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An Arrow of Love~RN fic..udtd-pgs 47 & 48 [9/6] (Page 42)

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Posted: 19 August 2009 at 2:26am | IP Logged
it was lovly update i dont know when he will come to know the truth than wat will happen

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Another cute part..wid SUHAAN's cute childishness. When he said he also wont pick up Ashi's calls coz she didnt take was just so cute. He is a perfect child that any1 wud LOVE to take care. But then he is not that simple.....his practical dialogue was so gud. I mean SUHAAN being not sumthing u get to c every now n then. It was really nice. But Mehr broke her promise. Bad girl!!!! Anyways, that didnt never mind this tym....

Pls continue soon.
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~Forty Four~



     Suhaan was busy in a meeting when he got a call, it was Ashi's…..he wanted to take that but restrained it, thus rejecting it


        "Arre what's wrong?" she thought, "He had asked me to inform after am done with my exams"


        "May be he's busy" said Rimi


        "But it's Saturday….n he's home by this time"


        "Di…..he's not a college goer like you, he has an office to handle, right?"


        "Right!" she added, "How stupid of me?" hitting her head n soon she received an sms, it said


        "Am in meeting, call you later till then go 2 sleep" it brought a smile onto her lips


        "Is it his?" she asked, "Show me"


        "Rimi it's nothing" but Rimi being Rimi took it from her n read it


        "How sweet of him?" she said making a cute face, "I wish he had loved me instead"




        "Ya I'm better than you in every respect…..n anyways you still haven't told him all about you" she was again reminded of what lies ahead




        "So may be when he feels ditched, I'll support him like a perfect 2nd option" she suggested




        "Just sighting a possibility, n am sure he opens up more to me than he does to you"


        "Really? Stop day dreaming, even if he's not going to forgive me, he'll not have anybody in his life" she declared


        "Oh ho, loads of confidence dear…..good for you" she teased


        "Thanks" ending with a wide smile


        "Now do what he had ordered you to do" as she stared confused, "Go to sleep"


        "Am not going to sleep now" she said, "Sleep vanishes with the tension too"


        "Did you ever had any tension?"


        "Not really about exams…..n this time he was there to encourage me up" she said with a dreamy smile


        "Ok….you continue to dream, I shall or will get late"


        "Where are you going now?" Ashi asked


        "Di…..don't you remember, I had group study sessions at Rohini's place?"


        "Ya…but only you two?"


        "No baba, others are coming too"


        "Poor her Family"


        "Ha ha ha, very funny" as she picked up her bag, "You think of a good excuse if you need to meet him"


        "I know….but Maa will not stop me today I think"


        "You think? She's ever ready to bombard us with questions"


        "Rimi that's not fair…….she tells us to be careful"


        "Poor your daughter"


        "From where comes she?"


        "Because she has go through all this torture we are going through……as you are exactly like Maa is"


        "OK ok now go or you'll get late"


        "Hmmm, bye n take care"






     Sameer n Mehr were seated in caf…


        "I have a great idea" said he in an excited manner


        "Anything would do except disclosing it to him"


        "Infact this one's on him"


        "Like what?"


        "Look he's planning for a shock right?" she nodded, "We'll shock him in turn"


        "N how's that?"


        "You'll call up Ashi, the day we land there, fix up a meeting with her. We'll then go n meet her up n take her home……" Mehr's eyes widened, "N when he'll see her there….won't he be shocked?"


        "Is it important to do?" she asked raising an eyebrow


        "Of course it is…….even I want to shock him once"


        "Poor him, what he might have planned n what will he get?" she sighed


        "He'll get what he deserves"


        "I just hope he's not miffed with us for this stupid thing"


        "This isn't that stupid" he retorted


        "Hmmm, only the outcome shall prove it"


        "Huh! You'll praise me then"


        "I would love to do that...patidev" she said in a teasing manner"





     Suhaan called her up on his way back…


        "Where are you?"


        "In my room….watching TV"


        "How were the papers?"


        "Cool" she replied gladly


        "That means you two are having a blast now"


        "Who two? Rimi?"




        "She's not here to do that"




        "She's at her friends place for study….will be back by tomorrow morning only"


        "Oh…..that's why you are having it fully?" he knew Rimi wouldn't allow her Di to have neither the TV nor the PC alone


        "Hmmm…..but I like when she's around, am bored"


        "We can meet up if you want, I didn't say that as you may be tired"


        "I was tired……but now am fully charged up hearing your voice" she said dreamily


        "Hmmm, then come out…I haven't crossed yet"


        "You mean you are not yet home?" sitting up quickly


        "No am on my way to it"


        "Suhaan this is too much" as she glanced at the clock, "It's 9:30 almost"


        "Ya ya I still own a watch you see"


        "But you wear it like a mere accessory, do you ever use it?" she asked angrily


        "Ok ok enough of that just come out now"


        "No no wait….Maa will not allow me to go out so late, n that's too without any such strong reason" she sadly reasoned




        "Rimi's also not here to take a way out"


        "You know sometimes I think, I should have thought of her instead…."


        "How could you even say that?"


        "Ya because she's proving to be more sportier, she has all these wacky ideas just like me…….learn something from her big Sis" he teased


        "Ok fine… go n meet her only" saying she hung up


        "Hello…." but she was not there, "Did I say something that bad?" he thought dialing again but she rejected it every time


        "I hate you two, go n patch up…..I know I'm bad n you n Rimi are perfect for each other" she gushed out angrily, "I don't care about you" hiding her face in the cushion


     After some time, she was called on for dinner, she took it quickly n went up to her room. Her parents did notice that but thought it might be because she was tired


     She took a bath thereafter, trying to relax her hot mind……which had become even hotter by now as she was constantly being reminded of both their words….she came out in her satin nighty n was busy combing her hair, hardly looking at the mirror when her eyes caught a glimpse of him in it


        "Ashi please stop that" she scolded herself throwing the comb at the table, "Huh" as she turned to a laugh, "This is too much…now you can hear him laugh" she stood there grabbing her hair with her fingers n even before she could notice, he had draped his arms around her waist, she tried to turn but he didn't allow her,


        "You know I don't like people who don't listen to me" he said as she felt his breath on her shoulder, she was reminded of the incident where he had said the same words to her……she stood still as tears came onto her eyes, "Ashi" he called out softly before turning her to him


        "Why are you here?" she asked


        "Hey I said it just like that……you know it wasn't anything serious about it" holding her face in his hands


       "I know everything…..what you meant by that" punching him in his stomach lightly


        "Ouch!" he uttered, "Are you really crying for that silly thing?"


        "I don't need to clarify that to you……go before Maa finds you out"


        "She won't"


        "But you din't tell me that you are coming?"


        "Did you give me any chance for that? You told me Rimi's not here so……." she stared on, "N if she would be here too, then am sure she would excuse herself by something or the other, isn't it?"


        "Ya I know…..she matches your witty mind perfectly"




        "You don't worry….I'll also search someone who's as dumb as I'm" she declared n he clenched his teeth


        "Enough is enough Ashi….stop this nonsense" standing up, "I came here to meet you only, I was missing you n I thought you were too….."


        "No I wasn't missing you at all…why would I?"


        "N now you would say that you don't even love me?" he asked sarcastically


        "Exactly…..I don't……" she was stopped as he pushed her to the wall grabbing her hair, "Suhaan you are hurting me" trying to take his hand off her hair


        "You did that too…" looking into her eyes n then suddenly left her…..


        "Why? Can't I love someone else?"


        "No…you can't"


        "I'll" she argued back n within a blink of an eyelid, her hands were twisted tightly behind her back, "Aaah…..what's wrong with you?" she asked but he didn't answer, instead he looked down towards her chest, "Suhaan" she strictly said, her eyes round now, "Leave me"


        "Just shut up"


        "I'll shout if you don't" she warned fake


        "I know you can't do that" he gave out a mocking smile


        "Suhaan I said leave me" she tried yet again but his grip was much stronger than hers, so she couldn't, "No…..I say" ignoring her plea, he slid the strap of her  nighty off her shoulder, "I was so  wrong when I thought that you were different from others…..leave me or" she warned, this time a bit more seriously but he remained indifferent even when she moved restlessly under his hold, glancing at her for a moment, he bent over her… his hair got brushed against her lips…. she held her breath, utterly confused what he was trying to do…..he bent over her just to kiss the skin underneath which her heart lied, like stamping it with his mark on it


        "I would kill you if you ever allow anyone in here" he warned sternly, his voice had never sounded so aggressive, his gaze had a fire in them which meant to burn her soul, she was too much under his command to move until he dumped her on the bed before turning around to leave


        "Aah….." she touted as her hand pained because it was held so tightly, "Suhaan" running over, just to stop him from leaving like that, hugging him from back, "I'm sorry…….I won't say that ever again" but he didn't turn, "I would die without you" she declared rubbing her face against his back rigorously. She wanted to forget all her worries, that she was Aayesha……she wanted to be loved by him, as Ashi… the very moment she cursed herself for being Aayesha


        "Ashi….." turning to her now, "I really mean that……I would kill you if you do that ever" she stuck to him, digging her face in his chest, kissing it in light movements as she moved up to his neck


     He took her up, n she wrapped her legs around his waist, indicating him to take over her completely, he moved around with her for a moment before settling down on the couch near by. It was then when she noticed she was sitting on his lap, she became conscious of the proximity they shared, n moreover of the upward moving length of her nighty which revealed much of her thighs….but he wasn't the one to notice it in any wrong way, he was too busy gazing at her face, over which her locks fell. While she was busy pulling her nighty down somehow, he took the pleasure of moving the strands behind her ear


        "Ashi……" he whispered in a dreamy tone making her look at him, "Have I ever told you how much I love you?"


        "No" she answered playfully


        "I didn't?" she nodded negatively


        "It's me who's almost shouting from the rooftop that how much I love you……you have always been quieter, isn't it?"


        "Can I say that now?" he said in her ears giving her a tingling effect


        "Did I ever stop you?" nearing him so that her face is merely apart from his, "I would love that"


        "I love you …….more than anything I ever loved"  as he went to kiss on her neck, invading her face, brushing it intensely against his warm lips as she surrendered herself under the spell he successfully created with his touch. She crushed his shirt as her nails got dug into, but they cared the least…..


     It was when she realized that they might have crossed the limit for now, she withdrew herself from his arms….straightening herself as she stood up awkwardly, shying away to look into his eyes, n he sat discovering what that might mean when she'd done  something like that. After some moments of silence…..


        "Should I be sorry?" he asked standing


        "Huh?" she looked up at him standing against a wall, away from him


        "I mean if I have done anything that wrong to you?"


        "No….you don't need to, I wanted that too"


        "Then why are you looking so worried?" nearing her


        "I'm not worried for what happened" he looked puzzled, "I'm worried thinking for what could have happened if……" she stopped seeing him smile


        "Do you girls waste your brains only in these stupid worries?"


        "What's stupid in this?"


        "Of course it is stupid…..I know my limits, don't I?"




        "No matter how much I love you…..I can't go beyond a certain limit" he stated


        "I know Suhaan….n that's one of the major reasons why I love you so much"


        "Really?"  his look bore a depth in them as he walked the distance over to her


        "Hmmm" she looked down shyly


        "Look in to my eyes Ashi" pulling up her face by her chin, "I want my girl to look into my eyes when I kiss her" he commanded


        "Are you….." her voice trailed away


        "You don't? You had said that you love practical" he teased naughtily n she nodded in nervousness as he neared her, but little did she knew what he was feeling then, the moment he was about to place his lips on hers….he felt he couldn't just do it, distancing himself a bit… she got what exactly might be reeling on his mind


        "Suhaan?" looking at him with assurance, encircling her arms around his neck, she drew him closer. No girl would have done it, but with him, it was bound to differ… she placed her lips onto his, they opened taking hers in, it seemed like now he could handle from there on, taking her into his, he sucked n licked them as if they were the sweetest thing his lips have ever tasted. As her fingers played along his hair, with hard n soft variations, his hands remained still on her waist, too engrossed in the movement to move


     As they drew apart after sometime, still not sure who would look up first


        "Did you tell your parents about me?" he asked


        "Ah……I would…..I mean I want to"


        "Are you sure you can?" she looked up at him in surprise, "No I mean….if there's any problem, I can say that instead" he suggested


        "You never sounded this desperate ever?"


        "Because I wasn't"


        "N now?"


        "I'm…..I can't stay away from you for long, I don't want to miss you every now n then just because anybody else thinks you should go to somewhere" he complained


        "That's so sweet……you love me so much" she asked as her voice turned to heavy, "Would I be ever able to suffice for it?"


        "Of course…….you do actually"


        "I always thought I had loved you more, but I was so wrong" she uttered hugging him, "I want to tell you Suhaan now but….how" she thought


        "Then it's final…you'll say it to your parents" she nodded


        "After my exams are over"


        "Ya when are they ending?"


        "By Wednesday"


        "Oh great! Then we could have a blast at your birthday too"


        "You know that?"


        "Of course I do…..n may be the very next day, Bhai will be back too" he said


        "Oh that's nice" she told


        "Hmmm, n then I would take you to them the next day"




        "Then I shall leave now" he said kissing her head, "Oh shit!" slapping his forehead




        "I had something for you" she looked on curiously as he took out the little box out of his pocket


        "Ah… still have that?"


        "It was meant for you, then too"




        "N you only asked me to give this to someone special……remember?"


        "That was so painful for me then…..if I could have known that it would come back to me only then…….."


        "Then what?"


        "I would have never returned it to you" she declared, as he took it out n placed the delicate thing round her neck


        "I just love the way you make me feel secured" she replied


        "I have always had this thing; I guess this overprotective thing doesn't suffocate you?" he asked in a teasing tone


        "As far as we love each other, nothing can be suffocating enough" she assured


        "Then it's fine…..ok bye"


        "Bye ……..n drive slowly" she reminded


        "I'll try to" he winked at her as he went, she watched him going down through the balcony n then vanishing in the dark



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     They continued meeting but he would drop at time for her preparation, if ever she avoided it, he reminded her of that….


        "Why are so particular about my exam?" she asked one day as he was dropping her off


        "You really don't know why?" she looked at him blankly,


        "No….did you ever mention that?"


        "I don't want you to fail….."




        "Ya….if you don't do preparations well, then you might fail, n I don't want to take home such a girl" he sighted


        "How mean?" she shot back angrily


        "Well……there's another short-short reason to it"


        "What's that?"


        "I don't want you to be engaged in anything else other than me………" he ended with a smile while making her blush, "If that makes you happy?"


        "I know it is the main thing on your mind"


        "Ohk……so we are not meeting tomorrow, right?" she nodded sadly




        "Hello… doing it for you, n if you stay like this then GOD knows what will go into your mind?"


        "Don't worry….I'll never let your hopes down" she assured


        "Ohk….n here comes your house"


        "Bye" she said hugging him


        "Take care" n he was on his way




     Suhaan was planning a birthday bash for her, well hidden from her….n on his friends' urgency, he had agreed to propose her in front of all, thinking that would be something cute for that day…….but what's hidden when we have a friend like Rahul


        "Ashi……why didn't you say it to him?"


        "I couldn't Rahul……he was full of plans n exciting things… could I say that to him then?"


        "Then you mean you'll never be able to tell him"


        "I didn't say that" she knew he was right, to some extent


        "Look Ashi….I know it's very difficult to say it, to someone who trusts you so much…..who loves you like nothing else but….."


        "Hmmm" rubbing her nose as the tears came down


        "Or you want to go to his house to meet them…so that they can insult you in front of him?"


        "No…I don't want that"


        "Ashi tell him before anyone else does" he urged


        "I want to tell him every time I meet him but I can't overlook the love that I see in his eyes, it makes me weak….damn it" thumping down on the bed


        "You know he's planning a party for your birthday…."she looked up, "He's so excited that…he even agreed to propose you amidst all" he stated


        "No……. he should know who I am before that"


        "So tell him now….meet him n say it all now" she nodded as she called him up




        "Hey Ashi…I was just going to call you up" he replied delightly


        "Can we meet now?"


        "No ways… going to Delhi now"


        "Delhi? All of a sudden?"


        "Ya actually……there's a German group who wants to deal with us….but they can't come down here"




        "So am going now…by tonight's flight"


        "When are you coming back?"


        "Don't worry sweetie; I'll be back by Saturday morning"




        "Suhaan can't miss his Ashi's birthday, isn't it?"


        "I know"


        "Ok then take care….love you"


        "Bye" as she hung up


        "Now he's going to Delhi?" he asked n she meekly nodded


        "What can I do now Rahul?"


        "I'm sure he would meet you up the moment he lands up"




        "Say it to him then only, if you don't want a bigger issue"


        "OK let him be back….I'll tell him"


     Ashi was like counting seconds for the moment he would be back, n she would bare her heart finally…..n then he called her up that moment


        "Hey Ashi" he greeted


        "Suhaan… are back?"


        "Happy Birthday Jaan"


        "Thanks…." she tried to sound as pleasant she could, "Can we meet up……now that you are back?"


        "I'm so sorry… hands are too full, I can't come now……I'm calling you from office only, can't even go home"




        "Let Bhai be back…I'll take a long holiday, n load him with all these things, n we would roam around all day" he assured


        "Hmmm, But… was very important… tell"


        "Then say it now"


        "I can't say it over the phone"


        "Then do one thing…..come over here, I'm sure I could take out that much time"


        "No … that's okay" her voice hesitating, "I'll see you in the evening"


        "Hmmm, bye" as he returned to his work


     Ashi has never felt so trapped, so restless in her life ever, she didn't want to wait for the evening, but she was helpless as she knew if she visited him in his office, anyone might recognize her…..she had nothing to do other than waiting





     It was decided that Tamy will bring on Ashi to the party, as it was a surprise one…..


        "Why didn't Rahul ask him to meet me before this?"


        "You think he didn't? He called him to say that he should pick you up n not me"


        "Then what did he say?"


        "Your Suhaan is too clever for it…..he managed it somehow"


        "Am really very worried for what is going to happen" she said holding her hand


        "Don't worry….Rahul will manage something or the other to make you two meet up before the party"


        "Can't you be with me then?" she asked n got a stare in return, "Ohk I'll go alone"


        "Hmmm" n they set out for it


     We could see Rahul waiting at the entrance, quite impatiently. Ashi ran to him as soon as she got out of the car…


        "Where's Suhaan?"


        "He's still not reached" he informed


        "But he told me he'll be here by 8"


        "Ashi calm down……may be he got late in the office" Tamy said holding her arm




        "Let's go in n wait at the caf" Rahul suggested n they went in


        "Rahul….please make him meet me before……."


        "I know….in fact I had asked him to call me the moment enters"


        "I have to tell it by anyway now"


        "But I'm worried…..for how he'll react when he'll know that……that you are Aayesha"


        "We'll try to make him understand that……" Rahul added


        "Ya we'll….but he hates Aayesha, as he thinks she ditched his Bhai" Tamy opined


        "Tamy please……don't say like that" Rahul said glancing at Ashi


        "I'm sorry Ashi….but I'm really tensed for what will happen……" n then Rahul's cell rang


        "Hello Rahul…..have you reached there?"


        "The guests have too….but the host is missing" he teased


        "Ya ya……it was a hectic day for me……you do one thing, you people go in, am on my way to there"


        "But….you said that……."


        "That's fine; I didn't know that I would get this late"


        "Hmmm, okay… waiting out, but sending them in"




        "But Rahul……how can I go in without meeting him?" Ashi asked


        "Don't worry I'll call you out as he comes" he told


        "Are you sure?"


        "Of course I'm"


        "Okay then we are going in" Tamy said before leaving, almost pulling her along





     Suhaan was entering the lobby when some kinda noise caught his attention….he walked towards it n peeped in, the voices sounded similar


        "How can she do it to him?" said Ravs


        "Ya exactly…..I was like stunned to hear it"


        "I told you this girl is too clever for anything"


        "But how will Suhaan cope with it?" asked Dolly


        "I don't know" n he marched in


        "What's wrong?" he asked irritated


        "Ah…..Suhaan, am so sorry…." Ravs started


        "Can you please cut that out?" he commanded




        "Tell me what have you heard?"


        "Actually Dolly heard it……"




        "That Ashi is actually some….what Dolly?"

        "Aayesha" she ended


        "This is just crap" he let out a laugh


        "But Suhaan……she had heard it herself" Ravs said


        "I know you too well Ravs……she'll tell something, n you'll twist it according to you" he taunted


        "But why would I do it?"


        "Is that still to be said about?" she looked on, "Just because you don't like her that much……because I chose her over you" he stated


        "This is just……"


        "Oh this isn't true?"


        "Ya it is……but did I ever do anything to separate you two?" she asked


        "N Suhaan, rather than accusing her, why don't you go n ask her yourself?"


         "Yes….just go n ask her that whether she's Aayesha or not, is she the same one who ditched your Bhai" Ravs ended


        "No I can't" he shouted on her




        "It's so stupid to doubt her on something like this"


        "But who's asking to doubt her?" Dolly started,


        "Just go n ask her, I'm sure she would clear it out as she loves you too much isn't it?" Ravs added


        "Exactly she loves you too much" Dolly said


     He wasn't sure why he was thinking that, he knew she would never hide such a thing to him, but there was something that was making his trust weak……… he went

        "Come let's start the party now" said Ravs winking at Dolly as they left out a loud laugh


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First of all, I'm Very sorry for not replying for the last couple of Updates I was really Busy Confused But Anyways better Late than Never .. I Loved the Last Couple of Updates, but this one has to be my fav Embarrassed as it made me Smile, Blush and Cry Smile

Smile at Rimi and Suhaan Teasing Ashi LOL sometimes Even I think Rimz and Suhaan were better off together, both are crazy LOL But then again Suhaan and Ashi are like Pair made in heavan Embarrassed

Well then I Blushed because of the Passion between Ashi and Suhaan Embarrassed Embarrassed *Faint*

and then I cried, because i Know what is coming Cry Cry Cry God I hate that Ravs Now and Forever, Even in the Future when she *Ahem* You Know ... I will still hate her LOL LOL

BTW a Request You had started another Fic on Orkut, I'm sorry I forgot the Name Confused But i was Hoping you would start that here aswell, Pleaseeeeeeee ... I just Can't get enough of your Fics Embarrassed

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lovly update u made me speechless u r too good ClapClapClap
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Hmm.....its the best part for me. I luved it when SUHAAN came to Ashi's house. And the way he made her feel so special actually showed that he was so special with his ways. I knw when SUHAAN says 'I luv u' wat it means. He's much quieter in this regard but then when he says it, no one in this universe can ever match the intensity n passion of his words. Its too unique to do that.

I luved the scene too much. I felt sorry for Ashi as well. But then I knw its really hard for sum1 like SUHAAN to take this. Anyways, when he gave her the pendent it was such a sweet scene. Oh even now....I sumtyms cherish these beautiful scenes.

And as far as SUHAAN's knwing the truth goes.....well that was bound to happen. In fact he shud hav knwn it long bak. N I definitely knw his reaction which will cum in the next part....n I am ever ready to justify his act. Coz He simply cant get wrong to me. NEVER EVER. Coz thats SUHAAN 4 me.

Pls continue soon.
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~Forty Five~

        "Suhaan will be too surprised to see us back, isn't it?" he said excitedly

        "Did you sound this excited ever before?" asked Mehr raising her eyebrows

        "No" came a quick one

        "I knew it….."

        "But that's because….I had never thought of such a plan" he explained

        "Oh heavens……please help me" she said bending down

        "Hello….stop this act ok?"

        "Sameer… the way you are going…I think you'll say it all to him"

        "I won't"

        "I'm 100% sure you would" she argued back

        "Don't challenge me" he warned

        "Let's see"

        "N if I win?" he asked

        "Ummmmm……you'll take me for another honeymoon" she declared

        "Any day Ma'am…….it's all my pleasure" he winked hugging her

        "I know I know……."

        "What do you think….."


        "When I'll call him up now?"

        "Are you going to call him?" she asked

        "Of course"

        "No you won't.."


        "Sameer… was meant to be a surprise, isn't it?"

        "Yes but he'll know it tonight anyways?"

        "Ya….so you'll wait till tonight for that" she declared

        "But why?"

        "Oh ho…..may be he'll be with Ashi, n after hearing this he'll be back home……"

        "Oh right"

        "I'm sure you don't want that?"

        "I can't do that even if I want…"

        "Good then wait for he comes back"

        "Ohk……" sadly he said checking his watch


     Ravs went on to Ashi as soon as she entered

        "Hey Ashi" she called out

        "Hi" she sweetly said

        "Happy Birthday" trying to be extra sweet as she handed over the bouquet to her


        "Ashi….keep it aside, I fear it has something in it" Tamy whispered

        "Tamy please stop it" as Tamy smiled at Ravs

        "Don't worry Tamy, I won't harm her" said Ravs

        "I'm so sorry Ravs……she's just like this" Ashi made up for her

        "No that's alright" she smiled back, "The real dynamite is yet to come dear" she thought winking at Dolly

        "That's so sweet of you Ravs that you came" Sonia said

        "I had to…isn't it? After all, it's Suhaan's party"

        "Hmmm…..but I think you should shift your focus now" teased Riya

        "Thanks for that" as she moved away


     Suhaan didn't knew how to react to what he had just heard

        "No Ashi can't do such a thing to me" he uttered, as if to assure himself of that, "I know her best… she can't" as he gave out a smile biting his lip…..his heart knew that he was right but his mind opposed it

     As he walked…..or rather pulled himself unconsciously, flashes came onto his mind, her face, her smile

        "I love you Suhaan" echoed in his ears,

        "I would die without you" he could hear it then too,

        "My Suhaan is the best……… I love you…… you the most in this world" these were the words that assured him what he thought of Ashi was right but then there were some others which went unnoticed then…..

        "I…..I don't want to loose you Suhaan"

        "I didn't knew that he's your……."

        "I was nervous to meet you family………….but if they don't approve of me?"

        "But may be she was helpless, you never know right?"

        "My aunt, who lives in Pune is not well …….I need to go there for a few days"

        "I came to meet Ash……"

        "Is she back?"

        "Lemme complete yaar…….I came to meet Ashi's sister"

        "She's back in Mumbai" Rahul's voice came over n over to him

        "Did Rahul knew it or…….." but his thought was broken when Manish placed a hand on his shoulder


        "Huh?" he turned

        "What are you doing here? Everyone's waiting in"

        "Hmmm let's go"

        "You look too tired, had loads of work right?" to which he smiled meekly, he was not sure what he was actually doing, as he walked in

     Rahul was waiting out for him with some others, Suhaan stared at him as soon as he spotted him,

        "Hey Suhaan" greeted Ishaan, "I just heard from Rahul…..that you are going to propose her" but he stood still

        "Isn't it strange? Rahul never told me anything" his words sharp but his gaze even sharper, with an inner meaning to it, Rahul knew something was wrong, his look wasn't that of a cheering one, it bore some accusations in it, he tried to call her up but, "Come on Rahul…….I'm here, you don't need to call your friend now" he said

        "Hmmm" he murmured

        "Come let's celebrate……it's a remarkable day"

        "Suhaan……are you alright?" he asked

        "Yes I'm…..what can happen to me?" as they went in

     As Ashi saw him, she glanced at Rahul for why didn't he call her up…….n he gave an uneasy look to her

        "Hey come on everybody……the host has arrived finally" called on Manish n all gathered round it, Ashi was too pulled on,

        "Come on Ashi……cut the cake" cheered Riya from behind

        "Suhaan" she uttered n expected something or the other from him, but he stood beside her as if any other friend would do, she kept silent at that, n cut the cake as the hall roared with claps n cheers, holding up the first piece in front of his mouth, he smiled at her but didn't take it from her

        "What was it ……..that you were so eager to share with me….. from the last few days?" he asked sternly as all stared at his sudden change of tone

        "I'll tell you Suhaan……but…..can we talk somewhere else?" she said in a low tone

        "Is it anything that serious?" she looked down as he took the piece only to keep it back on the tray

        "Tell me…….." as he left a sigh out, "Ms. Aayesha" uttered he making her look up stunned, as tears threatened to fall from her already turned red eyes, the others were still clueless of what was happening

        "Suhaan…." neared Rahul as Suhaan shot him a stare back n he stopped there, his eyes were vacant….emotionless

     Glancing at Ashi once more, Suhaan turned to leave, avoiding any scene amongst all……..

        "Suhaan…..listen" called Manish but he didn't stop, "What's wrong yaar?" he stood confused before following him as Ashi sat with a thump on the ground where she stood

        "Ashi" shouted Tamy as she turned n some exchanged happy looks


        "Why don't you people call him up?" asked his Mom

        "No Mom…..we shouldn't disturb him" touted Sameer

        "Disturb him?" his Dad asked curiously, "What's keeping him busy that he would be disturbed?"

        "No Dad….." Mehr started, "Actually he meant he must be working hard these days na… it's better to let him enjoy with his friends for a while"

        "Hmmmm, he's really worked hard….I never thought he would handle it so well"

        "But he's been neglecting his meals for sure" complained his Mom

        "Don't worry Mom…..we are back n I'll make sure he doesn't dare to do that again" Mehr assured

        "That's so sweet of you beta" she said

        "Ok now go n take some rest" said he

        "Yes Dad" Sameer nodded before leaving with Mehr

        "It feels so nice now… was really seeming as if all have gone out together… Suhaan was hardly seen around"

        "That's true"


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