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An Arrow of Love~RN fic..udtd-pgs 47 & 48 [9/6] (Page 35)

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Mehr, Snigs, Sameer, Rahul, Manish, Tamy, rimi and Ofcourse our Ashi and Suhaan, all these Characters are just awsome, so Realistic in away, that at times i could relate to them Big smile

Suhaan, hmm not like the Usual Romantic heroes, but he has an Aura in him that even when Rude, we still Love him Embarrassed what is it about him, i still haven't understood ..

and Ashi Bechari Every time i read this Feel, the feeling of sorriness just increases, Cry she's so Vulnerable that sometimes i think Suhaan is Not the Right Guy Ouch But then i Realise that with Suhaans Possesive for his Kins, he is More than Perfect for Ashi Embarrassed because all though rude and mean sometimes, he will give her sooooo much Love Embarrassed

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Thirty Seven

 Mr. Malhotra was a proud man today, with his two efficient sons by his side, no father can be happier than this. He may behave strictly with them when at home, especially Suhaan as he sees him going wrong, but when it came to publicly introducing him, he stands tall with pride on his shoulders??


        "Good Morning, my wonderful team members" he said as he stood amidst all in the conference room,


        "Good Morning Sir" they greeted back


        "You all must be familiar with Suhaan as my younger yet spoilt son?" looking at him, Suhaan sported a fake smile as he realized that, snared at his Bhai n Sameer got hold of his hand


        "Just keep cool" Sameer whispered, "He's just joking"


        "It didn't make me laugh though"


        "May I continue if you say?" he asked them n they regained their composure, "So where was I?.ya so he'll be joining you all from today n be a part of us?..I hope you all will stand beside him as you did to me n Sameer, a few years back" n the room roared with claps n cheers


        "Welcome to the office Sir" greeted one of the senior staff


        "Ah??thanks Uncle" touted he, though his Dad didn't like it much but he kept mum, "You don't need to call me Sir, you are much senior n experienced to me, lemme first gain that" he reasoned


        "That's very humble of you Sir"


        "Uh uh not again"


        "Ok Suhaan"


        "That sounds much better"


        "Suhaan let's get to work now" suggested Sameer


        "So soon? I don't even know them well"


        "I'm sure you can do that while working" added his Dad as he went n soon the staff started to disperse


        "Bhai?what's his problem?"


        "You need to learn much about all this"


        "May be about business, but not about dealing with people!" confidence reflected from his voice, "I know that better"


        "Come we'll do the remaining discussions in your cabin"


        "Cool" as they proceeded, "But Bhai, the Cabin must reflect my taste or I'll not use it"




        "It should not carry any boring theme; I mean it should look like Suhaan Malhotra uses it"




        "What hmm, am serious?if it's not like that, I'll not use it?.I'll go straight to the big boss n complain or I'll not work"


        "Another excuse to stay a few more days away from work huh?"


        "Not at all"


        "Remember what Mom said?.You should try not to offend him" he repeated her words


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       "You know Mom should have said the same words to him" he said as Sameer opened the door to his cabin


        "Look at this n then say"


        "Whatever….." n he stopped, "Bhai this is…."


        "Awesome" completed Sameer


        "Ya n….."




        "Ya ya you don't need to put words in my mouth, I'm not short of adjectives" as Sameer smiled at his silly behavior


     The Cabin had a wonderful picturesque as its background, with greenery all around n only glass walls separating him from nature; it had milky white curtains to make it blend with the idea. He was almost scrutinizing each n every detail around his room


        "Now that's a limit Suhaan" said Sameer


        "What? I was checking…."


        "If you can find any flaw rite?"


        "Not exactly, I was trying to figure out how this can be so alike my nature"


        "Because Dad knows it very well, what you like"




        "Yup……n it's high time you start knowing him well"


        "I can't behave as sweetly as you do, right?"


        "But why Suhaan?"


        "Uhhh that's a long n different story which you too are a part of"


        "Hmm, now go n say thanks to the big boss that you liked the cabin so much" he said


        "I'll work here n that should show that I liked it"


        "Suhaan, he's our Dad, you'll not get shorter if you show him some extra care"


        "I don't need to worry for anything extra, you are always there"


        "Ok enough of that, now we should get back to some work"


        "Can't I start from tomorrow?"


        "Why? Do you have anything else to do……"


        "Ya sort of…."


        "Like….calling up your girlfriends?"


        "Show me those interesting files" he cut it off quickly

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        "Mehr is gonna have a tough time today" he thought in his mind, "Fine, am sending them to you in a minute"


        "Cool" as he took out his phone to call up Manish





     Ashi was feeling happy that the moment she wanted was nearing, n worried for she knew the countdown had started….sooner or later, Suhaan will get to know who she is….in fact she was slowly preparing herself for that fiery moment


        "Aayesha" called her Ma'am, but she lost in her own thoughts, n she called again, "Aayesha?"


        "Ashi" pushed Ragini, her classmate




        "Vinita Ma'am is calling you" as she stood up


        "Yes….. Ma'am" replying in a hurried tone


        "Ms. Aayesha Bedi….are you with the class?" she asked


        "Yes Ma'am"


        "Good…." Ashi looked relieved, "So tell me Aayesha, what does the 'Plate Tectonic Theory' depicts?" 


        "Uhhhh……Ma'am……." as she took a minute to recall,


        "The class is waiting for you"


        "Ma'am, it depicts the horizontal movement of the continental plates"


        "Hmmm….n what are its main features?"


        "Features?" she uttered


        "Formation of co…." Ragini tried to prompt her


        "Ragini… looks like you it all, can we hear it louder?" as Ragini stood up, "N you Aayesha, I'm sorry but there is no place for inattentive students in my class"




        "So you may leave n wait for my class to end" as she showed Aayesha the way out


        "I'm sorry Ma'am" uttered she before leaving


        "So Ragini….can the class hear it from you?"


     N out she was only left to utter his name…

        "Why are so much on my mind Suhaan?" she asked herself, n only one answer came back to her, "I love you"




     Well on the other side, Suhaan was totally ignorant of her state, busy in sorting out projects, which were handed over to him

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        "Mr. Sharma, I don't think this CBS group should be given any more time regarding payments"


        "But Sir they are one of the oldest associates of ours" reasoned he


        "Yes n I think we have given them enough time for that only…..n now we should stop it" n then his Dad entered


        "So, how's the work going on?" he asked as Suhaan stood up


        "Good afternoon Sir" greeted Mr. Sharma


        "Afternoon, Mr. Sharma….well it's almost lunch time, I think you can discuss the matter after that" suggested he


        "Sure sir" as he went out


        "So I heard that you liked this place?" he asked while crossing over to him


        "Ya it's pretty nice……thanks Dad"


        "Ah….you don't need to thank me son, I'm happy that you liked it" wrapping an arm around him as he smiled back


        "Dad I was going through the file of CBS group n…….."


        "Shall we take the lunch first? Sameer must be waiting for us"


        "Ah… haven't taken it yet"


        "We all have it together Suhaan"


        "Oh" he was all new to this kind,


     While they were eating, Sameer was constantly gazing over the watch at equal intervals…..which didn't get unnoticed by Suhaan


        "Are you waiting for something?" he asked at last


        "Uh no, not at all….what should I be waiting for?"


        "No the way you are keeping track of the time….anyways Dad…………"




        "Why isn't she calling till now?" Sameer thought


        "Now that I'm here, you can let Bhai leave the premises quickly, isn't it?"


        "I don't have any problem with that, as far as you are okay with it" replied he


        "Of course I can do this much for my Bhai n Bhabhie" when his phone rang


        "Suhaan your cell is ringing" said Sameer in an exciting tone


        "Ya I can hear that…but why are you so happy?" as he glanced at the number, "Oh I see" letting out a mischivieous smile at him

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        "Hello Suhaan"


        "Yes Bhabhie…..we're talking of you only" as Sameer listened patiently


        "Really, that's so sweet….anyways I needed your help"


        "Hmmm I know, n trust me I was arranging that only"


        "Huh?" she was surprised, "I had asked Sameer to tell me what happens there" she murmured in herself


        "Bhai will be free whenever you want" as Sameer felt a bit embarrassed by his Dad's presence n tried telling him


        "Oh no no, not Sameer I wanted your help" said she


        "How can I help you?"


        "Actually I wanted to shop something for someone n I wanted you to select a nice piece"


        "Me n shopping…..why don't you take him instead?"


        "No am very busy today" declared Sameer


        "Would you mind helping me out Suhaan?" overtly sweet was her voice


        "Ah….sure Bhabhie….you don't need to say it like that"


        "Cool….then pick me up from my boutique at sharp 5:30"


        "Ohk done, see you then"


        "Cya bye" as she hung up


        "Bhai everything's fine right?"


        "Of course it is"





     Mehr called Ashi up informed her of the setting,


        "Ok I'll be there" said Ashi


        "N listen, when we enter the place….you would notice n call us to you"


        "But won't he know that you'll be meeting me?" she asked


        "No how's it if we keep it as a surprise"


        "Oh ok fine….I'll do that"


        "That's like my sweet gal" slipped her mouth; Ashi felt a bit odd but kept quite


        "Bye" a smile spread over her face by the very thought




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Suhaan reached there to pick Mehr up, Mehr had discussed n planned what she was supposed to do in the evening ahead…n most of the time her ideas clicked faster than Sameer


     As she entered the car,


        "My boutique is not bad Suhaan" said she


        "No no I thought you would be in a hurry for shopping"


        "Not that much that I won't be able to offer you something"


        "First of all, am still clueless why you needed me over Bhai in this….." as Mehr stared at him, "No I mean he could have helped you better"


        "No I wanted something of your choice"




        "N now we are getting late" as she asked to start


        "Hmm" n soon they reached a mall


        "I think we should search some gift items" Suhaan made a face outright


        "Oh my god….am stuck man" n he was pulled through


        "I think you should now adapt yourself to these Suhaan" said she


        "Ah….can we do the work for what we are here, rather than what I should do?"


        "Ok temme how would this look?" as she held a thin chain with a sparkling pendant attached to it


        "Depends to whom you are giving" he said


        "Ah….suppose, I'm taking this for my Sis-in-law"


        "Dids? She no more wears these…though she used to"


        "Not for Di, someone else"


        "Don't tell me Angad is getting married soon?" as his eyebrows shot up


        "Oh ho not for his… ask too many questions"


        "Then I don't know"


        "Ohk suppose….you want to gift a girl something, then?"


        "Why would I?"


        "Off ho suppose, then what it would be like?" she asked


        "Ohk fine…..then …" as he hastily went through the other pieces, "This one" picking up a more delicate one


        "Oh Wow…this is so pretty" gazing at the almost invisible chain n its even more tinier Ruby studded pendant

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        "Who cares…..if you like it, take it n please let's move from here" he was feeling like stuffed in that place


        "Ashi's lucky" murmured she




        "Ah… I mean she must be lucky whoever comes into your life"


        "Can you please hurry up?"


        "Sure Devar jee" as she pressed his cheeks


     Out of the mall, she was waiting for the time when Ashi was supposed to arrive at the place


        "Ah Bhabhie…..would I call Bhai over here, he must be dying to get one call"


        "No he won't"


        "How can you be so sure?"


        "I have told him that I'll be busy this evening"


        "That's not fair on that poor thing" he said sympathetically


        "All's fair in love dear" n then she received a msg, it was Ashi's saying "I have reached"


        "Ohk…so where next? Would I drop you to your place?"


        "Would you mind a coffee with me?" she asked


        "How can I dare to even think that?"


        "Then let's go" as they went to Mehr's fixed place


        "We could have gone to some other place" said he


        "Actually I quite like this place" as her eyes searched for that unknown yet known face


        "Ohk" n soon


        "Suhaan" called someone n they turned


        "Ahan who's this pretty girl Suhaan?"


        "Ashi" he uttered as they went in her direction, "How come you are here?" he asked


        "Ah actually….." as she looked at Mehr for support, "I came to meet someone….but it seems like she won't be coming now"


        "So that means we can share this table" as Mehr sat down


        "Of course…..ah"


        "Oh you didn't meet her right…she my sweetest Bhabhie"


        "Hi Bhabhie"


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