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An Arrow of Love~RN fic..udtd-pgs 47 & 48 [9/6] (Page 39)

Sumi_162710 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 August 2009 at 8:56am | IP Logged
Oh this is a cool part. SUHAAN n Ashi's convos here r just awesum. And the way SUHAAN reacted to those boys was so nice. He may sound very rude in the end to others but to me He is still n will always be the BEST. No matter wat. He is actually very unique n thats the way he takes this thing. So 4 me his rude behaviour was also as cute n unique as him. And to be honest its these different reactions of him that make him THE SUHAAN MALHOTRA.....indeed the BEST.

Pls continue soon.

-Yaz- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 August 2009 at 9:35pm | IP Logged
Okay as much as I love him, i still can't forgive for how he blamed Ashi, Infact i'm feeling much angrier, than the first time i read it Angry I still don't understand what's Ashi's Fault in it .. Yes she tried forcing him to come, but he's Suhaan, and No amount of forcing can make him do something he doesn't want to, so obviously he came to the V party because he wanted too Angry so why the hell !! Angry anyways I still Love him though Embarrassed But bechaari Ashi, How can she tolerate him Confused I would have slapped him left right and center by Now ... Ouch

Anyways Great update !! Thumbs Up

Take Care

saanch_69 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 August 2009 at 3:15pm | IP Logged
Here's the next part :

~Forty One~



     Sameer n Mehr had a great time together, as they spent the evening dancing cozily in each other's arms n flirting with each other


        "So did you enjoy that?" he asked


        "Hmmmm………I love you so much" she uttered sleepily cuddling in his arms


        "Don't tell me you are sleepy?"


        "Do I still need to tell that?" she asked hardly looking at him


        "Not exactly" as they walked past the garden, he glanced at her; she stuck to him with her eyes closed n was carefree to where she was led to. He took her to the garden, n she walked along without knowing


     As they reached in,


        "Open your eyes" he whispered,


        "We reached right?" as she searched for the car, "Open the door please" n he gave out a laugh, "Huh?" forcing herself to look where she stands actually


        "I don't believe this… didn't realize where you are heading to……"


        "What's so funny in that? I thought you would drive me back home" making a sad face


        "I would do that still" he said


        "Then why are we here?" as she looked around, "There's no one here Sameer, what are we going to do here?"


        "You want me to do it in front of all? I don't mind it anyways" he winked


        "Huh? Do what?" n she stopped looking at his naughty smile


        "You look even more beautiful with sleepy eyes" he stated making her blush


        "N you look sexy when you flirt" she replied quickly


        "Can I……" he hesitated to complete it, holding her face in his hands, she kept hers over his


        "Yes you can" she touted biting her lip, as he lowered his face to kiss her for the first time, n she responded it with an equal fervor






        "Suhaan stop I say" Rahul shouted as he followed him, n after him was Manish


        "Rahul just go away……..I don't want to talk to anybody now"


        "But you have to" as he ran faster to catch him up


        "No I don't……..I was wrong that I came here…..I should have got that earlier" he fumed


        "Then why did you?" he asked


        "I'm sorry…….I told you that, didn't I?"


        "Say that to her……." Manish said


        "Why do I need to say that to her?"


        "Suhaan, are you okay?" Manish was surprised, as Rahul stared on, "You don't even realize what you did to her?"


        "Did I say anything wrong to her? She asked me to come n all this…..."


        "Just stop it Suhaan" said Rahul sternly, "You are going on repeating the same thing…..she asked you to, you weren't interested at all n what not?" Suhaan looked on surprisingly


        "Ya but that's……"


        "That's not true……you came because you wanted to come" he declared


        "You know me better, I'm not like that" he retorted back


        "Suhaan……from the past few months, I have come to know about a many things about you, which I didn't knew earlier…..n that too very surprising ones" he stated


        "What rubbish? I haven't changed that much"


        "Of course you have Suhaan" added Manish


        "N the funniest thing about all this is that you haven't realized it" Rahul opined


        "Didn't realize what damn it?" he shouted


        "That you love Ashi" Rahul shouted back at him, Manish looked at Rahul, shocked to hear it that way, he too knew it would come sooner or later


        "Ah…….what?" he asked, his tone calm now "You know Rahul…..I haven't heard such a ridiculous thing in my entire life?" he stated before turning


        "N I haven't seen such a confused lover in my entire life" Rahul replied in the same tone


        "Rahul….that's enough rubbish heard" he warned


        "It's not, it's the truth….you do love her"


        "Another time you repeat this, n I'll beat you up"


        "Like you did to them….for they were teasing your girlfriend?" Suhaan snared back at him


        "Suhaan…..just cool it" Manish tried to


        "Why are you so concerned about her Suhaan? Why didn't you harm her when she pushed you into the lake……..n what made you so worried when she tried Bungee Jumping?"


        "That's true Suhaan, even I noticed that" Manish supported


        "Because she was trying it for the first time….." he said

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saanch_69 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 August 2009 at 3:16pm | IP Logged

        "Ok then what was making you so restless that you went to meet her at the middle of the night……you would have waited for the next day, if she had been just a friend, isn't it?"


        "Exactly, even I didn't knew that" Manish complained getting a sharp look in return


        "Tell me Suhaan why?"






        "Because I……" he stopped as he had nothing to say to that


        "Because you love her….it's as simple as that" Rahul declared with a smile


        "Arre jeeyo……Suhaan's in love!" Manish cheered delightfully as he hugged him n he stood there stunned


        "Go n tell her that" Rahul said, "You don't know how much she loves you"


        "Suhaan…….Cupid's been too generous on you that you have Ashi in your life"


        "But…..will she….I mean I have never thought it this way ……what would I say?" he asked


        "Just say what you feel for her……girls like confessions" Rahul winked


        "Hmmm……but is it really……."


        "Are you going by yourself or we need to carry you along?" Manish asked


        "No….I'm going" he said as he was pushed, as he walked the way ahead






        Ashi sat still in that room, with tears occasionally turning up in her eyes as she struggled to get rid of them, as the others sat with glum faces


        "Ashi please say something" pleaded Tamy yet again


        "I need to go home" she uttered


        "Ashi, look we know how you must be feeling but….." Soniya tried to reason


        "I can't stay here for more" she said wiping the fresh tear that rolled down her cheek


        "At least wait till Rahul comes back" Tamy suggested


        "But where is he?" someone asked


        "He's gone after Suhaan….."


        "There's no use, he's too adamant to even accept that it was his fault" declared Renu


        "But it wasn't his fault……..what he did was right, they should be taught a lesson" remarked Siya


        "I'm not talking of that, he shouldn't have said that to Ashi" Renu explained


        "Ya but did you really force him to come here?" Siya asked out of curiosity as she stared on


        "I think it's better that we all leave now, it's pretty late anyways" suggested Soniya, getting it clear that the long they will stay, the more will be discussed about the matter, hurting Ashi more in turn


        "Hmmmm……you all go am with her" Tamy said


        "No am staying back" Siya said


        "No, it's perfectly fine Siya….n anyways we'll go home together….you don't worry" she said indicating her to leave so that Ashi can open up a bit


        "Ohk fine, I'll do that" as they left


        "Ashi……they have left" she said


        "I can see that"


        "Ashi talk to me……..please"


        "But I don't want to Tamy" she declared sternly


        "But how long will you sit like this here?"


        "You asked me to wait for Rahul, or I would have left already…….."


        "Rahul has gone to talk to Suhaan, I'm sure he'll get things sorted out"


        "There's nothing left to be sorted out Tamy……..he said what he felt"


        "No……it's not that, he was quite upset at that time, may be he didn't mean that actually"


        "He did…..he was reluctant to come here anyways, I asked him to….no I forced him to" her grief came out


        "Ashi you know it very well that you cannot make him do anything unless he himself wants to do it"


        "May be he was trying to sympathize with me… that I don't feel bad" she said


        "Don't feel like that Ashi……please it's not that bad. You only were saying that day na, that he had changed so much, may be he really wanted to attend it, only to see you happy" she tried to make her feel better


        "I'm not a kid Tamy that you are trying to lure me with a chocolate" she smiled sarcastically


        "But….." n then she stopped looking at her silent form


        "I'm tired Tamy……trying to make him realize how much I love him" she said hugging her, "Why did I love him Tamy?"


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saanch_69 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 August 2009 at 3:19pm | IP Logged

Love hurts when you break up with someone,

It hurts even more when someone breaks up with you..

        But love hurts the most when the person,

               You love has no idea how you feel!



        "Love needs no such stupid reason Ashi, you know that well"


        "Everyday I woke up with the fear of loosing him, but how can I loose him……he was never mine"


        "Please stop crying……or you'll end up falling sick" as she faced her


        "Don't worry I won't…..Anyways I should leave now, tell Rahul I'm okay" as she turned, she saw him standing there


        "Ah….Suhaan, good that you are here" Tamy said but he stared on at Ashi's face


        "I need to talk to you" he urged


        "But I don't" she refused n walked past him as he stopped her


        "I'll just check where Rahul is?" Tamy said excusing herself


        "Ashi……I'm sorry, I didn't mean it that way" he said but she didn't reply instead turned away, "I know I was rude……I shouldn't have said that to you….I know that n am sorry" he repeated but she stood unmoved


        "Is it over?" she asked, her tone rough


        "Ya…….I mean no" he added quickly, "I wanted to say something else too……Ashi" he called softly as he neared her


        "I'm listening"


        "Ah……I don't know how I am going to say but……I want you to know this" he waited for a moment, "I quite liked you from the day we became friends… were different, n sportier too unlike others"


        "What is he saying?" Manish whispered


        "Just keep shut" Rahul said, as they waited out of the room, peeping


        "I don't know why but I felt nice when you were around, it seemed you understand me……I missed you when you weren't, I didn't knew why…..I feel bad when someone says anything to you, n that's why I couldn't take that piece of shit…or I'm not the one to react that way" he reasoned, "Are you getting it what am trying to say?" he asked puzzled


        "Hmmm" she meekly answered


        "You know that day, when I saw you crying at the party, I didn't like it at all…..I wasn't sure why but it hurt me too" his voice heavy


        "Seems he is coming to it" Tamy said


        "Are you people going to start a countdown to it?" Rahul taunted


        "Suhaan please……." as she moved away, "I know you take me as a friend, n I promise I won't bother you again"


        "Shit man….what's wrong with her?" Rahul stated,


        "Ya exactly, what if he backs out now?" Manish sighted


        "Shut up" as they tried hard to look but they were no more visible, but heard


        "But you never did that to me" he said, "Rahul's right when he says that I came here as I wanted to… never forced me, no one can do that to me" clearing it out


        "Suhaan what are you trying to say? I'm not getting it" he went to her, yet hesitatingly, feeling her hair in his fingers removing them from her shoulder, she shivered a bit as she got conscious of him being so near, her breathing irregular


        "Would you believe it if I say I'm used to you…….I feel like you are a part of my life" the tears which she had held in her eyes till now, refused to stay on as closed her eyes tightly n they flowed down her cheeks, "If that is what one feels in love…..then I do love you" as he turned her to face him, "I…….I really can't do without you" n she broke down hugging him


        "Yes" touted Manish excitedly as he hugged Rahul, where as in,


        "I never knew you would cry so much at this too? Or is it really your favorite thing to do?" he teased


        "Suhaan…" facing him now, as he looked at her


Eyes that look into my eyes now

I've searched 'em in my nears

I never knew they resemble so much

To the eyes I dreamt all these years!

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saanch_69 Senior Member

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        "Ashi……I'm…." she didn't let him complete as she placed her finger on his lips


        "I love you so much" as she stuck to him, rubbing her cheeks against his, "Promise you won't repeat that"


        "I won't….Aah!" he touted


        "What happened?" as she noticed his cut closely now, "I'm sorry"


        "That's okay….." he said n she went on to kiss it lightly,


        "Is it alright now?"


        "I never knew it felt so nice" he smiled making her blush, "Love you"


        "N we love you too" as they jumped on them


        "Huh?" he uttered looking embarrassed, "What are you people doing here?" he asked as Tamy gave a tight hug to Ashi


        "Waiting out for your romance to end" Manish declared, as Ashi bit her lip shyly as he shot a sharp look


        "Why did you let him off so easily?" Tamy whispered, "It was a golden opportunity to make him do what you want"


        "But I already have what I wanted" she replied n Tamy rolled her eyes at that


        "Come on Suhaan watching you confess was one of the memorable moments in our life… can we miss it?" Rahul winked


        "Ah……I think now that everything's fine, we should move" Tamy suggested


        "Hmmm……." as they left





     When Sameer returned, he checked on Suhaan but he was not there


        "How can she tell these things so perfectly?" he thought, "Anyways I'll check you later bro" as he went on to his own room






     Suhaan was almost silent while driving; he was surprised at his own turn of emotions. Ashi glanced at him but was shy to start the conversation……she became more conscious of the situation


     While setting the gear, his hand brushed along hers….he smiled


        "Did I scold you?" he asked




        "No I mean why you are so silent then……I thought everything's fine now?"


        "It isn't fine" she said as he looked, "It's wonderful" she replied


        "Oh k"


        "Can I ask you something?"




        "What you said was all true, right? Or they asked you to say it like that?"


        "Why does it matter to you so much?"


        "It does"


        "Ask yourself……can I do something that stupid unless I really want to?" she nodded negatively


        "You mean what you did was stupid?" he laughed at her "Actually, it's too good to be true"


        "It's true even if it's not that good" he assured


        "Don't say that ever again…'s the best for me ever"


        "Now do I need to repeat that?" he asked jokingly


        "No… it may not be the same as for me"


        "Believe me, it is……" he stopped, "It's just that, I haven't ever thought that it'll turn out this way….." as she listened on, "You remember, I even hated the very sight of yours" he sighed, "N you too…….."


        "I don't why but I never hated you……I tried but I couldn't"


        "That's the charm of Suhaan Malhotra" he took pride in saying it


        "Hmmm…….I know" she said, as his cell rang


        "Bhai…" as he took it, "How are you free so soon?" she felt tensed


        "N what's keeping you busy?" he asked back


        "Ah…….actually" he glanced at her, "I was on my way back"


        "Cool….then come soon" as he hung up


        "You know he took Bhabhie out today, how come he's back so soon?" she only managed to smile as he drove her home




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saanch_69 Senior Member

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     Sameer saw him entering, he was so eager to finish off his duty given to him by Mehr, he went to his room straightaway


        "Bhai…..what are you doing here?" he asked on entering


        "I was waiting for you only"


        "Is it anything in particular?"


        "Yes…….. but what is this?" as he noticed his wounds, "Did anyone hit you?"


        "No way…..there's no one who can dare to do that"




        "I just got into a brawl, minor ones….don't worry"


        "Ok but you should apply something on it…" he went to get the medical kit


        "I have done that already" he said


        "But I can't see any?" Sameer asked


        "Ah…'s invisible" he managed


        "What rubbish? Sit here; I'll apply some antiseptic……"


        "Please don't tell Dad about this" he urged


        "I don't need to, he'll notice it himself"


        "Oh no n then again an emotional lecture by Mommy dearest"


        "Suhaan…..why are you saying it like that, she worries for you"


        "I know I know"


        "So how's your Valentine party?" Sameer asked


        "Pretty good" he replied


        "So Mehr was right…… was indeed a Valentine one?"


        "Did you ask that? I din't notice" he replied smiling


        "Don't try to cover it up"


        "How was yours?" he asked back


        "Good" as he applied the ointment


        "Bhai….you feel happy when Bhabhie's around right?"


        "Of course"


        "N want her to be with you every time?"


        "Hmmmm, but why are you asking that?"


        "Just like that, that means you love her very much"


        "We do love each other, that's why we are getting married right?"


        "True" he felt relieved by this confirmation





     Ashi woke up early the next day,


        "Di" she called as she woke up rubbing her eyes, Ashi turned to look at her, "How are you up early?"


        "I don't want to sleep"


        "But why? What happened……you were quite late last night?"


        "I know" she said as Rimi touched her forehead to check, "What?"


        "No just checking……..are you alright that you don't want to sleep?"


        "Why do I need to sleep when my dreams have all come true?" she asked


        "What do you mean?"


        "I mean Suhaan….."

saanch_69 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 August 2009 at 3:25pm | IP Logged

       "He said that? Really?" she asked delightly, as she nodded, "I just can't believe it…….I'm so happy for you" hugging her cheerfully


        "I know"


        "But then why are you so dull Di? Everything's fine right?"


        "It's true that he loves me, but he's unknown to the whole truth"


        "Uhh……not again Di" she turned towards the washroom, "It's better for you if you forget that soon"


        "How can I do that when I know what's coming" she murmured to herself


        "Di…… know what I should call him now" she said before running to her cell


        "Rimi don't do that, he might be sleeping……n not from my cell, never" she warned, but Rimi was too fast again as she ran out n called him up, well she didn't call him, she meant to leave an extended missed call n then came back


        "Seems like he's really sleeping" she said making a face, returning it to her


        "I told you"


        "Ok but tell me what did he say to you" Ashi looked at he, "I mean how he said that to you?" she asked curiously 


        "You think I'll tell you that?" she nodded


        "You should…….ok then tell me, did he do anything else to you?" Ashi was too surprised to hear that


        "Rimi…….what are you saying?"


        "What? Many of my friends discuss that their boyfriends did this n that to them" she clarified


        "Who are they?" she asked concerned


        "Now don't sound like a typical elder sis…….am grown up enough to know that well… tell me whether he did anything to you of that sort or not?"


        "Suhaan isn't that type at all…….he wasn't even sure whether he should say that or not"


        "Send him to me, he needs a tutor to that" she stated


        "No need, I love him the way he is" blushing a lil'


        "Oh ho…….Cho chweet"





     Suhaan noticed the missed call as he woke up, but wasn't too keen to call her up at that very moment, in fact he was reminded of what he said to her last night n he smiled shyly at that


        "So finally, Mr. Suhaan Malhotra got trapped" he declared before heading in for a bath


     As he went down,


        "Wow Suhaan… are looking so fresh?" stated Sameer


        "Is it that different Bhai?"


        "Isn't it Mom?" Sam asked


        "Hmmmm….." as he took a chair, "Suhaan….what's this mark for?" she asked n he turned to Sameer


        "Ah……Mom just a minor one"


        "So you are back at your old angrier self…….I thought you had left all those" his Dad remarked


        "It's not that Dad, they were misbehaving n I can't stand that"


        "But beta, if anything had happened to you then?" she asked


        "Something has really happened to him Mom" Sameer stated


        "Huh? Did you say anything Bhai?"


        "No nothing at all"


       "Ohk I have news for you all" his Dad said


        "What news Dad?" Suhaan asked, Sameer had heard something from Mehr already

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