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An Arrow of Love~RN fic..udtd-pgs 47 & 48 [9/6] (Page 43)

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        "Suhaan….please listen to me" ran Manish after him but he neither stopped nor turned, "I won't stop you but please listen to me"


        "Suhaan….." he neared him, "I don't know what's wrong between you two all that suddenly….." he stopped as he faced him

        "You don't need to know" he said

        "Ok I don't……fine" said he as he placed an assuring hand on his shoulder, "But…….I need to be by my friend" he said as Suhaan stared at him before hugging him

        "Thanks" he told him silently

        "I won't ask you anything……but I can't leave you alone now" Manish thought


     Rimi tried calling her Di, but it went unattended n then Tamy picked it up

        "Di….why weren't you picking it up?"

        "Rimi……Ashi's a bit busy right now"

        "She's okay right?" as if to assure herself

        "Ya ya… don't worry, we'll drop her soon"

        "Hmm, ok"

        "Bye" saying she hung up n thus turned to Ashi, "Rahul" keeping a hand over his shoulder, "Rimi called up…"

        "Ashi…..get up" he said, n she looked up lost, "You have to go home" she stood up suddenly

        "Rahul…..I need to talk to him" she uttered rubbing her tears off

        "Ok….but he's left already" he informed

        "I don't care……"

        "But Ashi, Aunty must be worried for you….you should go home"

        "No…..I won't go home without talking to him" she declared sternly as she hurriedly dialed his cell, but as they had known, he wasn't taking it, but she kept trying it on n on

        "Ashi relax… calling up Manish" Rahul said as he did but when it rang Manish wasn't picking it up either, "Why isn't he taking it up?" said he

        "Has anybody else gone with him?" asked Soniya but no one knew


        "Why aren't you picking it up?" Suhaan asked sipping his drink

        "It's nothing"

        "It's theirs……I know" n then again it rang,

        "No…'s from home" he took it then

        "Hello Manish……is Suhaan with you?"

        "Hmmm" he glanced at him, "Excuse me" as he came out

        "Manish…..where's he?" Ashi asked snatching over the phone

        "He's ok…..don't worry"

        "Just tell me please where are you…..I want to see him"

        "But he'll not……"

        "Just one try….please" she pleaded in a crying tone

        "We are at Zanzi"

        "Please don't tell him… coming"

        "I won't"

     As they reached there, she rushed in n saw him sitting at one of the tables…..the place was more or less vacant by now….as she neared him, he knew it was her only

        "Suhaan….." she called in a shaky tone,

        "I'll be back" Manish tried to excuse but

        "You don't need to go…….it's nothing that personal" Rahul controlled himself at this

        "Suhaan please……talk to her once" said Manish before going out

     Ashi neared him cautiously, she knew he would never show how hurt he was…….

        "I……I wanted to tell this to you long before……but…." she said in one breath

        "Aayesha….." as he turned, "Before you tell me something …….I want you to know something very important" his eyes clean n cold, without any trace of tear in them

        "I knew you would……" a ray of hope seen in her eyes,

        "Seven months……" he uttered, as she looked on, "Long time isn't it?"

        "Huh?" she stared on

        "You know I had always asked Bhai……tell me who's that girl? But he never did" he told rubbing his forehead with his fingers


        "But no one can hide for long from me…….I'm The Suhaan Malhotra" she was practically getting nothing, "So I found you out" he declared

        "Listen to me……I never intended to hide it, please believe me" she pleaded

        "I don't"

        "Please believe me…..every time I tried to tell….I feared that I'll loose you"

        "Really?" she nodded

        "I didn't want to hurt you……"

        "Well……I did all this to ………..just see how far you can go, how can someone be such a…….." he stopped, "Anyways my search ends here"

        "No…..You are lying…..I don't believe this" she said grabbing his shirt

        "I can't help it" as he stroked her hands off him ruthlessly

        "Was that all fake…..your love, your promises?" she asked shocked

        "Yes it was……it was all made up"


        "Suhaan can never fall for a girl……..NEVER" he shouted as they came in

        "Suhaan….." Rahul uttered nearing her

        "Ah……Rahul" he smiled at him, "He helped me a lot with it" as Rahul looked confused to see him smiling

        "Suhaan please stop it……" she begged

        "No you stop this……" he shouted pointing at her, "I have seen enough of you….n your rubbish"

        "How dare you say that to her like that?" Rahul asked angrily but he pushed him hard

        "Don't you ever interfere in this…." he warned

        "Why are you doing this? I can……" she cried

        "Just leave…..I had said what I had to" he turned back; she touched him by her hand, and "JUST LEAVE" he shouted to which she shivered

        "Suhaan……" Rahul shouted, but Manish stopped him, as he went on to Ashi to take her out, Manish knew it would help none if they talked now

     As they went out, he sat with a thud on the couch, holding his head down…….


     Out as they stood,

        "Ashi… go home now" Manish said

        "But how can I……."

        "No matter how you try to make him understand….he won't get it now" he said

        "He's right" added Rahul

        "You go home…..I'll take care of him" he assured hugging her

        "I can't see him like this…….I know I have hurt him, but I love him…..I love him" she repeated

        "I know…..n he loves you too" she looked up, "But now he's not sure what he's saying…'s better you leave now"

        "Let's go….come on" Rahul said pulling her as Tamy held her

     When Manish entered, by then Suhaan had drunk much for the day

        "Suhaan stop it…'s enough"

        "What's enough?" looking up to him, his eyes red because he cried,

        "Why are you hurting yourself so much?…...You know you love her"

        "No I don't" gulping down the drink

        "You can surely put up an act like that….but no one of us is going to believe it"

        "You believed when I really did that?"

        "No you didn't…….why are you hurting her so much, the person you love the most?"

        "I said I don't……don't repeat it again" he said in a raised voice

        "Ohk fine….you don't" taking the glass off his grip, "Come I'll drop you home"

        "I can manage Dude"

        "May be….but I'm not going let you do that"

        "Huh!" he smiled as he tried to get up, but his legs didn't support

        "Dude… do need me" he smiled before holding him


     All the way, Ashi sat quiet, tears flowed down her cheeks as his words echoed in her mind, Rahul had called Rimi up so that she can manage her parents there….as soon as they reached there, Rimi came out to take her in

        "Thanks Rahul" she touted

        "Just take care of her….."

        "I'll" she assured

        "Are you sure you can manage in?"

        "Don't worry…I have already made up something for that"

        "Ok cya later"

        "Hmm" as they entered in

        "Ashi…..what's wrong beta?" her Maa asked, but she stared on with blank swollen eyes

        "Maa…I'll tell you all later, she needs to rest" Rimi said

        "But is she okay?"

        "Hmm, she'll be" taking her up, she made her lay down, covering with a sheet n putting the lights off, "Don't worry Di…..everything will be alright" taking her hand in hers, Ashi held it tightly in pain…..she wished she could shout out…..her heart bleeding, more than her own, she was hurt to see him reacting like that…..she could bear anything, but what she saw today, his indifferent behavior disturbed her, "Di……don't think too much, just go to sleep" she said before leaving


     As soon as Suhaan's car entered the gate, Sameer's face lit up

        "Thank God…..finally he's back" he was waiting impatiently for him

        "Yes I should really thank……him, or you would have sat there by the window all night" she teased

        "Shut up" but his smile vanished when he saw Manish there, n more because he was supporting Suhaan, "What's wrong?" he rushed to the door

        "Sameer, what happened?"

        "I don't know…." he ran down to him, "Manish what's wrong?" he asked

        "Ah……Sameer Bhai, you are back?"

        "Hmmm, Suhaan…." he called but he wasn't in his senses to respond, or even notice who it was, "What happened to him?"

        "I'll tell you all later….but….."


        "Can I take him up?" asked he

        "Ah……you don't worry, I'll do that" he said taking him over

        "Ok then I would leave"

        "Thanks Manish"

        "Don't say that" he left leaving a meek smile

     Sameer took him up, he was hardly walking

        "Sameer?" stood Mehr shocked at his condition

        "You go in… coming" she nodded but stood there by the door until he laid him down on the bed

        "Suhaan…." he called softly ruffling his hair, he stirred a bit by the action. As Sameer left him, he heard soft weeps

        "Why?" uttered he in pain, curling up as if trying to resist the storm inside him, as Sameer went on to caress his head, he got a hold of his hand, pressing it tightly into his

        "Cry out Suhaan……cry" he whispered to him, n it seemed he could hear him, as streams of tears flowed down his eyes

     Sameer sat by his bed, hugging his Suhaan to him, as he cried his heart out in silent tears. He had seen him cry, when Dad scolded him due to some mischief, when he would fight with some friend of his or even with him…..

     Even then, when he was forcibly sent to the boarding at a tender age of eight……he had cried hugging him, pleading him to request their Mom n Dad to stop it, n he had assured him helplessly that everything would be fine, but that was all when they were mere boys, with age he had seen him toughen up, growing up into a man, who could hide his pain successfully but..

     But today as he sat beside him, he really seemed worried watching his brother in pain…..a pain that could not be swayed away that easily. The moans that escaped Suhaan's lips could tear apart anyone's heart….he shivered up at intervals in pain n Sameer would tighten his grip over him, as to assure he was with him, always. As the night grew darker, his moaning lessened n breath deepened, making him slip into a deep slumber.


     Ashi hadn't slept at all, but she feared to open her eyes, she was terrified of the reality…..laying there still, with dried eyes, the tears had left a mark on her cheeks

        "Di……your tea" Rimi said holding the cup beside her, she looked up at her, "Get up now….fast or it'll get cold" she kept mum n turned away, "See now you don't listen to me…….I'll not speak if you do like this" she sat down

        "Rimi please…." she said

        "Please……what please?" turning to her, "Just get up now…..or I'll pull you up" which she did

        "I'm getting up….wait"

        "Have this n get ready…." she looked on, "We are going for shopping" she declared excitedly

        "No….I'll not come"

        "Then how about a movie…..comedy or romantic….you say?" she asked

        "I don't want to…"

        "Come on Di… can't sit at home n cry like this"

        "So what do you want me to do?"

        "Go out n live your life like you had earlier….."

        "I can't…….I can't live without him"

        "I know that…..but you have to make him believe that"

        "He's not even listening to me….."

        "He has to…..he can't do whatever he likes"

        "But he's right in his own place"

        "Cool….then you stay here n cry….waste your life like this"

        "Rimi I need him…."

        "Arre yaar call him up n ask to meet up"

        "You think I didn't….but he isn't taking my calls, not even Rahul's"

        "Then go meet him anyhow"

        "Hmm I would….." n then her cell rang

        "Hello Ashi"


        "Manish called me up just now, Sameer Bhai's back"

        "Rahul, then how can I?"

        "That's what am thinking?"

        "Did you talk to him?"

        "No…'s ringing"

        "Is he okay?" her voice sinking

        "I think so, Manish told me that he had dropped him home last night"

        "I'll meet him Rahul….now"

        "No…..he's not stable yet, just let a day pass"

        "But….." Rimi nodded hearing him

        "Di….he's right"

        "Ok….but Rahul please try to contact him somehow, or at least lemme know how's he?"

        "Don't worry…I'll call you later"


     When Sameer checked on him in the early morning, he found him asleep…..but now as he came, Suhaan was almost ready


        "Good Morning Bhai" he greeted smiling

        "Morning….but where are you going?"

        "Office, where else?"

        "No you are not going… don't need to"

        "I know I have planned that I'll take a break when you are back" his voice turns heavy saying this, "But you see, am quite used to it" Sameer placed a hand on his shoulders

        "Who are you faking?"

        "No one….I have cried enough last night, isn't it?" he nodded, "N now I won't cry again……it's over"

        "Is it really over?"

        "I'm going down….." he avoided, "But you be fast, Dad still doesn't like latecomers"


     As Sameer went down, he kept a close watch on Suhaan, who was seen busy talking to Mehr

        "I don't believe how you people are back so quick?" he said

        "Actually we're missing home" she replied

        "Unbelievable……Bhai, you must have asked her to come back?" he charged

        "Good that we are back isn't it?"


        "Why are you complaining now Suhaan…..good that he's back, at least we can see you too" his Mom said

        "Hmm, n ya I heard that you were skipping meals n all that?" Mehr asked

        "Oh come on Bhabhie….now you don't join the bandwagon" Sameer knew the reason behind his over happiness


        "Anyways…..Dad I have arranged a meeting with the Irani's, you can have a watch at this before I leave" as he stood up

        "But have your breakfast….you haven't ate anything yesterday" Mehr said, "Are you okay now?"

        "What happened to you?" his Dad asked

        "Ah….nothing, Bhabhie isn't quite habituated with my lifestyle, so…."

        "Then change it now… that it seems normal" Suhaan kept quiet at this

        "Dad, he has changed much……you were only saying that"


        "N you…." Looking at Suhaan


        "Have your breakfast"

        "Bhai…I'll get late for…."

        "Either you have it, or you are going nowhere" he sternly declared, Suhaan stood there for a moment before joining him again

     It was something happening for the very first time that Suhaan listened to someone else's; unlike usually….it was just the opposite, as they smiled at Sameer, he sat serious glancing at Suhaan, Mehr was getting actually what was wrong


     Manish kept on informing Ashi, as to how Suhaan was or how he actually kept avoiding that very topic. On the other hand, Sameer had called up Manish to find out what the matter was, Manish hesitated to say to him, but told him that it was all to do with Ashi……Mehr called up Ashi but she feared to take it, thinking that if they had known all, then she might accuse her, instead she decided to go n meet him instead


     It was almost five days, that she hadn't heard or seen him, but today she was feeling desperate to meet him,

        "You have to talk to me Suhaan" she said getting ready, "I can't let you do this"

        "Ashi….where are you going?" asked her Maa

        "Maa….I need to go"

        "Ok but where?"

        "I'll tell you that once I'm back"

        "Ashi listen……" she said holding her hand, "Tell me beta….I won't stop you" her tone softer this time, n Ashi couldn't resist herself from hugging her

        "Maa…" she cried hugging her

        "I can see it very clear that you are in pain….."


        "Stop crying…….look at me" facing her now, "I know you have grown up enough to take your own decisions but….."

        "I know….."

        "Rimi told me about this boy……who's he?" she stared on, "Are you going to meet him now?"

        "I want to meet him just once Maa…..please"

        "Ok ok go…..but don't loose hope beta......cheer up"

        "I won't loose hope Maa… me"

        "That's like my girl, take care"

        "Thanks Maa" hugging her yet again before she left


     As Ashi reached the office premises, her heart thumped hard, the thing she had feared to do so many days, is finally to be done. She decided not to look here n there instead she marched off straight to him, on reaching she asked the receptionist for him

        "Excuse me……Suhaan Malhotra?" she asked

        "Ma'am! Do you have an appointment?"


        "Can I have you name Ma'am?"


        "Ok….can you please wait….for he's in a meeting right now" she nodded, "I'll ask him once it's over"

        "Ok" as she sat down

     After a few moments, he called up to send someone in…

        "Sure Sir" she replied, he was about to disconnect it when she said, "Ah….excuse me Sir"


        "Sir there's a Ma'am waiting to see you" she said glancing at her as Ashi got conscious


        "Ashi Sir"

        "I don't wane meet her, ask Ms. Aayesha to go back" he said before hanging down

        "Ma'am…..I'm really sorry to keep you waiting, he doesn't want to meet you"

        "Where is his cabin?" she asked n she showed her direction, "Thanks" as she went towards the cabin

        "Ma'am……please stop" she ran behind her, "You are not supposed to enter his cabin like this"

        "He's left me with no other option" she murmured under her breath, she barged in his cabin

        "What is….." he stopped seeing her

        "Sir……I'm sorry, I had told Ma'am but she didn't listen" as Ashi stared at him n he refused to look

        "It's ok you can leave" he said as she left but Ashi stood unmoved n he noticed that, "Ah……I'm so sorry gentlemen" he started, "You know friends don't listen to anyone… I apologize on her behalf"

        "That's ok Suhaan…..we understand, we'll continue it later" said one of them

        "Thanks" as they went n he closed the door thereafter, he called up to enquire where Sameer was, "So……what can I do for you Ms. Aayesha?" his voice had the same taunt in it,

        "Why are you doing this?" she asked nearing him

        "Is there anything still to know……..Ms. Aayesha?"

        "Please stop calling me that…..I was Ashi for you, wasn't I?"

        "You remember….once I told you, I felt like a stupid….I really was……I mean how couldn't I notice all those things when you avoided my family, feared that you'll loose me….huh?" he smiled


        "You were so clever at hiding it, n I was such a fool that I went on believing all that crap"

        "I didn't hide it……it's just that I couldn't gather up the courage to tell you"

        "Aah……same old thing"

        "Why don't you believe me?" she pleaded holding his hand

        "Ashi……please" he said in a raised voice, she was happy that he called her that again,

        "I know you love me" he looked away biting his lip

        "Ah…..I'm sorry if I have crossed any limit while that period, but………"

        "What are you trying to say, that whatever happened was all just an act?"

        "Yes it was"

        "Suhaan please scold me, fight with me or even if you want hurt me, but please stop treating me like an outsider"

        "You were that, isn't it?"

        "I can't live without you…..why don't you get that…..damn it" she shouted

        "Ashi please…..stop all this n leave right now" he said


        "Please" stern was his voice n she left


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Hmm.....I never felt so bad 4 SUHAAN. I knw most of the readers wud feel sad 4 Ashi n may be scold SUHAAN a lil bit for behaving so rudely wid her (though I'm sure its really hard to scold SUHAAN). But I donno y not even once I felt abgry at SUHAAN. All the while I was like 'Awe....SUHAAN is in so much pain'. I cud just feel wat he is going thru. Even after reading this ff numerable tyms I cudnt stop tears from welling up in my eyes.

When SUHAAN was crying hugging Sameer, that was the most touching scene of this whole ff. I never felt so helpless as SUHAAN himself was so helpless. He had trusted a girl first tym in lyf n then get cheated (according to him) by her like this.....was really painful 4 him, and the saddest thing is the quality that makes him THE SUHAAN MALHOTRA (which is y we all luv him so much) also hurts him the most. He shows himself very tough n hard but he is all the more soft hearted n thats more painful for him. When SUHAAN said it was all an act, many must hav felt really angry (like Rahul) but then few must hav realised that was the most painful thing for him to say. He wanted to overcum his pain n it was just his way. (Gosh I'm too much into SUHAAN)

I felt sad for Ashi as well. I knw how hard it is to confess such a big truth, I knw its not her fault either n she very well knws that its not SUHAAN's fault at all....even she is in pain. N to be true, none is wrong. So nothing cud be done.

I really liked Sameer hugging SUHAAN n taking care of him. I always luv it when he or Snighda understands SUHAAN's pain n looks after him....I luv this bond. But SUHAAN's dad is too irritating. He'sgot a gem in form of SUHAAN n he doesnt even value it...huh!!!

Anyways, w8ing 4 the next part. Pls continue soon.
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i really feel bad for ashi i hope that suhaan will understand ashi soon lovly update
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~Forty Six~

     When Ashi visited him, Sameer was busy with some people, but he caught a glimpse of her in the parking lot, as she hurried out

        "Aayesha?" he thought calling up the receptionist,

        "Yes Sir?"

        "Did anyone come to see me when I was in the meeting?"

        "Ah… Sir" she replied

        "Ohk thanks"

        "Sir…..Suhaan sir is not taking his calls…..there's a call from the travel agent on hold"

        "What for?"

        "He's ordered a ticket for London"

        "Are you sure he's ordered that?"

        "Yes Sir…..he had done that just a moment before" she said

        "Just tell the agent to call after sometime, I'll check n tell you"

        "Ok fine Sir…..I would do that"

        "Hmmm" as he hung up, "What is he up to?" as he went to him

     As he entered his cabin, he wasn't seen there. He called him up but his cell ringing there on the table…….n then he came out of the washroom


        "What's wrong?"

        "Did I do anything wrong?"

        "When are you going to London?" he asked

        "Oh….actually, you know the Arena's project needs to be dealt personally, so I thought that……"

        "Whom are you fleeing from?"

        "Why would I?"

        "You told me that you would never cry, but you still do"

        "I'm not fleeing away….even if I want to, how long can I do that?"

        "Exactly……" as he stared at him, "Suhaan tell me please, what's wrong between you n Ashi?" he looked up in surprise

        "Ah…nothing, just that I wasn't right for her"

        "N what makes you say this?"

        "I know her better…..isn't it?"

        "As far as I have heard about her from Mehr, she's a nice girl, she loves you very much"

        "No she doesn't"

        "Ok she doesn't……but you do or why would you think of bringing her to meet your family?"

        "Yes I did think of that, because I thought she was………" he stopped

        "What has changed so suddenly?"

        "Bhai please…….I don't want to talk of it anymore" he evaded away

        "But….." n then Suhaan's phone rang


        "Sir, Mr. Joshi from Indiana Travels is on the line….."

        "Ya just put him on" he said glancing at Sameer

        "Sir I just called you to ask that would you mind a night flight… all the bookings for tomorrow are full"

        "No that's fine, but make sure it's tomorrow's" he reminded

        "Sure Sir" as he placed it back

        "So it's final?" asked Sameer n he nodded back

        "I need to go"

        "Have you informed Dad about this?"

        "I'll do that shortly"

        "Just think over it again, what are you going to do?"

        "Bhai I have decided to leave"

        "Ok when are you coming back?"

        "I don't know"

        "Dad will never allow such a thing" he stated

        "If he doesn't I'll go still"

        "Escaping would not help you in anyway"

        "I'm not…..I just want to forget all that happened……please let me go"

        "Fine….I'll not stop you"



     When Rahul came to know of this, he came over to put some brain into her…..

        "I don't believe he can do such a thing to you?" he said disgusted

        "But Rahul…..he could have done much more than that, but he didn't….." Ashi listened on

        "Rimi please, you stop backing him" he said

        "No I won't, just imagine, he could have insulted her in front of them, or even called on his brother….but he didn't do any of that" she explained

        "So you mean he should have done that?" he asked irritated

        "No I don't mean that…..I meant he could have done that, n you know exactly why he didn't?"


        "Because he still loves Di" as she looked at her, "Believe me Di….he really does…"

        "But….." he started again

        "OK you tell me a reason why he didn't do that?" she charged

        "Simple he didn't want to create a scene"

        "That's what am exactly coming to, no matter how much he shows her that he hates her, but he himself can't deny the fact"

        "Hmm, he didn't tell about me to his Bhai yet" Ashi has stopped calling Sameer by his name long back

        "I don't know"

        "You don't need to….." Rimi said

        "Is he still avoiding your calls?" Ashi asked

        "No yesterday he took it but wasn't talking that much"

        "See that's another good sign" Rimi said delightfully

        "But when I asked him to meet, he denied"

        "That was too much for a day" she sighed

        "Hey Rimi……has he bribed you?" he asked sarcastically, "You are all speaking for him"

        "No….n even if he did I would have accepted it" quick was her reply

        "You are impossible" sighed Rahul as Ashi left a weak smile at her sister's antics


     As Suhaan sat in his parents' room, beside his Mom with his Dad staring at him from a distance……seated on a rocking chair

        "But why Suhaan?" asked his Mom,

        "Mom……I told you, this thing has to be attended carefully" he restated

        "Do we have no one else to send to?" she sounded desperate

        "If it was possible then I would have done that only" he said draping an arm over her

        "Why don't you do something?" she asked his Dad n gazed at Suhaan making him uncomfortable

        "Ah….why are you complaining him? Am I a kid anymore? I can handle these things well" he managed

        "But……" she was stopped by a knock, "Who's that?" as a servant came in

        "Sorry to disturb you madam…… but Mrs. Nikhat had come to see you" she informed her

        "Oh k….you tell her, am just coming" she nodded n went out, "Suhaan…..I'll talk to you later" she said before leaving

        "Ok now you go n meet her" he happily said almost pushing her. As he sat there, he could sense that his Dad was staring hard at him…. He looked away n then       

        "So why are you going?" he asked

        "I told you….din't I? For the Arena's……"

        "Ah……Suhaan stop that, you can fool your Mom with that, but not me…..I know that better" he charged

        "But I'm really going for it….."

        "What's on your mind?"

        "Fine…….I want a change, I'm bored working in the same environment"

        "N if we had no other office then…where would you have gone?"

        "But we do have"

        "Ohk……when are you coming back?"

        "I have not decided yet"

        "Then you are not going"


        "No you have to inform me that first"

        "Ohk fine…..may be a month" he said

        "What will you do there so long?"

        "Dad you asked me n I told you what I have thought of… not sure"

        "Hmmm….ok but you have to promise me that you'll not act stubborn like before" he nodded

        "I'll try not to……have to do my packing, I'll see you later" as he rushed out

        "I don't know what's wrong with him every time?" he thought


        "Is it all done or you need help?" asked Mehr on entering

        "No that's fine…..I'm quite used to it"

        "So how was your day?"

        "Ah….usual" he uttered taking out his clothes

        "Can I ask you something?"

        "No" but it was a mere formality

        "She came to meet you in office, isn't it?" he looked up at his Bhabhie for the first time

        "Tell me honestly….have you people planted any cameras in my cabin?" he asked sarcastically

        "Hey that's a nice idea" she gladly said

        "Come to me next time when you need some…..Bhai doesn't have any"

        "I know"

        "But this too is of no use now… am leaving"

        "Suhaan……why? Will you be able to forget her once you shift places?"


        "No she'll always be with you in your heart"

        "That's too clich for Suhaan"

        "You can't hide it by these silly antics"

        "Why are you people after me? Please let me do what I want to" he raised his voice over her n she stared

        "I think I have said much" as she turned to leave

        "No no no…..wait" running up to her, "I'm sorry" he told holding his ears

        "That's fine"

        "But you please stop talking about that……I beg you two"

        "Ok…..we won't"


        "I just fear that when will you realize it, you might have lost her then" she thought glancing at him

     As she went to her room,

        "What?" asked Sameer

        "He's too stern…..let him go"


        "He'll miss her for sure, may be he'll realize his love when he's far from her"

        "That's fine but….if he does something wrong?"

        "Sameer for god's sake….stop pampering him too much"

        "I don't…..but he's my kid brother" he reasoned

        "Ya he's your kid brother, but not a kid anymore" she said, "Let him fight his own war….."


        "If you really love him, don't make him weak. N even if anything happens to him… are always there for him"

        "I won't let anything happen to him"

        "I know…..n trust me, he's quite responsible to carry any such silly act"

        "Ok…I'll keep that in mind" he said as she went on to hold his arm in assurance


     The next morning, he called up Manish to inform him

        "Hey….it's good to hear it from you man" Manish said as he had called him for the first time after that


        "So how about meeting up tonight?" he asked

        "I'm leaving for London tonight"

        "What?" he shouted,

        "You heard it right"

        "But why? I mean all of a sudden?"

        "Had some work to do there"

        "Don't do this yaar"

        "You know it well dude….that nothing in this world can change my decision"

        "So are we meeting for lunch?" was his next query, something was cooking in his mind

        "Hmmm ok……"

        "Ok then 1pm…Marco Polo"

        "Hmmm" he hung up n Manish called up someone


     It was almost 1:30 when Suhaan entered…..spotting him at a table he walked over to him,

        "Sorry yaar, got late in the preparations" he said settling down

        "That's ok…..I have enough experiences waiting for you" he winked

        "Ya you can boast of that…..the only one who's taken as granted by me"

        "I'm not the only one… have a long list to your credit"

        "But no one bears me as you do" he stated casually

        "May be someone does" he looks serious now

        "Let it be……have you ordered anything?" he asked evading that

        "No….just waiting for someone" as he glanced at the entrance

        "Who?" Manish kept mum, "Am asking you something?"

        "Cool it…..not Ashi…..I have asked Rahul to come over"

        "But why even him? You didn't tell me that you are calling him too"

        "Actually he called me up after you did….."


        "What do you mean by why?"

        "I mean…..does he calls you this often?"

        "Hmmm….earlier he used to do that, but now you have started avoiding him, so he calls me up asking for you" he explained

        "N you tell him all about me?"

        "Come on Suhaan….is it anything to hide from him?"

        "Yeah there is……because he's doing it for someone else" his tone full of disgust ness

        "No it's wrong, this is what you think" he stated, "Like today he asked for you…..I said that you are leaving tonight"

        "Did he say he wanted to meet me up?"

        "No…..he didn't. I asked him to join" Suhaan stared hard at him, "Look Suhaan, may be you two have differences now, but you remember last time when we were here……"


        "You were just back from London"

        "I do remember but things have changed now"

        "Has your friendship too?" he kept mum for a moment

        "No it hasn't"


        "But it had surely developed some cracks in it"

        "I'm sure they will heal up with time"

        "I don't know……" his voice heavy

        "N here he comes" announced Manish gladly, Suhaan didn't turn, "Hi Rahul"

        "Hi…." he glanced at Suhaan, who didn't look up

        "So how are you doing?" asked Manish


        "N…'s Ashi?" Manish felt it so strange that these two weren't even talking

        "Why are you asking this Manish? Is anyone really interested in knowing it?" his gaze stared at Suhaan but he kept mum looking away

        "Of course everyone wants to know……" uttered Manish, as Suhaan looked sternly at him, "I want to know" he looked here n there but there was no one else, "I want to know" he repeats

        "She's not fine…..not at all fine" the last words stressed to make an effect, Suhaan struggled keep his tears off his eyes, "But no one's bothered"

        "Ah….it's not like that Rahul, we are….." n then a waiter called him on, "Excuse me…."

        "Hmmm…….she told me that she met you yesterday" he said

        "She must have….." he spoke but his tone still the accusing one, "You have known all her secrets, isn't it?"

        "What secrets are you talking?"

        "The one you all have successfully guarded away from me"

        "Don't you say it like that?" he warned, "She tried to tell it to you but she couldn't……just try to….."

        "She tried but didn't want it actually…"

        "How can you be so hard on her……Suhaan, you love her?"

        "No I don't"

        "That poor girl is living on it that someday you'll realize her love n come back to her…..n you are saying that you don't?"

        "I can't stop everyone in this world to do that, they are free humans" he stated sarcastically

        "You really don't want to know about her?" his tone softer as if to make him realize her pain

        "NO I don't" he declared, "Why would I like to know about such a girl……a girl who has cheated me" he gulped down a breath, "She's done it with my Bhai too……n don't know who else?"

        "Suhaan you are crossing your limits" he warned

        "But you have already done that… kept helping her; you were only her friend, never mine"

        "Stop it Suhaan, how can you say this?"

        "I remember, in school you would always make a bet with others on this, whether I would talk with that certain girl or not, n what not?"

        "You are going crazy"

        "I'm quite sure; this too is just another bet for you"

        "Suhaan…." he shouted grabbing him by his collar, "How could you think so cheap?"

        "Oh Shit!" uttered Manish seeing them from a distance as he came to them, "What's wrong guys?" the people present there stared at them

        "That's so funny" he said rubbing his hands off him, "There's no harm in doing it, but when I say…'s cheap"

        "I told you Manish……he's impossible" Rahul said

        "Nice planning dude, but sorry it didn't work" he said to Manish, "Even you too are with them"

        "Looks how's he saying?" Rahul said

        "Suhaan please listen to me……"

        "I'm sorry……bye" as he walked off

        "Rahul, what did you say to him?"

        "I said? You should have listened what kinda rubbish he was uttering"

        "All's a waste now, I thought may be he would open up to you……Shit"

        "I'm sorry yaar…..but I can't stand such rubbish against her"

        "I know" as they stood there feeling helpless at the situation


saanch_69 Senior Member

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Posted: 26 August 2009 at 3:42pm | IP Logged
        "Ashi just forget about him" he stated

        "What?" Tamy asked

        "Yup…..I can see nothing good in this"

        "He's too angry to differentiate between good n bad now"

        "But Tamy, you don't know what he said to me today?"

        "What?" asked Ashi

        "Why do you want to know all that?"

        "At least he said something……he didn't do that to me"

        "You know he said, this was all set…….that I had some bet with somebody….ridiculous"

        "Hmmmm" she sighed

        "How can you justify that behavior of his?"

        "Because you are not trying to understand to what he's going through…..I know him, he would show no one, how much pain he's bearing" she cried

        "Ohk he's in pain……agreed but how can he say that about you?"

        "Rahul please stop it" Tamy said as she went on to soothe Ashi

        "He's going to London tonight" he informed

        "What?" she stood up

        "Hmmm, that's why I went to meet him hoping that at least some matters can be solved……but he's crazy"

        "I'm responsible for all this…….he's leaving just to avoid me"

        "I know, but you can't do anything about that……he's too stubborn"

        "I'll meet him"

        "NO……you'll not" Rahul shot back

        "How can you stop me?"

        "He'll insult you again….n this time I'll punch him hard if he does so"

        "No you won't do anything like this" she warned

        "I'll……n I'll do it"

        "Then I'm going alone… stay back" she said before moving

        "Are you crazy?" Tamy asked


        "May be his family will be with him n they will see you like that……" Ashi gave out a sarcastic smile to that

        "Tamy……I don't care anymore" taking out a dress, she went out

        "This girl is calling troubles for herself" commented Rahul

        "But how can she resist it?"

        "You girls are hopeless"


        "Yeah……just that"


     Suhaan had been sitting by the window, gazing at the sky…..but his vision got blurred every time tears brimmed up in his eyes; he rubbed them off quickly,

        "I won't fall weak…..I can't" he scolded himself, "These things can't do anything to Suhaan isn't it?" he thought

        "Suhaan….." called his Mom as she entered n he rubbed off his tears clearing them

        "Am here Mom"

        "What are you doing here?"

        "Just like that"

        "You were crying?"

        "No Mom…..never"

        "Then why are your eyes red?"

        "Hmm….I was"

        "Why?" she asked holding up his face

        "I would miss you……your food n your silly lectures" he touted smiling

        "My lectures aren't silly?"

        "Ya they are…..ok sometimes"

        "I asked your Dad about this……."


        "He told me that he can send someone else too"

        "Oh ho again same thing… would he know, I'm handling it here, I know it better"

        "I know you are hiding something"

        "Can I hide anything from you?"

        "Yes you can….."


        "Last time, you didn't let me know that you are going to London remember?"

        "Ah……that was different thing Mom"

        "What's different in this? You are as stubborn as you used to be"

        "You mean I haven't changed much?"

        "No you have become much responsible……but still you are very rigid when you decide upon something"

        "I know what you are indicating to"

        "Can't you listen to me once?"

        "I'll listen to everything you say, except this"

        "See I told you……you haven't changed a bit"

        "Oh ho……"

        "I heard that you'll stay there for some time too"

        "Hmm……but that's not decided, if I miss you I'll come sooner" he assured

        "I know you don't miss me that much……I always keep worrying about you"

        "Oh my God……now stop all this" as he hugged her, "I miss you Mom…..but I don't know how to show it like Bhai"

        "Who knows that better? You never know what's wrong with you"


        "Means you shout when you are hungry"

        "No… I shouting now? But am too hungry" he said making a child like face

        "I know……come"

        "You are the best Mom"

        "N you are the cleverest son a Mom can have" she said patting his cheeks


     Ashi had convinced her parents that she was going to see off her friend…..her Maa had guessed it

        "Di….even I'll come with you" nagged Rimi

        "No Rimi……you can't"

        "But why?"

        "What will you do there?"

        "N what will you do there? I know he won't talk to you" Ashi kept mum at that

        "Thanks a lot Sis"

        "Sorry …..I din't mean that"

        "I know….but I won't take you along"

        "Oki tell me a reason n I won't go"

        "Because, his family might be there….."


        "If they say anything to me……you won't like it n then…."

        "N then?"

        "May be you might say something in turn, n it would be bad" Rimi thought over it for a second

        "Is it really the reason or you are thinking something else n saying something else?" she asked raising a brow

        "Will you please stop doubting me?"

        "Hmmm….." as she neared her, "I won't go with you" Ashi smiled at her lil' sis

        "Rimi I'm scared for the moment……if he….."

        "Don't worry Di…….just give him a biiiiiiiiiiiig kiss n he'll melt" she said pressing her lips onto her cheek

        "Rimi… are too much……but I wish if it could really be like that"

        "Please don't cry now……n ya call me"

        "Hmm….I would"


     Suhaan had set out with his Bhai n Bhabhie…..he had insisted on leaving alone, but they didn't allow him for sure. When this news reached Snigdha, she called him but as usual, he managed it somehow………no one can deter him from his decision

        "Suhaan….make sure you have your meals on time" warned Mehr

        "Hmmm….I would" he said gazing out of the window as Sameer looked at him

        "Ya ya he would, just like the he did last time" he teased

        "Bhai please…."

        "Yes Sameer….why are you saying it like that? He had promised me at the table"

        "Let's see"

        "Ah……Suhaan" started Mehr again, "What do you plan to do once you are there?"


        "Work? Only Work? How boring….especially to hear it from you"

        "It isn't that boring, right Suhaan?" Sameer teased


        "I know he's not telling us, but he'll visit pubs there for sure"

        "I said I won't"

        "Why will you miss someone?" she asked

        "Yes….I'll" as they stared, "My friends"


        "I haven't contacted many of my friends last time" he reasoned, "I don't who's there n who's not"

        "But you can do it this time" suggested she

        "No I won't"


        "Can we drop this topic right here?" he asked

        "Ohk……so do one more thing…..for me please" she said

        "You want something from there?"


        "A cute sis-in-law" she completed, n he kept mum for sometime, and "Ah ……I'm sorry if that was too bad"

        "No it wasn't" he said, "Infact it's not a bad idea….then I can shift there fully" he sighted

        "Err…..I din't mean that" Sameer gave out a smile at their chat

        "Bhabhie….do check who you are talking to" he warned lightly

        "Thanks for the suggestion" n then she kept mum n soon they were there

     Soon after Manish reached there, though Suhaan was a bit miffed with him, but he mixed well with him….

        "I'll really miss you this time" he said

        "I know……you are leaving when you needed me the most" he replied

        "May be……I need to spend sometime with myself, so as to get a better idea of what I actually want"

        "Take care"

        "You too take care bro"

     Sameer n Mehr were standing a bit away from them,

        "Hey Suhaan have you brought your red kit?" he asked

        "Ya….." checking his trolley, "Shit…'s in the car only"

        "I'll bring that" he went

        "Bhabhie… can come n stand here, we are not talking anything that personal" he teased

        "I know….." as she came n stood beside him

        "Suhaan…..I know may be this would irritate you but do think over the whole matter" Manish said

        "Manish please…..I have thought over it again n again, n it's over for me"

        "Nothing's over so soon Suhaan" she said

        "So you people want me to check in now?" he asked, "Or stop talking about this"

        "Fine we won't" she assured looking at Manish asking him to stop

        "Thanks…….I know that…….." he was stopped as he felt someone standing behind him, he turned to look

     Ashi was standing behind him, staring longingly at him, neither crying nor saying

        "Why are you here?" he asked n they stared at him, she didn't answer him, instead she went on to hug him. This time she wasn't crying nor was asking him to stop…..she knew once she should let him go, she knew he loves her, n whenever he would realize that he would come back…….back to her.

        N he stood there, controlling himself hard not to hug her back, he wanted to do that, didn't know he had that sudden urge to do that, his fingers turned into forming a fist

        "I'm sorry Suhaan…..forgive me if you can" she uttered while facing him; he stared at her eyes, devoid of tears. He couldn't shout at her for the first time, keeping her hands off him, he turned to leave… a tear dropped off her eye

     Sameer returned with the bag, but he was gone

        "Why didn't he stop?" he asked

        "Look this is Ashi" Mehr informed him as he came forward to look at her for the first time



That's all for now

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kiran99 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 August 2009 at 7:03pm | IP Logged
i dint read all my doc so just read over here , but so bad he is leaving and running away form true love hope he soon realise wat she meant for her lovly update superb

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Sumi_162710 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 August 2009 at 10:02pm | IP Logged
Ohhhh......I am feeling so sad 4 SUHAAN. And the problem is I cant blame any1 4 his condition, not even him. He has always lived like THE SUHAAN MALHOTRA who knws everything too well to be fooled but now he thinks he was cheated n cant take this. Sitting beside the window when he was saying "SUHAAN cant fall weak" or even to Mehr when he said "This is too clich 4 SUHAAN"......all the while he was trying to convince himself that he didnt go wrong even for once n he was constantlu trying to remind himself that he is SUHAAN MALHOTRA......this was all the more painful.

Rahul was really irritating to me. He was just not ready to get wat SUHAAN was going thru despite the fact that he has knwn SUHAAN for the longest tym n he knws his nature well.....but guess he never understood him that way. But I'm glad Ashi understands him well n I'm sure he will soon do that for her. N yes, after SUHAAN Rimi is the sweetest. Just so cool!!!

SUHAAN n his mom's convo was very touching.....I cud feel the actual SUHAAN in this portion who also feels terribly hurt, who wants to cry but cant. Anyways, at the end, Ashi just hugging SUHAAN was a gr8 scene of this part. I really liked it a lot.

Pls continue soon.
-Yaz- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 August 2009 at 8:17am | IP Logged
Okay i Understand that Suhaan must have felt betrayed, but seriously can't he see the Love in Ashi's eyes for him Confused Confused or is he really that blind Ouch I Hate to see Ashi so Broken, and thats why i say Suhaan doesn't deserve her Angry She Deserves so much better, Instead of a pushover like him Angry Ouch but at the same time i Know that no one can Love her better either Embarrassed Embarrassed Seriously i don't know how Suhaan does it but he does Confused he makes me adore him and hate him at the same time Ouch

Anyways I just want to murder him now Evil Smile Evil Smile but i won't seeing how much all the readers Love him Smile but God please give him Sense, and Take away some of his Attitude Angry If i was Ashi I would have Slapped him left right and Center, and would have kicked him out of my life by now Confused How can Ashi Love him soooooo Much Disapprove She's literally begging for his Love Disapprove has she got no self esteem Confused I would even waste a second in a relationship like this Ouch But I guess that's Ashi so soft hearted that she can't hate someone who broke her heart Broken Heart What a Sweety !!! Smile Atleast she's got a friend like Rahul in these rough times, and ofcourse a sister like Rimi Embarrassed

Oh well Mr Suhaan has gone to London !!! Embarrassed I Know whats going to happen there Embarrassed and ofcourse after that Angry and then Ofcourse after that Heart


I Know Suhaan really Loves Ashi, but i don't Understand why doesn't he give her a Chance to explain Ouch Ouch I just Hate that about him, Well ... theres many more things i hate about him   LOL but that's one of the things, he always thinks whatever he decides is right, shoot other people feelings Unhappy he doesn't give a damn if he's hurting anyone else Disapprove and he doesn't even realise that hurting her is hurting him Confused Such a Argh !!!!!   Censored

Now that i got my Anger out on him .. I can finally say Loved the Last Part Embarrassed Where Ashi goes and Hugs him and he's having a battle with him self to not hug her Embarrassed "Suhaan Stop being so Stubborn and Hug her back!" I wanted to Shout but i controlled LOL God I really wished he would say Ashi I Love you ... but Alas .. Unhappy with Suhaan, you can never get what you want Ouch

Well although Suhaans indifference and Ashi's Tears got me really annoyed Angry I still Loved the Update, It was BRILLIANT Clap Clap Clap

Take Care Hug


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