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An Arrow of Love~RN fic..udtd-pgs 47 & 48 [9/6] (Page 37)

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Posted: 29 July 2009 at 4:30am | IP Logged
I luv SUHAAN n His Bliss. It was such a cute name. He himself is very unique n so is his chosen name. I liked the whole scene in the hospital......his giving blood n taking Bliss in his arms 4 the first was all very nice. Luved every bit of it. I hav always luved SUHAAN n Snighda's bond n so I liked the way SUHAAN was attached to his Bliss.

Anyways, w8ing 4 the next part n thnx 4 the PM.

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Here comes the next update: Smile

~Thirty Nine~




     Sameer n Mehr were having a great time together, they enjoyed their drive, walked hands in hands by the sea…n went for a movie, well they went for it, who watched it, was a question though, and they were too immersed in each other to watch it anyways


        "Sameer…why did you bring me here?" she asked


        "I thought you would like it……aren't you?"


        "I don't know about that in front…..but ya am surely enjoying this one" as she held his hand even tighter


        "Who told you that you need to watch that?" he said


        "If no one's watching, let's get out of here" she suggested


        "Don't you like sitting with me?"


        "Not in such darkness…….are we doing anything wrong?" as he nodded negatively, "Then……we are blessed to hold hands in public too"


        "You know some times I think, what was I before I met you?"


        "Ummmm, probably you were at least good for something then….."


        "You mean am good for nothing now?"


        "Do I need to say that?"


        "What I'm today is just because of you" he stated


        "Thanks for acknowledging it dear" as she took pride in it


        "I din't mean it that way"


        "You should have clarified that before……"


        "By that I meant, if I'm useless today……it's just because of you"


        "Ah so sweet of you even then……not many men accept that they are useless" she teased even more


        "Well……I think that's enough of my leg pulling…..we should move out now"


        "We are going to……."


        "Wherever you say….provided it's in Mumbai" he joked




        "You mean home?" she nodded, "Ok…."


        "You know Sameer….am really gonna miss her after Di shifts"


        "Hmmm…..even I'll……we can even visit her there too" he suggested


        "Ah… know it very well, that won't look good…after all  it's her in-laws house"


        "Hmmm, even that's true" as she made a glum face, "Hey I have even a better idea" as his eyes sparkled naughtily


        "What's that?" she asked unmindfully


        "We can have it ourselves…….what say?"


        "You know what…….I knew it was coming" as she walked off


        "But that's a safer one" as he followed


        "For you……not for me"


        "But………are we different?"


        "In this……yes we are…you know that better"


        "Ya but even then…….." n she kept her hand over his mouth, "Ummmm…un un um" he continued to speak despite that


        "Are you taking me home or I shall leave you here?" she asked before freeing his mouth


        "Huh! will leave me on the crossroads like this?" faking a sad face


        "Sameer that's enough Drama for the week" she declared before pulling towards the car


        "Ok……but this time my idea was better"


        "Ohk we'll see when the time arrives…….now can we move?"


        "I have seen it all, you don't need to bother at all" as she rolled her eyes


        "Just get in now n drive me home" he got in at once at her insistence n they started



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    Suhaan stood close behind Ashi waiting for her call to get over, n she was standing with it silently……… he waited for a moment, Rahul wanted to tell her but….n he then tapped her shoulder…..making her turn oh so suddenly


        "Wo…ho…ho" he uttered, "Careful Ashi"


        "Oh I'm so sorry"


        "That's ok… that over?" he asked indicating the call


        "Ya….I think it's disconnected"


        "Ohk…..actually Mom was calling you" as she stared on, "Needed help for Bliss"


        "Oh fine" trying to sound as normal as she could, glancing at Rahul


        "You know Ashi……..Aunty needed you for something Suhaan can't do" he said teasing him


        "Ya...ok…..So can you please come with me?" he asked cordially


        "Huh? Oh ya sure"


        "Rahul, come let's go to my den" as they went, "You just wait…..I'll show her Mom's room" he said to Rahul who nodded unwillingly


        "Oh k" he said


        "Ah…..Ashi, 3rd door to the left is Mom's" he said


        "Hmmmm" as she turned, her legs were shaking, that short distance seemed to be the longest for her…Rahul looked on


        "Oh no……Ashi don't go" he chanted as she left "Who told you to come?" he murmured to himself


        "Would you mind to enter?" he asked Rahul


        "Oh right" as they went in


     Ashi knocked as she reached, peeping in cautiously, she knew there was no enough excuse,


        "Who's it?" asked she


        "Aunty…you called me?"


        "Oh ya beta….come in" she was busy getting something from her cupboard, Bliss was still crying, but in a low tone, "Oh I'm so sorry to……"


        "No that's ok Aunty" as she smiled at the other woman sitting with Bliss on her lap; Ashi's chest seemed to be a smaller place for her heart to thump


        "Actually, this is my cousin……." as she introduced her, "She has helped me out"


        "Of course I would…..why do you need to bother her when I'm here?" she asked, "It's ok beta you can leave….thank you"


        "That's perfectly fine" she hurried up


        "Ah…..have I met you before?" asked his Mom n she froze, "Actually your face seems quite similar"


        "Oh…….may be at the engagement party" she suggested


        "Ya may be…..many of Suhaan's friends were there" she said, "Ok beta….sorry again to bother you…. thanks" as she smiled before leaving


     Out of the room, it seemed like a nightmare……which she had seen repeatedly, n woke up from sleep sweating, and she ran from the vicinity of the room….where? She din't knew




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     In Suhaan's room……they were chatting….n gulping down snacks, well Rahul had never been so tensed


        "You know I think we should try something different for the wedding? What do you say?" he asked


        "Huh……whose wedding?" Rahul asked in return


        "Of course mine…..who else?" he said as he stared


        "Ya ok"


        "Rahul" n he shouted near his ear


        "Ah……what was that for?"


        "For not listening to me……I'm saying something to you n you are not at all attentive"


        "Hmmm……actually Ashi….."


        "Oh ya right……I forgot about her, it's much time she left na?"


        "Can you please check on her…..she needs to be home right?"


        "I'll do that" as he went n knocked straight, "Ashi….."


        "Oh she's not here beta…… she's left as soon as I told her that it was done already" his Mom said


        "But…..ohk…I'll find her" as he came back quickly, "Rahul…..Ashi's not in Mom's room" he said


        "I knew it" as Rahul stood up quickly


        "You knew it? What?"


        "Let's search her first……" he suggested


        "Ohk…..fine….she must be here only, I'm sure she wouldn't leave without informing you"


        "I'm not" as they went in different directions


        "Ashi" called Suhaan but there was no reply, as he ran here n there, "Woof….I never thought my house was that big" he murmured


        "Ashi" shouted Rahul as he searched through the garden


     Suhaan thought of trying to trace her through her cell, he dialed….n yes after sometime he could hear it ringing


        "Why isn't she picking it up?" he thought, "I hope she's alright" as he went in the direction from where the sound came


     Ashi stood by a wall facing it, in a corner …. hiding her face with her hands…..n alas she was crying profusely, n her cell was tucked in her pocket


        "Ashi" as he cut the call, she didn't move or turn, he went forward n placed a cautious hand on her shoulder, "I hope Mom didn't say something that bad…..or did she?" he asked n the next moment she turned only to hug him tight, she was trembling, "Is everything alright?" he asked again, this time in a worried tone


        "I…..I don't want to loose you Suhaan" she uttered as she gasped, "I really don't" she repeated


        "Loose me?" came a shocked one, "What are you saying Ashi?"


        "I didn't knew that he's your……." n she stopped as it struck her, "Oh hell…..what am I saying?" she thought


        "Ashi look at me……" almost forcing her to do that, as she refused to look up, "Why do you think you would loose me?"


        "After…….what happened?"  as he smiled


        "Ah… are still crying for that?" she nodded, "Look at me….I say look at me" he urged in a commanding tone….n she did, her eyes had turned red by that time, "Is crying your favorite pastime?"


        "Huh?" n he gave a wide smile


        "Look Ashi…..if you didn't loose this friend then….then you will never loose him ever" he declared


        "Really?" she had never looked into his eyes so closely


        "Of course…I like you for what you are……a nice person"




        "Trust me…I'll always be beside you….whenever you'll need a friend" he assured


        "Thanks" as she wiped her tears controlling herself, "Am sorry….." as she soothed his shirt's crushed n wet area


        "That's fine……" he stopped her by holding her hand, as he felt uncomfortable, "But you are very much like Bliss in this" he stated


        "Do you relate everything with her?" she asked n he quickly nodded


        "Can we move now…..Rahul must be still running around for you" they turned n there he was waiting down seeing her with him, "Oh you are here?" he asked as they came down


        "Are you alright?" he asked Ashi


        "Well…..she is now" he answered it for her


        "I think we should leave now…'s pretty late" she suggested


        "Oh right" Rahul said as they started


        "Ah…….Ashi" he called back,




        "What made you think that now…..that you will loose me?" he asked


        "Ah…..that….just like that" she managed


        "No Suhaan, she's lying" poked in Rahul; too shocked was Ashi for that


        "Lying?" he asked, "But….but why would she lie?"


        "Because she doesn't want to hurt you"


        "Rahul stop it" warned she


        "No Ashi….it's the only chance you can say it to him"


        "Rahul please….. I beg you" she pleaded n Suhaan was stunned by her words


        "Enough of it….will anyone tell me what's it?" he asked


        "I'll tell you….n today as she won't be able to tell that"


        "Am waiting…."


        "Rahul no" she said it for the last time before leaving, Rahul caught her hand n gave out a mock smile to her, before facing Suhaan


        "Come on, anybody who will catch you up with Bliss, will get that feeling" as he laughed out


        "What?" he asked n Ashi stared on at him as he winked


        "Ya….what did you think anyways?" he asked Suhaan


        "Rahul……I'll kill you" as he ran after him, n Ashi followed them quietly


     Soon they got in,


        "Ok then…hope to see you soon Mamu" teased Rahul


        "Ya sure…..duplicate Mamu……bye Ashi" he said


        "Bye" she softly replied before leaving


     Their car passed through Snigdha' s,


        "Hey wasn't that Rahul?" she asked


        "Who Rahul?" asked Anuraag


        "Rahul……Suhaan's friend…….n there was a girl with him"




        "I din't knew Rahul had a girlfriend?"


        "Ya…..he should have taken your permission before that, isn't it?" he teased


        "Shut up, I din't mean that" n they reached


     Suhaan was down still,


        "Hey Suhaan…..that was Rahul right?" she asked


        "Ya he just went…..came to see Bliss…"


        "Again n that too with his girlfriend?" asked Anu


        "Girlfriend?.... Oh you mean Ashi?" he asked


        "May be ….."


        "Ashi's not his girlfriend……they are just good friends….in fact she was the one who wanted to see Bliss"


        "Oh…..I missed Ashi by a couple of moments" Snigs said


        "I din't knew you wanted to meet her?" Suhaan asked curiously


        "Nothing like that….it's just that I have met almost all your friends except her" she covered it up


        "Ohk… the way, how was your drive?" he asked


        "Ah…….I enjoyed it…..ask her, if she still enjoys it with me" Anu stated


        "What rubbish Jijs?"


        "Actually Suhaan……may be for the first time he's right" as he looked on, "I missed someone"


        "Who's that?"


        "My baby" she declared, "Where's she?"


        "Oh……She's in Mom's room"


        "Just see Saale Saab……it's not even a month, n she misses her more than me"


        "Isn't that natural?"


        "You too think so?"


        "Hmmmm… are nowhere near to her in this" he teased


        "Well I loose then…….after all she's mine"


        "Uhun…..that's a clever win in fact" as they laughed



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She had been quiet from the moment they left,


        "Ashi……are you okay?"




        "You shouldn't have taken the risk at all"


        "But…..I was missing him too much……haven't met him for so many days"


        "Oh……n you didn't think that for even once that what would have happened if he had known the truth?"


        "He'll get to know that one day"


        "Ya…but… did you manage Aunty? Didn't she recognize you?"


        "She did….."


        "What? She did?" as he stopped the car suddenly, "Then Suhaan….."


        "No…….she said that she had seen me somewhere"


        "N what did you say to that?"


        "I said may be she had seen me at the party"


        "Wow….what an idea? I never knew you were so clever" he smiled wide


        "Shut up…..but if she asks Suhaan this then....."


        "Don't worry……I don't think there's a chance to it"


        "Hmmmm….." as she looked at him, "N ya that was nasty" hitting him on his arm


        "Ouch…." laughing hard, "That was for making me run like mad"


        "I'm sorry"


        "From onwards, if you need to do that, please inform me beforehand, so that only he can run around" he joked


        "Rahul …..You are too much"





     Suhaan had started going to office from the past few days, but his heart lay at home, to his Bliss…. He would call up at intervals to enquire about her, n get worried when heard her crying……n Snigs would laugh at his behavior, but knew it very well that he would miss her most once she leaves out.


        "I never knew he could behave like this" Sameer laughed at him


        "So what? At least I'm behaving that for my Niece….but you do that to Bhabhie" he teased back


        "No, that's not true" he denied


        "But Suhaan……You have attached yourself to her in no time" said Snigs


        "Even she's very fond of me…right Bliss" he said gazing at her, "N not to her other Mamu"


        "Ya that's true…..Sameer I don't think she even reacts to you" Snigs said laughing


        "You think? Am sure, she doesn't" Suhaan added


        "Ok fine, she doesn't….she'll once she grows up"


        "But I'll always remain her favorite…n not you"


        "May be because she's the first Girl, you had fallen in love with" he stated


        "N the last too" declaring he stood up


        "Hey I have something about her" Anuraag said as he entered


        "What?" asked Snigs


        "Guess who she typifies most?" he said


        "Who else other than me?" Suhaan took pride in saying that as they gave a Uff not again look


        "But that's true…." Anu supported


        "Jiju you too?" as Snigs let out another laugh


        "Hmmm…..I have enough reasons to state that"


        "Like……what?" she asked


        "She's no.9….which signifies adventures, she's short tempered, can take hasty decisions but once taken she'll stand by it"


        "Uuuuuuu!" he sighed, "At least someone's like me here"


        "So is it good or bad?" Snigs asked curiously


        "Well that depends wholly on the decision she makes" Anu stated, "There's more…. They are born fighters, and never become slaves to anybody"


        "Now that's Suhaan" pointed Sameer


        "They always quarrel with their friends and in-laws. They do not like advice" he continued reading


        "I know that's typically Suhaan" he poked in again


        "This one sums it up……"




        "7 & 9 make a great combo….While 7 represents the underlying Divine Unity, 9 represents the physical and the material"


        "Suhaan n Divine?" as he coughed


        "What's so odd about it……n it's not me, it's number 7, can vary you see?" he sighted


        "It does! Is there anything, which is unlike him?" Sameer asked


        "Well this one's not like him….." he said


        "What's that?" Suhaan asked


        "Loving women can make monkeys of them as they will do anything for their beloved" he ended laughing


        "You were so right Jijs that can never be me" he declared, "But that's Bhai……"


        "Huh….at least something's like me"


        "See he didn't deny that one" Suhaan said


        "N you never know Suhaan…… what awaits you tomorrow" Sameer said


        "Bhai please…..stop it" he strictly said "But Dids you be careful" 


        "Hmmmmm" she uttered


        "Oh ho stop being so protective from now only" Anu said, "I'll make her live like a free bird"


        "Ya….But make sure she returns to her own nest every time" Suhaan opined giggling




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     Ashi was fed up of seeing Rahul n Tamy playing with each other n not confessing still


        "Rahul….why are you not saying anything to Tamy yet?" she asked one day


        "Why? You only told me, she loves me… can't she?"


        "What do you mean by that….you don't love her?"


        "Yes I do but…….."


        "Just remember one thing Rahul…..if you love someone, there should be no ifs n buts in between… that clear?"




        "You don't how much it hurts…..when your love doesn't acknowledge your feelings the same way you do" her voice heavy


        "Hey….don't say like that, he'll do that one day, trust me" as she smiled "Ok fine……I'll do it"




        "I wanted to propose her after I get settled finally…..only after I can give her something of my own….my own firm"


        "That's sweet but what if she doesn't bother about all that? After all she likes you n not your law firm" she stated




        "Do that before you loose her"


        "Loose her? Why?" he asked in a worried tone


        "I don't know, the day I went to meet her I got to listen that they are finding a match for her….." she said


        "Not possible….." n she curiously asked


        "Did you know anything in that matter?"


        "No but….I know one thing for sure, if it had been anything like that…..she would have told me"


        "May be she didn't want to make you worry for her"


        "You think she can do that?"


        "Hmmm, may be she's upset with you"


        "Oh no…..what should I do now?"


        "That also I'll tell you?"


        "No……but will it look nice if I go n say it to her now?"


        "Of course Rahul…..may be she's just waiting for one nod from you"


        "I love you so much Ashi" as he hugged her


        "Err… that for her" she said smiling


        "Thanks" as he ran n she called up


        "Hey Tamy…'s done" she winked


        "Wow… excited to see this" she replied


        "But don't make him do that too much" she said giggling


        "Oh ho…..I'll give him what he deserves…..a good lesson…..You don't worry"


        "Ok…I'll be waiting to hear it from you" as she hung up





     Rahul reached as fast as he could, reaching up to her room was harder


        "Tamy" he called softly, she was in the balcony then


        "Rahul……what a pleasant surprise?" she asked


        "Are you alright?"


        "Of course I'm, why, don't I look that?" she asked


        "Sometimes…..people are what they hide" he stated


        "N what makes you say so?"


        "I don't know…..but I feel you are hiding something"


        "No not at all" as she turned away, trying hard to suppress her laugh


        "Ah….Ashi told me that.."




        "That your family has been looking someone for you….." he knew how hard was it for him


        "Why did she? I asked her not to….." as Rahul turned her around


        "Tamy….I want you to know something…"


        "Like what?" she asked in the most innocent tone possible


        "I like you quite much"




        "No I mean………. I love you" he said in one breath


       "But I don't….."


        "You don't? But Ashi told me that you….."


        "Oh that means you love me only if I do, otherwise not?"


        "No…….I didn't mean that, did I?"


        "Then what do you mean by that?"


        "That meant I'll love you even if you don't" he said before turning away sadly


        "Oh……" n she stopped him keeping a hand on his shoulder, "N what if I say I love you too?"


        "Tamy please…..I don't like these things, it's fine if you don't, but please don't make a joke out of it" he said sternly


        "Ohk baba am so sorry for that……I shouldn't have done that" she uttered sadly, "But Rahul….I really love you……please believe me" tears had come up in her eyes n then Rahul gave out a laugh


        "I knew it was all planned….."


        "Huh? You knew it?"


        "Of course……..anyways you wanted to hear it from me…..n I wanted that from you" he said


        "Hmmmm" as Rahul neared her


        "So… finally said that…."


        "You too"


        "Ah……I really love you Tamy"


        "I love you too" she replied shyly as he hugged her, "Hey what are you doing?" jolting out of his grip, "If someone sees us like this…."


        "So what? They too will get to know of it without saying" he declared




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     It was almost a week or two that Snigs had shifted to her in-laws, Suhaan would visit Bliss on his way home from office, it had almost become his routine…..Anuraag' s parents were really surprised by this act of his…..n to top it, he sometimes dragged Sameer too. Gradually, as he got busier in his work, n his friends, his visits were restricted to weekends only


     They were busy chatting when Ishaan


        "Hey Guys…Valentine's day round the corner!" he said


        "Yes……how can we forget that?" Varun said


        "How about doing something different this time?" Manish suggested


        "Like what? Making Ravs confess that she likes you" teased Ishaan


        "Hey that's rude man" Rahul stated


        "Let them say Rahul, one day she'll get to know what I'm" he said


        "Or probably what you were……?" he teased again laughing


        "Stop this rubbish Ishaan!" Suhaan said, "You can't make that a joke about someone"


        "Suhaan, I was just trying to lighten off the whole thing, n moreover…..we all know she's after you n only you" as Ashi gazed at Suhaan


        "Hey stop all this……let's plan something for the day" Rahul suggested


        "Hmmm ok….." as they began


     After sometime, they were ready to leave


        "Ashi…..whom are you going with?" asked Manish


        "Is that a relevant question anymore dude?" Varun asked, "It's Suhaan who always drops her way home"


        "Oh right, how nice of him na?" Tamy said in a sweet tone making Ashi blush


        "Ok then…..let's move out now" said Manish n they started in no time


     In the car, back home


        "Why have you been so silent?" asked she


        "Huh? Nothing"


        "I know there's something bothering you……tell me what's it?" she urged


        "It's really nothing"


        "Why do I need to push you so much?"


        "Ohk fine…'s about Manish"


        "What about him?"


        "I really feel bad for him, I know it hurts when anyone links Ravs with….me"


        "Hmmm, it does hurt" she murmured


        "Did you say something?"




        "I don't know why Ravs behaves so badly with him? N see then too he cares so much for her"


        "We do that to whom we love" she said


        "Really?" he asked but Ashi kept quiet, "I mean really he does that"


        "One day she'll surely understand him….you don't worry"


        "Thanks Ashi" as she smiled, "I feel so light whenever I pour my worries on you……n you make me smile again"


        "That's what I'm for"




        "So what do you plan to do on 14th?" she asked


        "You mean Valentine's day?" she nodded, "I usually keep myself at bay on these occasions"




        "I don't like these things…….n anyways I think…at least for one day, I should let my friends to hog the limelight" as he winked at her


        "Oh how considerate of you"


        "Isn't it?"


        "But if I ask you to join?" she asked


        "Why would you do that?"


        "Simple, I want you to be there"


        "But I would feel like a stupid among the lovey-dovey couples"


        "I promise you won't"


        "How's that possible?"


        "Because I'll be with you"


        "Oh……so you want me to be a couple with you?" he asked


        "Is anything wrong with that?"


        "What's right in that anyways?" n she looked sad, "I'm sorry but I can't do that" he rejected


        "I know n why would you do that?"


        "It's not why….it's about how can I do that?"


        "I'll show you how…..provided you want to do it for me"


        "Is it that important for you to do?"


        "N if I say yes, it is?"


        "Then I would ask why…….I mean why?" he asked in an exaggerating tone


        "Because I love you" she said, n he couldn't answer that, but stopped at once "Look Suhaan, I didn't mean to hurt you"


       "Hmm…..Ashi …."


        "I know that you don't love me, may be you'll never do that" he stared on, "But I really love you…….So can't I expect a single date with you on a special day?"




        "Hmmmm, ok let's do one thing….."


        "What?" he asked cautiously


        "You do it for a friend n I'll take it, the way I want to" 


        "N what will I answer when they will ask about this?"


        "They won't….I know"




        "So you are coming with me right?"


        "Hmmm" uttered with greatest difficulty, n then seemed to be lost in deep thoughts


        "Thanks Suhaan" she said happily before planting a peck on his cheek quickly


        "Huh" n he was back


        "I was just asking that are you driving me home, or we are having the date now only?" she asked


        "Of course I'm driving you home" he said quickly as he started the car again n Ashi rolled her eyes at his strange antics



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Another lovely part wid my lovely SUHAAN. His meeting wid the frnds wer awesum. And I really like the way he cares 4 his own ppl. The he always cares 4 Manish makes me luv him all the more. The car convo was also nice. Looking 4ward to the valentines. And yes, liked the way Rahul-Tammy wer brought 2gether.

W8ing 4 the next part. Continue soon.

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