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An Arrow of Love~RN fic..udtd-pgs 47 & 48 [9/6] (Page 44)

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Posted: 28 August 2009 at 8:00am | IP Logged
Oh......I am here again praising SUHAAN. Donno y cant c any fault in fact whenever he gets angry, shouts at ppl, hurts them.....I feel he is hurting himslef the most. I feel he's getting all the more helpless. It seems I can really feel his emotions. Well, may b thats coz I am a bit like SUHAAN....too arrogant to think of others n their problems.....but blv me the more I think I shud not care for others the more I actually care for them n I knw SUHAAN in like this only. The more he shows he's hurting others n he doesnt care abt that the ore he's caring abt them. To me, the words 'I dont care' itself shows 'I do care' else it was not needed to say these words.

I liked the way Sameer was trying to make Mehr understand the way SUHAAN is. I knw many think SUHAAN is too stubborn n he shud behave himself but I wud say thats HIM, his nature. For example, Ashi was too nervous to tell SUHAAN the truth. I knw if in her place SUHAAN wud not hav been scared to confess the truth coz he's like that....never afraid to say wats true. But Ashi, by nature, is more shy n nervous n so she cudnt do that. But the irony is one can easily connect wid Ashi's state of mind, her nervousness can be understood too easily coz most of the ppl r like that, most of the ppl wud fear to reveal the truth like this. On the other hand, SUHAAN is too unique by nature to do that. One cannot connect wid his state of mind that easily, one cannot understand his arrogant nature so easily coz ppl r not usually like that.

Anyways, I can go on n on trying to explain that SUHAAN is ryt coz everyday even for once I do think abt HIM n annalyse the whole story. I wud say I liked this part as well. To be true I like his arrogant nature.....I thinkppls shud be like this only...only if ppl can always express their dislikes like him, they dont need to lead a pretending life or they dont need to feel bad from inside or they dont need tobe tensed over anything. They can express freely watever they feel n at the end of the day they can live widout any burden or confusions.

Well, I think I really need to stop now. Pls continue soon n thnx 4 the PM.

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now he want to marry to ravs' oh god when he will relise that he love her and she is a part of his life lovly update dear

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see what i mean when i say he's stubborn

Anyways a Great update !! Thumbs Up

Suhaan Loves her soooooo much, but god he is so egoistic Angry You Know if Suhaan was a Real Guy, his Ego would have broke his Love Life Ouch

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~Forty Eight~

     Sameer called up Mehr by the day really upset of how to tell her the news

        "Sameer" her voice excited, "I was thinking of you know….how are you n how's he?"


        "He isn't ready yet to forgive her right?"


        "Well….we knew it wasn't that easy"

        "But I don't know how to make him understand…."

        "Don't be that upset, he'll realize it soon" she assured

        "But he's ready to marry Ravina"

        "What?" she jumped off her seat

        "That's what I'm saying…..he's totally lost it"

        "He likes her?"

        "No… fact as much as I got from his words, he can't stand her"

        "Then why?"

        "To prove that Aayesha 's out of his life"

        "Does he know what does that mean….Mom was talking of his engagement"

        "I know…..but he's not ready to listen to anybody, what can I do?"

        "Sameer, his mind should be brought at the right place"

        "But how?"

        "Do anything….make him understand, scold him….anything will do, but you can't let him do whatever he wants to?"

        "Hmm, I'll try to"

        "Ok…..should I talk to Mom about Aayesha?"

        "I don't think Mom will understand it if you say, she has heard all wrong things about her"

        "I think you are right"

        "Aayesha has messed it up enough…..I really feel bad about her"

        "Don't worry, let's try again, if anything works out"

        "Ok, I'll call you later"

        "Hmm take care" she hung up n went to talk to Mom

     She was a bit nervous after hearing about Suhaan's view on that, but she thought she should try once at least

        "Arre Beta…..why are you standing there?" asked she finding her at the door

        "Mom, I want to ask you something?"

        "First you come n sit here; I want to show you something"


        "You know we were thinking of a double celebration"

        "Double celebration?"

        "Hmmm, we didn't throw a reception for your wedding na….." she stared on, "So your Dad n I was thinking of how about throwing it on the same day as Suhaan's engagement……but if he readies to then" she smiled

        "Why are you marrying him off so quickly Mom?"

        "Suhaan?" she nodded, "'s hard to believe for me that we are talking of his marriage" she smiled meekly, "You know I had thought it'll only remain a dream, but when Mr. n Mrs. Chopra said that….I don't know I felt good about it"

        "But Mom don't you think he's too young for such a responsibility?"

        "He's turning 25 this year….but then it's not too young n he's now quite settled in business n then we all are here to manage"

        "Yes Mom, we are but still…..n more so what Sameer told me Suhaan doesn't likes Ravina that much"

        "If he denies, we are not forcing him"

        "N if he agrees?" she asked cautiously

        "Then we'll get him married" she announced


        "Don't worry marriage will have a year to wait but yes engagement will surely take place now" she was feeling restless to tell her all

        "Mom….I want you to know something"

        "Hmmm….Suhaan…… loves someone"

        "Huh?" came a shocked one

        "Ya I mean he loves you very much, n he'll do anything for your happiness" she managed it remembering Sameer's words

        "But why are you so tensed about his marriage?"


        "I know you must be worried that how's she or will she be able to adjust all here" she nodded meekly


        "You do one thing, once Suhaan agrees, go n meet her at her place….may be I'll go too"



     Sameer was in his room when Suhaan entered

        "Bhai" his face sad

        "What happened?"

        "I…..I'm sorry"


        "I shouldn't have said those words to you" he stated nearing him, "I was angry….n you made me that"

        "You still are"

        "You know it's all your fault"


        "If you had told me earlier that who that girl was, I wouldn't have been trapped like this"

        "Are you saying sorry or accusing me?"


        "Suhaan… least grow up now"

        "How will I unless you stop treating me like a child?"

        "Ohk fine….from now on, I'll try to" he said hugging him


        "Suhaan we went to meet her"

        "Hmm" as he faced him

        "She loves you too much…..don't loose her"

        "I think we have discussed enough about this" he turned

        "Why are you so stubborn Suhaan?" he asked with a raised voice, "Why is it so important for you to oppose others….always?" Suhaan's arrogance was getting on his nerves

        "I have a reason to that" his voice calm

        "No you don't…..I have always taken that whatever you do is childish, n will get it right with age, but this is rubbish! You can't do such a thing out of stupidity" but he stared on, calming down "Suhaan…..I haven't told Mom anything yet….please think over it again"

        "She called me….."


        "You were not here"

        "Did she say anything about that?"


        "N what did you say?"

        "What I had said to you….."

        "You said that you are ready?" he nodded, "You are out of your senses"

        "I can do whatever I want to….." he said, "It's my life" he shouted getting a slap in return


        "Thanks Bhai" he uttered in a heavy voice before leaving

        "Shit!" as he banged his fist on the wall

     Suhaan, as usual had skipped his dinner, Sameer didn't say anything this time………Later in the night, when he peeped in, he found him sleeping, but knew he isn't sleeping, so went over to him……it was very rare that he had scolded him, n this was even more than that, he repented what he did but he couldn't help it either, sometimes it's needed. He sat beside him, trying to talk…….n then suddenly he turned

        "Suhaan….." he stared at him for a moment, "I…." n Suhaan hugged him wrapping his arms around his waist while his head rested on his lap, Sameer smiled at him ruffling his hair, "See you still behave like a kid" he got a denying nod in return, as he bent over to hug him back


     Mrs. Malhotra was happy hearing that Suhaan had given a nod for the proposal….but his voice sounded dull when he did that, this was worrying her the whole night. So she thought of meeting Ravina herself

        "Mehr….I was thinking that as now Suhaan is ready, we should visit the Chopra's once"

        "Hmm…..we need to" she said, though she wasn't in favor of that

        "Ok then I'll call Mrs. Chopra n let her know that we are coming"

        "That will be better"

        "When are they coming back?" asked she for Sameer n Suhaan

        "I'll ask him that Mom" she said n she went on to call Mrs. Chopra

     Later in the day they went to meet Ravina at her place, Mrs. Malhotra was happy to get such a beautiful bride for her son, well she was indeed beautiful, but things which appear beautiful from out, are often uglier in,

        "You are really very beautiful beta" she said holding her chin, unknown to the fact what her son really feels about her.

        "Thanks Aunty" she replied cordially, as her mother signaled her to touch her feet, she wasn't too comfortable with the idea, but she had to. Mehr was making her herself look as normal as she could

     Sometime later we see, Mrs. Malhotra n Mrs. Chopra sitting together sharing their views on the marriage, both appearing extremely happy with the idea….n Ravina took her would be sis-in-law to her living room. After some usual chit-chats, which Ravina did with utter pride….they sat discussing Suhaan

        "So you know him from long, isn't it?" Mehr asked

        "We were in the same college"

        "Oh….but am sure he wasn't interested in you then" she stated, Ravs didn't took it nicely

        "Hmmm……neither was I. We were in different groups then"

        "N what makes you interested now?"

        "Now I love him"

        "Oh…." her brows rose, "But he doesn't….."

        "But he likes me"

        "Are you aware that he loves someone else?"

        "Huh…..I have warned him about her long back, that she's not of our standard, but he didn't listen to me then"

        "As far as I know, she's a nice girl"

        "Nice, my foot…..damn liar" Mehr fist tightened, "Look what she's done to him?"

        "Suhaan told me that someone helped him about the truth" Ravs got cautious at this, "Do you know who it was?"

        "Ah… would I know?"

        "Hmm……..but Ravina, will you be able to live with such a person who loves someone else?" she was trying each n every way

        "Love? Ah….that was a mere infatuation, he got into her simplicity…..her almost middle class values" her face disgusted

        "So you believe that Suhaan will forget her with time?"

        "Of course he'll"

        "Hmmm, that's good….." she smiled

        "Can I ask you something?" she nodded, "Why is it sounding to me as you are not happy with this thing?"

        "There's nothing like that Ravina….believe me, we are all happy if he is. I just want to clear out everything, before it actually happens, so as to avoid future complications"

        "Well…..I think we are matured enough to handle our own problems rather than elders interfering in each n every matter"

        "It's good to be matured, but maturity doesn't mean knocking out elders" she told her

        "Different people have different opinions"

        "Like Suhaan has a different one from yours….anyways you know him better isn't it?"


        "I think we should leave now"

        "Hmm" as they went to them, n after the formal goodbyes, we see Mother-Daughter-in-law duo heading back

        "She's nice girl, isn't it?" Mehr nodded, "Mr. n Mrs. Chopra are very descent people"

        "Mom…..I just hope Suhaan stays happy in this" Mehr sighted

        "Why do you think he won't?"

        "No I don't think he won't, but going by his nature… just worried"

        "I know you love him as your brother, that's why you worry so much for him…..but trust me, when he's agreed to this I think he'll manage quite well"

        "Hmmm" she smiled back to her, but she knew this isn't so easy for him, n that's what worried her


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     That day when they came back from office, Sameer went to talk to him

        "I think you should pack your luggage now" he said


        "I mean we need to return"

        "So soon… can leave surely if you want to, I don't want it" he said

        "Suhaan….whether you want it or not, you have to come with me"


        "I think you remember that you have agreed to marry"


        "So they are thinking of your engagement"

        "So soon?" he was clueless that it was to happen so quickly

        "Hmm, what did you think then?"

        "Does that matter anymore?"

        "It does Suhaan…..nothing's done yet, if you say we can inform them that we are not interested" a hope seen in his words

        "Did I say that?"


        "When do we need to be back?" he asked avoiding it

        "By Thursday"

        "I'll ask Richard to arrange the tickets" he said before leaving

        "He's just impossible"

     As they reached home, Suhaan was greeted warmly by his mother

        "I'm so happy beta that you are back" she said hugging him as he responded to it, glancing at his Bhabhie, who stood staring at him

        "Hi Bhabhie" he said but she just smiled as he neared her, "I know why are you looking dull?"

        "Why?" she asked formally

        "You were missing Bhai, isn't it?" she nodded, "Don't worry he's all yours now" he laughed pulling him ahead

        "You are very happy right Suhaan?" she asked smiling

        "Who won't….am back home" he announced a bit more cheerfully

        "Then why isn't your happiness reaching your eyes?" her tone serious, he stood for a moment staring at her n then rolled his eyes at her

        "Ah… just too tired Bhabhie, Bhai is too bad as travel partner" Sameer was surprised at this, "He wasn't that earlier, but I guess you have spoilt him a bit too much" he remarked

        "I wish everyone listened to me as he does" she said

        "Who said he listens to you?"

        "I know……."

        "Wrong! He follows you" he teased glancing at him

        "Ok fine now go n take rest……"

        "What's the hurry Mom?"

        "Your would be in-laws are visiting us by the evening" she informed

        "I don't think it's important for me to stay on" he said

        "Ravina is also coming" added Mehr


        "I asked her to come over….she would have a good time with you, isn't it?" Mehr knew it would irritate him

        "Of course…..she'll" he said walking off to his room as they stared on

        "You know Sameer…..he doesn't deserve Ashi at all"


        "Ya in fact he deserves someone arrogant like Ravina only…..I mean he's broken, but still won't break"

        "Aayesha knows about this thing?" he asked

        "I don't know"

        "I fear how is she gonna react to this?"

        "Well…..I guess it's a punishment for loving such a person"

        "I guess nothing is in our hands now" he said

     The news first hit Manish……Ravs had called him up gladly to inform this…….he was indeed hurt to hear that, but being a true friend to Suhaan, he was worried of his decision

        "Why are you doing this?"

        "I'm sick of answering this to almost everybody I meet now" he stated

        "Doesn't that click why's everybody against this?"

        "No…..I don't want to think about it"


        "We are meeting at Trincas' right?"

        "No…I want to talk to Sameer Bhai, I'll come over"

        "No no…..Bhai will not be at home" he didn't want him to know that they are coming over, n more so he wanted to escape

        "Ohk fine, cya later"


     Manish knew it was difficult, but it was important to tell this piece of news to Rahul

        "I knew it" he said punching his fist on the table

        "I never knew Ravs can do such a thing….." his voice disgusted, all his love washing away as letters on sand do

        "Why are we blaming her? May be he wanted it too" Rahul suggested

        "No yaar, I know him well….may be he's angry on Ashi, but would never think of doing this himself, n Ravs herself told me that she sent her parents to his"

        "I don't know how will I break this news to her?" Rahul said

        "I know it's going to be difficult, very tough…but its better that you tell her before she learns it from somewhere else"

        "Hmmm…..I have to"


You, do you remember me?
Like I remember you?
Do you spend your life
going back in your mind to that time?
Because I, I walk the streets alone
I hate being on my own
And everyone can see that I really fell
And I'm going through hell
Thinking about you were somebody else

Somebody wants you
Somebody needs you
Somebody dreams about you every single night
Somebody can't breath without you, it's lonely
Somebody hopes someday you will see
That Somebody's Me

How, How could we go wrong
It was so good and now it's gone
And I pray at night that our paths will soon cross
And what we had isn't lost
Cause you're always right here in my thoughts

Somebody wants you
Somebody needs you
Somebody dreams about you every single night
Somebody can't breath without you, it's lonely
Somebody hopes someday you will see
That Somebody's Me

You'll always be in my life
Even if I'm not in your life
Because you're in my memory
You, will you remember me
And before you set me free
Oh listen please

Somebody wants you
somebody needs you
somebody dreams about you every single night
somebody can't breath without you, it's lonely
somebody hopes someday you will see
that somebody's me

     The song played on his system, as he stood quiet by the window; he was not allowed to show anyone that he was sad for life has betrayed him, but at least he could cry when alone

     Some distance away, though joined by heartbeats…..sat a girl who had the same thoughts as the song did…..Ashi. These days she didn't cry much, in fact has stopped reacting much, the day when he left her at the Airport, she had cried all night, but then she had got some support from Sameer n Mehr, she had started to think, that may be everything would fall in place someday. She now looked paler than before with dark circles under her eyes she appeared as sick……

     She looked up sensing someone behind her,


        "Hi" he smiled at her, Rahul visited her regularly, joining her to the outside world, but she waited for any news of him

        "Sit" showing him the place beside her

        "How are you?"

        "Good" she said, he looked in her eyes

        "I know you are good"

        "How are others?"

        "Why don't you ask straight about him rather than taking a long path?" he asked sarcastically, as she smiled meekly

        "No one knows me better"

        "I have news about him" he started, as she looked on unmoved, "He's getting engaged this Saturday" he let it out.

     She didn't react nor moved, sat still in the same way for the next few moments, like the news wasn't heard at all. Rahul felt uneasy at that, as he had thought she would cry or at least say something, so he called her softly, "Ashi" n it was then that he noticed the sheet crushing under palms, he placed a hand on her head to soothe her, "I won't stop you from crying today" he said, "Let it flow out" she looked at him as her eyes poured out tears silently before she finally broke down. Rahul sat there holding her, letting out drops ……till she was more or less calm.


     In the evening, Suhaan was almost ready to go out, or rather run away when Mehr entered

        "Where are you going?"


        "I think you wouldn't be allowed now"


        "They have already arrived n waiting for you"


        "Ahan….I think you shouldn't utter such words for them anymore…..they are a family now"


        "Come let's meet them"


     Suhaan came down with her, acting normal……or trying to be, but two pairs of eyes were always hooked on him, n it irritated him more

     After some usual talks, he thought it suitable to excuse himself from there

        "Where are you going?" asked Ravs but he didn't reply her, instead looked at her parents

        "Uncle would you mind, if I leave?……I have some work to do" he asked

        "No no beta that's perfectly fine, you carry on"

        "Thanks" he smiled

        "But then I'll get bored sitting here" said Ravs in a nagging tone, "I'll come along"

        "No….I have some important…."

        "Yes Suhaan, take her along….n now you should make it a habit" opined his Mom

        "Fine…..come" he said glancing at his Bhai n Bhabhie

        "Great….Dad, he'll drop me home"

        "Ok" he replied

        "Have a great time together" teased Mehr

        "Thanks Bhabhie" Ravs sweetly replied grabbing his arm

        "We are not going for a party…." he said

        "Bye" waved Mehr


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     Manish was seated at a table at Trincas, when he spotted Rahul entering…..he waved calling him over


        "Are you waiting for someone?" asked Rahul


        "I think I should leave then"

        "Won't you two ever patch up?"

        "I don't think so; whenever I'll see him …..Ashi will come to my mind making me hate him more"

        "So you have readied yourself for that?"

        "No one's ready for this ever, but we have to handle it"
        "Sit……I have a plan" Manish started

        "Huh… n your plans?" he rolled his eyes at that,

        "Just listen to me"

        "I hope it isn't as bad as the previous one"

        "This one's a hit already…..but you need to help me"

        "What do I need to do?"

        "Say sorry to Suhaan"

        "Manish are you out of your mind? I'm never going to say that"

        "Listen to it fully"

        "I don't need to…….you are telling this because you are not well acquainted with Ashi's pain, you know how she cried out when I told her this" his eyes still teary mentioning this

        "I know"

        "No you don't know… are talking as if she's only my friend?"

        "N you are talking as if only she's your friend……Suhaan never was?" he kept mum for a moment

        "So what do you want, that I should forget everything n accept Suhaan gladly?"

        "Did I say that?"


        "Look Rahul I know what is Ashi passing through, but have you ever tried to feel the same about Suhaan?"

        "I don't need to"

        "You do….you can't shut your one side, whether you accept it or not whatever happened to him was wrong"

        "You mean Ashi was wrong?"

        "No…..the situations were wrong, no one in particular"

        "How will it help if I say sorry to him?"

        "Suhaan…..has a problem with him, similar to what we all have when kids" he smiled


        "Yes……he always does something opposite to what others ask him to do"

        "What rubbish?"

        "Din't you notice that the previous time, when Uncle was asking him to go London, he didn't, n when he changed he opposed him then too"

        "What do you mean?"

        "I mean now everyone's after him to forgive Ashi….n won't listen"


        "So if we start saying that whatever he's doing is right for him, n he has taken the decision to marry Ravs…..he'll again oppose all" he explained

        "N if this time he doesn't?"

        "There's no harm in trying once"

        "N for this I need to say sorry to him"

        "Right…..n I suggest do that right away"


        "We don't have much time left"


        "N ya we can ask Sameer Bhai to help us too….."

        "So that when we are not with him, he can continue it" Rahul finished

        "Exactly…so you are saying sorry now"

        "Fine….I'll do that, a last try for Ashi….."

        "N Suhaan" added Manish smiling

        "Hmm…him too" he forcibly added


        "Suhaan….won't you talk to me?" she asked

        "About what?"

        "About anything you like to?"

        "I don't like to" he ignored

        "Ok fine…you know I'm so excited for our engagement"


        "I have bought dresses of three different colors with jewelleries to match…..but am not sure what to wear?"


        "You tell me na what color would suit me best….pink, orange or turquoise?"


        "Which color should I wear?"

        "Black" he touted

        "Suhaan no one wears black at a occasion like this, it's inauspicious"

        "It is" she knew what he meant

        "Ok what are you wearing?"

        "I don't care…." he said stopping the car

        "Who are you meeting here?"


        "Cool" she said getting out

        "You are not going in with me"

        "But why?"

        "Because I'm asking you not to" he stated in a stern tone

        "But what will I do here?"

        "You are staying back…..or if u insist I can drop you back now but you are not going in… it?"

        "Fine….I'm here" she uttered as he walked in, "Huh? Just let me get married n I'll show you what can Ravs do to you?" she murmured

     Suhaan waved at Manish noticing him

        "Rahul….he's here" he told


        "Hi Suhaan"


       "Come sit…." Manish said shifting a bit

        "I thought I was meeting my friend only" he taunted glancing at Rahul, "I'll see you later" Manish stared hard at Rahul n he nodded back

        "Suhaan…." uttered Rahul holding his hand as he passed, he looked down at him, "I….I'm sorry Dude" he said standing up

        "Sorry for?"

        "I shouldn't have behaved like that last time" he said, may be he wanted to say these to him; n Manish's plan has given him an excuse to that

        "Huh….you are not sorry for that" said Suhaan

        "No am really sorry for that" he asked

        "You are sorry for you have lost your bet" he declared, as Rahul tightened his fist, he wanted to punch him hard at that, but Manish asked him to keep calm

        "Suhaan….." he started as Suhaan gave out a meek smile hugging him in return to which he responded

        "I know you well" he said patting his back

        "Hmm" he said facing her as Manish got up

        "Now that calls for a celebration" he said ordering drinks

     After sometime, we see the three of them walking out…..Ravs stood by the car impatiently, she wanted to go in, bored of waiting out, but she didn't dare to do that

     Rahul n Manish clenched their teeth but they managed it

        "Get in" Suhaan said to her

        "Oh hi Manish" she greeted instead but Manish neither glanced at her nor replied her

        "Ohk Suhaan….cya later"

        "Hmm bye" n they drove out

        "What the hell does he think of himself?"

        "Manish, who else?"

        "Now what did he do?"

        "Didn't you notice he didn't reply me?"

        "Now you know how it feels when someone ignores you" he taunted

        "Are you with me or him?"

        "I'm with the right, n fortunately for me, you are never right"

        "But I'm your fiance….you should look after my respect now" she stated

        "Huh….I don't care" he said as she sat there staring hard at him, really he cared none, in fact he wanted her to break this off, but she wouldn't


     Manish had contacted Sameer that night itself, n he readily agreed as he knew it could happen…..

     Sameer n Mehr were discussing it when Suhaan crossed the room

        "Suhaan…." Sameer called, he stopped to peep in, "Come in"

        "Is there anything left to discuss?"

        "Hmm" Sameer indicated to sit

        "We need to ask you something" Mehr started

        "Bhabhie please…."

        "Don't worry, it's not about her" Sameer assured

        "Ya we just wanted to know……that what would like to wear for the party?" asked she

        "Look Suhaan…..if you really think that Aayesha wasn't right for you…..n you are right when you have decided to marry someone else, then we'll not bother you again" Suhaan looked surprised

        "He's right, we only want you to be happy…be it with the girl you love or with girl who loves you" Mehr finished

        "Thanks" he uttered as they exchanged glances

        "So tell me what you are wearing?" she asked

        "I don't know Bhabhie, whatever you think good, it's all the same" he stated

        "Ok, but you have to come along for the measurements" she urged

        "Sorry….I can't"

        "But Suhaan, how's that possible?" he asked

        "You know my measurements right?" he nodded, "Just get me anything n I'll wear it"

        "Are you sure?"

        "Hmm….n please keep me away from these things"

        "Ok but there are some things which you need to select" Mehr informed


        "Won't you select a delicate ring like you did for her?"

        "I won't….just tell me when I'm needed for the event, I'll be there….otherwise don't expect me anywhere else" he declared before leaving

        "Do you think it'll work?" asked she

        "Let's see what happens"

        "But we only have two days in between?"

        "I know"


     Sameer had informed Manish about the first reaction, n now it was left to Manish. They were to meet that evening; Manish had started discussing about Suhaan n Ravs, some moments before he was about to arrive…..

        "You what Ishaan….I always knew Suhaan will not marry Ashi" said Manish

        "Why do u think that?"

        "Simple…..she's not of his stature, we cannot overlook this fact"

        "But he loved her" said he

        "What's love when there are so many things to look forward to" Rahul said

        "Hmm, that's true, but we didn't expect him to do something like this"

        "Well may be his family wanted that, n he couldn't oppose that" sighted one

        "Is Suhaan that type?" Manish asked

        "Not at all" Rahul cleared noticing that he had entered, "But all's well that ends well"


        "N anyways, now Ashi is free too think forward" Rahul stated

        "Rahul, what are you saying?" Manish whispered

        "Ya… long will she sit at home n cry, she needs to live again"

        "That's true"

        "Hi" Suhaan said, though he was listening all

        "Arre Suhaan….come sit"

        "Suhaan….we were talking of you only" informed Ishaan

        "Hmm" sitting down

        "I don't know why I have this good feeling that only you can change Ravs"

        "Why do you feel that?" Rahul asked

        "She never spoke over him, but with us she was oh so unmanageable" commented he

        "What's wrong with you, you can't say this about her anymore, at least when Suhaan's here" Manish said smiling at him

        "Huh….I don't care" he repeated

        "Suhaan…she's your fiance" he further said, "N you are saying this for her?"

        "Yup so"

        "If you don't care for her, why are you marrying her?" asked Rahul in a serious tone

        "I have never done a single thing according to my family's will, may be it's time to repay" he said

        "At the cost of your own happiness?" asked Manish

        "Who said am not happy?"

        "You don't seem to be" stated Rahul

        "I guess no man is happy to loose his freedom isn't it?" he avoided

        "Ya but you look sad?" opined one

        "Not at all….just a bit tired"

        "Exactly…..Suhaan's happy as uncle is very happy, right?"

        "This is perfect; you have taken the right decision"

        "Suhaan…..go home n rest" Manish said

        "No that's fine"

        "No that isn't….tomorrow's going to be a hectic one for you" he informed

        "I know that" n soon we see him heading home

        "Manish am really clueless… he getting anything?"

        "I don't know, let's see"


     There were hoards of people seen in n around the house; the party was indeed huge, with the who's who of the circuit being invited

     Suhaan lay on his bed with his eyes closed when Sameer entered

        "Are you alright?" he asked

        "Hmm" glancing at him

        "Well your clothes are here, I have kept them here……get up n get ready, the guests will start arriving soon" he informed


        "Suhaan" nearing him, "I know how must be feeling…..but you have chosen this yourself"

        "I know….."

        "You are not looking okay" he touched his temple, he had a slight temperature, "I think you should take a pill"

        "I don't need to, I'll be fine in some moments…..ready for the party" he assured

        "Ok….I'll then get ready too"


     Suhaan got ready n got down in a black suit with a baby pink shirt, by then the hall have been well occupied with the streaming number of arriving guests

        "Wow….you are looking awesome" said Sameer


        "Dad was waiting for you" as he took him to meet some guests,

     Soon the intros were done, n they were asked to come over to the stage, it was then, that Suhaan noticed Ravs standing next to her in a deep pink attire, n it was then he was brought to notice what was she going to be in his life from now on…..he was getting engaged to a girl who he has never liked, forget liking…. hated every time she said anything someone
     Ravs was going to be the future Mrs. Suhaan Malhotra, instead of Ashi, who he had loved, he thought he had possessed. He glanced at his friends Manish n Rahul standing down, well near the stage, n then at his Bhai n Bhabhie….all of their faces had a glum look on project, they were all happy from out but he knew they weren't

     N more than them, he wasn't happy……will he be ever be happy without her, the person who taught him love……his heart screamed NO

       "Suhaan" his Mom called


       "She's waiting beta"

        "Mom" he stared at her for a moment before glancing back at Ravs, who seemed proud of her achievement, "I…"

        "What are you saying?" she asked

        "I can't do this Mom" escaped his lips


Am done again

Sumi_162710 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 August 2009 at 10:31am | IP Logged
Ahh....cute part....just like SUHAAN. but he got slapped....uff ye Sameer bhi na....I really sumtyms feel SUHAAN wud not hav behaved so stubborn if he knew it from per my analysis goes.....he was all the more angry at Ayesha coz his family tried to hide her from him (even I wud hav felt like this). But now no more my analysis coz Manish already did a gud analysis...hehe. I liked the way he made Rahul understand the situation...coz as I said....not every1 can understand SUHAAN's situation, his state of mind.....but to be honest....I never felt Manish wud do that so easily while Rahul has known SUHAAN for longer.....but watever it is it was all gud.

SUHAAN n Rav's convo was so funny. She thought she got SUHAAN but she forgot that she got THE SUHAAN MALHOTRA (for a few moments of course)

At the end SUHAAN did the best (as he is the best). I agree no1 wud hav done wat he did to Ashi or to say it clearly how he reacted to the fact....but then no1 wud hav dared to do wat he did at his engagement party that too wid a dad like this...hehe. But all this has a reason ryt?? N that says.....its all bcoz He is none other than THE SUHAAN MALHOTRA.

Okay....I shud stop chanting SUHAAN now. And it felt nice to knw dat u liked my so called author best knws his/her characters.....I made an attempt only (out of my over active mind that only thinks of SUHAAN) n I am glad that u wer not offended in any way. N there's sumthing more...but I wud say it when u put up the last part wid ur short description.Smile

Pls continue soon.

Edited by sumaiya wahid - 30 August 2009 at 10:37am
-Yaz- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 August 2009 at 12:52pm | IP Logged
Lmao !!! Manish had put it the right way, Suhaan is like a Kid LOL LOL and finally the Kid see's some sense !!! Embarrassed

and God Ravs, what a Chipkoo Dead I feel so sorry for Manish, how can he ever love a girl like her ... Eugh!!!, He deserves much better Embarrassed

And Rahul, he's such a Sweet friend .. the way he was there for Ashi, I Love Him Embarrassed I understand he might have wanted to punch the daylights out of Suhaan when they met Ouch but bechara instead had to say sorry LOL

and Sameer and Mehr, Suhaan i Lucky to have them ... but god doesn't he just take them for Granted Angry Mehr was so right when she said He doesn't deserve Ashi, but someone as Arrogant as Ravs Dead and when Sameer had slapped him ... Waah!! .. I was Clapping in awe over here Dead

Anyways atleast he realised by the end that Ashi is the only one for him , the only one he'll ever Love, the only one who deserves to be Mrs Suhaan Malhotra Embarrassed

Brill Update !! Thumbs Up

Take Care Hug


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