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An Arrow of Love~RN fic..udtd-pgs 47 & 48 [9/6] (Page 40)

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     Sameer saw him entering, he was so eager to finish off his duty given to him by Mehr, he went to his room straightaway


        "Bhai…..what are you doing here?" he asked on entering


        "I was waiting for you only"


        "Is it anything in particular?"


        "Yes…….. but what is this?" as he noticed his wounds, "Did anyone hit you?"


        "No way…..there's no one who can dare to do that"




        "I just got into a brawl, minor ones….don't worry"


        "Ok but you should apply something on it…" he went to get the medical kit


        "I have done that already" he said


        "But I can't see any?" Sameer asked


        "Ah…'s invisible" he managed


        "What rubbish? Sit here; I'll apply some antiseptic……"


        "Please don't tell Dad about this" he urged


        "I don't need to, he'll notice it himself"


        "Oh no n then again an emotional lecture by Mommy dearest"


        "Suhaan…..why are you saying it like that, she worries for you"


        "I know I know"


        "So how's your Valentine party?" Sameer asked


        "Pretty good" he replied


        "So Mehr was right…… was indeed a Valentine one?"


        "Did you ask that? I din't notice" he replied smiling


        "Don't try to cover it up"


        "How was yours?" he asked back


        "Good" as he applied the ointment


        "Bhai….you feel happy when Bhabhie's around right?"


        "Of course"


        "N want her to be with you every time?"


        "Hmmmm, but why are you asking that?"


        "Just like that, that means you love her very much"


        "We do love each other, that's why we are getting married right?"


        "True" he felt relieved by this confirmation





     Ashi woke up early the next day,


        "Di" she called as she woke up rubbing her eyes, Ashi turned to look at her, "How are you up early?"


        "I don't want to sleep"


        "But why? What happened……you were quite late last night?"


        "I know" she said as Rimi touched her forehead to check, "What?"


        "No just checking……..are you alright that you don't want to sleep?"


        "Why do I need to sleep when my dreams have all come true?" she asked


        "What do you mean?"


        "I mean Suhaan….."

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       "He said that? Really?" she asked delightly, as she nodded, "I just can't believe it…….I'm so happy for you" hugging her cheerfully


        "I know"


        "But then why are you so dull Di? Everything's fine right?"


        "It's true that he loves me, but he's unknown to the whole truth"


        "Uhh……not again Di" she turned towards the washroom, "It's better for you if you forget that soon"


        "How can I do that when I know what's coming" she murmured to herself


        "Di…… know what I should call him now" she said before running to her cell


        "Rimi don't do that, he might be sleeping……n not from my cell, never" she warned, but Rimi was too fast again as she ran out n called him up, well she didn't call him, she meant to leave an extended missed call n then came back


        "Seems like he's really sleeping" she said making a face, returning it to her


        "I told you"


        "Ok but tell me what did he say to you" Ashi looked at he, "I mean how he said that to you?" she asked curiously 


        "You think I'll tell you that?" she nodded


        "You should…….ok then tell me, did he do anything else to you?" Ashi was too surprised to hear that


        "Rimi…….what are you saying?"


        "What? Many of my friends discuss that their boyfriends did this n that to them" she clarified


        "Who are they?" she asked concerned


        "Now don't sound like a typical elder sis…….am grown up enough to know that well… tell me whether he did anything to you of that sort or not?"


        "Suhaan isn't that type at all…….he wasn't even sure whether he should say that or not"


        "Send him to me, he needs a tutor to that" she stated


        "No need, I love him the way he is" blushing a lil'


        "Oh ho…….Cho chweet"





     Suhaan noticed the missed call as he woke up, but wasn't too keen to call her up at that very moment, in fact he was reminded of what he said to her last night n he smiled shyly at that


        "So finally, Mr. Suhaan Malhotra got trapped" he declared before heading in for a bath


     As he went down,


        "Wow Suhaan… are looking so fresh?" stated Sameer


        "Is it that different Bhai?"


        "Isn't it Mom?" Sam asked


        "Hmmmm….." as he took a chair, "Suhaan….what's this mark for?" she asked n he turned to Sameer


        "Ah……Mom just a minor one"


        "So you are back at your old angrier self…….I thought you had left all those" his Dad remarked


        "It's not that Dad, they were misbehaving n I can't stand that"


        "But beta, if anything had happened to you then?" she asked


        "Something has really happened to him Mom" Sameer stated


        "Huh? Did you say anything Bhai?"


        "No nothing at all"


       "Ohk I have news for you all" his Dad said


        "What news Dad?" Suhaan asked, Sameer had heard something from Mehr already

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        "The date has been fixed" he said


        "Date for?" n then he glanced at Sameer, who was sitting quiet, "Oh for Bhai" he added


        "Hmm, his marriage…..n I expect you to be a bit more responsible this time"


        "Why do you always say that to him? He did that on his engagement"


        "Thanks Mom… least you noticed that" his voice bore a slight taunt


        "Yes Dad, he even waited for the party to get over to……." Sameer stopped seeing him snaring at him


        "To?" he asked


        "Actually I was feeling sleepy, but I didn't" covering it up


        "Ohk so start preparing, it's on 24th April"


        "Wow Bhai……not much days left to your freedom" he declared before hugging him


        "I know……." as he hugged back





     Suhaan called her later,


        "Ashi did you call me? Sorry I was sleeping then"


        "I know……..I just called on to ask that…." she covered up for Rimi, "Are your wounds okay?"


        "Ya they are fine…….you don't worry at all"


        "Did you sleep well?"


        "Hmmmm why?"


        "I didn't…….." uttered she, "I mean I woke up early"


        "So you are coming tonight?"


        "I'll be waiting for you in the evening"


        "Okay…..cya then, bye"







     Suhaan n Ashi continued to meet in groups until they had really something that important to talk, he was still too uncomfortable to romance with her openly. Ashi knew that well, n so waited for it to reach that point where he'll feel it okay, she was happy to be there with him, liked it when others named them together; n he looked at her lovingly. When she wasn't able to meet him any day, he would insist for a short drive, n she happily gave in……..their relation grew stronger as they shared each n every small thing with each other


     It was quite late that day, when he took her for a drive after the others went back home. They stopped to stroll along the beach


        "You know Ashi, Bhai keeps on asking me what has happened to me"


        "Did you say anything to him? He knows about me?" she asked hurriedly


        "Relax……I haven't told him anything, I don't know if he guesses anything like that"




        "Lately, he's been quite busy with his marriage plans…….not many days to that you see"


        "Hmmm, Bhabhie must be very busy na with shopping n all?" she avoided Sameer's topic


        "Ya…….you know what I was thinking?" he started excitedly, "I would introduce you to them…….."




        "May be during the celebrations…….he'll get the shock of his life" as he laughed out loud n she stood there


        "I know he'll" she uttered sadly


        "No no, it won't be that bad…..I said as they haven't seen me like that" he explained, "Now what Ashi?" as he neared her




        "Don't tell me you are still worried to meet them" she looked at him with teary eyes, "Hey Ashi….what's wrong?" as he held her face up in his hands


        "Why do I always fear to loose you?" she asked n his expression stiffened


        "May be because you don't trust me enough" walking away from her


        "No ……I do trust you, may be more than myself" she assured


        "Then why do you keep repeating this again n again?" she kept mum, she wished she could tell him why, "May be because I can't love you enough to make you feel secured…..isn't it?"


        "It's not that……I wish could express it rightly"


        "Then do tell me Ashi, what's that thing which makes you feel so weak……I want to know that" she stood helplessly there,


        "Even I want to tell you………"


        "That day too, when you came to my place……you were worried to loose me, fine I didn't say that to you then, but now……you know I love you, and then too, why do you say this?"

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        "I'm sorry Suhaan?..I won't say that again" hugging him from behind


        "You don't even know, how much it hurts me when you say it like that?" he said hugging her back


        "I'm sorry" sticking to him


        "I want them to meet you, because one day they would need to do that anyways"


        "Hmmmm??.but if they don't approve of me?"


        "Then we would sprint away from them" he declared naughtily




        "But I know that wouldn't be needed"


        "How are so sure?"


        "Because they would be ready to marry me off to anybody I want to?"




        "Hmmm??because they don't need to convince me then, which is the toughest thing to do on earth"


        "Who better knows it" she stated


        "Oh is that so?" she nodded, "Ohk then done, I'll take you to them n you'll not repeat that thing ever again, clear?"


        "I won't I promise" n then they went back after spending a bit more time together



That's all for this update.....but you know it well what's coming up next Wink

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So SUHAAN finally confessed n that was the cutest scene ever. I liked the way Sameer tried to find out but SUHAAN is too smart for that. N Rimi is really gud but even I think SUHAAN shud never change. He may be a bit uncomfortable wid girls but for meits these small things that I luv him for.

In teh car when he said he is quite stunned at the turn of events, I knw how hemust hav felt then. Its not easy to go against ur own nature. N for SUHAAN its definitely the toughest. Well, I wud like to talk on this later when we reach the right part.

The last convo btwn them was really nice. I think its really rare to c SUHAAN emotional so I luved this part a lot. Too cute!!!!

Pls continue soon.
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first time i read ur all update it was superb waiting for next part upadate soon
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  ~Forty Two~



     The Malhotra mansion seemed busier as the days passed and the D-day neared. It was now only a few days left to the grand event to be witnessed by the city; numerous people were seen engaged in various types of work……Mrs. Malhotra was having a hard time managing all, before Snigdha came over for help.


     Suhaan seemed to be the busiest of them all…….from running office in the morning with his Dad n Bhai, to his frequent visits to home, just to check on whether all's moving fine or not, n his Mom would urge him to have something or the other, knowing it well that meals were the only thing he could afford to miss.


        "No Mom no, I don't have time for all this" irritated he said


        "Snigdha say something to him beta…..won't he fall ill like this?"


        "Suhaan, why aren't you listening to her? Have something na"


        "Dids please… don't join her now" he said, "I need to leave"


        "But you just came" his Mom said, he didn't answer that but he asked instead


        "Has the work on the terrace started?"


        "They had taken the things up, don't know whether it's started or not" Snigs told as he went for the stairs


        "You don't worry, I'll send someone up to check" she said


        "Mom… will they know what exactly we want?" he asked


        "We want?" Snigs teased


        "Fine I want…….if that makes you happy"


        "Very happy…..wait I'm coming too" as she joined in


        "Uff this boy is always on a run" his Mom said before heading towards the hall





        "Oh my God! What a mess is this?" Suhaan shouted on reaching




        "Just look at this Dids……." all the materials lay scattered everywhere, from the lights to the rolls of satin cloths, the shamiyana was half complete, "Where is Bhushan jee?" as he dialed up his number


        "Yes Sir" he said


        "Bhushan jee, I want to you to be here immediately" he hung up


        "But Suhaan, we can go n talk to him, he's down only" Snigs suggested


        "No, he needs to see what a mess his workers have created" n we see a panting Bhushan jee running up the stairs


        "Yes Sir" he said on reaching


        "Yes, just look at this…….you had earlier said that the terrace would be ready by 21st……n it's already 22nd, your work isn't complete yet?"


        "I know Sir…..actually the workers were facing some problems regarding payments, I had to sort that out that first" he said n Suhaan sported an irritated look


        "Is that my area to look on?"


        "No sir" his yes sir-no sir were making it difficult for Snigs to resist her laugh


        "Do you want me to tell this to Dad?" he asked


        "Yes Sir"




        "I mean no Sir" he said n Snigs giggled out


        "Dids, are you alright?" she nodded quickly, "Bhushan jee, you go n get this done by tomorrow"


        "Yes Sir" as he went


        "Suhaan, don't you think you were too hard on him?"


        "Not at all"


        "He was so frightened, only doing yes sir n no sir"


        "I don't like these things to be delayed"


        "You sound so much like Dad" she stated


        "Really?" he asked, "Anyways I should run now" as he turned,


        "Bliss is still sleeping" she informed


        "I know…….don't worry I won't wake her up" he told as he went


     Thereafter, he almost raced ahead to office……


        "Bhai… are still here?" he asked entering Sameer's cabin


        "Suhaan don't you think you should at least knock…… in a meeting?" he said


        "I don't care what you were doing" he rushed to his side "Just get up now, we need to meet the designer"


        "But this project……" Suhaan turned to the people present


        "Gentlemen… I deeply apologize for this thing" as they smiled back, "But am sure this project wouldn't run anywhere….but my Bhabhie will surely do that if he isn't looking nice then" he explained hurriedly taking his Bhai by surprise


        "No no Sir, that's alright" as they stood up,


        "I'm extremely sorry" Sameer uttered roughly before Suhaan pulled him along,


        "Easy easy Bro" he said


     As he pulled him, the staff kept staring……


        "Bhai do you realize, its just two days to your wedding?"


        "Exactly… wedding! Why are you so excited?" as Suhaan stared back


        "Because you aren't"


        "Ok but at least inform Dad….."


        "I'll do that"


        "Sameer" called his Dad from behind n they stopped


        "Yes Dad"


        "Are you going somewhere?" he nodded, "Is the meeting over?"


        "Ah… Dad….."


        "Actually Dad……I'm taking Bhai for something more important now" Suhaan said


        "Ohk……but drive safely" he told n Suhaan rolled his eyes to that before running



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Ashi called him up when he was on his way back home


        "But Suhaan…….that was quite nice" said Sameer


        "No that wasn't……it was just okay, even mine was better than that"


        "But we don't have enough time left now……"


        "We have still two days left Bhai, n he'll fix it within that or he knows I'll fix him" he winked as his phone rang


        "Seems your friends are missing you" he told as Suhaan glanced at the number


        "True…Friend" he smiled, "I'm seeing you tonight" he stated


        "Where are you?"


        "Actually, you know Bhai right?" he started n Sameer gazed at him,


        "Hmmm" she uttered, "What happened to him?"


        "He's going crazy……he has the least sense of fashion"


        "Suhaan" Sameer called lightly


        "Cool Bhai…..they know you well"


        "You bully him too much" she opined


        "I love to do that to everyone….you know it well"


        "Hmmm, actually I'm missing that only…….." she shyly said


        "Hmmm" he was left to do this only, "I told you na"


        "Ohk I'll be waiting"


        "Ok cya" he hung up


        "Was it anyone special?" asked Sameer


        "Yes……..probably the most special" he murmured




        "Nothing" he evaded, n then they reached home


It was around 9 when Suhaan called her up,


        "Ashi come down"




        "Am waiting…..quick or I'll leave"


        "But Baba is at home" she reasoned


        "Ah……you can manage something or the other, can't you?" he asked, "N anyways you said that you're missing me"


        "That means you were not?"


        "Not exactly…..I'm so busy…..I don't have the time to miss anybody" he teased


        "Just wait……I'll show you" as she hung up


        "I knew it… she'll be here in a moment" he smiled at his confidence


     As Ashi went down with a book in her hand,


        "Baba" she uttered softly


        "Are you going out now?" her Maa asked n she nodded


        "But beta at this time?" her Baba said, "It's already 9"


        "Actually Baba…..I just forgot to make a copy for this chapter, I have to return this tomorrow to Ma'am"


        "Ok do it on your way to college" her Maa suggested


        "But Maa……."


        "Oh ho Maa……Di will be safe you don't worry" she said, "Isn't it Di?" winking at her


        "Hmm, I'll be" as she hurriedly went out


        "You never say anything to her?" her Maa said to her Baba, "N this girl is always supporting her"


        "What I'm for then? Someone has to do it na Maa" she told before going in





     She ran to his car, which was parked at a distance from the gate, as soon as she got in…..he drove it out


        "Suhaan that was silly" she complained


        "But it works, isn't it?"


        "You know one day I'll be in a big problem"


        "You are already in it sweetie" he stroked her chin lightly


        "I know"


        "How did you manage uncle?"


        "Ah……. I said I need to Xerox this" she said holding the book, blinking her eyes


        "That's so sweet……." he said,


        "I know"


        "I meant that's so sweet of him to believe this silly reason of yours" he completed


        "Suhaan……I lied to him, because of you" he stared on, "N you are saying this?"


        "Ahan……you didn't lie for me….."


        "I did it for you….because you were waiting"


        "I came here as you said you were missing me…..I didn't say that" he cleared


        "Ya because I love you more than you do"


        "Who are you to decide that…….anyways?" he said, "I don't need to prove that to you" as he looked away


        "You called me here to fight?" she asked


        "I'm sorry….." as he held her hand softly in his


        "Why do we always fight?" she asked leaning on him


        "May be because we enjoy doing that?" he suggested


        "Hmmm……but can't we talk lovingly as the others do?" wrapping her arm around him


        "Err……you like that?" she looked at him, "No I mean have you heard anyone talking like that?"


         "Hmmm, I did"




        "Rahul n Tamy's"


        "Shaeh" he sighed




        "You should have listened to Manish n Ravs……it would have been easier for us" he teased


        "Suhaan……" hits him lightly on his chest, "Can you never be serious?"


        "Sorry sorry…..but honestly I'm not quite okay with that kinda thing"


        "Ok then do me favor today"


        "Anything for you……."


        "What's your idea of Romance?"


        "Ummmmm…….it's quite different"


        "Ya but like what?" he gazed at her eyes, "Suhaan…."


        "Your eyes are………"


        "My eyes are what………." batting them


        "Your eyes look so………..scary from near" laughing off at it


        "That's a limit" as she straightened


        "Oops sorry" he tried to pull her to him, but she resisted, "Ohk ok… were asking about my idea of romance right?"


        "I wanted a serious answer"


        "Serious this time……." as he pulled her finally, "To me loving someone doesn't mean, you have to always show that"




        "It's about being closer in heart…..n not physically. It's about how much you really care n not about how much you show you care"


        "That's cute" he quickly kissed her temple, "I never knew you could even think so deeply"


        "I'm not bad after all"


        "My Suhaan is the best" saying she pressed her lips onto his cheek, "Ummmm"


        "Hey your neighbor" he said n she got off him in a hurry




        "Wasn't that your neighbor?" he asked naughtily


        "Suhaan………" hitting him


        "Ohk ok, enough of rubbish" he said, "What are you wearing for that day?"


        "Uh….I haven't decided yet" her tone changed to serious


        "Make sure you are wearing something really nice……they will be seeing you for the first time"




        "I mean Mom has seen you, but not this way" he announced but she kept shut, "Uff….I can't wait to see their shocking faces"


        "He's so excited for that….how can I say that to him now?" she thought, "I can't say that to you Suhaan…..I'll not be able to bear hatred for me in your eyes"


        "Hey what are you thinking?" he asked


        "Nothing…..Suhaan drop me home now" she said


        "Seems like you didn't notice at all, we are almost there"


        "Oh right" she managed a smile


        "What about your photocopy?"


        "Don't worry, I can manage that" n then he dropped her home but not before a warm hug






     Finally the day arrived; it was Sameer's wedding …….the house chattered with loads of people moving in n out…….everybody seemed to be busy in their own discussions, but there were a  single pair of eyes locked at the entrance………


     Suhaan had been waiting eagerly for her long, since the party started rolling…….he was excited as well as nervous at the same time……..n there she stood in a milky white Salwar suit. The moment he saw her, he ran up to her


        "Why are you so late?" he asked


        "Ah…….just got late in dressing up" she told


        "Ohk…….You are looking lovely" as he gazed at her up n down


        "Thanks" she replied shyly


        "Come…I'll take you to them" as he held her hand, "Are you nervous?" feeling her cold hands


        "Hmmm, a bit" only she knew how she was feeling, but she had prepared herself for this….she knew she had to, some day


     As they entered, Suhaan's eyes searched for his Dids n Bhai…..he knew they will be the most shocked among others


        "Bhai" he called as he saw him, "Just wait there"


        "Ok" he replied, Ashi knew the countdown had begun, there was no way back now, she gripped his hand somewhat more tightly in fear, fear of loosing him, fear of the hatred that'll be seen in his eyes from a few moments from now


        "Don't worry…….din't I tell you that we'll runaway if they don't give in?" she nodded meekly but she knew it won't be the same again,


        "Not a problem uncle, it's so nice of you to take out time" Sameer said to the elderly man talking to him


        "Always be happy beta" n then he touched his feet as he went


        "Ah……Suhaan, what was it?" he asked as he saw him waiting


        "Bhai…..I want you to meet someone"


        "Who?" he asked


        "She's the most special person in my life……."


        "Oh ho"


        "Yup… my love…..Ashi" as he pulled her out from his back, Ashi was almost in tears to say anything as Suhaan glanced at her 


     Sameer stared on for a moment……..


        "I don't believe this" said Sameer


         "Look I told you, Bhai will be too shocked" he gladly said


        "Of course I'm…….Aayesha" he uttered


        "Aayesha?" Suhaan asked as he looked around, but then his expression changed as he looked again at their still faces


        "Suhaan….." called Ashi, her voice too low to even hear it properly; she realized his grip loosening over her hand, "Listen to me please……."


        "You are Aayesha?" he asked, but she stood like a statue, "Answer me damn it" he shouted as the hall vibrated creating a pin drop silence all over, Sameer couldn't have imagined a worser introduction for her


        "Yes" she nodded……..n the next moment she was slapped hard across her face,


        "I hate you" he declared before moving out of the place


        "Suhaan I love you very much…….please believe me" she chanted in sleep


        "Di" Rimi rushed to her side,


        "Suhaan" she sat up shouting as she woke up sweating, n crying


         "Are you okay?" she clung to her sister


        "I'll loose him Rimi…...I can't live without him, I would die if I loose him" she cried


         "No Di… won't loose him, trust me" she tried to calm her down, soothed her back, "If needed I'll talk to him, I'll tell him what was the situation like then"


        "He won't listen to anybody Rimi, you don't know him"


        "Ok I don't……..but I know that he loves you sooooooo very much isn't it?"




        "Di, can't you avoid Sameer's marriage?" she asked


        "How can I avoid that? He's planning to introduce me to his family then"


        "Tell him that you'll not be in Mumbai"


        "For what?"


        "Ummmmm, tell him that we are going to Pune to see our Aunt…… she's not well"


        "N if he comes to check me out?"


        "He'll be too busy to do that anyways"


        "Hmmmm, but will that be okay?"


        "I think it'll be……you just don't step out of the house for some days, n inform him after the celebrations are over that you are back"


        "Are you sure, he won't doubt that?"


        "He trusts you much for that"




        "By the time you can think of any other way to say that to him, as you can't hide it from him anyways"


        "Okay, then I'll call him tomorrow" she said, sounding a bit more relieved now


        "Now don't think of that too much, go to sleep"


        "Thanks Rimi…….I really needed someone at this moment"


        "I know……Suhaan ki deewani" she teased making her blush



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-Jwalamukhi- 93 47270 07 September 2009 at 7:06am by amazingneira
~Cupid's Arrow~ By Kat *One shot*

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Author: jia..   Replies: 20   Views: 4503

jia.. 20 4503 03 June 2009 at 5:38am by Riddss
The Heart Knows When The Search Is Over.UDTD PG4

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Author: maitri505   Replies: 61   Views: 4682

maitri505 61 4682 01 April 2009 at 12:51am by maitri505
FFTo love or not to love.pt20 pg 22 31/10

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Author: KC294   Replies: 184   Views: 40031

KC294 184 40031 04 November 2008 at 6:06am by sweet cherry

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