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An Arrow of Love~RN fic..udtd-pgs 47 & 48 [9/6] (Page 41)

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     Ashi called up Rahul to inform this…..


        "Ashi are you sure, you'll manage this?"


        "Hmmm, I'll"


        "Okay……I'll make up here, you don't worry for that"


        "I'll be calling him up now to inform this" she told him, "Don't tell him that you already know it"


        "I got that or Mr. Lover boy will feel insecure right?"


        "It's nothing like that Rahul, I don't want him to doubt on anything"


        "I was just kidding baba……you tell him. I'm quite sure he'll call me afterwards"


        "Ohk…..n don't come to see me in the next few days"


        "I know sweetie, you don't panic or he'll get to know of it"


        "Hmmm, ok. Bye" she hung up only to call him


     The previous night had been busier for Suhaan, today was the Mehndi ceremony at Mehr's place n they had only one day left in between….he slept late n though was still sleeping when his phone rang………


     He glanced at the number with sleepy eyes,


        "Hmmmm….love you sweetie" he murmured lazily


        "Suhaan….." her voice sad


        "Ashi, what's wrong?" sitting up quickly, "Are you okay?" he asked concerned


        "Don't worry, am okay"


        "Then, why are you sounding so dull?"


        "My aunt, who lives in Pune is not well" she informed, feeling almost dead to lie to him


        "Oh…..I thought something has……..anyways so?"


        "I need to go there for a few days"


        "No you can't go now" he declared childishly, "You know you can't"


        "I know but Baba asked me to join her there, as Maa won't be able to leave now"


        "Okay……..but doesn't she have anyone else to look after herself?" his voice irritated


        "May be she has, but I'm pretty close to her so Baba wanted me to…….."


        "Then tell your Baba that you are closest to me now, n am not allowing you to leave" he stated arrogantly, she dropped a tear at his words


        "I love you Suhaan" she uttered crying


        "Don't cry now……fine Go" he said angrily


        "Are you serious?" she softly asked


        "Hmmm, when are you leaving?"


        "By afternoon"


        "Meet me in an hour" he commanded


        "But?" she feared that he might take her to his house


        "If you can't…..I'm coming there"


        "No no I'm coming" she hurriedly agreed


        "I'll call you as soon as am there" saying he hung up


        "May be I'll never be able to tell you how much you mean to me" she thought kissing her cell lightly


     She was ready, waiting for his call when her Maa entered……




        "Hmmm" she stood up seeing her


        "Where are you going?"


        "Maa I had some work to do"


        "But you told you were not feeling well n won't attend college?" she asked


        "Maa, this work is very important to be done"


        "Is it more important than college?" Ashi kept mum at this, well it was……. meeting him was the most important thing for her, "Your exams are nearing, why don't you study instead?" she was silent again, "Anyways…..why would you listen to me?"


        "It's not that Maa…….."


        "I wanted a suggestion from you"




        "You might have heard about Sameer Malhotra's marriage, did you?" she nodded, "It could have been yours too if then you wouldn't have………"


        "Maa please, can we avoid that?"


        "Have you left any other thing to do?"


        "What were you asking?" she asked to evade the topic


        "Hmmmm, if you select me an appropriate Sari for that occasion……" she was cut by the ring of her cell n she quickly took it


        "Hmmm, I'll be there in a minute" she hung up quickly before taking up her bag


        "You are going now?"


        "Maa, can I select that when I'm back?"


        "Ok but don't stay out for long"


        "I'll be back soon Maa" n she ran


     Suhaan had been thinking of so many things from the moment he had heard that…….he thought he would fight n scold her for being so careless about him. That she was least interested in meeting his family………n she can't do anything according to his plan n what not……


     As she entered the car, he refused to look at her…..n drove away. After sometime……Ashi broke the silence


        "Suhaan….won't you talk to me?"


        "Are you done with your packing?" he asked


        "Hmm almost"




        "Where are we going to?" she asked cautiously


        "Hell" she placed a hand on his shoulder


        "Suhaan……." he kept silent n stopped the car at a somewhat secluded place, "What happened?" he went out n she followed him, he stood there by the car


        "I told you that what I had planned for?" she nodded guiltily, "Then why Ashi?"


        "I know that but…….."


        "I know why you are doing this?" he declared as if challenging her


        "What do you mean by this?"


        "You just don't care what I feel…." he said, "Sometimes I feel like a stupid in love" he stated n she smiled a bit at his behavior, "What makes you smile?" he asked sternly n before he could even notice, she was crying


     He took her in a tight hug………feeling her to him, like breathing in her essence


        "You know…….that's not true" she said, "I care for you like you I do for no one else" she told


        "What are you trying to prove me?" facing her now


        "Nothing…..just that I love you more than you could ever imagine"


        "I don't even want to imagine it, when I can see it"




        "Then show me"




        "That you love me the most"


        "Suhaan……why are you behaving like this?" she asked holding his face


        "Is there really no other way?"  he asked again


        "Please don't make it difficult for me baby" saying she stuck to him n he wrapped his arms around her resulting in a hug. They stood there in that position for a few moments, but then the passer byes had started remarking…… "Suhaan…leave me, people are staring at us" n he looked at her at once


        "That's why, I'm so eager to make it official" he stated


        "I want that too"


        "Ohk now come on, I'll drop you home……I have loads of work to do, Bhai's getting married tomorrow" he happily announced


        "Give my best wishes to both of them" she said


        "Do I look like a messenger to you? Do your work yourself when you are back. I'll take you to them, the day you are back"


        "Ok" she nodded n they moved out thereafter.


     As he dropped her,


        "Listen, call me when you have reached" he reminded






        "You take care n have loads of fun"


        "N you don't miss me too much" he teased back


        "I love you…… you the most in this world" she stressed on the last words


        "Love you, take care" as she saw his car moving out of sight, her vision became blurred, the tears were back to work again




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Suhaan reached home with a glum face, n swollen eyes….a bit because of lack of sleep n bit because of crying, yes he did but he didn't want her to see ….


        "Suhaan..." Sameer approached as he entered, he came forward


        "You didn't tell anyone that you are going out……n that too so early?" asked his Mom


        "Why are your eyes like this?" Sameer asked, "Don't tell me you were crying?" he teased but he nodded


        "What happened Beta?" asked she coming up to him, "Has anything really happened?" his Dad waited anxiously to hear it


        "Mom……I cried because of Bhai" he uttered


        "Me? What have I done now?" he asked puzzled


        "Hmmm……I cried as you have only one day left to your freedom" saying he hugged him laughing


        "That was nasty Suhaan" exclaimed Snigs


        "Look at your faces Dids"


        "Ok enough, now come n have your breakfast" said his Mom


        "I'm not feeling like it Mom…..I'll have it when I'm hungry" saying he turned


        "Bliss says she'll have it only when Mamu will……" Snigs started, making him bat his lashes, "N Bliss was hungry now" she declared n then Bliss cried as if to support her Mom


        "Now that's unfair… can I keep you hungry?" he went to pick her up in his arms while occupying a chair beside Snigs





     Ashi wasn't feeling it right lying to him, but she knew it was needed at that time. She didn't want to spoil the celebrative mood that was prevailing in his house. It was definite that whenever she broke the news to him, he's bound to suffer, but she didn't want that now, as then he would not be able to join in the celebrations. She could like feel his pulse, that what his Bhai meant to him, so she waited for the right time………


        "I'll prove to you one day Suhaan, that I love you the most in this world but I'm helpless" she promised herself



That's all for now!!!!!!!!!
Will post the next part soon Smile 
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thank dear for pm me it was lovly part but egrly want to see that he will for give her or her dream will be true egrly waiting for next part
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Another lovely part. But then its useless to say coz all the parts of this fic seem lovely to me as it has SUHAAN. Btw, I donno wat others feel but I hav always felt SUHAAN never expresses his feelings that much. He shows he is stubborn n never goes against his will but then his will is always for his dear ones. He always makes them happy. No matter wat he says, he can never make any of them sad even if it hurts himself.

Well, apart from my SUHAAN world, the part was nice. But this is the part where I felt Ashi was wrong. She kept saying she luvs him more but I think when sum1 like SUHAAN falls in luv, none can exceed the intensity of that luv. And may be its bcoz of his so much luv that Ashi shud hav told him the truth. Bcoz when we luv sum1 immensely, his/her lies perce our heart more immensely than anything els. And in case of SUHAAN....its surely all the more sensitive.

Anyways, w8ing for the next UD. Pls continue soon.
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Hey am sorry for not being able to update it in the last few days

Here's the update Smile

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~Forty Three~

     Suhaan was dressing up for the Mehndi in the evening when he received an sms, it was Ashi's… said

        "I have reached here safely…….you don't worry 4 me, miss u so much. LOVE U"

        "Why didn't she call me up?" he thought as he dialed her, but it went ringing n ringing, she wasn't attending it, "Where are you?" he uttered

        "Suhaan……you are still here?" entered Sameer

        "Hmm why?"

        "Dad is getting angry for you haven't reached there yet"

        "Can't he switch to something more important, rather than keeping tracks of my moves?"

        "Go n ask him that yourself" he said, "But why are you sounding so irritated?"

        "No I'm not" he denied

        "You are looking too"

        "Bhai please, am neither looking irritated nor sounding….is that clear?"

        "That means you are exactly that" he teased again n he stared back

        "Don't you have anything to send to Bhabhie?"

        "I already did that"


        "Am I out of my mind, that I'll do that through you?"


        "You are always up to some trick or the other, it's so risky"

        "Hmm, ok" he picked up his keys n glanced at himself in the mirror, "Cool then am leaving"

        "Suhaan, are you okay?"

        "Of course I'm……cya later" as he went

        "There's something in his mind which he's hiding from us" Sameer thought


     He searched for his Dad as soon as he reached,

        "Dad" he called

        "Good that you are here" as he draped an arm around him, "This is Suhaan… younger son, I was talking off"

        "Hi uncle" he greeted with a plastic smile, his mind was reeling somewhere else

        "It's nice to hear about you from your Dad" said one but he stood there lost, "So what do you plan to do in the five years from now?" he didn't answer

        "Suhaan" called his Dad


        "Mr. Vachhani is asking you something?"

        "Oh am so sorry uncle"

        "No that's alright, actually it's my fault… know Mr. Malhotra these young generation knows what to discuss where. They are not like us; it's not business all the way for them"

        "Hmm that's true" added his Dad

        "Excuse me" he said

        "Ya sure, you go n enjoy beta" he escaped them only to dial her again

        "Ashi please pick up the phone" he prayed but she didn't, she was sitting by it, gazing at the number longingly as tears dropped by, "Where the hell is she?"

        "Hey Suhaan, why are you here?" called Angad

        "Hi" he greeted, "I was actually calling someone"

        "Oh…..well someone send me out to take you in"

        "Must be Bhabhie"

        "No points for guessing"

        "I know….."

        "You are looking cool" praised Angad

        "So are you" he said n called up Rahul

        "Any problem?" asked Angad seeing him worried

        "Not at all, you proceed…..I'll join you in some time" he said


        "Hey Rahul"


        "Did Ashi call you after she reached there?"

        "No…..why she didn't inform you?"

        "She messaged me saying that she has reached"

        "So….that means she's fine"

        "But why isn't she taking my calls then?"

        "May be she's busy Suhaan, her aunty is sick"

        "Hmm, possible"

        "Don't worry about her… tell me, how's the celebrations going on there?"

        "I'm here at Bhabhie's place…..that Mehndi ceremony is going on"

        "N you are talking to me? Suhaan…..just go n enjoy man" he tried

        "Ohk am going….but you do tell me if she calls you up"

        "If she does that, she'll do that to you right?"

        "May be, I'm feeling something's not right around me"

        "Everything's fine yaar! What about Sameer Bhai? Is he nervous?"

        "He's but he won't show that to me" he said when someone called him, "Ok Rahul I'll talk to you later"

        "Hmm bye" he hung up leaving a sigh of relief

     N after a few moments later, we see him chatting with Angad n his friends n sometimes moving over to his Bhabhie for a short chat here n there

        "No Suhaan please stop that" told Mehr

        "But that was only Bhai's share" as he fed her another spoonful

       "But that's……."

        "I must say Mehr; you will have a hard time managing him" said one of her relatives as she smiled

        "I'm sorry but who told you she needs to manage anyone?" he asked, "Bhai is so ever manageable in himself….isn't it?"

        "Suhaan….stop it" she whispered

        "N here goes Mom's" feeding another one

        "N this one is for me" someone said while taking his snap

        "Excuse me" he stood up

        "N this goes for Nidhi" clicking another as he neared

        "Can you hear me….excuse me?"

        "N ya this is for Pooja" n that was it, he snatched it away from her

        "What's wrong with you?" he asked to the girl standing in front of him

        "I was just taking…….." she stopped as he was seen deleting them,

        "Don't do that again"

        "Come on Suhaan……don't be a spoil sport"

        "You know him?" asked Mehr

        "Of course Di, we were in the same college" said Roohi

        "Ah…..Do I know you?" he asked confused

        "Probably no……I haven't seen you glancing at girls ever" she stated as Suhaan looked at the others present there

        "You know him well then Roohi?" Mehr asked

        "Hmmm, can I ask you something?"

        "Ya sure" he obliged her sweetly

        "Do I stand a chance now?"

        "In what?" he was rather shocked by the proposal

        "I mean, we used to challenge each other on wooing you over… now that no one's around you still, I think I do, isn't it?" she teased

        "Who told you there's no one?"

        "You mean you have someone in your life?" he nodded simply

        "Wow that's news now" she almost shouted n Mehr simply stared on him, she knew it was a news indeed

        "Ah…..Bhabhie, I'll just be back"

     After a short while we see, Mehr in conversation with him,

        "So is it Ashi?"

        "How do you know that?" he asked surprisingly

        "I knew that……probably the day when I heard you weren't angry at her knowing she loves you" he shyly smiled

        "So you knew it?" she nodded, "Bhai knows it too?"

        "I haven't told him yet……"

        "N you won't do that"


        "I want to surprise them all…..I'll bring her home for that" he declared

        "When are you bringing her home? She must be coming tomorrow?"

        "No….she's not here, her aunt is ill so she's in Pune"

        "Oh ho… I know, why are you looking so dull?"

        "No I'm not……n you are not going to tell this to anybody" he warned

        "Well…..half of the people present here knows that"

        "I'm talking of the unknown half"

        "Ohk….I won't"

        "Cool….then I shall take your leave….cya tomorrow"

        "Don't miss her too much" she teased

        "That's what I don't want to hear again" he said before leaving, "Bye"

        "I think I shouldn't tell this to Sameer…..he'll not be able to keep it a secret" she thought


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"Ashi why are you doing this to him?" asked he

        "Rahul……even I don't want it but….."

        "But what? You know he can't even enjoy properly…..that poor thing is worried for you" he complained n she started crying

        "I'm calling him up to say that I'm here, in fact I never went anywhere" she said in one breath

        "NO no no……don't do that"

        "Then what should I do Rahul?"

        "First you stop crying…….am coming"

        "No Rahul you can't come here, if he notices?"

        "Why would he come there, he knows you are not here"

        "Just be careful"


     As Rahul reached there,

        "I think Ashi, you tell him when you meet him next" he said

       "N won't he ask that why did she hide it from him?" Rimi asked

        "He'll do that whenever she tells him" said he

        "Then when do you think I should tell him n how?" was the most important thing Ashi wanted to know

        "Look Ashi, no matter how you tell him he's bound to react adversely……so just say that"

        "Di….just message him again"

        "Are you crazy?" they almost shouted at her

        "OK ok it was just a poor one"

        "Rahul….I'll wait for the wedding to get over" she declared


        "Do you know when the celebrations are ending?"

        "I know that they are not throwing any reception soon….I think they'll do that once Sameer Bhai is back from honeymoon"

        "Where are they going for it?" asked Rimi excitedly

        "Rimi please, can you stop it?" scolded Ashi


        "When are they leaving?"

        "26th of this month"

        "Then you are back on 27th" declared Rimi

        "Ya you are right" backed Rahul but Ashi kept mum

        "Now what are you thinking?"

        "I don't know but won't that be too much for a coincidence?"

        "Ashi please stop thinking too much" commanded Rahul


        "Fine then it's decided, you are telling him that on 27th itself" he said to which she nodded blankly
     Rahul was coming out of Ashi's place as Suhaan spotted him

        "What's he doing here?" he thought stopping the car in front of him

        "Hello, can't you……." he stopped seeing him, "Shit…… comes James Bond"

        "Rahul, what are you doing here?"

        "Actually, I came to meet Ash…."

        "Is she back?"

        "Lemme complete yaar….I came to meet Ashi's sister"

        "Oh….so did she talk to her?"

        "Hmmm…..she did n your Ashi's fine"


        "Cheer up Bro…..this Majnoo get up doesn't suit you a bit" Suhaan gave a smile out, "But what brings you here, provided that she's not here?"

        "I thought I would ask Rimi or her mother……"

        "That daring act was not needed Bro" he looked at him, "I mean what if they ask why you are so worried for her?"

        "I didn't think so much n if they did, I'll say what's true"

        "Without discussing with her, I mean is she ready for this now?"

        "Of course she's. Why won't she?"

        "I know I know… can you drop me home please?"

        "Hmm sure" as they got in


     There was almost a chaotic environment at Suhaan's place in the day, with people running in n out to arrange things around, Mrs. Malhotra looked the most panicked amongst all

        "Mom just relax…….I din't see you like this during Di's marriage?" said Sameer

        "I was…..but you were engaged in work so you might haven't noticed"

        "So gimme work now too so that I can't notice even now"

        "Ya sure… that Dad beats me up" Suhaan remarked

        "So you are working for that?"

        "What do you think Bhai? Do I look so stupid that I'll work without that?"

        "Yes you are……you are stupid enough for that, because you love me"

        "Really?" he asked with his eyebrows joined, "I din't knew that"

        "Sameer I just hope you can repay it off soon" Snigs added

        "I'm too eager to do that"

        "Excuse me" Suhaan said moving on

        "Hey listen……check my sherwani out, whether it's fine or not"

        "Hmm, I'll do that"

        "Did you notice…..he didn't deny that?"

        "What Di?"

        "When you said that you are eager to repay it off"

        "Oh right…..I'll just go n ask him, I think there's really someone"

        "No Sameer, don't ask anything now, if there's really one, let him come to that himself"

        "But……" as Snigdha looked at him sternly, "Fine…I won't"


     As the day progressed, they started getting ready. Sameer was being attended by, who else Suhaan, who was scolding him too much for the day

        "Suhaan….don't treat me like I don't know this?" he said

        "Right, you don't know this at all" he replied putting the odhni around his neck, "But this isn't matching"

        "But it looks cool" Sameer said looking in the mirror but got back a stare, "Oh this isn't cool?"

        "I think cream color would go with the embroidery, hmm?" he asked

        "Whatever you say bro"


        "Suhaan….go n get ready, we'll be leaving in half an hour" told Snigs

        "Ya I know, am going"

        "Wow Sameer this is awesome" as she looked up n down

        "Is it?" he asked looking for Suhaan's reaction

        "Of course it is, you are looking great"

        "All thanks to him, he almost fought with the designer" Sameer informed

        "Good that he did"

        "You carry on, I'll get ready by then" as he excused himself

        "Hmm n make it before Dad notices it"

        "Let him do so" he shouted in reply


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     As the muhurat arrived, the baraat left the Malhotra Mansion for the Singhania's, Suhaan was glued to his Bhai dressed in a olive Sherwani. His friends were too there in the baraat, as Sameer had very few friends to his credit, he took Suhaan's friends as his own

     After the certain welcoming n introductions were done, they were seated n then carried on the celebrations in full swing. Snigdha went on to see Mehr, who looked lovely in her red joda. Sameer was called on for the primal rituals n soon Mehr was called on too……as Sameer caught a glimpse of Mehr, he seemed to awestruck to move

        "Bhai……..don't worry, we are taking her home" Suhaan teased, "You can gaze at her later" bringing him back

     When the Pheras took place, with everyone showering flowers at the auspicious couple, Suhaan noticed a similar face, on noticing it was ……..Ashi

        "Ashi" he thought as a smile spread on to his lips but then it vanished like she did

     Sameer was probably taking the 6th phera, when he noticed Ashi again, this time in Mehr's place

        "This is ridiculous Suhaan" he uttered as he went on to check the groom's face, as to confirm, removing the sehra from Sameer's face as he looked at him

        "Suhaan…..what's wrong?" asked he

        "Bhai…..just checking, are you okay or not?" he managed; he could now see Mehr back in her attire, "Thank GOD" he sighed

        "Are you alright?" asked Rahul seeing him like that

        "Yeah trying to be" he said realizing that he was missing her a bit too much, as he pulled him away from the mandap

        "What's wrong?"

        "Just try calling her now"


        "Ashi, who else?"


        "She's still not taking my calls, I don't know why?"

        "May be it's not with her….." as Suhaan dialed her from Rahul's cell
        "Just talk to her" handing the phone over to him, it ringed n she took it

        "Hello Rahul…." she said but Rahul was too stuck to reply back, "Where is Suhaan?"

        "Suhaan……" he uttered, "I can't hear anything" he said, "You see for yourself" Ashi got that he was near him

        "Ashi……can you hear me?" asked Suhaan but she held her breath biting her lip hard, she wished to hear him for long but she knew it could be risky, "Rahul what's wrong yaar?"

        "I told you…..may be tower problem" he sighted

        "Hmmm, may be" as he cut it n she felt like her life was stuck in her throat

        "Don't worry, Rimi was telling me that her Aunt is recovering fast, may be she'll be back soon" he suggested

        "Oh fine then"

     After the ceremony n other rituals got over, it's time for them to return, n soon the Bidaai took place resulting in lot of crying involving all the ladies present to sob more or less, Mehr wasn't the typical girl but when it comes to leave your parental house, girls do become weaker…..she cried hugging her Mom Dad n Bro n so did all her sisters n Aunts…….The act of crying is too touchy in itself, if one starts the other catches it fast, where Snigdha too dropped some, remembering her day, our Sameer stood with teary eyes……watching Mehr cry out

        "Bhai……are you really gonna cry?" asked he

        "Stop it Suhaan" he whispered

        "No then I would check the stock of tissues present in the car…….or it would not suffice for Bhabhie"

        "Suhaan you won't understand it ever" Snigs sternly opined, "You are too lucky to be a boy……you never have to leave your own place for anything in this world"

        "Sorry Dids……I din't mean it that way, I was just trying to make it lighter" he reasoned with a guilty face

        "Now you don't start crying" teased Sameer

        "Shut up"

     Mehr was welcomed in the Malhotras family, by Mrs. Malhotra herself as she performed the aarti n the other rituals of grihapravesh……..cheers n happiness flowed through the house as the new bride was shown her room, specially decorated for her with flowers n candles all around her. Sameer seemed tired blushing all the way when someone teased him or Mehr for any reason

     So finally…..Mr. Sameer Malhotra got married n brought home with him, Mrs. Mehr Sameer Malhotra


It was now two days from the Marriage, they were off to Italy on their honeymoon. Suhaan was helping his Dad at work, he came home late last night as he felt alone, considering Sameer was away……. He was still working when his cell rang, he tiredly glanced at the number, it showed Ashi's name………he went to pick it up excitedly but then suddenly rejected it

        "What's wrong?" Ashi thought, trying it yet again, but every time she did, he repeated the same without even glancing at it n then his phone on his table rang


        "Suhaan, what's wrong?" asked Rahul

        "Why are you calling here?"

        "Because you are not taking it on your cell"

        "What is so urgent?" he asked

        "Why aren't you taking Ashi's calls?"

        "I don't need to…..she didn't took mine" he complained

        "Stop sounding like a child Suhaan….."

        "No am not……let her think I don't care"

        "But she knows you do…..n it's time you tell her that too"


        "She's back in Mumbai" he cheerfully informed

        "But she didn't……." n he stopped,

        "That's why she was calling you but you are not taking it"

        "Fine…..I have some work now….will call her later" saying he hung up

        "Liar……I know you would do that now only" winked Rahul


     Rahul was right, we see Suhaan wrapping up for the day, n rushing out only to her…..on his way he called her up

        "Suhaan" she softly uttered

        "See me in another 15mins" saying he hung up


        "What's wrong Di?"

        "I don't know, he sounded serious….has he come to know of it?"

        "No way…..then Rahul must have told you"

        "Hmmm…..can you manage something, I need to meet him now"

        "You are going to tell it now?"

        "Hmmm, I need to"

        " Ok but Maa won't let you leave alone, as she knows you are not doing too well….I can come out with you" she suggested

        "But how can I……"

        "Oh ho don't worry……I'll go to Nisha 's place n when you are done just call me up"

        "You know Rimi, you are sweetest thing I have ever known" saying she hugged her

        "Ya ya I know sis" she told patting her back


     After he reached there, he called her up n they came out with a clever excuse; Rimi loved doing this…… Leaving her to him, she went on for her friends place, waving at Suhaan who waved back smiling

        "She's too sweet isn't it?" remarked he


        "Is your Aunt okay?"

        "Hmmm, she's"

        "Then why aren't you sounding alright?"

        "Suhaan I need to say something to you………" she started with great effort


        "Something….you don't know about me"

        "I know it….." she looked at him shocked, "I know you missed me too much n so did I" he uttered taking her in a hug

        "Hmmm, I did" she murmured clinging to him

        "You know what……you come with me now, I'll take you home" he declared pulling her with him

        "No listen……"

        "Can't we do that someday later, I need to tell you something first" she urged

        "Even I need to tell you so much, about Bhai's marriage n the fun we had in it……it went just amazing" he went on excitedly

        "Hmm" extracting a hard smile

        "Actually you are right, I'll take you home once Bhai n Bhabhie are back"


        "Hey you know…..I have told Bhabhie about us"

        "What did she say?"

        "Ah…..she knew it already, said that she knew it the day you met her" she stared on, her mind was stuck on how to tell him, "Was that so easy to detect?" he asked but she kept mum, "Ashi" shaking her a bit,

        "Are you listening to what I said?"

        "Hmm, we'll go after they are back right?" he nodded

        "I know you must be worried for your exams….but don't worry they will be fine"

        "Hope so or Maa will scold me much"

        "I promise I won't disturb you much then by compelling you to meet me" he said making a face

        "You know it very well that's not true, even I can't live without that"

        "Just checking" he smiled

        "When are they coming back?"

        "They just left yesterday…..may be 2 weeks or so"

        "I need to tell you before that" she thought

        "I think your exams will be over by then?"

        "Ya hopefully"

        "Cool……then I shall move now, damn tired" he declared spreading his hands out

        "You are working too much I suppose"

        "Bhai does more than me" he declared, "Infact….I'm just trying to fill in his absence"

        "I don't think so, your Bhai is all praises for you, isn't it?" slipped her mouth

        "Ya…..but how do you know that?"

        "Ah…….Bhabhie told me that"

        "Oh……I have never missed him like this; he was always there for me whenever I wanted"

        "Hmm……just a matter of some days"

        "Right…….n then he'll get the shock of his life" winking at her "Ohk then I'll see you tomorrow"

        "I don't think it's possible before my exams are over they'll be on from next week"

        "Oh right…..fine then I'll call you up later" he said pecking her cheek,

        "I'll miss you"

        "I'll too miss you" as they parted n he went thereafter, Ashi went on to Nisha' s house to meet up with Rimi


     The next few days were the fastest, with Ashi preparing her best for the exams; Suhaan became busier as he had immersed himself totally in work in Sameer's absence. Mr. Malhotra was often surprised as to how he managed his work so well, whenever he passed through his cabin, found him working. He was on time for office, n came home late.

     Whenever his Mom used to complain this, Suhaan would aptly reply that he can't allow himself to miss Sameer, that's why he's keeping himself busy…..but he never missed to call Ashi up, enquiring about her progress or about the remaining days. One thing he had made up in his mind that he'll ask her to meet now, no matter how much he misses her…knowing that it might distract her. Sometimes when she asked for it, he reminded her of exams. Ashi couldn't have asked for more, when her love has been so particular about her aims too.

        "Suhaan….you know sometimes you sound like my guardian" she stated laughing

        "Well don't worry; I'm planning for that only"

        "Hmmm….I have two more papers left now" she told happily

        "Two more? Oh no"

        "What happened?"

        "That means another week"

        "No it's ending this Saturday only…….the practical will take some more time to get over"

        "How much more?" he curiously asked

        "Don't worry they don't need to study that much…'s more relaxing"


        "Yup…in fact I love practical"

        "Think before u say" he warned as a naughty smile spread on his lips

        "Suhaan…..I meant geography practical" she corrected while blushing

        "Ya I'm talking of that only……what do you think?"

        "I'm used to your tricks, try something else next time"

        "Ok I'll…..but you study well n finish your exams fast"

        "Hope it was in my hands dear"

        "Ok fine… your best in tomorrow's paper….lemme know how it goes?"

        "Surely Sir….Muaaaaah" kissing the phone in turn, "Love you"

        "Love you too, bye"


     Sameer n Mehr were having a nice time together, roaming around like free birds, hands in hands…..sticking to each other. He used to call up Suhaan almost everyday enquiring about the state there n Suhaan would ask him surprisingly ask him that how does he remembers them while on honeymoon with his newly wed wife by his side

        "This is too much Bhai" he said

        "What? Can't I know about you all?"

        "No ……you can't. Just relax Bhai, I'm here to manage"

        "I know"

        "But there's not so good news for you….."

        "What?" he sounded worried

        "Dad is not missing you at work"

        "That's the greatest news I have heard….but then I knew he won't"

        "Oh ho"

        "Ask him how's……" she stopped n took the phone over

        "Hi Suhaan… are you doing?"

        "Hi Bhabhie, I'm good…..hope Bhai is not that boring"

        "Yes he's sometimes…..but that's manageable" she replied smiling at him, "You tell me how's Ashi?"

        "Ashi?" Sameer was curious as she stopped him by a hand

        "Have you told Bhai about her…..I told you not to…."

        "Don't worry I'll cover that up" she assured

        "Make sure you do that"

        "I'll, you take care till then"

        "Hmm, you too enjoy yourselves"

        "Bye" as soon as she hung up, she knew she had to tell it all to him

        "Ah……did I hear it right?" he asked rubbing his cheek

        "Ya……I wanted to tell this to you" she broke

        "Is there really something between them?" she nodded with a glad smile, "My God…..I can't believe this" shouted he

        "Sameer cool it" she calmed him down

        "I need to call him" he touted as she hit her forehead, "What?"

        "Probably that's why he asked me to keep this a secret" she stated, "He knows you too well"

        "Suhaan asked you to keep it a secret from me, so now he's started hiding things from me…..n that too so important?"

        "Only because he wanted to surprise you all…..I just caught it when he came for the Mehndi that day"


        "Please Jaan, don't let him know that you know it now" she said making a cute face

        "I hope I can control"

        "You have to" she said sternly




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