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An Arrow of Love~RN fic..udtd-pgs 47 & 48 [9/6] (Page 38)

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Mehr and Sameer are such a Sweet Couple, LOVE them Embarrassed

Valentines day is coming up and Suhaan and Ashi are going as couples Embarrassed I'm so Excited, Only because i Know what's going to happen Wink Eeeeeeh!!! .. Update Soon Smile

Take Care Hug


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        "Hey what are you saying?" asked a shocked Rahul


        "The truth" Tamy said, "N anyways…..I know you won't believe me unless you confirm that from her" she taunted


        "No no that's not true……I believe you but…."


        "See again this but comes in between"


        "But it isn't for I don't believe you, it's because….."


        "Suhaan….I know"


        "Exactly……I mean I can't believe that he can change so much" he said rolling his eyes


        "Oh…..then how was he earlier?" n Rahul gave out a laugh, "Tell me na?"


        "Ok…..I'll tell you but don't tell this to anybody"


        "I won't tell this to anybody, promise……except Ashi"


        "Hmmm, I knew it…anyways she should know all"


        "So are you telling me or not?"


        "Why are you sounding so excited?" he asked


        "Any problem?" n he looked away, "Don't tell me you are jealous?" he turned n she laughed


        "Why would I be jealous?"


        "Just getting it straight, you know……" he stared at her, "Ohk ok sorry…..the story please"


        "Hmmmm, that's better….." as she waited, "I remember once we took him out on Valentine's Day….n that too forcefully"


        "N who was your valentine then?" her brows joined curiously


        "Now you are sounding jealous….."


        "Am not"


        "We're too young for that…..n we didn't have one in particular, we're just friends with the girls of the school adjacent to ours" he explained


        "Oh…k……hmm so what happened?"


        "We had dressed up in our best attires possible……" as she listened on, "N then as we went out, some of our friends started flocking here n there…….you know how boys are, right?'


        "Ya ya very well" she teased, "N then"


        "Well I tried it too" as her eyes shot up


        "Did you get any?"


        "What do you think?"


        "No ways"


        "Well I did, n guess what she asked me?"




        "Can I introduce her to Suhaan?"


        "That was so funny" letting another one, "N what did you say?"


        "Well, I took her to him n asked him to go for a date"


        "N he refused?"


        "Yup, he refused, at their face itself…..n I had to hear that from him every now n then"


        "But din't the girls say anything to you?" she asked


        "Ya she spent the evening with me……pouring in feelings for him…on me"


        "Oh ho poor you, agony aunt"


        "Ha ha very funny" he taunted back, n then they made their cute plans for the special day ahead




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Ashi wasn't actually sure of what she was doing, but she wanted to capture these moments with him, all her life


        "I know Suhaan how you must be thinking about me" she thought as she sat alone, "But am only my bit to make you realize how much you mean to me" n then



        "Trust me…I'll always be beside you….whenever you'll need a friend" echoed in her ears


        "I know that may be you'll always take me as a friend, if you never get to know who I'm…..but I don't want that….I mean want to be your friend….but I want you to be in my life, because you are my life" n she continued with her wishes n how she thinks that he'll react to her words. She went on saying both of their dialogues


Whenever I sit alone, I get lost in myself

As I feel happy thinking of you

But then I no more remain me

But gradually become you!





     The next few days went in a furor, there was a chaos spread wherever they met, discussions on what to wear, n what was banned, they had fixed up a dress code or so….but still variations were always welcome


     The boys had planned to wear a tuxedo…..preferably in black…if not that, a suit for sure, no casuals were allowed. Same with the girls too, the color was undoubtedly red in their case….they all were almost wearing dresses, well some felt nice to wear saris, n it was allowed of course


        "Hey Suhaan……you remember that valentine?" Rahul asked winking


        "No… know I never attended any….." he declared, "N won't ever do it" n Ashi looked at him suddenly


        "But I heard you are coming with Ashi this year?" Tamy asked


        "Did I say yes for it?" he asked her,


        "No he didn't" Ashi said before standing up suddenly


        "Hey where are you going?" Tamy asked


        "I think you all are discussing about your respective plans for that day……"


        "Hmmm, so?" Tamy asked, as Suhaan stared at her, n she refused to look at him


        "I don't want to sit here n sport a sad face, upsetting you in turn" she explained before moving n Rahul knew she was hurt


        "But….." Tamy uttered but she didn't stop, n as she passed by him, he caught her hand


        "Ashi" he stopped her


        "Suhaan please" as she tried to free her hand from his grip, still not looking at him


        "Actually I was joking….." he started n then turned towards them, "You know that day I requested her to come along…….as I wanted to come" her eyes seemed teary


        "Suhaan leave it, you are not good at it" Rahul whispered


        "Was it over?" he asked n Ashi ran out, "Oh ho Rahul, you always talk too much, see she's so upset with you" as he went after her, "Ashi……listen to me"


        "Suhaan enough is enough" she said walking still


        "I know it was not good of me to say it like that….but you know me right?"


        "No I don't"


        "I know you do"


        "Why always I need to do that, did you ever ask me what I'm like?" n he had nothing to offer in return, "I know you didn't even try"


        "Look Ashi……" he turned her to face him


        "No you look, at what you think of yourself…."


        "I know what I'm"


        "N what is that?"


        "A fool, a duffer and a perfect idiot" as she rolled her eyes, "But this idiot deserves a chance to prove that he's joking"


        "Not again" she turned


        "Now ……enough of your tantrums" he shouted, grabbing quite attention


        "Suhaan don't create a scene here" she pleaded in a low tone


        "You wanted me to come with you, I agreed, then why are you doing this now?" his voice still quite loud


        "Okay fine…….I'll come with you" she said,


        "Cool……you sound better saying this" saying he smiled


        "Oh so this was all an act?"


        "Certainly, some things need to be handled differently" he smugged


        "Ya sure……….why are you wasting your time in a business….you should seriously take up acting" she suggested


        "Really? Then what was yours?"




        "You knew it very well, that if you come out that way…..making me feel guilty n then I would come after you to convince you for something you were actually ready……"


        "You know what, Bhabhie was so right when she advised you to join CID"


        "Anyways….enough career options for a single day, will discuss it later sometime when that day is over" he spurted out with the most uninterested look on his face


        "Suhaan, it's Valentine's Day……say it with a bit of love" she suggested


        "Who cares? It's going to be just another party for me"


        "Ohk fine, now drop me home"


        "Seems like it falls within my duty?" his eyes narrowed


        "Of course it does, isn't it your duty to keep a check on me so that I don't runaway with someone else?"


        "N who's that foolish guy?"




        "Of course I'm, or I wouldn't have beard all this" as he went out


        "At least you accepted that, so what if otherwise" she thought





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    Sameer n Mehr, too had their own plans for today,


        "Hey Sameer, isn't Suhaan going out somewhere?" Mehr asked


        "He never does"


        "Should I call Ashi?"


        "I don't think that will be okay for her, she may feel bad if you remind her"


        "Ya…..but I really feel bad for her, she loves him so much….n he's not ready to even think about it"


        "I just can't imagine, what will he do once he'll be forced onto someone?"


        "Can't you make him realize?"


        "Forget me, Di tried so many times but every time he wins"


        "We should seriously think over it" she said


        "Ya ya, it's all up to you once you get in here"


        "Are you scaring me?"


        "I don't want to, but yes persuading him for something like that is scary"


        "Hmm I know…anyways at what time are you picking me up?"


        "Umm, after five minutes"


        "What?" as she almost shouted


        "Ya, I have reached there almost"


        "But…… not ready yet"


        "Then make it quick"


        "Bye" as she hung up quickly n rushed to select her dress, a nicely stitched evening gown, aptly feminine to enhance her beauty


     After sometime, he called her again,


        "Ya ya I'm getting ready" she said hurriedly n she heard a laugh, "What?"


        "I'll be picking you up in an hour" he declared


        "But?" n then she stopped, "I'll kill you"


        "Please at least think of my family n yours too…….I'll move to heaven effortlessly….but you'll spend your entire life behind bars"


        "Sameer can't you say something sensible………. At least today?"




        "Then learn something fast as I'm not going to stand these all evening" she warned, "N ya don't be late"


        "Ohk cya then"





     Sameer walked past Suhaan's room, n then returned soon as his eyes caught something unusual……..n thus he entered to check


        "Suhaan?" he called looking at the huge foray of clothes scattered on his bed


        "Huh?" emerged he, from the cupboard


        "What are you doing?"


        "I hope you can still recognize what these are called?" he indicated the spread out


        "No I don't…I'm talking of why have you created such a mess around?"


        "Actually I was searching something"




        "A shirt…….." as he neared him, "Ah……can you suggest something else with this?" holding the jacket up


        "Ya sure" he began to


        "Thanks….then I would be back from a shower soon"


        "One second….." he stopped, "Where are you going to…..that you need to wear this?"


        "Ah……a party surely or why would I…..isn't it?"


        "Valentine's Day Party…huh?"


        "What rubbish? You know it well Bhai, that I don't attend these kinda parties ever"


        "Hmmm, n I knew that you even avoid to party tonight, no matter what kind it was"


        "Actually…..Mohit urged me so much that I couldn't escape"


        "Oh really……"


        "Hmmm, now can I?"


        "I hope someday you couldn't say not to even a girl" he said


        "Bhai, I'm getting late" as he went in n then again peeped out, "Please select a shirt which matches me more than you"


        "Just step in or…" as he neared him to punch, n he banged the door shut





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Rahul had picked up Tamy on time n they were on their way to the party spot, Manish wanted to come along Ravs….she wasn't too interested in being his date, but knowing she had no better choice, she had almost blessed with him with a date…….


        "Do you think Suhaan will come with that Ashi?" she asked


        "Ya why not? What's wrong in it?" he asked back


        "What's right in it anyways? She doesn't even belong to the same status we belong to" she stated


        "Ya…..but she belongs to the same area, Suhaan resides in" he joked, as she looked on disgustingly, "May be he wanted a nearer date" he suggested


        "If you are going to utter these stupid jokes all this while…..then don't even dare to open your mouth ever"


        "Who wants to do that, n I would love to keep shut, if you seal it with something special" he reasoned


        "Can you please stop this nonsense n speeded up so that we can reach there faster?"


        "Of course, but don't forget that you are my date, so you'll have to be with me" he reminded


        "Thanks for reminding me yet again"





     Tamy n Rahul waited outside for the others to arrive,


        "I told you na, no one is coming up so fast" she complained


        "But they said they will reach here by 8" he replied


        "Does this seem like a examination hall to you?"




        "That they turn up on the just time?" she asked


        "Well, it is that for one…..if not all"


        "Even if it is for him, he'll then try to be as late as he can" she sighted


        "Hmmm, you seem to get his methods faster than me?" he asked rubbing his chin


        "Yes, because we use our organs well in time"


        "Ya ya……shall we go in?" he asked an attendant


        "Rahul but….."


        "Yes Sir, you may go in….the party's just started" he said before leaving


        "But how can we go in without them?"


        "Let them wait for sometime" he said


        "Ah……won't they call us before waiting?"




        "See you men don't even realize that you have a brain that presumably works"


        "Enough of singing my praises….Let's go in" as he gave out his arm to her


        "Sure….." as she placed a quick peck on his cheek, "Happy Valentine's Day"


        "Oh….right" as he took out something from his pocket, "N this is for you"


        "Aah…." her eyes witnessed tears as she gazed at the small ring


        "Has anybody ever told you, that you girls use your organs quite easily?"


        "Hmm" she hugged him in an impulse, "That's sweet"


        "Are you going to do it all here only?" he asked slipping it down her finger




        "Keep some surprises for the night" he suggested


        "OK" as they moved in





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    Ashi had been permitted to attend the party, as she told them that it was a normal party where friends would have fun together…..but Rimi knew her better n had helped her choose a perfect dress for the event. She too wasn't the one to miss it, n was even out with her friends before her.


     Suhaan had already set out, dressed up in a fitted black satin shirt n a tuxedo, today he surely dressed to kill anyone who catches a glimpse of him ….but he was not the one to miss his real valentine for sure, his Bliss. He visited her first before setting out for Ashi, calling her up prior to the time when he reaches there, he hates to wait, n moreover for a girl, that wasn't Suhaan Malhotra.


     As soon as he reached there, he called her up


        "You know I hate waiting" he showered as soon as she picked up


      "I know….it'll take less than a moment for me to be there" she said hurriedly as she came down n ran towards the car


        "Come on fast…..they must be waiting" he shouted as she came near


        "Ya ya coming" saying she got in


        "This is the problem with you gi….." he was stopped by the sight his eyes witnessed


     She appeared like a goddess, in that intricately patterned knee length dress, it was a halter neck but not backless, though Rimi had insisted on that one, she resisted it, thinking he would not like it. The portion which lay uncovered by her dress, was delicately peeping out as her hair shifted positions from time to time………n he sat unmoved for a moment or two


        "Suhaan" she called out softly beaming into his eyes lovingly




        "Are you alright?" she asked


        "No, am not…." she stared on, "I mean how someone can be okay in this situation?" making her blush a lil'


        "Thanks" she hardly uttered


        "Can I ask you something?" she nodded, "I hope you won't mind it?"


        "You know it better"


        "Why do you women use so much of perfumes n all……don't you suffocate?"


        "What?" she asked surprisingly


        "I need something fresh to breathe on" as he coughed out fake


        "Suhaan……..that was silly"


        "I know…..anyways, this is for you" as he casually handed over a box to her


        "So you know these things?" she asked happily


        "I didn't…..actually Rahul told me to get something for you…."


        "N you?"


        "I too, as I didn't want to upset you again"


        "Why?" as she longed for an answer


        "I feared that if you backed out at the last moment then……"


        "Then what?"


        "All the time that I had spent in dressing up would be wasted right?"


        "Is this what you actually thought?" she asked irritated


        "Ya what else? Anyways won't you see what's in?" as she opened it


        "Chocolates….wow" she said delightly, "Thanks"


        "I hope you like chocolates……"


        "Of course I do…..: as he smiled, "N even if I didn't, I would have loved them anyways… it's from you"


        "Oh is that so" he felt a bit uncomfortable at that


        "I have something for you too"




        "That you need to find out by yourself" as she held a box in front of him


        "Can you do me a favor?"




        "Please show what's in it?"




        "Isn't it the same thing anyways, you open it or I, what difference does it make?"


        "Okay" n she opened the box to take out a watch


        "Oh that's nice…..bit isn't that too much for me?"


        "No it isn't……I thought of you as I saw it"


        "Fine but…."


        "If you don't want to take it, that's fine" she kept it back sadly


        "No actually, I was thinking how it will be if I wear it now?" he asked


        "You really will?" n he nodded making her smile wide


        "Can you help me with that? Keep this one in the box instead"


     She caught his hand, to replace the watch, as  her fingers lingered upon his wrist, he got conscious of her touch……Ashi didn't miss this, she smiled meekly at his uneasiness, as he smiled back to show his normalcy


        "Are you happy now?" he asked


        "Very much…..thanks"


        "Ahan……I should say that instead, it's a nice piece"





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     Sameer had picked up Mehr from her place, n they were driving to one of those Valentine joints


        "You are looking gorgeous" he complemented her


        "Thanks" she smiled back in acceptance n after sometime,


        "Don't you think I deserve one too?" he asked


        "Oh you think so?" he stared on knowing well she was joking, "Ya you too are looking nice"


        "Thanks a lot for obliging me with those words" he replied in sugar coated manner


        "Ummm…..You know that's why I love you so much" as she hugged him, "You get trapped so easily"




        "Hmmm… were are we going?"


        "For a special dinner with my life…..n soon to be wife" she blushed at this


        "That's sweet" as they drove on


        "Hey you know, Suhaan was getting readied for a party or some" he said


        "Didn't you ask what kinda party?"


        "Of course I did……he said that one of his friends insisted him on attending it"


        "You mean it's a not Valentine one?"


        "No he straightly denied that one"


        "That means it is one of those only" she declared


        "How can you say that so surely?"


        "As far as I know him, even if he's attending one, he'll try to hide it from us"




        "So that we don't try to find out more on that"


        "Hmmmm……that may be a case for sure"


        "You do one thing"




        "Just check on him, as he comes back…..I'm sure you'll reach earlier than him"


        "That depends how much you can bear me tonight" he winked


        "Shut up…..he doesn't gets home too early for that"


        "Ohk I'll do that too……for you" as he kissed her lightly on her temple


        "For me?"


        "Ya….it'll lessen your burden after that right?"


        "I never knew you are such a futurist"


        "There are many things, you are yet to know"


        "I hope they turn out as surprises n not shocks" she teased


        "Only time will tell that"








     Suhaan n Ashi were probably the last ones to enter the hall


        "What took you so long?" asked Manish,


        "Actually……." Ashi started but was cut off


        "My Valentine was feeling insecure to let me be with her" he stated jokingly as she looked at him curiously


        "Quite obvious, she should feel that…….going by what you are looking?" Ishaan teased


        "Thanks" he uttered


        "Wow, I never knew you had someone else too?" Akash asked


        "Before you people start to think it otherwise, I would like to clear it all…." as Suhaan smiled at him


        "Who's that…you know her?"


        "We all do……don't we? It has to be Bliss for sure" n they gave a sigh out


        "Ohk now come in n join the party" Manish urged


        "Hey Ashi, you are looking just awesome" Soniya said,


        "Ya I never knew….you looked so nice, or I wouldn't have let you go" Manish teased


        "I'm sure you are tired of listening to Suhaan's praises" Seema asked


        "Hmm" she tried to sound happy


        "Ya…..isn't my date looking simply……." as he searched


        "Gorgeous" touted Manish


        "Ya exactly, that's the word……gorgeous" he uttered smiling a bit too much


        "Thanks" as she grabbed his arm, "I think we should move in now"


        "Is it compulsory to move like this?" he whispered to Manish


        "Yeah, it is…….you are left with no other option, we are all busy with our own dates" he reasoned


        "Who's your date?" he asked


        "Ravs of course"


        "Then mine is better, thanks bro" as he went with her, trying utmost to merge in the environment


     They were asked to dance in couples, he had never done that before……but being a keen watcher he hardly took time to grasp it in


        "Are these people really in love?" he asked suddenly


        "Hmmm, don't you think so?"


        "No I don't think so…….look at them, they are not even ready to accept what they are themselves, how can they do to others?"


        "Do you feel the same about me?" she asked as she looked in his eyes


        "No I mean….you know me as a friend, but……."


        "I want to know you better Suhaan"


        "N if I come out as someone weird?" he reasoned


        "You are much weird than what I expected you to be"


        "Oh I din't knew you have such things in store for me?"


        "Hmmmm, if you were the weirdest of all, then too…..I would have loved you only" nearing him a bit


        "Ashi……will you have something?" he asked


        "Hmmmm… orange juice would do" she said


        "I would get that" as he escaped


     As he came back with it, he noticed some boys talking to her, she looked uncomfortable though


        "Excuse me?" he poked in


        "Suhaan" she came to him


        "Oh Suhaan……we din't knew she's with you" uttered one of them


        "Do you mind?" he asked


        "Not really……provided you allow one dance with her" another added


        "Just back off you guys" he sternly said


        "Why are you being so protective yaar? It's just a dance"


        "Din't you get me clear? I said leave" he repeated in an stern tone


        "Ohk cool it man, we're leaving… enjoy with her, not much of a problem" as they left he turned, she seemed a bit scared


        "Are you okay?" he asked handing over the juice to her


        "Please stay with me…..or they'll come over again" she pleaded


        "Hey I thought you were brave enough to handle these things"


        "No I'm not… stay by my side"


        "Ohk ok chill….am not going anywhere"


At a distance,


        "Why didn't you let me go there?" Rahul asked


        "I saw Suhaan approaching them" she replied


        "Are you hinting at something I don't know?"


        "I'm not hinting, I'm sure of it"




        "Suhaan too loves her…….may be he's yet to realize that"


        "How do you know that?"

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        "Again doubting my research" as she rolled her eyes,


        "No am not doubting…just asking"


        "Didn't you see his anger when they were trying to tease her?"


        "Ya I saw that too" he delightly added


        "That's a major sign dear"


        "Good one again"


     As they night grew young, all the couples drew closer, well leaving some…..exceptions like Manish n Ravs, who was more interested in what Suhaan was doing,


     N ya Suhaan Ashi danced less n chatted more, well they were still good friends, but as they were busy in talking n laughing at certain things, Suhaan was noticing those boys passing remarks at her, at first he tried to ignore them for sometime, but the more he did, their voices became clearer with every passing moment. Ashi noticed that he was no more with her; instead he was staring hard at them


        "Suhaan just forget them" she said


        "How ridiculous is that? N you are asking me to avoid that?"


        "Ya because they are just impossible to deal with"


        "You seem to know these kinda boys quite well, isn't it?" he asked angrily


        "Ya…..girls are always used to these barking dogs"


        "Look how he's hiding behind her?" said one quite loudly to make it audible to him


        "He's not used to these things as yet, he needs to learn it for sure……" added another one


        "Or his girlfriend will have to bear it all in our arms" ended third one, n with that ended his patience too


        "Don't move from here" he ordered her strictly


        "Suhaan…….." she called out loudly but he went ahead to punch one of those hard on his nose, n the next moment he was down, bleeding profusely


        "Hey" shouted another, "What the hell you think you are doing?"


        "Which I would have done much earlier" he declared before another punched him on his face


        "Suhaan….." shouted Ashi, n all they came forward to the spot, as Rahul n Manish ran to him


        "How dare you touch him?" Manish asked one before punching in his stomach as Rahul got onto another


     Suhaan didn't let go off the one who had concluded with those nasty words for her, n he continued to punch him until Manish n Rahul stopped him


        "Suhaan please leave him …..or he'll die" said Manish as Ashi was too shocked to react anything, Tamy tried her best to console her


    As finally it was over, they brought him back to where others were,


        "Suhaan…." Ashi uttered softly as he glanced at her, his cheek bore a deep cut n a minor one on the corner of his lips, someone arranged some ice to apply


        "Why did you behave like that?" asked Ishaan


        "Ya don't you know how these people are?" said another one


        "No I don't know, n I don't want to know it anyways"


        "But they do it all the time Suhaan" Manish said trying to calm him


        "How would I know…..I never faced this kinda situation earlier?" he reasoned, "I can't stand this nonsense"




        "I'm not bound to clarify to each n everybody here for what I did… I know it was right" as he stood up angrily


        "We know that but still……" Ishaan said


        "You know what, I shouldn't have come here in the first place" he declared irritatingly, glancing over Ashi "You are responsible for all this mess" he blamed her before leaving her too stunned to utter anything



That's all for now Smile 


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2 3

Author: jia..   Replies: 18   Views: 4669

jia.. 18 4669 03 June 2009 at 5:38am by Riddss
The Heart Knows When The Search Is Over.UDTD PG4

2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Author: maitri505   Replies: 61   Views: 5163

maitri505 61 5163 01 April 2009 at 12:51am by maitri505
FFTo love or not to love.pt20 pg 22 31/10

2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 21 22

Author: KC294   Replies: 172   Views: 40698

KC294 172 40698 04 November 2008 at 6:06am by sweet cherry

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