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An Arrow of Love~RN fic..udtd-pgs 47 & 48 [9/6] (Page 47)

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~Fifty Two~

        Suhaan had happily accompanied his Dad back home, informing Manish about it, who sounded more than happy for him. He knowingly didn't call up Ashi, thinking he would surprise her, n he had asked Manish not to pass on the news to anyone else.

     On reaching, he enquired about his Mom, who was then in her room, unknown of the fact that Mr. Malhotra had gone to bring him back………as he entered, he saw her standing by the window, quite sad was her face, surely she was thinking of him only…..he tiptoed to her n before she could notice, he had flung his arms around her

        "Suhaan" she turned surprisingly, instantly hugging him, "How are you?"

        "I missed you Mom" he uttered, "I'm sorry for what I did"

        "No Beta…..didn't I tell you I understand" he nodded, "But how are you here?"

        "Dad went to me this morning"

        "I don't believe this…….he didn't tell me anything?"

        "Your Mr. Malhotra is not that bad after all" he interrupted from behind

        "I know…..after all my choice never was"

        "Ah… women always know how to turn words in your favor" he stated making both of them smile

        "Thank you…..for bringing our Suhaan back" she said kissing Suhaan's temple caringly

        "Mom….where's Bhai n Bhabhie?"

        "Must be in their room" she sighted

        "Cool….I'll see you later" he passed by his Dad smiling

        "I think we should now sort things out" he said

        "Hmm, we should"


     Suhaan didn't care to knock as he reached Sameer's room, he wasn't that habituated still…..fortunately for them they weren't in any odd position. Mehr was seen adjusting Sameer's tie, while he stared at her lovingly

        "Hello……can I have a spare moment please?" he asked

        "Suhaan?" both looked at him delightfully, as Sameer came on to hug him tight

        "It's so nice to see you here" she said, while Sameer looked on

        "Thanks Bhabhie…..n before you too ask the same thing……" he said looking at him, "I should tell you myself that Dad went there to bring me back"

        "That's great news indeed!" cheered Sameer


     Suhaan wasn't taking her calls from the morning itself, she was feeling something wrong in it, n then she was asked to stay over at home in the evening……as some guests were coming over, making her even more restless

     In the evening, Ashi got a pleasant shock when Rimi gladly took her down to meet the guests……it was none other than Mr. n Mrs. Malhotra, who had come home to fix up their wedding

        "Mr. Bedi….I'm really sorry for whatever Suhaan did over here" this is what she heard when she arrived

        "Don't say it like that….it's true that I didn't like it then, but now as I think over it, that was because he's young n restless" he explained

        "Arre Ashi beta….come here" called her Maa, n she shyingly went on to sit beside Suhaan's Mom

        "I must say Suhaan is really lucky to have you" she said

        "Thanks" her tone a mere whisper n then her cell rang, it was his…as he had planned to meet her n surprise her by taking her home. As Rimi noticed it, she took from her, "Ah…."

        "Wait…" saying she went aside, "Hello Suhaan"

        "Where's Ashi?"

        "Can you please come over here now?" she said making a dull voice

        "Is she alright?"

        "Hmmm….she's, actually Baba wants to talk to you"


        "May be he's realized that he was rough on you that day?" she sighted

        "You are not kidding right?"

        "Oh ho….would I joke on such a serious thing?"

        "Ohk fine I'm almost there, am coming" he hung up, n Rimi went to stand beside Ashi winking at her


        "Nothing….I'll just come" she went out to be in position so that she can be at the door when he arrives.

     After sometime, he came n she went on to open it making a weary face

        "Is he in the same bad mood?" he asked on entering

        "Even worse"

        "N you called me now knowing that?" she nodded

        "What can I do, he asked me"

        "Oh ok" he followed her, thinking that may be he has to hear something more ridiculous this time. As they went near the room, voices were coming out n he stopped, "Who else is there?"

        "Don't worry….all are family" he wasn't convinced but he followed, just to get a shock of his life, "N here comes the groom" announced Rimi

      No one would have dared to give him such a thing to witness, except Rimi…..he saw his Mom-Dad in conversation with his Mom-Dad-in-law

        "Suhaan" called his Mom seeing him, "Come beta" he went in, still not looking at Mr. Bedi…..Ashi wanted to look up to him but she was too shy to do that in front of all

        "How are you here Mom?" he managed to ask finally

        "We should ask you that instead?" his Dad said n he looked at Ashi instead, "Well we had some pending work to do" his Dad smiled looking at him,

        "N that means now I can officially call you Jiju" Rimi announced making them blush as she looked at him, his gaze so sharp that she was finding it hard to resist herself not to look back

        "Suhaan…..I hope you haven't said anything that bad when you were here last time?" his Dad asked

        "No no Mr. Malhotra…..I told you it wasn't…." Suhaan's brows shot up instantly at his changed behavior, he smiled meekly at him

        "Not at all Dad…..isn't it Uncle?"

        "Exactly….now he's like my son" he gladly stated

        "Uhh…..a single Dad is so commanding, how am I going to manage both?" he thought, yeah he could never change, but then who wants him to


     Life couldn't have been more generous on them, all was well set…..their engagement was fixed n preparations had already started in both the houses…..but our cute couple didn't miss spending some moments together

        "You know Suhaan……I still don't believe it" she said sitting beside him with his arms around her, "Doesn't it all seem like a dream?"

        "No……I don't believe in dreams"

        "Why do you always need to oppose me, can't you just carry on the feel?"

        "Oh then you should have asked me to just nod in whatever you say, why did you ask me?"

        "You are such a hopeless…"

        "Lover?" he added smiling

        "No you are not hopeless in that……quite hopeful there" stated she quickly planting a kiss on his cheek


        "Have you planned anything where are we going for our honeymoon?"

        "Do we need to plan that?"


        "I mean what's the use to plan, when we are not going to step out at all"

        "Why not? I want to see the world around with you, beautiful places n so many things…'s going to be so exciting. Don't you?"

        "Ummm…, I can't miss the most beautiful thing in the world for anything like that" he said caressing her face with his fingers making her blush at that

        "No one will believe that once you almost hated girls" she laughed

        "So what people do change, don't they?"

        "Hmm, but when someone like Mr. Suhaan Malhotra changes, it creates history" she said spreading her hands out

        "Hahaha very funny"

        "You look so sweet when you make such a face" she said tickling him

        "Hey….Stop it" but she was faster this time, as she ran n after her was he, to catch up with her, getting her finally, pushing her to the ground, he tickled her belly…..her throat, as she giggled breathing heavily
        "Suhaan…." she gasped hitting him lightly, as he turned upon her holding up her arms so that she couldn't stop him, "No…..please" she pleaded but he was adamant, tickling her for a few more moments, he stopped to stare at her, both gasping. He had the sudden urge to kiss her, n when he did her eyes went round…..her hands lay loose on top of her head, too engrossed to notice that he had left them, n finally she took them around him, crushing his shirt, as the kiss deepened


     N finally they were being engaged that day; he was dressed in a peacock blue shirt teamed up with a jet black suit while she stood beside him in a pretty lavender colored lehnga, but the looks which he threw at her, made her blush hard making her cheeks go redder
        "Suhaan…..stop staring at her" Manish poked in


        "You'll have plenty of time to do that after this"

        "Ok but why not now?"

        "You are impossible"

        "Yup…..don't even try to make it possible" he stated

        "Ashi……aren't you tired of standing here?" asked Rahul

        "No, she isn't" before she could answer, he did it

        "Suhaan….." she murmured rounding her eyes at him,

        "Ohk go" he said leaving her hand

        "No I do love it here" she said going for his hand again, as he looked back at her

     Soon they were asked to exchange rings…..

        "Hmmm…..take this…." his Bhabhie held up the delicate ring to him

        "Are you sure you want this to happen?" he asked her

        "Huh?" surprised was she

        "Stop it…..Dad's staring at you" warned Sameer but he continued

        "Think over it again Ashi…..there'll be no way back, you have to do whatever I want you to"

        "I don't want any way back" she declared looking into his eyes

        "Cool" saying he took the ring, he wasn't sure why he looked at her father before sliding it into her finger, may be he wanted to show it to him that no one can take her away from him, as he had said, he kissed it lightly thereafter, "I love you" he uttered, n she felt an adrenaline rush through her, he didn't say it quite often but when he did, she knew what it meant,

        "You can repeat that to him now Di" teased Rimi, making her blush as she looked at him, "I mean the ring" n then she slid a ring through his finger

     The rest of the evening was spent meeting the guests n attending them accordingly……though they managed to steal glances at each other when not together. Suhaan had the same old urge to run away from the party but he resisted it, not to offend his Dad this time.


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     Finally their marriage date was fixed by the Priest who had come over to their place to take out a suitable muhurat for the ceremony to take place. Though he was not too happy that he had suggested a date which was 2months away…..Later when his Bhabhie had informed him the results when their kundalis were matched, n 33 out of 36 traits have matched…he had jokingly pointed out the three remaining 'gunas'

     Saying that she's the perfect daughter to her parents, he's not that undoubtedly; he dares to say what he feels, she can't n lastly he had pointed out that she's more susceptible to crying, he's not;……making Sameer n Mehr roll over with laughter hearing to him.

        "You are head over heels in love Devar jee" she stated squeezing his cheeks

        "No but it's really these three differences I know" he said

        "You know Mehr…."


        "Jiju had predicted this long back" Sameer started

        "What…..these differences?" he asked

        "No…… but surely that you'll almost behave like a monkey when in love" he ended patting his shoulder

        "Ya what else a monkey's brother can be… are no less than me, I notice everything" he declared

        "Come on, Sameer that was bad. How can you even say that for my cute Devar?" she asked

        "Cute? Bhabhie the word is 'Handsome'…..ok?"

        "No cute…I have never seen such a cute lover in my entire life"

        "Ok fine… carry on, I shall leave" he said while picking up his cell

        "I still don't believe its Suhaan's wedding" Sameer said to her
        "I know it's really hard to believe….but its true" she said pinching his arm lightly before leaving



     It was not many days away from the D-day now; both the families were busy in their individual preparations, starting from selecting dresses n jewelleries…..Suhaan's room was going through a minor makeover, like it did when Sameer was getting married, to make it livable for a couple, unlike the earlier setting which had been set up keeping bachelor's demands in mind. Sameer was happy repaying back what Suhaan had done in his marriage as he had said…..but he had never thought that the day would come so soon.

     Ashi was feeling it bad, as every other girl for she has to leave her parents n kid sis, but then she wasn't going any far away. But going by Suhaan's records he'll not allow her visit them too often, she had been blushing hard each time she was reminded of him, his words….

     Rimi had been busy in shopping with her Maa, sometimes Ashi accompanied them when her fittings were required….they weren't able to meet up from the past few days, as work kept them busy…..but he wasn't the type to take it as it comes….

     That day she was shopping with her Maa n Rimi, when he called up

        "Hmmm" she murmured as her Maa was near

        "Where are you?"

        "Am busy shopping dear"



        "Are you telling me or not?" he charged


        "Cool….am there only"

        "I don't believe this" she denied

        "Did I ask you to?" she smiled knowing that he was too eager to meet her up, she too wanted that, but couldn't manage that, he really wasn't there, "Which floor are you on?"


        "Great… coming"

        "Suhaan….." she called but he wasn't there,

        "Di…..come here" n she went, but her mind was stuck onto him, when she's going to meet him, n more importantly how's he going to manage that in front of her Maa

     It was almost 20 minutes that he had called her, n she waited impatiently

        "I think we'll get it there on the next floor" her Maa said

        "Come on Di….." she dragged her

        "Maa……I'll join you soon, you go" she didn't want to leave the floor until she meets him

        "But why?" her Maa asked

        "Oh ho Maa let's go na, she said she'll come" Rimi pulled her mother along winking at her Di

     She was going through the hanging kurtis quite unmindfully, when a hand pulled her in a changing room


        "What?" he asked

        "You leave no chance of getting me a heart attack"

        "Don't worry, you won't have one…..the place I reside in can't be that weak" she looked shyly just before hugging him

        "I missed you so much"

        "I know…that's why you didn't go up with them"

        "How do you know that?"

        "I saw it"

        "Are you following me?" she asked lightly

        "Hmm, but it's only a week or so left that you have to do that to me"

        "I would love to do it" she said as he kissed her hard n she responded with an equal vigor, they were only halfway through it when her cell rang, her breathings heavy so she avoided to speak

        "Di…if you are done with him, come up"


        "Maa is asking for you, I can't lie more"

        "Am… coming" she managed, "I…."

        "Go" he uttered as he leant on the mirror wall

        "But how can we go out together?"

        "You leave, I'll move out after some time" he assured

        "I love you Suhaan" she said placing a peck on his lips briefly, before leaving, n he waited there for some moments to move out effortlessly…..Suhaan's shopping had been great this time!

     It was the Sangeet ceremony, n both of them were looking forward to that, hearing that it was to be celebrated together. They were made to sit together, but alas surrounded by a whole lot of Salis, sat he, hardly getting any time to talk to her

        "So Jiju tell us… was the time like when you met Ashi di?" asked one, n he being Suhaan

        "I hated her"

        "What?" they shouted together, she nodded at them

        "But may be that's why I love her so much today" he sighted

        "Oooooo….." came another one from the bunch

        "You remember Di, how Rahul got a black eye?" she said laughing

        "What was so funny in that?" Rahul asked sitting nearby

        "It was……because you didn't dare to punch him back" she said

        "No one does that to me ever" Suhaan stated

        "Oye….do you want me to do that now?" he asked standing up

        "Chill dude….no one wants a black eyed groom here" Manish made him sit back as Suhaan stared hard at both of them

        "Don't worry Jiju……I'm here to handle them"

        "Rimi……." called Ashi


        "Keep your mischiefs within limit" she warned playfully

        "What yaar Jiju….why can't you mould this piece first?" she pointed out to her, "She's still the same boring stuff" she teased getting a hit in return

        "Don't worry……she'll get it right within some time" he said winking at her

     Soon the ceremony started, while the elders were found to sit n chat or simply stare at the song n dance being carried out in the hall, the youngsters joined in the mood as they danced in groups clapping n teasing each other in return……Suhaan n Ashi were too called on, n they happily joined in, already bored by sitting there for so long

     After the ceremony got over, the guests started dispersing, n it was then finally time for them to leave too. It seemed that a one day gap in between seemed like ages to them, he stared longingly at her, who sat quite by the window looking back, until the vision got disrupted as someone came in between

        "Jiju…… I'm not that bad a looker?" she asked


        "Ya….I mean you always keep staring at her, not fair" she complained

        "I'm so sorry……Rimi, actually we're playing that concentration game so……"

        "I may look like a lil girl, but sorry to disappoint you……I'm not that" saying she pulled him to the car, "Why don't you talk if it's that important?"

        "Rimi.." she rolled her eyes noticing her Maa near by,

        "What's wrong? I helped you Di…now both of you can notice the minute details too"

        "Correct….see I always say she's the best" Suhaan added

        "Thanks Jiju….enough Maska for the day, now we'll leave"

        "I'll see you…." she started

        "In dreams" chuckled Rimi getting in the car

        "Bye…Love you" her lips just moved saying the latter words n he winked back


     Both the houses appeared packed, with the Mehndi ceremonies going on, as soon as the 'Shagun ki Mehndi' reached the Bedi's, a roar of wishes startled the environment. Ashi sat amidst the whole group of aunties who sang n the girls danced along, a constant reddish tinge adhered to her cheeks. Soon after Mrs. Malhotra applied the first stroke of the Mehndi on her palm, the artist was at her work……

        "What's the groom's name?" she asked, but before she could say it, her attendant did it for her

        "Suhaan…." came a teasing push from Rimi's side

     Ashi closed her eyes tight, feeling his name being written on her palm, the mere thought of him touching it, surged a current through her body

        "Di… your eyes n see it once" she said n she did, her palm had never looked as good as it did now

     The pleasantries carried out throughout the day, as usual Suhaan had called her up, but she couldn't take it herself n he had to manage it as Rimi held it close to Ashi's ears…well she couldn't even response much as her sisters stared curiously at her

        "Jiju please……can you please continue it later"


        "My hand is paining; n my Mehndi is yet to be applied"

        "N if I assure you of anything in return?"


        "Whatever you want"

        "Ummmm……you have to sign a deal then"

        "Like what?"

        "You will have to train my beau, so that he can carry it off effortlessly like you did with Baba"

        "Uhhhh… me it was not at all effortless, in fact it was the worst experience I ever had" he stated

        "I don't know anything, you have to"

        "Ohk done….but who's that beau of yours?"

        "Oh ho….I don't have any such as of now, it's when I'll have someone"

        "Oh so Salijee is looking forward to a love marriage huh?"

        "Of course…undoubtedly after seeing your's…'s so thrilling"

        "Done…..I'll make him just like you want"


        "Now can you handover the call to her?"

        "I'll do that surely if you call later at night"

        "But it's only…….."

        "I know, but I'm helpless. All the girls are staring at me like hell" the last words in a murmur

        "Fine then I'll call her by the night"


     Suhaan could forget anything in the world but not calling her up before sleep hugs him to her

        "I was waiting for your call" she uttered picking it up

        "But I'm waiting for you"

        "I know…..I too am looking forward to it"

        "Looking forward to what?" he asked teasing her


        "Are you that tired?"

        "Very much…..Maa asked me to sleep tonight as tomorrow is going to be a hectic one" she said

        "You know your Maa is very sweet, much much more than your Baba……she really understands it"


        "What? She knows that I'm not going to let you sleep tomorrow……so"

        "Then what are we going to do…..I'm going to be very tired" she told him, she was blushing imagining his face

        "How about playing basketball then?"


        "Stupid……I know you better" she smiled biting her lip

        "Ohk we are playing that tomorrow right?"


        "Can I sleep now, I'm really tired?"

        "What did you do that you are…….."

        "Huh……you men are so lucky in everything, you don't need to wear Mehndi, and all the rituals are only for poor us"

        "That's good……at least you can keep yourself busy with that, I was getting bored yaar……seriously"

        "Where are Rahul n Manish…..n the other ones?"

        "They have been busy with Bhai, n he isn't letting me do anything, says that I shouldn't do it"

        "But that's true"

        "What true….rubbish!"

        "Hmmm" she yawned wide, as she was really tired

        "You are really sleepy na?"

        "Ya very much"

        "Then go to sleep for the last time….."


        "In your own bed… from tomorrow, you'll be here in mine, by my side….."

        "Hugging you" she added naughtily, later realizing what she had said

        "That's a good progress Ms. Ashi" he said, making her blush

        "Ok now good night, bye" she said kissing the phone in a quite audible voice for him to hear       

        "Ohk bye…..cya tomorrow"

        "Hmm….love you" they said casually as they would do on any other day, but only their hearts knew what a special day it was for them……two hearts had long been one, now it was time for lives to intersect.


     Finally the day arrived for which they were waiting, eager seemed to be a much smaller word to express that……the cheers rolled along every corner of the house

     Where Ashi didn't have much time to even breathe, as she was constantly subjected to one or the other ritual…..Suhaan was getting a hard time passing each n every moment, he had almost locked himself in, as he feared the groups sitting down…..whenever he got out for thing or the other, the Aunties sitting there would call him n tease him. Bored with the ongoing preparations, he went to sleep instead but there too, he wasn't spared as a whole lot of his cousins had stormed in

        "What the hell do you think you are doing?" asked one


        "Are you crazy?"

        "How do you know……am really going crazy"

        "But Bhai, you have to come down now" said his sis

        "I thought that was all?" indicating the haldi ceremony

        "Not at all, there's another ritual left"


        "You have to take part in the preparations the ladies are doing"

        "No way….there's no such thing, I haven't seen anything like that during Bhai's wedding" he retorted

        "Oh ho….you were too busy to notice then" said one, making him think deep as they winked at each other

        "N more so ever, just think Bhai….Bhabhie is going through so much now, just to get married to you…"

        "Ya what are you doing? Sleeping sheeh!" exclaimed another

        "But I can't help in that; I suppose girls have to do all that stupid stuff"

        "Stupid? How mean is that?"

        "I know it sounds, but it is indeed stupid"

        "Then why aren't you eating anything huh?"

        "Because I'm not hungry….simple"

        "No because Bhabhie isn't na, I know" he kept mum at that

        "Bravo, the cool dude is on his way to hubby land"

        "Shut up……you all go down"


        "Please yaar, I'm tired" he pleaded joining his hands

        "Ok ok stop that nautanki, we are not going to bother you again……."

        "Thanks" as he laid back

        "Till an hour…..n then we'll be back, isn't it guys?" winked one saying that

        "Oh no" as he slapped his temple lightly before covering his head with the cushion


     It was only a couple of hours left for the baraat to get started off; Sameer went to Suhaan's room holding the heavy embroidered milky white sherwani

        "Suhaan…." he called entering, "Here's is your trousseau" but he would listen to him, when he would be there, "Suhaan?" he checked here n there, n then called him….but his cell was there on his table, "Oh shit….I just don't know what to do with this boy?" he went out to inform Mehr


     At Ashi's place, she was sitting pretty in a red lehnga, gazing herself in the mirror at equal intervals, adjusting her maangtika or bangles or something or the other, while her friends n sisters laughed along

     She was almost counting minutes for when she'll see him again,

        "Di…we'll just be back" said one

        "Ohk" she replied

        "I need to go to the washroom" she thought, adjusting her heavy dupatta, she walked over to there, n when she returned she was surprised to find him there, "Haaaaaaaa….." her mouth wide open

        "Shut up" he said

        "What are you doing here?"

        "Why can't come I here? N anyways I'm quite used to this route" he grinned

        "Ohk enough…..leave before anyone sees you here" she said

        "If anyone sees me here, I'll see that person too"


        "But I can't let anyone else see you like this before me"

        "Suhaan……stop being childish, all my sisters have already seen me"

        "I hope no one other than them……You are looking gorgeous" she blushed even harder

        "But why aren't you ready yet?"

        "Arre how can I come here wearing that sherwani, it's too heavy you see"



        "Then what's this?" she asked showing her piece, I can't even move properly in this"

        "I'll weigh it later in the night" he winked getting a hit in return, "Why are you so eager to get me out of here?"

        "Simple…….the faster you go, the faster you'll be able to come back here only" she stated


        "Then……now go n come quick, I can't wait more in this"

        "So basically you are waiting for this piece to get over you?"


        "Even I can't see you in this" he said nearing her

        "You are too much……now go"

        "Ahan…" he murmured planting a peck lightly on her lips, n she hugged him

        "I love you"

        "Probably that's why you tolerate me so much"

        "I don't tolerate you baby, I like everything you do"

        "Really?" she nodded, "So can I…."

        "NO way…..GO" she said sternly n he left quickly

     As he reached his room safely by keeping himself hidden from other's eyes, but was welcomed by his Bhai

        "Suhaan……how can you do this?"


        "You even don't care to take your phone along?"

        "Am sorry"

        "Dad is so right….you are never sorry in real" n he looked down, "If anything could have happened to you then?"


        "Where we had searched you in this hour?"

        "Oh ho…..I said am sorry" he said nearing him, "Give me that I'll get ready within minutes"

        "You better be"

        "I said I'll"

        "It's only half an hour to go, n before that there are some rituals to be performed"

        "Again?" he rolled his eyes at that



     Soon we can see, Suhaan is standing amongst all sporting quite a restless look on his face, Sameer stopped him by a hand on his shoulder…n then they started for the bride's place

     The moment they reached there, the girls furrowed down to the entrance, to get a glimpse of the groom……Ashi felt her heart thumping louder at the news….he was there only an hour ago but, seeing him in that attire was her dream, she couldn't resist herself moving out to balcony…..n yes there he was standing by the car, as the others laughed n cheered around him, his eyes were hooked on her….somehow he knew she would be there only staring at him

     After the rituals were done, n they were welcomed in, Suhaan was called on by the priest…..he was getting a hard time pronouncing those hymns, while Sameer n his friends had a hard time to control their laughter, n soon the bride was called on. But unlike other grooms, he wasn't watching her being speechless, he had already done that. This time it was her watching him instead, spellbound, she was almost lost until he winked at her, n she got back her senses

     As she was seated beside him, she could feel the warm looks he gave her, making her heart melt

        "Why are you so nervous?" he asked whispering

        "Uhun" she denied

        "You are"


        "I know you are….." n they could have continued like that for hours, if Rimi didn't poke in

        "Are you people nuts?"

        "She is" he said

        "You both are….." n soon they were heard chanting the hymns together, glancing n smiling at each other, they didn't needed to go by the lines they were asked to, as they knew it better how to love each other, to take utmost care n most importantly when the time arises, they won't think even twice to save the other from trouble
     As Ashi's hand was placed over his hand for the kanyadaan, he pressed it hard in his, making her turn…..n Mr. Bedi too noticed it, but Suhaan didn't bother it at all

     The Pheras were such a tiring job for him, she walked so slow, he wished he could take her up n run, but he knew it better it wasn't possible at all………..


That's all for today

I hope I'll get the cmmnts fast so that I can ud it by tom again

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Ohh.....another lovely part which marks SUHAAN's return at home. It was a beautiful one n his not knocking at Sameer's door...umm...wat can be said.....He's SUHAAN!!!!  So I wud want them to be careful rather than changing his habits.....coz his habits r too gud to be changed.

Rimi.....must say....daring enough to surprise SUHAAN like that....but I'm sure SUHAAN luved the all's well. And the changed tone of Mr. Bedi.....ahh...wat to say.....he's too lucky to hav SUHAAN as his son-in-law....guess he realised that...hehe. And yes, SUHAAN was not young and restless in his action....he was n is n will always be THE BEST N UNIQUE in his deeds.....Mr. Bedi shud get that well.

"Uhh…..a single Dad is so commanding, how am I going to manage both?" he thought, yeah he could never change, but then who wants him to

When he said this.....I was like SUHAAN is always so naughty n cute n yes, u r right none wants him to change. We luv him this way only.

And during the engagement.....his words with Manush and Rahul...ohh so gud. I luv this attitude of his....always straight forward......he never holds bak anything.....n that really helps to hav a better lyf....otherwise small things often turn into grudges n I luv it that SUHAAN always speaks out his heart....even if it hurts the person in question.....coz at the end of the day it makes everything better.

Well the shopping scene was gud.....I luved SUHAAN's dialogue when he said " The place that I reside in cant be that weak"......ohh thats the best  dialogue ever to amazing!!! N at the sangeet Rimi was gud....n Rahul must admit he wud hav never hit SUHAAN (else I wud hav punched him hard.....wat to do.....cant let him go just like that na)

And a sweet side of SUHAAN...he didnt eat anything coz Ashi didnt....yet he wont show reason may be he doesnt want his THE SUHAAN MALHOTRA image to get spoilt like that......but I wud say He doesnt like showing off and it has nothing to do wid any image.....he's too gud to think abt that.

SUHAAN n Ashi convo was gud n I must say Ashi has progressed a lot....but then SUHAAN too lovely talks from SUHAAN is really surprising though very pleasant.

And SUHAAN came to see Ashi before every1 else.....only sum1 like SUHAAN can do that.....but then none can be like him Only SUHAAN can do that......such a wonderful scene that was!!!!

But then more than that I luved it when Ashi was watching him be honest I always felt if the heroes r staring at the heroine coz they r looking stunning then even the heroines shud do the same coz the heroes also look deadly handsum......and u fulfilled my wish was awesum.

During the 'kanyadaan'....SUHAAN pressed her hands tighter n didnt bother to think wat others may thing......I luv this caring carefree nature of his. And I knw wat he must hav gone thru during the slow wonder he wanted to do sumthing like that (coz he's SUHAAN na).....but I'm happy he managed to hav that patience.

Anyways, I guess it has one or two parts left.....and my SUHAAN is ending again......but as I said leaving bak a lovely memory. One more thing, u may notice I always say "coz that's SUHAAN"......actually I hav always taken SUHAAN more as a characteristic than as a character.....he's unique n his uniqueness is named SUHAAN for me......its not mere a character for me....its more than that.....and I again thank u for introducing SUHAAN.

Pls continue soon.

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Suhaan the To be Husband is soooooooooooooooo much better than Suhaan the Bachelour ROFL ROFL absaloutly hilarious, and was it me or was he being a bit too much of a Flirt with Ashi Ofcourse Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

God i Just Love Weddings and when its Weddings of Our Star Couple then ....... Embarrassed Embarrassed

Well they are married now ... and with that this Fic is coming to an End, so sad Ouch

I've said that many at times in Orkut, that it's one of the many great fics i've read Embarrassed

Brilliant Update Clap

Take Care Hug

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     After the wedding got over, they were seated together…… she being very tired was not in a mood to respond to the round of discussions going on around them

        "I wish we could run away from here" he whispered to her

        "So soon….there's more to this"

        "What else is left? The wedding's over…."

        "Hmm, it is…but there are still some rituals left"

        "Why don't these people leave us away for a moment?" he asked irritated, he wasn't quite used to this stuffed position much

        "For the first time……I totally agree with you" she winked at him

        "Ahan…….get a spare moment, n they will start coochie cooing" remarked Rimi

        "Hey Rimi…..can we get out of this thing?" he asked

        "Very soon….don't worry" she assured, "Di have this, Maa sent this for you" she held a plate of sweets before her

        "Hmm" taking a piece up, she held it to him "Open your mouth" she said

        "Why me? She has sent it for you"

        "Because she doesn't know that you too haven't eaten anything" replied she

        "What?" came a shocked one from Rimi, "I don't believe this" he shied away

        "No no….I have eaten"

        "Suhaan… can convince her later……. open your mouth, I'm hungry" a bit awkwardly he took it in, as Rimi n others let out a clap, as Ashi's tears brimmed up, "I can't love you enough Suhaan, for these little gestures you do for me"

        "Hey…..not again! I'm telling you I cannot waste all my effort in stopping you every time"


        "Learn fast Mrs. Suhaan Malhotra" he winked at her making her turn at him, she had never thought that it would sound so sweet to her ears, being denoted as a part of his life…..her Suhaan


     Soon they were taken for the lavish dinner spread over, she had been noticed feeding him quite often….grabbing quite a few eyeballs, who had blushed at that

        "It's so strange na…." started Mehr


        "The transformation in a girl is so quick"


        "She was just his girlfriend till yesterday, now his wife, but see how she behaves like a mother around him"

        "Hmmm….exactly like you do around me" said he draping an arm around her

        "Sameer behave….."

        "So what? I'm hugging my own wife"

        "Have you taken up lessons from him?"


     When it was time for the Bidaai, Rimi was at work, well she done it much earlier than expected

        "Jiju…..take out a 10,000" she demanded



        "Manish….please yaar bring it them for me" he said n he went grinning, they were busy discussing that how come someone like Suhaan agree so easily

        "Shit! We should have asked for more?" said one

        "Anyways…..we are getting it without any trouble, be happy sweetie" said another

        "No yaar……I don't like this easy money, I thought he would….." Rimi was stopped as she saw Manish entering with a box, "Is it the box?" she asked

        "Exactly" said he opening it, n taking out a pair of shoes from it, as the girls stood with their mouth wide open

        "But this isn't your……" started Rimi

        "Aahh… can surely keep that one as a memento" her Jiju winked

        "Not fair……this is cheating"

        "Rimi…..please" Ashi said

        "Why are you talking in this?" Suhaan stopped her, "Well…..Rimi I think the deal is enough for that"

        "What deal?" Ashi asked

        "That's a different story…..I have something for you girls, see if you like it" he said finally

        "No…. we don't need that"

        "Are you people crazy?" asked Rahul


        "Girls will always remain girls…..this is the money you asked for" he stated handling it over

        "Jiju then why this thing?"

        "Because your Jiju is Suhaan…..n not anyone, got it Salijee?"

        "N my Jiju is the best!" she cheered along with the others

     The bidaai was yet another episode…..he wasn't comfortable in, she cried hugging her Maa n Rimi, he was looking here n there, not because he was irritated, but just trying to hide away his tears that popped up every now n then

        "Suhaan remember….what were you like at my wedding?" asked he

        "Shut up Bhai…." he said seeing his Bhabhie around

        "Why? Tell me what happened?" she urged

        "Nothing…… he had arranged an extra pack of tissues for you specially" he said winking at him

        "How sweet of him, n you are teasing him?"

        "No I didn't"

     Soon Ashi was escorted to the well orchid-decorated white Merc, n followed her in was he, and Mehr had got in from the other side….Sameer sat in the front. Mr. Malhotra was in the other car, with some guests……….

        "Di…." Rimi came running to her

        "Rimi…..take care of Maa-Baba" she nodded

        "I have something to say to you"

        "What?" she asked crying, Suhaan was expecting another emotional one from Rimi

        "Don't you dare bore Jiju with your Meena Kumari sessions?" she warmed sternly

        "Rimi….." uttered he, "Have I ever told you that you are the best?"

        "I know Jiju…..but anyways liked the confirmation from your side" she winked; n Ashi was on her way to her new world

        "Ashi…..please stop crying" said Mehr rubbing her back

        "Yeah…..It seems like I'm taking you for some punishment, isn't it Bhabhie?" he looked at her for a nod

        "Why do you need to always poke in at the wrong point?" she asked

        "I was just trying to say that I haven't even filled in the tissue box like I did it last time" he explained getting a laugh out from both his Bhai n Bhabhie, n finally from her too, as he draped an arm around, supporting her


     Reaching home doesn't mean they were having all the time together…..after being welcomed by his Mom, they were stopped by his Dids

        "What?" he asked

        "Give me my gift" said she

        "Oh she'll give you" he pointed out


        "Ya….I had given to her sister, now she'll give you…why me?" he stated

        "But that was for the shoes….this is for letting her in" she explained

        "This is cheating yaar, why always me?" n they laughed out

        "Suhaan…..this is Di's right, I gave it too" Sameer said

        "But that's because Bhabhie din't have any sister, did you?" he asked her

        "Stand here till you give me" she said

        "Fine let her stand…..Bliss is calling me" he said looking at her, Ashi stared at him

        "Nope you are not allowed to enter alone" he was stopped

        "Suhaan take this….." Sameer said as he held out a packet to him, n he gave it to her

        "Happy?" he asked

        "Hmmm….very much" n the remaining grihapravesh was completed, n thereafter the cowries n ring game was played, though not interested much in playing, he won it…..if he hadn't even then too, he was undoubtedly the more dominating


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Ashi was being escorted to her room up; by the girls…..she was made to sit on the beautifully decorated bed, in a more exquisitely decorated room with candles, the ambience the flowers spread were so apt for the occasion….like a good bride, she was asked to wait for her groom. Her cheeks went redder by every second, with the thought that what they are going to do tonight, free of any bindings…..he was only hers n she was his

     The moment he entered, he was stopped by the door….

        "What's all this?" he asked, "This can't be my room" he had already changed into his usual clothes


        "When did all this happen?" he pointed out to the decorations

        "How would I know?" she didn't expect him to say that for sure

        "N what are you doing like this?" he came to her


        "Ohk fine I'll help you get rid of all this" she shivered as he touched her, he started taking out her jewellery, her neckpiece, her tika, her anklets……her toes curled up with his mere touch, "What are you waiting for?" he asked


        "Help me out"

        "I'll do it?" she asked sadly

        "Ya why not?"

        "Ohk" she started too, as he went for her bangles, "Suhaan…..I can't"


        "I can't take off these"


        "This Chuda is a sign of a newly wed"

        "So when will you….."

        "A year"

        "What rubbish? Thank God, we don't have any such thing" he sighed

        "Hmm, I told you, men are lucky"

        "But will you go out wearing these now?"

        "Where are we going?" she was shocked

        "Aah……actually I have planned for a party"

        "Suhaan…'s our first wedding night"

        "Not the last right?" she denied shyly, "Then change quickly n wait till I come"

        "But how can we go? I mean all of them may be down"

        "Oh ho I'll manage that" she nodded though a bit reluctant to leave, n tired too, but didn't want to spoil his mood……she quickly took the bridal wear out of her n changed into denim topped with a long kurti

     He was back within sometime, they came out of the room tiptoeing

        "Suhaan this is not right, I'm telling you" she warned

        "Oh ho…..I have done it a hundred times, you don't worry"

        "But I'm the new bride….I can't…."

        "So what…..I too am the new groom, what difference does it makes?" he asked innocently

        "You won't understand" n she followed him,

     He stopped the car within a hotel parking lot


        "Come…." he took her to the back side of the ground, where the party was actually organized, the stage was set n the people were all waiting for them…..

     As soon as they were noticed, their friends cheered for them, the party soon began n began their celebrations,

        "Ashi….why didn't you stop him?" asked Tamy

        "No one can do that, if he had planned anything"

        "But what if his family gets to know this?"

        "I don't know……he'll handle"

        "I fear, your father-in-law will throw you both out this time" she sighted

        "Not a problem….we'll manage" she said, as the night grew darker, it got converted into a rain dance party

        "Aah…..why didn't you tell me?" she asked him, as they danced closely


        "That you are planning this?"

        "So what?"

        "How can I go back in these clothes? I would have got a change with me"

        "Don't worry…..we can wait up in the room, until they get dried"

        "N what are we going to do till then?"

        "Whatever you want me to" he stated naughtily

        "No we are going back, as soon as the party ends…..or if they find out we are not there"

        "No one is going to find that out" he assured

        "Still…we are.."

        "Ohk we would go back" he said, n soon we can see her doze off in his arms, he thought it better to leave, n so signaled Manish of that


     The next morning, she opened her eyes in bed; she sat up immediately realizing that

        "Suhaan…" but he was beside her only, still asleep, n then she noticed that she was not in her wet clothes, but in his kurta, "How come I remember nothing?" she thought as she lay back, but this time close to him, as he snuggled her in his arms, "Good Morning"


        "Suhaan….get up" he denied, instead he started caressing her; n she too responded quickly, "Did you change my clothes?"

        "Who else will dare to touch?" a blush noticed to arise in her, "You are too sexy"

        "What did you do?"


        "Huh Liar….I don't remember anything"

        "That's why you don't know……you are quite good I must say"

        "No…I'm not" she retorted

        "Not a problem, I'll show you now"

        "No no way…..I have to get ready, Dids was telling me that the mooh dikhai would start by the noon"

        "I married you or the society?"

        "Society" she teased, "Lemme go na please"

        "Go….I'll see you later" saying he turned aside, n she went for a bath n thereafter downstairs for the other rituals

     Later in the day, when the Mooh dikhai got over, n all had praised her for her beauty, that what a beautiful bride Mrs. Malhotra has chosen for her dearest son……Mehr n Sameer went to their room later in the day….. knocking they entered

        "Oh come on Bhai… don't need to….."

        "Of course we do…." he said looking at Mehr

        "No matter how hard you try that, I won't knock" Suhaan declared n both the ladies smiled at that

        "Huh…..just a gone case, I tell you Aayesha" he said

        "I know" she replied

        "Sameer….give them those what we are here for" Mehr said

        "Oh right" as he took out an envelope, "These are the tickets for……."

        "Now what did I do, that Dad is sending me away?" he asked

        "Stop it Suhaan… one is sending you forcibly anywhere" he said

        "Then?" Ashi knew what that was

        "Suhaan…..this is for your honeymoon" said she

        "Oh that's cool"

        "Ashi……you like beaches right?" she asked

        "I love them"

        "Great, we have booked a bungalow at Moorea islands, Tahiti I hope that'll be cool?" Mehr stated

        "Of course it is, adventure sports……..amazing Bhai" he looked excited

        "Are you sure you going to manage him alone?" Mehr whispered to her

        "Hmm, I'll"

        "But Bhai……I'm not accepting return tickets okay?"

        "I know, n that's why we have not even tried to…."

        "I think you start packing…..there's not much time for you to leave" informed Mehr

        "Thanks Bhabhie….." she said, a bit awkward to denote Sameer as Bhai

        "Oh ya thanks….." Suhaan added quickly

        "You don't need to…but anyways you are welcome" he assured n soon they left

        "You know am so excited….." stated he

        "I know"

        "Its been ages I tried Scuba diving"

        "Suhaan……it's our honeymoon, not your adventure trip"

        "Both!.....n anyways I'm not going to do that alone"

        "You mean I'm going to try all those whacky things, which you'll……." she stopped

        "Of course, you are my……what they say……..ya better half"


        "You trust me right?" she nodded, "Then leave it to me, Suhaan will let his Ashi happen nothing" said he kissing her temple


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Moorea Island, near Tahiti, was some 3500 miles off of Sydney, Australia…..with sun kissed beaches…..n long stretches of thatched roofed houses, it seemed dreamy, n to be there with your love makes it even more unforgettable. They reached there by the evening; their bungalow was an over-water one, just on the tip of the little island-thin gee.

     Being a bit tired of the journey, they decided to have their dinner n relax by the beach

        "Is it really happening?" she asked, as he was seen resting his head on her shoulder, as she sat in front of him, sharing the same chair

        "Hmmm….it is" he replied in a sleepy tone

        "It's really so beautiful out here"

        "I'm too sleepy…..can we see it tomorrow from the deep waters?"

        "You will be starting all those from tomorrow itself?"


        "Am scared"

        "Don't be….I'll not leave you to the sharks"

        "Sharks?" she was terrified of the mere word

        "Don't worry… Shark will bite you more than this one" he smiled

        "This is a cute one" she said grabbing his arms around her waist tightly, "Let's go in"

        "Fine" n they walked through the cool sand beach bare footed until they reached their place

     The room was a cozy one, perfect for a honeymoon couple, a bamboo bed, with soft satin sheets….n an aromatic fragrance spread all over, why the hell do they need so much of space anyways, they weren't in any mood to play basketball actuallyBig smile

     They were too busy to even talk; n soon dozed off to deep sleep…..

     It was around dusk, when she felt his hands over her, under the sheet, caressing her face, her throat.. She opened her eyes to stare into those deep pools

        "Sorry to wake you up" he said

        "Hmmm… didn't sleep much?"

        "I did sleep, but………" she felt his hesitation flow in his silence, what he wanted but couldn't say, moving closer to him

        "From when did you need a permission to that?" he looked at her, "I'm all your's baby"

        "I know….but I wasn't sure how will you take it?" he stated, she rolled her eyes at that ending with a shy smile….n all was asked or said

     He neared her, encircling his arms around her waist...n finally lifting her by it, he kissed her hard….she had left herself loose to him, a bit shy to do anything

     He kissed n nibbled almost every delicate thing his hands got hold of, over her cloth……she felt aroused, as she moaned under him, her shy bindings had long left her free

     As he stopped to stare at her for a moment, she turned him flat n finally getting atop him…….a bit surprised was he, as he didn't expect this to happen so sudden, she smelled him as if in a dream, evading his chest…..uhhh, where his tee poised a barrier, but then getting rid of it wasn't any big thing. She kissed him passionately; he took her face in his hands to gaze at it for a moment,

        "Ashi…….." a mere whisper n she realized what she had been doing

        "I love you Suhaan" she uttered quickly, before hugging him shyly biting her lip…..he let out a smile at that as he took her in somewhat more tighter

     May be they didn't made love, at that very moment, but it was a promise unuttered, for many of the wilder nights to come


        "Suhaan…...are you sure?" she asked yet again as he helped her wear the wetsuit

        "Of course…….be confident. I'm there with you, isn't it?" she nodded, "Close your eyes once" she followed, kissing her briefly on her lips, "Love you wifey" he winked

        "Love you too"

     So they were ready for an exciting Scuba Diving experience, not for a single moment did he let go off her hand, knowing well that she might loose it, if he did. They saw many cool fishes underground, a plane-wreck n a couple of boat-wrecks. But there was a particular fish that followed them for almost 15 mins…….it was a Titan Triggerfish… a large fish with large white teeth, which stuck out occasionally as it opened its mouth. Ashi got terrified to see it, grabbing his arm tighter, she looked back but it was still there behind her……she felt like crying

     As they got up, back on the yatch, her first query was

        "Why was it following us?"

        "Who Chompy?" he asked


        "That stupid fish right?" she nodded

        "How do you know his name? N why is it stupid?"

        "Richard told me its name….n stupid because it was following you" he stated

        "No it was after us" she retorted

        "It's a male……can't follow me" he joked

        "Ohk fine…..but why was it following?" she nagged again

        "Relax… wasn't after you, it was actually after the lump of bread in your pocket"

        "Bread?" she checked her pockets, "There isn't any?"

        "I gave him what he wanted"

        "Huh….. I didn't know when you kept it n when u took it back"

        "You don't need to"


        "You enjoyed it right?"

        "I was too scared to do that…..but had a great time watching you mingle with them"

        "You will see it more often from now……I love doing these things"

        "I know" she smiled back


      They were having the best time together, sometimes, they went for a ride on a one man scooter, but they did it together….n sometimes, she stayed back relaxing, n he went around exploring, he being a restless to the core, indulged in water sports n she used to watch him from the shore……A terrific swimmer, that he was, it more seemed like he was dancing along with the waves….. but he had insisted her on joining him when he had spotted a dolphin

        "No no please" she pleaded

        "Why not?"

        "Eeeeeeee……I can't"

        "But why, what's wrong?"

        "It's so rubbery" she said touching it with the tip of her finger

        "So what? It's so friendly…..touch it nicely" he took her hand n made her touch it fully, she hugged him back in fear when it looked back to them, "You are impossible" he looked away

        "It's sweet!" she said n he turned back to see her soothe its back

        "I told you" he smiled

     They would dance together till long in the night, as the waters thrashed hard along the beaches…. She would read him her favorite romantic novels, when they shared a bubble bath….n he would laugh off the characters as unreal n too cheesy, fighting over it n ending up kissing each other

     That day when he returned from an after dinner walk…..from which she had purposely stayed back, he found the room well lit with candles

        "Ashi" he called softly but she didn't reply, he walked in to find her laying on the bed, wearing his shirt, "Have all your dresses worn out?" he asked smiling n she woke up irritated

        "Yes… you mind?"

        "No, not at all….you look good in this too"

        "Suhaan…" she neared him, "Make me yours tonight" husky was her voice, he kissed her before finally lifting her to the bed and his motion was so slow….that she felt she was in air

     They had been waiting for this from a long time…….as they evaded each other passionately as his fingers played along her body…..she knew it was time she has to remove the last barrier within them…….they sat up in course of action n Ashi stared at him shyly…her fingers working on the buttons of her shirt, with trembling hands she touched them

        "Can I….." his voice trailed off, she nodded before covering his eyes with her palm, his hands wandered on for a moment before unbuttoning it, he slid his palms around her waist passionately, as she hugged him tight…..a current surged through them as their bare bodies touched each other

        "Suhaan……." she moaned grabbing his hair, making him look at her, "I need you" he smiled kissing her, they were through it, when a tear trickled down her eye……"Aah…."

        "Am sorry" he said looking up at her laying form

        "Don't be….." taking him up to her, "I love you" n after sometime we see them sleeping in each others arms, they had been one that night………one for a life…..n for many lives to come

I love you
Love the way
You make me feel,
Love it when you love me
In the moments we steal;

Love you for creating an air
Of you that surrounds me,
Love you for the way
You breathe when around me;

I Love it more when
When your fingers caress me,
N I love it for sure when
You slowly undress me;

I can't Love you more
For making me a part of you;
From the day you did,
Not for a single moment I felt apart from you;

But I shall never be able
To say how I exactly feel for you,
So the easiest way seems to me
Is that I keep on saying I love you!

        "I love you Suhaan" she uttered softly

        "I know" he said somewhat taking her in

        "Suhaan…..look at me" she urged n he did, "I love you" she repeated

        "Are you crazy?" he asked n she quickly nodded

        "You don't repeat that to me ever?" she queried, n he kissed her bare shoulder

        "I don't need to….you know I do"

        "Hmmm…..I know" n then his cell rang, "Pick it up"

        "Uhun" he denied


       "I'm not taking that….."

        "Suhaan listen to me….."

        "What?" he faced her

        "I love you" n he rolled his eyes


        "Look at me na………."

        "What's wrong with you?" he was getting irritated now, but she smiled

        "Happy Birthday" n he let out a smile too

        "I love you" he said before taking her lips in his for a deep passionate one

     Life has come a full circle for him on his birthday……n while the world tried wishing him as calls came pouring in, he was too engrossed in having his gift……………………


Well that's all for AAOL

It ends..........

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~An Arrow Forever~

    Ok now while all have been creating hoopla over that I shouldn't end this …… I personally feel AAOL's journey ended here because it has to……if not today, then some days after, but as it goes like, everything that starts has a definite end to it.

     I strongly believe that everything has a shelf life of its own, n I don't believe in disturbing the natural feel of the story….Do you?

     An Arrow of Love – to me it isn't just a fic, which I have started just to experiment my caliber in different genres, it was a continuation of my distant self……being a part of 'a perfect love story.' Yes, I have started this as an effort to move from the gloomy arena of TMH, but when it became so close to my heart, I didn't even realize…..I loved every moment of it [?]

     Now coming to the characters……

     Ashi/Aayesha – she was just any other young girl, more of a continuation of me, who dreams romance n expects the same to happen to her….n by the grace of God or specifically me Tongue her story isn't any short of a romantic novel. To be loved by someone like Suhaan needs gallons of luck for sure, right?

     Rimi – the sweetest lil sister on earth, I was a bit like her when her age. N if my Dids had been in love with someone like 'Suhaan'…..I surely would have helped her in that, making my Jiju do all those things Rimi makes Suhaan do Big smile

     Manish n Rahul-Tamy – Friends forever, the tag they aptly suit. I had always believed in supporting characters…just imagine what would aaol had been without them…if Manish wasn't there with Suhaan n Rahul n Tamy with Ashi…..they had been much much weaker than what they are now.

     Sameer - Mehr – a perfect Bhai n Bhabhie for Suhaan, I wish everyone gets blessed with such cute families….they were always there for him, whether it was happy or sad. Though many had tagged Sameer as 'Saare Fansaad ki Jad" Big smile, I had tried to keep him as sweet n innocent as I could, the role of a big bro, n that too when the kid bro is someone as a piece like Suhaan, is a challenge in itself. Mehr had been Suhaan's Dids from the day she entered his life.
     Snigdha – Anuraag – Suhaan had been more of a son to her, as she cared for him like her own, his worries were hers, his happiness too…..n when she got a new lease of life…with Bliss, Suhaan had been a medium to that too. She had protected Suhaan from everything she could. Anuraag, though had not much of a thing to do, but was of a sweet support.

     The Parents – They are our support system, no matter how far we go from them, we are right there in their hearts, close to them. No matter how unmanageable Suhaan may have been, but he had been close to his parents…..his Dad haven't expressed much about his love, fathers don't do that usually, but he was still worried for him. He was a constant worry for his Mom….she was always on her toes for him. Tongue

     Ashi's parents were not that troubled…..until they got to know that what a daring son-in-law they were about to get. Her Maa had been stricter, but has been by her side, when she needed her.

     Suhaan – Ahhh……now I know I don't need to say much about this person… everybody here knows him well, except he himself Big smile

     But I would still like to share my views about him, how I had felt him, while writing those crazy lines mouthed by him. Sometimes when I sit analyzing, ya I do it too, for a change, I feel I would have been like him, more of a carefree, if I had been a boy instead of a girl…..boys will always have an advantage over girls in this respect.

     He's this weirdest kinda, sweet, arrogant, rude, stubborn, foolish, and intense…..person, (seems the list of adjectives doesn't know where to end), with varied rush of emotions in him. He's almost like a coconut; I always take men as that, a hard cover with a soft heart, n this makes them more vulnerable. He had been the centre of attraction of this fic, got me new heights of adultation, made me that what I wished for. I can go on n on n on about him but there must be a place to stop, so I do it here.

     One last thing about him, is that when I started imagining him as Suhaan, I had thought…..this character will not gonna be liked by much people as he was very rude to girls…..but lil did I knew that he would be on to become a rage among girls, we like them more who are whacky……difffffffffferent from the league, men who live on the edge, which is Suhaan!

     I would not say that AAOL has finally ended, as it's the new beginning of their lives… here's wishing that their story is able to linger on in your hearts n minds for a longer period of time

    N last but not the least after all this caring n sharing thing

     My largest HUG goes on for all you wonderful readers, who have made my journey through AAOL much easier, than it could have been


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