dont need to use any of them coz for me he himself is a name that describes (adjectives r describing words ryt?)....I dont need to say he's crazy but unique, wierd but lovable, arrogant but sweet.....I wud say just one thing n that is HE IS SUHAAN.Embarrassed

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-Yaz- IF-Rockerz

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Firstly i will like to say although many Girls Loved him Embarrassed

I still can't figure out why though,

but anyways .. I never seemed to do that Confused I mean I liked him but i Never Loved him Ouch I guess It's because people who are Rude, Arragont and Stubborn for no Rhyme or reason (I mean Problems in past or something like that) Have always Irritated me Confused But he took me to the Height of Frustration, and I never seemed to Understand that what did Ashi see in him Confused I know Opposites Attract, but not if your this pole apart Confused But still I'm glad that a Sweet Girl like Ashi's in his Life, because in a way, ever since she Entered he has Changed somewhat .. not alot but a bit Embarrassed

You might be thinking OMG this Girl has Again started bashing Suhaan LOL but let me tell you they are at times I adore him because as annoying as he is, they are things i love him for Embarrassed Like the way he's protective towards his family, his friends, his Love. You aptly said it he is like a Coconut strong from outside and soft from within (I guess that's another reason i didn't like him, I hate Coconuts, but Love them with Chocolate) LOL LOL

Coming to Ashi I Adored her Embarrassed but that doesn't mean that they weren't moments i hated her Ouch She is really sweet, but i still really hoped that she'd toughen up by the end, I mean she Loves Suhaan i Know, but why does she let Suhaan Dominate over her Ouch Marriage and Love is not about Dominating, it's about walking together with Equality Embarrassed but she always let Suhaan Dominate over her, She should really learn to stand up for herself and not cry all the Time Unhappy Really Wish she was more like her Sister at this Embarrassed But i have to say Suhaan is One Lucky boy to have her in His Life, Although sometimes i Think Sameer deserved her More Embarrassed But she didn't Deserve Sameer .. I am really happy you bought Mehr for him Embarrassed

Sameer .. You said that Everyone labels him as Fasaad ka jhar, but i never thought that Confused I mean what was his Fault, he never knew that Suhaan Loved Ayesha, and to be honest Even when he didn't know that, he still tried to Hide her Identy from Suhaan Embarrassed I have Never seen someone as PERFECT as Him, Sweet, a Family Man, He's not Dominating, Yet he's Strong .. and Ideal Husband, a Loving son, and Brilliant Brother ... He Should be Every Girls Dream, he's Defo my Dream Man Embarrassed and God Ashi was Stupid not to see that   Ouch But atleast he found Mehr ..

Mehr .. a Perfect Bride for a Perfect Boy Embarrassed I really Admire the way she Left her Family behind and Embraced her New World without any Apprehension Smile It's as if she Knew them for Ever, and the way she Brhaves with Suhaan Smile She treats him like a Brother and Not Devar which is really Sweet off her, and Also, Girls would have been really Insecure if a Women from her Husbands past comes into her Present, but Mehr .. she Really Handled it well Embarrassed the others were more Insecure LOL

Rahul and Manish -- Everyone Wishes to have Friends like them, they have really been a Support Pillar for their friends in time of need Embarrassed and have helped them Whenever needed Embarrassed Both Ashi and Suhaan are Lucky to have them.

Rimi -- Now she is someone who could have given a good takkar to Suhaan LOL as she had said she would have been Perfect for him LOL but Frankly speaken I think Even she would have Never chose Suhaan for herself Confused Anyways she has really been a Sweet Kid Sister, and has Supported Ashi through good times and Bad, I really Wonder what would have Ashi done without her .. she has really played a Vital part in the Love Story Embarrassed

Well they were my Fav that's why i talked about them, and You Know what I'll Miss them and I'll Miss This Stroy, I think you should Make a Part Two off this ... Life After Marriage for Suhaan and Ashi, Ofcourse Keeping all these Characters. Embarrassed

Oh Talked about the Characters but what about the Writer who made them Smile Really Saanch you did a Brilliant Job Clap Clap these Characters you made seem really real and not too Good to be True Types and I Love that Fact Thumbs Up and Ofcourse the Story only you could have thought of something like this, so Totally different from your Previous FF Yet so Amazing .. Sometimes i really thought that it's all happening in real, and Kudo's to you for making me feel like that

*Standing Ovation* Clap Clap

Take Care Hug and i'm really looking forward to reading Golden illusion Big smile
-Yaz- IF-Rockerz

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How could i forget about this Part Shocked

It was Brilliant !!! Thumbs Up

I love it More because you Showed Suhaan weaken During the Bidaai Embarrassed Showing that he's not all that Tough, but you Know what i don't Understand why did he keep a Party at his Wedding Night Confused He's definetly Weird ..

Oh Well the Honeymoon ... the way you descibed the Place, i wish i was there Embarrassed

But what the hell, Suhaan and His adventure .. It's as if all this Adventure is his Wife and Not Ashi LOL bechaari who is she Stuck with LOL but anyways the ending was really Very Cute ... and as Sumaiya said I like it How you Started it with Suhaans Birthday and Ended it with his Embarrassed And you know what when i think about it, It's really Amazing on How much Happened between that Time Shocked

kiran99 IF-Dazzler

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sorry for late reply It was Brilliant ! Thumbs Up lovly ff i must say enjot reading it each and every part
saanch_69 Senior Member

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Posted: 07 September 2009 at 8:00am | IP Logged
I can't laugh my heart out on the descriptions you both gave of SUHAANLOL I mean Sumaiya u're all so fida on him.....don't even want to see ne wrng even wen he's, but that's cute

N Yasmin you….uff really u dun lv a single occ to bash uo my lil' baby Wink but the pts u pntd out were true…but kya kare yeh jo love hai na love, ache achho ki chutti kar deta hai

Wen Ashi fell in love, she cudn't see a singl thing wrng in him, ummmm sumwat like the state of Sumaiya LOL n me too Wink

N ya am very well aware that rdrs r gonna get divided….b/w sameer n suhaan for they r exactly opp
Sam was the most perfect thing on this earth….while Suhaan made his imperfection seem so perfect that everyone liked it, if not loved hehe

Kiran thanks for ur Puchku replies…..but I'll be waiting for ur descriptive ones in my upcoming fic, dun miss it Smile

Anyways thanks a lot to let me know what you felt….liked or hated. I realllllllly loved rdng n laughing over them

I'll be posting my next fic "GOLDEN ILLUSION" from today

Well it's not a fun loving story as this but I sincerely hope you'll like it Smile
Sumi_162710 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by saanch_69

I can't laugh my heart out on the descriptions you both gave of SUHAANLOL I mean Sumaiya u're all so fida on him.....don't even want to see ne wrng even wen he's, but that's cute

N Yasmin you'.uff really u dun lv a single occ to bash uo my lil' baby Wink but the pts u pntd out were true'but kya kare yeh jo love hai na love, ache achho ki chutti kar deta hai

Wen Ashi fell in love, she cudn't see a singl thing wrng in him, ummmm sumwat like the state of Sumaiya LOL n me too Wink

N ya am very well aware that rdrs r gonna get divided'.b/w sameer n suhaan for they r exactly opp
Sam was the most perfect thing on this earth'.while Suhaan made his imperfection seem so perfect that everyone liked it, if not loved hehe

Kiran thanks for ur Puchku replies'..but I'll be waiting for ur descriptive ones in my upcoming fic, dun miss it Smile

Anyways thanks a lot to let me know what you felt'.liked or hated. I realllllllly loved rdng n laughing over them

I'll be posting my next fic "GOLDEN ILLUSION" from today

Well it's not a fun loving story as this but I sincerely hope you'll like it Smile

Yah...I knw I never c any wrong in SUHAANLOLLOLLOL n thats luv I guess. Main jab kisiko chahti hu tab uski acchai ko to definitely chahti hu (who doest do that)....but shayad uski khata ko aur bhi zyada chahti hu.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed I think we prove the saying "Love is Blind"LOLLOL

Sameer was really gudy gud (I dont deny that)....but I am not so fond of such gudy gud perfections...I am kinda allergicLOLLOL....I luv hatke things n thats SUHAAN. Well seems like ur 2 readers wer poles apart in case of observations....anyways, even we luved reading ur fic n am glad that u hav decided to UD Golden Illusion here....well I hav read that as well (till the part u hav updated in Orkut)....wud luv to read it here n tell u wat I felt. Thnx 4 the PM n pls PM me when u start updating GI.

Well, if my comment starts wid SUHAAN then it will end wid SUHAAN onlyWink

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-Jwalamukhi- 93 46928 07 September 2009 at 7:06am by amazingneira
~Cupid's Arrow~ By Kat *One shot*

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Author: jia..   Replies: 20   Views: 4486

jia.. 20 4486 03 June 2009 at 5:38am by Riddss
The Heart Knows When The Search Is Over.UDTD PG4

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Author: maitri505   Replies: 61   Views: 4558

maitri505 61 4558 01 April 2009 at 12:51am by maitri505
FFTo love or not to love.pt20 pg 22 31/10

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Author: KC294   Replies: 184   Views: 39815

KC294 184 39815 04 November 2008 at 6:06am by sweet cherry

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