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An Arrow of Love~RN fic..udtd-pgs 47 & 48 [9/6] (Page 46)

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     Mr. Malhotra was in his study, when Sameer entered

        "Dad, you called me?"

        "Hmm" he said closing the file, "Mr. Bhatia was telling me that the Juhu flat is still vacant"

        "Hmm it is"

        "Then where's he?"


        "You know it well….where's he?"

        "He's at his friends place"

        "But why…..did I stop him from staying there?"

        "I too asked him to stay there….but he denied"


        "You know him Dad…." he hesitated a bit, "He said it's yours' so……" he stopped

        "Self-respect huh?" he asked, "He's not going to change so easily"

        "He's not even coming to office…..he said that he doesn't want you to be ashamed of him"

        "I'll be ashamed of him?" he nodded

        "He thinks so"

        "N I heard that he's not even using his cards…..then how is he managing then?"

        "I guess…he's stopped partying" he said

        "He's okay right?" his voice heavier, Sameer can sense concern in that very thing,

        "He's okay but he misses….." he tried to convince him

        "He should pay for what he's done" he sternly declared

        "But it's almost a week Dad?"

        "I know….how can I forget that?"

        "Can I call him back?" he asked

        "Why? Tell him to use his card…."


        "N yes ask not to spend a single penny more than his salary" he stated

        "Ok" as Sameer went on with a sarcastic smile

        "Seems he has got all the wrong qualities of mine" thought his Dad

     Mehr was standing out, almost waiting for him….

        "What did he say?"

        "Both are equally stubborn…..Dad is missing him terribly but won't show at all"

        "Did you ask him to bring him back?"

        "Hmm….but he said he needs to pay for his fault"

        "Now what?"

        "I don't know….let's see"


     Ashi was in her room when her Baba knocked,


        "I wanted to talk to you" he said, she knew about what

        "Hmmm sure"

        "You met that boy, isn't it?" she nodded, "Today?"

        "Actually all we friends go together……."

        "But he's more than a friend to you?" she nodded again, a bit nervous this time, "Your Maa told me that the reason your illness was that particular boy?"

        "No Baba…..he's done nothing, actually we had a misunderstanding n so…….."

        "A simple misunderstanding can't make a person so depressed" he told, "So I believe that it's much more than what it actually looks"

        "I…..I like him Baba" she murmured

        "I heard that he's not staying with his family?"


        "N you go to meet him there?" she kept mum on that, "Fine…ask him to meet me"


        "I need to talk to him"

        "Uh…..when should I ask him to come over?"

        "This weekend evening"

        "Ok…I'll tell him"

        "Better" he said before going out, as she breathed a sigh of relief


     She was lying comfortably on the couch surfing channels as he sat in front in an inclined position, working on his lappy

        "What are you doing?" she asked seeing him immersed

        "Trying to get the dance steps right" he replied

        "Huh?" she got up

        "A dumb answer for a stupid question" he stated

        "Very funny, tell me what you are doing?"

        "Obviously work, I can't dance on it even if I want to"

        "You told me you are not doing any office work since then?"

        "No it's my own"

        "Your own?"

        "Hmm, just mailing my CVs to some companies"


        "I can't sit at home all my life" she knew he was serious when he said that, "N anyways I need to start somewhere"

        "Suhaan" she sat beside him, "Why are you thinking like that? I'm sure he'll call you back, he loves you" she assured holding his face

        "I know……he's missing me, he not used to such a peaceful life" he smiled but his eyes were wet

        "Then why are you doing this?"

        "I know he'll, but if he takes a bit too much of time then, n we too need to think ahead"

        "You think they'll accept me?"

        "He doesn't need to, Mom will I know for sure" she smiled at this

        "N if he asks you to choose between me n your family?" she was nervous

        "You tell me what I should do?" she stared at him for a moment

        "I know you love them too much" he nodded, "I would never want you to be away from them…..because of me"

        "Ok….I'll say that I don't need you right?" the very thought of loosing him brought tears in her eyes, "I'll say that only"

        "You don't need me?"

        "Because you think I don't"

        "N in real?"

        "Suhaan Malhotra doesn't need any girl in his life" she stared at him sadly, "But this Suhaan can't even breathe without his girl….n you know it very well, how self-centered I'm" he winked at her making her blush, as he kissed on her temple, lightly to project his affection

        "You know sometimes…it all seems like a dream to me, I have never thought you would love me so much"

        "I don't love you; it's the shortest way to keep myself happy"

        "Hmm, n I would do anything to keep you happy"

        "Just think again, that means you have to be there all the time, whether you like it or not?"

        "Hmm thought….n decided"

        "Fine then go home n announce this to your parents"

        "Oh shit!" she hit her head lightly


        "Baba had asked you to meet him, n I forgot to tell you"

        "Oh when?"

        "Umm….this Saturday evening"


        "What's cool in that? I'm so nervous just thinking of that"

        "But why? He's not going to eat you up"

        "How can someone be so chilled out in this situation?"

        "Because I'm Suhaan n you are not" he declared stroking her chin

        "Suhaan….." she uttered softly

        "Hmm, am ready for all the guidelines you are about to give me" he knew what was coming so…

        "Huh" she hit him lightly on his shoulder, "Can't you be serious?"

        "I'm serious, even more than it's needed…but trust me I don't need to fear anyone when I know no one can part you from me" his voice determined

        "I know"

        "So stop worrying…..n start preparing"

        "Preparing for what?"

        "Once I get a job…..we'll shift abroad"

        "But how can we go? Our families are here"

        "But if I get an offer, I might need to leave"

        "No….you'll not, we'll wait. Wait for them to be with us"

        "N if that takes more time?"

        "Oh ho…I told you na, we'll wait"

        "Hmm….only one condition"


        "You'll shift here"


        "I can't wait everyday for you like a stupid. I want you to be by my side whenever I want to look at you"

        "You are too much……"

        "I had warned you of my possessive nature, isn't it?"

        "Hmm……I love it when you talk like this" saying she slid between his arms resting on his chest, hugging him, n he took her as close as he could, to him


   ??Sameer n Mehr thought that it was high time that they tell all, about Aayesha, to their parents……not Dad of course, unsure of how he'll react

        "Mom….." called Sameer

        "Arre, two of you together? Come" she wasn't sure why

        "Mom….what is Dad doing?" asked Mehr in a slightly agitated tone

        "I know beta….but he's too stubborn when it comes to these things"

        "No guesses…..where from Suhaan got it?" Sameer added to which she smiled

        "But Mom, how long will he stay out of his own house, like an outsider?" asked she

        "Hmm" she nodded thoughtfully, "That day he was saying of some girl he loves….." she started, and "Do you know who she is?"

        "Ah…..we need to say something about her" Mehr said glancing at him


        "That girl is Aayesha"

        "Mr. Bedi's daughter….to whom I was….." he stopped

        "What are you saying Sameer?" she got up, "Suhaan knows this?" she knew that he hated that girl

        "Now he knows this" she said n they explained all to her, she was more of surprised as of how this can happen n so soon

        "So that girl was destined to be my daughter-in-law" she said smiling

        "Mom?" Mehr stared at her curiously

        "Why are you two looking at me like that?"

        "No…..we had thought you would reject or at least shout for her…." Sameer opined

        "Why would I do such a thing? N moreover I know Suhaan more than him, if he has done anything like that for her, no one can stop him from marrying her"

        "You are too sweet Mom" she hugged her instantly

        "I can't believe still, that my son……Suhaan is in love?"

        "Mom….you will talk to Dad about this?" Sameer asked

        "Hmm, I'll….once he's a bit free"


        "Even I want him back" she smiled


     Rahul n Manish were a bit tensed about hearing that he's been going for a meet with Ashi's father, n so had come

        "Suhaan, are you sure you'll manage?" asked Rahul

        "Of course….n anyways he's called only me, not you"

        "We know that bro…..but he's just saying that keeping in mind what you did last time" Manish stated

        "I can still repeat that…..because I'm not shameful of what I did"

        "Ohk enough of your daring thing" started Rahul, "Please try to be cool….please" Suhaan stared at him, "You know when I mean that"

        "As you said, I'll try to"

        "Suhaan wear this" Manish told him holding out a shirt

        "But this is…." he said about what he wore, a maroon shirt

        "That's a dull color…..wear blue, it's lucky"

        "Does it really help?" he asked raising a brow

        "It'll help only if you believe it helps" Rahul cleared

        "So the point is about belief….which I don't have on these things"

        "Off ho…..listen to me when am saying" Manish took out his shirt almost forcibly n made him wear the blue one, as Rahul stared on, "Doesn't this look better Rahul?"

        "Hmm it does"

        "Ah…..stupid beliefs" he said n after a few moments we see him heading to her


     Ashi was feeling restless, as to how he'll be able to manage, knowing his temper….n what if her Baba said anything that wrong to him? She strolled in her room, unmindfully biting her nails

        "Di….stop that please, or you would eat your fingers too"

        "Uhh…I can't help it….where is he?"

        "It's not even 10mins that he had called you up before leaving"

        "But I'm very tensed, you won't understand"

        "I guess not more than him?"

        "He's not tensed, n that's make me more worried"

        "Ah….he's really something, I must say"


        "Ya I mean I have never seen anyone like him, he's too different" she added

        "I wish everything turns out fine"

        "Do not fear when Suhaan's there" she winked at her making her smile

     Ashi was in the balcony gazing at the gate, when he called up

        "Where are you?"

        "I'm almost there……what are you doing?"

        "Waiting for you only"

        "Why are you sounding so dull?"

        "Uhun…." she denied, "Am just…….." she walked in

        "Nervous, right?"

        "Why are you asking when you know I'm?"

        "Hey guess what?"


        "I can see you…." she rushed to the balcony thinking he's arrived

        "But I can't" her voice sad

        "N now?" he asked as he entered in, "Hmm, looking cool isn't it?"

        "Muaaaaah" she kissed the cell itself, n he gave out a laugh at that

     She was waiting in her room, impatiently as the bell rang, Rimi went to get it

        "Hi Suhaan" she greeted hugging him

        "Hi" he sweetly replied,

        "Come in" bringing him in, "You sit, I'll call Baba" she went but suddenly she shouted, "Di….come down" as he smiled, he too wanted to get a glimpse of her.

     As she came out n stood by the stairs up, they stared at her unblinkingly, even without noticing that her Baba has come

        "Suhaan…right?" he asked, jolting them out

        "Oh hello uncle" he greeted

        "Hello…..sit sit, Ashi you too can come down" he said to her n she followed, as she came n stood behind her

        "Baba I'll call on Maa" Rimi went winking at her Di, who was getting fits seeing them like that

        "I thought your friends would accompany you this time too?" he said

        "Oh….I din't knew you wanted to meet them too" came a quick one, Ashi widened her eyes indicating him to control

        "So how are you?" he asked casually

        "I'm quite good Uncle"

        "Despite of being thrown out of your house?" sharp was his tone, Ashi looked at him for his reaction, quite sure that he would react, as already he was irritated with that

        "Yes….in spite of that, but I think that's me"

        "Of course……if anyone can do such a shameful thing to his own family, this is too little a thing, isn't it?"

        "Baba….please" Ashi uttered, but Suhaan stopped her by a nod

        "Uncle…..I know what you might have heard it as of, but what I did was necessary at that point" he explained

        "Anyways….that's your personal matter; my concern is limited to my daughter"

        "I know it well" came a curt one

        "So tell me, how's my daughter going to be secured with you, now that you are on your own?"

        "I agree that I'm seriously thrown out of my own house" followed by a sarcastic smile, Ashi knew it hurt him, "But before throwing me out, my parents had made me capable enough so that I can live on my own"

        "But still…'ll always remain Mr. Malhotra's son, you are nothing without his name" he stated

        "You are getting me wrong Uncle….did I sound like I'm ashamed of his name? He's my father, n I love him too much to do that" he stated

        "Hmmm, but let's think that you'll have to live on your own from onwards, so how are you going to manage?"

        "Well….I'm already offered pretty good stuffs abroad, n I think that I can manage well with that" Ashi looked at him cautiously

        "You mean… are thinking of shifting there?" he nodded, "N you want her to accompany you?"

        "Hmm" quiet was his tone

        "Are you serious?" asked her Maa, as he stood up to greet her nodding

        "N if I don't let you do so?" he charged

        "I don't think you have enough reasons left is she's happy with me…. as I know no one can provide her more of that other than me" he sighted, n Rimi wished she could clap at that

        "But if I still don't agree to this?" he repeated


That's all

AAOL's cumin to an end as u myt know well

So be alert


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Oh...lovely part.I luved SUHAAN all the more in these last few parts.....coz sumtyms u showed his soft nature also.

The day has been quite eventful for him….from refusing Ravs to getting Ashi back, to facing his Dad n been kicked out from the house, but he still had a peaceful sleep with a smile on his face….

When u said these lines, I felt like this is y he is SUHAAN. He may be wrong sumtyms (coz other than being SUHAAN he is also a human n humans do make mistakes) but then he was always ready to face the consequences....never afraid to face the result of his own deeds. I luv this nature of his.....n I sumhow hav adapted this too....donno how...heheEmbarrassed

And whenever SUHAAN talks abt his father, he tries to show he doesnt care.....but then as I said b4 "I dont care" itself means "I do care".....luv this childish nature of his. I blv every person has a soft nature inside....but we girls show it too much whereas guys dont do this that much.....n then SUHAAN....he doesnt like to show this at all.....but ppl that luv him knw him so well that they can figure out his cute soft side as well.....n thats when he becums all the more adorable.

SUHAAN's mom is such a sweetheart......I knw where he has got this sweetness from. Btw, wats blue or maroon for SUHAAN????? He looks awesum in everythingWink

SUHAAN's meeting wid Ashi's dad was cool. But he was extremely hurt by sum of his words.....I felt bad but then he is SUHAAN MALHOTRA n the way he definitely unique n adorable. Embarrassed Luv him a loooooooooooooootttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!

Pls continue soon.

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nice story ,something different please continue it
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Okay what was Up with Ashi's dad Angry not that i'm bothered because i know that Suhaan will Take Care of it, but still why be so rude to your future son in law Confused

But Kher jo ho gaya so hogaya .. atleast at the end .... he he i shouldn't say Wink

brilliant update Thumbs Up
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~Fifty One~

     Ashi moved closer to Suhaan, knowing it was all for him…..he wouldn't be able to control more than this, but her Maa pulled her back…..

        "Suhaan….." she murmured making him turn to her, her face teary by now but to her surprise….he smiled back at her, when she expected him to burst out instead

        "You can do nothing….if I don't accept this" her Baba stated, Rimi was getting angrier, why is he saying that n why's Suhaan smiling

        "Rightly said, I can't do anything in that….."

        "So it's over" saying he stood up, "I don't accept this at all"

        "I have not finished yet Uncle" he interrupted, almost stopping him from leaving

        "What else do you have to say?"

        "You were right that I can do nothing…..except…" he stopped to glance at her, "Except stopping her from marrying anyone else" Ashi stood up at once

        "What do you mean by that?"

        "It's as simple as it sounds…..I won't let her marry anyone else"

        "Are you trying to warn me of any kind?" he gets angry at this

        "Not at all Uncle it's just what I'll do if the need arises"

        "Well it was quite nice knowing you Mr. Suhaan Malhotra" a taunt constantly there in his tone

        "Ah……the pleasure's all mine Uncle…but was it really nice?" he touted without a trace of anger on his face, as Ashi stared at him

        "Now if you could kindly excuse me?"

        "Sure" moving out of his way, n he went in, n Mrs. Bedi followed him extracting an awkward smile at him

        "So….." as he turned to the girls standing there, one overjoyed, n the other teary, no guesses for who's who, before Suhaan could realize he was hugged by Rimi

        "I wish you were my boyfriend…..that was terrific" she said excitedly, planting a kiss on his cheek, amusing him to the core

        "Ah……thanks Rimi" he said smiling, a bit shying away from her as he walked over to Ashi, "I'm sorry if that was rude…….but…."

        "I can't loose you Suhaan" uttered she

        "I won't let that happen….you know me right?" she nodded, "So wipe out these silly drops, n give me a large smile"

        "What do you think he's going to be…."

        "You know how I hate to think……that's your thing" he declared

        "But…..he said that he doesn't accept…"

        "For God's sake Di, stop this Meena Kumari act……let him recover from the shock he's just given"

        "Did it sound that bad?" he asked

        "Not to me because I'm thankfully not him, her father" she replied, "But you don't worry, he'll get it right soon"

        "Are you sure?" Ashi asked

        "Yes…of course" she said hugging her

        "Fine then I would leave now"


        "So soon?" asked Rimi,

        "If he sees me here still, he too will throw me out" stated he, getting out a laugh from her

        "Rimi I'll just be back" she nodded knowing what that means

        "Cya soon then….bye"

        "Bye" as he walked out with her, she held his arm tightly, "What's making you so scared?"

        "I don't know……may be because I can't think beyond you"

        "You know that should be my line……I have nothing in particular with me at this moment, I'm thrown out of my house, n probably here too I'm not welcome either"
        "Why are you repeating that line again? I know it's hurting you…..please don't say it like this"

        "But it's true…..I haven't feared the truth ever, why now?"

        "Because I'm saying that to you….n you won't say that again" she commanded

        "Will that change it?"

        "Stop being stubborn for once…." he looked away, "Okay fine I'll see you on Monday"

        "Why not tomorrow?"

        "I don't think I'll be able to manage tomorrow…..considering he'll be at home"

        "Fine… need to meet me"

        "Suhaan, you know I do need that" she said holding his face, n kissing his temple lightly thereafter,

        "Hmmm…bye" as he hugged before leaving, n she was left with a hope that may be all will get fine eventually without any need to take drastic steps


     Rahul had called him up that night, n later Manish ……n both have sounded a bit worried to listen about what had happened there… Rahul came over the next morning

        "Suhaan….what do you feel he's going to……" Rahul asked

        "I don't want to; I didn't even want to know of my own, why do I care to find out about her's?"

        "But what if he really opposes it?"

        "He is doing that exactly, I don't know why?"

        "May be because you had already offended him that day" he sighted,

        "So what? I was not in my senses then; n he was creating a fuss just like that" he irritates even at the thought

        "Suhaan…..he's her father. He's got the right to know all about her"

        "Ya…I too thought that n that's why I told him all, but see what he's doing now"

        "Relax., everything's going to be okay" he assured keeping a hand over his shoulder,

        "Just let me get married to her….I'll not allow him to meet her, n probably then he would know……" Rahul gave out a chuckle at that

        "Suhaan please stop sounding like a 10year old kid"

        "I'm serious"

        "Ya ya…..Anyways, want to have tea?"

        "Make that coffee" he said

        "Do you have it?"

        "If not there, then anything will do"

        "Okay, lemme see" he went as Suhaan sat there playing some thing or the other on his lappy when his cell rang…..he took it thinking it was hers, without even caring to look at it

        "Hmm, I was waiting for your call only….why are you so late?" he asked in a rather complaining tone

        "Suhaan…." uttered she

        "Ah….who's it?" he asked before quickly glancing at the number back, "Ravs……"

        "How are you?" she asked, her voice seemed much softer now

        "I….I'm fine, you tell me….how are you?" he asked, "Shit" thought he, "I shouldn't have asked her that"

        "Do you really want to know how I'm?"

        "I'm really….."

        "Don't be sorry please…….it makes me feel I'm some distant person"

        "Ok I won't"

        "I heard that you are staying at any other place"


        "Can I see you once before I leave?" her voice sounds heavier

        "Leave? Where are you going?"

        "I'm going to Sydney"

        "N when are you coming back?"

        "I don't know" she says


        "Can I meet you up….please"


        "I'll wait for you at Fillers, 4pm?"

        "Hmm I'll be there"

        "Thanks Suhaan" saying she hung up leaving him confused

     Rahul soon returned with two steaming cups of coffee

        "Here you are" holding it before him, but he sat still, "Hello"


        "What's wrong? Whose call was it anyways?" he went to pick up a stool


        "What?" came a shocked one from him


        "Was she again saying something to you or about her?"

        "She wants to meet me"

        "No way….again what for?"

        "I'm going to meet her"

        "Don't be stupid Suhaan….."

        "I'm not…..she wants to meet me once"

        "Oh……n so you are ready to go?" he nodded, "She even wanted to marry you, you should have done that too"

        "Rahul she's leaving" his voice a bit raised, evident of his mind frame then

        "Leaving means? Forever?" Suhaan shot him a look back

        "I don't know"

        "Are you sure she's leaving?"

        "I haven't checked her tickets"

        "I'm sorry….I din't mean that"

        "No am sorry…..actually she was sounding so very different, I don't know why but I'm feeling bad about her"

        "Hmm, I understand"

        "So when she asked to meet, I couldn't say no"

        "Meet her, you'll feel better"



     It was almost 4:15 when he entered, but she was seen nowhere, n then she called him

        "Suhaan…" he nodded n went to her, "Hi"

        "Hi" actually she had crossed his vision, but he didn't recognize her, she looked so different now……she sat there simply in a denim topped with a white shirt, without make-up, her eyes looked dull as she smiled, but she looked beautiful, as pure as a dew, as he stared at her for a moment

        "Suhaan" she waved her hand before him


        "What are you thinking?"

        "Are you okay Ravs?"

        "Hmm, I'm"

        "You look tired"

        "I'm tired….that's why I want to be alone for sometime, away from here"

       "I know what I did was wrong but believe me I didn't do that knowingly…..n am not going to justify my act" he said with an guilt, as she stared on,

        "I know that"

        "But this would make no difference at all"

        "Take your guilt out Suhaan…'ll feel good" she said covering his hand by hers

        "Don't you want to say anything to me? Don't you hate me after what I did to you?"

        "You want me to hate you?" he nodded,

        "Hmm I really want that"

        "But I can't……may be you never did, but I love you" he looked up at her, her eyes longingly staring at him, "You know that day when your Bhabhie came home before the engagement…."


        "I lied to her that I didn't love you when we were in college" her eyes teary now, "But when I went through my old books, I saw your name written on it" smiling a bit biting her lip, "It seems only few days back isn't it?"

        "When are you coming back?"

        "When I would want to"

        "Manish knows this?" she nodded

        "I called him up"

        "He didn't stop you?"

        "I won't stop Suhaan…..n I would return only when I'll be sure that I can give someone his due"

        "He really loves you"

        "I know…he told me, but at present I don't deserve it. May be when I'm deserving enough of his love, I'll go to him"

        "I really wish that day comes soon"

        "May be because you want, it may come soon"

        "Nahhhh…..but I'll truly wish this comes true"

     They came out after sometime,

        "Thanks for coming Suhaan"

        "No no I should thank you….I'm feeling much better" he gladly said

        "It's nice to see you smiling"

        "You can try out too" she let out a smile at this resulting in tears

        "I'll miss you" she said hugging him, "I'm sorry for whatever I did to you all" he wasn't sure why he responded to her hug, but he did, soothing her back

        "That's ok Ravs….it happens"

     As he returned home, Manish was already there waiting for him,

        "Where were you?" he asked

        "Went to meet Ravs"


        "She told me she had called you"

        "Hmm, she did saying that she's leaving for Sydney tonight"

        "She's really changed Manish, n its good isn't it?"

        "May be"

        "Won't you meet her once?"

        "No….I don't need to"

        "But I need to tell you something…." he started


        "She'll be back soon, n to you"

        "Stop it Suhaan" he moved away

        "Believe me; she knows she had done wrong to you"

        "She told you all this right?"

        "No….it's my analysis"

        "God save me" he uttered rolling his eyes

        "Oh when you analyzed me, it was correct"

        "Wasn't it?"

        "May be, even mine is correct. You just wait n watch when she'll prove it"

        "Fine…I'll wait like I had always done" his voice heavier

        "I know" as Suhaan went on to hug him, giving him an assurance that he's right, n for the first time…..he was doing that, being a shoulder to cry out


     Mr. Bedi called up Mr. Malhotra when he was in office that morning….

        "Ah….Mr. Bedi, that's good enough to hear it from you"

        "But I'm sorry, what I'm going to say, may not be that pleasing" he told

        "Excuse me…..I din't get it?"

        "It's about your younger son……."

        "Suhaan?" he was quite surprised to hear that, "How do you know him?"

        "Right…..actually I met him first the day he had broken off his engagement"

        "But as far as I recollect, you weren't there at the party?"

        "No I wasn't there….he came over to my house"

        "He came to you? But why?"

        "He wants to marry my daughter Aayesha"

        "What?" n we can see his expressions change radically, "Is he mad or what?"

        "Mr. Malhotra…..please don't misunderstand me, I'm not complaining about him, it's just that I wanted you to know about it"

        "I understand it…….n I'm really sorry if he had really done anything offensive"

        "No no….that's fine. They all are still not mature enough to know what they actually want from life…..I thought as he's no more staying there, so may be you are not aware"

        "Thanks a lot Mr. Bedi…..I really appreciate this gesture of yours"

        "I shouldn't say it like this, but I think you should talk to him…..he's planning to shift abroad"

        "I'll surely talk to him now"

        "Ok then have a good day Mr. Malhotra"

        "Hmm you too" it was so disheartening for a father to come to know of his son's plans from an outsider, his eyes turns softer, "Am I that bad a father?" he asks himself sitting there quiet for sometime, "May be I was harsh on him…..but I love you my son" he could confess that when no one's around


saanch_69 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 September 2009 at 1:48pm | IP Logged
     Ashi had called him up in the morning saying that she had some work to catch up, n she'll meet him by the evening….....but when she came, he wasn't seen anywhere

        "Suhaan" she called but no reply came back to her, she ran around the house n then spotted him sitting at the edge of the room window, "Shit!" running up to him, "Get down now….or you'll fall" pulling him,

        "Don't worry" he said, n then she noticed that he had been crying

        "I'm sorry…..actually that was too important or I wouldn't have……"

        "Its not that stupid" hitting her head lightly


        "I have caught up with your disease of shedding tears every now n then" he teased


        "Yup…..or Suhaan wasn't the one to do that quite often"

        "I know why…….because Suhaan is missing his family, isn't it?" he nodded

        "Mom called up"

        "Oh….is she okay?"

        "Hmmm…..she told me that she now knows about you"

        "What did she say?"

        "Didn't I tell you my Mom is the best?" she nodded, "She will love anyone I do"

        "I wish I could meet her once" she sighed, "Will you take me to her?"

        "I'm not sure, but if I go there I'll tell you"

        "I think you should meet her once"

        "Any special reason to say that?" he asked

        "Hmm…..because her son misses her too much" she said pressing his cheeks

        "I do miss her, but I don't want Dad to say anything about that"

        "Why do you turn so egoistic when it comes to him?"

        "I never wanted this to happen….in fact I had patched it up with him, but then…..may be he isn't quite comfortable with the ways I believe in"

        "Could you ever do that to him?"

        "Frankly speaking…..I never tried"

        "N there's no use in trying…as you'll discard it as nonsense, isn't it?" he looked at her in surprise

        "How do you know that?"

        "I know you well…..Mr. Suhaan"

        "How hard I wish that one day our parents understand us completely?"

        "They won't do that unless we give them a chance to do that" she stated flinging her arms around him

        "How can you still justify this despite your Dad doing such a thing?"

        "I know he was harsh that day…..but believe me; he didn't stop me from meeting you"

        "Provided he knows that"

        "I'm sorry for his behavior….but…"

        "I didn't mind it, but he sounded adamant who was simply not ready to get through my point"


        "You know I really feel we should check on the family before falling for some girl….." he teased getting a sharp look in return, "Or someone like Ravs will do…..then we boys don't even need to convince anyone" he added   

        "What did she say to you that you are praising her so much?" she asked in an instigating manner, "Tell me fast?"

        "Are you jealous that I went to meet her?"

        "Why would I be, I know you don't like her that much"

        "But you know she's really changed now" he informed casually

        "So you want to change your mind too? Go back to her…..even her parents don't need to be convinced" she taunted before turning

        "Not a bad idea" he said teasing her even more, knowing that she was not liking it

        "My ideas never are"

        "Then why are you sounding so dull?"

        "No I'm not"

        "Oh please don't start crying again" he covered his face saying that

        "Don't worry even if I do, I won't do that here" she picked up her bag to leave

        "Hey hey…I was just joking" he caught her by her waist

        "Leave me"

        "You know what…..actually you should cry more often"

        "Now you want me to cry?"

        "Hmm, you look even cuter with swollen eyes n a red clown nose"

        "Suhaan I'll kill you" saying she turned to face him


        "Let me go now"

        "No…'ll leave when I'll allow you to"


        "Stop your ifs n buts" pushing her to the wall, rather forcibly

        "Aah….what are you up to…." she was stopped by a finger on her lips

        "Don't talk so much" he whispered as his breath fell on her face, the bag she was holding had been dropped back. He started tracing her face with his fingers, as he removed the strands of her hair from her forehead behind, coming down to her eyes, kissing them lightly as the eye balls moved under the closed lids sensing his touch, n they opened, they looked into large brimming ones of its kind…..

     He traced down to her cheeks, where they moved in a rotating manner, creating an urge to move down them to the lips, n when they did…..he repeated the action, touching the soft petals with care, like trying to draw them on his mind, Ashi kissed them as they played on her lips. He moved them down lining her facial contours…down the throat n further down as far as it can go without any interruption making her want more as she stood there with her eyes closed…..she didn't care to notice where it went as she had given it all to him, but when he stopped she opened her eyes to look at him

        "Ah……" shylingly smiled at him, as he hugged her close

        "I won't, unless you want it" he assured her kissing her shoulder passionately

        "Suhaan…" making him look at her, n a slight nod was all he needed, as he went down esculating her sleek form, she moaned catching hold of his hair for support, he looked up at her in surprise

        "Should I…."

        "I didn't say that" she managed, as he cautiously slid the shirt away to rest his palm on her soft skin, she bit her lip at the mere contact of his warmth which was now creating waves through her blood, kissing her there briefly he stood up to gaze into her eyes for a moment

        "I want to feel you by me" he said just before rubbing her length against his, the action was soft in the beginning but gradually it paced up with passion, she grabbed him circling her arms around him

        "I need you as much as you do" she informed him looking into his eyes making him hold her face, "You won't leave me na?"

        "Never" n she pressed her lips onto his, her palms around his neck pulling him closer, n he crushed her in him, pulling her up by encircling her waist


        "Mom…..where is Dad?" asked he

        "He's not with you……"

        "No he had left early today; I thought he would be at home"

        "Sameer call him then" Mehr said n he did but it was ringing n they could hear it

        "No need to call me" he said from behind

        "Where were you?" his Mom asked

        "I was busy in a meeting"

        "Oh but you didn't tell me?" Sameer asked

        "Anyways I have some great news for you all" but he didn't seem happy saying that

        "What is it?" she asked

        "About your son"

        "Has he again done anything?" her tone worried

        "He's crossed all limits this time….now he's after Mr. Bedi's daughter"

        "How do you know that?"

        "Mr. Bedi called me up today, n said he had gone to their place on the very day of his engagement"

        "I know" Sameer said

        "But as far as I remember….didn't he tell that he loves someone, n now he's after her"

        "But Dad……"

        "N you used to tell me that he used to run away from girls?" he asked sarcastically, "N now he's after two…."

        "Yes…..but listen to me" she tried

        "Seems like he's keeping no stone unturned to spoil my hard earned respect"

        "But it is the same girl Mr. Malhotra" said she in a somewhat raised voice

        "Mom" uttered Mehr

        "I'm going on listening from a long time….you can only blame him for what he's done, have you ever tried to feel why he does so?"

        "I knew it, you'll again support him only"

        "No…..I'm not, just imagine what might have passed through his heart when he had come to know that he's in love with the same girl as……." she stopped seeing Mehr around

        "Dad please…..he's going through enough, call him back" Sameer pleaded in a low tone

        "I don't know I want him back in this house, whether you want it or not" declared she,

        "He won't return……he's already planned to shift away" said he

        "Dad he won't…..I know"

        "Sameer call him n say to return just now…….if he doesn't, then tell him or I'll never talk to him"


        "No one will call him" stated his Dad, "I said no one" saying he went up


     He sat on the rug……n she on his lap, facing him, as her legs splayed out in the opposite direction, she had never felt so pure, his arms around her, as he held her tightly kissing her all over, as she surrendered herself to him



        "You know what people say?"


        "Uhhh…. Look at me na" he did


        "They say…..if you give your all to men, they get bored of you easily"

        "Hmmm" n he was back at his work

        "You won't get bored na?" she asked

        "You know what I hate in you?" she stared on, "You talk when it's not needed n vice versa" he said rubbing his nose tip to her cheeks

        "Answer me first….will you get bored of me?"

        "First you answer me?"


        "Do you believe those so called stupid people or me?"

        "Ummmmm……" she acted to think, n he tickled her back, "Uhhh stop it"

        "No….why do you think all those stupid things all the time? Don't you have anything sensible to think about?"

        "I have……you"

        "Then?" she smiled n it was now his turn to be caressed, as she cleared his face by her fingers just to plant small but urging kisses on it, tickling his ear when she kissed it, "Hey" he uttered


        "Why are you tickling me?"

        "Did I complain when you kissed me at all the wrong places?"

        "Wrong places? What's that? I thought all's mine"

        "N this is mine"

        "You know I love your hair…." he said soothing them, as they went down touching his knees

        "You told that long back…..n you has asked me not to get it short, remember?"

        "Oh didn't you?"

        "No……I didn't, but you didn't even notice that" she complained

        "I do….but I love your lips" he said touching them yet again, finally kissing them, as their bodies crushed against…….it became demanding as it deepened along, finally when it got over, they smiled at each other,

        "I love you" she uttered breathing heavily

        "I know……n I won't let you go away, no matter what" he declared

        "I want nothing else than you in life……I can't live without you……you know that" he nodded, n they sat like that for some more time, as he rested on her chest, n she sat clinging to him, like they were one…….. before actually realizing that it's pretty late for her to get home, "Oh no" she moved away


        "It's 9:30"


        "I need to go home"

        "No….stay here with me"

        "You know that's not possible" holding his face up, "We are meeting tomorrow right?"


        "Please baby….don't be sad, I promise I'll come sooner tomorrow" she said getting up

        "Fine go"

        "Where's my shirt?" she looked around, as she stood in her strappy waist length inner, "Ah…….there" she went to get it but he was faster


        "Uhhh…give it to me please"

        "No…….you go, if you want you can have mine" he pointed out to the one on the couch

        "You know it doesn't fit me"

        "It'll fit you perfectly, n more so I want you to wear that"

        "Hmmm, so that Baba finds it out"

        "May be" he raised his brows, "Who cares?"

        "I do"

        "I'll drop you"

        "No I'll manage, give that to me"

        "No" he was adamant still

        "You want me to get out in this?" she asked holding up a strap, knowing well he doesn't

        "You know I don't" he sternly said, throwing it on her

        "Oh ho…..I was joking, you are foolish"

        "Never say anything of that sort again" he warned

        "Ok…sorry" hugging him, "Can I go now?"

        "Like you won't if I say no"

        "Hmm" he made her wear that before kissing her briefly,

        "I would drop you"


        "I won't go near your house"

        "Okay fine"


     The next morning, he thought it was too early for his friends to come over, when the bell rang…………

        "Who's that?" he uttered irritatedly, going up to the door finally, rubbing his eyes hard, seeing the person in front of him made his eyes widen, "Dad?"

        "How are you?"

        "Uh……okay" he said, not too sure what to say, "How are you?" he asked but he didn't answer him

        "So you are living here?" he nodded as he looked around the house, "Why not in ours?"

        "I……I didn't want to"

        "Your Mom worries for you too much"

        "I know she does"

        "N then too you didn't come over to see her once?"

        "I thought you would not like it"


        "I don't know may be because I had been the reason for all your worries till date"

        "That's true….."

        "I know Dad; I have been a bad son to you, not being able to live your hopes"

        "Won't you come back to your house?" he asked, he was surprised to hear that

        "It's your's…..n you had asked me to get out?" tears were now noticed in his eyes

        "N you didn't even cared to find out how your Dad was without you?" he asked, but he looked away hiding his tears, "Hmm…..I asked you to leave"


        "N if your Dad asks you to come back, would you……." he turned to face him


        "I want you to come back Suhaan" he said opening up his arms for him as he rushed on to hug his Dad

        "I'm sorry Dad" he cried

        "I love you son"


That's all

Not much to go


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Sumi_162710 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2009 at 1:52pm | IP Logged
Awe lovely part !!!!!! As I said I luved SUHAAN all the more in the last parts. The way he confronted Ashi's father was mindblowing....even like Rimi I wud luv to hav him as my bf...hehe. But then he's too gud for And then I luved it when he said he doesnt fear the truth no matter how bitter it is or how mcuh it hurts. I luv this side of his n I hav actually adapted this thing in face the truth boldly....umm....Sach Ka Samna ....I guess....hehe.LOLLOLLOL

Then SUHAAN says he wont let Ashi's dad meet her.....that was so sweet......extremely innovative idea to make him realize.....haha.LOLLOLLOL

Rav's meet with SUHAAN was sumthing gud. I really hated her at the beginning but then may be I never did that......coz she luvs him truly....and just took a lil tym to realise wat true luv is.I dont completely blame her for her deeds.....foe none is perfect from the very beginning....this is her lyf changing experience which has helped her to learn......I hav no grudges against her. She's already away from her luv.....she knws she can never get him.....n nothing can be more painful than no curses to her.

And Mr. Malhotra.....gosh he luvs his son so much (after all he's so lovable.....who can resist loving him???).....yet he wont say it...but luved the father-son reunion. I luved SUHAAN's mom as well. Even I felt none cud understand how he must hav felt when he came to knw who Ashi was......when I imagine myself in place of SUHAAN.....the dilemma I feel is too I never ever blamed him for anything.Embarrassed

And SUHAAN n Ashi's beautiful moments wer really romantic. Luved it...especially SUHAAN was so cute wid his words.....he says she speaks when its not needed n vice versa....well I agree....hehe.LOLLOLLOL......Overall I luved this part as well. not much to go.....OuchOuchOuch.....but then every gud thing cums to an end n lasts forever in our minds.....I swear this fic n specially SUHAAN will remain forever in my heart.....too special to forget!!!! Pl continue soon.

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-Yaz- IF-Rockerz

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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!

Why are fathers so Complicated Confused they love their child but never show it Confused

Anyways about Ravs i Know she has changed, but like i had said before .. i just can't get myself to like her Ouch and she doesn't deserve Manish !! Confused

Brilliant update ... and wait i can hear wedding bells !! Embarrassed

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