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An Arrow of Love~RN fic..udtd-pgs 47 & 48 [9/6] (Page 36)

saanch_69 Senior Member

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Posted: 26 July 2009 at 12:24pm | IP Logged

        "Oh hi Ashi, nice meeting you"


        "How do you know her?"


        "Ah… told me just now"


        "Cool…" as he adjusted himself beside Mehr


        "Ashi….seems like you are coming straight from college?" she asked


        "Bhabhie, either you knew her before or you a have keen eye" commented Suhaan


        "Of course the latter one…as I didn't knew her" she sweetly lied


        "Bhabhie, am so sorry that I couldn't attend the party…I was not feeling well or I would never left without meeting you" she said in regretting tone


        "Oh that's ok dear, you need to be so sorry, after all we are meeting" as she nodded


        "You are very sweet Bhabhie"


        "Suhaan, don't you think you should ask her, how's she now?" 


        "I already did that Bhabhie right?" facing Ashi now as she blushed a lil', making him a bit uncomfortable, as he faced away


        "Ah….Suhaan…I have something for you" as she started digging her bag n gave him a wrapped box


        "But what's this for….thankfully am still not engaged" he joked looking at Mehr


        "What's so bad in that?" asked Mehr


        "Nothing much" he quickly managed


        "No actually….I heard that you have joined office from today, so…"


        "Oh how sweet of her, isn't it Suhaan?" as he nodded awkwardly


        "Thanks a lot Ashi…..But did you knew that we would meet today?"


        "That's a limit Suhaan….why don't join some investigating bureau instead?" as Ashi left out a giggle




        "Enough of your questions, now go n fetch us something to eat" she said in a ordering tone, "She must be hungry"


        "No no am fine" Ashi replied quickly to him


        "Not a problem, I'll get something for you ladies" as he left, but Ashi's eyes didn't knew to look other way


        "So Ashi… did you meet him? Considering you are still in college" she asked curiously


saanch_69 Senior Member

Joined: 05 October 2007
Posts: 608

Posted: 26 July 2009 at 12:27pm | IP Logged

        "You know Rahul?"


        "Rahul, ya I remember…..I think I met him that day"


        "Hmm, I knew him long back n so……"


        "Did he come to meet you that night? Sameer told me"


        "Hmmm….he did"


        "You know the way Sameer told me this, he was saying that this is very unlike Suhaan…I mean he normally stays aloof n with you….just see what he did?" Ashi smiled a bit


        "Even I was surprised at first, I couldn't even imagine such a thing from him"


        "But it was a pleasant one, isn't it?"


        "It was" she recollected the moment when it happened


        "Ashi……can I ask you something?"


        "Huh" her thought was broken, "Ya sure"


        "Don't you love him?" n she was left to stare at her only, "I'm quite sure you do…..the way you look at him…..the glow which appears on your face, when he's around"


        "You know what Tamy says…..that I behave quite abnormally…….oops am sorry" as Mehr placed a hand above hers


        "You can talk to me freely…….I knew it from the beginning" she gladly declared


        "But he'll never….."


        "He knows?" as she slightly nodded, "He knows……n then too he's cool with it, great" but Ashi kept quiet, "Is there anything I can help you out?" she asked


        "May be only she can help me out" thought Ashi, "Ah……Bhabhie, there's something……….. I need to share with you" she said with great difficulty


        "Has he said something to you?"


        "No it's not that…..but……"


        "Hmm I'm listening" as Ashi bent towards her


        "But I'll not" interrupted Suhaan from behind, as Ashi moved back


        "Huh…..what's that for Suhaan?"


        "Bhabhie, I mean I'm not listening to any more orders from you"


        "Why? You promised me to"


        "When did I? I can't do any such stupid promise" as he sat


        "Ohk….won't you give what you had bought for her?" Ashi looked at him


saanch_69 Senior Member

Joined: 05 October 2007
Posts: 608

Posted: 26 July 2009 at 12:28pm | IP Logged

        "For her?" quickly turning to Ashi, "I'm telling you, she's too much……when did I buy anything for her?"


        "I must ask Sameer to take you for a check up, you are forgetting everything" she took out the case from the bag


        "Bhabhie, this wasn't for her, isn't it? You told me that, it was for some sis-in–law of yours"


        "Ashi, don't go by his words….." she declared, "Didn't you select this for her?"


        "Ya I did select but…."


        "Ohk ok you were shying away….now give it to her" she ordered, Suhaan wasn't getting any link to what was happening around him, so he gave up, after all it was just a matter of giving it to her, nothing more


        "Ah……ok this is for you" as he gave it to her


        "Thanks…." as she opened the delicate box a bit too cautiously


        "I'm sure you would like it" said Mehr winking at Suhaan as he looked away


        "Of course I do….this is so pretty…." looking into his eyes, as he tried to smile "But….."


        "But what Ashi?" asked she


        "It must be precious Bhabhie…I can't take it" keeping it back into the case


        "Oh come' on Ashi, Suhaan is giving you something….with so much of love"




        "N friendship" she completed, "You have to keep it with you" Ashi searched for his reaction, trying to read what he was thinking


        "Can we move now?" as he stood up, "I have got some work to do"


        "Ah… soon?" Mehr asked


        "Yup…..if you want to stay back……I'm sure Bhai will…."


        "No no I need to go home too" Ashi stood up suddenly hearing Sameer's name


        "Ohk then let's go" as they set out


        "Suhaan you drop me first, then you can drop her back home"


        "Hmmm" he uttered, "Seems like it's all set" he thought


        "Ashi you sit in front, I'll sit back"


        "No….." but Mehr winked at her


     All the while, Mehr kept talking n Ashi added something or the other; they both were noticing that he was keeping mum from long

saanch_69 Senior Member

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Posted: 26 July 2009 at 12:31pm | IP Logged


        "Ah…uh…Suhaan, am not going to your house today" teased Mehr


        "Huh?" as he stopped


        "I mean we have reached"


        "Oh ya, sorry I didn't notice"


        "I know it well Devar jee, n it's perfectly fine" as she got down, "Nice meeting you Ashi"


        "Same here Bhabhie" smiling she said


        "Why don't you come over to our house, with him? I'm sure you will like it"


        "Uh…" she glanced at him, "Sure Bhabhie…good night"


        "Hmm take care… good night" Mehr started walking towards her gate


        "Bhabhie…..just hold on" shouted Suhaan


        "What is this Suhaan? She's waiting in the car n you….."


        "I need to talk to you"




        "Hmmm……" as she waited, "What you did today was unexpected from you……n I know it very well who was behind it"


        "What are you talking Suhaan……I just went out with you to…."


        "Huh….I know none of this is true… go n discuss it with Bhai….I'll see you later" he said hugging her lightly


        "Ok I'll, now you go, that poor girl is waiting" as he went to her..


        "I'm sorry" he said in a serious tone


        "That's ok Suh…" she stopped seeing his expression, "Are you okay?" but he kept mum n drove away


     As they reached her home,


        "Ashi…..I'm sorry for whatever Bhabhie did"


        "You don't need to……actually your Bhabhie is so sweet that I couldn't refuse her"


        "I know" n finally he smiled


        "You keep this" as she took out the case


        "No Ashi……this is for you" she looked at him, "I mean I know I didn't buy it for you then….but now I want it to be with you"


        "I know Suhaan…..but I can't take it, believe me, I really can't"


        "But….Bhabhie will…."


saanch_69 Senior Member

Joined: 05 October 2007
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Posted: 26 July 2009 at 12:34pm | IP Logged

        "Don't tell her….Keep it with you, for the special one in your life" he stared at her, she knew how hard was it to say, "This one is really special, after all it's your choice, isn't it?"


        "But I don't want to take it back……"


        "Ok fine, keep it with you now, whenever there's a need you can gift it to someone you want to…..please"


        "Ok I'll keep it"


        "Good…..then see you later n smile" as she did before stepping out


        "Ashi" crossing over the car to face her, "Thanks for not getting me wrong" he was feeling a bit odd to face her


        "Suhaan…..look at me" n he did, "I trust you completely, n I know you can never hurt anyone knowingly, hmmm"


        "I can't believe my ears…." as he smiled wide, "You are just sounding like Dids…..only she understands me so well apart from Bhai"


        "I know….."


        "You are really sweet" as he hugged her suddenly, even surprising her n then bounced back realizing what it was, "Oops am sorry" as he ran to get in his car


        "Take care"


        "You too…Bye"


        "I'll do anything to see you happy Suhaan" Ashi promised herself


     Suhaan had a tiff with Sameer that day n Sameer too had got it well, that he was not going to accept in such a forced manner, so he left it loose…..though much on the advice of Mehr. Suhaan was right, he had started to depend a lot on her…..may be more than himself



 The next few days passed in a hurry; with Suhaan working hard in office n Ashi too became busy with her terminals…..they did meet at usual gatherings n chit chat casually. Without even realizing, Suhaan had started sharing his smallest things with her, n she would listen to them, laugh over n advice him, which he used to take seriously


     Well Tamy was still waiting for the right time to confess, though Rahul was giving her enough hints that how much he likes her. Infact he knew what Tamy meant when she said, "I can do anything for you" Or "Rahul is my bestest friend" he wanted to listen it from her. Ashi was aware of the feelings on both sides but she kept mum… least for some time


     At the other end, time was nearing for Snigdha to deliver her baby, n the Malhotra's were quite excited about this…Anuraag now visited her daily n they had long chat sessions about the child's bringing up, sometimes Suhaan n Sameer too joined in


saanch_69 Senior Member

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Posts: 608

Posted: 26 July 2009 at 12:39pm | IP Logged

        "Hey we should think over the names now" suggested Sameer


        "I would name her only after seeing her cute face" declared Suhaan


        "How can you be so sure that it would be a girl?" asked Anu


        "It's very simple Jijs…..whatever I want I get"  


        "Haha, what a reason?" teased Sameer


        "You don't believe me now, but you'll find it out soon"


        "Ohk done….." started Snigs


        "What Di?"


        "If it's really a girl, then you would be the first one to hold her up in your arms"


        "Di….are you serious?"  asked Sameer


        "Of course I'm……."


        "But Suhaan doesn't even know how to cuddle a kid, forget about an infant"


        "Bhai, don't challenge me, there's nothing in this world that Suhaan Malhotra can't do"


        "Ok it's a bet then"


        "With pleasure Bhai… prepared to loose whatever I ask for" he winked


     While they fought like kids, the blessed parents laughed over their silly childish warnings



That's all for now..........
will keep posting the next parts soonSmile   


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Sumi_162710 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 July 2009 at 6:45am | IP Logged
Oh sweet sweet part with the sweetest ever SUHAAN. Luved the meeting of SUHAAN wid Ashi n Mehr. Mehr was really nice thruout, tried her best lies but SUHAAN is too smart 4 her. HE is the smartest after all. When he got out of the car n talked to Mehr abt this, it was just AWESUM.

The car convo of SUHAAN n Ashi was also nice. She luvs him immensely but then HE does Deserve that LUV. He is so Loveable.

And at last He was ryt that SUHAAN GETS WATEVER HE WANTS. So it must be a girl. Btw, I generally hate guys who r so........(ohh cant say anything bad)  But with SUHAAN it has to differ. He just never ever seems irritating to me. His each n every activity seems cute n cool. No matter wat he does he is always ryt 4 me. Coz he is SUHAAN n everything is f9 when it cums to HIM.

Thnx 4 this lovely UD. Pls continue soon n Thnx 4 the PM.
-Yaz- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 July 2009 at 8:49am | IP Logged
You Know i Just Love Meher!!!!! Big smile She's absaloutly sweet and the best Bhabie ever Embarrassed Quite Clever Too Wink

I loved the Whole Suhaan, Ashi and Meher, Meeting and the Convo between sameer and Suhaan in the Office before that Smile Sometimes i Really think that Suhaan should behave with his dad Confused But then even his Dad shouldn't be so strict on him Confused

Anyways LOVED the Conversation Between Ashi and Suhaan in the Car, it was sooooo Good Embarrassed Ashi is so Understanding, sometimes i Can't help but feel that She is toooo Good For Suhaan Confused and that Suhaan doesn't deserve her ... Ouch But Love ka kya .. kisi se bhi ho jayye Right ! Smile

Anyways Great Update !!

Take Care


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